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    Tortuously Ticklish! M/M

    The married executive lay secured to the restraint table in my playroom and a first timer naturally nervous but having fantasised about being at the mercy of another guy, being pleasured by him as he had told me on his arrival whilst having a drink to relax him. The attractive 6' 36 year old had instantly appealed to me and had obediantly stripped to his underwear already in just his socks, black nylon and worn by him all day in the office, now facing them both as having both feet secured together I leaned close to them and sniffed them and remarked the soles were a little sweat stained and his foot odour ripe. Blindfold both socked size 12 feet flinched and toes wiggled as he apologised and hoped he'd not offended me.

    I repeated what I'd told him earlier when as he had sat on the sofa I had picked up his legs so his feet across my lap had removed his loafer shoes; that masculine smelling feet being my preference and not repulsed by them at all and breathed in their smell more deeply saying he seemed to be the one feeling uncomfortable and he said he hadn't expected me to be at his feet and he wasn't used to anyone being by them as his wife never paid attention to them. I deliberately pressed my nose against his socked toes and ran it along the tips of the toes of each foot in turn sensing Mark uneasy with my foot attention and told him that his smelly socked feet appealed to me and his wife's likes and dislikes of no interest to me; he was here for my pleasure not hers adding or even his; making a point!

    "Now you know why I had you flex your socked feet and wiggle your socked toes on my lap Mark, it was all I could do to not stroke your socked soles and fondle your socked toes seeing how ticklish they were or if they were but I sensed their smell and heat immediately but let you imgagine your dick and balls gaining my attention as didn't want ruin the surprise but why I insisted you meeting me after work making excuses to your wife as sweaty feet the most ticklish Mark and yours seem to prove this!"

    I smiled and my voice raised as I told him to push the socked soles of his feet into my face which hesitatingly he did and gripping both ankles I rubbed my face over the soles breathing their natural smell in deeply hearing Mark gasp as he clearly was not comfortable with this at all and stopping asked him if he was and he told me that he found it strange and unnerving and I said I appreciated this as they seemed sensitive feet and felt both tense as I said it. A light stroke from each heel to toes proved my point.

    “Noohoho hahahahaha oh stop pleashehehehehese.” Mark begged

    "Mark I will stop when I decide to not when you tell me to, these feet are mine to do with as I like and I am going to suck the sweat out of your socks, suck your toes through your socks and lick the socked soles of your feet and savour your personal foot smell and there's nothing you can do about it but take it!"

    Saying this I began to massage Mark's right socked foot saying it felt so warm, damp and inviting as I smiled seeing the look of defeat on his face and gave his left socked sole a foot rub. I informed him that later I would be exploring his feet to determine the degree of their ticklishness and smiled to myself as Mark said "Please Sir don't tickle my feet, I can't stand it!" and told him he wasn't standing and lightly teasingly stroked each sole.

    “HAHAHAHA STOP PLEASE HAHAHAHAHA.” Mark's reaction was the perfect one as I told him, not stroking them but remarking they felt so soft and smooth indicating how sensitive they were and feeling them up remarking how nicely shaped they both were and having enticing high arches as the pads of my fingers slid over them just enough to irritate him and make him feel vulnerable and helpless so he was pulling with real effort against the bonds which he was firmly secured by so a futile exercise to indulge in!

    I pressed my nose to both socked feet again and breathed in their intoxicating smell as I massaged each sole with my nose rubbing along the length of them and made him feel more uneasy saying they were both so warm and sweaty and I felt so privileged to be smelling his rank socks, said not because they were rank but to make him feel more humiliated and embarrassed which Mark clearly did adding his wife not knowing what she was missing in paying no attention to her husband's feet as they having such a rich flavour, salty with his sweat from a day in his Wall St. office and trapped in his black loafer shoes! I indulged in licking the soles and toes of each socked foot saying I could see from his ankles he having lightly tanned feet and rubbed them both with my hands increasing his sense of nervousness as I told him I was looking forward to seeing his bare feet as straight men's feet exciting me the most as most often with me, my being the first guy to ever explore and enjoy them, he wasn't my first and wouldn't be my last as feet were my area of expertise or is that more realistically expertease!

    "Don’t tickle my feet, don't do it–please don’t" Mark begged me

    "Ssssh Mark I'm not tickling your feet and when I do it's a little tickle and an alpha-male like you can handle that!" and saying this secured the ball gag in Mark's mouth telling him I liked my men gagged as then they could scream as loud as they liked and not put me off my stride but their explosions of muffled laughter and often shrieks alternatively encouraging for me to do my worst as prided myself on being a merciless tickler and taking my time with the sight of flexing feet and wiggling toes being so enticing for me and leisurely stroking each of his black socked soles with a single finger just tortuously very lightly and seeing them tickled effectively with this technique and told him he was in for the tickling of his life as I'd be working every inch of his feet and driving him berserk as I took another deep sniff of his socked feet!

    Knowing Mark having a problem with me by his feet I deliberately enjoyed verbally teasing and taunting him and told him his socks were thin enough for me to see the contours of them both easily as I stroked and massaged his feet gently making him squirm saying from his reaction to this that I was so looking forward to tickle torturing his bare feet and sniffed each foot and sucked on his socked toes and licked each socked sole making him gasp as he felt his socked feet getting wet as my saliva mixed with his sweat!

    "Mmm fuck Mark you feet taste good, wiggle your socked toes in my mouth!" I told him as I took all of the toes of his right foot in my mouth but he didn't wiggle them as told to by me.

    “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA IT TICKLES HEHEHEHEHEHE PLEASEHEHEHEHEHSE NO DOHOHOHOHONT!” he yelled as I stroked his socked sole as I sucked on his socked toes and nibbled them.

    "Mark I asked you to wiggle your toes and you didn't so you needed encouragement to obey instructions so now left foot and this time do as told!" I advised him

    Mark wiggled the socked toes of his left foot in my mouth and afforded me a feast but couldn't resist gently stroking the length of his socked sole just to make sure the message got through! I indulged in orally servicing both feet slowly and gently sniffing, sucking and massaging each foot with my tongue and saying he only had himself to blame for having manly smelling and tasting feet taking deep breaths of each foot and licking and sucking the sweat from them both!

    "You really don't like this do you Mark, having your feet gently touched and massaged, your socked soles and toes licked as I can hear your moaning but that's fine as your fantasy was to be dominated and controlled by another man and you are being by me and here to pleasure and please me and you're succeeding feeling a little more ticklish every time I lick your soles and suck your toes and my favourite feet are the licklish variety so a win-win scenario and I'll be licking the soles of your feet, the balls of your feet and even licking in between your toes so you've got that to look forward to and if you haven't I have, as well as having me working over your bare feet Mark!"

    I tickled Mark's feet with the tips of my fingers as he squirmed in the bondage and his feet shook helplessly as I told him as much as he struggled I wasn't going to stop but hearing him laugh I was glad to help him to enjoy himself and ran light strokes along the soles of his socked feet and loved seeing him try to get away from the teasing touches I deliver so deliberately and kept stroking his feet as he threw his head back, breathing very hard and whispered to him that he was very ticklish and he seemed as he was laughing to like being tickled so something his reactions were inviting me to do and he moaned every time I licked his soles and sucked his toes sniffing the intoxicating aroma of his feet. Then resuming tickle-torturing his socked soles so Mark was babbling incoherently into the gag.


    "Mark to be a profficient Master there needs to be an element of sadism in the Master's character illustrated in varying extremes and I am no exception to the rule but causing physical pain to men submissive to me holds no attraction for me so by example I will not beat the soles of your or any man's feet known as 'Bastinado' or 'Falaka' and a torture indulged in regularly in Turkey and Middle Eastern countires but I excel in tickle torturing guy's and for me confined to their feet. Sometimes I work with another Master who will tease and torment the upper body but of no interest to me personally but feet like these presented to me and I am thrilled and think it's time to lose the socks!"

    I very slowly rolled the socks down over his heels and feet, lightly tickling every inch of each executive foot exposed and his socks hung on his toes and a little more stroking and they flipped off and there were two perfect bare feet with long toes and instantly appealing to me and I took a good long look at both bare soles and delighted in telling him that I was so looking forward to licking every part of them knowing how he would hate having the soles of his feet lapped with my tongue as his feet were both so horribly licklish and sniffed them saying they were both so deliciously sweaty and smelly sensing Mark's immediate feelings of nervousness! I then lightly licked each sole in turn delighted by his instant reaction.

    "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE NOOOOHOHOHO ITS TOO MUCHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" I loved hearing him begging at the sensation of the unbearable lickling as I slid my tongue in between each his toes in turn and hearing his giggling saying how glad I was to hear him enjoying himself as much as I was as I aimed to please as I witnessed Mark's torment and his personal sense of manliness being lost in his endurance of ticklish hell as deliberately slowly I licked to length of the soles of his feet and blamed him for having big feet so more foot flesh to lickle!

    I sensed how hysterical his laughter would be minus the gag as he squirmed in the restraints which trapped him and told him how much I enjoyed licking guy's feet against their will and straight guys especially even having experienced having their feet tickled by members of their own sex before at home by brothers, cousins or friends even rivals in college or during initiations rarely by another man's mouth as it was intimate and saying this slid my tongue over and in between his toes as sensually as I could and holding each foot still indulged in tongue bathing each foot and gently nibbled them as I ran fingers over his underwear taunting his dick and balls teasingly and feeling him harden and gasp as one sensation drove him crazy in one way and the other in a different way! I could hear his reactions to the sensations!


    "Mmmmm feels good right Mark but bet you wish I was sucking your dick not your big toes but you pleasure me and then you might earn a blow job and your balls licked sensuously by me!" as my fingers stroked the arches of his feet and I increased the speed and pressure of my fingers dancing on his arches as Mark squirmed and his feet flinched and his toes all wiggled convulsively as they sought escape from the torturous tickling from my fingers. Mark's soft arches and big, soft, masculine feet were so addictive to me that I told him I was compelled to tickle them and did so his laughter rose an octave and increased in rhythm and was loudest even gagged when I tickled the balls of his feet and his long toes and told him I would be tickling and lickling his feet whether he wanted me to or not as I was in control and he needed to get used to it happening!

    I then began massaging his right foot and fondling it saying it felt so warm and damp in my hands and grasping each toe individually massaged them telling him that he would be leaving me, no longer a foot virgin but having had his feet raped and massaged the top of his right foot and simultaneously rubbing his sole with my thumbs and then pressing my nose to his toes and breathing in his personal foot scent before again slowly licking the sole of his right foot and then sucking on the toes of his right foot as again I stroked his dick over his underwear and felt him harden! I ran my tongue over the sole of his left foot and licked in between his toes and sniffed his foot and told him his left foot having the same addictive smell and feeling as hot, sweaty and appealing as his right foot! I then sucked on each big toe of his feet saying he needed to imagine it was his dick I was sucking before running my tongue over the length of each bare sole which as I told him were mine to use and abuse!

    Mark moaned as I licked each of his toes and slid my tongue in between each of his toes and sucked both big toes in my mouth simultaneously before then just inhaling the powerful smell of his feet. Both of his feet were so intensely sensitive to being tickled that I found them irresistible as much as he found it an impossibility not to react to them being tickled as I told him to try to not react and I might be inclined to stop but he failed being so ticklish and licklish that he invited himself being taken complete advantage of and saying something I was only to willing to do! I ran my tongue the length of each foot in long, wet strokes and giving each of his toes my un-divided attention, sucking, and running my tongue around and in between each toe and sniffed on his toes deeply and chewed on the heels of each foot before grazing my teeth across his arches and under his toes making him react more violently!

    I told him that I liked his high arches as I licked them with my experienced and wicked tongue and that his long toes were so appealing as I nibbled and licked and sucked them individually as he moaned into the gag as stroking his soles again his feet flexed involuntarily in my hands. Mark was being driven frantic and was totally trapped and I orally enjoyed one foot whilst manually fondling the other and alternated feet being tormented by me! I then introduced Mark to the feather and ran the quill end along the sole of each foot in turn which really made him squirm and asked him if it tickled and how much it tickled and smiled at his immediate ticklish reaction when I could hear him begging in his laughter.


    I progressed tickling the sole of each foot in turn with the feather quill and saying it seemed to tickle him which was a good sign and it seemed the centre of his soles were hot spots to work on as Mark reacted bursting into uncontrollable gales of laughter as I told him I was going to keep feather tickling his soles and then ran the feather tendrils in between his toes on each foot saying his feet were mine to tickle and to enjoy and resumed using the quill end of the feather in the middle of each foot in turn and so hearing Mark's desperate laughter and relentlessly maintained the steady pace of the tickling I was subjecting him to! Then using scissors cut off his underwear and began feather tickling his hardening dick and balls making Mark gasp and moan as he got more and more excited at the deliberate edge-play and slowly stroked the feather tendrils the length of his shaft and he began to shake with the beginning of an orgasm which was ruined as I then used the quill end of the feather on the soles of his feet.

    This edge-play indulged in by me for a while and driving Mark berserk. It was fun nurturing a hard-on and then seeing it deflate as the tortuous tickling commenced and as I told him a torture Red Indians had indulged in subjecting captive Confederate soldiers to and clearly effectve as seen by his reactions! Soon his feet were so over-stimulated from the tickle-torture he was almost crying and I told him that were I not sadistic I might stop tormenting and teasing him but unfortunately I was and wouldn't but that he needed a break and slid his socks back on tightly but securing an activated sonicare electric toothbrush against each sole!

    I then had a break myself seeing his feet squirming in his socks as the revolving bristles stimulated his soles and toes and he moaned and giggled as his helpless bare feet reacted to the sensations! I focused then on stroking his balls and dick with the feather tendrils as he reacted to the irritating sensations on his feet and loving the stright man's sense of humiliation stroked the feather over the head of his dick and then used it to caress his balls arousing him and he was soon close to orgasm as the feather toyed with his dick which combined with the ticklishness still sensed on the soles of his feet and toes by the sonicare bristles meant Mark was being driven to distraction by the conflicting sensations of pleasure and torment as his moaning expressed.

    Mark's body tensed as suddenly he had an intense orgasm so I then returned to his feet and ripped off both socks and removed the sonicares and subjected his feet to a thorough tongue bath, licking every inch of his soles and licking under and in between his toes and nibbling at his toes as I sucked on them servicing his feet with my tongue coating his feet with my saliva and loving the rich and tangy aroma of Mark's feet. My fingers explored every inch of his ticklish feet and now more ticklish since shooting his load as I told him I knew they'd be, it was now as if his feet were being shocked with an electric current coursing through them as he squirmed violently as I was tickling his toes and his laughter got more intense as I worked my fingers under his toes and in between them and the tickling was faster and harder than before. I spidered my fingers across both of his big soles and then switched strategy to tickling his toes or the sides of his feet or scratching at his heels so with no set pattern of attack he could prepare for or accustom himself to receiving!

    I fully endulged in lapping both soles of his feet which as I told him tasted so rich and salty and how awesome his feet smelled and coating his feet in saliva and then fingers sliding effortlessly over and mercilessly teasing his saliva lubed soles and toes with his naturally warm and sweaty feet gaining my full attention and now having mapped out in my mind the most diabolically senstive areas of his feet, aiming for them to trigger the greatest ticklish reactions from him enduring the unbearable tickling. My fingers working on the base of his toes proving being incredibly ticklish for him, the volume of his laughter even gagged was greatly assistant to me in delivering the extreme tickling torture he received from me, the tickling both constant and intense.

    "HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHHAAAAHAHAHA!” sweaty Mark reacted but no longer begging to be freed as learing a sure way to keep him captive as my fingers stroked the bare smooth soles with great precision tickling effectively! I ran my fingers all over both squirming feet and wiggling toes as I taunted him for being so ticklish and so helpless so easily perfect to be tickled senseless by me. I held back the toes on each foot and slid the feather tendril in between each toe in turn making Mark erupt with laughter from the insidious sensations I pride myself on delivering and then resumed using the quill end of the feather to tickle torment the soles of his feet before continuing the tickling of his soles with my fingers intermixed with an intense lickling along them both with my tongue and this extreme concentration of sensations indulged in by me successfully driving Mark berserk!

    I intently focused my attention on Mark's helpless, vulnerable feet and making sure each teasing and tormenting touch made an impact on them as I told him I having two intentions and these being to drive him to tears and drain him of energy and would not be satisfied until both intentions were met successfully as I looked at the bare feet that tonight were mine to enjoy and I then resumed sucking on the toes of each foot in turn and sliding my tongue in between them all, nibbling and lickling them to my own satisfaction as I told Mark; satisfying my lust for his defenseless, secured tortuously ticklish feet that would continue being subjected to an unbearable tickling from me as his toes were so suckable and lickable that he best prepare himself for a long night ahead as I was in no hurry and he having called his wife and telling her that a business project having needed his immediate attention he didn't know how long he would be and I whispered in his ear "All Night!"

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    Great fantasy!

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