Poor Dhar. All he wanted to do was take a soothing bath and collect his thoughts. Not soon after did Thorani surprisingly interrupt with an idea to show Ajna he's changed. Doing so involves participating in an ancient Deva ceremony, one that looks to aline his chakras and wash away his since. Without thinking, he accepted.
Of course, Dhar didn't realize just how hard it would all be on him...
This is exclusive includes a nearly 20 page long story featuring several different lers and tickle styles. I really hope you guy's enjoy. Here's a sample!
The navel tickling went on for minutes on end. Long, unbearable minutes while Thorani milked that one spot for all it was worth. She flicked, poked, wiggled, scratched, and even kissed that one agonizing spot for what felt like a small eternity. Finally, the thorough Deva relented and appreciated her work.
Dhar looked as if he had fought a dozen battles and died in every one of them. His panting threatened to drown out the sound of the spring itself. Still, his rigid member itched with the need to be touched.
Thorani couldn’t help but to feel a bit mean. She knew what he clearly wanted, though she acted as if it had never crossed her mind. Truth was, there was some cruel entertainment to be had in seeing the cute young man in such sensual strains. Considering his actions, she had no pity grinding him against her heel a bit.~
“Oh my! Poor Dhar, you’re such a wreck. My poor troubled boy!” Thorani covered her giggling smile with her fingers. The trembling young man started blushing all over again. “You’re doing so good! I’m so proud.” She reached out her finger again.
“GAH!” The exhausted young man’s hips bucked forward. He felt the swirl of a delicate finger begin to run along the ridges of his bulbous bell-end.
“Dhar is on his way to being a good boy isn’t he? A very, very good boy~...” The water goddess sang in a tone both sweet and sultry all at once. She worked her finger as slow as possible in order to saver the best reactions. The lad’s featured twisted in all kinds of pitiful and sexy manners. It egged her to keep going.
The tanned young man openly panted. His hips wiggled in the most erotic way . Dhar trembled as his most precious parts were teased by one of the most beautiful women he’d ever seen. Thorani’s fingers drew around and around his poor cock, barely touching it, but strangely that made it all the more intense. It thrilled him to his very core as the finger traced round and round and round again.
“AH! AH! AH! B-BY THE LORD HIMSELF!” Dhar hissed through gritted teeth. “PLEASE MADAM! PLEASE TAKE ME! PLEEEEEHHAAAAA!~” The pleading fell from his lips faster then the water fell from his body. And then as sudden as it started, the teasing...........