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    Oct 2016

    Celebrity Tickle-Off: Season One. Episode 1.

    Hey everyone! here's my brand-new story! BTW second parts to my previous stories will be uploaded in a couple of days! Enjoy!

    Lights turned on making a huge arena visible. Long rows of seating places and the huge audience and the space in the centre where there was a man in a black hat holding huge feather in his hand.

    «Welcome-welcome, ladies and gentlemen! You are here to witness the great beginning of our brand-new reality show, celebrity Tickle-Off! Ever fantasized about your favourite celebrity being tickled? Well now is your chance! I’m John Bauman and this is the pilot of Celebrity Tickle-Off!»

    Crowd roared and John turned around.

    «Couple words about the rules! We have twenty participants in our first season. They will be divided in six groups by three. And more then! Every week they will take part in different tickle challenges! Some will win, some will lose, some will get eliminated! Details will be given later! And now let’s meet and greet ALL our contestants!!!»

    Another lights turned on again. Twenty figures standing each in their own private visible room stepped forward.

    «Please welcome! They’re all different but they’re all the same! They’re TICKLISH!»

    Drums began.

    «Ana de Armas! Zoey Deutch! Emma Stone! Lucy Boynton! Natalie Portman! Scarlett Johansson! Emma Watson! Ellen Page! Victoria Justice! Billie Eiish! Jennifer Lawrence! Alicia Vikander! Chloe Grace Moretz! Margot Robbie! Elizabeth Olsen! Saoirse Ronan! Emma Roberts! Elle Fanning! Emilia Clarke! Daisy Ridley!»

    Audience screamed and howled waiting for more.

    John approached the girls and looked at them.

    «I guess we’ll start getting acquainted with these girls one at a time! Now meet the first three contestants for today’s Tickle-Off! ELLEN PAGE!!! EMILIA CLARKE!!!! JENNIFER LAWRENCE!!!!»

    Three girls stepped up looking very uncomfortable. Ellen Page looked like she was ready to cry. Jennifer Lawrence shuddered constantly.

    «Let’s ask our contestants about their relationships with tickling! Come on, don’t be shy!»

    Ellen Page (behind the scene):

    «I always have been unbearably ticklish. There are some horrible moments from my childhood and when I started dating guys… I mean I can’t handle it. I’m literally dying when I’m tickled. I don’t know how I signed up for this.

    Jennifer Lawrence (behind the scene):

    «I am very ticklish (giggling), I always have been. Sometimes I managed to hide my sensitivity, in high school sometimes. But I am very ticklish. Don’t know how I’ll cope with Ellen and Emilia…»

    Emilia Clarke (behind the scene):

    «I don’t know (laughing). Once I kicked the master during my pedicure. I am deadly ticklish on my feet. My GoT co-stars sometimes took advantage of it… But I don’t know about everything else. I think I have a chance!»

    John Bauman appeared on stage again.

    «So ladies and gentlemen, out contestants for this week are presented! Isn’t it the time to learn their first challenge?»

    Audience screamed in anticipation.

    John approached the table and took one of the cards that lied there hiding their contents.

    «Oh my Lord!», laughed John. «This one’s gonna be interesting! It is called «Test Your Luck!» Look, every contestant draws two cards. One shows a spot. Second one - amount of time. You get tickled in that spot for set amount of time. We measure the amount of sounds - any sounds - you produce. If you can’t bear it at all - you push the red button but you lose! The one who can bear the tickling the best wins! There are repeating cards by the way - choose carefully!»

    Ellen stepped up and took the card. Her face turned white.

    «Oh my that’s gonna be interesting!», John shouted. «Seems like our little Ellen will be tickled on her feet!»

    Emilia sighed with relied.

    Ellen drew second card.

    «Oh-ho, two minutes! That won’t be hard for you I guess! Jennifer, you’re next!»

    Jennifer Lawrence shrugged and approached the table. She drew two cards at a moment.

    «Our beautiful Jen here will be tickled for one minute. But she will be tickled on her sides and belly!»

    Jennifer Lawrence (behind the scene):

    «I think I’m done. I can’t stand my sides being tickled. But it’s only one minutes, we’ll see…»

    «Emilia, you’re up!»

    Emilia approached the table.

    «Please not my feet…I’ll die…I can’t cope with it…»

    She drew two cards and her heart sank.

    John started laughing hysterically.

    «I told you there are repeating cards! Feet, one minute! Oh that’s going to be utter fun!! We’ll return after a short commercial!»

    Lights turned on. Emilia Clarke was strapped to the tickling chair, her bare feet sticking out of the stocks. Her face was desperate. Ellen Page was strapped in the similar manner, her small feet sticking out. Jennifer Lawrence was strapped like previous girls but her feet were tied together and her arms were fixated above her head making her sides, armpits and belly vulnerable. Three similar devices were placed near girls’ stocks.

    «Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen! Now we are starting! I remind the rules. Ellen will be tickled on her bare feet for two minutes, Emilia on her feet for only one minute and Jen Lawrence will be tickled on her sides for one minute! The one to push the button loses! The one to produce the most sounds loses! Let’s STAAAAAAAAAART!»

    Three ticklers approached helpless girls.

    Emilia was breathing heavily. Her 6.5 sized feet were astonishingly ticklish. In her childhood she once peed when her parents tickled her bare feet to wake her up. She had to endure the tickling only for one minute but she wasn’t sure if she could handle it.

    Tickler approached her and started raking his fingers up and down her bare feet. Emilia stiffened her lips but it was in vain. She started giggling in five seconds. Her tickler wasn’t even really tickling her yet, no, he was exploring her weakest spots to assault her with all his force and to make her hysterical. Emilia was mostly ticklish on two spots - her heels and her toes. Now the tickler was methodically scratching both her heels and Emilia was starting to lose it. At that moment she heard the hysterical squeal. That was Ellen.

    Ellen’s tickler decided to go without any preparations. His fingers were ferociously scratching Ellen’s sized 6 feet and Ellen Page was absolutely losing it.


    Suddenly Emilia started laughing like crazy. Her tickler got under her small toes and she failed utterly.

    «AHAHAHAHA NAHAHAHAT THE TOAHAHAHAHAHAHES PLEEHEHEHEHHSE TICKLE ELLEHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAN!», she screamed. Both girls’ feet were mercilessly tortured and there was no end to it.

    Jennifer Lawrence was in no better position. Yes, her feet were very ticklish too. But she was tortured on her by far most ticklish spots. Maybe one of the most.

    Her tickler tickled her bare sides. Jen was thrashing from side to side trying to hold her laughter. She couldn’t. Her tickler fingers scratched her sides and belly and teased her bellybutton. Jennifer was done. She couldn’t stand it.


    Ellen was sure she was ready to black out. She scrunched her small toes but couldn’t stop her tickler from getting under them. Her soles were so ticklish that she could feel the tickler’s fingers before he even touched it.

    Emilia was ready to push the button. She was. Her tickler tortured her to the state when tears were streaming down her face. He tickled both her soles ferociously and she put her hand on the button.

    «AAAAND STOP THE TICKLING FOR EMILIA AND JENNIFER!», John announced. Emilia’s finger slipped off and she felt that her feet were released. She was panting heavily and the only sound she could hear was the desperate squeals and laughter of Ellen.

    Siren wailed.

    «ELLEN PAGE PUSHED THE BUTTON! TWENTY SECONDS LEFT AND SHE PUSHED THE BUTTON! Yes, feet tickling ain’t easy, girls!» John shouted. «The winner of this week - Jennifer Lawrence, she produced a 9% less laughter than Emilia! Ellen Page pushed the button! See you all next week, ladies and gentlemen! Remember this night. Our next three is ready! I SWEAR YOU ARE GONNA LOVE IT!!!!!»
    Last edited by HolyLord; 05-10-2020 at 04:41 AM.

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    Jan 2012
    Great start !!

  3. #3
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    May 2020
    Good start can't wait to see more. Please keep Emilia in it, good to see a story about her (non-GOT).

  4. #4
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    Jul 2005
    Great start, I miss these celeb themed stories.

  5. #5
    "ELLEN PAGE PUSHED THE BUTTON!!!" I liked it! I hope she will push more and more buttons! I'm waiting for Victoria Justice to push the button too!!!

  6. #6
    Not bad. Kinda short but I like wherw you're going with it. Lawrence was my pick too for potential winner, although to be honest I don't really feel like Ellen would be that ticklish. She just doesn't give me that vibe.

  7. #7
    Hopping for Emma Watson in the stocks!

  8. #8
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    Oct 2018
    Nice creativity! I love the concept! I was considering doing a mass celebrity tickling story in the future and this is giving me some ideas. Keep going. You’re doing great.

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    May 2001
    Near Reading, PA
    Fantastic read, can’t wait for more
    "Every woman is ticklish...esp when nylon feet are involved..."

  10. #10
    Every night I'm trying to watch on TV, but I can never find Episode 2!!! 😁📺

  11. #11

    Thumbs up

    Fantastic story and idea! I love it. Can't get enough of Emilia.

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