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    “Sleepover Foot Worship Goes Wrong” Part 6 (mf/multiple f)

    “Sleepover Foot Worship Goes Wrong” Part 6

    *This is a requested story from a TMF Member. Please keep any comments positive and enjoy!

    It was now in the early morning hours of the night. The graduating seniors would have their ceremony in less than 6 hours. Brian and Evelyn had been getting sweet revenge on their classmates all night. Now they had the whole group tied in chairs. They had pulled in kitchen chairs and some patio chairs to the living room and placed them in a circle. Each girl was roped down to a chair with their arms up above their heads and bent back so that their elbows were angled up at the ceiling but their hands were pulled down and secured to the backs of the chairs. This left their entire upper bodies defenseless.

    Brian was standing behind Sofia. Her tan underarms and impressive breasts coated with oil. Brian’s hands were exploiting her intensely ticklish armpits, causing the Latina to shake her head in laughter and cry for mercy. Sofia’s boobs jiggled and shook freely as she laughed and tried to pull away from Brian. Her white bikini top had been untied and left on the ground earlier in the night when Evelyn had been tickling her. Sofia held her eyes closed and left her mouth hanging wide open as she laughed hysterically with each torturous stroke in her armpits. Brian’s fingers slid effortlessly in her smooth hallows with the aid of baby oil. She cried out for mercy and for help from anyone else.

    And things only got worse for Sofia when Brian lowered his hands and began creeping them toward the bulging sides of her large tits. Sofia was relieved to be given a break from the underarm tickling, but then quickly realized what was about to happen next. Sofia looked down at her heaving chest and shiny breasts as she shouted, “Oh no! Don’t do that! Aaaaaggghhhh!....Come on, Brian! Knock it off!” Sofia didn’t appreciate Brian cupping both of her oiled tits and giving them plenty of squeezes. He rubbed his thumbs over her circular, brown nipples as she grunted annoyedly and rolled her eyes.

    Sofia was caught off guard when Brian began tickling her breasts. His fingers began lightly stroking the slippery sides, eliciting unexpected laughter from the poor girl who didn’t realize her breasts could be ticklish. Brian smiled devilishly as he ran his fingers skillfully along the undersides of her swollen jugs and then fluttered them across her dark nipples. Sofia giggled and shook her upper body as the foreign sensations assaulted her mind.

    Evelyn was standing behind Meghan, who was twisting as hard as she could back and forth as her oily underarms were tickled relentlessly. The fiery redhead groaned furiously in between bouts of forced laughter. Evelyn used her pointy nails to enthusiastically stroke around inside her pale armpits. As much as Meghan hated it, she couldn’t help but laugh. She pulled and squirmed so forcefully that she ended up shifting her left breast partially out of her dark green bikini top.

    Meghan: “Hahahaha!! Hey, knock it off! Hahahaha!! I’m serious, Evelyn! Hahahaha!! And fix my top! Hahahahahaha!!”

    Evelyn: “Oh I’m not done with you yet, Meghan. I think I have a better idea. Why don’t we get rid of this pesky top and let you hang out?”

    Meghan growled in annoyance as Evelyn untied her bikini top strings. The dark green fabric fell loosely to the floor, baring Meghan’s rather large, pale tits. Her nipples were light brown and her large areoles were slightly bumpy. Meghan tried to pull away as Evelyn smeared oil across her naked chest. Soon, Evelyn was skittering her sharp nails teasingly along the slippery, shiny breasts. Meghan wasn’t crazy ticklish on her boobs, but the feeling was unusual and just ticklish enough to cause her to giggle.

    Evelyn stroked and teased Meghan’s rack as she reluctantly giggled and pulled from side to side again. Her large, pale breasts swayed to and fro as they glistened with oil. Evelyn’s torturous nails kept exploring her hefty boobs and flicked teasingly along her bumpy areoles. Meghan hated having her nipples tickled like that and whined as she tried to bend forward to guard herself.

    Brian went over to Allison, who immediately began begging him not to start with her just yet. Her pleas faded to pouts and whimpers as she felt Brian rubbing oil into her smooth, pale armpits. The swimmer closed her eyes in fear and tensed for the inevitable. She was now acutely aware of how vulnerable her upper body was. Things got even worse when Allison felt her bikini top strings pulled loose. She gasped, but was powerless to keep her top on. In a second, Allison’s B cups were bared and being oiled. Her medium-sized pink nipples were smooth and shone brightly after the lubricant was rubbed over them.

    Allison was given little time to think about her new predicament as Brian began attacking her slick underarms. Allison broke down into frantic giggles and laughter as his fingers glided easily over her smooth, tender armpits. Her powerful laughter was making her shiny breasts jiggle and bounce at random. The tall, muscular swimmer twisted and thrashed as much as she could in her chair while her upper body was tormented. Delightful laughter poured out of her freely.

    Brian dropped down suddenly and began vibrating his hands along her slippery ribcage. Allison shrieked and begged and even managed to scoot her chair a little as she convulsed from the vicious rib tickling. Brian worked his fingers up to her naked chest and began fondling her oiled tits while she caught her breath. They were a decent handful and Allison offered no complaints as he squeezed and massaged her nipples as long as he wasn’t tickling her at the moment.

    He kept one hand busy feeling her soft, creamy breasts while he used the other to tickle her ribs again. Allison let her head fall back against his arm and laughed wildly into Brian’s ear without holding back at all. It poured out of the ticklish athlete as he skittered his fingers up her ribs and into her tender hollow once again. The feel of her supple breasts in his other hand as she roared laughter was heavenly.

    While Brian was busy with Allison, Evelyn went over to Holly, who was the only girl not wearing a two piece bikini. The nerdy girl thought she might be lucky in that regard; the one-piece she had on offered a little more protection on her sides and didn’t have a flimsy top that could be untied. Evelyn walked right up to her and used her sharp fingernails to grip and poke a hole in the front of her swimsuit. Once she penetrated the thin material, Evelyn easily tore the front of Holly’s swimsuit open. The nerdy girl cried out in shock, “Wha-what? No! Aw come on! Not me too!”

    Evelyn ripped the black one piece wide open down the front, leaving Holly embarrassingly looking down at her naked B cups. Her pale breasts had perky, pink nipples that looked like little eraser tips. Evelyn wiped baby oil all over Holly’s armpits and breasts, making her upper body glisten with vulnerability. She didn’t even warn Holly as she jumped right into tickling her naked chest. Evelyn skittered her fingers lightly across Holly’s slick boobs, which turned out to be quite sensitive.

    Holly fell right into awkward, cackling laughter as she grimaced and shook her body around trying to dodge the strange tickle assault. Evelyn’s nails on her the tender sides and across her rosie nipples was making her laugh and complain. Never did she think she would have to worry about her breasts being a sensitive tickle area. Evelyn relished it. The skinny bookworm writhed under her power as she reached around and wiggled her fingernails across her shiny mounds.

    Holly: “Hehehe! Ah! Hehehehe! *snort* Evelyn quit it! Hahahaha!! This is ridiculous! Hehehe! That feels so weird! Hahahaha! *snort* Please! I don’t like it! Hehehe!”

    Evelyn jumped her hands up into the nerdy girl’s armpits. Holly exploded with unbridled laughter. Evelyn knew immediately she had found an extremely effective ticklish area. Holly’s laughter picked up quite a bit and she began thrashing in her seat like a wild animal. The normally subdued honor student cackled and twisted like crazy in her seat as her unprotected underarms were stroked mercilessly.

    “Tickle tickle tickle...” Evelyn whispered down by Holly’s ear as she gently flicked her long fingernails in the smooth, oiled armpits while the poor girl howled laughter. Holly was turning red in the face as the seemingly never-ending tickling continued. She wanted so desperately to pull her arms down, but the ropes securing them up and over the back of her chair were too expertly tied.

    Next, Brian went over behind Josie. He poured a generous amount of baby oil into his palm and then began smearing it around across her exposed underarms, sides, and already bared breasts. Josie blushed heavily as Brian rubbed oil across her naked chest. Her perky tits gleaned in the light after he was done applying the lubricant to her upper body.

    Brian placed his hands poised on her upper arms. Josie braced herself and whined in terrible anticipation like she was at the top of a rollercoaster getting ready to plummet down. Brian began wiggling his eager fingers and started working them lower and lower toward her unguarded armpits. Josie’s giggles and squeals became louder and louder as he neared a sensitive area. When Brian finally made contact with Josie’s smooth hollows, she was already laughing. It just made her scream even louder.

    Brian focused on keeping his hands in contact with Josie’s underarms as she twisted and jolted around, making her perky breasts bounce and jiggle freely. Brian couldn’t help himself. He had always had a bit of a crush on Josie during college. He slid his hands lower and lower until he was cupping her lovely boobs. Brian was sure Josie was mortified that he was touching her chest like this, but she seemed relieved in the moment. Josie just slouched forward and took deep breaths without complaint as Brian tenderly stroked and fondled her oiled breasts.

    Then her giggles started again as he began moving his fingers across her slippery mounds. He lightly flicked the sides and undersides of her creamy skin as she sweetly giggled and squirmed with only half the effort as before. Brian couldn’t believe he was cupping his crush’s bare breasts and tickling her exquisitely soft undersides. He used his index fingers to lightly play with and tickle Josie’s supple nipples. She continued to giggle and flush red with embarrassment as he did so.

    Josie’s laughter picked back up to a deafening outburst when Brian slid his hands down and began wiggling his fingers all across her slippery sides. Josie shook her head around, making her blonde hair flop around. Her mouth was open in a constant state of laughter and yelling as her ultra-sensitive sides were touched and squeezed aggressively. Brian felt Josie knocking back against the chair as she panicked and struggled to get away from his evil fingers.

    Evelyn walked over behind Lindsay, who had a tough, fed up expression on her face. Her bare tits were still uncovered from before when she wiggled so hard that her top slid off. Lindsay knew what was coming and tried one last time to wiggle free, but her arms were stuck bent up and back over her head. Evelyn smiled amusedly at her efforts as she squirted more oil into her palm.

    Evelyn: “Oh stop trying to get away. Be a good sport and stay still while I put this oil on you.”

    Evelyn began smearing the baby oil into Lindsay’s armpits and then across her bare breasts. Lindsay growled with frustration and rolled her eyes as Evelyn rubbed her tits until they shone brightly with lubricant.

    Evelyn: “Um, is there a problem with me doing this? If you don’t like it, I can go back to tickling your feet if you want...”

    Lindsay: “...Ugh, no it’s fine.”

    “Good. That’s what I thought,” Evelyn answered as she began to playfully wiggle her fingernails up across Lindsay’s slick, vulnerable underarms. Lindsay couldn’t help but shiver and burst into a stream of loud giggles and hisses. She shifted in her chair uneasily and soon broke down into laughter. The sharp nails grazing her smooth hollows was overwhelming her senses.

    Evelyn brought her fingernails lower and began flicking them effortlessly over Lindsay’s boobs. Lindsay hated being made to laugh from her touches there, but couldn’t hold it in. The curvy girl laughed in broken spurts as Evelyn played with her nipples and scratched her nails lightly along the undersides of her jiggling tits.

    Lindsay felt silly laughing at something like having her breasts tickled. She yanked and pulled at her ropes so much that Evelyn put one arm around her stomach to help hold her still. Evelyn kept one hand on Lindsay’s rack and started tickling her tummy with the other. Lindsay immediately shrieked and began laughing even harder. Evelyn couldn’t have known, but she happened upon one of Lindsay’s most sensitive areas.

    Evelyn laughed with pleasure as she realized what she had discovered. She continued to poke and scratch all over Lindsay’s tender tummy region, eliciting powerful laughter in response. Lindsay was getting red in the face as she attempted to scrunch her body forward as much as possible to protect her stomach. Evelyn used both hands now to really attack both her sides and skittered her fingernails wildly across Lindsay’s unguarded tummy.

    While Evelyn was busy exploiting Lindsay’s tummy, Brian went on to Tiffany. She was quick to shout, “Brian, I swear to God...if you even think about taking my top off, I’ll...”

    Brian wasn’t phased by her bullshit scare tactics anymore. He knew how ticklish she was and how to shut her up if he wanted. Brian walked around behind her confidently and pulled her pink bikini top strings loose. Tiffany continued shouting obscenities even louder as her top went limp and slumped forward, eventually falling down to her lap.

    Tiffany’s gorgeous, large boobs were on full display as she predictively yelled and cursed. She had large, smooth pink nipples and triangular tan lines around them. Brian took the baby oil and first began rubbing it into her armpits as she jerked around and complained. And then he drizzled some onto her chest and began smearing it around enthusiastically as he fondled her lovely tits. Tiffany scoffed and rolled her eyes as Brian felt her up. He thought her breasts felt insanely soft and succulent as he squeezed them and rolled his fingers across her nipples.

    Just as Tiffany started berating him again, Brian surprised her with a vigorous underarm tickle assault. He stroked her freshly-shaved pits wildly and listened to her desperate laughter. She no longer found the words to belittle him. Now Tiffany was consumed by the horrid fingers touching her slick underarms without any sign of slowing down. She wanted so badly to keep it together, but soon she was shaking her head about and laughing like a mad woman.

    Brian loved the satisfying sound of Tiffany getting hers. The blonde laughed forcefully as he crawled his fingers around in her armpits. Brian decided to test to see if her breasts were sensitive at all. He began wiggling his fingertips gingerly along the outer curves of her boobs, close to her armpits. Tiffany’s laughter slowed down, but didn’t entirely stop. She continued to giggle and laugh randomly as her classmate tickled her titties. Brian trickled his fingertips along the underside of her big jugs. His fingers slid around with ease across her oily breasts as she giggled against her will.

    Brian definitely loved feeling the heft of Tiffany’s impressive breasts in his hands. Sometimes he would just stop tickling to embrace his desire to feel her up. Tiffany didn’t like it obviously, but she wasn’t about to complain and remind him that she was no longer being tickled. She couldn’t resist the occasional scoff or eye roll though as he squeezed her boobs. But it was much better than being tickled like crazy. Or at least it was until he returned to her defenseless armpits to wreak more havoc.

    And so the next half hour went...the girls each receiving multiple turns being fondled and tickled in their chairs in the living room. After Brian and Evelyn grew tired of tickling their upper bodies, they decided to play around with the girl’s feet some more. The soon to be college grads were exhausted and barely struggled as they were taken from their chairs and re-tied in various ways. The couple wanted to enjoy the tail end of the night before they prepared the girls for the final tickle assault.

    Brian was now sitting on one end of the couch. He had picked out a few girls for foot worshipping. This was kind of like his last chance before they all parted ways, so he picked out some of his favorites. Brian had been working on Tiffany’s sizable soles for a while now. She was lying on her back across the length of the couch while he held her size 9 soles up near his mouth.

    Brian had set Sofia tied up nearby sitting on the floor in front of the couch. She watched with a disturbed expression as Tiffany had her long, narrow arches licked like Brian was lapping at an ice cream cone. The Latina struggled against her ropes but once again came to the conclusion that her bondage outmatched her. Brian thought Sofia had perfectly aesthetic size 7.5 soles and absolutely wanted to get another chance to give them some personal attention.

    And of course, he had picked out Josie, his classroom crush. She too was tied sitting on the floor struggling as best she could to get at one of the knots. Her feet were flat on the floor in front of her and crossed over at the ankles. Brian couldn’t pass up a chance to suck on her delectable, feminine size 7’s. Josie was sickened as Tiffany grunted and scoffed while Brian noisily took long, wet licks from her round, smooth heels all the way up to the base of her tiny toes.

    Brian savored the taste of Tiffany’s soles. He had no doubt that she would go on to become a rich and powerful CEO of a company someday...but right now...she was powerless to keep from having her feet worshipped by his lusting tongue. Brian also made sure to suck and lick each and every one of her stubby, petite toes. Her adorable little digits were perfect for gentle nibbles and the sensations caused Tiffany to reluctantly giggle.

    “Okay, you’re turn is over. But one last thing...” Brian said as he forced Tiffany to roll to her stomach with her now upturned feet still in his lap. “What now?!” Tiffany asked rudely. Brian trapped her ankles in an armlock and began vigorously scribbling his fingers across her arches. Tiffany screamed and instantly began kicking and writhing around on the couch.

    Evelyn had the other girls over by her on the futon. Holly and Meghan were tied back to back sitting on the floor waiting for their turn. Meghan grunted and struggled to gain some wiggle room with their ropes. Holly just sat there begging her not to draw unwanted attention to them.

    The futon had been folded out into the bed position. Allison and Lindsay were lying down on it on their stomachs with their feet overhanging the edge. Both girls laughed hysterically as Evelyn sat on the floor near their wiggling feet. She was armed with a hairbrush in one hand, which she was using to scrub all over Allison’s curvy, size 10.5 soles, much to her dismay. In Evelyn’s other hand was an electric toothbrush, which was being slowly trailed across Lindsay’s meaty, succulent heels. The bound brunette had short, size 6 feet hanging off the edge of the futon mattress, which danced and squirmed about as the whirling bristles buzzed over her oily heels. Lindsay’s rather small soles looked somewhat silly bound next to Allison’s huge size 10.5 feet right next to hers.

    But regardless of the size of their feet, both girls were going crazy with laughter. Evelyn set down the electric toothbrush to focus on Allison. She took the hairbrush and really began working it into her insteps. The tall swimmer fought and kicked her feet with any remaining strength she had, but it was a losing battle. Evelyn eventually forced the bristles into position and see-sawed the brush against Allison’s pale, tender insteps. Unbridled laughter poured out of Allison as her whole body shook with belly laughter.

    And then eventually it was Lindsay’s turn again. Another smear of oil was wiped down her small, waiting soles as they hung over the edge completely at the mercy of her classmate. Evelyn brought the hairbrush down and rubbed it firmly over Lindsay’s meaty size 6’s. The short brunette screamed and pounded the futon mattress with her fist as the hairbrush went back and forth over the pads below her toes. It was one of her worst spots. Lindsay was going ballistic as Evelyn cruelly scrubbed her wiggling soles.

    Brian had finished tickling Tiffany’s feet and was looking to see who he wanted to take onto the couch next. Josie and Sofia both looked at him in horror and then desperately looked at each other without exchanging so much as a word. They looked at one another for help or some sort of words of comfort, but realistically that wasn’t going to happen. There was no preventing their fate tonight. Josie’s eyes lit up in visible dread as Brian called her name.

    The blonde cutie was put in Tiffany’s place on the couch. She had a weird feeling in the pit of her stomach as Brian held her bound ankles and raised her pale size 7 feet up to his face. Josie didn’t know how to feel as Brian began gently, but passionately, sucking her small toes. She made a strange expression as she felt him slurping and sucking each of her toes, often two at a time so he could wiggle his tongue between them. Then Josie couldn’t help but giggle at the odd sensations. The feeling of Brian’s wet, powerful tongue exploring every possible inch of her delicate, thin toes was very sensitive.

    Josie giggled and even started laughing at some points as Brian worked his way up to her big toes. Josie made a strange, surprised noise as a reaction when Brian opened his mouth and took both of her big toes inside at the same time. His tongue eagerly swirled across the bottoms of her big toes, feeling the supple, creamy cushion they offered as he licked them thoroughly. And it was heaven whenever the little tickly feeling became too much for Josie and she scrunched her toes down inside his mouth. He would ease up and only gingerly slide his tongue across the tips of her toes until she felt brave enough to open them back up so he could get at the undersides again.

    Brian worked his way down the other set of toes until he had made it all the way to her tiny pinky toe. After he finished sucking her final toe, he began smothering her foot bottoms with his tongue. Josie recoiled slightly and quietly said, “Ew” as she felt her soles being covered in warm spit. Brian caressed and rolled his tongue along her delectably smooth heels, up her flawless arches, and the along the undersides of her already shiny, moist toes, which he sometimes sucked on again.

    Josie didn’t care for the foot worshipping at all. She thought that if she were Brian’s girlfriend, she wasn’t so sure she could handle him doing that routinely. But she didn’t have to worry about that much longer. Josie panicked as Brian set her feet down and began to help her roll over. Josie tried to protest it, but Brian only replied, “No, come on. Be good and roll over. You know what’s coming next. Tiffany got a quick finishing tickle and now I’ll do the same to you. And then when it’s Sofia’s turn next, I’ll do the same to her when I’m done sucking her toes.

    Josie whined but was powerless to stop him. Her feminine soles were now trapped in an armlock in his lap. She braced herself for the start of more foot tickling. Brian merely placed his poised fingers on her soles and that alone made Josie jump with anticipation. As soon as he felt her relax, Brian began scribbling his fingers across her bare soles. Josie erupted in pretty laughter as she wiggled around like mad on the couch.


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    Great story! I like this series.
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    It looks like the finale is going to be a GRAN FINALE!

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    Once again, thank you to Primal for another great chapter. Ive really enjoyed working with him here and cannot wait for the grand finale!
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    tickling and tease the girls nipples till they have to orgasm, thengetting tickled to the ende!

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