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    Sensory Research Day 3 (ff/f)

    Lights filled the room, as they did the previous day. This time Melissa was already awake, she had barely slept. A mixture of being uncomfortable in her straight jacket, the fear of what her friends are thinking and what they could possibly do to her. The door unlocked and opened, in walked the two guards, straight to Melissa’s bed. Without speaking or making eye contact with Melissa they untied her ankles from the bed frame and stood back.

    “Aren’t you going to help me up” Melissa said in a moody tone.

    Neither guard spoke.

    “I guess I will just struggle myself” she said whilst rolling her eyes. She slid her legs over the side of the bed and rocked herself to her feet. “Can you take this jacket off now, I need to go to the toilet”.

    The guards smiled at each other and put their hands on Melissa’s shoulders, ushering her out of the room. They walked down the corridor past doors 1 and 2, Melissa tried to slow down to have a look but she was forced forwards by the guards. She tried to plant her feet firmly down but the guards pushed her again, her feet sliding on the floor, with help from the wooly socks. They walked straight past the other rooms until they reached room 5, one of the guards unlocked and opened the door, whilst the other forced Melissa inside.

    The lights came on showing an empty room, all that was there was some cuffs hanging from the ceiling and another set on the floor. The guards positioned Melissa in the center of the room, next to the cuffs. Bending down they spread Melissa’s legs to shoulder width and cuffed each ankle to the floor. They took off the straight jacket, to their amazement, Melissa didn’t even struggle, she just held her hands out. The guards took a wrist each and lifted her arms up to the cuff, securing each wrist. Melissa’s arms loosely hung down as one guard secured a blindfold over her eyes. She stood there in just her pants and the wooly socks.

    “Subject 3” the voice said on the speaker. “Today your friends will be invited into the room. For your freedom, all you have to do is ‘keep them from finding out the truth about their experiences’. Sounds simple, right?”

    Melissa did not reply, she just put both middle fingers up. She heard the guards walking away, exiting the room.

    Melissa hung there for a few minutes before a cranking noise caught Melissa’s attention, her arms were slowly pulled up towards the ceiling. She was forced up onto her tip toes, stretching her completely out, each rib visible and stomach tensed.

    A few more minutes passed before the door opened slowly.

    “Well, well, well. Would you look at this snake Beth” Jennifer said in an annoyed tone.

    “I can’t see a snake babe, just a fucking rat” Beth replied, equally pissed off.

    Melissa took a deep breath and she heard the 2 girls approach.

    “Look, I’m sorry” Melissa pleaded.


    Melissa just shook her head.

    “Eeek” Melissa let out a squeal as Jennifer dragged a single nail down her exposed side. “Please don’t, I will do anything”.

    “Aww, looks like someone appears to be ticklish” Beth mocked. “Now you will know how bad it was for us”.

    Beth pinched Melissa’s side causing Melissa to try and jerk away. “I don’t think you will be going anywhere in a hurry she laughed”

    “Please don’t” Melissa pleaded. “You just don’t understand”.

    It’s too late for begging” Jennifer said as she stood in front of Melissa’s bound body. “So, where would you like to start Beth?

    “Ooooooo, so many places to tickle” Beth said with glee, walking around Melissa to the rear. She reached her hands around Melissa and skittled her finger nails inside both of Melissa’s armpits.

    “AAAAAHHAHAHAHA” Melissa cried out, tugging on her wrist cuffs.

    “This is going to be fun” Beth joked.

    Jennifer dug her nails into Melissa’s sides.

    “AHAHAHAHANOOTTTT THHEERREEEEEEAHAHAHAHA” Melissa squealed, wriggling from side to side trying to shake them off.

    “Ahhh, look at the poor ticklish rat” Beth joked again as she kept torturing Melissa’s armpits with her manicured nails.


    Jennifer ran her nails up and down Melissa’s sensitive ribs causing Melissa to sway back and forth as she laughed and pleaded with the pair.

    Finally they gave her a brief break.

    “EXPLAIN YOURSELF” Jennifer shouted.

    “I can’t” Melissa sobbed.

    “FINE” Jennifer snapped back. “If you don’t want to apologise, then we won’t be needing to hear from you for a while”. She took out a gag and shoved it in Melissa’s mouth. “Can you do the honors Beth?”

    “My pleasure” Beth replied with a smile as she fastened up the gag under Melissa’s hair.

    Jennifer stood in front of Melissa, her finger tips an inch away from Melissa’s skin, carefully deciding where to attack next.

    “MMPPPHHAHAHAHA” Melissa screamed with laughter into her gag as Jennifer dug her nails into each hip.

    “Is your little round bum ticklish?” Beth questioned but before Melissa could give a muffled reply she lightly tickled her bum with all fingers and thumb nails, sending Melissa into violent rocking and jolting as she tried to escape.

    “I take that as a yes” Beth joked. “Tickle, tickle, tickle” she mocked as she continued to torment Melissa’s bum cheeks, exposed just enough from her tight underwear.

    The two tormented Melissa’s hips and bum for the next 10 minutes before allowing Melissa some time to recover. She breathed heavily into her gag.

    “Awwww, was that bad?” Jennifer joked. Melissa just shook her head slowly, astonished that this was happening.

    “It wasn’t?” Beth questioned.

    “MMMPPHHH” Melissa quickly and hastily blurted into her gag.

    “Maybe she likes being tickled” Jennifer joked.

    “MMMMPPPPHHHHH” Melissa replied, just as quickly.

    “Hmmm, a firm yes” Beth mocked. “You take the bottom half, I will take the top half”.

    Melissa sighed into her gag just before Jennifer attacked her thighs and knees with her nails causing Melissa to jolt once again. Beth’s hands reappeared from behind Melissa and started tickling her tensed stomach.

    “MMMAHAHAHAHAHAMMPPHHHHAHAHAHAH” Melissa squealed into her gag as the two girls poked, prodded and tickled Melissa’s exposed flesh. She bounced around as much as her shackles would let her but not enough to escape their tickling fingers.

    After another 10 minutes of torment, Beth walked around to the front of Melissa and whispered something into Jennifer’s ear. The both looked straight at Melissa’s small, perky breasts with a smile before moving one hand each towards them, wriggling their fingers before making contact.

    “AAMAMAMAMAMMAMMMPPPPPHHHH” Melissa exploded again, bouncing around, making her small breasts wriggle as her nipples with tortured. Both girls stood to Melissa’s side, whilst continuing their tickling on her breasts they used their other free hand to tickle Melissa’s bum. For the next 10 minutes, Melissa screamed into her gag, bouncing and wriggling around. Beth removed Melissa gag.

    “Ready to talk?” She questioned

    “I-I-I can’t” Melissa panted out.

    “We have all the time in the world, honey” Beth replied angrily before digging a single nail into Melissa’s belly button and wriggling it around.

    “Hahahahaha” Melissa laughed out trying to suck in her stomach. “Please, you don’t understand”.

    “We don’t understand?” Jennifer questioned. “No, you don’t understand” she said as she sunk her nails back into Melissa’s sweating armpits.


    “Keep going babe, we have got her” Beth joked to Jennifer.

    The two tickled and tickled until their fingers were aching.

    “STTAAAAAPPPPP AHAHAHAHAHA” Melissa called out in a fit of laughter. The two girls stopped and took a step back.

    “Something to say?” Beth asked.

    “It, It, It wasn’t me” Melissa panted out, hanging her head in shame.

    Beth took off Melissa’s blindfold to reveal Melissa’s tearful eyes.

    “What do you mean it wasn’t you?” Jennifer questioned. “You sent us the texts and you tickled the shit out of our feet”.

    “It wasn’t me” Melissa sobbed back. “It was Dr Fitz….”

    The lights turned off and a hissing noise started.

    “WHAT’S THAT?” Beth said in a panic.

    “I’m not sure” Jennifer replied. “But I feel funny”.

    Jennifer collapsed to the floor, soon followed by Beth. Melissa passed out, slumped, still held upright by the bonds.

    Jennifer was first to wake up to the bright lights above her. She slowly came to the knowledge that she was tied naked to a table, arms tied above her, feet locked in stocks. She wriggled her toes to feel the woolen material of the socks she had covering them. She looked to her left slowly to see the same fate for the sleeping Beth. She looked right to see Melissa staring back at her, tied in the same way.

    “I’m so sorry” Melissa said. “I thought the same as you two about the research”.

    “It’s OK” Jennifer replied.

    “It’s not” Melissa sobbed. “If I could have just passed their test. None of us would be here right now”.

    “Its’s fine” Jennifer replied, trying to put on a brave face in front of her crying roommate. “We all just need to be brave and strong, then we will be freed”.

    Jennifer turned her head to Beth, she was still passed out. “How does she sleep for so long?” Jennifer joked, causing a giggle out of Melissa.

    The TV screen turned on in front of them, revealing a room with 2 chairs, one empty and one occupied by Dr Fitzgerald. The two stared at the screen.


    “Come in” Dr Fitzgerald replied.

    The two girls stared in horror as they saw Beth’s mum enter the room.

    “Oh Fuck” Melissa said shocked. The two girls starred at each other in shock before turning back to the screen to see Beth’s mum, Susan take a seat in the room. For an older woman, she was stunning. 5 foot 3, shoulder length black hair and perfect olive skin.

    “Is this the study that my Beth is doing?” Susan asked.

    “It is” Dr Fitzgerald replied. “All of her friends are taking part, but you are the first Mother we have had respond”.

    “I’m sure they will” Susan responded. “What exactly does it involve? The message I got from Beth was very brief”.

    “I’m glad you asked” Dr Fitzgerald said in a soft tone. “We are testing the sensitivity of people to find similar traits within their gene pool”.

    “Sensitive, like emotional?” Susan said with a look of confusion.

    “Well, that can come into it, but mainly testing the skins sensitivity”

    “Oh no” Susan laughed. “I am EXTREMELY ticklish”.

    “Like mother, like daughter then” Dr Fitzgerald joked with a smile. Both women laughed for a few seconds.

    “I’m surprised that Bethy wanted to do this. She is just as ticklish as me” Susan replied. “But, you know how students are with money”.

    “It gets them all” Dr Fitzgerald joked. “So then, what parts of the body are you sensitive on?”.

    “Oh gosh” Susan sighed. “Them all. My neck, arms, the whole of my torso, legs”.

    “So not your feet then?” Dr Fitzgerald asked whilst writing on her clipboard.

    “My feet are soooooo sensitive. I can’t even get a pedicure, I have to give myself one. And even that tickles” she laughed.

    “And would you say that your daughter has the same levels of sensitivity as you” Dr Fitzgerald said with a professional tone.

    “Most definitely” Susan replied. “The worst place imaginable for both of us is under our toes”.

    “Interesting” Dr Fitzgerald responded. “Now, shall we get on with the physical checks?”

    “If Beth can get through it and still be here, then I’m sure I can” Susan joked. “As long as you stay away from my feet”.

    “I’m sure we can come to some sort of arrangement” Dr Fitzgerald replied, ushering Susan out of the room, before looking back at the camera and smiling. The TV screen went black.

    The two girls stared at each other in horror.

    “Shall we tell Beth?” Melissa asked.

    “Tell me what?” Beth asked, groggily.

    Jennifer shook her head whilst clamping her lips shut.

    “Eeerrrrmmmm. That bitch has tricked us again.” Melissa replied nervously.

    “I know” Beth replied slowly. “But, what can they do apart from tickle us. I know its horrible but its only a couple of hours a day. We best get paid all of our money at the end of it”.

    Jennifer just shook her head at Melissa. Beth was going to get the surprise of her life soon.

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    Wonderful chapter in this fine series.
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    Love this series! Can’t wait what happens to the mums!

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