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    “Friends: Secret’s Out” Part 3 (m/f)

    “Friends: Secret’s Out” Part 3

    *This is a requested story from a TMF member and is a continuation of another story of mine titled “Friends: Rent’s Due”

    Chandler was hanging out at in the girls’ apartment while Monica was out trying to land a job at an upscale restaurant across town. He was snacking and watching T.V. on the couch when he heard the front door open. Without looking, he called out, “Hey babe, that was quick. I take it that it didn’t go well? You can come watch T.V. with me if you want. I’ll cook tonight.”

    To his surprise, it was Phoebe that answered. She replied, “Oh it’s just me. Hopefully Monica not being back yet is a good sign. I hope she gets that job. On the other hand, I struck out today. No luck anywhere again. Ugh why is it so hard to find a job right now?”

    Phoebe walked into the living room area. She was wearing a light blue long-sleeved shirt, a slim black skirt that went down to about her ankles, and black boots. She plopped down on the couch ready to relax from a disappointing job hunt around the city. Phoebe let out a loud sigh and began unzipping her boots. Chandler immediately took note but stayed cool. Phoebe tugged them off and then pulled off her socks as well. Now Chandler was trying hard not to focus only on her feet.

    Phoebe: “There, that’s better. I’ve been walking around the city all morning. Those boots aren’t the most comfortable and I was getting a little warm in them.”

    The two friends watched T.V. for a few minutes and then Phoebe decided she wanted to lay down. She moved to her side and brought her legs up on the couch. She propped a pillow up under her head and gave a sigh of relief now that she was even more comfortable. Chandler was very distracted now. He dared a few glances down at Phoebe’s bare soles angled toward him but didn’t want to give himself away.

    Phoebe just continued to lay there watching T.V. Occasionally she would rub her feet together a little. Chandler didn’t even care what was going on in the show anymore. This was such a great view of Phoebe’s soles and he wanted to soak as much of it in as possible. His heart beat faster every time he glanced over and studied his friend’s big, bare feet. Chandler felt it took him longer and longer to bring his gaze back to the T.V. show.

    After a little while, Phoebe asked him innocently, “Chandler, would you mind if I stretched out? I’m just sore from walking around this morning.” He kept himself from showing much emotion and tried to cooly answer, “Um yeah, that’s fine. Go ri-right ahead.”

    Phoebe straightened her legs and rested her big, bare feet on a couch pillow between them, which elevated her soles up near Chandler’s face. She didn’t seem to give it a second thought but Chandler’s head was swimming with delight. Phoebe just continued grabbing a snack or two and snickering while she watched the show. But Chandler spent most of his time glancing over at the beautiful feet mere inches away from him. Phoebe had less curvy feet than Monica or Rachel, but her size 9.5 soles were so big and impressive. And they had a lovely, rosie coloring that highlighted her heels, balls of her feet, and the pads below her long toes. Phoebe’s toenails were painted a pretty shade of pink.

    Chandler: “Um so has Monica uh mentioned an-anything about us to you lately.?”

    Phoebe didn’t even look at him when she answered, “Hmm? What do you mean?” She wiggled her toes some more and then scrunched them down tightly for a few seconds.

    Chandler: “Oh nothing. Just making conversation is all.”

    Chandler gazed at her soles appreciatively as she lazily rubbed them together and wiggled her toes absentmindedly while she relaxed. He loved the unexpected foot show and hoped that Phoebe didn’t get up soon. This was the best view of her feet he’d ever had. But then Chandler realized that staring at Phoebe’s soles was getting him excited. “Oh no, not again!” he thought to himself. Chandler tried to control himself but Phoebe’s feet being right by him was too much.

    As Chandler’s erection came to a full salute, he wormed around uncomfortably on his end of the couch. He hoped to God that Phoebe wouldn’t notice. It would be so awkward if she noticed his giant boner while they were just casually watching T.V. Chandler tried desperately to hide it. He pulled the pillow out from under her feet and placed it over his lap, trying to act natural.

    Phoebe looked over at him and asked, “Everything okay down there? What are you doing with that pillow?”

    Chandler played it aloof and explained, “Me? Oh yeah. Everything’s cool. Yep, couldn’t be cooler. The pillow was just making me uh...uncomfortable. So I moved it. That’s it.”

    Phoebe looked at him quizzically and finally said, “Okay that’s good. Well do you mind if I put my feet under the pillow too? I don’t want them to get chilly.”

    Without waiting for an answer, Phoebe slipped her feet under the pillow into Chandler’s lap. Chandler straightened up with an awkward grunt and tried to stay calm. He put one arm along the back of the couch and used the other to grip the side of it out of sight of Phoebe. Maybe she wouldn’t notice? But Chandler’s rational brain found that very unlikely. Phoebe wiggled her feet under the pillow trying to get comfortable and soon contacted his absurdly hard penis.

    Phoebe: “Whoa! What’s going on under there, Mister?!”

    Chandler let his head fall back with an embarrassed sigh as Phoebe pulled the pillow off his lap, revealing her arches nuzzled right up against a very stiff erection pitching a tent in his pants. She gasped and then giggled as she exclaimed, “Oh my! That doesn’t seem like everything’s cool. Hehe wow, seems like you’ve got a bit of problem.”

    Chandler: “Oh God! Please don’t say anything, Phoebe! I’m begging you! I wasn’t trying to make this weird or anything.”

    Phoebe: “I’m not upset, Chandler. But why are you so excited right now?!”

    Chandler: “I’m so sorry! I...we...well we were just watching T.V. and you were laying there and...”

    Phoebe: “Wait, is this all because my feet were in your lap?”

    Chandler: “What?! No! Absolutely not! I mean...no...maybe a little...but no. It’s not like THAT! You just...you were...oh God, I’m sorry. Just please don’t say anything.”

    Phoebe giggled as his face started turning bright red. She replied, “Relaaaaax Chandler. You don’t have to pretend that you don’t like feet. Don’t be upset. But Monica and Rachel were talking about some recent...events while we were drinking wine a few nights ago. And it just...came up I guess. Monica seemed relieved to be able to share it with us since we’re her best girlfriends. So I hope you aren’t mad at her for sharing.”

    Chandler looked dazed. After a few seconds, he said, “Wait, she told you too?! Oh come on!”

    Phoebe smiled at him and said, “Chandler, it’s really not that big of a deal. Guys like what they like. Plus, Monica explained that having her feet played with is sometimes difficult for her since she doesn’t care for that. So she told us she wouldn’t be upset if we were willing to...help you out in that way if you needed it.”

    Chandler’s mouth was open and he seemed frozen with concern like he couldn’t process what he had just heard. Phoebe continued by saying, “Yeah, Monica told us privately that she wanted to talk to you soon and make sure that you were okay with it too. Not all the time but occasionally you might be able to play with our feet a little if the right circumstances arose. Hehe Chandler...I have to say, I NEVER thought you would be into women’s feet! I mean really? You a foot freak? And all these years, I thought you were so vanilla. When she first told me, I thought oh maybe he just thinks they’re attractive like pretty lips or eyes. But when I heard you REALLY liked them, I was shocked. What are the odds that so many guys love women’s feet?”

    Chandler: “Monica really said that?!”

    Phoebe: “That’s what she said. We were all pretty drunk but that’s what she told us. I always thought she would be way too jealous to ever share a guy but I guess for her, feet aren’t that big of a deal. Which makes sense. I mean, they’re just feet after all. Playing with a woman’s feet isn’t like sex or anything. Heck, it’s hardly more than kissing if you ask me. Not anything to get super jealous about. I say, if you want to play with my feet, you can. I don’t mind at all. To me, it would be like giving you a massage to make you feel better.”

    Chandler looked like a kid that just got what they wished for from Santa. He began stammering and stumbling over his words as he tried to talk more to Phoebe, “I uh...well...this is...I wouldn’t mind but...um maybe I...do you...I mean um..”

    Phoebe just giggled at his awkward response to her news. She asked him, “Were my feet distracting you THAT much? I mean I thought it might be a little teasing but I didn’t expect you to react like...that haha.”

    As Chandler began falling all over his tongue once again, Phoebe just giggled even harder at his embarrassed reaction. She lifted her legs in the air and told him, “Oh just shut up, Chandler.” Phoebe caught her friend off guard as she pressed both of her feet against his face, quickly preventing him from trying to talk. Chandler immediately grunted and reached up to halfheartedly pull her feet away. But Phoebe kept them firmly in place, creating a seal over his eyes, nose, and mouth. Almost all of Chandler’s senses were bombarded by Phoebe’s sudden foot smothering.

    Chandler seemed like he was conflicted at first as he held the sides of Phoebe’s ankles trying to lazily pull them down. But then he gradually gave in and let go, letting Phoebe smother his face with her big feet as she pleased. Chandler grunted and moaned as Phoebe shifted her feet playfully around his face and cupped her soles over his nose and mouth especially. They felt so warm and tender from being in her boots all morning while she walked for miles. And they smelled sweetly of scented lotion.

    Phoebe noticed Chandler’s erection climbing to it’s former size once again. She laughed a little and commented, “Looks like my feet are driving you crazy. Hehe I thought they might. Are you...are you smelling them too? Hehe Chandler Bing...you really are obsessed, aren’t you? You should have told me sooner. I definitely would have let you play with my feet anytime.”

    Hearing how casual Phoebe was about letting him play with and use her feet was turning Chandler on so much. He moaned as she continued to smother his entire face with her big, wide soles. Phoebe was amused and commented, “Look, my feet are so big that they’re covering your whole face. Do you like how big they are? I think they’re like at least two sizes bigger than Monica’s.” Chandler reached up and pressed Phoebe’s soles against his face even harder. He only nodded his head enthusiastically while his member grew firmer by the moment.

    Phoebe just continued to lay back on the couch comfortably with her feet up on Chandler’s face. She sweetly mentioned, “You know, you can lick them too if you want. I don’t mind at all.” He didn’t need to be told twice. Chandler quickly began lapping his tongue up the long, smooth heels and arches in broad swipes of his tongue. Phoebe giggled a little at the feeling and watched affectionately as her friend got to run his tongue all over her soles.

    As Chandler continued to plant kisses and lap his tongue all over the bottoms of Phoebe’s feet, she started to giggle more. At first it was just a bout of giggling now and again, but it quickly grew to the point she was fidgeting around on the couch and gripping the couch cushions to keep still. Chandler didn’t want to slow down however. In fact, her sensitive reactions were making him want to push her ticklish boundaries even more. He started sucking each of her long, lean toes with drawn out, powerful pulls from his mouth. The feeling of his lips and tongue sucking hard on each of her ultra-sensitive toes drove Phoebe nuts. She started laughing and kicking a little. Her legs jolted randomly as jolts of ticklish surprise zapped through her. Chandler sucked passionately and tried to rub his tongue on both sides and underneath each one. As he continued to move on, he left a line of wet toes glistening with his spit.

    Phoebe was giggling constantly now. She twisted mildly and flopped her head back into the pillow a few times. She couldn’t help but curl her toes as she endured the torturous toe sucking. But she wanted to be nice to Chandler so she tried so hard to keep her feet still. Then she felt him begin to give the tips of her toes little nibbles. Phoebe squealed with surprise and pulled one foot back. Chandler held the other and began nibbling down the length of her foot down to her wide heel. He sensually bit the rim of her heel and then gingerly chomped across the middle of it. Phoebe was outright laughing now as she wiggled her foot about.

    As she tried to push Chandler with her free foot, he simply exchanged one for the other. He gripped the free foot and held it firmly up by his mouth. Phoebe cried out and tried to reach up at him playfully. Then he started his nibbling process all over and Phoebe had no choice but to fall back on the couch laughing. She shouted, “Not by my toes!” as Chandler nibbled along the rounded tips of her tootsies.

    Phoebe somehow managed to pull hard enough to get her foot free. To keep him from pursuing more foot nibbling, she immediately offered up her soles and placed them directly over his face again. Chandler paused for a second and then melted right back into the couch as he let Phoebe smother him with her big, long feet. She snickered some more, amused at how much he loved having his face covered up by her soles.

    Phoebe: “There you like that, don’t ya? They’re pretty big. I can easily cover your mouth and your nose with them. Do you like smelling my feet, Chandler? Can you feel how smooth and soft they are when I scrunch them on your face?”

    Chandler put his hands up and cupped Phoebe’s feet over his face firmly. He couldn’t get enough of them. She heard him taking deep inhales and moaning as she wiggled her toes around his forehead. And then suddenly, Chandler jolted and stiffened. Phoebe was confused as he squirmed around in his seat uncomfortably, but then she figured out what was going on when a dark spot started to form in the crotch of his pants.

    Phoebe: “Oh my God, Chandler! Are you cumming just from me smothering you with my feet?! Oh my, that’s so funny hahahahaha! I can’t believe you, Mr. Bing! You must love women’s feet, huh? Go ahead, keep smelling them. I’ll keep wiggling my toes on you and cupping my feet over your nose and mouth. That’s it, just let it happen.”

    Chandler tried to pull her feet down and get up to run to the bathroom or something. But Phoebe wanted to see it happen now that she knew how strong his foot fetish was. She kept him pinned with her feet and watched what happened. Chandler spasmed several times as he jizzed in his pants uncontrollably while Phoebe kept her feet pressed over his face. He moaned and grunted as she slid her huge peds all over his cheeks and nose and lips.

    When she finally pulled her feet back, Chandler just sat there looking down at his messy lap. He had turned bright red with embarrassment. Chandler immediately started apologizing, “I’m sorry! I don’t know what happened just now. It’s just...you had your feet on my face and everything just happened so quick. That’s never happened before. I didn’t know I would get that excited.”

    Phoebe just laughed at her friend and the wet spot on his pants. She wiggled her toes at him playfully and said, “See...foot games can be fun. You should have told me sooner that you wanted to play with my feet. I mean clearly you came in your pants like it was your first time hahahahaha! Oh Chandler, you’re too easy. You just can’t handle these feet I guess. Poor little guy. They completely covered your face and next thing you know, you’re blowing your load in your pants hahahahaha!”

    Chandler didn’t like being teased so harshly. He felt humiliated. But then he remembered how ticklish Phoebe had seemed earlier when he was worshipping her feet. Chandler quickly decided to grab Phoebe’s legs and pinned her with an arm lock. Without giving her much time to react, he began scribbling his fingers along the undersides of her captive feet. Phoebe yelled, “Nooo!” and then fell into heavy laughter right away. She squirmed and kicked her legs, causing Chandler to lean back on the couch with her feet trapped across his chest. He kept scratching around on her arches, which made Phoebe cry out laughter and twist about.

    Phoebe whipped around wildly on the couch as Chandler stroked her tender soles. She kept crossing one foot in front of the other trying to block his tickling assault, but her big feet offered too much area to tickle. Chandler could easily find an unguarded area on her feet to exploit and make her scream laughter. Phoebe pounded the cushions and bucked up and down as she was forced to endure the vengeful feet tickling. She soon regretted teasing him so much after an unintended orgasm.

    Phoebe: “Chandler, stop! Hahahahaha! Chandler, please! Hahahahaha! My feet are too ticklish! Hahahaha! Please let me go! Hahahaha! I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have made fun of you!”

    Chandler kept up his tickling a little bit longer. He made Phoebe keep saying she was sorry as he furiously wiggled his fingers along the bottoms of her flailing size 9.5’s. Phoebe tried to claw her way up the couch to get away from him and managed to move to more of a sitting position. Chandler was still on his back and losing his grip on her ankles. As Phoebe laughed her head off, she was able to slip her feet away from his hold. And they just so happened to graze his penis, which was once again totally erect.

    Phoebe finished sitting up and shouted, “Chandler, are you hard again?! Oh my God! Already?!”

    Chandler looked down at the mound in his pants again and then held his head with an embarrassed sigh.

    Phoebe cocked her head and looked at him quizzically as she asked, “Was that because...because you were tickling my feet?”

    Chandler looked up at her from his back and tried to answer, but couldn’t find the words. As he became tongue-tied once again, it was a dead giveaway to Phoebe. A smirk spread across her face and turned into an amused smile the more he struggled to deny it. She tried to comfort him and said, “Aw, that’s kind of cute. I’ve never heard of that but it’s okay, Chandler. I won’t tell anyone.”

    Chandler was in the middle of thanking Phoebe for understanding when she started undoing his belt and pants. He became alarmed and asked Phoebe what she was going. She answered, “Relax. Let me take care of that.”

    He eased up a little but couldn’t totally relax yet as Phoebe undid his pants and pulled them down around his legs. Chandler’s impressive cock sprung out as it was freed. He saw Phoebe’s eyes light up a little at what he was sporting, which made him feel a little better about his episode earlier. Phoebe grabbed the bottle of lotion next to the couch and took a few squirts in her palm. She rubbed the lotion all over her soles and used the remainder to lube up Chandler’s member. He tensed with shyness as he felt one of his girlfriend’s best friends rubbing his penis.

    Then Phoebe brought her feet up and cupped them around Chandler. They began to rise and fall in a smooth, fluid rhythm as she concentrated on pleasing him. Chandler couldn’t believe how nonchalant Phoebe was about giving him a footjob just because he was aroused. The feel of her substantial soles sliding up and down his shaft felt amazing. And seeing her pretty pink toes curled in while she gripped him was wonderful.

    Phoebe looked over at him and smiled. She continued to grip and rub her feet along his long shaft as she said, “Chandler Bing...good for you. I wasn’t expecting that when I pulled your pants down, but you’re just full of surprises today, aren’t you?”

    Chandler didn’t know what to say. It was an awesome compliment but Phoebe said it so casually, like she was perfectly comfortable pleasing him just to be nice. He responded with, “Um thanks. Thank you. Do you really think it’s...you know...bigger? Than most I mean?”

    Phoebe just giggled and replied, “I just think it’s a good thing I have such big feet to work with.” Chandler let out a pleasurable sigh when he heard that and Phoebe giggled at him. She slid her wide, glistening arches up and down the sides of his manhood. Chandler held his shirt up and watched her work him. She cupped him between her smooth arches and slid her slippery soles up and down his throbbing penis.

    Phoebe: “I think I’m going to make you finish again soon.”

    Chandler was clearly distracted, but he managed to reply, “Oh-oh yeah?”

    Phoebe: “Yeah, I do. I don’t think you can resist my big feet. There’s just so much more to use on you. Look, I can hold you between my feet and jerk you so easily.”

    Chandler felt like he was in heaven already. Phoebe was so casual about all this. He bet she didn’t even realize how sexy her feet were to him. He watched intently as Phoebe’s long, sweeping arches jerked him up and down deliberately and methodically. Chandler’s penis was starting to pulse with delight, which Phoebe noticed.

    Phoebe: “Yeah, there’s no way you could ever hope to hold out against my big feet. Look, they’ve got you ready to explode already. You just can’t resist their size. I’m hardly even having to move them very fast. Tell me, are my big feet about to make you finish?”

    Chandler couldn’t form words at the moment. He simply nodded his head in agreement. Phoebe just laughed and used her toes to rub along the tip of his penis.

    Phoebe: “Hahahaha! They are, aren’t they? Tell me. I want to hear you say that you can’t handle my big feet.”

    Chandler felt silly being teased by Phoebe like that. He didn’t want to say it. Partly because it was a little embarrassing and partly because it was true. And saying it made trying to hold out for pleasure’s sake feel more hopeless. So he just nodded his head in agreement and hoped he could draw out this awesome footjob for as long as possible.

    Phoebe kept teasing him though. She stroked her feet even slower and reiterated the point, “You can’t handle these big feet, can you Mr. Bing? It’s just too much.”

    Chandler struggled to control himself, but Phoebe’s teasing was starting to turn him on so much. And worse, it was all true. He couldn’t resist being dominated by her huge, lovely soles. He was infatuated with them now.

    Phoebe: “These big feet of mine are too much for you. It’s obvious, just give it up. You can’t handle them jerking you so slowly and softly, can you?”

    Chandler tensed and tried his hardest not to blow it just yet. He wanted to somewhat redeem himself for that earlier episode. But Phoebe was edging him expertly. Her long soles could easily cover most of his cock and still have room to playfully stroke the swollen head of his dick with her long toes. Phoebe’s lollipop tootsies were practically smothering Chandler’s tip as they milked the precum out of it.

    Phoebe: “I think you’ll be thinking about my big feet once you leave here today. How easily they cover your entire face and how you just can’t handle them while they give you a footjob. Admit it, Chandler. You just can’t handle my BIG...SOFT...FEET.”

    Chandler: “Oh God, Phoebe...don’t make me say that. I’ll feel stupid. Just please keep going.”

    Phoebe: “Uh uh, your my little play thing for my feet. And I know just how to work you with them. When you feel like you’re about to finish, I want you to say that it’s because you can’t handle my big, size 9.5 feet.”

    Chandler couldn’t believe how kinky Phoebe was being about all this. He felt himself being pushed over the edge. The slow, yet unrelenting, sliding of her huge soles up his engorged shaft was too much to handle. She knew exactly what she was doing teasing him, waiting until the exact moment she wanted to make him blow it.

    As Chandler started to tense, he finally just admitted, “Oh God, I can’t handle your big feet, Phoebe.” Chandler immediately got red in the face, but there was no time to feel super awkward. He started cumming hard, shooting lob after lob up into the air from between Phoebe’s feet. The milky shots landed across her feet as she smiled widely.

    Phoebe: “Oh wow! So much, Chandler! Haha I knew my feet drove you crazy. You know, you shouldn’t let yourself get so backed up like this just because Monica doesn’t want to do foot stuff all the time. Remember, she’s okay with Rachel or I helping sometimes. You can come play with my feet anytime you want. And I might even let you tickle them again.”


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    Fabulous story, and very well written! I was right there on the couch with them, and could visualize this on TV! Wouldn't that be a favorite episode! ��

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    Hey thanks for the awesome comment, footfan69! I try really hard to put out well written stories that readers can picture in detail in their minds. It’s so cool to hear that was your experience with it. Thanks for reading!

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    Great story! I wish Lisa Kudrow would act it out.
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    Primal thank you for another awesome story......love the series so far! You really can picture everything the way you describe it......really well done!

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