Annie pulled her car into the parking lot, parked the car and turned the engine off. She looked at herself in the mirror in the sun visor of the car to check her makeup one final time. She closed the visor and rested her head on the headrest of the car seat. She took a deep breath. She was trying to calm her nerves. She never was brave enough to do something like she was about to do. She was going to visit a BDSM club “Leather & Lace” for the first time. She was looking around on the internet and came across this club. It piqued her interest as she was curious about the different aspects of BDSM. She was no virgin, but she knew within her soul she needed more and was anxious to explore and find out what would be interesting.

She looked at her phone and looked at the website of the club once again. The club was more of a secret type of location. It wasn’t mainstream by any means. She looked at the pictures and felt a twitch in her gut. This was exciting to her. Tonight was a special fetish night and she wanted to watch it all. She was not inclined to be a participant in the play activities, she just wanted to observe so she can let her imagination go wild.

She stepped out of the car and nervously began to walk to the club. Dressed in a white blouse, dark black jeans and tall black leather boots she continued on her path. Standing 5’5”, she felt a little taller as her boots had a heel. She started to feel confident but yet, still nervous. She could hear the music inside and lots of voices. This was going to be an amazing night! She walked up to the door and opened it. She was immediately greeted by a mountain of a man staring down at her.

“Um…h-hi. I am here for the party.” Annie stammered, very intimated by the grizzled man.

“$20 please.” He replied in a gruff tone.

She handed him a $20 bill and he stamped her hand. He then pointed her towards a curtain which served as the entranceway. She walked through the curtain and was immediately blown away with what she saw. The place was filled with people, men and women who were walking around, dancing, and sitting. It looked like a large lobby. The place itself was an industrial building with extremely high ceilings. She started to walk through and absorbed the sight. She stopped in her tracks as a naked small man crossed her path. He was wearing a goat mask and had a leather collar with a leash attached to it. On the other end of the leash was a even smaller woman dressed in all black leather. She would smack the man with a flogger on his bare ass which was really red at this point.

Annie watched them and was in awe. She turned her head and saw two women making out on a couch. They were literally tongue deep into each other and grabbing each other. She continued to walk through the lobby area and saw a woman completely encased in what appeared to be a vacu-bed. A mistress had turned on the machine and the rubber enclosed the woman completely except for her mouth and nostrils. The mistress would slap away at her belly, causing the woman to squeal like crazy. Annie couldn’t believe what she was seeing. All those pictures she saw online were now coming to life. She then felt someone touching her shoulder.

“Hello pretty. Can I please play with you tonight? You have such a nice ass and I would love to paddle it” a man asked her.

Annie blushed at the compliment, she did have a bigger ass and felt proud of it. She politely turned the man down as she just wanted to observe the night, not be a participant. The man smiled at her and excused himself. Annie found a chair and sat down. She was amazed at the place. People were having such a good time. What Annie seemed to notice that no one was shy about their activities. There were people walking around naked with no qualms about it whatsoever. She saw a woman tied up to a set of chains designed like a web and was flogged. She saw another area where a man was at the feet of a throne, licking and kissing the boots of a dominant woman. She was so intrigued by it all. Ever since an incident that happened at a gym where she worked out, she was curious about this world.

Annie got up and walked around the place, a chance to be within the crowd of people. The party even had a performing stage where someone was singing, and a crowd formed there. This was all surreal. She went to the bar, got herself a drink and them found an empty couch. She sat down, crossed her legs and just took in the sights. This place was simply amazing.

She felt the couch shake and felt a presence right next to her. She turned her head and saw this very strikingly beautiful woman. She was of Asian descent and was dressed in a full black leather top and pants. She also wore very tall boots with very tall heels to them. Her face was very beautiful. She flashed a smile at Annie and Annie felt her stomach twitch with butterflies.

“Well hello there pretty young lady” the woman cooed. “What is your name?

“A-Annie…” she replied sheepishly. This woman was enchanting.

“Nice name..” the woman smiled as she stroked her finger under Annie’s chin. “My name is Madame Yukuri.”

Annie giggled when the woman stroke under her chin. Annie was very ticklish and hoped she didn’t reveal her greatest weakness to this woman. “Nice to meet you Madame.”

“What brings you here to Leather & Lace?” Madame Yukuri said as she stared directly into Annie’s eyes.

“Um..I was just curious about the place. It seems very nice” Annie replied sheepishly. This woman was making her so nervous like a schoolgirl.

“Curious huh? Well my little kitten, be careful about curiosity. You know what they say… How did you learn about this place?” Madame Yukuri asked, her eyebrows raised.

“I found it on the internet. A, um, friend of mine mentioned it to me and then I looked it up. I saw there was a party tonight, so I decided to give it a try.” Annie smiled.

“Well your friend did you a favor. I think you will find what you seek here…” Madame Yukuri smiled. Then she stroked the side of Annie’s cheek. “You are so adorable.”

Annie blushed at the compliment. She was entranced by this woman. She seemed very nice. She appeared strong, but gentle. “So, do you work here?”

Yukuri laughed. “Yeah, you can say that. I stop by here once a month to attend the party and play with a few of the girls…”

“Just girls?” Annie asked.

“Yes.. Men got really boring. They are eager submissives. I rather break a girl.. they are more soft, so much more attractive” Yukuri cooed as she got closer to Annie. “I can’t get over how cute you really are..” she smiled then she stroke Annie’s forearm.

“Hehe” Annie giggled.

Yukuri had a smile that nearly wrapped around her head. “Hey cutie, are you….ticklish?” she asked and poked Annie in the ribs.

Annie began to blush furiously. “Y-yes..hehe I am..”

“Oh really?” Madam Yukuri purred. “I love ticklish girls….” She whispered as her hands now poked around Annie’s stomach. She liked the cute little giggle that came from her lips and continued to poke and prod around Annie’s body. “Ticklish tummy?”

Annie squealed yes! She tried to protect her body, but the Asian Mistress’ index fingers got through her defenses. Annie knew she was very ticklish and didn’t want to reveal her greatest weakness, but this gorgeous woman was finding her spots!

“Are you ticklish here?!” Yukuri asked as she poked the armpit. “How about here?!” as she squeezed her knee. She was delighted that this young innocent looking woman was giggling at her attempts which turned her on. IMMENSELY. She licked her lips. It looks like she found a new victim. She then looked at the long boots of Annie and her eyes expressed some lust. “So, do you have ticklish feet?”

Annie gasped. She out her head down and whimpered “yeah…I do..” Annie was beginning to blush even harder. Why did she feel so submissive to this woman? She didn’t expect to have her greatest weakness exploited tonight, but now she was in that position. Her mind began to wonder what was going to happen to her.

Madame Yukuri then had the grin of a she devil who just caught her prey. “This one will be a perfect new slave for me…” she thought. She then leaned in close to Annie’s ear and whispered, “You are going to come with me. I am going to tickle you. I am going to tickle you all over your body. You will be stripped. I am going to take those boots off and really have my way with your feet. By the end of the night, you are going to be naked and I am going to make you cum….”

Annie’s eyes just popped open! Naked? She was going to cum? She was going to be tickled naked?? Her mind raced with apprehension but also with lust. She felt so helpless. She saw Madame Yukuri stand up and grab her hand. Annie stood up and felt like floating on air. She was then led by the hand through the facility. She saw other guests staring at her and she felt a little embarrassed. She was praying they would be in private. She didn’t really know what was about to happen but she was ready for new experiences.

Madam Yukuri continued to lead her new prey through the building. She was hoping she would find a new slave tonight. She usually came to this club searching for the perfect victim. Little did most of the guests know, she ran an underground tickle slave ring where she would kidnap unknowing women and subject them to the most severe tickle torture of their lives. She was very good at seduction and there were some slaves she kept and then there were slaves she sold off on the black market. She was rich and really enjoyed her job. She did have one rival. Some blond Mistress located in the middle of the United States who also ran her own tickle dungeon, Mistress Tiffany. Madam Yukuri knew one day she was going to force Tiffany to submit to her and then she would rule the entire tickle slave underground world. But tonight was about seducing this young victim. She was really going to enjoy this.

Annie walked into one of the back rooms and was in awe. It was empty with curtains surrounding the walls. In the middle of the room was a table with stocks at the end and stocks at the other end, small enough for hands. A shiver went through her body as she knew she was going to end up on that table. She saw Madam Yukuri staring at her and it looked like she was going to be her meal! She was licking her lips and looking her up and down. Annie started to fidget and was truly blushing. Then she saw Madame Yukuri walk up to her and felt her lips pressing against hers with suck passion. Annie’s knees got wobbly from the kiss but she managed to hold on. The kiss was wet, it was deep and she could feel the electricity to her toes.

“I could just eat you up! You are so beautiful sweet girl..” Madam Yukuri said with lust in her voice. “Let’s take off this blouse of yours…”

Annie giggled a bit as she felt her blouse getting unbuttoned. She stared at the fingers taking each button loose, and soon her chest was exposed, with only her bra on. The blouse came off as Madam Yukuri took the blouse off her arms, spun her around so she could easily take them off her arms. Then she was turned back around and she saw Madam Yukuri looking into her eyes again. She was pulled closer and then she found herself getting kissed once again. As she was getting kissed, she felt her belt buckle coming undone and her pants were getting pulled down. Annie was no standing there with her bra and panties exposed.

“Sit down on the table so I can take off those boots…” Yukuri commanded.

Annie sat down on the table and watched as Yukuri grabbed her heel, pull her leg up and started to slide off her tall leather boot. Annie held her breath as she saw the boot sliding off knowing her foot was about to be very vulnerable and no longer protected. The boot slid off revealing her socked foot. She giggled as Yukuri wiggled her big toe then let her ankle back down. Annie gasped again as she saw her other foot get pulled up, the other boot slide off, and now she was in her socked feet.

“My my my… how big are your feet?” Madam Yukuri teased.

Annie was blushing now. Even though she was 5’5” tall, her shoe size was bigger than her height. “Size 10…” she mumbled. The size of her feet was always a thing for her. She remembered getting teased growing up about her big feet. Even though it could be humiliating when she was teased, a rush of adrenaline always took over her because she did like her feet.

“Size 10? Are you sure? They look like size 15…” Madam Yukuri teased. Just by looking at how Annie reacted to the question, she could tell this young woman was very self conscious about her feet. “These really are BIG feet…”

Annie hung her head, red from embarrassment. “I know…” she said meekly.

“Ok big foot, let’s get these pants off of you…” Yukuri teased as she then slid the pants off the hips, down the legs and finally off the ankles. Annie was now just in her bra and panties. Madam Yukuri licked her lips as Annie looked……delicious. “Now lay down and I am going to strap you in. Once you are down, I am going to fucking tickle you bad..”

Annie shivered at the threat but obediently laid down on the bed. She was grateful they were in private as she felt naked. She had a bra and panties on and her socks, but felt totally exposed to this dominant Asian mistress. Her mind raced as she knew she was about to get tickled like crazy and there was nothing she could do about it. Her back laid across the cold table and she shuddered when she felt the hand stocks snap shut. She tried to find some slack in them, but there was none. Her upperbody was now taut. She watched as Madam Yukuri made it down to her ankles and again shuddered when she heard the stocks snap shut. She was now completely immobile.,

Madam Yukuri looked down at her prey and it was time. She was going to test the ticklishness and if it satisfied her, she was going to make Annie her tickle slave. She gently ran her nails over the belly and was delighted to see it quiver with ticklish tremors. Now, it was time to really step things up. “Oh my sweet dear, you look so perfect trapped like that. Are you comfortable?”

“yes Mistress…I am” Annie told her.

“Good..give me one moment…” Yukuri then walked over to the wall and pushed a button. She walked back over to Annie and knelt down by her hear. “I am going to tickle the fuck out of you. You will scream. You will beg. But I give NO mercy. I am going to break you tonight. You will be nothing but a giggling mess and then you will be mine…forever…”

Annie giggled from feeling Madam Yukuri’s breath in her ear. Her heart raced knowing she was really about to get tickle tortured. She was a little confused about being hers forever but figured that was part of the domination tonight.

“Oh, before we get started, I have a surprise for you. We are not alone….I am going to show everyone how I torment little weak ticklish girls such as yourself…” she laughed as she stood up and walked over to a button on the wall.

Annie’s eyes popped open. Everyone? What was this woman talking about? It was just them in this room. Her breath left her lungs as she saw Madam Yukuri push the button on the wall which then opened all the curtains on the walls. Behind the curtains were rows of chairs for people to observe this show. The was a sizeable crowd in there and all eyes were on her! Her face couldn’t have turned more red.

“Ah yes my pet..all these people will see me destroy you. The best part is….they are all going to watch you cum..” Yukuri threatened. She loved the look on Annie’s face. “Yes, you will be naked shortly. They are going to watch me destroy your sweet pussy and you will cum. Whether you want to or not. But first, I am going to make sure I tickle *each* spot on your body. We are in the showroom and the audience is watching the art of tickle torture….”

Annie looked around furiously and saw all those eyes on her. There were mostly women in the audience and of course men were there too. She started to squirm. She didn’t want everyone to be watching her get tormented by this woman. She started to whimper because she felt so embarrassed.

“Awww… you feel a little embarrassed?” Yukuri smiled. She was enjoying Annie’s discomfort. “Let me make you feel better…” she laughed as she started to trace her fingers along the forearms and saw her victim squirming. Oh she was going to drag this torture out. She then started to look at the helpless armpits. She then slowly moved her fingers to the exposed hollows and use the very tips to drag across the skin.

Annie burst into hysterical laughter. Her armpits were horrifically ticklish and she could feel those nails touch every single nerve of her skin. Whenever she was tickled in the past, her armpits were tickled, but only for a few seconds and never this vulnerable and exposed before. Never with someone’s fingers as wicked as Madam Yukuri’s either. Annie’s laughter hit another octave as the finger tips made cruel slow circles right in the middle of the armpits. The nails would only move back and forth a few centimeters, just going back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. Annie tried to squirm, but the bondage was tight and she couldn’t move her arms. She looked up into Madam Yukuri’s eyes and a chill went through her body as she laughed. She thought she is looking into the eyes of a woman with no soul. Like she wants to torture her until she dies. Now Annie began to panic. The tickling was not stopping, even though she was begging. The sensations started to get more intense. She really wanted to get free! Then the tickling stopped.

Madam Yukuri looked at her victim and could see the exhaustion forming in the eyes. This is what she wanted to see. Fear. She then leaned closer into Annie’s face and with an evil smile, she whispered, “I am going to take you to tickle hell and keep you there forever. I am going to drag you over the edge into tickle insanity my little pet. Buckle up buttercup, you are going to go for a ride.”

Annie started to beg. She couldn’t take any more tickling already. But when she felt the kiss of Madam Yukuri’s lips onto hers, she melted. This woman who was just torturing her gave her the most electric kiss she ever felt. It was like electricity went through her body as the kiss was full of passion. Annie didn’t know what to think anymore.

Yukuri then started to goose Annie’s ribs as she continued kissing her. It turned her on when she felt Annie starting to giggle into her mouth. She continued kneading the ribs and soon she broke her kiss. “Tickle tickle tickle” she teased.

Annie exploded in laughter once again. She soon realized that this woman is a very skilled tickler because she knew exactly where on her rib cage to tickle to get the best reactions. She felt the fingers prodding in between each rib and she lost it. Her eyes shut tight, her head rolling back and forth, her beautiful lips wide open and the steady stream of giggles poured out of her mouth like a beautiful melody. Annie’s brain went into overdrive. The tickling would not stop and in fact, it continued with more intense tickle pressure on her ribcage. Her eyes then shot open and she begged with everything in her body to stop the tickling. The intensity was getting to her. Then the tickling stopped and she wanted to start crying. But then, she was being kissed again. The same kind of kiss as before. Full of passion, but this time she felt tongue invade her mouth and she kissed back.

Madam Yukuri loved this kiss she was giving to Annie. She knew Annie was falling right into her web and would be hers forever. She was practicing one of her favorite techniques. Drive a victim to insanity and then make out with them as though she was conditioning their minds. Getting tickled meant getting full body passion. In her other settings, she would just kidnap her victims, torment them without any mercy because there was no one to save them. She was in public now, with an audience watching. If she used her usual tickle torture methods, someone would intervene, and she could possibly get arrested. That’s how ruthless her methods were normally. But this technique, the audience would think it is all a show and the victim would be willing to fall into her trap. Just like a fly to a web…

Annie felt the kiss break and she was in a daze. When she arrived at this club, she never expected to be strapped down and tickle tortured almost nude. She never imagined she would meet such a gorgeous woman who could titillate her body like this one did. She remembered the incident at her local gym where a woman there took advantage of her, tickled her and humiliated her beyond anything she ever imagined. She discovered just how submissive she was and how those encounters turned her on. However, this encounter seemed more erotic to her. This woman was a pure professional at tickle torture and now she was getting passion in her body. She closed her eyes and just prepared herself for whatever happens next.

Madam Yukuri could see a glaze of sheer ecstasy forming on her victim’s face. Her plan was working perfectly. Then she looked at Annie’s heaving stomach. She looked at the pale skin of the belly and it look so tender. She kissed the belly and felt Annie’s body tightened. “I wonder if you are ticklish….. HERE!” she laughed as her nails ran all over the exposed stomach causing Annie to lose it in hysterical laughter. “I GOT A LIVE ONE!” she announced and saw members of the crowd clap their approval.

Annie heard the clapping and remembered that people were looking at her!! She started to blush as she laughed freely. Her tummy was very ticklish and now she started to feel that intensity again. How good was this woman at tickling? Her body started to squirm as the fingers touched her soft skin. Then she squealed as the finger started to invade her belly button. A single fingernail traced right on the outer edge of the belly button and slowly circled its way around the diameter. The sensations were intensifying for Annie as her belly button was very sensitive. The nail never stopped its slow cruel path and every once in a while, went deeper into the belly button. Annie was starting to lose it. That finger was evil!

Madam Yukuri had a smile on her face as her fingernail continued to tickle the outer edges of the button. She loved hearing the melodious sound of Annie’s laughter. She loved how her fingers would stroke all around the wrinkled edges and then dip into the navel. She noticed the sounds of laughter changed whenever she stroked around the button, then in it. She started playing a game of tickling in and around the navel forcing Annie’s laughter to be disjointed. She even paused for a moment and looked at the trembling belly. Then she stared into Annie’s pleading eyes and then went without warning, plunged her nail deep into the navel, causing Annie to explode in laughter. Madam Yukuri grinned when she heard some members of the audience applaud.

Annie’s face was in pure ticklish agony as this woman kept tickling her very ticklish belly button. How did she know that was one of her weaknesses? Annie started to cry tears of laughter and then blushed as she also heard the audience applauding. She couldn’t believe there were so many people watching her get tickled. She was never someone to make a spectacle of herself, so being tormented in this way made her feel humiliated and weak. The tickling then stopped and she started to suck in air. She looked with pleading, desperate eyes into Madam Yukuri’s. She saw that beautiful Asian face come close to hers then she was kissed again. Annie’s body melted into bliss as the kiss was deep and passionate. This woman was playing with her sexuality and sensuality.

Yukuri finished her kiss and looked into Annie’s eyes. She had her right where she wanted. She was going to take this woman to a whole ticklish level. She then reached under Annie’s back and found the bra clasp. Using her deft fingers, she unclasped the bra and the look on Annie’s face thrilled her. Her victim had a look of shock and embarrassment. She then looked at her and smiled. “Yes my dear… time to see your breasts. Time for EVERYONE to see your nice tits..”

“No…no…no no no no no…..” Annie whimpered as she felt her bra being removed from her chest. She felt the cups of her bra leaving the sides of her breasts and in a short time, her nipples were going to be exposed. There was nothing she could do and she held her breath as the bra was removed completely. Now her pink nipples were exposed to the warm air and she felt a rush of heat course through her body in embarrassment. She never thought she would have her breasts exposed like this and in front of an audience? Shame filled her body and she started to squirm, which only caused her breasts to quiver.

“Aw….she is a little shy. What’s wrong sweetie? You don’t want everyone to see these nice titties of yours?” Yukuri laughed as she grabbed the breasts and started to shake them. She loved this moment. She was going to drive this woman insane. She then reached down and kissed the sides of the breasts. The result of that kiss thrilled her as she saw the nipples becoming stiff. Ah ha! So, this young lady was supposed to be shy and demure, but inside she was a sexual wildcat. Yukuri then took her tongue and licked the tip of the nipples.

Annie moaned as she felt the firm tongue licking her nipples. She always enjoyed her nipples being played with and pleasured, but that was with lovers. Not some random stranger at a BDSM club in front of an audience. But, her nipples had their own mind and they enjoyed the attention. The tongue started to swirl around the buds and it was driving the lust within Annie to new levels. She winced when she then felt teeth tugging at her nipples and then cooed when the tongue licked them.

Madam Yukuri then used her nails and started to tickle the sides of the breasts as she continued to suck on the nipples. Her ears were rewarded with some soft giggles so she continued her ticklish touches. Soon, the laughter became harder and louder so she continued her breast teasing. She then stopped the mouth assault on the breasts and then just focused on tickling the soft mounds. She loved the look on Annie’s face. Her mouth wide open, her eyes shut and a soft musical laughter flowing out. “ah, kitchie kitchie koo! I tickle you!” she teased with baby talk.

Annie continued to laugh freely as the tickling of her breasts was getting more intense. The baby talk taunting was driving her crazy and she started to beg. She pleaded for the tickling to stop but it didn’t cease. She felt the tips of those evil nails tickling on the tender undersides of the breasts, which drove her through the roof. What made her more embarrassed was she heard the audience cheering this on. The crowd was enjoying her torture, which made the ticklish sensations worse! She continued to beg and plead and when the tips of the nails tickled the tips of her nipples, a shrill scream came out of her mouth.

Madam Yukuri couldn’t stop smiling when she heard the crowd roar its approval. She felt like a conductor of a tickle concert and now the audience was enjoying the symphony of torturous laughter. So, she did what any professional tormentor would do. She continued attacking the ticklish nipples. Her nails raced all over, trying to keep them from tickling one area too long. She wanted her new toy to not know where the tickles on the breasts would be. She went back to the undersides, she went back to the cleavage, only to go to the nipples, then the undersides, then across the nipples, back to the sides. She didn’t make a pattern with her nails, it was all chaotic and at random. Yukuri’s eyes then turned to slits and she bit her lip as she saw her toy starting to wheeze for air. She knew she had to stop. For now….

Annie finally exhaled and started to suck in precious oxygen. That tickle torment was way too much for her and her breasts were tingling. She begged with all of her might. “Please.. no more… I can’t take it anymore. Please. I am done with the tickling. I want to get up now….” Annie then heard what sounded like an evil chuckle. She looked up and saw Madam Yukuri’s face. That face had a look of sheer lust and desire. This was not going to bode well for her.

“Stop? You want to stop? But I am not done with you. I will let you go AFTER I am done with you. Just think, I haven’t even gotten to those feet yours. Those BIG feet…” she cooed. Madam Yukuri was now ready for the next phase of her plan. To completely break Annie’s will. “And…..” she paused for dramatic effect. “…..I haven’t even made you cum yet….”

Annie’s eyes popped wide open! Did she just hear that? This woman not only threatened her feet, but she was going to make her orgasm??? In front of all these people? She knew Madam Yukuri told her she was going to make her orgasm earlier, but she thought that was just talk and in private. “what? Make me cum? I don’t want to do that…. Not in front of all these people…I want to be let go!”

Madam Yukuri simply laughed. “Oh sweet young thing. You don’t have a choice now do you? You are mine. I will decide when to let you go. You WILL get tickled. You WILL cum. I am going to make you cum and there is………….NOTHING……you….can……… do about it.” She threatened. Then she started touching Annie’s panties. “But I am a nice Mistress. So, where do you want me tickle next? Your BIG ass feet, or your sweet pussy? Choose because if I do, that spot will suffer more than anything else…”

Annie didn’t know what to do. She didn’t want to get tickled at all, let alone her feet or her most private place. Her mind continued to race. Her feet were so sensitive, but could she show her total nakedness to a crowd this large? In her past, she was tickled stripped in front of a group, but it was a small group and she wasn’t strapped down in a device. She decided to avoid complete humiliation. “My…my feet..”

“What was that dear?” Yukuri smiled.

“My feet… tickle my feet…” Annie whimpered.

“Your what kind of feet?” Yukuri teased.

Annie began to blush. She knew what Madam Yukuri wanted her to say. “My…my big feet…”

“Your what? I couldn’t hear that…” Yukuri told her while petting Annie’s pussy through the panties.

“My BIG feet… you can tickle my BIG FEET.” Annie screamed. She felt embarrassed. She never liked pointing out how big her feet are.

“Good girl…” Madam Yukuri smiled. She then walked over to the foot stocks and loved looking at the trapped socked feet. She had fun teasing Annie about how big the feet were. She looked at the outlines of the feet in the socks and knew she was going to truly enjoy this. She ran her fingers quickly across the socked soles and was rewarded with shrieking laughter. Oh yes, these feet were sensitive!

Annie started to wiggle her feet as she felt the tickling fingers. Of all places besides one spot, her feet were devastatingly ticklish. She tried to move her soles away from the fingers but then she felt her big toe grabbed and the evil fingers started to scurry all over the soles. Her laughter started to flow more and now she started to beg. It was only 10 seconds and she was already submitting. The tickling stopped and Annie tried to catch her breath. “Please……no more…”

“Wow, I barely tickled you and you already want me to stop? Um…no.” Madam Yukuri laughed as she resumed her tickling. Hearing the shrieks of Annie got her excited. She hasn’t ran across feet this sensitive since this one slave she sold off to some Sheik in the Middle East. She was excited about the possibilities with this one. She looked at the sock covered sole and her mind started imagining what the bare sole would look like. Ever since she decided she was going to torture this young lady, she wondered what her feet were like. She hoped they were very soft and well taken care of. She really hoped the soles were pink. Something about pink soles always made her insides churn with lust because those kind looked so tender and really… ticklish. But first she wanted to mind fuck this one. She grabbed at the toe of the sock and started to pull.

“NO!!! PLEASE DON’T TAKE OFF MY SOCKS!!!” Annie shrieked. “Please… leave them on…”

“Why is that? Afraid I am going to take them off and expose your big feet? Afraid everyone in here will stare at them, crave them and maybe even taste them? Or exposing your precious gunboat feet will make them vulnerable to……TICKLING?” Madam Yukuri laughed.

Annie started to whimper. She really didn’t want her feet exposed. Having her feet exposed made her feel so vulnerable. She felt the sock come off her heel and her begging continued. “please..please..please…please.. don’t do this”

Madam Yukuri had a huge smile. She could see the pink skin on the heel and it delighted her so much. She licked her lips and then stopped the sock pulling. “Well, if you don’t want me to expose these precious HUGE feet of yours, then I want you to tell me to tickle your socked soles. Get to it…”

“Please…please tickle my sock covered soles….” Annie immediately replied.

“Louder for the people in the back…” Yukuri teased as she resumed her sock pulling.


“Good girl….” Madam Yukuri laughed. She looked around the room and saw the anxious faces on the audience members. The women in the crowd licked their lips in lust and the men, well their hands were already down their pants. She covered the heel with the sock and giggled when she heard her victim breathe a sigh of relief. She then wiggled her fingers in the air and the crowd held its breath in anticipation. Then she struck! Her wiggling fingers scurried all over the soles and she was rewarded with a high pitch laughter. She then focused on the ball of the foot and grinned as the cries of tickle tortured laughter became desperate.

Annie kept laughing as she felt the nails all over the balls of her feet. Her eyes popped open when the fingers explored the base of her toes, which was her sweet spot. What made things worse was she could hear the audience applauding and making catcalls.

“Tickle her feet! Tickle her feet! Tickle her feet!” the audience chanted.

“Yeah! Tickle those big ass feet all night long! MAKE…..HER….SCREAM!!!” an audience member shouted.

Screamed Annie did. The tickling became more ruthless as the nail attacked her heels, then the ball of her foot, the pad of her big toe, then back to the arches. The fingers had no pattern, just random attacks all over her feet. The ticklish sensations were intense, and Annie even began to arch her back. Her feet wiggled as much as she could make them but there was no escape. Minutes passed and Annie kept up her begging. Then as suddenly as the tickling started, it finished. She started to suck in precious oxygen while she could.

Madam Yukuri moved away from the still twitching feet and walked over to Annie’s face. She loved what she saw. A tired, crying, tortured victim trapped with no escape. But what really excited her was she was only started tormenting those precious feet. She loved tickling feet. It was one of her favorite torture methods. She leaned down and kissed Annie on her sweaty forehead. “Tired my pet? Well, I am not done with you yet…”

Annie groaned over those words. She was done! She didn’t want to do this anymore. Her curiosity was satisfied, now she wanted to go home. “I’m…done… I am so done…please, let me go.”

“You may be done, but I am not. I am going to push you way beyond any limits you have…” Madam Yukuri then leaned in and whispered in Annie’s ears. “I am going to break you dear…Just think, you are not even naked yet…”

Annie blushed as she heard those ominous words. She exhaustedly shook her head no. She didn’t want to play anymore. “Come on…please let me go. I..I… I don’t want to be naked. Can I…go?”

“I think…, NO.” Madam Yukuri laughed. She then patted Annie’s head and then look into the audience. “Listen up everyone! My poor pet here is tired. I need two of you to come over here and massage her feet. That will relax her. If you do a good job, there is a reward.”

The audience murmured and every hand shot up in the air, requesting to be that special volunteer. They all wanted an opportunity to massage those feet and be a part of this spectacle. Madam Yukuri walked over to them and she gestured to two women. The woman came into the room and knelt before the Mistress. They were two petite women. One black, the other Asian. Madam Yukuri kissed each one on their lips, which made both women swoon. Then she guided them over to the trapped feet.

“Now, you can massage her feet. DO NOT tickle them. Leave her socks on. If you tickle her, I will have to tickle YOUR FEET. Understood?” Madam Yukuri told them.

Both women nodded submissively and began to massage the socked covered feet. Their tiny hands kneaded into the soles and they licked their lips. They couldn’t believe their opportunity to massage these large feet under the direction of the dominant Mistress. They both were regular submissives of the club and they always wanted to play with some other woman. Usually it was each other, now they got to play with a customer’s feet. They really wanted to tickle the feet, but they knew what Madam Yukuri would do to them if they did.

Annie felt the tiny hands on her feet and it actually felt good. She started to moan as the hands pressed firmly into the arches. Annie started to relax. Then she saw Madam Yukuri looking at her. Then she saw a small, yet very firm feather twirling between her fingers.

“I think it is time for my feather to play with you….” Madam Yukuri teased as she lowered the feather and started tracing it along Annie’s ribcage. She was rewarded with some furious twitching and even started to hear some giggles. She then stroked the feather across the belly button and soon, sweet laughter poured out from her victim. She continued to stroke the feather across the stomach area, then went to undersides of the breasts and her new pet exploded in hysterical laughter.

Annie screamed in horror as the feather teased the undersides of her breasts. She was already tormented their earlier, but now the feather was torturing her very delicate skin. Her breasts wiggled freely and all she could do was scream in laughter. She still felt hands massaging her feet, but she couldn’t enjoy it because the feather was tickling her very sensitive tummy and breasts. Then her mouth formed an “O” as the feather now attacked her nipples. Ticklish electricity once again flowed through her nipples and made them stiff.

Yukuri smiled as she saw the nipples stiffen. Everything was going according to plan and she knew Annie was losing her grip on sanity. It was time to torment her some more. She stopped the feather tickling and giggled to herself as she heard the most pathetic cries to stop coming from poor Annie. She then looked down and those two obedient slaves were still massaging the socked feet. “Ladies, stop your massaging….”

The two submissives looked up and saw madam Yukuri staring at them. They were disappointed and were filled with fear. Did one of them tickle Annie? They desired it, but they both thought they were extremely careful. Madam Yukuri walked over to them and grabbed the hand of the black girl. She held her face with one hand, then grabbed her ass from behind. She planted another wet kiss on her and then did the same with the Asian girl. Both women almost fell to the ground as they were entranced with Madam Yukuri.

“You both have done well. Tell me, what do you think of her feet?” Madam Yukuri asked.

“Well…” the black girls said meekly. “They are very nice. Even with socks on, you can tell her feet are very soft.”

“They are kind of big though.. so much meat on her feet. So much room to play with. Like she said, you can tell they are very soft.” The Asian girl answered.

“Now for your reward! Remove her socks, then kiss her feet. ONLY a small kiss…” Madam Yukuri smiled.

Annie’s eyes popped open and she lifted her head to see the two women at her feet with huge smiles on their faces. Then she felt their tiny fingers take the rim of her sock, and pull down. The socks came off her ankles, then came off her heels, exposing the tender pink flesh. Annie started to sweat as her feet were about to be exposed!

The two girls were literally giddy with excitement. The socks continued their path and more foot flesh was becoming exposed. They saw the pink heel and almost had orgasms from the sheer excitement. Then they saw the arches, then the balls of feet, then finally, the toes! They literally gasped out loud as Annie’s size 10 feet were exposed.

Annie closed her eyes in humiliation as her feet were now exposed. She could hear the murmurs from the audience and knew everyone in the room was staring at her sensitive bare feet. She reflexively curled and opened her toes as they felt the warm air. She could only hope this would end soon and she can be free. She opened her eyes again and she looked towards her trapped feet. She saw Madam Yukuri and the two ladies staring at her feet. They were pointing at them and their eyes were in awe. She closed her eyes again.

“Mistress, they look so BIG!” the black girl said.

“Wow! They ARE big! They look so cute too. Her skin looks so pink. I hope they are super sensitive..” the Asian girl cooed.

“Yes girls, they ARE big and they are delightfully sensitive. Now, kiss them and remember, NO tickling! That’s my job…” Madam Yukuri laughed.

Annie winced as she felt a single kiss on the soles of her feet from each lady. Their lips were soft and it felt nice, but she grew embarrassed as she heard them giggle with excitement afterwards. Her feet were their reward. Her feet were prizes for people to desire. This was getting to be too much. She heard murmurs in the crowd, and one word she kept hearing was, BIG.

Madam Yukuri then pulled up a stool and sat down. Her face was now level with the trapped soles and she stared at them. She saw the tenderness of the soles, she looked at every small detail. She got her face closer to the soles and studied the “prints” of the feet. She already knew from her sock tickle torment earlier just where to tickle. She leaned back, cracked her knuckles and then curled her fingers into tickling position. Then she nodded to the crowd and then she tickled the bare soles. Without mercy.

When Annie first felt the nails on her soles, it was though someone stunned her with a taser. She immediately cackled in laughter as the nail found the sensitive balls of her feet. Her body twisted and turned. Her eyes were shut tight and her laughter came out freely and with such force. She tried to move her feet but she couldn’t avoid the nails. Her head began to shake and her begging became more desperate. Then the sound of her laughter went up another octave as she now felt the evil nails in her arches.

Madam Yukuri smiled as she heard the desperate laughter. She loved how the arches felt on her nails as they sank into the flesh and elicited unbearable ticklish agony on her victim. She went into her “tickle zone” as she just continued to tickle all across the arches and on the tender instep. She shut out the rest of the room in her mind. It was only just her, these precious feet and the sound of hysterical desperate laughter. She then focused on the toes with her eyes and saw them clench wide open and close as she tormented the arches. The toes began to mesmerize her. Open and close. Open and close. Open and close. The toes began to taunt her. They were daring her to tickle them! Madam Yukuri then moved her fingers to those toes and soon she didn’t hear a sound. The room got quiet. She just moved her nails all across the soft undersides of those toes and felt them vibrating, but it was all quiet. She discovered what it was and Annie went into silent laughter.

Annie’s mouth was wide open but no sound came out. The intensity of the sensations was too much. Her toes were always her weak spot and now this woman was exploiting that fact. Annie wanted to scream. She wanted to tell this woman to go to Hell or something, anything to get her to stop this intense tickling. She arched her back as high as she could then slammed it back down onto the rack and the rest of her body started to convulse. Then she sucked in oxygen as the tickling stopped. She started to blubber but then felt her big toe pulled away from her index toe and then shrieked again as a nail danced on the delicate webbing. Her eyes bugged out as though they would pop out of her head, the veins in her neck bulged and her mouth went right back to silent laughter.

Madam Yukuri’s lips curled into a sinister smile as she found a sweet spot on these wonderful toes. She then pulled each toe apart and attacked the webbing, each one eliciting the same reaction. Pure unadulterated tickle hell. She even found herself whistling as though she was working to bring out the worst tickling ever. She then grazed the tips of her nails on the crease where the big toe met the ball of the foot and was rewarded with rack shaking body convulsion. She studied each spot, taking mental notes of the reactions because when she took Annie away to her secret dungeon, she wanted to know where to tickle her to get the most horrific reactions. Then she stopped. She leaned back in her chair and listened to poor Annie.

Annie sucked in oxygen as fast as she could. She started to wheeze as the tickling ceased and she tried to get her mind back into her immediate reality. Her murmurs were sad. It was like she was a wounded animal wheezing and begging for its life. Then the tears came. Annie started to cry as the events of this tickle torture overwhelmed her. She never suffered the sheer intensity of this kind of tickling before. She was tortured before in her life and it broke her, but there was nothing like the ruthlessness of this night. This woman knew exactly how to tickle her.

Madam Yukuri laughed at Annie’s cries. She had Annie right where she wanted. Now was time to show a little mercy. She leaned forward and started to kiss the sensitive to the touch soles. She got a few shrieks as her lips kissed the arches, then the balls of the feet, then she started to lick under the toes.

Annie stopped her crying and started to giggle again. The feeling of the wet warm tongue on her toes made her giggle, but felt really good too. After enduring tickle torture, any pampering would be better. Her mind didn’t know what to do anymore. She was brutally tickled, now her feet were being pleasured. “OOOHH!!!” she exclaimed as she felt her big toe enter the warm mouth of Yukuri. This caused a different electricity to go through her body. This one went straight to her brain from her toe and then back to between her legs. Soon her other toes were enveloped within the loving mouth and now she started to moan. Her nipples immediately hardened and her she felt herself getting wet. She couldn’t comprehend how her body was tormented but now immediately felt the sexual pleasures. She heard Yukuri slurping away at her toes on both feet and she let herself go to the pleasure.

Madam Yukuri continued to slurp away at the sensitive toes and she truly enjoyed it. Her talented tongue made its way all over the sensitive skin and she knew Annie’s will was falling apart. This was one of the perks of her profession. Tasting ticklish feet has always been rewarding for her. Annie’s feet were so soft and delicate, she loved how the skin felt. She then popped the big toe out of her mouth and looked over at the two submissive women who earlier massaged Annie’s feet. “Ok you two, your turn. You can devour her feet. I think it is time for me to explore…..elsewhere.”

The black girl immediately put Annie’s toes in her mouth as she was so turned on watching Madam Yukuri eat those precious feet. She started to suck harder on the toes and she got wet when she heard Annie panting. The Asian girl then started to use her small pink tongue and lapped up and down the sole, the taste entering her mouth and it tasted so good.

Annie felt the two women ravish her soles and now her head rolled back into her head. This felt so wonderful and she enjoyed the sensations. This was far better than the evil tickling she received so now her body was in full sensual mode. She started to grind her hips as her toes were slurped and she felt small flickers of the small tongue in her arches. She then saw Madam Yukuri looking down at her with a loving look.

“Look at you my sweet dear….Enjoying this?” Madam Yukuri teased. She was pleased to see Annie’s head nodding. “Good! Time for everyone to see your pussy….” She laughed. She then went over to Annie’s pelvis, and pulled out some small fabric shears. With tiny precision cuts, she managed to snip away at the panties. Once she made enough cuts, she put the scissors down and then grabbed the front of the panties. With a firm yank, she ripped off the panties, exposing Annie’s moist pussy.

Annie felt shame and her face turned red. She heard the other audience members gasp, ooh and ahhing over the exposing of her most special place. She didn’t know what to think right now. She was completely naked and she was in front of many people. She felt humiliated, but the worshipping of her feet kept her in a sensual trance. It was as though she was everyone’s tickle toy and soon, she knew Madam Yukuri was going to make a show of her.

“My sweet pet.. you are SO naked right now. Listen to everyone. They can see your pussy. Your sweet, precious pussy. They see your stiff nipples. They also enjoy looking at those BIG feet of yours… Now, I think it is time for everyone to see what I will do to your pussy…” Madam Yukuri smiled.

Annie began to mewl as she felt so exposed. She felt so helpless and there was nothing she could do to prevent Madam Yukuri from having her way with her pussy. The other problem was she was getting turned on as the two submissives were still worshipping her feet. She gasped as she felt fingers stroking between her legs. The torment of her pussy was now beginning!

Madam Yukuri continued to stroke the wet lips and a grin formed on her face. She was going to enjoy playing with this spot. She used her fingers to pull open the lips, exposing the inside of the wet mound. “Ooooh…so pink inside. Look everyone! See how pink it is? Such a pretty pussy and it is SO wet. Should I taste it? Or should I tickle it?”

The audience started to roar its approval at this latest demonstration. A naked young lady was strapped down and completely helpless. These folks came to this fetish party tonight hoping for a show and they were getting it. Another lady in the crowd shouted, “TICKLE IT!!!”

Madam Yukuri smiled as she heard the words. “As you wish…..” she cooed. She then held up her feather and after twirling it for show, she lowered it and stroked it across the pouting lips. She was pleased with the reaction as the pussy twitched and a small giggle came from Annie. She continued to stroke the pussy with the feather and with each stroke, the lips quivered and more giggles came out. She then used her fingers on her left hand to pull the lips open, then use her right hand with the feather to tease the pink places causing poor Annie to laugh more.

Annie began to giggle more as the evil feather continued its tickling path all across her genitals. It wasn’t as horrific as her feet being tickled, but it still caused her to laugh. But it also got her more horny. She started to grind her hips as the feather teased her pink places and with her toes in the mouth of the one woman and a tongue on the other sole, she wanted to have an orgasm. Then the giggles flowed freely as her clit was tickled!

Madam Yukuri now focused the very tip of the feather on the trapped clit. She saw the clit get enlarged and knew her victim was extremely turned on. She slowly moved the feather over the clit, then flickered it a few times driving Annie crazy. Then she proceeded to slowly stroke the feather across the love button so each tendril touched it. The erotic giggling of Annie was turning her on and now she used the feather to tickle the inner thighs causing her victim to shriek.

Annie started to laugh harder as the feather was now tickling her inner thighs. The clit tickling was driving her crazy with tickle lust, but now the inner thigh tickling was just driving her crazy. She started to shriek and giggle and tried to get away from the feather. “C’mon….stop that! That tickles!!”

“Of course it does my ticklish little girl. Tickle tickle..” Madam Yukuri teased as she continued the feather the delicate skin. Then she went back to feathering the pussy and she was delighted to hear the more erotic giggles again. Now she took the feather and slowly slid it between the lips. She stroked and stroked and stroked it again. She looked over and saw the two submissives ravishing the helpless feet and now she licked her lips. She leaned down and kiss the clit causing Annie to moan. She looked over at the two submissives. “Stop worshipping her feet… I want you to tickle those BIG feet of hers…”

The two submissives’ eyes widened with excitement as they now got to tickle the helpless feet. The immediately started to run their fingers up and down the soles and were excited to hear the laughter pouring freely.

Madam Yukuri leaned down into Annie’s face and kissed her lips. She enjoyed feeling the air of laughter enter her mouth and now it was time for some fun! “That’s right young lady, laugh! I am going to eat your pussy while they tickle your feet. If you do not cum within 30 seconds, I am going to have to feather your clit 100 times…”

Annie could only laugh. She heard Madam Yukuri’s words but couldn’t respond. She had to cum within 30 seconds? While her feet were tickled? She knew she was doomed. Then she gasped as she felt a mouth sucking on her pussy and then a tongue flickering on her clit. It felt so good, but the tickling on her feet broke her concentration. All she could do was laugh. She tried hard but when one of them tickled the base of her toes, she couldn’t bring herself over the edge. The 30 seconds expired and she didn’t cum.

“Stop tickling her…” Madam Yukuri commanded. She then looked into Annie’s eyes again. “You didn’t cum. You are such a………………BAD……..girl. Now, you will have your clit feathered 100 times.” She then turned to the audience. “I want you all to count along with me. She will endure 100 single feather strokes on her clit. Ready?”

Annie started to groan as she saw the feather headed towards her pussy. She really did want to cum, but the foot tickling distracted her. She then giggled as she felt the feather slowly stroke her clit. Then she heard the audience shout “ONE!” then “TWO!”. Annie started to shriek louder as the evil feather stroke her clit. The strokes were all the same. A slow stroke where each side of the feather’s tendrils touched it. The strokes were ticklish at first, but then as the count got higher, the sensations got more intense. It was driving her insane as it wasn’t enough to make her cum, but the sensation was getting torturous. She heard the audience counting along and they were only at 12. She started to beg because her clit was so sensitive now. She curled her toes, closed her eyes and tried to focus on something else, but that feather, that dastardly feather continued it cruel stroking. Now her clit was on fire. The feelings were too intense and now she started to plead for it to stop. She panicked when she heard the count at 35. There was no way she was going to make it to 100!

Madam Yukuri smiled as she knew Annie was going to burst! She heard the pathetic cries and now she stroked even slower to prolong the intense agony. The clit was very bright and seemed to be pulsating and the count was only at 40. She wanted to drive Annie into complete insanity and she continued her slow stroking on the vulnerable clit. The count got to 80 finally and the sounds coming from Annie were primal in nature. She didn’t even sound human anymore as the feather broke her.

Annie’s mind went numb as she heard the count at 93. Even after the feather finished a stroke, just the air of the room made her clit sent a chill through her body. She was in full lust and the feelings in her clit was something she didn’t think was physically possible. She wanted to explode and when she heard the count at 99, she started to cry. The torment was almost over. The finally, with one long torturous stroke, the audience shouted, “ONE HUNDRED!!!!” and Annie openly wept. She was so sensitive it hurt.

“now THAT was fun! Madam Yukuri motioned towards the audience. “Should we let her cum now?”

The audience roared their approval. “MAKE HER CUM!! MAKE HER CUM!!! MAKE HER CUM!!! MAKE HER CUM!!!” they chanted.

Annie moaned in desperation. Every single nerve in her body was on fire. Her clit was enlarged, her nipples harder than diamonds, and her feet tingled. She thought of nothing else but getting that sweet release. Then she screamed in ticklish terror as her feet were tickled again by Madam Yukuri!!

Madam Yukuri tickled the soles with sheer intensity as she knew how sensitive Annie was at this point. She wanted to bring her to the very edge and was going to push her over. Then she stopped tickling, walked over to the extraordinarily wet pussy and with one long lick with the surface of her tongue, she felt Annie explode.

Annie came. Annie came HARD. She felt every single nerve and emotion in her body explode in pure delight as the orgasm ripped through her body, shattering every nerve in her body and neurons in her brain. Her body convulsed as though she was getting electricity shocks Her mind saw flowers growing in the snow.

Madam Yukuri stared at the helpless body before her and she basked in the applause from the audience. She knew poor Annie was broken. She really loved seeing the sweaty body before her and now it was time for some more fun. “Ladies, let’s flip her over….” She commanded.

The two submissives unlocked the stocks and the wrist restraints. Then using a team effort, they flipped poor Annie over onto her belly and relocked the stocks and wrists. They looked at the breathing heavy body, then moved back to the soles. They each loved seeing how pink the tortured soles were and they hoped Madam Yukuri would let them play with those big feet again.

Annie continued to breathe heavily as she recovered from her body wrenching orgasm. She felt so weak and helpless right now. She knew she was flipped over and was too tired to resist. What puzzled her was, why was she face down now? Wasn’t her torture over? She was forced to cum in front of an audience. She was completely humiliated and wanted this to end. Then she felt her hips being pulled up and then something was placed under her and kept her ass in the air. She had a feeling this was not going to be good for her.

“Now my captivated audience, BEHOLD!! Her naked ass! It is a nice ass isn’t it?” Madam Yukuri laughed as she patted the well rounded ass. “As you may be aware, when someone cums, and poor Annie her came her brains out, their bodies are extremely sensitive. See how messy her pussy is? Such a pretty messy pussy. I think her ass is going to be off this world ticklish! Anyone want to find out?”

Annie blushed 40 shades of red when she heard the audience explode in delight. She heard all the voices screaming for her ass to be tickle violated. She closed her eyes and tried to hope this wasn’t going to be too bad. “EEEKK!!” she screamed. No, this was going to be horrible!!

Madam Yukuri used the tips of her nails and tickled all over the exposed ass cheeks, sending Annie into hysterical laughter. The ass was wiggling, but with the hip holder she placed under the hips, there was no way for Annie to escape. She continued to dance her nails all over the ass and the back of the thighs making her victim scream even louder. Madam Yukuri loved ticklish asses. She loved watching them clench open and close and she especially loved when she zipped her nails along a delicate ass crack. She used a single index fingers and zipped it up and down the ass crack and was rewarded with such wonderful shrill laughter. The ass tried to close, but she kept tickling it. She then stopped her tickling torment. She wanted to her Annie beg.

“Please…..cough cough….please…. no…cough cough.. no more…” Annie panted.

Madam Yukuri laughed and then directed the two submissives to come near the vulnerable ass. “Ladies, I want you each to grab an ass cheek and keep them separated. I think it is time to torment her ass hole… If you do a good job, you can have your way with her feet again…” Madam Yukuri offered.

Annie heard what Madam Yukuri said and started to beg like crazy! Her ass was so sensitive and now her hole was going to be tickled? She felt small hands grabbing her ass cheeks and felt her ass wide opened! She started to whimper when she heard the crowd reacting to seeing her poor defenseless hole. She tried to clench her ass, but those two submissives held tight. How much more humiliation could she go through?

Madam Yukuri looked at her audience, then held up a small artist brush. She smiled when the crowd roared because they knew that simple little tool would have devastating effects on a ticklish ass hole. She then slowly stroke the brush around the outside edges of the hole and was rewarded with a horrific scream. “Tickle tickle little hole…”

Annie screamed. She really SCREAMED. That brush was like it went all the way through her very soul. The sensations was something she never experienced before. She felt the brush tickling the outer edges, then twirling right in the center of the hole. There was nothing she could do but laugh. She couldn’t close her ass cheeks, so her vulnerable hole was at the complete mercy of Madam Yukuri. She went right back into her silent laughter as the brush continued its tickle path of cruelty.

Madam Yukuri started to whistle the tune of “Whistle while you work” as she twirled, poked, stroked and dug in with the brush. The creams of Annie and then the silent laughter thrilled her to no end. She knew very soon Annie would lose all sense of reality and will be a great tickle slave. She started to daydream of tickling Annie everyday while tickling the hole still. She would assign days of tickle torment. Monday would be nipple day. Tuesday tummy day and so on. She thought about how her victim would cum many times to make her body even more ticklish. She started to get really excited. She felt her own pussy get more wet. She then snapped out of her trance and stopped the tickling. Annie was motionless. The poor girl passed out.

The audience was in a frenzy! They never witnessed at this BDSM party something like this. A tickle victim actually passing out from the tickling torment. It was such a great show! The atmosphere of the demonstration brought out their own carnal desire to see true tickle torture. They didn’t know what Madam Yukuri’s real plans were, they thought the two ladies were best of friends. They wish they were the submissives. What they didn’t know was the two submissives were actually slaves of Madam Yukuri!

Madam Yukuri let the two submissives go back to Annie’s feet so they could play with them however they saw fit. Madam Yukuri went over to the audience to chat with them and tell them how much fun this was. After a few minutes she saw Annie’s eyes open and giggles coming out as the two submissives were running their fingers up and down the trapped soles. She loved hearing the pathetic laughter and she couldn’t help but smile.

“You see folks, this is how you tickle a woman’s body. You tickle her until she can’t take it anymore. You find each and every spot she is ticklish and you torment it over and over again. Look at her. She is broken. Thank you for watching!” she laughed. Madam Yukuri then told her submissives to stop. She walked over to them and kissed each one which was an obvious treat for them. She then commanded them to free their new toy.

Annie kept giggling even though the tickling stopped. As she giggled, she couldn’t help but cry. She never expected the tickling to be this brutal. She never expected to be tickled in front of everyone. She was naked, exhausted and her nerves were on fire. She was feeling a rush of happiness as she felt her limbs being freed. She then was slowly pulled up and she sat on the edge of the rack. The two submissives were caring for her as they wiped her tears, hugged her and gave her sweet kisses on her cheek. She looked up and saw the audience leaving. She was feeling grateful her ordeal was over. Once the room was empty except for Madam Yukuri, and her two submissives, she saw the Asian Mistress approach her.

“Feeling ok Annie?” Madam Yukuri asked as her hand caressed the swollen cheek.

“Yes…I..I think I am ok.. You really tortured me…” Annie gasped.

“Yes I did.. But you enjoyed it. Down deep you loved being humiliated like that…” Yukuri replied with a devious smile.

Annie blushed. She didn’t know what to think. Her mind was confused because as much as she was tormented, as much as she was humiliated, there was a certain rush that she enjoyed. The orgasm was the most powerful one she ever had in life. But, she wanted to go home, shower and go to bed now. “Can I have my clothes now?” she asked, realizing she was still very naked.

“Um, no. You don’t get to wear clothes right now. You will wear something I have for you in the other room.” Madam Yukuri laughed. “Now, get up and follow me.” She said, then placed a collar around Annie’s neck with a leash.

Annie slowly got up and hung her head in shame. She felt a tug on the leash and she began to walk. She walked a little slow as her legs felt like jelly. She walked towards the door and then into the main hallway. She realized the party was STILL going on. As she walked she noticed eyes from the party goers on her. She tried to cover her private areas, but the Black submissive woman pulled her hands away.

“No, you will not cover up! Be a good girl or Mistress will punish you!” she said in a hushed tone.

Annie continued to hang her head in shame as her tender barefeet walked across the cold concrete. This was humiliating as she knew everyone saw her nakedness. Her hair was matted to the side of her face, and she felt the two submissives grabbing at her ass a few times. She even heard some members catcalling her as they saw a naked woman pass in front of them. She noticed she was being led to what appeared to be a back room and when she entered, it was actually the outside! “Where are we?”

A car then pulled up and a door opened. Madam Yukuri smiled and then face Annie. She then pulled the leash and forced Annie into her body. She then put her face directly into Annie’s. “Listen bitch and listen good! You will get your naked ass with those BIG feet into that car and won’t say a word! You will be my slave from now on! I am going to tickle you EVERY. SINGLE. DAY for years to come! Or I might sell you off to the highest bidder! So I suggest you say goodbye to your life as you knew it because YOU. ARE. MINE!”

Annie’s eyes popped open in sheer terror! She was going to become what??!!! She tried to turn around and run for the door, but the leash around her neck was pulled quite viciously and she fell to the ground. She then felt her body scooped up by the two submissives and thrown into the back seat of the waiting car. She felt her hands getting tied behind her back and a ball gag shoved into her mouth. The car door was slammed shut and then sped off.

Madam Yukuri watched the car speed off and she smiled. Another day, another victim. She then saw the club bouncer, smiled and handed him $10,000 in cash in a brown paper bag. He grinned and walked off. His job was to get rid of Annie’s clothes and her car. She was to never be seen or heard from again……


Annie crawled into the bedroom with a pink collar on her neck. The collar was inscribed with the name “Annie Pet” on it and was studded with metal spikes. She made it over to Madam Yukuri who had her feet up on a footrest and her boots were off. Annie knew she had to massage these feet. She had to be careful. If she even made any kind of tickling sensation, she was going to be severely punished. She had done this on occasion before and her feet paid a dear ticklish price. She couldn’t cry anymore because her will was broken. She was now a tickle slave to Madam Yukuri and her mind accepted her fate. She wondered if anyone ever looked for her. She wondered if anyone cared. She had endured the most horrific tickle torture nearly every day. Sunday was her only day off. She had so many orgasms she lost count. She was grateful that she was never sold to some ruthless buyer, but nonetheless, she no longer had her personal freedom. She was “Annie Pet” forever. As she massaged the gorgeous feet, she could overhear her Mistress on the phone.

“Yes…..It is time I find this Mistress Tiffany. I think she needs to learn a brutal lesson. I even have her collar ready….That’s right, it says Tiff Tiff…Set the plan in motion and thank you for the information! I am going to break her just like my dear Annie Pet here….” Madam Yukuri cooed.