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    Tickle Monsters in the Forest ( /m, sexual, intense, torture)

    Don't be anywhere near the woods at dusk. The Catchers will get you. They snatch you up and carry you away and tickle you mercilessly all night. If you're lucky, they'll let you go, exhausted and humiliated, at sunrise. But many times, people never come back, tickled to death.

    Avery had heard these tales many times through his life. Everyone in their village knew the tales. But more than just tales, they knew it was true. Avery had heard the wild laughter echoing distant in the trees. It wasn't imagined. It was real. And by the sound of it, it was terrible.

    He was a young man now, 21, and strapping, tall and lean with brown hair and eyes. And he had a shameful secret. He was obsessed with the tales of the Catchers. He had a burning urge he couldn't explain to seek them out. For years, he had fantasized about being taken and tickled and tickled all night, no way to get free until sunup.

    No warnings or sounds of shrill laughs could dissuade him. The idea of being helplessly tickled sent an unstoppable thrill through him.

    Today, after so many years of his secret urge, it was too strong to ignore.

    The young man entered into the forest just as the light began to leave the sky.

    It didn't take long. It was surprisingly quick, perhaps only ten minutes deep into the woods, when a set of bright eyes flashed between the trees. The creature had spotted him.

    Avery stopped in surprise and sudden fear as the tall, willowy figure emerged. It was not ugly, looking like a genderless cross between a tree and a human. The creature wore no clothes and had no parts for either sex. It was bigger than Avery thought it would be and now that the Catcher was in front of him, he was beginning to lose his nerve.

    He turned to run and yelled out in shock to see two more similar Catchers right behind him. They snatched him up right away and lifted him up off the ground with big hands clasped around his arms. The creatures chuckled to themselves as they began to carry him away into the woods at a surprisingly swift speed.

    And as they did, they began to lightly test his body with their long fingers, over his clothing. Despite himself, the young man was giggling softly already as little testing tickles brushed his torso and waist. Avery had always been very ticklish. It was a weakness of his that was easy to exploit, perhaps one reason for his obsession.

    "What a ticklish little treat," hummed one Catcher. "A foolish human from the village. We haven't seen one for months. Didn't your elders warn you, human man?"

    The creatures holding him then lifted up his arms to test his armpits. Even just these light touches over the fabric of his clothes made him yelp out, which seemed to delight the Catchers.

    "He's so ticklish too. It will just make it more fun to torment him. Unlucky little man."

    "T-they did warn me!" Avery managed to say, through his shallow little giggles as they hoisted him higher and felt their fingers down his legs and knees. It made him twitch to be touched behind his knees and at his upper thighs, which just made the three creatures grin most worryingly. "But I came to s-seek you out!" Unwittingly his voice squeaked higher at the end.

    The fingers of the monsters continued over him, teasing the skin of his ears and neck. Against his skin, Avery could blatantly tell that these fingers were nothing like the fingers of another human. No, there seemed to be some texture or energy to the digits that made light touches vibrant against skin. Fingers designed especially for tickling. It made him begin to squirm to try to wiggle away.

    The Catchers seemed to be quite entertained by his wiggling and his words. "Seek us out? On purpose? Why would you do such a thing, little man? Could it be because you think you like being tickled?"

    Avery felt heat rise in his cheeks and also between his legs. He stammered a bit and the creature continued on when he didn't answer fast enough. "You are not the first to get such an idea into his small brain. Your kind can be so endearingly curious. But we are curious too. We like to find out how much tickling it takes to make one like you start to beg and squeal!"

    The creatures stopped walking. The summer sky was visible through the treetops, just beginning to get dark enough for stars to come out. Avery's heart was already pumping fast but it skipped a beat when he realized he had no idea now where he was or which way his village was. He had been so distracted by the Catchers' teasing and his racing thoughts that he hadn't noticed which turns they took in the woods.

    "You are beginning to realize what you are getting into, aren't you, human?" The words were not inherently cruel, but the twinkle in the Catcher's eyes was.

    That was when the creatures began to undress him. Boots were swiftly unlaced and pulled from his feet. His belt was unbuckled and his pants drawn down as his shirt was pulled up. Somehow this was not what Avery expected and he yelped a protest and began to squirm harder. The Catchers may have looked thin, but he was discovering how strong they were.

    "N-no, wait a moment! Hey!"

    His words were just snickered at and the Catchers manipulated him with ease, turning him over and gripping firmly around his ankles and wrists as the last of his clothing was stripped off and dropped away. Cool night air teased his bared skin with anticipation of what was to come.

    Now he really was helpless, naked and spread eagle in their hands. One monster held his wrists, another his ankles, and the third Catcher loomed over him with ten long fingers hovering an inch away. They could have pulled him apart limb from limb in that moment.

    But Catchers do not pull men apart. They tickle them. Mercilessly.

    It began slowly, with those energized fingers grazing his newly bared skin, just stroking and exploring. First, the monster focused on his torso, teasing up and down his sides and over his chest and belly. Avery clamped his mouth shut and tried his hardest not to laugh. Maybe if he could keep himself quiet, the creatures would just get bored of him after a while and let him go.

    Yes, this was his own fault. He did start it deliberately, but now that he was there and trapped like he was, he didn't really think he could take it to stay there like that all night for hours and hours…

    But when the Catcher's tickly fingertips spidered up into his armpits, Avery couldn't hold back. "Ph-aah Ahahaha hahaha!" His arms tensed and he twisted in an effort to escape the touch, but the monsters had too good a hold of him. He wasn't going anywhere. "Hahaha! Stop!"

    He couldn't help it. The word just fell out of his mouth. But as soon as it had, he knew that was his next big mistake. The three Catchers grinned down at him and the one that was tickling him just put a bit more pressure behind its touch to tickle him more deeply. It made Avery yelp and twist harder and that just made the Catchers chuckle.

    The tickling fingers left his armpits but the torment wasn't over. The touch moved to his chest and swirled around both of his nipples. These monsters' hands were made to punish skin, every touch amplified so much more than any human could tickle and Avery hadn't realized just how sensitive his nipples were. His torso tightened as he sucked in a loud gasp, then he let it out in a frantic laugh. "Ahahahahaha! Oh no, no! Haha, not there!"

    Again, this only made the three monsters smile and the swirling fingers then began little dancing flits around his areolas and over the stiffened peaks of his nipples. It drove Avery wild and as he laughed and bucked, he could feel his manhood getting harder too. 'Something is very wrong with me,' he thought as he struggled and giggled.

    "You might think you're lucky," one monster said, "because there are only three of us here. To hold you firmly, that only leaves one with free hands to tickle you with. But your laughter will summon more of our kind. The louder you laugh, the more of us will come and the greater your punishment will be."

    Avery's eyes widened. Ten of these fingers tickling him were more than enough to make him squirm, but more? Twenty? Thirty? More? He clamped his mouth shut again and shut his eyes, trying desperately to stifle himself. The night was still young and if he was going to survive this, he needed to try to keep grips of himself.

    "Go on and try not to laugh as I tickle your poor, naked skin," the Catcher taunted. "Can you hold your laugh as I tickle your nipples? What about your armpits again?"

    His armpits were a terrible spot and it made him jerk and twist. He was shaking and laughing breathily through his nose, but refused to open his mouth and call more of these tormentors to him. The Catcher was clearly toying with him, just skittering light teasing fingers around the hollows of his armpits, not digging in.

    "What if I tickle your belly and waist? And what will you do when I tickle your navel?"

    Avery's mouth broke open again the moment those awful fingers stroked lower. "Ahahaha!! Oh-oh, no!" But when the monster wiggled its thin finger into his bellybutton, he let out a loud wailing laugh and thrashed. "Aaaahh! AHAHAHAHA! No-no-no! Ahahaha! Please!"

    That was it. He was already pleading. This wasn't a good sign. He wailed and wriggled as the Catcher continued. Cruel and curious fingers explored Avery's waist and the sides of his torso while one finger still swirled deep inside his navel. It was like a swarm of tickling ants scurrying crazily inside his bellybutton and racing around the sensitive crease of his waist with every finger touch. This was bad enough already. But that's when a new set of shiny eyes flashed in the trees. Another Catcher, drawn by the laughter.

    "I see you have a little treat," the new monster said as it came closer, wiggling its terrible thin fingers in the air. "Do you mind if I share?"

    "No! No! Hahahaha!" Avery yelled out through his involuntary laughter. The Catcher was still dancing it's fingertips around his torso, driving him wild. It didn't stay in one place, now that it had found several prime spots to tickle. Avery's belly would only get a break when the creature attacked his armpits with more intensity than before or pinpoint in on his nipples again.

    "No? You don't mind? Very well then!" The new Catcher took a place by Avery's feet and smiled down at the poor, wiggling man.

    It took him a moment to register what was about to happen. When he realized, Avery's fighting doubled. He bucked and shook as hard as he could and it didn't do even a little bit of good. "Hahahaa! Oh, no no no! Don't tickle ahaha- me there! Hahah, not there! Please, I can't - hahaha!"

    The new Catcher touched a single ultra tickly fingertip to the sole of the human's foot and swirled a slow and intricate design. That resulted in an explosion of ticklish agony and Avery heard his laugh pitch higher and boom louder. "HAHAHA OH NO HAHAHA P- PLEASE HAHAHA NO NO AHAHAAAAH AAAHAA!"

    His feet had always been the worst spot for him to be tickled. If anyone ever tried to tickle his feet, he involuntarily kicked out. The idea of being truly unable to escape it now was both thrilling and gut-wrenchingly horrifying.

    The new Catcher grinned broadly at the hysterical reactions it was producing and it touched Avery's other arch with just one finger. Each foot was traced and swirled with a single fingertip each. This Catcher's fingers were every bit as terrible as the other's, tormentingly tickly, like the scuttling legs of a spider, all focused in energetic fingertips. The monster was just teasing, not even trying, grazing lazy swirly patterns up and down the hypersensitive bottoms of his naked, helpless feet.

    Avery's feet squirmed and shook with limited range of motion, but the touches just kept swirling and tapping, agonizing and inescapable. "AHAHAHA HAHAHA! I CAN'T- I CA-HAHA-N'T TAKE IT, AHAHA! P-LEASE STO-HO-HOP-AHAHA!"

    "Poor foolish human man," the monster cooed. "You thought this was what you wanted, didn't you?"

    The Catcher suddenly wiggled all of its horrific spidery fingers at the balls of his feet, crawling up under his toes. His feet were so much more sensitive there at the bases of his toes and it sent a shock through the captured man. What made it so much worse was that the helpless nerves of his feet seemed to shoot up his legs and connect directly to his groin. Avery had never been tickled this fiercely on his feet. He had no idea it could feel so intense.

    Avery arched bodily and let out a screech which only made the Catchers chuckle. "AAAAAAIIIE-AAHAAAH AHAHA!!"

    Again, the Catcher taunted, "Is this what you thought you wanted, you poor little ticklish human?"

    The monsters really must have wanted him to answer because they lightened their touches and drew back some of their torment. It left Avery giggling softly, but he was able to catch his breath and answer, "Heeheee, yes. Th- that's what I thought, ee-heehee, I wanted, but please—"

    "What did you want, human? Tell us more with your words about what it was you thought you wanted."

    Avery was distracted from the conversation when he caught sight of another pair of shining eyes in the forest. "Oh no…" It was another Catcher, summoned by the screaming laughter he couldn't stifle. The monster smiled and came closer. It walked down to his feet beside the other one, which moved aside to give it room. Now, each foot would have its very own tormenter.

    "Oh, no, no, no, no!" Avery struggled with all his might, pulling and twisting. His arms and legs were tense and straining, but the monsters held him firmly. "No, no, no, don't do that! Please, please, please, just leave my feet alone. I'm so ticklish, I can't—"

    The begging only seemed to urge the monsters on. The two at his feet each used their fingers to hold his toes back and spread them apart. No matter how he fought or wiggled, he couldn't budge even one toe free. Then monsters began stroking their terrible fingers around and between his sensitive toes, into the amazingly torturous creases and crannies. If he was in agony earlier, now Avery was in hell.

    He could hear his screaming laughter in his ears and he could feel every awful finger stroking and teasing. Each one was a pinpoint of constant punishment, searching out his most vulnerable spots. And finding them all. They stroked and wiggled between every toe, that same maddening sensation like a hyperactive swarm of tickling insects. The Catchers were energetic and attentive, scribbling and teasing the pads and stems of every toe.

    The Catcher at his torso picked back up again, scuttling its fingers up and down his taut belly, then suddenly dipping it's torturous fingers into his armpits and scrabbling harder. The light touches were maddening enough, but the harder presses pushed even deeper into his skin. Avery could feel the tickling in his muscles, setting his body on fire.

    He screamed and laughed, lost in the sensation. Pleading, shrieking laughter poured out of him. "AAAH!! AAAHA!! AHAHAHA AHAHA AHHH NO NO NO, HAHAHA! P-PLEASE HAHA MERCY AHAHAAA AAHHH!!"

    It continued on for at least ten minutes before, blessedly, the tickling began to lighten again. Avery's head was spinning as he began to catch his breath again. It took him a moment to realize that the Catchers at his feet were massaging him now instead of tickling. It felt amazing, heavenly, relaxing his body against his will... all but for his still-erect cock. Oh, how he wished they would massage his cock like that instead of his feet.

    That was when Avery realized then that the Catcher at his torso was talking to him again. It said, "Tell us specifically what you thought you wanted."

    He was so calm now, muscles of his arms and legs like jelly from the soothing foot massaging. The monsters didn't seem as frightening now. "I wanted... to be captured," he answered.

    "But that's not all." The Catcher pointed a wiggly finger down to his belly, an inch away.

    Despite his deep relaxation, this was enough to tense Avery's gut muscles up again. "I wanted to be captured and tickled," he reluctantly clarified, eyes wide and glued to that finger.

    "You did want that," the Catcher agreed with amusement. "And you wanted to be tickled how?"

    The question stumped him for a moment. When he didn't answer, the result was a surge of sudden intense tickling. The two monsters at his feet bent his toes back again to tickle around and between them and they skittered their fingers up and down his taut, sensitive arches. The Catcher at his torso first vigorously attacked his armpits, then tickled its hands slowly down to his hips. It pinched and dug in deeply there where his legs met his groin, which sent electric jolts through him. It was like the monsters could all read each other's thoughts and coordinate to overwhelm him in the worst ways. Maybe they could. This tickling was so much more aggressive than before and the shock of going from nothing to this full feeling was almost enough to make Avery pass out. Almost.

    All he could do was buck and quake. His mouth spilled out wild, screaming laughs and truly desperate pleading. "AAAAHH AHAHAHAHA OH NO NO AHAHA STOP AHAHAHA P-AHAHA-LEASE! AHAHAHA AAAHH AAAHAHAHAA! I CA-HAHA-N'T! I CA-HAHA-N'T!"

    As much as he had thought he wanted this, it was really so much more intense than he could stand. Avery's body was far beyond his control and his mind was slipping. He could hardly think anything other than how desperately he wanted the torment to end, how he would do anything, anything to get out of this!

    The trees nearby rustled and another merry Catcher came out from the trees, having heard him scream-laughing again. The creature went straight to Avery's head and looked down over him as it taunted, "Poor little human. Poor little naked, shivering human. You must be suffering so." The Catcher put its scribbling fingers to work, exploring the curves of his armpits while the other one at his torso could focus terribly on his waist and hips. This pushed Avery's madness up another notch.


    "You thought you couldn't suffer any more, but you are so, so wrong," the monster cooed. The spidering fingers in his armpits began to push harder, into prodding and pinching. The tickling jolted deeper into his armpits, which shocked through the nerves of his torso, to the pit of his belly. It compounded terribly with the deep tickles at his hips, on either side of his groin and with the wild lightning torment on his feet, which sent shocks up his legs.

    Now four of the monsters were giving it their all to make him suffer and it was more sensation than Avery ever thought possible. It seemed the longer they tortured him, the more he could take without passing out. His threshold was crossed long ago, but the ticklish suffering just continued to build on itself.

    Avery wailed and jerked uselessly against the Catchers' cruel hands. His laugh was frantic and crazed and loud, loud, loud. "AAAHHAA AAAHH AHHAHAHA!!! AAAAH-HAHAAA-HA NOO-HOO-HOOO!! AAHH HAHAAA!! I'M BA-HA-HEE-HEEGGING-AAAH HAAA!!! PA-HAHA-LEE-HEE-HEEES!! HAHAHA!!!"

    The poor, hysterical man was blushing and quivering from head to toe and his dick was hot and hard as a rock. Through all the torment, his manhood was so far left untouched. It badly wanted to be pumped, to end some of this agony, and no touch came.

    More pairs of eyes shined around him, five, no, six more Catchers, but they held back for the moment, just watching with interested eyes and smiling faces.

    After what seemed like an eternity, the tickling filtered back to light touches. The hands were massaging his feet again, forcing his overtaxed muscles back into relaxation. The other two Catchers were massaging now too, rubbing calm into his arms and shoulders and sides. Avery gasped deeply for air and sighed out contented exhales.

    The Catcher asked the same question it had before. Avery had almost forgotten. It asked again, "You wanted to be tickled how, human? In what way?"

    That's when the answer hit him, along with a sinking feeling in his stomach and a throb of his dick. "W-without mercy," he admitted in a small groan. Embarrassment burned his cheeks and terror fluttered in his chest.

    The faces surrounding him smiled wider, wickedly. "You will be tickled," the Catcher promised, "without mercy. No matter how much you beg and plead, we will not free you. Your laughs fuel us and amuse us too much. We'll tickle you, terribly, as long as we like."

    The Catchers in the background approached and reached out with their hands. Ten tickling creatures surrounded him now, in addition to the two who firmly held him stretched out spread eagle, and all of them were grinning. When new hands touched him, they added maddeningly light, feathery sensations all over - to his ribs and arms and back and legs… up on his inner thighs, that horrible spot behind his knees, and along his shockingly ticklish buttocks.

    The feathery tickling was reaching nearly every inch of him now. If the Catchers wanted to, they could wreck him by tickling harder. But it seemed that was not what they wanted for the moment. For now, it was just constant tickling grazes of a hundred of those monstrous fingers, all gliding and teasing over his bared, defenseless skin.

    Avery's giggles grew more energetic and his squirming became more enthusiastic. "Hahaha hehehe oh please no. Please don't… AhAhaha. I really - really can't - hahaha I can't… Can't take this! Hahaha!"

    And that's when the maddeningly light tickles made their way to the very last inch of him - the ultra sensitive skin of his penis and balls. Until that point, Avery thought his feet were the worst spot to tickle, but he was dead wrong about that. The tickling between his legs felt more intense than anything else. It was a blaze of impossibly ticklish agony and yet… not enough pressure to make him orgasm.

    Light flutters of fingers explored all over, with one very attentive Catcher focused on just his genitals. The creature tickled his shaft up and down with little strokes, teased his insanely sensitive testicles with faint spidering, and made careful grazes to the blushing head and tip of his cock, so careful not to let him come yet. The fingertips were as cruel as ever, like the dancing legs of a centipede or a thousand butterfly tongues in every touch.

    It was pure ticklish hell. All Avery could do was wriggle and laugh and feel every ticklish moment.

    Just when he thought it couldn't get worse, he felt fingers beginning to tickle between his buttcheeks, feeling for an entrance.

    "Ahahaha oh NO! Hahaha! Dont--!"

    A long finger slid right inside his ass and wiggled, teasing deeper and deeper. Avery squeaked and bucked. The monster's digit was impossibly tickly even INSIDE of him! It was another new blaze of torment with it found his prostate. And the monster knew just what to do there to tickle like CRAZY.

    Avery howled and arched and then let out a stream of laughter and babbling. "AHAHAHA! NO OH-OH HAHAHAHA! PLEASE-P-PLEASE N-NOT THIS HAHA NOT THERE! AHAHAA AHH I C-CAN'T HAHA I'LL DIE-EEE!"

    "Tickled to death?" one Catcher answered with obvious amusement in its voice. "Little human, you will be sorry to learn that the Catchers never kill. Those humans you're thinking of, who have been captured and have never come back? Those are the ones we choose to keep. Our favorites."

    A new sinking feeling hit Avery in the stomach. The way the monsters were smiling at him, clearly enjoying every sensation they forced on him, he knew before they said it…

    "You're a favorite."

    All at once, every finger on him began a more vigorous and tickling. It already tickled so terribly before, when it was just feathery touches. Now, as the monsters actually tried, it became completely unbearable. Yet, he had to bear it anyway. There was nothing he could do to stop it.

    Once more, his laughter rose to a scream of sound. "AAAAAAHHHHA AHAHAHAHA NO-HO-HO-NO-HO PLEASE AAAHAHAHAA AAAHH AHAHAAAA! AHAHAA AHAHA!" His body was tired from struggling, but the renewed intensity of torment stirred him back into vigorous writhing beneath the multitude of monstrous fingers. "I'M B-BEGGING- AHAHA BE-HEGGING YOU-HOO-HOO! HAAHAHA! P-A-HA-HA-LEASE!"

    This pleading only seemed to drive the Catchers to continue and amplify his torment. As he shrieked and wailed, they would chuckle and taunt.

    "Do you think they can hear your laughter back at your village, human?" one asked. "Have you heard the laughs yourself before?"

    They must not have wanted an answer this time, because the tickling continued on relentlessly.

    "AAHAHAA AHAHAA AHHH AHHH AHHAHHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAAA!" Avery wailed and laughed frantically. In his mind he knew the answer was yes. He'd heard screaming laughter just like his own. It had drawn him to the woods to try for himself but he had no idea how dreadfully ticklish he really could be!

    "Which part tickles most, human?" asked another.

    The answer was obvious. Even in a sea of ticklish hell, the feelings between his legs and in his backside were the most agonizing. It seemed like his skin never got tired or numb and just kept receiving heightened, tormenting touch.

    Just as it seemed he was about to pass out or suffocate, the full body tickling diminished down just enough to let him catch his breath through exhausted giggles.

    "Poor little human," the Catcher cooed before asking again, "Which part tickles the most?

    This time, Avery had enough air in his lungs to answer, "Ahahaha AAAHHH! Hahahaha ! M-my c-hahaha-ock. My CO-HO-HOOCK! I ca-hahaha-n't STA-HAHA-ND it! Hahaha PLEA-HEE-HEE-SE!"

    But once more, the Catchers amused themselves by tickling vigorously again and ramping him right back up. "AAAAIIEE-AAAHHH HAHAHA AHAHA NOOOOO-HO-HO! AHHH HAHAHA!!"

    "Your screams and squirms delight us," one Catcher told him with a smile. "We want nothing more than to make you dance and sing for us all night long."

    The sun had only just set. The stars had only just come out. How could Avery last that long like this? "HAHAHA NOOOO-HOO-HOO! AHAHAHA! I'M B-BAHAHA-BEGGING!"

    Avery was lost in wild torment in every nerve in his body, but before long, he realized a new terrible thing. Though he thought the tickling of his genitals wasn't enough pressure to bring him to orgasm, he could still feel one swelling inside him, building larger and larger and preparing to come. If there was just a bit more pressure to his cock instead of grazing, maddening tickling, he could get there. His hips bucked in teased frustration.


    "What's the matter, little human? Does it tickle too much for you? That's really too bad."

    Another monster merrily added, "Oh, he really can't stand it. His poor naked skin, helpless to all our cruel fingers."

    A third one, grinning evilly, said, "It must tickle so much. Enough to make him want to explode!"

    They were going to make him come this way. They were going to tickle an orgasm out of him. And Avery really couldn't do anything about it.

    Their fingers were everywhere, ruthless and tireless. Scribbling digits assaulted deep in his armpits and prodded and squeezed his ribs. His belly and waist, nipples, and navel were all helpless against the teasing hands. Fingers fluttered over his buttocks and in the wildly ticklish crooks between his legs and groin. They stroked and taunted behind his knees, pinched his hips which sent him bucking all the more. No spot between his toes was neglected, tickled over and over with those monstrously ticklish fingers. The soft soles and arches of his feet were scribbled all over with quick, flitting fingertips.

    There were more Catchers than he could count, all adding their own fingers to his torment. Avery could no longer see the stars, just grinning faces and bright eyes. They stroked against his ears and neck. They even pried his hands open and tickled his palms and between his fingers, which was nearly as ticklish as his feet!

    All the while, special attention was paid to his cock. Up, down, around and around - his shaft, his balls, the base of his dick, the ultra sensitive tip and underside. And deep inside of him, the tickling finger teased him agonizingly against his prostate. It was the most maddening ticklish hell! Every time it seemed he was at the brink of climax, the tickles would back off just enough to deny him. The longer they kept him on the edge, the more urgent and desperate his need was becoming.

    Soon, Avery wasn't begging them to stop tickling. He was begging for something else. "HAHAHA AAHH PLEASE-P-PLEAAASE AAAHAHAHA L-LET ME COME! PLEASE! HAHAHA I'M GOING INSAA-HAAA-HAAANE AHAHAHA!"

    His pelvis was rocking and squirming, erect penis bobbing around, with dancing fingers following with it to continue the torment without respite.

    "It's always so funny when ticklish little humans orgasm," one Catcher commented as its fingertips fluttered along Avery's shivering soles.

    "Yes," another agreed, grinning broadly and stroking wiggling fingers into his armpits. "It tickles them so much MORE while they're climaxing and so much more after!"

    Avery's eyes bulged wider and he immediately changed his mind, "P-PLEASE DON'T HAHAHA DON'T MAKE M-ME COME!"

    But it was too late. Now, the fingers that were teasing his genitals were intent, stroking just a BIT firmer for the maximum ticklish effect along his balls and shaft and around the blushing head and tip of his cock. As the monsters sensed that he was about to break, they all amplified their efforts along the rest of his helpless skin, pushing him hard over the edge! Avery couldn't stop himself from a large, explosive orgasm that rocked his whole body.

    The monsters were right. The sensation was somehow heightened even more mid-climax. It may have been only a minute, but that minute seemed to drag on forever, where Avery was shot through with more tremendous ticklish sensation than he ever thought possible. It was agony beyond agony and the cry that came from him was truly hellish!


    He quaked and bucked as he shot his load. Tears were streaming from his tightly shut eyes. It was the most intense orgasm of his life and those damned monsters just kept tickling him through the entirety of it. It was blinding, searing ticklishness, heightened beyond anything imaginable as it paired with his deep climactic pleasure.

    The fingers wouldn't stop, even as his orgasm quaked through him. They kept on tickling, even as his twitching cock went soft. The sensation wouldn't end… and somehow, horrifically, it got even WORSE, just like the monsters said it would! Avery was so ticklish before, but now his body was buzzingly sensitive from climax. Each touch was a thousand times more terrible, penetrating painfully deep into his nerves with newly unbearable ticklishness.

    He couldn't talk anymore, even to beg. Avery was laughing and screaming and blubbering too hard. But in his mind, there was a constant stream of pleading: 'Oh god, please, please just stop. Please, I can't take it. I'm going insane. I'm dying! I'll do anything. Oh god. I'll do anything!'

    Avery was too lost in ticklish torment to realize that they were moving again. The whole crowd of Catchers was walking with him through the forest, taking him deeper and deeper, away from human civilization and closer to the hidden realm of their home. As they walked, their fingers didn't skip a beat, torturing his helpless flesh. They skittered up and down and squeezed at his ribs. They danced along the creases of his waist and dug into the ticklish nerves of his lower back. Hellish fingers played deep in his armpits, wriggling and alternating between scratching lightly and stroking harder.

    A finger swirled around and around his navel, then dipped in and wriggled cruelly inside like a crazed centipede. Punishing fingertips teased his nipples, tickling around and around and right on the tips of stiff peaks. The cruel Catchers tickled all over his legs, from his waist down to his ankles, squeezing and poking his kneecaps, stroking the horrible pits of his knees, and running their torturous fingers all around his thighs and hips and where his legs met his body. They squeezed mercilessly at his hip bones and scribbled their fingers all over his buttocks.

    His toes twitched desperately, unable to get free as the Catchers stroked and teased between them and under them. They stretched his feet taut and went up and down his soles, scribbling his arches and balls of his feet with intentional cruelty. That long finger was still up his ass, even after all this time. Every little movement of that finger sent a powerful ticklish shock through Avery's body. And little light tracing touches continued mercilessly along his balls and cock. It tickled far too much, especially on the tip of his overtaxed penis. And, of course, the monsters took full, evil advantage of this fact.

    "Oh, poor little human," a Catcher teased. "You thought it was so bad before and now you're really, TRULY suffering!"

    "You must be so full of regret," said another as it tickled the patch of skin between Avery's navel and groin. "Well, that's too bad. You're our plaything now, for as long as we want you."

    The monster tickling between his legs sounded particularly cheerful when it said, "Oh, was that a new twitch? I think you're getting hard again! You have so many more orgasms in you tonight, little ticklish plaything." It tickled its fingers up over his nuts and back to the damnably ticklish underside of his cock, working to tickle him erect again.

    Terror shot through the poor captive man and he shook his head back and forth as hard as he could. Through his screaming laughter, he barely managed to speak. "AAAAIAAAA-AAHH HAAAA HAAA NOOO-HOOOO-AAAH-HOOOO! NOOOO-NOO-HOOO-NOOOO!!!"

    The Catchers only chuckled and kept on tickling incessantly. "We're going to torture you all night," they taunted him. "We're going to tickle orgasm after orgasm out of you. There is nothing you can do but laugh and cry!"

    "And we'll do it every single night," another Catcher said, right next to Avery's ear. "You'll dread it every day and suffer this unbearable tickling every single night. You're ours. Forever."

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    Holy cow... That was one of the most wonderfully intense things I've read in some time. My mouth is absolutely dry after reading it. I *loved* how they kept taunting him the whole while rather than just being silent tickle monsters. You did a fantastic job, writing this!

    Heh, is it bad that I desperately wish I were in his place?
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    Great! Thanks for posting this!

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    Wonderful story! I wish that I could find this forest.
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    Oh wow, this was incredible! One of the hottest stories I've read in a long long time. I too wish I could find this forest haha.

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    This is an incredible story. The concept is great and the Catchers play their part beautifully. Loved it. <3
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    another slam dunk story

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    Loved it!

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    Oh my effing God, one of the best I've read!

    To one of our TMF artists, can we get a concept sketch of the Catchers? These sound like really unsettlingly creepy monsters. I LOVE IT!

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    First - To those saying they want to find this forest, didn't you learn from Avery's mistake?! Tisk, tisk... If you find the Catchers, you WILL regret it!

    Second - I am an artist (not a great one) myself! I have a few sketches, but nothing I am prepared to post yet. I would also LOVE to see someone else's art concept.

    Thank you, people! I am really enjoying sharing these stories of mine!

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    this is a masterpiece pure and simple

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    Shhh... its a secret!
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    That is a fantastic story! I'd venture into those woods!

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    Ohh that is so evil and good I hope for more ^-^
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    Great story, BuckWild! Nice work.

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