The Senator arrived nervous though I had assured him of discretion. The 6'2" 35 yr old American diplomat well known and in respect of this will remain anonymous. The married man in London on business had come to me directly from the series of meetings at the U.S Embassy and relaxed with a brandy and had suggested he kick off his shoes to chill but immediately having said his feet would not smell the best in shoes and socks all day and now evening, saying he was anticipating his dick being really teased as he was so damn sensitive it'd drive him berserk. He told me he liked the authority his job gave him, control being his thing which is why he wanted to experiment relinquishing control but stressed he not wanting anything too heavy! His fantasy was to be in a situation necessitating him being punished and without marks so no awkward explanations to his wife being necessary and being straight that having his dick messed with and teased by another guy would be humiliating! I winked and said there won't be any marks at all as I knew what I was going to do already but I wasn't telling him but sensed it proving ultra humiliating!

His eyes widened when I said this and a look of excitement with traces of anxiousness on his face but his trousers already showing he was horny so suggested he strip off his suit and he saying cool and stripped to his underwear and black socks as I noted but said nothing but further confirmation of what I guessed. He had no objections to bondage saying he had visited a dominatrix or two but this a first time visitng a Master and my saying variety the spice of life and he agreeing. In the playroom soon secured on his back and accepting of the blindfold and gag.

I looked at him and his large feet and drew the stool up so sitting on it the black nylon socked soles directly faced me and let him wonder what might happen and then said his dick in his underwear seemed pretty big and big dick meant big feet and saw him squirm and smiled adding that having looked inside a shoe knew his size 13's the unlucky number which I guessed it was for him as I had a sniff of both soles secured together and lightly traced a finger up n' down both socked soles and he tried to pull his feet away!

"Whoa' Senator that's a strong reaction to a light touch so you have as I thought excruciatingly ticklish feet as I guessed you being so determined your socks stay on and having sniffed them know it's not due to athlete's foot, your feet having a healthy masculine aroma that is intoxicating for me! I can't hear you Senator but you told me you want to be punished and need to be and giving your dick attention clearly something you want so where's the punishment in that but these big feet, now they're a whole different story so how ticklish are your feet?"

I traced one finger from the heel of the senator's right socked foot to the top of the arch and then did the same with his left foot as his feet flexed making me smile as again I lightly tickled the arches of his socked feet and then cruelly scribbled my fingers all over both of his socked feet and though muffled hearing him burst into laughter and seeing him squirm as much as he could to escape the ticklish sensations that were obviously overwhelming him as he became hysterical!

I therefore eased up in the intensity of the tickle only running one finger up n' down the length of each sole and told him he needed to do what I told him so he had to curl his socked toes, clench his socked toes and splay his socked toes and he did so immediately and I told him that he was the one being punished and as such was going to be and mercilessly and told him what to expect happening knowing the verbal threats said in a menacing tone was torment enough!

"So senator you know that I am going to be working over your feet but as requested there will be no physical marks but you will not forget this session with me and your feet, your hideously ticklish big feet, oh wiggle your socked toes for me um right foot yes good and now left foot okay and now both feet that's it, Mmmm they smell awesome senator so they'll be tickling; yes on your bare feet which will be even more ticklish having lost the protection of socks and all over them soles and toes and my determining the most ultra-sensitive areas and a focus of attention given them employing varying levels of intensity so soft, gentle, playful, erotic, intense and tortuous and then foot worship and knowing from experience this gets to straight men like yourself the most, sometimes found to being licklish but also can be humiliating, embarrassing and degrading as it is intimate with each toe sucked and licked, every inch of your soles will be licked, kissed, rubbed, fondled, caressed and massaged so wiggle your toes for me that's right and slowly alternate between curling and flexing your toes so your soles wrinkle or are smooth! There will be breaks for you to be given water so as not to dehydrate!"

The senator could tell by my tone I meant business and protesting would do no good at all not that he didn't still try and beg me to not tease his feet as even gagged he able to make himself heard but as I told him he was with me for a punishment session and the punishment itself to be decided upon by me and taunted him sniffing one foot then the other rubbing my face into the soles of his feet and gripping his ankles and pressing his soles into my face and told him he better press his feet into my face when I instructed him to do so.

"I have to tell you senator that I don't know what is is exactly about men's feet that fixates me though big feet like yours my preference but clean freshly bathed feet don't attract me personally but other guys only like soap smelling feet but I am glad you didn't go back to the hotel for a freshen up and have told me work up quite a healthy sweat! They'll be tongue bathed by me later so it's good they smell like feet and are sensitive, you're a real tenderfoot but whatever the attraction is, it's real! Your feet will get the attention they deserve, I can do anything I want to them and nothing you can do to stop me senator and they'll be tickled mercilessly! I favour the feather as it exposes heightened senses of vulnerability with each stroke delivering it's own torment, stroked feather end up n' down the soles and under the toes and sawn in between each of the toes unceasingly as I take my time and you are with me for a duration of time I decide upon, you are the puppet on my string senator! The sensations are unbearable but all you can do being subjected to them is endure it! The unceasing sensations will prove infuriating and usually as the tickling persists laughter becomes louder and higher in pitch, interspersed with screams and pleas which illustrate to me that my tickling techniques are working! The feather quill also drawn up and down these tender soles are guaranteed to set your mind racing in furious panic as the tickling of your defenceless bare feet escalates to an intolerable level of ticklishness which you'll be desperate to evade! Despite your obvious agony, I will be taking a fiendish, sadistic pleasure in launching an attack on these vulnerable feet with my fingers, assaulting both helpless, ticklish soles and toes and enjoying tasting them with my tongue, licking, sucking, nibbling but these delights it would be unfair of me to deny you!"

I smiled hearing him gasp and moan as I had detailed things for him, he was pleading me to not play with his feet but knew he was wasting his time and energy as whilst explaining things to him had been sniffing, fondling and massaging his socked and moist feet just getting to know them, connect with them! Guys like the senator unnerved by this as not exactly comfortable with being touched by another man, well prepared for their dick and balls to be even fantasised about it secretly or why else visit a Master but their feet? That's a whole different ball game and they feel like you senator; awkward, embarrassed as their feet like yours smelly n' sweaty, Mmmmmm very warm and smelly senator and like you they know they're with a foot addict which adds to their anxiousness! Maybe though you having said you have visited a dominatrix that you have had your feet given attention but he shook his head then realising what he'd just done! My nostrils were filled with the intoxicating scent of his strong masculine foot odour in the black socks that were moulded to his feet. I deeply inhaled them and how wonderfully delicious his scent was! I held his sweaty socked feet to my nose and massaged his feet. I sensed the heat radiating from his socks and their now intense odour and told him that I was in charge and going to do whatever I wanted with his feet and then said that it was time to play! I stroked my fingers very lightly up and down, up and down, up and down, back and forth, back and forth on each of the senator's socked soles.


Hearing this reaction I kept up tickling both socked feet seeing his wildly thrashing toes, his feet flexing as he went ballistic with further pleas for me to stop! The senator gasped, shrieked, thrashed and bounced up and down on the bed as I relished lightly stroking his socked feet seeing it tickled him so much and his socked toes wiggling as tickling his feet relentlessly I was driving the attractive senator crazy! I slowly massaged each socked foot paying special attention to the senator's arches and beneath his toes and then started to slowly tickle his socked feet and trailed my fingers up and down his soles, making the senator giggle and start to shift around on the bed! I told him his sweat damp socks were very appealing so would he mind wiggling his socked toes to get them sweatier but he needed encouragement duly provided and telling him when told to do something best he obey me as taking each foot in turn ran fingers over the soles so his toes wiggled and then time to step things up a notch gripped his right foot and pulling it to my face sucked his socked toes and for good measure sucked the socked toes of his left foot! He really tried to kick me off his feet but it wasn't happening but what was, both socks slowly peeled off! I held them to my nose deeply sniffing them and I licked each sole in turn and sucked on sweaty bare toes of both feet wildly and licked long strokes up n' down the senator's bare soles and licked in between his toes one foot then the other. As his feet were being lapped at by me, both licked furiously his feet flexing and toes wiggling as my tongue ran in between them and took five toes in turn into my mouth so he experiencing them getting warmer, wet and slippery as they wiggled in my mouth as he laughed his head off!

"Oh yes senator great feet with long suckable toes, smooth soles to lickle and and high arches, love that!" and my massaging each foot in turn saying I was glad his feet were licklish and nibbled his toes and grazed my teeth over his high arches and slowly licked the soles of his feet before devouring his toes and told him to nod if he liked this but he violently shook his head!

"Great response as I was hoping you wouldn't like it senator so I am going to suck your toes some more, in fact like no tomorrow and wildly flick my tongue in between them, massaging the soles of your feet with my hands to keep them hot n' sweaty and suck your toes more as I like to see you squirm!"

I then lapped up his toes and tongue fucked between them saturating his feet with my saliva as he quivered and tried to stop me so pull his toes out of my mouth but this meant relentless foot tickling and he laughing his head off uncontollably as he knew there was no escape and the foot freak he had met with really got off on his big n' sweaty feet! It was so evident his hating this foot focus by me which compelled me to magnify it and verbally told him that if his feet were not so damn appealing I might have bored by now and be licking and sucking his dick but there was no way I was going to be distracted from his feet! Poor man I had to feel sorry for him as he had psyched himself up for the first time with a guy and I am sure prepared himself to be sucked and licked all over his dick and balls but instead shockingly found his horribly sensitive feet being tickle and lickle tortured! I told him I was savoring the smell of his big sexy feet and twitching toes and hearing him laughing his head off uncontrollably due to my relentless foot tickling which I made sure was steadily intensifying, increasing the ticklishness of his feet not that this needed boosting! My fiendish fingers stimulating the nerve endings on all areas of the crazed, hysterical senator's feet!

I lightly dragged traced fingers of both hands simultaneously along the length of his soles as he gasped and curled his toes and mentally tormented him saying even the lightest touch and so damn sensitive, extremely ticklish and stroking the arches of each foot having him laugh like a lunatic! Light tickles on some people like him the worst kind as consistent stroking but they feeling like 1000 volts of electricity shocking them continuously and holding bak his toes and stroking under them driving him crazy and tickling for a guy like him, powerful, influential and accustomed to being in control being humiliating feeling so weakend, so controlled and by a soft tickle all over, every inch of his bare feet!

"Senator you ever had air torture and I don't mean me blowing on your toes as I've been doing that to cool them down a bit but I mean a feather tickling as it fits with punishing you, captive Confederate soldiers often suffering for the amusement of Red Indians who had plently of feathers at hand of course and boots off meted out ticklish torment to them as I'm going to do to you now!"

I drew the feather quill up n' down the length of the senator's right foot and then left, teasing and tickling and slid the feather end in between his toes which really got to him as his laughter became desperate and he begging me to stop so after a while, quite a while I did for a few moments but could'nt resist then using the sharp quill end to lightly stroke along the vulnerable soles driving him wild and I then replaced the feathers employing the electric toothbrush robbing the senator of his sanity!

"The revolving bristles killing right senator lightly teasing in concentric circles around and around and around back and forth, back and forth over the cente of your soles teasing you horribly but you requested being punished and satisfying my sadistic lust tickling the shit out of your bound too sensitive bare feet which flex so wildly and seeing your toes clench spasmodically and react immediately to the feather excites me so much, your feet are both so defenseless!"


I did stop to let the senator catch his breath for a few minutes, only to renew the tickle torture attack using the feather and toothbrush on his feet again, any sense of dignity he'd had was lost! No escape from every agonising second of this tickle torture for him and told him if he ever thought he was ticklish that after this session with me, it's be confirmed as he was going to be tickled by me like he's never been tickled before and ran the bristles of the sonicare up 'n down the soles of his feet and then followed this using the feather quill! I told him I'd go easy on him of he did as he was told and eagerly he nodded and I relished in letting him know who was in control!

I told him to curl his toes, to clench his toes and to splay his toes and loved seeing his feet wrinkle as he continued as told to slowly alternate between curling and flexing his toes, his soles scrunching and smoothing again and began gently rubbing his feet but then my fingertips traced zig-zags up n' down the soles of his feet saying I couldn't believe how sensitive his feet were and drew the quill of the feather along the soles of his feet alternately as he broke into another round of helpless giggling, the fingers stopped and he sensed my breath on his toes and wetness of my warm tongue, my saying my appetite for his feet was insatiable! As his toes were sucked one by one, my fingers stroked under them all!

I then massaged his feet taking my time making sure that licking them both again, every inch of both feet were lubricated with my saliva! Then ran a few fingers over each sole as he involuntarily wriggled his feet about like crazy in a futile attempt to evade the ticklish feather and pulled at his bonds to no avail as he reached the stage of loud, agonized laughter and maniacal screaming that made it seemed as if he were possessed by a demon, the senator was strugglingly wildly, though the only thing that did was to make it seem as if he were enjoying himself. Each stroke of the feather delivered its own torment and I made sure up and down his soles, in between his toes went the feather, unceasingly and without mercy. The sensations were unbearable for the senator who was desperate to pull his feet away but the only thing he could do was to endure the tortuous tickling!

The unceasing sensations were infuriating for him intentionally so and as the tickling persisted so his laughter became even louder and higher in pitch, interspersed with his screams and pleas as his responsive wiggling toes invited my mouth to savour their warmth and salty taste! Both feet secured together I told him meant his feet were easier to tickled and yes lickle and slid my tongue in between the toes of his right foot and then his left foot and run my fingers up his arches, causing his whole body to spasm on the bed! The feather quill dragged the length of his tender soles really getting to him.


The senator's mind had to be racing in furious panic as he begged and pleaded for me to stop tickling his defenceless bare feet as he just couldn't take it and he laughed hysterically and begged simultaneously in ticklish agony but I did not let up as he having requested punishment I was taking a fiendish, sadistic pleasure in meting it out to him launching an oral attack on his vulnerable feet with my ten fingers assaulting his helpless, ticklish soles and toes. All over the senator's feet I tickled, no place on either foot spared by me as I spider tickled the soles of his feet and stroked side to side across the balls of his feet telling him that he was a victim of overwhelming sensation overload!

I excelled in expertly tickling his right foot in a coordinated ten-finger tickle maddeningly intense for him and repeated on his left foot rendering him powerless as he was yelling, squirming, laughing and wiggling on the bed like a fish out of water! I then oiled his soles liberally and decided against using the hairbrush and instead employed my ten fingers and raked them up and down the soles of his feet as rapidly as I could. I enjoyed dancing my fingers all over the soles of his bare feet, my tormenting fingers working over his feet without any degree of mercy as he suffered in hysterical agony!

My fingers sliding in between his toes and over his arches and his insteps tickle torturing the defenseless ticklish feet that smelled so raunchy and tasted so ripe! The senator tickled out but I wasn't done and more baby oil and time to jerk him off and gripped his dick and poured oil all over it and his balls and with oiled hands began to slowly play with his dick and caress his balls and slowly and teasingly making him gasp and gradually then began jerking him off and caressing his balls, the sensuousness driving him demented as he really wanted to cum and cum he did, evnetually after another ten minutes playing with his dick and balls, the senator shot his pent up load!

I then vigorously dragged my nails rapidly over his soft arches as the senator having cum was even more ticklish as I knew he would be and reacted so immediately to my fingers stroking and teasing his feet howling with laughter as I tickled in horizontal lines, my nails getting between the wrinkles of his ticklish, soft arches and hen he tried stretching them back to avoid it, I quickly switched to vertical tickling, gliding up and down the smoothed out feet until he tried curling his toes and my adjusting to it so the intensity never stopped for a moment.

The tickling torment was driving him wild as my fingers followed his feet as they flexed violently as he struggled under my devious fingers as the sweaty smell of his feet really turned me on but it was time to let the tickled out sensator free so slid his socks back on his feet and sucked on his socked toes before releasing the exhausted guy who proceeded to dress indicating he couldn't leave quick enough and I called him a cab to the 'Dorchester Hotel' in Park Lane opposite London's Hyde Park and as he left saying he was welcome back next time he was here knowing I would be the last person he would contact! Then made a coffee and saw I had a guy on line wanting an immediate meet, a lawyer and I more than ready to get to grips with his feet!