I wanted to wait until my customs were available before I left a review here.

So I recently ordered twice from Perverstage, and I highly recommend him. Very respectful, good at getting back to you, his rates are very good, and he'll really stick to your script. My 1st custom was 40 minutes, and my 2nd custom was nearly 50 minutes. The 2nd custom was split into two parts though. Part one is 25 minutes, part two is 23 minutes. So it's a total of three clips I'm highlighting here. .

As the title suggests, these customs focus on the bellybutton. But I recommend this producer to anyone regardless of their tickle preference.

These three clips all kinda go together, as Custom 2 picks up after Custom 1.

Custom 1: Casting from Navel to University Student (Custom).

Custom 2: Stepmother's Ticklish Navel (Custom) & Stepdaughter's Ticklish Navel (Custom). Again, Custom 2 was one idea that was split into two parts.