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    Kelly's Ticklish Cyber-Friend (F/M - Explicit)

    Back with another alternate take on my Kelly character. This story was another long time coming, but it's special to me, I hope you dig it. All characters over 18. All feedback appreciated. Enjoy!

    The young man – in his late 20s - was a few years out of college. With a healthy trust fund, he was able to buy a house in the Southeast portion of the country. Despite his money, he worked at home, just for something to do. Aside from that, he was enjoying being on his own; starting a life for himself. He preferred staying in, talking to people online, rather than going out to socialize. Perusing others’ friends on a social network, he gravitated to a woman named Kelly. An unattached college professor in her late 40s, she lived on the opposite end of the country. So, they felt safe to be open in their chats, not imagining they’d even see each other any time soon. As they grew to know each other better, they got honest with their feelings. Kelly insinuated she was not ‘model-thin’, he didn’t care. They’d seen each other’s photos. She was a cute, fully-figured blonde, not shy about sporting little bikinis. He insinuated he used her photos to pleasure himself. She was flattered.

    You’re naughty, I’m going to spank you. She wrote.

    Once we eventually meet, if you don’t repeatedly whack me as hard as you can on the bare butt, with a wooden, paddle-like implement...I will be VERY disappointed in you. Seriously. He responded.

    Kelly sent back a wink-kiss emoji, while biting her lower lip in real life.

    One early morning, Kelly surprised the young man with a Skype audio call. She wanted to talk to him as she got ready for work.

    “Wait... you’re dressing in the closet?” the young man asked. “But you can’t actually see me. There’s no video, doofus!”

    “Shut up,” she responded with a laugh. “I’m just a little shy. If you haven’t already figured it out, I like you.” She felt embarrassed. “You know...like-like.”

    Since the cat was out of the bag, he let her off the hook.

    “I like-like you too, Kelly.” He was flattered that a woman of her age was shy around him.

    She heaved a sigh of relief. It was all out in the open now.

    “For that little confession, young man, you owe me a secret of your own. I’m not leaving here till I get it. I’ll be late to campus, I don’t care.”

    The young man had one prepared. Still, he hesitated.

    “Well... As long as it stays between us...”

    “Of course! Now, quit teasing me!”

    “Well, I’m...very...horribly...Ticklish. All over.”

    Kelly let a deep-throated laugh escape. “Really??? Wow... That was VERY brave. Anyway, I gotta finish dressing, so let me go, and we’ll connect back later. Talk soon!”

    As Kelly hung up the call, he wondered if he hadn’t made a terrible mistake. ‘Nah,’ he thought. ‘It’s not as if we’ll be seeing each other soon.

    A couple weeks went by. Kelly had not reached out to the young man. He thought that to be odd, but at the same time, he kept busy enough with freelance work, he barely noticed. Just as he started to miss her, he found a link to a password-protected online photo gallery. It was in an e-mail from Kelly. She instructed him to use the password she was going to text him...and enjoy. The text came, and he gained access without incident.

    The gallery, as it was, contained only a single photo, with the caption: “From your no-longer-secret admirer”. It was a close-up of Kelly’s bare chest. Slightly drooping C-cups, with cute pink nipples, and wide cleavage. That was all, as Kelly was still too shy to show her stomach to him, despite the fact he was no stranger to her bikini-clad form. ‘She must definitely like me.’ He thought. He saved the photo to a secure thumb drive. Then, he texted her a thank-you message.

    No problem. You deserved something special, and I owed you something brave, after your bravery to me. See you soon!

    He was touched. He thought nothing of that ‘See you soon’, much less that she’d mean it literally.


    One Saturday, another week later, the young man decided to clear his head of Miss Kelly; as he hadn’t heard from her since receiving that photo. He threw on swim trunks and a T-shirt, and was preparing to hit the beach. Just as he gathered everything towards the door, he heard a slight commotion, maybe a car’s engine, as if there was someone right outside. He grabbed the doorknob carefully, and opened the door cautiously.


    There in front of him, wearing frizzy blonde hair and a see-thru beach cover (blue bikini underneath), was his quasi-girlfriend, Kelly.

    “Kelly!” His genuine happiness to see her overrode how he felt about the barge-in. “What are you doing here? Not that I’m complaining.”

    “Sorry I hadn’t been keeping in touch,” She placed her sunglasses in the oversized beach bag she was holding. “But I wanted this to be a big surprise. You remember a while ago we Google-mapped each other’s houses? I knew you wouldn’t mind.” She noticed his own beach bag. “Ah, great minds think alike!” She shed her beach cover, leaving herself bikini clad, right in front of him. She was tall and sturdy. Aside from her tummy bulging down, hiding her bikini bottoms in front (which she was self-conscious over), what looked like fat was only a layer of cellulite, hiding muscle for days. He saw a pendant dangling from her neck, a heart behind a feather. He decided to make a move.

    “Oh hey, I like your necklace. Let me get a closer look.” She moved forward, as if granting permission, and he held the heart/feather gently in his hand. “What is that, a leaf?” he asked, genuinely not able to tell.

    She gave him another one of her throaty laughs. “Something like that...”

    He let go of the jewelry, gently moving his index finger down the middle of her chest, until his arm came down naturally to his side.

    Aside from a shiver of delight down her spine, Kelly didn’t object. He decided to press his luck.

    He grabbed her head gently with his other hand, and they merged in a passionate make-out session. It was a natural blur. When they halted, they discovered they were now bare-chested in front of one another.

    Kelly looked down at her breasts, then back up at him.

    “Uh...oh... That was naughty. And you know naughty boys...get...” Kelly started. She reached into her bag.

    “SPANKINGS!” she finished, as she brandished a large wooden hairbrush in front of him. Kelly smacked the thick flat handle against her palm. “Come on... You literally asked for this.” She started to read off his chat quote about how he wanted to be punished.

    “OKAY, OKAY...” he acquiesced. “Let’s do this.”

    “Shorts OFF, young man!” She bossed. He stripped them, leaving him naked. Kelly technically had the upper hand with one article of clothing still on her body.

    She sat on his couch, he laid across her lap. Kelly wound up, and...


    “YEEEOOOUUCCHH!!” he cried.

    Kelly punished his bottom for twenty minutes, until it was bright red and close to bleeding. She stopped, and rubbed baby oil on his bottom, till his tears of pain went away. Kelly then had him lay across the couch with his feet in her lap. She massaged his legs as they chatted away, like the friends they were. He was oblivious to the fact that his package was getting harder the longer she touched him. Once it was unmistakable to her, Kelly shifted the topic of conversation.

    “You know, good guess earlier on my pendant, but you see, it’s actually not a leaf,” she showed it to him. “It’s a feather.” she finished, with a devilish wink. She reached behind her while locking his ankles in her legs, trapping his feet. She came up with the hairbrush, hiding it behind his feet...


    “We’ve been loose with our lives and feelings with each other, but we must be very careful with secrets. You were brave to tell me yours. Likewise, I am just as brave to take advantage. As I have...a foot-tickle fetish!”


    “Hey, that is SO ADORABLE! You laugh JUST like my favorite cartoon character, Daffy Duck!” Kelly proclaimed, as she relentlessly played the stiff horsehair brush upon every inch of his soles. “I’m going to call you ‘Daffy’ from now on.” she continued. “Short for ‘Laffy Daffy’! Sound good?”

    Daffy could only nod slightly, as he continued to sound like his cartoon counterpart, after getting one over on the wabbit. Only after she could see him turning purple in the face, did she slow down and stop. Once he was calm, she got another good look at his enlarged package. Deciding to be cute, Daffy asked:

    “Care to give me a blowjob?” as his eyes darted from her, to his waist.

    “Blowjob, huh? Okay...”

    Just as he got excited, Kelly scooted him so that his top half laid across her lap, then...



    “Oh no...” Kelly said, disappointed. “You don’t sound like Daffy on your tummy!”

    “I said a blowjob!”

    She looked back at his package and feigned understanding.

    “OHHHH! Hehehe... You thought I meant... NO. I don’t do those. They’re gross. Besides, why would I want to put something you pee with, inside my mouth, Daffy Boy?”

    He hadn’t thought about that, but she did have a point.

    “Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be having my way with that soon. ‘My bed is OUR bed...’ you once told me, right?” She winked. “Anyway, so if you ask for a blow job... I’ll be doing this...” Kelly gave him a long, wet raspberry.


    “Good try, Daffy Boy, but it’s just not the same.

    She gave him a few more, then helped him back to the ankle-lock positioning. This time, she used her brush on the undersides of his toes, exclusively.


    As she was making him suffer, Kelly grabbed her phone to cancel her hotel reservation.


    “...Okay great, thank you. Oh, no, I’m fine. That’s just the TV, I’m watching cartoons...” She hung up.

    “I have the whole summer off, my dear Daffy Boy. That’s more than three months of togetherness and tickle time. Won’t that be fun?”

    As Kelly reached for her phone again to invite some local girlfriends over, Mr. Daffy laughed his ass off. In his fleeting sanity, he realized that although he found a true love, his openness had cost him dearly. Falling unconscious, but still alive, Kelly kissed him while giving a girlfriend of hers, his address.


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    part 2 maybe

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    Feb 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by Tim29842003 View Post
    part 2 maybe
    Once I can formulate one, sure. Glad you enjoyed!

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    Dec 2010
    I hope there is a part 2 that was brilliant

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    Feb 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by slavepat View Post
    I hope there is a part 2 that was brilliant
    Thank you! I'll work on one. Glad you enjoyed!

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    Wonderful story! I envy him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by milagros317 View Post
    Wonderful story! I envy him.
    Thank you so much! There WILL be another chapter soon.

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    Jun 2002
    Great start... and now her friends are coming!

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    Feb 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by purple2306 View Post
    Great start... and now her friends are coming!
    Now I just have to figure out who they are. Stay tuned!

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