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    Ticklish Business! M/M

    "Mr. Jarvis glad you're awake, yes you're gagged and blindfold and secured naked, well almost naked but still with your socks on size 13 feet I took the liberty of checking your shoe size whilst stripping you off, you might remember meeting my boss for after work drinks and you declined him the promised contract and that's not the way to do business, to play games and my boss wants the contract and my job is to play with you until you honour your promise and I am very persuasive! Your socks on to keep them warm and preserve their freshness, meaning their moistness and smell and you know in the Middle East there is a fixation on feet, the punishing of them by a beating and I am Malik and share this fascination but not with beating!"

    Malik ran his fingers lightly over the socked soles of the 33 yr old Management Director causing Ewan Jarvis to squirm making Malik smile as he told his captive he having reacted perfectly and sat facing both black socked feet. He told Ewan Jarvis how he liked seeing socked feet flex and socked toes wiggle involuntarily and he savour every moment and every second of the torments and teasing he planned to employ in the game! Facing both black socked feet Malik leaned into them and as his nose touched the right sole Ewan flinched.

    "Oh good you feel that, my nose on your right sole pressing against it and now your left sole as I am getting to know your feet and I will know them, every inch of them intimately so more so than the wife you cheat on with the women you fuck, you have quite a reputation and listen I have a recording edited of course of you - ready listen - "Yes I'm your naughty boy and need to be punished like bad boys do and you know I'm yours to use, your disobedient toy!" - talking I believe to a Dominatrix on a business trip to Hong Kong but as easily a Master you were seeing and secretly a bad boy loving hating being tickle tortured by another man, played with and toyed with by him in secret and this will all be filmed so I am your masked tickler but when the video goes viral then your reputation destroyed and your career future questionable as your wife divorcing you, your father-in-law seeing you disinherit the company and information gained being you're homophobic Mr. Jarvis but such enticing feet that are teasing me and are quite irresistible!"

    Malik stroked both socked feet and clearly heard Ewan Jarvis muffle a "NO!" as he was touching his feet and told him he knew many guys were odd when their feet were given attention, embarrassed, humiliated having their feet touched, massaged, caressed and of course tickled and he was sure it something making a homophobic man very frustrated and angry, desperate for it not to happen but of course he didn't have a choice being secured and perhaps Ewan was hoping that his sweaty foot smell might deter Malik's interest in his feet but Malik saying to the contrary feet needed to smell like feet to arouse him but not pungent so Ewan's feet were perfect. Malik used both hands to tickle the bound feet facing him, both sets of fingers wiggling and scratching through the thin socks which felt velvety smooth and telling Mr. Jarvis the fact he was straight making it much more arousing for him as there was a forbidden aspect to it as he sniffed the ripe dress socks on Ewan Jarvis's size 13 feet.

    "I can tell you Mr. Jarvis I love feet, plain and simple and especially big feet and sweaty feet, smelling, licking, sucking toes and licking soles and these two feet smell amazing! I love raking my fingers up and down the length of your soles over and over and starting here on your heels and up to your toes, you showing me how highly effective tickling your feet is as you know suffering it from the Dominatrix, she informing me that you hate your feet touched so much so you never returned to another session with her but you told her you were a naughty boy and to punish you and your problem you have such sensitive feet!"

    Ewan's body bucked around on the bed as his feet wrinkled under Malik's fingers! Adding to his torment ignoring his protestations Malik sucked on Ewan's socked toes and stroked the arches of each socked foot in turn relishing seeing the ultra ticklishness as he then massaged each foot saying he was going to take his time with them both and started kneading his right foot and pinched each of his toes enjoying the smell of Ewan's feet and lightly stroking the soles stimulating the nerve endings pressing resolutely against his insteps, his thumbs rubbed at Ewan's foot muscles stroking this way and that way and brushing his fingertips across both sensitised soles, moving them all over the soles of his feet and despite both his rage and humiliation Ewan becoming hysterical with laughter!

    Malik indulged in classic spidering his fingers on both socked feet liking teasing the severely, horribly ticklish feet at his mercy and Malik the non-merciful thrilled that even in socks the tickles were proving so effective, sticky with sweat and employed a raking technique along the length of each tender foot, exciting every part of them! He then plugged in the hairdryer and directed the hot air from it to the socked soles saying that warm feet make them more sensitive and warm already Malik wanted them hot so the tickling would be even more tortuous asking him to imagine how he'd feel with fingers along his soles or a feather a favourite tickle tool and smiled hearing Ewan Jarvis gasp and hearing this saying it would soon be happening!

    Then Malik did the unexpected and leaving the hairdryer heating Ewan's feet on a lower heat not wanting to scorch them said he had a surprise for the homophobe and stroked Ewan's dick and balls which made him yell with frustration and anger and Malik told him this was what he wanted as a reaction saying he was a big boy as involuntarily Ewan's dick grew to a respectable 7" and then Malik licked the head of it which made Ewan feel desperate as Malik taunted him saying his dick had a good taste! Then though he began erotically stroking Ewan's rock hard dick with a long acrylic feather. Up and down and up and down the feather teased the underside of his helpless dick as it stood at attention and greeted each tickling stroke of the feather with a twitch and a groan from Ewan.

    "Hmm your dick seems to like this Mr. Jarvis and your socked feet nice n' hot, wiggling your toes makes them sweatier for me as I am going to be giving your feet a good tickling! I like to analyze every millimeter of the soles and have this down to a science. I am sure you will be truly helpless when tickled under your toes but lightly tickling anywhere on your feet, running my fingers up and down your bare feet will have you laughing that irresistible laugh and as a tickler I am sadistic and expert and already know especially sensitive areas on your feet are your toes, the area beneath your toes so in between them I would guess but will see and the centre of your soles and arches! I use my fingers but also a variety of tickling tools so hair brushes, toothbrushes (manual and electric), paintbrushes, hair picks, feathers, felt tip pens, and ball point pens. Some between-the-toes torture tools include: feathers and pipe cleaners but also a lot of oral play but you are so horny, your dick is so sensitive and I know just how to play with you and keep you in your current state of arousal and helplessness Mr. Jarvis!" taunted Malik

    Malik then stopped stroking Ewan's dick with the feather and gripped it and began to work it over with reckless abandon and with absolutely no regard for the extreme nature of the sexual torment he was forcing his victim to endure and then lubed the hard 7" and this done whispered to him it was a Japanese orgasm inhibiting gel making the dick hyper-senstive to all kinds of stimulation so even the slightest touch of a soft feather but driving him to distraction as it stopping him shooting his load! Malik saying only the Japs could create something so devious but he'd let the lube absorb into the skin and Malik switched off the hairdryer.

    "Mmmm yes now your feet are ready Mr. Jarvis, yes they feel very warm and smell awesome so let's peel off these sweat moist socks and have a look at your size 13's! WOW! Now these are feet to savour, long toes, all in size order, high arches so perfect for tickle torment, a feather drawn along those I will make excruciating and smooth and soft soles!"

    Malik took a long, slow stroke, all along the length of Ewan's bare right sole, from the back of his heel to the tips of his toes and was thrilled at how intensely ticklish the sole of the sensitive bare foot was. He did the same to Ewan's left foot. Ewan felt so humiliated flexing his foot and wiggling his toes, his humiliation and helplessness made him feel even more sensitive and vulnerable to the tickling. It did not help that Malik was an expert tickler especially with feet and experienced with his fingers as he kept taking long, slow strokes, heel to toes, drawing his fingertips and fingernails up across the soles of Ewan's sensitive bare feet and loved alternating between them as he told Ewan that's why his feet were secured together!


    Malik loved hearing the muffled but loud laughter wriggling his fingers in between Ewan's wiggling toes and scrabbling his fingers side to side now across the ball of Ewan's bare feet and he stroked the sensitive bare arches, this all tickled so much, Ewan Jarvis was going berserk!


    Malik spent the next half hour applying all of his know-how to torturing Ewan's ticklish bare feet. He stroked his soles, he stroked between his toes; he scratched the tops of his feet, he caressed the outsides. Ewan was just as sensitive to tickling in these two spots as he was in the most usually vulnerable spots. Malik tickled the balls of Ewan's feet, tickled his heels, tickled his arches. Ewan just laughed and laughed, louder and louder. Malik sniffed both soles and began sniffing at Ewan's toes, he pressed his nose firmly against all of them, and sniffed deeper. It felt good as the sweaty digits rubbed against his nose. Ewan began to jerk and wriggle around because his toes were his weak point. He tried to wiggle them away but Malik's grip was too strong and the scent really appealed to Malik so he wasn't letting these feet go anytime soon!

    "You know Mr. Jarvis what a punishment was years and years ago, it was 'Lickling' and the victim's feet would be coated with water and salt and then a goat's tongue would lick their feet, the soles and toes and nibble them all and a goat's tongue was rough! The goats tongue mixed with the salty water usually softened the victim's soles, and made them really sensitive. They were driven insane when the rough tongues lapped at their toes and it was applied over and over again until even the mightiest prisoner begged for their dear life. The victims shrieked in laughter, and some were rumoured to have completely lost their minds. Now there is no goat here but I am partial to the ripe taste of raunchy masculine feet as yours are and so I enjoy the role of the goat and your feet naturally sweaty and salty and licked by me methodically will be perfectly prepared to endure this hideous ticklish torment I so enjoy inflicting on men's feet and yours expecially since being homophobic, even the idea of another man's tongue on your feet will be hell for you!"

    Malik continued sniffing at Ewan Jarvis's soles, the right sole and then the left and sniffed at his insteps and between his sweaty toes and then dragged his tongue from the base of Ewan's right heel, all the way to the tips of his toes. Ewan immediately burst into fits of laughter as Malik's experienced tongue dragged slowly across his soft, sensitive soles and he lapped at their naturally salty taste and savoured the taste! His tongue licked Ewan's soles and the balls of his feet. He licked the left foot and immediately moved on to the right foot. Both soles were soon wet with Malik's saliva and Malik enticed by Ewan laughing so much. Malik licked at Ewan's toes which wiggled against his wet tongue and his tongue spread Ewan's toes apart of each foot in turn and he licked between them all.

    Ewan Jarvis's's toes were more sensitive once they were being licked. To make matters worse Malik stroked his fingers along the sole of the foot not being orally lickled while he sucked on his toes. Ewan was screaming with laughter from the insidous tickling tortment that Malik had down to a fine art! Malik loved the taste of the the straight man's toes and enjoyed nibbling on his toes which wiggled wildly as he licked in-between them for the strong taste. He pressed his nose to each sole, both sensitive since they were moist with sweat and sniffed deeply at both soles, absorbing the scent from themand he slowly dragged his nose from the base of his soles all the way up to his toes whilst taking in a good whiff of them loving their salty, sweaty smell that he inhaled deeply!

    "Mr. Jarvis relax while I tell you how my training in tickle torment began; I was in prison in Algeria and one night forced to share my cell with Arif who was a petty thief and a good looking lad but annoyed the guards having a street wise attitude and one night he was brought to the high security area of the prison and into my cell and secured to the empty cell bed the guards told me to do what I wanted with him suggesting I fuck his ass until morning and left me with him. I looked at him stripped to his underwear and socks and immediately his socked feet got my attention, the smell of them and told him he should wash his feet and he insulted me and I went closer to his secured feet and smelled them which angered him and I told him that they didn't smell too bad and then asked him if they were ticklish and saw a look of fear in his eyes! I immediately gagged him with one of my sweaty socks and asked him again if his feet were ticklish and seeing his prison flip-flops size 11's and stroked his socked soles and oh yes very ticklish feet and his fate sealed!"

    "I told him I was not going to fuck him so his virgin ass was safe and I was respected in the area of the prison and he had two choices, he would accept my protection and become my 'Bitch' but my 'Tickle Bitch' or I could not guarantee that as new and fresh meat on the block that he'd be safe! Compromised I asked him if he wanted the protection on offer and releuctantly he nodded and so I peeled his socks off and told him a wise decision and looked at the bare feet that were mine to tickle without mercy and the tickling I gave him that night was repeated every night; in a word insane! He would be secured to the bunk by the guards as I requested as I was having fun with him! I let them think I was fucking Arif and they'd wink at me leaving the cell! Arif's bare soles had no choice but to become accustomed to the tracing of my fingers subjecting him to tickle torture, he forced to endure every second of truly unbearable ticklish hell Mr. Jarvis!"

    On days seeing the 19 year old's girlfriend visit him, those nights I spent a long time licking his feet and sucking on his toes speaking about wet pussy and tits, real dirty straight talk as this always got him an erection! Sucking on his toes tickling them with my tongue had Arif laughing hysterically. I would then suck and lick his dick and then having licked his dick, I would cruelly run my fingers all over his feet and then caress his balls and then tickle in between and under his toes and eventually jerk him off and then scrape my fingers all over his soles even harder making him laugh and scream in hysterics! It didn't take a whole lot of effort to get him laughing, screaming, and begging for mercy even indulging in massaging his feet had Arif laughing and telling him the massage was the warm up to the tickling so to try to conserve his energy for the main event! Arif served his 6 month sentence with me and I released a year later and never had to share my cell again but I enjoyed the feet of other prisoners who needed my protection but liked variety as it is the spice of life! So Mr. Jarvis where were we with your feet?"

    Malik handled the feather and slowly dragged the quill of the feather over the sole of Ewan Jarvis's right foot up across the arch to his toes and then scraped it faster up n' down the large sole continuously loving the man's reaction to the tortuous teasing and traced the quill in a circle in the centre of each sole as both feet got damper and sweatier as Malik liked them and he then suddenly stroked both insteps causing Ewan Jarvis's toes to wiggle wildly! Ewan clearly couldn't stand his feet tickled, each stroke was torture, delicious torture making Malik smile in evil delight. Malik then began teasing Ewan's left foot and loved the sight of Ewan's soles and toes in torment from the tickles he so expertly was delivering. He was soon alternating from foot to foot and asking Ewan which foot tickled the most and since he was gagged to show him by flexing the most sensitive foot! Both seemed equally ticklish!

    Malik then stopped the feathering and again sniffed both feet and massaged them and not to tickle but to humiliate the man known for being homophobic that another man was enjoying using and abusing him, playing with him so licking both soles and sucking and nibbling on Ewan's toes driving the man crazy! Malik planted a little soft, wet kiss on the tip of each of Ewan's ten toes and then seriously sucked each toe one at a time saying that long toes were so suckable and tasty and his tongue lickled!


    Malik loving this involuntary reaction from Ewan took all of his bare toes one foot at a time into his mouth at once, sucking on them and expertly flicked his tongue between each pair of toes, licking away and tickling.


    "No Mr. Jarvis not ticklish; licklish and yes your toes are and so hot n' sweaty and tasty, addictive, the night is young!"

    Malik started sliding his tongue side-to-side in the little crevices between Ewan's ticklish toes and the balls of his bare feet.


    "Mr. Jarvis it LICKLES you need to learn the difference, my fingers, the feather tickles but my tongue LICKLES!" taunted Malik

    Malik lickled both feet a little more then stopped to let Mr. Jarvis catch his breath. Then slowly kissed across the top of both feet and on his toes and licked the high arches very lightly and teasingly and nibbled the toes of each foot as Ewan giggled but then when Malik grazed his teeth across the arches of Ewan's feet the giggles became intense laughter and licking both insteps increased the tickling torment more


    Malik kissed his way across the balls of Ewan Jarvis's bare feet side to side as he laughed louder and louder and even louder still when Malik just planted his lips firmly around his soles, sucking deeply on his arches, even as his tongue licked circles in his ticklish arches and ignored the straight man's protests from the licklish intimacy as Malik saying he really found both feet so appetising and he having an insatiable appetite that demanded satisfying and he loved seeing Ewan's reactions, his bare toes wiggling and his feet wildly flexing and toes clenching and unclenching! Malik then licked each sole very slowly all along the whole length of Ewan's ticklish-licklish bare soles and slow licks heels to toes lapping both sensitive bare soles and getting a little harder and faster with each lick!


    Finally Malik's licking slowed down and he kissed the soles of each bare foot over and over again. Then the quill of the feather teased the balls of each foot and then the heels and then under Ewan's toes and then his arches!

    "Hahaha...hahahahaha."It..it..it...it t-t-t-t-tickles so much!..hehehe...heeheehee!"

    The sensations came all over the soles of his bare feet, a tickling, back and forth, up and down, from the balls of his feet to his heels and back again. The teasing really ignited the nerve endings in Mr. Jarvis's feet and they became even more open to ticklish sensations all over the soles of his bare feet, all over his sensitive ticklish soles to his toes tickling...tickling...tickling....

    Malik just kept rhythmically brushing the feather tendrils up and down and up and down, over and over and over again, gently gliding the soft tips all across the soles of both twitching bare soles. He was a master at finding just the right rhythm, not too fast, not too slow; once he found the right one, the one that seemed to tickle the most, he locked into it without wavering, covering every available spot on the vulnerable soles of Ewan's feet, tickling, tickling, tickling....


    Malik began to run his fingers slowly across Ewan's feet and gently danced them across his soles and tickled the sensitive toes in between and under them all! Malik proving how skilled he was at tickling feet and scribbled all his fingers lightly across both of Ewan's soles. He then stroked in between Ewan's toes and showing Ewan Jarvis no mercy at all as Ewan;s toes so sweaty Malik's fingers slid in between and under them all with ease! He used one hand to hold the toes back of a foot while he tickled the instep again and again and then tormented the other foot the same way! Malik then stroked Ewan's dick with the feather very lightt caressing it and the shaft and balls until Ewan Jarvis had an involuntary erection. He playfully stroked Ewan's balls with the feather and soon Ewan was unbelievably horny and also unbelievably helpless and this was proving to be a completely unbearable mix. He could not believe that this was happening to him. He simply could not endure anymore of this teasing treatment. He had to have relief; relief from this torment, relief from this teasing but he had no choice, no other option but to endure the teasing tortures Malik was inflicting on him.

    Malik licked the head of Ewan's dick and his balls and then began sucking Ewan's dick in up and down slow motion that drove him crazy. Hi sdick got harder and harder from Malik's oral ministrations, Ewan hating the reality another guy was giving him a blow job, it was hellish but exciting him, the sensation as he imagined it being one of the female escorts he hired on business trips and Malik guessed this so ruined the fantasy whispering in Ewan's ear

    "I think you will be honouring the contract as you promised or my fingers licked then I will soon be finger fucking your straight ass so be glad my focus for now is your dick, balls and feet!" Saying this Malik licked and pinched Ewan's nipples then fingers tormenting his helpless dick and teasing the arches of Ewan's feet with no intention of ass play as not his thing but another meeting a friend of Malik introducing Ewan to finding his ass feather ticklish much to Malik's amusement!

    "Hehehhheheheehhee he giggled"No hohoohoh pleasheheheheemy feet are very ticklishhhhhahahahhhhhahahaheheeheee!"

    "Kootchhhyyy koooo you're such a ticklish man!" teased Malik as he increased the intensity of the foot tickling and then dick getting an incredible response from his victim.

    "HHHAAAAHAHAHAHheheehehehehepleaseheheheheheheheheh ehehehe" Ewan laughed uncontrollably and his laughter grew in volume and intensity but his laughter was not the only thing that grew as Malik teasingly ran the feather over his balls and dick whilst sucking his toes or licking the soles of Ewan's feet. This intoxicating combination of foot and dick play was causing havoc to Ewan Jarvis as he endured sensation overload!

    Malik continued to tickle Ewan's feet and feather tease his shaft while suddenly licking the head and sensitive area under the shaft and then caressing his balls and inner thighs with the feather liking getting Ewan horny! Malik most loved tickling Ewan's very sensitive bare feet but aggressively stroking Ewan's dick up and down! This resulting in Ewan laughing hysterially and moaning with an intensity that was equal to the teasing treatment he was being forced to endure.

    "Kootchy Kootchy Koooo" teased Malik as he tickled the soles of Ewan's helpless bare feet. "Koootchy Koootchhy Koo...."

    HEEHEHEHEHHHAHAHAHAHAHEH noOOOOOOOO PLEAAHEHEHEHEHSEEEE HAHAHA!" Ewan laughed as Malik tickled his truly unbelievably ticklish bare feet and his ticklishness escalated to new heights as Malik activated the electric toothbrush and ran the revolving bristles under Ewan's wiggling toes and along the soles of his feet and hearing the laughter from Ewan only made Malik more determined to use his tickling to drive Ewan Jarvis mad.

    "Kootchyyyy koo" Malik taunted as he tickled Ewan's helpless bare feet and Ewan burst into another uncontrollable fit of lusty laughter as Malik picked up the intensity of his tickling torment.


    Ewan Jarvis was giggling, laughing, and pleading for mercy, covered in sweat and unbelievably horny in desperate need of some relief from the awful sexual frustration he was experiencing as Malik alternated between feathering and fondling his dick and balls and lickling his soles, nibbling his toes and sucking them and tickling his feet!

    Then he stopped the tickling and lickling and jerked Ewan off and smiling told him that he hoped he had been cured of his homophobia but as he said all was on film and unless he wanted to lose all he had, marriage, job, reputation then he would agree to being his 'Tickle Bitch' and the Management Director had no choice and he also honoured his promise of the contract so Malik having done a good job in persuading Ewan Jarvis's change of mind was paid well and secretly had a tickle toy to play with and a straight homophobic man who now finds himself entertaining Malik and his friends who are thrilled at how ticklish and licklish Ewan Jarvis is and challenge each other to see who can make him suffer with his ticklishness the most once a week when Ewan tells his wife he is working late and sometimes weekends when she believes he's on a business trip!

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    Wow! I loved this

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