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    The Ticklers' Lottery, Chapter 12 (of 12)


    It was a mammoth task (more of an explanation at the beginning of Chapter 10), but I've completed my commission for the conclusion of The Ticklers' Lottery.

    Here are the previous chapters:
    The Ticklers’ Lottery, Chapter 1
    The Ticklers’ Lottery, Chapter 2
    The Ticklers’ Lottery, Chapter 3
    The Ticklers’ Lottery, Chapter 4
    The Ticklers’ Lottery, Chapter 5
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    The Ticklers’ Lottery, Chapter 8
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    The Ticklers’ Lottery, Chapter 10
    The Ticklers’ Lottery, Chapter 11

    And so, for the fans of the original story, and the superfan who commissioned it, I hope you enjoy it!

    The Ticklers’ Lottery, Part 12: The Final Chapter
    by Tamira K.
    based on characters originally created by TickleWizard/TextbookTickler

    One week later, having had one day of torture followed by a day of rest for ticklers and ticklees alike, Sika, Belinda and Christine had each experienced their days of torture. None of them had lasted as long as Rachel, but as Carol said, they were all a work in progress. The incentive they had this time was that they would continue facing the torture every few weeks until they lasted the full 24 hours. This was the first part of training — if they ever got captured and interrogated, they would need to be able to resist.

    Rachel couldn’t really understand why the others had given in. None of their ordeals looked to be as challenging as hers. Belinda and Christine both seemed to enjoy being tickled while Sika found it positively erotic. She actually climaxed from it. That was the thing that caused her to tap out — too many orgasms.

    But now was the day Rachel had been waiting for. They all stood in the torture room as Carol spoke with Jo. This was her last chance to back out.

    ‘What do you say?’ said Carol.

    Jo was still undecided. She had been poked in the ribs once or twice by boyfriends who then received punches that deadened their arms and made them never do so again, but she’d never been properly tickled. She had no idea what it would be like. She just hated the idea of looking submissive in front of other people and didn’t want anyone to know her weaknesses if, indeed, she had any.

    ‘Yes, Jo,’ taunted Christine, ‘Are you able to step up like the rest of us? Or are you going to wander back home with your little goth tail between your legs?’

    Carol smirked.

    Jo fumed. ‘Of course I’m going to do it!’

    ‘Marvellous,’ said Carol. ‘I shall leave you to it. Remember, I’ll be watching.’

    There were a few moments of silence as the women looked at Jo.

    ‘Well??’ said Jo, folding her arms.

    ‘What shall we do with her?’ asked Rachel.

    ‘We all had a chat and decided to give this hour all to you,’ said Sika.

    Rachel smiled. Jo didn’t.

    ‘In that case,’ said Rachel, ‘I think I want you in the new chair…’ she indicated the chair that had arrived and remained unwrapped until that morning. A sturdy red leather padded seat and backplate that leant backwards at an angle. Two padded struts for the legs protruded outwards, allowing the legs to be tied apart. Each strut had an ankle stock and five pegs to which toes could be tied. From the top of the backplate emerged two arm supports with cuffs at each end. At the top of the backplate was a strap that could be tightened to keep the user’s head in place.

    Jo looked at it and retained an air of defiance. ‘Whatever.’

    ‘Naked, I think,’ said Rachel.

    ‘Oh, you need to go straight in with that, do you?’ Jo snapped.

    ‘I don’t need to. I just want to. Everything off except your socks.’ Rachel replied, calmly. ‘Quickly.’

    Jo gritted her teeth as she took off her boots and pulled down her jeans. She stepped out of them then lifted off her T-shirt. Rachel noticed that this was the first top she had worn over the past week that wasn’t a crop-top.

    Rachel watched intently as more and more of Jo’s petite and naturally toned body was revealed. The contours of her muscles were enhanced by her pale skin and a network of complex tattoos. Rachel felt her inner demon being stirred. She had always possessed the ability to tell if a person was ticklish and exactly where to get them and she was never wrong. The question was, how would Jo react?

    Jo unclipped and released her bra to reveal her A-cup breasts. She kept eye contact with Rachel as she drew her knickers down and stepped out of them. Being naked obviously didn’t intimidate her. As instructed, all she was now wearing were her black ankle socks.

    ‘Onto the chair,’ said Rachel, deliberately choosing the antithesis of Jo’s abusive persona.

    Jo climbed into the chair and slid up against the back rest. Rachel swiftly and expertly cuffed her wrists and ankles. She then placed the head strap over Jo’s forehead and pulled it firmly into place. Jo was trapped. She could do little more than wiggle her fingers and toes.

    ‘Not scared are you?’ asked Rachel, slowly pacing back and forth.


    ‘Good. I have your best interests at heart, Jo.’

    ‘Sure you have,’ she replied. She couldn’t work out where Rachel was going with this.

    ‘We all have to look out for each other, Jo. I have two younger sisters, so I’m used to the kind of immature behaviour you display. If we’re working on the same team, it’s down us help each other be the best we can be. I can honestly say that after my day of being tickled, I’m one hundred times better at it than I was before and, as you know, I was already the best. And now my other ETIU sisters are the best they can be as well,’ she said, indicating Belinda, Christine and Sika.

    ‘So, how lucky are you, sweet Jo? You’re about to be tortured for 24 hours by us and ten other alumni who are all at the top of our game! You get all that experience! You won the ticklers’ lottery! What a smart girl you are for choosing to go last!’

    Jo fumed, ‘It wasn’t my idea, it was y—’ she cut herself off, mid-sentence. She’d been had.

    ‘Ahh! She gets it now!’ said Christine, causing the other women to laugh.

    ‘Don’t laugh at me!’ Jo scowled.

    ‘Enjoy your frown. It’s the last one you’re going to have for a while…’ said Rachel as she approached and traced light circles over the soles of Jo’s socks.

    Jo’s reaction was instant. Her entire body tensed and her muscles became more defined, giving Rachel a snapshot of her vulnerable spots. At the same time she gave a strain of resistance; forcing the sound she was naturally compelled to make remain in her throat.

    ‘What was that, little Jo?’ Rachel asked with apparent sincerity. Jo’s nostrils flared with anger. Rachel smiled inside. She was going to make this as mentally aggravating as possible and casually walked her fingers around Jo’s soles as she continued, ‘You don’t want to answer me? You know I could tell you to, but I won’t. You see, Jo, I’m better at this than you know. I saw you observing me as we stood side-by-side, tickling Sika, Christine and Belinda this week. What you don’t know is that I held back half of the things that I know, just for you.’

    Jo was turning bright red, partly through anger and partly through keeping her laughter inside.

    ‘And there’s something else I know that you don’t,’ said Rachel, ‘Last week you said you’ve never been tickled. Presumably, then, you don’t know how ticklish you are. But I do. I’ve got a Matrix-like vision for such things. And you, Jo…’ she said, rapidly drawing her nails down both socked soles, causing Jo to gasp, ‘…are a very…ticklish…girl.’

    Jo looked at Rachel and for the first time there was a hint of humility. But it quickly evaporated as she strengthened her resolve.

    Rachel took hold of the cuffs of both of Jo’s socks and stripped them off. ‘Wow,’ said Rachel. ‘I have to say, your attitude may be bitter but you have the sweetest little feet. Don’t you agree, ladies? What are they, Jo? Size 3?’

    Jo didn’t answer. She was struggling not to throw out insults. She couldn’t abide being referred to as “cute” or “sweet” or “little”.

    Rachel held the palm heel of her right hand against Jo’s foot. Her fingertips protruded higher than Jo’s toes. She then walked around the seat a couple of times, like a tigress circling her prey.

    Jo stared at a point on the ceiling, trying to zone out. But then Rachel’s footsteps stopped behind her. Jo’s heart began to thump as she heard Rachel approaching. She looked down and saw Rachel’s hands appear from behind, either side of her waist. As her fingers found the bullseye spots on her waist, she couldn’t help but tense up again.

    Rachel’s voice whispered softly into her ear, ‘Let’s begin, shall we?’

    With that, the pressure was increased and Rachel’s fingers began to massage focussed circles into the muscles of her waist. Jo again attempted to keep her reaction inside, causing a low whine from her throat that raised in pitch like the first half of a police siren and, at it’s crescendo, she erupted into laughter.

    Though the other women had been waiting patiently for a week to hear this, there was a sense that this moment—this sound—was a very long time coming. The broody goth girl had an impish, musical laugh. It was pure and it was delicious.

    ‘Ahhhhh…’ sighed Rachel, feeling the release, ‘There you are. It’s nice to finally meet you, Jo.’

    Rachel kept her fingers in place. She didn’t increase the speed or the pressure of what she was doing and confirmed her suspicions: Jo was the type of girl who was so ticklish that she was not able to build an immunity to it, even if it stayed in the exact same place for a long time.

    ‘I could just stay here the whole time, couldn’t I?’

    Jo couldn’t answer. She was lost to girlish laughter.

    ‘But I won’t. There’s so much of you to explore, Jo. Shall we see how you react if I go to your armpits?’

    N-hhhhhhhhha ha ha…! Nnn-hhhhhha ha ha ha!’ Jo tried to respond, but each time her words were lost to laughter.

    ‘Was that a “Yes”?’ taunted Rachel said and ran her fingers up Jo’s ribs and to her armpits.

    Jo shrieked, long and high-pitched before laughing hysterically. The place she loved to tickle the most on other people was a definite 11/10 on the ticklish scale for her!

    Rachel could tell how much it was affecting her. Not just from her laughter, but also from the instant layer of sweat that appeared on her body. ‘Oh, Jo. You remember how much you loved tickling me on my armpits last week? Maybe I’ll just stay there for the rest of this hour…’

    ‘NA-HA HA HA HAAA!’ cried Jo, her words indistinguishable from her laughter.

    ‘But that wouldn’t be entertaining enough for everyone else,’ said Rachel as she stopped and stepped to the foot of the chair. Their eyes met again. Jo was on the way to being humbled and they both knew it. There was a smorgasbord of ticklish skin for Rachel to choose from and she momentarily felt overwhelmed with options.

    She then looked to one of the cameras and said, ‘I’m permitted to use any means I like to get the desired reactions out of Jo, am I not, Carol?’

    In her office, Carol was watching the fun take place and was a little taken aback when Rachel addressed her. She leant forward and spoke into a microphone, ‘That is correct.’

    ‘In that case, can I ask that Tara assists me?’

    Carol turned to Tara, who was as surprised as Carol to hear this request.

    ‘Yes, you can. I shall send her down.’

    One minute later, Tara entered the torture room. Jo looked apprehensive. Tara wasn’t a tickler, but Jo had used this as a reason to act superior to her all week. This hadn’t gone unnoticed by Rachel.

    ‘Tara, you know what it’s like to be tickled more than anyone here. Where on Jo’s body do you think she needs to be explored next?’ asked Rachel.

    Tara had never been asked such a question before and greatly appreciated it. Her recognisably demure nature took a back seat as she stepped over to Jo and analysed her predicament. After a moment of contemplation she said, ‘I know. Would you like me to tell you?’

    ‘No,’ said Rachel, ‘that’s okay. Why don’t you just show me?’

    Tara stepped casually to Jo’s left side. Jo closed her eyes and tensed, waiting for an attack on her waist or ribs or armpit but she was instead surprised by a gentle blowing in her multi-pierced ear. She moaned involuntarily and shivered. Tara’s mouth got close and cupped her ear, alternating between warm breaths and cold gentle sucking. The sensation was intense and made a thousand times more intense by the fact that Jo couldn’t move her head.

    Tara whispered in an overly breathy voice, ‘Hhhow does that feel, Johhhh…?

    Jo whimpered as goose-pimples rushed down her left side. Rachel was intrigued and stepped soflty to her right. Jo’s eyes sprang open as Rachel matched Tara’s methods. Goosebumps flowed down her entire body and she moaned in frustration.

    Rachel then heard Jo yelp. Tara had begun to give light licks down the side of her neck. Once again, Rachel copied her and Jo’s moans broke into titters.

    Tara and Rachel shared eye contact and smiled at one another as they became more persistent and enthusiastic with their licks.

    ‘No! No-no-no! Hee hee hee!’ said Jo, unable to contain the laughter.

    ‘Aww, look at her! Isn’t she adorable?’ said Christine.

    Jo tried to glare and shout at Christine but Tara began blowing bubbles into her neck and she had to beg, ‘Nnno! No! Not that! St-sto-ah-ha ha ha ha ha!!!’

    Rachel joined in and Jo was lost to squeals of laughter that were so addictive that Tara and Rachel got lost in the moment.

    Eventually Rachel glanced at the clock. There was still half an hour remaining. She stopped and looked to the camera once again.

    Carol was glued to the screen. She loved to see cocky little upstarts get their comeuppance and this was a scene she had been anticipating all week long. She then saw, as she had hoped, Rachel beckon to her.

    Shortly afterwards Carol strode, with supreme poise, into the room. Tara noticed her and ceased teasing Jo’s neck.

    ‘Thank you, Tara,’ said Rachel. ‘Say thank you to Tara, Jo.’

    Jo was breathing heavily, trying to recover from the latest torment. She glowered at Rachel.

    ‘You don’t want to fail the task already, do you?’

    ‘Thank you!’ Jo shouted at Tara.

    ‘Hm,’ said Rachel, ‘That lacked sincerity, but we’ve got twenty-three and a half hours for you to work on that.’ She turned to Carol.

    ‘You wanted me, Rachel?’ said Carol.

    ‘Yes. I thought it might be an education for me and the rest of the ladies, to see what you would do with Jo in this position.’

    Carol looked over. Jo was worried. She now recalled breaking the rules by tickling Carol for more than five minutes the previous week and realised what Carol meant about her being easily emotionally manipulated. Now she was going to pay the price.

    Carol stepped between Jo’s legs, casually dragging her nails along her shins and slowing as she reached her knees. Jo shuffled in her seat. ‘I’m curious,’ said Carol, ‘I’m curious, Miss Sandler, as to how ticklish you are, here…’ Her fingers crawled onto the inside of Jo’s knees and up her inner thighs. Once again, a whine built in Jo’s throat as Carol’s fingers edged higher and, as she reached the inner creases of Jo’s groin, Jo exploded into wide-eyed peals of laughter.

    Carol gave a satisfied smile, her sparkling eyes looking deep into Jo’s. ‘That’s my girl. What is it you say? “Cootchie, cootchie coo”?’ Carol taunted.

    A look of confusion mixed with Jo’s desperate laughter as she somehow didn’t expect Carol to stoop to such methods of teasing but she couldn’t stop laughing at the incessant fingernails teasing her groin. There was also a sense of expectation — if Carol edged even half a centimetre higher, she would be somewhere very intimate. Jo couldn’t tell if Carol would cross that line.

    Carol didn’t let up as she turned to Rachel and called above the laughter, ‘I’m curious to see one of the methods you’ve been holding back for this occasion!’

    Rachel smiled and went to her bag in the corner of the room. Carol turned back to Jo and pressed her fingers into her hips, causing Jo to scream with laughter and squeeze her eyes tight. As Rachel returned, she hesitated to interrupt Carol’s method — Jo’s hips were providing a delightful and complete loss of control.

    Jo was lost in helpless and humiliating laughter. She was the most ticklish of everyone here and she now knew it but, worst of all, everyone else knew it as well. She could do nothing more than wail with laughter and search her mind for ways to help her endure everything else that was to come. She had to. Even if she couldn’t stop being ticklish, she could prove herself by doing the one thing nobody else had done — last for 24 hours!

    Just then she felt something enter her mouth. Carol stopped tickling her hips and she opened her eyes to see Rachel standing close. She couldn’t close her jaw.

    Rachel spoke: ’Now, sweet Jo, I’ve just placed a hard rubber O-ring in your mouth. Unfortunately, as you’re strapped to the bench, I couldn’t tie a gag around your head, but it doesn’t matter because the rules are: you must do as I say. And I want you to keep the O-ring exactly where it is.’

    The instinct to spit out the O-ring was overwhelming. Jo looked around the room. Tara, Sika, Belinda and Christine looked on, intrigued. Carol had a knowing look about her as she stepped back and made room for Rachel between Jo’s legs. Having her mouth forced open was especially humiliating. She bit down on the O-ring, but it had hardly any give to it.

    Okay, thought Jo, the rule is to not drop the O-ring. I can just bite on it. It will distract from my thighs or ribs or armpits or whatever—

    Just then she noticed Rachel’s index finger coming towards her face. Jo said, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ but, with the O-ring in place, it came out as a series of unintelligible sounds.

    ‘Sorry, Jo, I don’t understand you. Just keep your tongue still,’ said Rachel, like a dentist about to administer a check.

    Jo went almost cross-eyed, as she watched Rachel slowly put her finger inside her mouth and turned her hand over. Jo couldn’t work out what was going on until she felt a light stroking on the roof of her mouth. Rachel was making ever-so-gentle “come hither” beckoning movements.

    Initially Jo growled in frustration, Jesus, that’s irritating! she thought. Then Rachel began to explore all over the roof of Jo’s mouth until she found the right spot. Oh, my God! It actually tickles!

    Jo burst into shrieks as Rachel’s infuriatingly satisfied face watched her intently, from just inches away. Jo’s screams rang out in a way that indicated her defences were completely destroyed. There were no growls of frustration or attempts at emotional resistance. However, this form of torture quickly became too much for her to bear and she licked at the roof of her mouth to try to neutralise the sensations.

    ‘No,’ said Rachel, ‘I said keep your tongue down!’

    Jo spat out the O-ring. ‘Fuck you! Put your finger in my mouth again and I’ll bite it off!’

    Rachel smirked and stepped back. ‘It sounds to me like you’re breaking the rules, Jo. You’re not doing as I say and you’re losing your cool. Oh, dear. But I tell you what, we won’t disqualify you just yet…’

    Rachel turned to the others, ‘Belinda and Christine, can you please stand either side of Jo. Tara, I’d like you stand behind her with your fingers at her neck. Sika, can you please kneel behind Jo and explore her lower down, and Carol, would you mind doing your thing on Jo’s abdomen?’

    The women smiled and took their places, Carol again stood between Jo’s legs and Rachel stood behind her, ready to play with Jo’s feet.

    Jo was worried. ‘You need all of this to try and break me, do you?’

    Rachel smiled, ‘No. Evidently I only need the tip of one finger. This is just a reminder of how bad things can get for you. And, before we start, I just want to change your word of submission. Instead of saying, “Mercy,” I want you to look at me and say, “You are the best, Rachel”. Okay?’

    The other women tittered. Jo fumed.

    ‘Now, please confirm: what’s your giving-up phrase, Jo?’ asked Rachel.

    ‘Fuck you!’ Jo shouted.

    Rachel’s smile widened, ‘Tara, would you like to begin?’

    Tara nodded and began a light teasing of Jo’s neck with her fingernails. Jo closed her eyes and held her breath. Rachel nodded to Sika who began gentle snake-like movements all around Jo’s buttocks and lower back. Jo emitted a faint straining noise.

    Rachel then motioned for Belinda and Christine to begin stoking their nails with torturous precision up and down Jo’s arms, from wrists to armpits. Jo broke into giggles, which were tempered somewhat but her anger at Rachel.

    Rachel spoke over Carol’s shoulder, ‘Now you, please, Carol.’

    Carol nodded and began to expertly tickle all over Jo’s tummy, waist and ribcage. Jo melted and her laughter soon retuned to the level of helplessness that she had previously reached.

    Now it was Rachel’s turn to join in. She delicately applied her fingernails into the creases under Jo’s cute toes. Jo’s went ballistic. Not only did her laughter fill the room, it could be heard throughout the entire mansion. She strained at the restraints to no avail and Rachel easily managed to hold each foot still with one hand and tickle her adorable toes with the other.

    She looked at Jo and saw a beauty in her. She was the type to become more hyper-ticklish when she felt she had the hope of escaping. She couldn’t wait to wrestle her and pin her down later. But as she watched, Jo seemed to want to say something:

    MMMMAH…!’ she called before waves of laughter overtook her.

    ‘Wait!’ called Rachel and the group slowed to a stop. ‘What are you saying, Jo?’

    ‘Mercy! Okay? Fucking Mercy! I’ve had enough!’ shouted Jo.

    ‘After just 48 minutes?’ said Tara.

    ‘Yes! This is stupid! Let me go!’

    ‘Are you saying you want to leave the programme?’ asked Carol.

    ‘No. I just don’t want to do this!’

    ‘I’m afraid that’s not an option,’ said Carol, ‘everyone must pass basic training.’

    ‘Then I’ll do it another day, okay? Just let me go!’

    ‘We can let you go,’ said Rachel, ‘but as you will recall, “Mercy” is no longer the safe word.’

    ‘I’m not saying what you said!’ Jo spat out and looked to Carol.

    ‘I’m afraid Rachel sets the rules here,’ Carol confirmed.

    Jo maintained a look of tight-lipped defiance.

    ‘Oh, well! Back to it then!’ said Rachel and tickled both of Jo’s soles.

    Jo exploded into laughter and the other women joined in, having great fun at Jo’s expense. The torture continued as Jo watched the clock through watery eyes: 49 minutes… Tears and sweat were causing her mascara to run. She closed her eyes and opened them when she believed that five minutes had passed…but it was only forty-five seconds.

    ‘I’m loving this!’ chortled Christine, ‘I think I’ll do the exact same thing when it’s my turn!’

    This idea filled Jo with so much dread that she looked to Rachel and began to cry through her laughter, ‘Y-Y-YOUUU-HOO-HOO-HOOOOO…!’

    Rachel signalled for Christine, Belinda, Sika and Tara to stop what they were doing. With her back to Rachel, Carol kept going, but couldn’t have noticed the others had stopped.

    ‘Carol?’ said Rachel.

    Carol ignored her.

    Rachel took the liberty of placing her fingers either side of the curves of Carol’s waist and poking her. Carol jumped and yelped in response and stopped tickling Jo’s abdomen she turned to Rachel. She was smirking, but Rachel got the impression she had overstepped the mark.

    The group stepped back, so that just Rachel and Jo were left. Rachel again began to tickle Jo’s soles.

    Jo broke into her delightful helpless tittering. Rachel kept the balance so that Jo was feeling the effects but could also speak.

    ‘Now, Jo, what did you want to say?’

    ‘St-stop t-tickling m-m-me, y-you b-b-bitch! Ha ha ha!’

    ‘Oh, dear,’ said Rachel, turning to the others, ‘It seems like she wants you all back again!’

    No!’ cried Jo, through her laughter. Then, with resentment in her eyes and laughter being forced from her by the relentless torture of her ticklish feet, Jo forced out the sentence, ‘R-Rachel! Y-you are thththe best!’

    Rachel stopped.

    Jo broke into tears.

    ‘Oh dear…’ said Carol, suppressing feelings of sympathy for the 19-year-old. ‘You have a lot of work to do! These other ladies made it twenty-two, twenty-three and nearly twenty-four hours — you haven’t even lasted for one! We had better arrange for extra endurance challenges for you, Miss Sandler. Otherwise you’ll never make it past basic training.’

    Tara and the others stepped forward to release Jo as Carol took Rachel to one side. Rachel assumed she was in trouble, ‘Sorry about before.’

    ‘You did the right thing. I deserved it,’ said Carol.

    ‘Oh,’ said Rachel, relieved. ‘In that case, do you ever need your endurance tested? To stay up to scratch, as it were?’

    Carol raised an eyebrow. ‘Occasionally,’ she said. ‘Why? Are you volunteering to help keep me on my toes?’

    ‘That’s a very nice way to put it,’ said Rachel.

    THE END.

    I like to write erotic fiction, particularly if it features tickling!
    I'm available for commissions.

    My stories include:
    A Day at the Beach
    Gemma Visits the Doctor
    A Husband’s Regret a.k.a. The Pregnant MILF
    A Curious Day at the Office
    The Cult of Tickle Assassins
    The Cult of Tickle Assassins II

    Visit my web site: TicklErotica

    Tamira x

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    Hi Tamira,
    I very much enjoyed the ending of this fantastic story. Jo really deserved the torture and the others deserved their revenge on her!

    Best regard


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    I'm very glad you enjoyed it!

    Quote Originally Posted by gearloose View Post
    Hi Tamira,
    I very much enjoyed the ending of this fantastic story. Jo really deserved the torture and the others deserved their revenge on her!

    Best regard

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    Frederick, MD
    Awesome JOB well worth the wait. Great Work

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    Thank you for saying so!

    Quote Originally Posted by THEDARKTECHIE View Post
    Awesome JOB well worth the wait. Great Work

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