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    Talking Tickle Tutor #5: The Terrible Origin of Jai Lin [BRAND NEW!]

    Hello Friends!

    Whether you are a long-time reader or this is your first time checking out one of my stories I do hope you are all staying safe and well in these most peculiar times. In light of the strange troubles we find ourselves in, I offer some distraction in the form of perhaps the most sadistic, most outrageous and most boundary pushing (boundary breaking?!) story I've ever put out. Honestly, after writing 'The End' on this one part of me thought "What have I done???", which I think is worth noting after almost 20 years of writing tales of cruel, ruthless tickle torture!

    If you ARE new to my work or even just the Tickle Tutor series, fear not. You won't need to go back and read the previous four entries to enjoy this story. This new piece will standalone for you to enjoy. That being said, if you have read the previous entries there's going to be a lot peppered here throughout for you to pick up on!

    As always, whether you end up enjoying this story or not, please do take the time to leave a comment (or send a PM!) with your thoughts after you're done. I worked particularly hard on this one and I'd really appreciate hearing your thoughts, be they compliments or criticisms!

    Enough preamble! Enjoy!



    Tickle Tutor #5: The Terrible Origin of Jai Lin

    By TickleMantis


    Chapter One: Kanpekina

    Jai Lin was the name she would one day be given, and her first memory was of her parents selling their only daughter. She remembered little about the small rural island off Japan’s south coast where she was born. Nor did she remember the name they called her those first few years. Always tall for her age, the studious and quiet girl had only one clear memory before attending the Kanpekina School. Men in suits had dragged her away from her family’s tiny farmhouse, and it was the last time she could truly remember screaming.

    Her story was a common one among students of Kanpekina. Exclusively female and referred to only as ‘Surēbu’ by the severely strict faculty, each student was a nameless orphan. More often than not the girls were sold by poor or desperate parents, set for life with the money they received. The Kanpekina School, as each girl quickly learned, was a place of unwavering and absolute obedience. Located high in the desolate mountains of Iturup and accessible only by helicopter or a narrow cliff-side path, the large four story building was all but inescapable and very, very old. Held strong by a wooden frame as sturdy in modern times as it had been when first built, the schools curved, red tile roof required little maintenance. According to legend, passed down by girls over many decades, the Kanpekina School was once a training center for spies and assassins throughout the centuries.

    Many rumors were whispered among the Surēbu as they were raised among paper-walls and lavish gardens, but only one thing was certain, each girl upon her eighteenth birthday would become full Kanpekina. Educated in a great many subjects, Kanpekina were highly skilled in the culinary arts, dance, massage, conversation and seduction. Each were taught multiple languages, high fashion, world history, the art of conversation, and the varying etiquettes of numerous cultures. Their manners impeccable, by the time each student was ready to be sold once again, not a single graduate ever displayed anything beyond the utmost respect to their teachers and new masters alike. Highly desired by those with enough money and influence to know of their existence, the Kanpekina held a reputation for exclusivity and status. The pinnacle of personal-servants among those of unfathomable wealth. Or, as some might put it more plainly; the finest slaves in all the world.

    Five weeks to the day after her eighteenth birthday, the most curvaceous of the girls stood alongside three of her sisters. Though the other graduates were all slightly older than her, the green eyed girl towered above them at an unusual 6ft tall. The faculty, all dressed in tight fitting black cloth, appeared to be in quite a relative state of fluster. A guest was arriving soon, a potential buyer to inspect their wares, and as such all-available Kanpekina were required to stand on display in the school’s central courtyard. On a slightly raised wooden floor that surrounded the yard’s exquisite garden, the four girls remained eerily still. Their heads bowed and hands crossed gently over their lower abdomens.

    Ever graceful, the students had their hair styled with traditional ornaments and wore flowing, finely crafted kimonos. One red, one blue, a green and a yellow, the detailed silk garbs accentuated each girl’s individual assets. Every aspect of a Kanpekina’s appearance, no matter how minor, was obsessively prepared, even down to the wool-lined slippers snuggly fit around their feet.

    When the staff scurried away, only the sound of a small garden waterfall could be heard. Standing second from the right, her kimono matching the jade green of her eyes, the youngest of the group used her obvious height difference to covertly examine her more diminutive partners. Not only did the nameless teen’s outfit require several more inches to fit, but her shoe size was a good deal larger than that of her daintier companions. It was this, and her sizable bust, that lead the Amazonian girl to begin wondering if her differences would be a benefit or a curse. As the curvaceous teen began to weigh the pros and cons of being sold, Madam Ui entered the garden.

    Flanked by the Kanpekina School’s elderly head of staff Lady Botan, Madam Ui walked across the wooden platform with stern purpose. The girls, continuing to stare downward, had all heard of Madam Ui. A sour faced woman in her early-thirties, she had been Kanpekina herself many years before. Dressed in all black, her short dark hair waving sensibly down to her shoulders, Ui wore a tight fitting long sleeve top, equally as tight pants and a pair of high heeled boots that bought her from an average 5’2ft to a slightly more impressive 5’5ft. Stopping abruptly before the four young women, the decisive Madam glanced an unimpressed gaze over each of them.

    “This one.” Madam Ui said in well-spoken English, staring directly through the tallest of their selection.

    “Very good.” Lady Botan said softly, giving a barely noticeable nod.

    Before the head mistress had even finished her nod, two male staff members with short cut hair rushed out from a door behind the girls. Carrying a heavy wooden chair each, and avoiding all eye contact, the dutiful pair placed one chair directly behind the girl in green, and one in front. As quickly as they had arrived, the speedy duo disappeared, sliding a paper door closed behind them. Not one of the four girls on display dared move a muscle.

    “Sit.” Speaking softly, Lady Botan motioned a single withered hand to their guest’s chosen teen.

    Without looking up, and keeping her hands gently crossed over one another, the impeccably dressed graduate in green sat down on the chair behind her. Madam Ui moved a moment later, her brief footsteps not making a sound as she sat on the other chair, facing her potential new purchase. Suddenly, the statuesque young woman felt a hint of nervousness creep into her stomach. She knew how to be an excellent servant, of that there was no question, but the Kanpekina School was all the well-toned girl had ever known. To leave it’s walls, to leave the mountain, it would be so strange. Of course she knew of the world outside, but to actually see it, to breath different air and take orders from unknown people, it was enough to rattle an otherwise unshakable heartbeat.

    “Place your right foot on Madam Ui’s lap.” Lady Botan instructed.

    “You may look at me.” Their icy guest said as the green-eyed girl extended her long right leg out straight.

    Lifting her chin, the sheepish teen placed her heel with great care atop the visitor’s left knee. For a moment, Madam Ui looked the uncertain girl directly in the eye, a gaze she held long enough to make sure the timid schoolgirl became even more unnerved. As the older woman’s attention turned toward the slipper resting on her knee, the increasingly anxious girl wanted to glance at Lady Botan. But, the ever-compliant teen knew full well that even such a seemingly tiny, barely noticeable act, would be met with immediate punishment. Instead she simply watched as Madam Ui cupped the bottom of the slipper in her hands, and very carefully removed it from the young woman’s slender foot.

    As with every other inch of herself, be the area visible or not, the nameless girl had taken meticulous care of her feet. Her soles creamy white, the silky arches wrinkled slightly beneath plump pink balls. Resting the slipper on her other knee, Madam Ui curled her right hand over the teen’s ankle, causing her long toes to wiggle involuntarily. A strange sensation, the mindful girl thought, to have any part of herself move without deliberate action. Moving her free hand, twisting her long fingernails into a claw shape, the older woman motioned slowly toward the hesitant girl. Much like professional dancers, the Kanpekina always moved with deliberate purpose. Now however, much to her invisible surprise the tall girl’s bare foot twitched beyond her control. A second later Madam Ui’s five talons stroked slowly across the young lady’s sole.

    “YEEHEE!” A loud squeal tore from between the teen’s full lips. Overcome with shame, she jerked her ankle out from the stern visitor’s grip, and planted her foot directly on the floor. It was the loudest noise she had made in well over a decade.

    “Baka!” Lady Botan barked in sharp Japanese, and began to quickly motion a rapidly waving hand at the other three girls. “Kanojo o tomeru!”

    Feeling her cheeks blush bright red, the unnamed girl bowed her head and crossed her hands quickly across her lap. Even before her bare foot had hit the floor she knew the indignity of her actions was beyond the most humiliating of imaginable acts. How could she have made such a sound? Or disrespected their honored guest in such heinous fashion? Such foolishness was not in the green eyed girl’s nature, but it seemed in that split second she had lost all ability to reason. A lifetime of training and discipline had crumbled in the instant Madam Ui’s long nails raked over her buttery soft sole.

    “I am so sorry, Madam Ui.” The head mistress said, shaking her head softly. “That will not happen again.”

    Obeying orders, the other three graduates hurriedly positioned themselves around their disgraced classmate. To the seated teen’s surprise, the girl in yellow took a sudden firm grip of her left arm, while the girl in blue did the same to her right. Whe they started pulling her arms back, the worrisome teen dreaded how she may react, now that she could no longer trust her own body. The girl in red took a tight grasp of her trapped friend’s left ankle, pushing downward as hard as her small frame could manage. With a quiet cough from Lady Botan, the restrained Amazon looked up to see Madam Ui pointing a single index finger at her own knee. Gingerly, and determined to make a better second impression, the forcefully held teen put her bare foot back in the older woman’s lap.

    “You have probably never felt anything like this before…” Madam Ui said, turning to sit sideways in her chair. “…I know I had not, when I was your age.”

    “The girls are untouched.” Lady Botan gave an agreeable nod. “As ever.”

    “I would expect nothing less.” The special guest said, curling her right arm around the teen’s ankle.

    Her slender bare foot protruding out of from the crook of Madam Ui’s arm, the nameless girl stifled a tiny whimper. Spreading her toes in fearful anticipation, the unnerved teen tried to focus on her breathing. That half second of feeling the older woman’s sharp nails stroke across her delicate sole had been awful, and the anxious girl knew it would take all her will power to not embarrass herself a second time. Worse still, such outward displays of emotion were very much forbidden, never more so than in the company of a client. Of course, having been raised between the same walls as the recent graduates, Madam Ui knew this all too well.

    Curling her toes, the timid young woman couldn’t help but look forward as she felt slight movement against her leg. Slowly, the school’s honored guest had raised her free hand and was wiggling her fingers in the air. Just a few short inches from the unnamed girl’s vulnerable sole, her foot squirmed in dreaded anticipation, despite straining to keep still. Attempting to hide a deep breath, the tightly held teen looked to Lady Botan with wide eyed concern, only to receive a callous scowl in response. Her stomach sinking, the tense schoolgirl hadn’t quite yet broken eye contact with her hardnosed headmistress when Madam Ui’s five fingernails touched painfully smooth skin.

    “EEIIHA!” Throwing her head back, the green eyed girl squealed before pursing her lips in a fruitless attempt to silence herself. “MMHM! MMMHMHM!”

    Shaking her outstretched leg desperately, the panicked teen struggled as the visitor’s talons scribbled over her silky flesh. Holding tight, the three other girls fought hard to contain their friend. Madam Ui held just as firm, keeping a vice-like hold around the tall girl’s ankle. Whipping her head back and forth, the Amazonian young lady’s cheeks and forehead were red within seconds, her cheeks swollen as they tried to contain loud protests. As the Ui’s nails raked down from under the teen’s toes, across the balls and down toward her heels she could no longer hold back.

    “BAAAIIIEE! YAMERU! YAMERUUUHUHUHU!” A high pitched squealing erupted from between the shamed girl’s full lips, her ornate hair pieces quaking as she plead in her native tongue. “EEEHEEHEE! JIHI! JIHIHEEHEE!”

    Every fiber of her helplessly chaotic body wanted to break free. As the older woman’s nails continued to dance over the trapped teen’s wiggling bare foot, thoughts of humiliation and disgrace were rapidly pushed aside for an immediate need to get away. Not once in her life had the nameless young woman felt such an all-consuming sensation, nor been stripped so quickly and absolutely of her self-control. Flicking her head from side to side, the feverishly laughing girl hoped to catch the eye of one of her friends, but all three simply stared obediently toward the floor.

    Of course, through their education of the outside world all the Kanpekina knew that the right movement of one’s fingers on another’s nerves could potentially cause laughter. Such things, the graduates all knew, were no more than games for children and as such very little thought was ever given toward it. But, in that moment, as Madam Ui’s relentless touch continued to flicker up and down the nameless student’s sole, it had become all too apparent that she was in fact excruciatingly ticklish. If the squealing teen had ever given tickling more than a moment’s consideration, the only conclusion she would have reached would have been to simply ignore the sensation. Unable to escape and crying out for mercy between her squealing laughter, the green eyed girl had now thought about tickling more than ever before, and it only took a second to conclude that ignoring it was absolutely impossible.

    “JIHI! EEEIIEEHEE! PLEASE! EEHEEHEE!” The furiously struggling girl howled, hoping English might find more empathetic ears. “STAHAP! MADAHAHA! MADAM STOP! EEEIEEHEE!”

    “Insolent girl!” Lady Botan said bitingly, her words almost drowned out by the helplessly laughing teen. “Madam Ui can do with you as she pleases!”

    “Perhaps I will tickle you for an hour more!” The apparently cruel guest’s grim expression twisted into an impish smirk. “Would you like that, girl?”

    “NAHAHA! PLEHEASE! I BEG YOU!” The idea of being tickled for even another minute, let alone an entire hour, was enough to drive the young Amazonian mad with panic. “AHAHA! PLEASE MADAM! EEEIIEEE! I CANNOT STAND IT!”

    “Good.” Madam Ui said and stopped abruptly, standing upright and letting the breathless girl’s bare foot drop to the floor.

    Though it went unseen by the four graduates, their honored guest had given Lady Botan the tiniest of nods before turning to walk away. Seconds later, before the gasping young woman could even catch her breath, three male staff members rushed into the garden. In a whirlwind of motion, the three men put the tall girl’s slipper back on, stood her up from the chair and hurried her inside. Her hair was tidied and kimono unruffled. Wide eyed and without a word, the confused teen was pulled and pushed, through doors she had never been through and hallways she had never seen. Cold mountain air and sunlight caused the unnamed graduate to wince, opening her eyes just in time to see a slick black helicopter atop the roof.

    It was the first and last time the girl who would one day be named Jai Lin saw the view from the top of the Kanpekina School. As the men sat her down facing away from the pilot, they clicked a seatbelt over her waist and the perplexed teen could barely comprehend what had just happened. Opposite her, Madam Ui sat, her sour expression returned in full force. Within seconds the strange motion of flight took hold, and the large building she had formed almost every memory in grew smaller and smaller in the distance. When the confused girl could no longer make out the school, she focused on the mountain, and soon that too disappeared into the past.

    Chapter Two: The Master and The Madam

    The nameless girl had avoided Madam Ui’s gaze the entire flight. For most of the four-hour duration the immaculately styled teen watched the ocean pass beneath, peppered occasionally by the sight of far off coastal towns. Nothing had been said and nothing had been explained. A few short hours before, the secretly nervous teen had lead a life of total regimen. Everything, down to the most minute detail, was certain and predictable. Wake up, eat, clean, train, learn, cook, clean, sleep. Every single day for over fifteen years. Now her entire life was unclear, a bolder person might have asked a question about their future, but she was Kanpekina and knew better.

    “You are now in the service of Mr. Harold Deveno Senior.” Madam Ui broke the long silence, speaking in the exact moment the helicopter began to drop in altitude. “Have you heard this name before?”

    “Watashi wa sōde wa arimasen.” The meek young woman replied, shaking her head a little.

    “English, girl.” The steely-eyed woman said. “Where we are going, you will speak English.”

    Dipping left, the helicopter’s unfamiliar movements made the teen’s stomach jump. Sweeping in over the coastline, the dark haired girl watched as small buildings rushed beneath them, many houses clustered together along with various local businesses. Glancing over her shoulder to peer out the cockpit window she could see a large forested mountain looming over the town. At the top of the town, about a third of the way up the mountain’s rugged face sat an enormous complex with high walls around it’s numerous buildings. In the center stood a three-story mansion with a helicopter on the roof. The entire compound stood in stark contrast to the sleepy looking village that spread out under it, and carried on down to the ocean. Still, a heavily protected building situated on a mountain did give the teen a small sense of familiar comfort.

    “Mr. Deveno is a very successful businessman.” Madam Ui continued. “He is a brilliant man, and has worked very hard his entire life…”

    With a tinge of pride in her tone, the thirty-something year old woman explained who the recently graduated teen’s new master would be. Harold Deveno had made his billions through a wide range of shrewd business decisions, with his biggest moneymaker being construction. Deveno Construction International had built everything from airports to oilrigs over the last two decades. His pride and joy however, was the large mountainside compound Madam Ui’s helicopter now flew slowly into. Kept a secret from the public at large, the virtual fortress had been built with one sole purpose; to be Harold’s personal vacation home. Every few months, Harold would drop in for days or sometimes weeks at a time and do little more than relax in any fashion he so desired, moral or otherwise.

    Coming to a hover over the mansion’s rooftop, the quietly anxious eighteen-year-old noticed armed security guards patrolling the fort’s rooftop and outer walls. Perhaps, she thought hopefully to herself, Harold would want her to travel with him from time to time. It was not uncommon for the owners of Kanpekina to keep them at their side, or so the na´ve girl had heard. New York, Paris, perhaps even somewhere tropical. Getting lost in her fantasy, the glamorous thoughts were quickly forgotten when she felt the helicopter bump as it landed atop the mansion.

    “You will bathe and change-“ Madam Ui said as she motioned the younger woman toward the helicopter’s side door. “-Harold is very excited to meet his new Kanpekina. He has only had one other.”

    There was venom in the older woman’s last sentence. As the green eyed teen climbed from the helicopter, the blades slowing above her head, she glanced back to see Madam Ui looking down her nose at her. It was not at all common for anyone to own more than one Kanpekina at a time, a fact Madam Ui was clearly aware of and apparently quite unhappy about. Walking across the rooftop, flanked either side by armed men in imposing black clothes the Amazonian teen hoped Harold Deveno would prove a less intimidating master than her sour-faced escort.

    Almost two hours later, as sunset over the sea beyond the walls, the nameless slave stood perfectly still in a large bedroom. She had bathed efficiently and been given a tight fitting white pair of pants, along with an equally form-fitting short sleeved shirt. The shirtsleeves stopped high on her biceps, and the neckline sat just below her collarbone. Though the outfit showed little skin beyond the teen’s arms, neck and head, it’s skintight nature did accentuate every elegant curve. Completing the ensemble were a pair of white slippers, not unlike the ones she had worn back home. Other girls in similar outfits had combed the teen’s long black hair, letting it cascade down to the small of her back. How many others there were in the fortress, the shapely young woman could not tell. None of the others spoke and all took command from Madam Ui without hesitation.

    “You will speak English.” Madam Ui said, standing several feet behind the teen as both woman faced the room’s heavy wooden door. “You will call him Master, and if you show even the slightest hint of disrespect I will make the punishments you faced in school look like paradise by comparison.”

    A moment later the heavy door slowly opened, and two stone-faced security staff entered. Stepping either side of the doorframe, the two men stared directly ahead of themselves, daring not to lay eyes on Madam Ui, or her freshly pampered servant. Then, with a long confident stride, Harold Deveno appeared. The weary teen had not been sure what to expect, but the 6’4”ft tall man’s welcoming smile took her off guard. With wide shoulders and a strong jaw, the burly billionaire made for an impressive and oddly welcoming presence. His eyes a deep blue and neatly trimmed dark hair graying at the sides, the fifty-something year old man seemed to have no need for the strict demeanor carried by those around him. He dressed a lot more casually than his staff, sporting a navy-blue short sleeved shirt and black khaki pants, along with a pair of comfortable brown shoes.

    “My goodness.” His voice low and warm, the large man stopped a couple of feet in front of the teen and looked her over with affable approval. “You are a sight indeed. Well done Madam Ui, does she have a name?”

    “No Harold, she does not.” The older woman said, her familiarity with their master surprising the younger woman. “I leave that to you, of course.”

    “Well well…how about…” Harold raised an eyebrow as he looked around the open spaced room thoughtfully. “Jai Lin.”

    “Oh Harold!” Madam Ui chuckled. “That is not a Japanese name!”

    “No bother.” The tall handsome man said, and leaned in a little closer to his newly named slave. “Do you like that name, Jai Lin?”

    “Yes Master, very much.” The green eyed girl said with a soft nod, as if there had been any other choice.

    “Excellent!” Harold stood back to full height and clapped his large hands together. “Now then, Jai Lin, Madam Ui here tells me you are quite a bit ticklish!”

    In the flurry of activity that had taken place immediately after leaving the mountain, the girl now called Jai Lin had forgotten all about the strange tickle-test Madam Ui had put her through. Hearing the act referred to out loud, the timid slave girl’s heart leapt into her throat. Behind the muscular older man, his two security guards exited the room with barely a sound between them, closing the door as they left. Looking at her new master’s wide grin, Jai Lin hoped the topic of her unbearable sensitivity was little more than an amusing piece of trivia meant for conversation alone. It was a nice idea, but one that was forever forgotten the moment Harold’s hands reached out and clawed at the teen’s sides.

    “Mmmhmm!” Jai Lin arched her back and began waving her arms frantically above the older man’s curious hands. “Mmhmhm!”

    Pursing her lips, the wide eyed girl shook as she tried to remain steady on her feet. Her bulbous boobs bouncing as much as her outfit would allow, Jai Lin wanted more than anything to grab her master’s hands and shove him away. Instead of fighting back, or throwing herself in any other direction, the subservient teen strained to remain in place. The muscular man’s fingers squeezed firm around her slender midriff, poking repeatedly and making her spasm with unwanted mirth. Hunching forward, the poor girl could stand Harold’s attack no longer as she pushed down forcefully on his forearms.

    “Oh ho!” The older man laughed. “Seems our new girl has a little more spirit than you did at her age, Ui!”

    “I think I was just a touch more disciplined Harold!” Madam Ui scoffed as she strolled to stand behind Jai Lin. “I certainly lasted longer than this our first time.”

    “Not by much!” Harold said, his broad grin ever-present. “As I recall you ended up on the floor after a few seconds!”

    Standing awkwardly between the Master and the Madam, Jai Lin’s mind began to race. Maintaining her outward composure, the perplexed teen tried to wrap her mind around the implications of Harold and Ui’s friendly conversation. She had been tickled twice now, more in that single day than ever before, and the idea of more tickling to come terrified her. It was all too evident there was no way Jai Lin could keep control when someone put their hands to her virgin body, the shame alone would surely end her. But Madam Ui, if the young woman had heard her new owners correctly, had suffered similarly after graduating from the Kanpekina school. Before Jai Lin could continue toward even more foreboding thoughts, Harold had his hands on her once again.

    “Eiiieeheehee!” Recoiling backward, the Amazonian girl squealed involuntary when her master’s fingers pinched quickly along the bottom of her supple rib cage.

    “Where do you think you’re going?” Harold said playfully and pursued the giggling girl with wiggling fingers.

    “Neeeheeehee!” Putting her hands up defensively, the long haired teen stepped backward as quickly as she could, humiliating schoolgirl laughter escaping her lips.

    “Whoops!” The big man joked when Jai Lin backed directly into the large, neatly made bed behind her.

    “Nohoho! Noplease!” Wrapping her arms around herself in an uncoordinated fashion, the hypersensitive young woman fell onto the soft sheets behind her as Harold’s curious fingers crawled up her sides. “Eeeheehee! M-Master!”

    “Master’s gonna tickle you!” Harold teased as he leaned against the bedside.

    Scrambling backward into the center of the wide bed, the embarrassed teen caught a glimpse of Madam Ui. Standing some distance behind the handsome older man, Ui stood with both hands neatly cupped in front of herself. An unmistakably satisfied smirk was spread across Ui’s normally pursed lips. This was not how things were supposed to be, Jai Lin’s thoughts screamed as she watched Harold lumber onto the bed. Serving as a Kanpekina meant living a life of respect, of dignity and high society. Sensual requirements were expected, massage and erotica if it were demanded, but not whatever perverse game she had fallen into. A demeaning game that turned a highly-educated concubine into a giggling, squirming plaything.

    “Nooohahaha!” Jai Lin grabbed at her master’s thick wrists when his hands squeezed around her lower abdomen.

    “So many tickle spots to find!” The muscular man said as the helplessly struggling teen tried to roll away.

    Unable to escape the far stronger man’s grip, Jai Lin bounced her curvaceous butt against the mattress as he kneaded her thinly covered midriff. Trying with all her might to pry the powerful giant’s hands off of her, any thoughts of staying reserved had quickly fell to the back of her mind. Kicking her long legs, the frantically squirming girl laughed erratically between pleas for mercy. Curling herself upright only served her master tense muscles to claw at, and flopping back onto the sheets opened the bosomy teen’s midsection up for a full on assault. After nearly a full minute Jai Lin’s cheeks were blushing a pink hue, and the thought that such depraved behavior could go on for even longer alarmed her to no end.

    “I-I’m sorry!” The young woman gasped when Harold finally relented, only for him to begin straddling her hips. “N-no! Mercy master! Please!”

    “Are you begging me, Jai Lin?” The large man said, kneeling either side of the slender teen and sitting his bulky weight down on top of her.

    “Yes! Yes, I beg you!” Saying what she thought he wanted to hear, the agitated Amazon lamented the fact she had never been taught how to act in what she prayed was a truly unusual situation.

    “Oh, I think you can do better than that!” Harold laughed and took the teen’s right wrist in the firm grip of his own right hand.

    “Uh! I-I’m sorry Master!” The poor girl winced as the hulking fellow forced her right arm up above her head, pinning it in place. “It is my life to please you! Please, I beg you!”

    “What do you think Madam Ui?” The hulking billionaire asked, keeping Jai Lin’s hips pinned under his weight.

    “I think I’d like to hear some real begging.” The older woman said dryly from across the room.

    Trapped under her master’s muscular frame, the sudden vulnerability of the green eyed girl’s torso was all too apparent. Scarcely ever having been touched, let alone tickled across most of her nubile body, Jai Lin feared the new and panic-inducing ways she might react. Watching as Harold began to raise his left hand several inches above her protruding ribs, the young woman’s breathing quickened in horrid anticipation. Evidently having played this game before, the mischievous man began to slowly wiggle his five fingers as a wry smirk grew across his face.

    “Nonono pleasedon’tpleasedon’t!” Jai Lin said softly, her wide eyes focused directly on the handsome man’s teasing digits. She put her free hand up defensively.

    “Such a worried face!” The strapping man cooed. “Let’s see a smile!”

    “Naaahahahaaa!” Bucking as best she could beneath him, the older man’s fingertips drilled deep into the soft spots between her ribs. Reaching across herself, the wildly kicking girl grabbed helplessly at Harold’s squeezing paw. Uncoordinated in her panicked state, Jai Lin’s determined left hand made for a feeble defense as the big man’s devilish digits drilled into her side. Her long dark haired splayed out on the sheets as Jai Lin whipped her head back and forth.

    “Cootchy cootchy coo!” Harold teased through his beaming grin. Her master’s playful gibberish told Jai Lin more than actual words ever could have. Not as blatant in his delivery than Madam Ui’s stern warnings, the Master’s law was no less clear. ‘I have all the power’ Harold said through his smile, ‘I own every part of you’ said his touch. You are helpless, you are mine, and any sliver of control you imagined you might have here no longer exists. Any agency you had Jai Lin, disappeared the moment Madam Ui made her choice.

    Coupled with her master’s mischievous fingers, Jai Lin found his babyish taunts utterly maddening. It was not enough to make the voluptuous teen yelp and plead, Harold had to mock her as well. His five wiggling digits were exploring just above Jai Lin’s hips, causing her abdomen to tense as she tried to curl upward. Held in position by her pinned right hand, the fitful girl screamed when Harold’s fingertips slid beneath her tight-fitting top.

    “Such a tickly little girl!” The large man chuckled. “I bet you’d just love to run away, wouldn’t you?”

    “Neeeeiiihahaha!” Jai Lin strained, clawing at the bottom of her shirt as Harold’s fingers scurried onto the flesh of her heaving tummy.

    Leaning in closer, the much stronger man watched his newest slave’s contorting expressions of disbelief and laughter with great interest. “I’m going to find all of your most ticklish spots Jai Lin!” Harold said right before clawing viciously into the soft skin beside the teen’s abs. “Even if it takes all night!”

    Slamming her free hand onto the sheets and scrunching them tight between her fingers, Jai Lin bucked as much from the harsh tickle attack as she did her master’s threat. A few diabolical minutes under Harold’s fiendish fingers had been enough to shatter the young woman’s entire world-view; to be subjected to such torment longer was beyond her comprehension. Her cheeks were flushed red and her stark green eyes barely closed as Jai Lin released the bedding from her death-grip and slapped instinctively at Harold’s thick forearm.

    “Ohh, a little fight in her!” The big man said with booming enthusiasm. “You’re on little lady!”

    Harold released his captive’s right arm. Before the cackling girl even knew her hand was free, both of the older man’s own hands had found new purpose. Joining his left hand under Jai Lin’s shirt, Harold’s right dashed up onto her supple ribs. With a previously unseen viciousness, the eager tickler squeezed rapidly at both sides of the bewildered girl’s soft ribcage. Hunching upward, Jai Lin screeched with ear-piercing shock. She curled her arms around herself and slammed backward, rolling from side to side as much as Harold would allow. Despite the raw vindictiveness of his ten-fingered offensive the giant man’s demeanor remained gleefully boisterous.

    Sharp gasps for air forced between loud laughter as Jai Lin thrashed beneath her master’s burly frame. His fingertips drilling into the soft spots between the teen’s ribs, his wrists had pushed Jai Lin’s shirt up to reveal her writhing midriff. The shapely girl’s large boobs jiggled beneath her skintight top, bouncing against the tops of Harold’s hands. Behind him the teen’s long legs kicked furiously, her slippers sliding against the sheets as she fought to gain some sort of friction. Clenching her eyes shut tight, Jai Lin felt a sense of doom in the darkness as she had to fight for each desperate breath.

    “I think we might have a contender!” Harold said. His fingers stopped their cruel exploration, though he did maintain a firm grip around his plaything’s sides. “But Madam Ui tells me your feet are truly special…?”

    “N-no!” Jai Lin wheezed as she made a feeble effort to pull down her shirt.

    “Oh yes, I think so!” The Master clapped his big hands together excitedly. His teen toy quickly covered her tummy and the worrisome expression across her face only seemed to make Harold more enthused.

    Harold pushed back, letting his weight off of the young slave’s hips. Jai Lin’s mind raced as she tried to figure out any possible outcome that would not involve her being tickled further. As Harold begun to turn away, Jai Lin could not help but notice an enormous bulge protruding from the front of her master’s black khakis. For a the briefest second she tried to convince herself the Master’s reaction was a coincidence, or involuntary, but Jai Lin knew the hard truth. Worse than merely the sinister games of a man with perhaps too much money and power, Harold clearly found the ticklish-sufferings of his slaves to be highly arousing. Engorged as he was, Jai Lin could see no end to her newfound nightmare.

    “Stay still now.” Harold said he maneuvered himself to the end of the bed. Jai Lin knew better than to disobey. With his back to her, the Master gently pushed her lower legs apart. Sinking his large frame into the mattress, Harold sat between the teen’s spread ankles. Remaining as still as humanly possible, even with her most obedient intentions the hypersensitive girl still twitched when the large man’s left hand clasped around her left shin. Pulling her leg up into the crook of his arm, Harold coiled his steely bicep around Jai Lin’s ankle.

    “You were told to stay still.” Madam Ui said. Jai Lin’s involuntary trembling had not gone unnoticed, and as Harold nimbly tugged at her slipper she jerked her knee.

    With the care of someone handling priceless china, Harold slowly pulled his slave’s slipper up and over her long toes. Taking into account the several rigorous minutes of tickling her master had already subjected her to, and his ever-growing lustful excitement, Jai Lin clutched at the sheets either side of her and tightened her jaw. She knew muting herself was not an option, her reaction would surely stoke Harold’s fire and it would be no brief test the likes of which Madam Ui had performed. Jai Lin’s mind had stopped racing for ideas toward escape and instead spiraled into a dreaded pit of terrified anticipation.

    “Here I cooooome!” Harold said in a sing-songy voice, digging Jai Lin’s pit of terror deeper as if he had read her mind. “Five fingers? Or just one to start?” He teased and the hopeless teen curled her toes, causing her creamy smooth sole to wrinkle. How many fingers he used exactly Jai Lin did not know. All the doomed girl did know was that the moment her master’s devilish digits stroked against her excruciatingly ticklish skin she lost all control. A banshee’s cry tore from Jai Lin’s full lips and without any second of time for thought or consideration toward consequence, she planted her free foot squarely in the center of Harold’s back.

    “Aghnn!” Harold let out a loud grunt as he was struck with such force he was pushed clean off the mattress in one fell movement. Hitting the carpet on all-fours, the large man grunted again. Madam Ui’s eyes shot open before immediately rushing to her master’s aid.

    Jai Lin clamped both shaky hands over her own mouth. With a jolt she sat up, instantly aware that her violent act would have dire consequences. As she watched Harold climb to his feet, Jai Lin’s stomach sank. Whatever cruelties the Master had planned for his newest concubine that evening would no doubt have been a relative joy by comparison to the punishment she would then face.

    “Harold! Are you alright?” Madam Ui said, she had one hand high on his shoulder and the other gently wrapped around his forearm.

    “I am fine, Ui.” Harold said, pausing to wince and stroke his own back. “You have quite the kick my dear.”

    “I-I-I am so sor-“ Jai Lin stammered, not knowing how to even begin to apologize for such an outrageous offense.

    “-Please.” The large man said, turning back toward his fearful young slave and waving a hand dismissively. “Do not apologize.” Keeping one hand nursing his back, Harold’s agreeable smile returned. “I may need to finish my evening with someone a little less rambunctious…but you have given me something very much look forward to when next we meet.”

    Her master’s smile did nothing to lighten Jai Lin’s sense of impending disaster. Whether or not he was truly annoyed by her slight, Harold would surely make the teen pay for her sins upon their next encounter. As the large man turned back toward Madam Ui, the older woman glared at Jai Lin with venom in her eyes. The stare lasted a fraction of a second before the Madam put all her attention back on Harold, but it told the frozen younger woman everything she needed to know.

    “I will arrange another to your chamber.” Madam Ui said as she and Harold walked slowly toward the door. “And see to it this one is properly disciplined.”

    Chapter Three: The Way It Is

    Jai Lin remained exactly where she sat after Madam Ui and Harold closed the bedroom door behind them. She dared not move and though the urge to cry certainly swelled within her, Jai Lin did manage to utilize some of her lifelong training. Composing herself as best she could, the worrisome teen sat with her legs stretched out before her and one bare foot, her other slipper resting on the floor. Several long minutes passed as Jai Lin awaited her fate, before Madam Ui returned.

    Without a word the stern older woman strode purposefully toward the bed. Bending down swiftly, Madam Ui stood back up and with a single quick motion placed Jai Lin’s slipper back on her foot. “Come with me.” Ui said without unclenching her teeth. She turned on one heel and with long strides marched back toward the door. Jai Lin hesitated for a moment. The poor girl knew delaying the inevitable did no good, and yet she found herself unable to move. “I do not repeat myself.” Madam Ui said without looking back.

    Through wide, unfurnished hallways, countless closed doors and the occasional stoic security guard, Jai Lin followed a few short steps behind Madam Ui. The lost girl may have been confused by the various turns and flights of stairs had her focus not been almost entirely on her unknown destination. What Jai Lin had expected exactly she did not know, but it was certainly not a wide open room of draping silk curtains, lounge seats, assorted exotic fruits and a masterly crafted water feature along a grand back wall. Through the well-lit space a half dozen young women, most of whom wore thinly veiled nightgowns, lay about and read or talked quietly amongst themselves. A pale redhead girl with wide hips who appeared little older than Jai Lin was pressing grapes between her full lips. Another with olive skin and dark hair appeared to be working on a crochet. Not a one of them reacted to Madam Ui’s arrival in any noticeable way.

    “Here.” Ui said, stopping in the center of the room. She stood beside a round cushiony piece of furniture, roughly four feet wide and a little below her knee height. “Kneel.” The older woman said as she pointed a long finger at the low sofa.

    “Yes Madam.” Jai Lin said sheepishly. Stepping onto the sofa with her knees, the unnerved teen slid as gracefully as she could into the cushion’s center. Still, none of the other young women in the room seemed to notice or care. Looking around, Jai Lin began to wonder if her discipline might not be half as horrid as she had imagined.

    “Put your hands together.” The Madam said, and Jai Lin complied without pause. “Samara.” Ui said without taking her eyes off the kneeling girl. Jai Lin did not know the word and for a moment became anxious there may be some command she was supposed to follow. The sound of movement behind her relieved the fear, Samara was the name of a tall blonde woman. Samara stood as tall as Jai Lin herself and had hair so light it bordered on white. Sporting a white tube top that barely contained her bulbous bosoms, the blue-eyed twenty-something climbed up from her lounge seat. Wandering across the large room in no particular hurry, Samara disappeared behind a low-hanging curtain. A few seconds later the sound of turning chains echoed from above.

    Looking up, Jai Lin made sure to keep her wrists held together as she watched two leather cuffs slowly lower from the high ceiling. A storm of unease clashed inside the kneeling teen, her fears of a harsh punishment returned with a hurricane force. Since the very moment she had met Madam Ui, Jai Lin’s pride had been stripped of her. Among the girls she had grown up with Jai Lin was one of the best, as true a Kanpekina as there ever was. At her graduation even the unwaveringly strict Lady Botan had offered the slightest of nods in approval to Jai Lin. At eighteen she knew enough about world economics to hold her own in conversation with a college professor, could recite a dozen of Shakespeare’s plays verbatim, spoke seven languages and ran circles around Chopin’s ╔tude Op. 10 No. 4 on the piano. Jai Lin as she was so named was crafted to lead a life of expert servitude, not be tickled for the amusement of sadists.

    “This is not how it should be.” Jai Lin said softly. The words were directed nowhere and to no one, said only for herself. She needed the universe to hear her, to know her fate was definitively wrong.

    Madam Ui had taken hold of the lowering cuffs. When Jai Lin spoke, the older woman’s vulturous stare narrowed sharply. “You call yourself Kanpekina, and yet you speak so recklessly?”

    “I am Kanpekina.” Jai Lin said with a shaky whisper. Even as the words slipped from her lips she knew every syllable would lead to a thousand times it’s weight in punishment. Nonetheless, the young woman found herself almost as unable to control her rebellious reply as she was able to keep from recoiling when touched.

    “Perhaps Lady Botan has grown soft in her old age.” Madam Ui spoke with snapping words. She wrapped a leather cuff around Jai Lin’s left wrist, tightening it harshly to punctuate her point. “If you are what passes for Kanpekina in these times, I am truly sorry.”

    “I mean no offense.” Looking down, the trembling girl avoided eye contact as she felt the second cuff tightening around her right wrist. “It is only…this…these games, it is not the way it should be.”

    “Is it not?” Tightening both cuffs, locking Jai Lin’s wrists together, the draconian madam gave the thin chain a sudden tug. “The way you think your life should be matters not, because your life is not yours. You, your mind and everything you are belongs to your master. Should or should not are irrelevant, it is simply the way it is.”

    The sound of chain-on-chain began turning once against, and Jai Lin watched as her hands were gradually dragged upward into the air before her. Madam Ui took a step back and placed both hands behind her back. The madam’s stature was impeccably rigid. “It is clear to me you still have a great deal to learn. Fear not, I will be a far more effective teacher than Lady Botan.”

    When the chain stopped, Jai Lin’s hands were held high above her head. So tight were the shapely girl’s arms pulled, her knees almost lifted from the cushion beneath her. Glancing back over her shoulder, Jai Lin watched as the scantily clad girl called Samara appeared from behind the curtain and walked slowly over. Madam Ui stood silently as Samara crouched down behind Jai Lin, and reached underneath the cushion-table with both hands. From one side the statuesque blonde pulled out a thick leather strap, one end of which appeared to be firmly connected underneath the table.

    When the full realization of Madam Ui’s intent dawned on Jai Lin, the teen turned her unnerved look back to the cruel matron. The corners of Madam Ui’s lips rose to a most minor degree, certainly not enough to call her expression a smile. As Jai Lin felt Samara lay the leather strap across the backs of her ankles, the weight of her rapidly increasing vulnerability became crushing. The strap tightened, pressing her shins into the cushion-top. Jai Lin’s short-lived defiance crumbled in a heap.

    “I-I will do as you say.” Jai Lin stammered, her nubile body stretched taut.

    “Of course you will.” Madam Ui said. “Now, where were we?” The older woman paused and looked her captive new slave up and down. “Ah yes.” She said musingly to herself. Madam Ui pinched the bottom sides of Jai Lin’s shirt and slid the tight material upward over her midriff. A small whimper escaped the younger woman’s lips as her mistress bunched the shirt up under her bulbous bosom, exposing everything from her lower ribs to her hips.

    Hurriedly, Jai Lin looked around to try and catch the eye of any other girl in the enormous lounge area. Samara was returning to her own area and none of the other young women paid any attention. Jai Lin was not exactly sure what she had hoped to gain from the others, perhaps only sympathy, a pitiful or empathetic look. Nothing, they were well-trained indeed. Moving her attention back to Madam Ui, the sinister housemother was slowly wriggling five long nails toward Jai Lin’s smooth tummy.

    “Remarkable.” Madam Ui said, her voice almost a whisper. Her five fingers stopped to waver in the air less than an inch from the bound teen’s hypersensitive flesh. “Your skin even looks ticklish. How terrible for you.”

    “Please…please!” Jai Lin tremored, sucking her tummy in, back from the madam’s advancing claws. Her supple ribs protruded above her abdomen and when the first razor-sharp nail stroked across Jai Lin’s side she jerked against her bonds. “Hnngh!” She squeaked, and stifled herself.

    There was not a hope in all the world. Earlier that day, when held firm by her fellow graduates or later when pinned down by her new master, Jai Lin maintained some measure of freedom. Minimal though her movement may have been, under Harold she could squirm and kick, so much so that she had eventually freed herself of his grip. Strapped and chained, there were no such allowances. No chances and, Jai Lin feared, even less mercy under Madam Ui than there had been under the master.

    “Oh, you silly little creature.” Madam Ui said, moving her five fingers slowly just beneath Jai Lin’s bottom rib. Jai Lin twitched, pursing her lips and puffing her cheeks as she strained not to let out the bubbling laughter within. The madam’s tickling talons began to gradually increase their speed. “You think you are suffering. You think our dear Harold made you go mad. This is nothing. In time, when you have truly learned, you may think back to this day with fondness.”

    Jai Lin knew perfectly well Madam Ui’s words combined with her devilish touch was an intentional duet. A well-practiced song of which the mistress never missed a note. As was doubtlessly the Ui’s objective, she conducted her fingers against Jai Lin’s sensitive skin and made her burst into an uproarious chorus. “Eiiieeheehee!” The teen giggled, tugging helplessly against the stretched-tight chain overhead.

    Squeaking laughter let loose and Jai Lin swayed her hips in an effort to move away. Just as she reached the limits of her restrained escape the older woman’s second set of speedy claws flickered against her other side. “Yeeeheeii! Eeeheehee!” Jai Lin squealed with ticklish surprise. Both sides assaulted by Madam Ui’s malicious talons, the poor teen could go nowhere for even a split second’s respite.

    Bouncing her knees a half-inch into the cushion, Jai Lin could move up and down a small amount. The teen’s erratic jumping caused her thinly covered breasts to jiggle. Madam Ui’s expression grew to a wry smirk, a satisfied smile that told her young captive who was in control, as if there were any doubt. The mistresses’ threats swirled in Jai Lin’s addled mind, the idea her torment was but a sampling of things to come. In truth the sheltered girl could not fathom how her torment could worsen, immoveable and tickled in such horrid fashion. Jai Lin did not doubt Madam Ui could concoct a more terrible nightmare however, she did not doubt that at all.

    Fluttering her feathery touch down the teen’s sides, Madam Ui ran her nails along the tops of Jai Lin’s hipbones. Lurching backward, the chain above her snagged hard as Jai Lin’s frenetic laughter filled the room. From her wildly gyrating hips to the teen’s convulsing tummy, Ui’s painfully proficient strokes roamed freely. Skating around Jai Lin’s navel and up between her tender ribs, the spasming young woman could feel every agonizing nail. Her long black hair tossed every which way as she reeled with unstoppable schoolgirl giggling.

    “Mistress! Eeeheehiii!” Jai Lin managed to yelp among her fits of laughter. “I’ve learned! Yeeeheehee! I-I will behahahave!”

    “You have learned nothing.” Madam Ui said, though her words fell on deaf ears. Ceasing her assault, Ui pinched the bunched sides of Jai Lin’s tight top once again and slid it higher. Up and under the fleshy bottoms of the teen’s bosom, the madam let the shirt rest just below her captive’s hidden nipples. Pressed behind the form-fitting shirt, the undersides of Jai Lin’s boobs ballooned out into the open air. “One such as you requires far more strenuous lessons.”

    “No! Please mistress!” Jai Lin balked, the feeling of her half-exposed breasts causing her to yank forcefully at her well-secured bondage. Doing her best to remain respectful of Ui’s authority, Jai Lin hurried to think of her best pitiful plea. Not quick enough, Madam Ui’s dancing digits were already flickering against the teen’s marshmallowy soft breasts. “Teeeheeiiiee!” Jai Lin screamed, rocking herself back and forth with force.

    Whilst all of the Kanpekina were untouched virgins, they were no strangers to the erotic arts. Being able to cause sensations of lust in others was key to each girl’s training, and practicing on one another the only option ever allowed. Supervised and strictly forbidden without faculty present, the rare girls who chose to pleasure themselves outside of class were fiercely punished. Jai Lin, of course, had stuck to these rules with steadfast determination. Not once had she wavered, and knew exactly how her body would respond to any seductive touch. It was for this very reason that the once dedicated teen was so abysmally appalled when Madam’s Ui’s tickling fingers elicited a familiar, and completely unacceptable glow to warm her libido.

    Caught up in her whirlwind of ticklishness too much to truly dwell on the unwelcome arousal, Jai Lin’s cheeks were growing a bright shade of red. Having her breasts touched was not an entirely unfamiliar sensation. It was the gently destructive way in which Madam Ui speedily caressed Jai Lin’s under-cleavage that was so foreign. Throwing fuel on the fire, as the Amazonian teen struggled she could feel her shirt sliding higher. Every bosomy bounce was threatening to release Jai Lin’s cushy boobs into the open. The thought of having her breasts bared horrified her, and sent the bound girl’s lust running wild.

    “Do not even think about disrobing without permission.” Madam Ui said. Continuing her flurry of wiggling fingers, the mistress pinched softly into the crease where Jai Lin’s boobs met her ribcage. “Stay still.” The older woman warned. “If those things pop out before my say so, you will suffer for it!”

    “Eeeiieeehee! I-I caahahan’t!” Jai Lin shook. The thin white shirt was just below her quickly stiffening nipples. “Heehahaha! Ican’thelp itahahaha!” She squealed in high-pitched agony.

    “Well you better find a way!” Ui snapped and dug all ten of her surprisingly strong fingers into the fitful girl’s ribcage.

    “YOOOHOOHAHA! Ahahaha!” With a loud scream the trapped teen’s eyes burst open and she yanked violently at the chain overheard. As Jai Lin twisted and turned she arched her back and the form-fitting shirt could hold no more. Dropping out from the springing material, the helpless slave’s huge boobs jiggled into the open air.

    Madam Ui did not let up. Drilling her fingertips deep into the soft spots between each rib, the older woman clawed mercilessly at her captive. Jai Lin’s light brown areole were puffed, her nipples rigidly hard as they were tossed and twirled. Forced, wordless laughter filled the large room. Try as she might, Jai Lin could not make a single plea for forgiveness. Every desperate attempt to form words only came out as breathless straining, quickly overwhelmed by uproarious screams. The teen’s face and neck had turned bright red and she was sure the lack of air would make her pass out. Despite Jai Lin’s panic, she couldn’t help but tighten her thigh muscles in abject desire.

    “Are you enjoying this, young lady?” Madam Ui said. She pulled her pitiless claws back from Jai Lin’s pinkened ribcage. “Look at the state of you!” Ui said and poked her teen slave sharply in the side.

    “Yi!” The poor girl jumped, gasping for much needed air.

    “Do not lie to me!” Said the mistress, and poked Jai Lin in the other side.

    “Yehii!” With a yelp the bare breasted teen jerked what little distance she could.

    “It is worse than I thought.” Ui said, and immediately pinched both of the teen’s nipples.

    “Unh!” The bound girl moaned unwillingly. There was no pain, only a hint of pressure as Ui lightly massaged the girl’s stiffened nipples between her thumbs and index fingers. Pursing her lips, Jai Lin breathed heavily through her nose and she tried to block out the undeniably arousing fondling. “Mnn…mnf…nf….”

    “Look at her girls.” Madam Ui said, drawing the attention of the room. “Jai Lin here thinks we are here to amuse her.” The older woman continued her gentle caress, causing the bound girl to squirm. “Jai Lin has no sense of decorum. No respect. Jai Lin is a harlot.”

    In her muffled struggle, the cruel housemother’s words were the first reminder Jai Lin had that several other people were nearby. In the long minutes she had been tormented by Madam Ui, the enormously frustrated girl had all but forgotten about Samara and the other girls. Humiliated and degraded beyond the point she could believe possible, Jai Lin almost wept as she could feel her hidden panties growing wetter by the second. Worse than the indignity and embarrassment, she began to wonder if Madam Ui was right.

    “You will not climax.” Ui said plainly, continuing her coldhearted stimulation. “No one here climaxes without my permission. You will only be tickled. And if you do exactly what I have told you not to, I will have two of these girls assist me in your punishment.”

    Like the shock of being thrown in ice water, Jai Lin had not considered that she could be tickled by more than one person at a time. For all her skills in navigating high-society, the na´ve girl was quickly realizing almost everything she knew was little more than theory. A life-changing, Earth-shaking realization that she could scarcely believe had happened so quickly. The time between her last moments at the Kanpekina School and being bare-breasted, bound and tickled seemed like weeks. Even in the thick of her lust-ridden torment Jai Lin found it hard to believe so much had happened in a single day.

    “Now then.” Madam Ui said, pulling her nimble fingers away from the teen’s almost painfully swollen nipples. “Do I need to summon assistance or are you going to do as you’re told?”

    “Mnnf…I…I will not disobey…” Jai Lin whispered and bit her bottom lip.

    “I know you will.” The cruel mistress said. A half second later the bound teen was squealing again as Ui’s finely manicured nails crawled up her sides. Without slowing, the older woman’s hands burrowed swiftly underneath the stretched bottom of Jai Lin’s shirt. Scrambling wildly into the helpless girl’s hidden underarms, Madam Ui’s devilish talons raked against her taut hollows.

    “YAHAAAA!” Jai Lin screamed, unable to shake her mistress’ hands out from under her arms. The raised shirt was wrapped so snuggly around her upper chest that the cackling teen couldn’t get away for even a fraction of a second. Ui’s hands may as well have been glued to her sides as the ferociously twisting girl bought the tickling fingers with her every movement.

    “Don’t you climax!” Ui demanded, her stern face less than a foot from the red-faced teen. In Jai Lin’s overly sensitive agony the harsh words of her mistress were a stark reminder of her unleashed libido. The panties she wore were soaked through, so much so a damp mark had begun to show between the teen’s thighs. Her present anguish mixed with thoughts of future misery. A future Jai Lin knew to be inevitable, there was no controlling her most base-desires. There was no stopping the torture.

    “PLEEEASE! EEYAHAHA!” The crazed Amazon screeched.

    Madam Ui smirked, the same wry expression she had worn in Harold’s presence. “Ah, you see. You are learning some manners.” Pulling her fingers back, the domineering mistress kept her hands poised under the teen’s shirt. “Perhaps a reward for your efforts? I can be kind, after all.” A light sheen of sweat was beginning to form across the tops of Jai Lin’s large boobs. Breathless, she could not believe any act from the madam was without cost.

    “N…no…” The tightly strapped girl said between gasps.

    “No?” Madam Ui repeated with mock surprise. “Are you telling me no? Perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps you would not like Samara and Luanne to put their lips to your nipples?” The older woman gave her captive a quick poke, which made the girl squeak. “Would you like that, Jai Lin? Would you enjoy that? Do not lie to me.”

    Jai Lin knew well enough not to lie. It was not a trait that came naturally and truth had always been paramount among the Kanpekina. The punishment for lies, she imagined, would surely be much more severe under Madam Ui than it might have ever been under Lady Botan. “…yes.” The half-naked girl said, the fear of Ui’s ready-fingers causing her word to tremble.

    “Samara.” Ui said, and slipped her hands out from under Jai Lin’s shirt.

    Samara got up from her lounger with a hop. Jai Lin turned her head much slower than she had the first time the leggy blonde had been called upon. Conversely, Samara moved with much more pep in her step. Almost at jog, the buxom girl hurried over toward Jai Lin. White short-shorts of the same thin material as her tube-top displayed the woman’s every curve. She stopped directly behind the bound girl and reached toward her. Jai Lin winced as she braced for further tickling, but instead Samara grabbed hold of the teen’s shirt and pulled it up over her head. Once the shirt was tucked neatly between Jai Lin’s bound wrists, Samara skipped quickly around to stand beside Madam Ui.

    “Mistress.” Samara said. Jai Lin recognized her thick Russian accent with certainty.

    “Hania.” Madam Ui said through her slight, unnerving smile.

    Hania stood a few inches taller than Madam Ui and few inches shorter than Samara. With flowing jet-black hair and deep brown eyes, the fair-skinned Pakistani girl might as well have worn nothing at all. Clad in an almost entirely see-through nightie, the flowing white gown revealed every svelte inch of Hania’s limber young body. As Samara had done, Hania walked from her lounging position to stand beside Madam Ui.

    “In time, you will be as obedient as these girls.” Ui said. “More so, I expect. They are not Kanpekina like you and I.”

    International borders, it appeared, did not restrict Harold’s taste in women. Curious though she was as to how the other girls had come to be in their master’s private fortress, Jai Lin could not focus. Instead the three women eyeing up her half naked body took every bit of her attention. Dreadfully nervous, her stomach turning in knots and her heart racing, Jai Lin imagined a life with the likes of Samara and Hania to not be all terrible. If Harold’s presence was infrequent and she could avoid Madam Ui’s discipline, life among the walls of her master’s estate might have some pleasures to be found.

    “Tickle her.” Ui said, and her smirk turned to a full smile.

    “N-no! Please!” Jai Lin shook, rattling the chain above. Widening her jade-green eyes, the hopelessly exposed girl watched as the young women flanking their mistress raised their hands. Samara and Hania’s twenty collective fingers wiggled menacingly toward Jai Lin’s unprotected torso. When the girls’ advance came within a few short inches of her tender flesh, the cringing teen could feel her stomach tighten. Her flight-response at full power with no way to run, Jai Lin knew her steaming libido was ready to boil over.

    Throwing her head back, Jai Lin flew into a frenzy when Hania and Samara’s curious fingertips touched down. Together the pair’s roaming hands were less focused than Madam Ui’s attacks, and the effect was maddening. Under her arms, across her jiggling boobs and up and down her sides. Samara pinched the bound teen’s ribs and Hania kneaded playfully at her abdomen. Unruly, shrieking laughter spilled from Jai Lin’s wide-open grin. Snapping twisting movements made her body wrench against the tight bondage as she fought for impossible freedom.

    “STOP! EEEHEEIIHHEE! DON’T MAIIEEE!” Jai Lin screamed, her fractured words stressing the rapidly decreasing time limit of her desperation. “DON’T MAKE MEEEYEEHEE!”

    “Do not climax!” Madam Ui barked, her smile disappearing. “I swear I will have these girls tickle you all night!”

    “MAKE THEM STOOOP!” The poor girl squealed, exploding anew with unstoppable laughter. “I’M GOINEEENNEE!” Jai Lin howled when Hania’s fingers flickered across her distressingly sensitive nipples. “I’M GOING TO! IIIIEEHEEE!”

    “You have learned nothing!” Ui scolded the furiously ticklish teen. “You are an unruly little toy! All you understand is punishment! I will have you tickled by ten girls!”

    “NAAAHH!” Jai Lin’s painfully wide open-mouth grin contorted into a gaping oval as the mistress’ ominous words pushed her over the edge. A storm of tingles rushed up the bound girl’s spine and her eyes closed tight. Volcanic heat spread outward from her lower tummy and turned her limbs to melted butter. Rocking furiously, Jai Lin cried out in hoarse moans as the damp spot between her tensing thighs turned to a puddle of lust. Throughout the orgasmic battle Samara and Hania’s attack continued unabated, their boisterous hands squeezing and pinching freely.

    “Disgraceful.” Madam Ui said. Samara and Hania stepped back, leaving the red-faced girl to wheeze and writhe. “A shameful display.” Said the steely housemother as she moved closer to Jai Lin. Taking hold of the panting girl’s waistband, the older woman began to slide Jai Lin’s pants downward. “One we shall replicate.”

    Pulling the teen’s tight pants down around her knees, the softly moaning girl was left in nothing but slippers and white g-string panties. The front of her panties a darker shade of wet, Jai Lin’s well-curved butt was flexing as she suffered through the last fading remnants of her uncontrolled orgasm. With a look of sheer defeat in her eyes the near-nude slave looked at Madam Ui just in time to see the older woman give a tiny nod. Following the silent command, Samara and Hania stepped forward once again.

    “…pleaseno…” Jai Lin said in mousy plea. The two girls moved either side of their captive and put an arm each around her back. In front, Hania and Samara’s other arms crossed one another as they took hold of Jai Lin’s hips. Devastatingly more sensitive after her lewd climax, the disheveled teen’s eyes opened wide as each girl wrapped their warm lips around each of her rigid nipples. “AHHHNNN!” Jai Lin moaned, a fleeting second of ecstasy that was quickly overrun by Madam Ui’s index finger drilling deep into her belly button. “NEEEIIIHEEHEEII!”

    Thrashing madly, the mental breakdown of Ui’s sneak attack turned the pleasant sucking of Jai Lin’s nipples disastrously ticklish. As if on cue, Hania and Samara switched from their passionate techniques to flicking the points of their tongues back and forth across the tips of their plaything’s nipples. Where her lustful charge had began to subside, the three-person onslaught made Jai Lin hornier than she ever thought possible. No amount of gentle caressing in the Kanpekina School had ever spiked the shapely girl’s animalistic desires as much as being sadistically tortured.

    With every nerve ending on high alert after her first orgasm, Jai Lin’s second thunderous climax roared through her virgin body. No resistance was attempted as the violently cackling girl’s thighs drenched. Beads of sweat poured down her scarlet cheeks, senseless laughter drowning out any would-be moans of pleasure. Madam Ui’s cruel single digit continued wriggling around the walls of Jai Lin’s excruciatingly sensitive navel. Just when her tickle-cracked mind began to think she had surely reached the limits of the nightmares possible, Samara and Hania started goosing her tender sides. The added tickle-attack sent Jai Lin into her third breathtaking orgasm, and the truly genuine understanding that there was no bottom level in hell.

    Chapter Four: All Backwards

    Three days after her evening at the hands of Madam Ui, Jai Lin could remember little beyond the moment of her mortifying insight. How long exactly Samara, Hania and their mistress had continued to torture Jai Lin she could not say. There was some vague recollection of being freed before sunrise, and a blurred memory of being bathed. At some point the then exhausted teen had been taken to her private chambers. Mercifully she had been allowed to sleep well into the following morning. Nothing much was said the next day, and Madam Ui only appeared at random to give orders to other girls. Samara and Hania offered no acknowledgement of the evening prior.

    Limited to the lounge, large living quarters and an outside garden, Jai Lin spent the few days after her ordeal in relative silence. Food was available at any moment, along with a wide assortment of books. She found the TV mildly interesting for a short time, as the lifelong slave had never seen one in person before. Guards were seldom seen unless it was through an open door. It seemed, without any explanation given, Jai Lin and her fellow prisoners were free to do as they pleased within the confines of their lodgings.

    Whether or not the other girls were unaware or simply did not care, Jai Lin did notice a few peculiarities beyond their loose routine. Madam Ui would take girls away at all hours, after breakfast or during the night. Upon their return the once elegant looking young women were always worse for wear. Hair a mess, exhausted and stumbling. Clothes were torn or simply gone. A petit Swedish girl with fiery red hair had to be carried back to her chambers. Jai Lin’s mind ran in circles as she imagined what was being done to her fellow slaves, though she had some inkling. Her turn would come, the ponderous teen knew, and in the meantime all she could do was watch.

    Among the top of Jai Lin’s other observations were the recurring visits of one guard in particular. Clad in black like his companions, the blue-eyed young man would appear in the mid-afternoon, unless Madam Ui was around. If the mistress was nearby, he would arrive after she was gone. Without fail the chiseled lad would meet exclusively with Hania, they would chat in hushed tones and then he would leave. Jai Lin did not think much of the encounters, beyond the fact they were obviously intended to be a secret. She couldn’t imagine secrets lasted very long in Harold’s fortress, especially with Madam Ui’s undoubtedly effective form of interrogation. Brushing any assumptions aside, the reserved teen tried to keep her focus on how she could best handle her own looming problems.

    “Don’t worry.” Luanne said as she sat down beside Jai Lin. “We’re the lucky ones.”

    On a cushioned bench in the large lounge, Jai Lin had been resting for well over an hour. At first glance she must have made for an odd sight, alone with no book or seemingly any form of stimulation. Of course her mind was working, and her eyes were watching every move made around her. Breaking from her deeply considered thoughts, the mindful teen turned toward Luanne. A short curvy woman in her mid-twenties, Luanne had mousy-blonde hair and was one of the more vocal among Harold’s harem. She had a small gap between her top front teeth and light brown freckles across her nose. Luanne was also the only girl to actively maintain some semblance of humor, and wore the same tight white pants and shirt combination as Jai Lin.

    “Are we?” Jai Lin said, only loud enough to be heard by her uninvited visitor.

    “Oh yeah.” Luanne smiled, something she only ever did when Madam Ui was not around. She spoke louder than necessary and had a slight drawl to her accent. “I seen you watching. It’s all you do. Everyone else is readin’ or exercising, talkin’ to each other. You eat, sleep and watch.”

    Scanning the room thoughtfully, Jai Lin maintained a placid expression. “You watch too, evidently.”

    “Ain’t much gets passed me. ‘Sides I ain’t much of a reader.” The comely girl said. “I bet you’re wonderin’ where all our sisters keep goin’, and comin’ back lookin’ so rough?”

    “Not particularly.” Jai Lin said. “I imagine our master’s appetite is rather insatiable.”

    “Heh heh!” Luanne chuckled. “Maybe you ain’t as clever as you think you are. Our master don’t have quite the uh…‘appetite’ he once did. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a beast when he wants to be, but when he is here he spends most of his days wanderin’ around the gardens and keepin’ to himself.”

    Ignoring the good-natured slight, the curious teen turned her full attention to the loquacious blonde. “Our mistress then.”

    “Sometimes.” Luanne smiled with a nod. She leaned in a little closer to Jai Lin, and finally hushed her voice. “Most of ‘em though, are gettin’ chewed up and spit out by the guards.”

    “The master allows this?”

    “Heh. He encourages it. In fact, it didn’t used to be this bad. Most of those men ain’t interested in ticklin’ the shit out us. Usually they’ll settle for a blowjob or somethin’.”

    “But they are tickling you.”

    “Well, not me and not you. But yeah, these days they are. The master used to be…what’s the word you used?”

    “Insatiable.” Jai Lin said. Inwardly she was a little taken a back by Luanne’s frank way of speaking, though she maintained her composure well on the outside. Despite the woman’s open way of speaking, Jai Lin appreciated every sliver of information.

    “Right, insatiable.” Luanne said, her volume rising again. “A year or two back he started to slow down. It was around then the guards started ticklin’ us. Sometimes the master watches. No one’s really sure why, plenty of theories to go around. Maybe the master just wanted us to, I don’t know, not lose the fear maybe?”

    “But you’re not afraid.”

    Luanne grinned. “I’m a special case.”

    “How long have you been here?”

    Leaning back, the chatty woman scratched her head. “Hmm…time kind of has a way of gettin’ away from you ‘round here. But, I figure somewhere in the neighborhood of five years.”

    Jai Lin gave no discernable reaction. “And the guards, Madam Ui, the master –they leave you be. Why would they do that?”

    “They do and they don’t.” Luanne said. “I haven’t seen the master for a long time. It’s funny, I’d love another shot at him. We used to have a lot of fun. But the guards like my company now and then, they’re under strict orders not to tickle me though. Madam Ui doesn’t touch me either, but she’ll always find a way to torment you no matter what.” Luanne looked down at the floor with a half-fond smile. “She makes me watch the other girls get tickled someone times…ties my hands up so I can’t touch myself.”

    “I do not see how any of this makes us lucky.”

    “Well you’re uh…what is it? Konpoco? Conquistador?”

    “Kanpekina.” Jai Lin corrected her new companion.

    “What did I say?” Luanne said. A brief moment passed in which the buxom girl fell unusually silent. Her bubbly grin faded and her brow furrowed slightly. “Anyway. You’re one of them, like Madam Ui. Only the master’s allowed to touch you. An uh, the madam too now, I guess. And me well, they used to do to me what they do everyone else but…they think I went crazy.”

    “Did you?” The perceptive younger girl said without a hint of sarcasm.

    Luanne huffed a breathy laugh and her smile returned. “Maybe.” She nodded softly. “How would I know? All I do know is when I first came here I was no different than the others. They would do all sorts to me and I would scream and beg and do anything to make it stop. But then, overtime, I don’t know. I started to enjoy it.”

    Jai Lin raised an eyebrow. It was the most outwardly open emotion she had shown during their conversation. She could not fathom anyone taking pleasure in the kind of inhuman acts Madam Ui had subjected her to.

    “I know it sounds funny.” Luanne said, sensing Jai Lin’s confusion. “But it’s true. It didn’t happen right away and I don’t know why. Still, sooner or later I went from being kidnapped and terrified to wantin’ it. I love it, tie me down tickle me to death, nothing makes me happier.”

    “So they stopped.”

    “They sure did. Can’t have us liking the torture now, can they? No fun in that.” The curvaceous woman’s tone sounded all but regrettable. “It’s not all bad. I still get to fool around with the guards, like I said, and watch the other girls get some. I got to see your show the other night which’ll keep my motor runnin’ for a good while. The Madam just won’t let me join in, says I’m too wild, I get too excited.”

    “Hm.” Jai Lin said thoughtfully. “And you were all taken? You all lived outside, before this?” She made a light gesture to the lounge at large.

    “As best I can tell. I was on a, what you call a ‘leap year’? You know from college.”

    “I can imagine.”

    “Right, so I got the fuck outta Florida and went marchin’ around Vietnam for a spell. Then one day I’m messin’ around with this Australian guy I met, we’re in this shitty little hotel and he starts ticklin’ me.” Luanne shot a knowing look to Jai Lin. “And you know how it goes, I’m screamin’ and laughin’ and I can barely breathe and this big brute is just havin’ a ball.”

    Jai Lin gave her best sympathetic nod. The way Luanne spoke and her look of commiseration caused Jai Lin to wonder if being rigorously tickled was not as uncommon as she first thought. Perhaps, more likely, it was simply an experience Luanne imagined they both shared.

    “I guess half the buildin’ probably heard me.” Rolling her eyes, the curvy woman maintained her cheerful demeanor. “Of course not a single one of ‘em came to help, but someone must have liked what they heard. I didn’t even get halfway across the street after I left before a van pulled up and grabbed me. Next thing I know I’m here, getting’ double-teamed by the master and Madam Ui.”

    The younger girl’s eyes narrowed as she considered everything Luanne had told her. She turned and looked the curiously peppy woman up and down. “Why not release you? They must let girls go now and then.”

    “Oh, they do.” Luanne said. “Ain’t no one here over thirty, ‘sept for Madam Ui. One reason or another sometimes one of us gets walked out and where they go nobody knows. My guess? The mistress, she hates me. Maybe she’s just jealous cause she don’t like being tickled. I think she takes it personal, and keeps me ‘round cause this is probably the only place in the world I can’t get someone to tickle me. Ironic ain’t it?”

    “You don’t seem all that bothered by it.”

    “Don’t get me wrong, it drives me fuckin’ mental. But to be honest with you, this is still better than the life I had back home.”

    Jai Lin wouldn’t dare it say it aloud, but she wished she could say the same.
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    Chapter Five: Mr. Hyde

    Luanne continued talking for another few minutes about some inane thing or another. None of it was of interest to Jai Lin, who spent the time mulling over the more interesting points of information the American had given her. She wasn’t exactly sure what any of the older girl’s relative wisdom was good for, only that it was worth remembering. As best Jai Lin could tell at least two of Harold Deveno’s slaves had carved out a life that was not entirely terrible.

    Both Luanne and Madam Ui did not live in constant fear of sadistic torture. It was perhaps the best Jai Lin could hope for, except for the fact she had no idea how to go about achieving such a thing. Developing a love of being tickled, as Luanne had, was not possible. The astute teen knew herself well enough that no matter what torments Madam Ui may conjure up, Jai Lin would always be terrified of a ticklish touch. Becoming insane then was not an option, which meant she would need to gain a position not unlike Madam Ui’s. Ui had suffered for years before becoming who she was, an investment Jai Lin found completely unacceptable. Without speaking, from one Kanpekina to another, Jai Lin knew the stern older woman was as shrewd as she was cruel. Advancing in any way, shape or form under the madam’s watchful eye would be a gargantuan feat indeed.

    “Jai Lin.” Madam Ui’s sharp tone stopped Luanne’s chatter. “Follow me.”

    Avoiding eye contact with Luanne, Jai Lin stood and reluctantly traversed the entire length of the lounge. Out into the hall, Madam Ui strode quickly and the Amazonian teen rushed to keep pace. In truth Jai Lin knew if she did come up with some form of plan to minimize her misery, no matter what it was, any tactic would take time. Time that would doubtlessly involve more heinous torment, something the desperate girl hoped to avoid altogether. Of course in her heart of hearts Jai Lin knew she would be tickled again, nonetheless her unrealistic fantasy was a nice dream until Madam Ui’s voice shattered it.

    “In there.” The older woman said, stopping beside an open door. “Behave yourself this time.”

    Stepping in slowly, delaying the inevitable, Jai Lin walked into the same richly furnished bedroom she had been in three days before. And, just as he had been on the first day, Harold Deveno stood in the center of the room. That same welcoming smile on his face, the master’s unassuming presence was almost enough to make Jai Lin forget he had pinned her to the bed. So far apart was Harold’s agreeable nature from his perverse pastime that even having experience both, the teen slave found it difficult to connect the man and the master as one.

    “Jai Lin!” Harold beamed, opening his arms wide. His booming voice masked the sound of Madam Ui quietly closing the door behind the anxious younger woman. “What a treat to see you again! How have you been keeping?”

    “Very well.” Jai Lin said, offering a partial bow. “Thank you, master.”

    “Excellent, excellent!” The big man clapped his large hands together. “Come in, come in.” He motioned for his sheepish concubine to come further into the room. “You’ve made friends then? They’ve been treating you okay?”

    “A friend or two, yes.” Jai Lin said as she walked slowly toward Harold. Her eyes shot to the bed where she had been forced to lay some days before.

    “And Madam Ui?” Harold said. He put the palm of his hand on the young woman’s upper back and guided her toward the same intimidating four-post bed. “She hasn’t been too strict with you, I hope.”

    Jai Lin took a hesitant breath. The feeling of Harold’s hand pressed against her back bought back all too-clear memories of the last time he had touched her. “She is…an effective teacher.”

    “Ha! Diplomatically put!” A loud chuckle shook the tall man’s broad shoulders. “Now, remove your clothes.”

    Freezing a couple of feet short of the enormous bed, Jai Lin took a much deeper breath. The master was not harsh or imposing. His command was no less jovial than anything else he had said, and yet the order had to be obeyed just the same as if he had roared it. Hooking her thumbs under the front of her shirt, Jai Lin slid the thin material up and over her hourglass figure. She could feel Harold’s eyes on her from behind as she pulled the shirt over her arms and head. Topless, the timid teen took her time to fold the disused top and place it neatly on the corner of the bed. Without turning to face her master, Jai Lin stepped back out of her slippers. She hooked her thumbs again, this time into the waistbands of her pants and panties.

    “Leave your underwear on.” Harold said, his voice low.

    Moving her thumbs back one layer, Jai Lin shimmied her pants down. Bent forward, the shapely Amazon stepped out of each leg with balletic motion. As she put one foot back down and then the other, the cunning girl made certain to step smoothly back into her white slippers. Just as she had with her shirt, Jai Lin took her time to fold and place the pants tidily a top the bed sheets. Just as she finished the task and started to take a step back, Harold’s strong hands wrapped tenderly around her hips. Becoming rigid, the almost fully nude girl stood straight. She had not even heard her master approach.

    “Are you frightened?” Harold said, pulling the smaller young woman in close to his chest. He held her firm, resting his large paws against her lower tummy. Jai Lin nodded gingerly. The master’s voice was deep and calm, and as he spoke with his hot breath against her ear the teen could feel her confused libido begin to stir. “You should be. Get on the bed and lay facedown.”

    Seeing no obvious way to delay her imminent doom any further, Jai Lin climbed onto the bed. With the poise of a cat, the elegant teen crawled on her hands and knees to the center of the mattress. Sliding her legs out straight behind her first, the sultry girl arched her back, clenching her curvaceous butt around her white g-string. Once her long legs were in position, Jai Lin stretched her arms upward, lowering her bare torso. Facedown atop the expensive bed sheets, the sly-minded slave hoped her extensive training in the art of seduction might pay off. Perhaps, if she could wind him up enough, the master would forgo any torment and simply ravage her. While Jai Lin’s movements were intended to distract from Harold’s obvious goal, she still recognized how painfully vulnerable she had made herself.

    “Spread your legs.” Harold said through an amiable smile. Jai Lin complied, spreading her ankles a couple of feet apart. She did not want to lend herself to hope so quickly, but she could not help to think her goal of diversion might be working. Truthfully Jai Lin was quite willing to lose her virginity, and to a man as seemingly agreeable and handsome as Harold she imagined the experience could even be quite enjoyable. As things stood, between the master’s firm touch and relaxed orders, the perplexingly lustful teen was already feeling rather amorous despite her fear.

    “Stay still.” The large man said. At the foot of the bed Jai Lin could feel movement, but without looking back she could not figure out exactly what was happening. Looking back would require disobeying Harold’s direct command, and that was something the dutiful girl could not do intentionally. Only when she felt a leather strap tighten around her left ankle did Jai Lin grasp how abysmally her provocative plan had failed to divert the giant’s attention.

    Harold secured a strap to each ankle, holding his teen concubine’s ankles in place. Later, Jai Lin would come to learn that the straps themselves protruded from within the mattress, a custom-made piece of bedding common throughout the fortress. “Put your hands behind your back.” The huge man said as he climbed onto the bed. Naturally, Jai Lin complied immediately.

    “There you are.” Harold said gleefully. He took each of the teen’s slender wrists in his big hands and pushed them together at the small of her back. With his weight resting on the back of her thighs Jai Lin could barely budge an inch. “I rather enjoy not having to tie you girls up.” The large man said as he began to bind a short length of rope around the teen’s wrists. “But I’m sure you can understand why I have to take this precaution with you.” He laughed just as the rope tightened, and Jai Lin winced.

    Knowing what Harold was about to do, and how completely powerless she was to stop him, Jai Lin felt the urge to cry rear stronger than ever before. The Kanpekina however, were told routinely that in their life of absolute servitude they may often be asked to do things they might not be entirely comfortable with. Some of these things, Lady Botan had told the girls, would surely make you want to cry. It was a sensation Jai Lin knew well how to suppress, and kept her tears at bay. Her complex mix of fear and arousal on the other hand, were two sensations the voluptuous virgin had little control over.

    “Now Jai Lin-“ Harold said, and paused to quickly pinch the tied girl’s side. Jai Lin flinched and let out a surprised squeak before the master continued. “-I told you to remove your clothing…except for your underwear.”

    Jai Lin’s stomach sank. She recognized her mistake immediately. The act had seemed like a good idea in the moment, but thinking Harold would not notice what she did was an enormous miscalculation. He poked her other side. “Eeep!” Jai Lin squealed.

    “So perhaps you can tell me…” Harold said, holding both of his hands in claw shapes. He held his arms out wide either side of the trapped slave, an act that made sure she could see them. “…why you are still wearing your slippers?”

    “I am sorry master! I did not mea-“ Jai Lin began to grovel, interrupted by the older man’s powerful fingers clawing wildly at her exposed sides. “-EEEIIYAHAHAHA!”

    Curling back into herself, Jai Lin’s bouncing butt pressed into the large bulge between her master’s legs. Unable to escape his tickling hands, the young woman threw herself forward and slammed her head against the soft bedding. Screaming with sporadic laughter, Jai Lin tossed and turned in every direction, arching her back and pulling madly against the rope binding her hands. There was no respite as Harold’s thumbs drilled into the tender edges of her back, and his fingers wriggled mercilessly either side of her heaving abdomen. The poor girl’s long black hair flew recklessly, a wide, open mouth grin across her face. Closing her eyes tight, a pained expression fought against the teen’s dominating mirth.

    “NOOOHOHO! EEEEHAHAH!” Jai Lin screamed as Harold’s hands moved higher, kneading into her ribs.

    “Ohh, you hate it don’t you my dear?” Harold teased. His young captive could not roll on to one side without exposing the other, a fact the brawny older man took full advantage of. Climbing his inquisitive fingers higher up Jai Lin’s torso, the giant master poked at the sides of her ballooning bosoms. Harold’s thumbs drilled deep into the bound girl’s flesh, prodding in dangerously close proximity to her underarms.

    “HMMFFF!” Muffled cries bellowed into the sheets as Jai Lin buried her face. Harold’s speedy fingertips scurried down her sides and danced over her exposed ass cheeks. “IIIEEEE!” She shrieked and threw her head back, flopping her upperbody as she flexed her well rounded butt.

    “Such a ticklish toosh!” The big man taunted. He sent a series of small, soft pinches along the crease where his tickle-toy’s ass met her thighs.

    A week before, Jai Lin would have found the thought of having a ticklish butt quite silly. In the moment, the seemingly foolish idea proved to be harrowing. Near breathless from insuppressible laughter, Harold’s skilled digits raced along the crevice that was barely shielded by the teen’s g-string. Spreading her own fingers wide, Jai Lin reached down as far as she could, each effort to defend herself easily overcome by her master’s painfully playful assault.

    “You know I’m going to have to take those slippers soon!” Harold said, causing his near-nude victim to scream an incomprehensionable plea. “You won’t be kicking me off the bed this time!” He said jokingly, just as he gave both of Jai Lin’s cheeks a quick squeeze. “I might have to take my time with whatever I find down there!”

    “NOOOHAHAHA!” The helpless girl yelled as the handsome man’s unyielding hands ran up her sides once again. Jai Lin convulsed as her master’s hands reached under her, clawing at her overly sensitive tummy. Her face was flushed red and the fear of what Harold was threatening to do made his ten-fingered tummy attack exponentially worse. Not one horribly troubling element to be forgotten, Jai Lin’s rock hard nipples brushing against the bed sheets were a cruel reminder of her ever increasing arousal.

    “Oh yes, I’ve tickled a lot of feet in my time! Had a lot of practice!” The master teased as he squeezed the undersides of the teen’s bare breasts. “I’m going to learn every ticklish inch of yours!”

    Through her struggling and laughter, Harold’s taunts were darting straight to Jai Lin’s libido. Each threat more terrifying than the last, the large man’s deep voice and curious fingers drove the spasming girl quite mad. Madam Ui’s brief exploration of her soles a few days prior had given Jai Lin nightmares. What the master was promising to do, taking his time, learning, it made those nightmares seem like dreams by comparison.

    “What do you think my sweet?” Harold said, relenting his attack. He shuffled back a few inches, taking his weight off the girl’s thighs so he knelt comfortably between her knees. “Is it time to count your toes?”

    “N-no! Please master!” Jai Lin turned her head enough to see Harold looming behind her. She had to think fast. Once he started there was no telling when he would stop, or what her mental state would be when he did. “Let me-let me show you what I can do!”

    “I think I’m going to find out…”

    “No! Lady Botan taught me so much!” The teen spoke quickly. “I learned how-how to please you! Just…just untie me and I can...” Jai Lin put on her best husky-whisper. “I can pleasure you in so many ways…”

    “Oh, I know.” Harold said and stroked a single finger high on the inside of his teen captive’s thigh.

    “I can d-ehee!” Jai Lin giggled as her master dragged another finger along her other inner thigh. “I can do so much more than laugh for you! Please!”

    “Of course you can dear…” The large man said, and begin stroking all ten fingers across the smooth flesh of the poor girl’s thighs. “…you can beg too!”

    “Naaaheehee! Ahhheeehee!” Rolling from side to side, Jai Lin threw herself helplessly as she strained to pull her legs together. Her long hair whipped the bed sheets and her naked boobs bounced violently with each roll.

    Touched directly between her thick thighs, a single stroke away from her g-string panties, was a new and explosive sensation. It was another part of herself Jai Lin had never thought to be ticklish, yet there she squealed and fought and pleaded for and end to it. All the while, as Harold’s skilled fingertips harassed the hypersensitive skin between the teen’s long legs, her nipples were growing harder and her panties wetter.

    “Madam Ui told me all about your punishment!” Harold said excitedly. He pinched along the backs of the cackling teen’s thighs and quickly squeezed her shapely ass cheeks. “She told me how much you enjoyed yourself in the end!”

    “I DIDN’T! Eeeehaahaha!” Jai Lin screamed as her master danced his fingers around her butt.

    “Are you saying Madam Ui is a liar?” The older man said. “Are you telling me you didn’t cum yourself silly?”

    “Ngghahaha! I did! I dihihihid!” Confused, humiliated and barely able to focus on the man’s questioning, the fitful girl buried her face into the mattress.

    “Then it is you who is lying!” Harold said and clutched viciously at the tied teen’s ribs.

    “NAHAHAHA! NOHO!” Jai Lin howled. She had been tripped up. Had she been properly focused Jai Lin certainly could have navigated her master’s questions, but with short panicked answers there was no hope of saying the right thing.

    “I think…” Harold leaned forwarded, pressing his chest against the girl’s back. He continued clawing at her tender ribs as he spoke into her ear. “…we’re going to have to tickle your feet!”

    Before Jai Lin could compose herself, Harold had sat up. By the time the lumbering giant was climbing from the bedside, the topless slave girl had gone into a full-blown panic. There was no stopping him now. Whatever she might say would be turned around, her cruel master was interested in nothing else. All Harold Deveno wanted most in the world in that moment was the same thing Jai Lin wanted least. She could try speaking, try begging, pleading, but it was clear such cries for mercy would only stoke the older man’s flames. Instead Jai Lin curled her toes against the fluffy interior of her slippers, grit her teeth and braced for all hell to break loose.

    “Ohh, I’ve been looking forward to this.” The large man said as he stood at the foot of the bed. He was strangely warm in his tone, a return to the kindly man Harold seemed to be on first impression. The billionaire’s peculiar flip-flopping between comforting older gentleman and eager tormentor was almost as perplexing as Jai Lin’s own hateful arousal from the torment.

    When the powerless teen felt her master gently take hold of her left slipper, she tensed every muscle in her body. Deep dimples formed on the outer sides of her curvy butt and her arms strained against the thin rope around her wrists. As Harold took his time slowly pulling the single slipper away, Jai Lin curled and uncurled her toes. In one last desperate, instinctual effort to keep her slipper on the poor girl fought against all hope and reality down to the last possible second. Inevitably her slender bare foot soon found the open air, a feeling that made Jai Lin tremble. She curled her toes again, this time without thought, and wrinkled her silky sole. The teen’s foot wriggled around, searching for protection that wasn’t there and unable to tell when the first touch would come.

    “Hmpph!” Jai Lin flinched as she felt Harold cup the top of her delicate foot in one hand. His large paw gripped her foot tighter, until it was held perfectly still. She bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes tight, whatever happened next, even her own actions, would be completely beyond the young woman’s control.

    “I’m going to tickle your feet now.” Harold said in an almost consoling manner. “I’m going to start with your heel and move down to your instep.” As he spoke, Jai Lin tried to squirm her foot free, but there was no escape. “After that I’ll move over the balls of your foot. I’m sure you’ll be quite mad by this point, but I’ll carry on down to your toes regardless.”

    With every frank explanation of her master’s plan, Jai Lin couldn’t stop herself from imaging each maneuver in excruciating detail. This of course, the teen knew even in her anxiety-stricken state, was Harold’s intent. Just as his verbal teasing stripped away any dignity she might have held on to, the master’s announcements further disrupted her well-trained mind. A mind trained for a thousand different scenarios, being completely vulnerable at the hands of a sadistic tickler not among them.

    “NYYYIIAAAAA!” Jai Lin shrieked when she felt a single fingertip stroke the very center of her tender heel. Her toes spread and her back arched, her long hair sailing backward. Diving back on top the mattress head first, the crazed girl screamed in her native tongue. “INAI! INAAAIIIIEEEHEE!”

    Using only the tip of his index finger, Harold wiggled the devious digit back and forth in the space of half an inch. The simple and unrelenting technique caused his highly prized girl to flail wildly atop the large bed, her manic pleading interjecting into high pitched laughter. After a full minute Jai Lin’s cheeks had flushed bright red as she continued to plead in Japanese.

    “Madam Ui chose well!” Harold said, his words barely registering with the frenzied teen. “I’m barely touching you! You might have the most ticklish feet I’ve had in all my years!” The master’s tone had turned excitable once again and offered no comfort as he introduced a second devilish fingertip to Jai Lin’s trapped heel. “The good Madam must have seen a kindred spirit in you!”

    Jai Lin’s shrill words were coming out more broken than not. Her master’s second finger twirled alongside it’s partner in crime, drawing agonizingly light lines across her marshmallowy heel. Flashing a look back over her shoulder, Jai Lin caught a glimpse of Harold eagerly focused on her helpless bare sole. The handsome man’s simple two-finger assault was driving the poor girl quite mad. More maddening still was the nagging thought that her master had only just begun his long list of nightmarish promises.

    “Very good Jai Lin, very good!” The burly man said, keeping his two fingers flicking around the cackling girl’s heel.

    For a fraction of a second Jai Lin felt some miniscule form of relief when Harold loosened his grip around the top of her foot. Naturally he did not stop the tickling, and being able to wiggle her foot madly gave only the shaky illusion of freedom. Her master’s right hand now free to do as it pleased, the squealing teen knew his fingers would not remain idle. As he continued to tickle her left foot, Harold used his right hand to hook a single finger under the back of Jai Lin’s one remaining slipper. In her frenzy, the poor girl could not even manage the fruitless resistance she had put up when her first slipper was removed. With great ease the big man plucked the Amazonian teen’s slipper away, rendering both of her upturned feet completely bare.

    “JIHI NO MASUTĀ!” The red faced girl managed to howl before Harold started stroking her right heel. Her full lips twisted from screaming giggles to abject misery.

    Harold’s demonic heel torment went on, and for every second that passed Jai Lin would scream with laughter. Never ceasing to force pleas for mercy between her uproarious cries, the hypersensitive teen flopped and rolled, shaking the heavy bed frame. Her vulnerable feet shook and squirmed, attempting to avoid every sadistic stroke of her master’s skilled touch, and never once successful. How long exactly it was that the beastly older man flickered two fingertips across her soft heels Jai Lin could not know. What she did know was that when her master moved his wiggling fingers from her pinkened heels down to her silky insteps as promised, he did not rest in between.

    “YEEEEHEEEIII!” Jai Lin wailed, her mouth wide open and eyes shut tight. The new sensation sent the poor girl reeling anew as two diabolical digits ran wild around the center of each sole.

    As devastating as the captive girl had imagined being tickled on her feet for a prolonged period of time might be, the reality was a hundred thousand times worse. Harold’s endless fondling of her feet made her wish she was back home, held by her classmates in the chair days before. Madam Ui’s brief tickle-test, terrible though it had been, was a leisurely stroll compared to the torture her master inflicted. She could no longer even manage the occasional full word to beg. Jai Lin’s high pitch laughter was so beyond her control she could manage half a word at best. Being utterly powerless against her master was to be expected, but the teen’s dominion over her own body had slipped entirely from her as well. The laughter and flailing, the struggling and her infuriating, ever-increasing arousal.

    In her crazed state, as tears began to trickle down her rosy cheeks, the front of Jai Lin’s panties had become soaking wet. To her deep-seated dismay the teen’s body had proved, beyond a doubt, that the more she suffered the more her fiery lust became inflamed. Coated in a light sheen of sweat, the bewildered girl thrashed, straining as much to escape as she did to have something between her quaking thighs. If Harold had chosen to taken her virginity then and there it would have been most welcome. Of course, instead of pleasure the master offered only punishment for crimes uncommitted as he raked his four fingers down over the exquisitely tender balls of Jai Lin’s helpless feet.

    Berserk beyond any point Jai Lin had thought herself capable, her ability to plead real words was tickled faraway. Even if there had been any point in begging for mercy, the hopeless teen no longer could. All that exploded from her gaping lips was manic laughter, bordering on deranged. Every single day at the Kanpekina school Jai Lin had carried herself with an unwavering level of grace and elegance seen only in the most successful of finishing-school graduates. A few short strokes across her bare feet unraveled it all, as thick tears streamed down her stretched cheeks.

    When Harold’s fingers dug underneath her toes, all sense of reality escaped the raving teen. From the precipice of mania, Jai Lin nosed dived into the land of the unhinged. Wordless, gasping laughter signaled her madness as her mind collapsed in on itself. In her hysteria she jerked and tugged and tore at her bonds, countless attempts born of a need to survive. Survive Jai Lin would, of course, but no part of her could comprehend how.

    “Ohh, what a pleasure you are my girl!” Harold said, a little breathless himself when he finally pulled back his hands from the panting teen.

    Jai Lin shuddered, sobbing into the bed sheets and wheezing for air. Beads of sweat slid down her back and heaving ribs. Free of her master’s fingers at long last, the voluptuous girl’s mind began to reassemble itself. As Harold shuffled around at the foot of the bed, the captive slave girl would have liked to remember where she was, perhaps recall her given-name, but it was not to be. Instead, as if the universe had nothing but cruel jokes left for Jai Lin, the first thing her conscious mind took note of was the soaking hot mess between her thighs. With the right touch in the right place the hopelessly amorous girl began wishing for carnal release before a single other thought.

    After a few moments battling her anguish and arousal, the weight of Harold’s knee pressing atop the bedside drew Jai Lin’s focus. Blinking tears away, the bewildered plaything looked back over shoulder. In the corner of her eye she spied her master, his muscular physique completely nude as he lumbered over her. Kneeling between her glistening thighs, the sight of the older man’s large erect cock caused the teen to let out an involuntary moan. She had never once seen it’s like, curved toward the ceiling and pulsating, his bulbous purple head slick. Weakly, Jai Lin made some small effort to fight her most base desires, but began to grind her hips anyway.

    “I would so love to punish you more…” Harold said, his voice a low growl. He pinched either side of the trapped girl’s panties and pulled them forcefully down. “…but I cannot resist.”

    Jai Lin quivered as she felt her g-string slide down, the thin material resting tightly under her shapeless ass cheeks. Resting in the crease between her butt and thighs, the half-removed underwear forced the teen’s cheeks to curve up even more than usual. Harold took a firm grip of each cheek, squeezing her bare ass. Jai Lin writhed and fondled her fingers delicately against her master’s rough paws as he gently spread her cheeks apart.

    “T-take me…” Jai Lin whimpered, her words barely a whisper. She wanted the panties gone, she wanted to be completely exposed. She wanted the burly monster to ride her with everything he had.

    “Ahh…” Harold sighed comfortably. Shifting himself forward, he rested his throbbing shaft between the teen’s cheeks. As he lay his chiseled abs down against his captives bound arms she could barely move under his weight. Her arms squashed between her own back and Harold’s torso, Jai Lin could not even move her hands. “You’re going to make me cum…”

    “Nff!” The nubile girl trembled, her master’s lips whispering into her ear. Her butt cheeks squished around the big man’s shaft. She could feel the tip of his engorged cock against her tailbone, and began to grind against him.

    “Not like that…” The master said, thrusting gently back into her. “Like this…”

    Harold’s fingers clawed into her tender flesh from either side. “EEEIIIYYYII!” Jai Lin squealed, instantly squirming beneath the giant’s dense frame. Squashed beneath his hulking nude body and the mattress, the poor girl could move little but her head. Even then Harold’s own head was right next to her’s and seriously limited the teen’s movement. Seconds after the cruel man’s fingers wiggled up to her underarms he went to work on the teen’s neck. With his lips, tongue and teeth Harold gnawed under Jai Lin’s right ear and nibbled down to her collarbone. There was no relief, try as she might, cackling wildly into the sheets.

    Though Jai Lin lacked any control over her own constrained movements, Harold used his total freedom to thrust forcefully into the girl beneath him. Sliding his rigid shaft back and forth between the tied teen’s ass cheeks, her sporadic struggling made for an unpredictable ride. As her master’s speed increased so too did his ferocity, his ravenous feasting on her neck and sadistic fingers tickled Jai Lin into a laughter filled delirium.

    “HNGH! HNGH!” Harold tensed, his teeth biting harder against the writhing girl’s shoulder. His fingers stopped wiggling and instead clutched at her sweat soaked boobs. “AWWWH!” The monstrous man roared as he thrust hard into her.

    Jai Lin bit her bottom lip as she felt her master shudder against her. She squeezed her cheeks around his rock hard cock and as she did the big man let out another satisfying bellow. In sync with his animalistic approval, the bound virgin felt her master’s steaming hot cum pump up the small of her back. Drenching her hands and forearms, Harold’s thick bursts even managed to make it as far as the teen’s shoulder blades.

    A moment later Harold fell limp, chucking softly to himself as he lay a top the degraded girl. Trembling, and with a firm clench of her plump bottom lip, Jai Lin lewdly grind against her master, so close to her own primal release. Underneath his heavy, barely shifting body the weary girl could move even less than she had been able to when the master had first pressed against her. All it she needed was a stroke, a single finger would do wonderfully in the right hot spot.

    “You…” Harold said through a broad grin as he pushed himself up off the girl. “…are a wonder.”

    “Nnn…” Jai Lin whined softly as her master climbed off to her left side.

    “We will do this again.” The big man said, giving his slave’s bare ass a quick squeeze before standing up from the bed. “But for now I must shower and tend to business. Next time, perhaps, I will last a good bit longer.”

    Desperate as Jai Lin was for her own pleasure, the thought of Harold lasting longer did not comfort her.

    Chapter Six: Naraka

    Abandoned to her vulgar state, Jai Lin lay alone for quite some time. Soaked in her own sweat and Harolds’, the poor girl was still very much aroused. To her great shame, the sticky nature of her master’s discarded cum soaking the teen’s back did nothing to douse the fire burning between her thighs. In fact, disgraced and humiliated, certain to be seen by whoever entered the room next, Jai Lin’s years of discipline had been brutally corrupted.

    Squirming atop the wet spot she had created, the dismally horny teen soon managed to squirm her ruined panties down around her thighs. Rubbing herself eagerly against the dampened sheets, the virgin girl slid her bare pussy back and forth, moaning softly as she did. Try as she might over the course of several long minutes, Jai Lin simply could not push herself over the edge. In the back of her mind a tiny voice cried out, a voice that had once been much more commanding. The voice told her she was a dishonorable harlot, a defiled whore beyond reproach who sullied the name of the Kanpekina. A voice that was easily muffled as Jai Lin writhed to the terrifying memories of her master’s large hands pawing at her tender flesh.

    “You disgust me.” Madam Ui’s voice froze the bound girl’s lewd display. The older woman’s tone was like ice through Jai Lin’s veins.

    “Madam Ui!“ Jai Lin said hurriedly. She had pleased her master, surely the disheveled girl could not be blamed for her crude appearance. But, Madam Ui was cruel and Madam Ui was strict. Jai Lin would need to grovel even in the face of relative success. “I am sorry. The master, he was rough and-“

    “Rough!” The older woman scoffed as she approached the bedside. She looked down her nose at the nude girl as she spoke. “You have not seen Harold be rough, and I doubt you ever will. Thank yourself lucky. Besides-“ Madam Ui leaned forward to emphasis her words. “-I do not give a fig that you are covered in god knows what, or that you were quite clearly trying to pleasure yourself. What I do care about-“ The Madam moved closer still, less than a foot from her teen captive’s weary face. “-is that I have repeatedly told you to only speak English.”

    “I have! I-“ Jai Lin balked, then paused as she thought back. She had not even realized her blunder, blurting out in her native Japanese while in the throws of a tickle-fit. “I-I did not mean-“ The poor girl stammered.

    “Take her to the showers.” Madam Ui said as she stood upright. Only then did Jai Lin realize there were two men in the room, a pair of strapping young guards who marched toward the bed. “These men are going to watch you while you clean yourself up.” The stern woman continued. “They are not permitted to touch you, however if you so much as look like you’re even thinking of bringing yourself to climax they will call me.” As she spoke the two men loosened the straps around the defeated Amazon’s ankles. “And I will have three girls enter the shower to clean you by force. They will not be kind about it, and I promise you, you will end up squealing on the shower floor as they scrub every inch of you.”

    Madam Ui stood and watched as the two men hauled Jai Lin off the bed. As they bought the slave girl to her feet, her sodden panties slipped down over her knees and landed on the carpet below. Standing on shaky knees, the relieved girl sighed as one of the men untied the rope around her wrists. Madam Ui offered a sharp nod before striding quickly from the large room, leaving Jai Lin alone with the two guards.

    “Let’s go.” One man said, he was around twenty with a military style crew cut.

    She knew better, but with Madam Ui having left the room Jai Lin felt her insuppressible arousal spike once again. It was only a half second at most, but the naked young woman took that time to look her able bodied escorts up and down. Unmistakably, Jai Lin thought, no matter what their orders were, the men were looking at her in much the same way. As she stepped forward and made way for the door, the lustful teen knew if even the men were allowed to have their way with her, it would probably involve no small amount of horrid tickling.

    Lead nude through a series of hallways and down at least two flights of stairs, the eyes of more guards upon her caused Jai Lin to blush. For a moment she had thought to cover her breasts, however Madam Ui would surely interpret such movement as unseemly. The shapely teen’s long dark hair matted to the cool sweat against her skin, and as she walked gingerly her large boobs jiggled softly. The various guards the trio walked by were not subtle in showing their appreciation for Jai Lin’s body, raised eyebrows and approving nods a common sight on the five-minute journey.

    “Through here.” The guard with darker skin said as he opened an ornately carved wooden door.

    In a room roughly half the size of the harem’s common area lay an expensive rug and single wooden table. No higher than her knees, the table was thick and heavy dark wood with loosely buckled straps at each corner. There was no other furniture, and four other doors along one wall.

    “Over there.” The guard said, motioning toward the closest door. Beyond the door was a small room of white tile, a single bidet and large shower with glass door. A bar of soap and fluffy white towel were placed neatly atop the bidet. “Get on with it, no funny business. You heard the madam.”

    As Jai Lin stepped into the shower and closed the door behind her, she could feel the guards’ eyes on her. They wanted her, how disciplined could they be? Surely not half as well trained as she was. The lusty girl put her hand on the shower handle and hung her head as she fought an internal battle. After all, Jai Lin had been taught seduction by the finest teachers of the craft. Who would know? They could ravage her, and she them. It was possible, and with that certainty came a sense of power. Perhaps the first power Jai Lin had ever known.

    Recalling Madam Ui’s threat, the nude girl’s internal battle found a victor and she turned the shower on cold. Gasping as the icy water hit her warm skin, Jai Lin shivered before reaching for the soap. True to their word the men watched on. She was very, very careful not to move in anyway that might be mistook for enjoyable.

    The shower was brief, refreshing and thankfully managed to quell the sultry teen’s arousal enough that it was no longer her primary focus. As she stepped out and picked up her towel, the guard with the severe haircut walked out of the room. Under the watchful eye of the remaining man, Jai Lin dried herself off, being as careful not to appear horny as she had been in the shower. After a few minutes in the small humid room, mostly dry save for her long dripping hair, the darker skinned guard pointed toward the door. “Leave the towel.” He said with no particular tone to his command.

    Just as she stepped into the cooler air of the barely furnished room, the guard behind her grabbed a hold of her arms. “Hey!” Jai Lin barked and twisted as her forearms were folded up behind her back. She snapped her head back to look at him, but was immediately distracted by the second guard approaching her from the front. With his hands raised and her mouth still wide open from surprise, the young guard crammed a thick black rubber ball into her mouth. The ball, the sparkling clean girl discovered very quickly, had a thin leather strap protruding from either side. In swift, well practiced motion, the straps were wrapped around Jai Lin’s head before she could utter a muffled protest.

    “MMMNN!” The struggling teen screamed into her gag as the young guard secured the straps together.

    “This’ll go easier if you stay still.” The young man said as he reached into his back pocket.

    “MMM EE GG!” Jai Lin yelled, twisting and turning against the man who held her arms. In her panic and confusion the teen’s eyes flashed to the heavy wooden table with the leather straps, but it was the black hood the guard pulled from his pocket that made her scream. “NNN! NNN!”

    The hood went over her head and Jai Lin’s world went dark. There was little use in fighting but she did so anyway, kicking and bucking as best she could against the far stronger men. When the younger guard grabbed hold of the slave’s ankles and they lifted her off the floor Jai Lin was certain the next thing she would feel would make her laugh uncontrollably. Instead, the two men marched back out into the hall and from there the struggling teen could not tell where they were taking her.

    More hallways, more twists and turns and more flights of stairs than she thought the enormous fortress could possibly have. Down, down and further down they went until surely the men had taken her well below ground level. Though Jai Lin did not necessarily believe in such things, she did wonder if perhaps the guards were in fact demons taking her to Naraka. It was a fanciful and silly thought, but at the time it seemed the only way imaginable that her life could become any worse. Her second thought was that she would be better served calling it Hell, as the Japanese tongue was apparently very much forbidden within the master’s walls.

    Quite sensitive to temperature in her nude state, Jai Lin noticed a significant drop in warmth after the last flight of stairs. Her nipples grew rigid from the cool air as she listened keenly to the guards’ heavy boots marching across stone floor. From everywhere in Harold’s fortress she had been allowed to see up to that point had wooden floors, often times with a rug, or carpet as in the bedrooms. Stone was peculiar, as was certainly being in some form of basement level. The next she felt was a cool, soft surface pressing against her back as the men lay her down.

    “Where am I?” The frightened girl said shakily. Predictably the guards did not respond. Instead of conversation one man forced the teen’s arms above her head, while the other pinned one leg down. Along the back of her left leg Jai Lin could feel the same leathery material that pressed against her back. Curiously, her right leg hung off an edge and did not touch the ground. Whatever she was being forced to lay down upon was an odd shape indeed.

    “Easy, easy!” The young guard said as he began wrapping a thick strap around the girl’s ankle. At the same time the man stretching her arms upward started securing her wrists, and Jai Lin thrashed against the new bondage. “You’re just tiring yourself out.”

    Pulled tight, the men bound and buckled their young captive, locking her wrists and left ankle firmly in place. As she felt one of the men reaching for her one free limb, Jai Lin kicked her right leg wildly. What exactly she hopped to achieve was unclear, but logic and reason had given way to panic and fear several flights of stairs back.

    “Help me here!” The young guard said as he coiled a sinewy bicep around the nude girl’s right ankle.

    “NNH! NNMMGG!” Jai Lin rocked her head up and down as both men manhandled her long leg. Against her fierce struggling the guards pulled her legs open, spreading her ankles almost four feet apart. As the men forced her leg down onto another leather-cushioned surface it became clear the table upon which she was tied must have been shaped like an upside down Y. Muffled pleas cried against her gag as the poor girl felt her ankle being strapped as tightly as her other.

    “Almost done.” Jai Lin recognized the voice of the darker skinned guard as he walked back toward the head of the table. “Pity we can’t stick around to watch.” He said and took hold of the black bag over the teen’s head. “Wouldn’t mind seeing you get yours after all the trouble you’ve given us.”

    Jai Lin’s jade green eyes adjusted quickly to the dim light of her surroundings. The guard stuffed the hood in his pants pocket and as he did the other man strolled away from the table. The room was no bigger than the bedroom where Harold had tortured her, but lacked any of the comforts. Instead of neatly painted walls were cold stone bricks. Instead of a doorway stood a narrow spiral staircase, it’s steps rough and uneven. And where the bedroom was populated by finely crafted furniture, this old cave of a space held a half dozen uninviting devices of terror. Alongside the Y shaped table upon which Jai Lin was strapped to were contraptions of wood and chain. Bolted and nailed together, loose straps dangling from the numerous appendages of each atrocious apparatus. Each device was worse than the next, every one intended to twist and hold and bend the human body in unnatural ways.

    “Hmmh mmmnhh!” The trembling teen shook. Jai Lin did not know Harold well at all, but even at his most sadistic he did not give her the impression such a dark place would be of use to him.

    “Mr. Deveno doesn’t come down here anymore.” The younger guard said as he reached either side of Jai Lin’s head and pulled up two thin straps. “This is Madam Ui’s place now.”

    “Nmm Phhll!” The quaking girl shook her head as the young man pulled the straps together just below her hairline.

    “Putting you through the ringer today, huh?” The guard said as he pulled the straps tight, locking Jai Lin’s head back against the leather cushion. “Well, good luck.” He said and together he and the other man began walking toward the spiral staircase. “The madam doesn’t bring people down here unless they really piss her off…”

    “Hmmnn! HMMNNNH!” Jai Lin screamed into her gag. The men did not look back, disappearing up the stairs. Beyond her feet and hands she could not move. Attempting to roll from side to side resulted in what looked like mild twitching. The teen’s nubile body was pulled so taut she could not even raise her butt, which sat on the very edge where the table split open. From her pinned position Jai Lin could barely see her own feet, her large bare breasts and chilled erect nipples blocking the view. After an agonizing wait she was able to see Madam Ui’s small figure descending the stairs.

    “I tried to teach you.” The stern older woman said as her heels clicked across the cobblestone floor. “And I have failed.”

    “Mnn…” The bound and gagged teen whimpered. Madam Ui walked slowly between the teen’s long legs, stopping right between her thighs.

    “So, instead I will simply punish you.” Madam Ui said. The corner of her lips perked up slightly into a vile smirk, and Jai Lin decided then and there she much preferred the madam’s usual sour expression. “I am sure you think I am being unreasonable. Unfair. I do not care. I am going to tickle you. I am going to tickle every inch of your very, very ticklish body. And I am going to enjoy it.”

    As far as fantastical thoughts went, Jai Lin’s imagination had never stretched quite so far as it did in that moment. Perhaps a meteor would crash into the building. Perhaps a large wave would wash away the town and Harold’s fortress. It was when she imagined Madam Ui simply changing her mind that Jai Lin knew she had really breached the limits of reality. The older woman raised her hands and placed them gently on her young slave’s hips, an act that made Jai Lin jerk and take a short, sharp breath.

    “Do you know what real torture is, Jai Lin?” Madam Ui said, keeping her hands idle on the teen’s sensitive skin. “You haven’t experienced it yet. You might think you have, but I promise you what you have been through so far does not even come close. It is a lesson Harold taught me, many years ago.”

    “Eeeii!” Jai Lin squeaked when two of the older woman’s long nails quickly pinched her hip.

    “He taught me right here, in this room.” The draconian mistress said. She kept her hands resting still again. “I have been in each and every one of these…contraptions. I know all of them, intimately.” She looked at each of the heavy wooden devices stood around the room, none of which Jai Lin could look at herself. “It was in these I learned that true torture is not tormenting your victim beyond their limits. No, the best torturers know that they must reach their own limits…and then move beyond them.”

    Madam Ui drilled her thumbs into the tender flesh just inside the nude girl’s hip bones. “MMMFFF! MMMFFHHH!” Jai Lin screeched, her eyes opening wide. The attack was over as quickly as it had begun.

    “We’re going to do that together.” Madam Ui said. “We’re going to go until my hands ache and I can no longer stand. And then, when I am done, when I can longer torment you myself, I will have two or maybe even three girls bought down here to continue my work.” She slid one fingertip gently down between the trapped girl’s thighs.

    “Mmnnhh…” Jai Lin’s abdomen tensed as the older woman gently stroked the delicate crease between her thigh and bald pussy.

    “And if during any of this you should feel any sense of pleasure…” The cruel mistress said, sliding her fingertip to the writhing teen’s outer labia. “…if you should reach climax without my express say-so, I will bring those three girls down early. I will have them bring you to orgasm again and again. I will have them tongue your clitoris while they feast upon your nipples…”

    God help her, Jai Lin cringed, she could already feel her body betraying itself. Madam Ui’s tender touch was unlike anything the severely bound girl had ever felt. Coupled with the madam’s ongoing description of what the other slaves might to do her and Jai Lin knew she would soon be aroused beyond the point of return.

    “All of this-” Madam Ui continued. “-they will do while tickling you senseless.” She took a step back, and with it dragged her long nails along the tops of the slave girl’s thick thighs. “You will cum so much and so often I will make you fear ever having another orgasm.” The mistress said to the softly giggling girl. “You may pass out, it has been known to happen. You may even slip into unconsciousness more than once, but every time you wake you will wake here. And you will wake to the feeling of fingers stroking your skin.”

    “Mmh! Mmmhm!” Jai Lin tried to stifle her giggling, but the older woman’s nails gently exploring just above her knees made silence impossible.

    “Take your punishment.” Madam Ui said. “Take it well. Obey my commands and we might just be able to make use of you yet.” She pulled her fingers back and walked backwards, stopping between the teen’s wide spread ankles. “Now then, let us begin.”

    “MMM! MNNFF!” Jai Lin screamed as she watched Madam Ui spread her arms outward like the wings of a carrion bird. Of course the madam would start with the poor girl’s feet.

    There was no lead up or suspense, no anticipation. No gentle teasing as her master had done. No, Madam Ui opened with a full assault, five sharp talons dancing over the supple skin of her captive’s bare soles. Screeching into her ball gag, Jai Lin flew into instantaneous hysterics. Her slender feet wiggled madly to no avail, her hands flapped against the hard wood table. The squealing teen’s stomach heaved as she laughed loudly. No other part of her virgin body could perform more than a helpless flinch as her feet were mercilessly tickled.

    Where Madam Ui’s gentle caressing had sparked the young woman’s arousal, the sadistic feet attack was like throwing dynamite onto a campfire. Such a sudden spike in her lustful yearnings sent a tragic thought through Jai Lin’s tickle-addled mind. In her body’s continuing campaign of treachery, the cackling girl knew there was no way she would be able to hold back an orgasm forever. Skilled through Harold was, compared to the madam the master was a clumsy and rough assailant. Perhaps because she knew better the female form, or maybe because she had been on the receiving end of similar torture herself so many times. Whatever the reason, Ui’s ability to tickle far surpassed that of Harold’s and Jai Lin had already come dangerously close to climax under his hands. Under the older woman’s sadistic touch, Jai Lin feared she might very well cum from the tickling alone. It was a fact, the frenzied girl suspected, Madam Ui knew quite well.

    Unable to laugh or plead properly, every high pitch sound the naked teen made garbled against her gag. Madam Ui’s ten sharp nails frolicked freely up and down Jai Lin’s soles, an excruciatingly different sensation from the master’s fingertips. Harold’s touch, though certainly light, required the slower stroking of his relatively blunt fingers. The older woman’s nails were curved to narrow points and she utilized them with vicious efficiency. Much faster than Harold, Madam Ui’s fingers flew across the slave’s wiggling feet, spidering across her heels, insteps and marshmallow-soft balls. Whenever the devilish talons would explore close to her toes Jai Lin would curl them up, only to spread them wide again when the claws raked down her unprotected soles.

    Jai Lin’s cheeks turned bright red and her neck muscles strained against the strap that held her head in place. With her eyes shut tight and mouth unable to close, the helplessly laughing girl bit down as hard as she could on the dense rubber ball between her teeth. A single tear rolled down the left side of Jai Lin’s face, her mind spiraling and as one squeal interrupted another, which was then interrupted by more uncontrollable hysterics. She did not even notice the tear, all the spasming girl could feel was Madam Ui’s fingernails clawing relentlessly at her hypersensitive bare feet.

    “Crying already, are we?” The older woman teased, flickering her nails across the tops of her captive’s feet.

    “NNHHHFF!” EEEIIINNF!” Jai Lin’s eyes shot open wide, the new sensation almost as surprising as it was ticklish.

    “Nevermind.” Madam Ui said, returning her nails back to the crazed teen’s insteps. “You’ll run out of tears eventually.”

    In the chaos Jai Lin was not so concerned with her tears of misery. Instead it was the ever growing swell of arousal in her lower tummy that worried the trapped girl far more. Her erect nipples she could dismiss from the cold, but a wet pussy she could not excuse. Even the room temperature would soon be a feeble reason for her lewd display as Jai Lin was very quickly heating up. No doubt she would become wet soon, if she were not already. The raving girl found it difficult to tell, as nothing drew her focus more than the merciless scurrying of the madam’s nails.

    “I could lick your clit myself.” The ruthless woman said, continuing to scribble her talons across her howling pet’s heels. “You’ve never experienced that, have you?”

    With her screaming laughter muffled by the gag, Jai Lin could hear every taunting word the madam said. The teen’s conscious brain was much too busy reeling from the savage tickle attack, however her subconscious picked up Ui’s teasing clear as day. Deep in the most primeval parts of her mind, Jai Lin soaked up the imagery of Madam Ui’s tongue between her thighs. The idea made her clit come to attention, erecting itself among an increasingly wet environment.

    “What a wondrous new sensation that would be.” Madam Ui said. “You’ve felt many new sensations these past few days, haven’t you? I remember it well, being bought here my first time.”

    While the Madam reminisced, the nude girl strained. As more forced laughter fought against her stifling gag, Jai Lin found it eerie how calm and casual the madam was. Unlike Harold, or even the other girls, Ui showed no signs of excitement or eagerness beyond that single smirk when she had first walked in. The demonic mistress seemed as apathetic toward tormenting the teen as someone else might while making a cup of tea. It was a peculiar and intimidating thought, and one that last only a quarter second before the vicious tickling on her soles gripped Jai Lin’s full attention once again.

    “He was tyrannical back then.” The madam said. “Over a decade younger and a hundred times more cruel.” As she spoke, Ui dug her fingers underneath each of her captive’s toes. “It was a year before he first bought me down here. Another two before he took my virginity…of course I wanted him to take it, he made sure of that. I thought, at the time, it might save me in some small way. Garner me some advantage. It did not, the torment only became worse. Harold was frighteningly patient in his youth.” Her left hand nails drew speedy circles while the right hand nails drew deep lines across the teen’s sole. “He would go away for months, we never knew when the master might return. I lived in…the most visceral fear. Every morning I would wake not knowing if Harold might arrive. Would today be the day he would unleash himself on me again?”

    Finally Madam Ui stopped her ticklish assault. She took a tight hold of the teen’s shins and squeezed to get the gasping girl’s attention. “I lived like that for over twelve years. You might think I would grow accustomed to it. But he knew just what to do. He always knew just how long to leave for, to let me get comfortable in a life of luxury.” Ui moved forward, sliding her hands up Jai Lin’s long, smooth legs. “It was as if he could read my mind. Whenever I would start to get complacent, whenever I began to let my guard down, Harold would appear.”

    The madam stopped between Jai Lin’s thighs and slid her hands gently over the panting girl’s hips. “Sometimes he would be here a few days. Other times, weeks. On one occasion he bought me down here, to this very room, for a month. He would leave to eat and sleep. Other girls would come down to bathe and feed me. Everyday he would move me from one machine to the next, hours upon endless hours of pitiless torment. I did not speak for a full year after that.”

    Jai Lin could barely believe the older woman’s twisted tale. Harold, even at his worst in the teen’s experience, hardly seemed capable of such terror. Nevertheless, Madam Ui, for all her sins, did not seem the type to lie. Jai Lin began to wonder if the madam was capable of inflicting similar cruelty on another human. It was a question the teen quickly had answered as Ui began lightly pinching at her sides.

    “Mmmh! Ffffnnh!” The poor girl shook, her bare boobs wobbling as she sucked in her tummy.

    “Oh, don’t worry about thirst by the way.” Madam Ui said as she sped her talons up and down the sides of her captive’s midriff. “I’ll take your gag out to water you every so often. Don’t bother trying to think of anything clever to say when I do, you’ll probably have lost your voice long before then.”

    All the talk of horrific torture, coupled with the madam standing less than an inch from her fully exposed pussy, had made Jai Lin embarrassingly wet. As Ui’s devilish digits ran up and down the giggling girl’s sides, the poor creature could feel her liquid lust running down to where the bottom of her ass met the leather. If only she had been able to stay as still when Madam Ui first tickled her, or as quiet, Jai Lin would never have found herself in such an abhorrent predicament. The struggling girl wept, tears rolling down both sides of her increasingly red face. Her mind seesawed between panic and sporadic thoughts, like it how was Ui had been able to pick her out so quickly from the other students at the Kanpekina School. Such a perfectly ticklish girl and one who became aroused, even when under enormous stress. Jai Lin did not know the wider world well beyond her studies, but she had to believe such a combination of traits was rare indeed. Madam Ui’s nails moved up and skittered along the undersides of the teen’s bare boobs. Convulsing with a higher pitched laughter, Jai Lin had one final thought before her mind spiraled out of control. The reason Madam Ui had chosen her target so precisely, was that she recognized a kindred spirit.

    “Hnnghh! Hnnnghghgh!” Jai Lin cried with laughter. The feathery-light dancing of her tormentor’s nails so painfully close to her nipples had undone all the good work of the cold shower.

    “You might think I’ve told you the worst of it.” The older woman said, her infuriating nails crawling up and down the bulbous sides of her prisoner’s bosoms. “A little over five years ago, Harold Junior…Harry, came of age.” Ui’s nails delicately skirted around the very edges of the teen’s areolas, the shock rattling the buckles of the bonds. “As a gift for his eighteenth birthday, Harry was bought here. The boy had inherited his father’s…predilection for this unique form of torture. Until then of course Harry had only ever had his way with classmates and call-girls.”

    Jai Lin tried to listen, she truly did. Any information was valuable, but the madam’s nails running rampant over the trapped girl’s boobs ensured she only picked up about a quarter of what was being said. The vast majority of the nude slave’s focus was squarely on her nightmarishly sensitive breasts, and the ten sharp nails exploring every squishy inch.

    “He was like a fox in a hen house.” Madam Ui continued both her story and her nimble-fingered fury. “Harry was less than half the age of his father and had twice as much energy. Just as much of a cruel streak, and a hundred times the imagination for depravity. Whatever Harry didn’t know, Harold took the time to teach him. Every girl was used for study…” Ui dug her nails deep into Jai Lin’s heaving ribs, causing the teary eyed girl to shriek. “…none more so than me. Together, father and son would let loose every ounce of their combined malice and terror on to me.”

    “HHGHGH! MMMFFFHGHGHG!” Jai Lin jolted as violently as her tender ribs were drilled.

    “Now and then, over the years, Harry would show up alone.” The older woman said, her words virtually unheard by the helpless girl on the table. “And as much as I and the others feared the father, we all of us had good reason to dread the son a thousand times more.” Ui lobster clawed down the teen’s lower ribs and goosed her sides viciously. “Harry is a monster. The only other man Harold ever allowed to lay hands on me. Fortunately, Harry has been rather busy these past couple of years running the family empire, but make no mistake; I still wake up screaming some nights, terrified Harry will walk through the front gate.” The madam lightened her assault just enough so Jai Lin could properly hear her. “He will come back one day. And when he finally does return, I will feed you to him, like a lamb to a lion.”

    Madam Ui dug her fingers into the teen’s sides again with renewed vigor. Jai Lin had not heard a good deal of what the madam said, the last few audible words were enough to appreciate her overall point. It was a distressing thought that carried the poor girl howling into a fit of involuntary spasms and muffled laughter. A thin glint of sweat started to appear on Jai Lin’s furrowed brow in the dimly lit dungeon. The tendons in her neck strained as she fought endlessly to move her head the tiniest amount. Ui’s nails scrambled across the bound Amazon’s tummy, the defenseless girl crying as she laughed. Crying as much for her future as she did from the tickling.

    Without a word, the madam carried on her pitiless barrage of swiftly stroking nails. There were few sounds among the dark stonewalls, all of which came from Jai Lin’s delirious wailing. Frenzied laughter, moans and defeated sobs, each involuntary noise stifled by her thick black gag. Her sides and lower ribs were slick with sweat, and covered with pink patches where Ui had spent her time. The teen’s abdomen and breasts were covered in pink marks, the well-worn tracks where her tormentor’s claws had traveled over and over again.

    “Uhhff! Uhnnff!” Jai Lin huffed for air when Madam Ui finally stopped. She had no time to assemble her thoughts, so brief was the break. The pause in the breathless girl’s waking nightmare lasted as long as it took for Ui to climb up onto the table. Straddling the teen’s hips, the older woman squeezed her thighs tight. Jai Lin’s eyes went wide as she watched Ui wiggle her fingers in the open air. Right before her laughter took hold, the defenseless young woman could feel her dripping wet pussy and swollen clit.

    What began as frantic giggling with five claws spidering up the sides of her glistening boobs quickly escalated into screeching laughter. With Madam Ui looming directly over her, the nude teen screamed as her attacker’s fingers ran riot into the taut hollows of her silky underarms. Obeying the madam’s command would be impossible, Jai Lin was so blazingly aroused she knew the tickling alone would soon push her into orgasm. The older woman unleashed a series of rapid pinches directly between her captive’s underarms and boobs, causing the girl to let loose a torrent of panicked squealing. After a few minutes of painfully ticklish pinching, Jai Lin was so close to the edge of climax it felt like being in the helicopter again. Like the sudden quick drops, except instead of lasting a second the swooshing in her lower tummy was a constant.

    “Oh, you said little creature.” Madam Ui said as she lay both her hands flat on the table either side of Jai Lin. The unforgiving mistress looked directly down into her gasping victim’s eyes. “You’re just ready to burst, aren’t you?”

    Perhaps there was an uncanny likeness between them, or perhaps the sour faced woman had just tickled so many girls over the years her instincts were especially keen. Whatever it was, somehow Madam Ui knew exactly when to cease her ten-fingered fury. Jai Lin had been so close to orgasm, a few meager seconds and she would have surely boiled over. The tickling stopped and the feverishly horny girl remained poised, teetering on the precipice of climax. A gentle breeze could have tipped the balance. Jai Lin longed for a cold shower to calm her nerves, or a slight poke to send her careening over the edge. Either option would have bought some measure of release. Unfortunately, along with her acute senses, Madam Ui had the infuriating ability to lock her slave in a prison of white-hot arousal for as long as she pleased.

    “Would you like me to send for the other girls now?” Ui said in a husky tone. “I could stop all this…let them use their lips, their tongues…”

    Jai Lin knew it was a lie, but it didn’t matter. The imagery her tormentor’s words planted in the teen’s mind was too distracting. Too inviting, too tempting. Yes, by god, YES. If her pleasure meant the end of the world she did not care. Bring the girls down, let them have their wicked way with her, the hopelessly vulnerable servant was so pent-up with lust she eagerly dived head-first into Madam Ui’s blatant trap.

    “Mmmmfff…” The shapely girl moaned softly. What a foolish thing she was, a miniscule voice deep in the darkness cried, what a shameful, honorless little slut. She cared for nothing but desire, she shamed her sisters and teachers in the Kanpekina School, so said the tiny voice. It was a thought barely heard, and quickly drowned out by the all-consuming roar of her carnal thirst.

    “Do you disobey me on purpose?” Madam Ui said, keeping a tight squeeze around the teen’s hips with her thighs. “Do you continue to speak Japanese in the hope I will torment you further? Have you fallen to the same madness as the idiot Luanne?”

    “Nff!” The stark naked girl huffed in a fruitless attempt at denial, the muffled squeak sounding more like a sigh of pleasure than protest. Jai Lin was frustrated beyond the point of sanity, the older woman’s taunting words kept her drenched pussy quivering.

    “Why else would you continually defy my orders?” Ui said, shaking her head slightly. “You are Kanpekina, are you not? Total servitude in all things? I think you graduated much too soon.” The steely-eyed woman leaned back. She crooked a single index finger and began slowly wiggling it in the open air. “It is clear to me you require a great deal more taming.”

    “Mm! Mmmffn!” Jai Lin whined as she watched the madam’s fiendish finger lower slowly toward her tummy. Wide-eyed, the poor girl did not know exactly what Ui intended on doing, only that it would be excruciating torture. As sure as her bonds were tight, the paralyzed young woman giggled wildly when the tip of Madam Ui’s fingernail began drawing lazy circles around the rim of her belly button. “Mmffmff! Nnffnfnf!

    The first time Madam Ui had tickled Jai Lin’s navel, Hania and Samara had been there to distract from the terrible sensitivity, at least to some minor degree. There was no one else now, no pleasure to counter the ticklish agony. Perhaps she would finally cum as she had the last time, though the fitful Amazon strongly suspected if she did ever climax it would be entirely the madam’s decision as to when. The sharp claw slid around and around, skirting the edges of the teen’s belly button. Ever quickening high pitched giggles bubbled from under her oppressive gag, the speed and pitch of her laughter reaching new heights with each turn. After spiraling around the inner walls of Jai Lin’s navel for several long minutes, the merciless fingernail plunged deep into the distressingly sensitive center.

    “NNNEEEMPHHH! MMMMFMFFF!” The sweat-soaked girl wailed, her abdomen tensing furiously under the ticklish strain.

    Ui remained stone-faced as she kept her finger on the button. For a fast yet very tiny amount of movement, the older woman’s wiggling digit produced an enormous reaction. The teen’s response to having her navel poked without interruption was so fierce in fact, that had it not been for the restraints Madam Ui would not have been able to keep up the belly button assault for more than a single second. Somewhere during those many ruthless minutes Jai Lin could feel her swollen labia begin to tingle intensely. The tickle-crazed girl had not imagined she could possibly get any closer to tipping the scale toward orgasm than she already was, the madam knew better.

    Previously Jai Lin had waltzed precariously close to climax, so much so that a single flick of a nipple would have made her cum. Once her belly-button was under Ui’s invading finger the befuddled teen felt as if she were having the very beginnings of an orgasm, with no further progress. The sensation of her orgasmic gates being open was constant. An open gate she could not run through, she could only stand over the threshold and nothing more. Between Jai Lin’s sweat covered thighs the tingling turned to fireworks and still her orgasm would not reach it’s peak. Forever trapped in the limbo of both having an orgasm and not, the poor girl could only laugh and scream with unprecedented frustration.

    “At this point-“ Madam Ui said as she began to maneuver herself off the table. “-you’re probably wishing you could say something like, ‘Please let me cum! I’ll do anything!’” Standing beside the table, the sadistic woman opened a tiny drawer within the tabletop itself. It was a feature her teen captive had not noticed, and had no way of seeing its contents. “Of course that is not true. You will not do anything ever again. You will only ever do exactly as you are told.”

    Each deep, desperate breath Jai Lin took was immediately followed by a breath out than doubled as a hoarse moan. With Ui’s hands no longer on her, the nude girl should have calmed down at least a little. The maddening feeling of an ongoing start to an orgasm should have subsided, the hellish tingling across her pussy should have faded. As the older woman thoughtfully fingered the mysterious contents of the table-drawer the teen’s bewildering lust remained hellish. Overwhelming pleasure racked her nubile body, just never quite overwhelming enough for release. Jai Lin should have been able to push herself through orgasm, by all rights she should have cum ten times already. Trapped by her own titillation, the helpless girl began to have mad thoughts. Crazy at it was, part of her genuinely wondered if Madam Ui was somehow controlling her mind.

    “Ah, here we go.” The madam said as she closed the small drawer. She had taken something from within, but her mewling plaything could not see what it was. “You’ll enjoy this, I’m sure…” Madam Ui walked down toward the foot of the table. “…though not too much, if you know what’s good for you.” Turning at the teen’s bare feet, Ui strolled a couple of steps between her long legs and stopped just between the bound girl’s knees. “You might not imagine this could do much.”

    Raising her right hand slowly, the cruel mistress took her time. Jai Lin watched with staggered breaths, straining to see over the tops of her achingly erect nipples. She blinked tears from her eyes, at first unable to make out what Ui was pinching between her thumb and index finger. A grin crossed the madam’s lips, a smile so unsettling it made the teen’s stomach twist. Madam Ui’s wicked smirk grew, showing her teeth as she revealed a long, stiff and perfectly white feather. Her tormentor was right, Jai Lin did not imagine a feather could have much effect. She also imagined the older woman would prove her very, very wrong.

    “Should we start with your nipples, do you think?” Ui said, twirling the feather in the air a few short inches from her captive’s tummy. “Or your belly button again?” She dangled the feather tip dangerously close to the trembling teen’s navel. “The fronds of this particular type of feather are especially terrible in such a sensitive spot.”

    “Mm! Mm!” Jai Lin twitched in protest, sucking her tummy in as far as she could to avoid Ui’s mischievous tool.

    “I could slide it between your toes.” The older woman continued, pulling the feather back and swishing it in front of herself. “But I think a slightly softer brush would be more effective there. No, for you…in this moment…” Ui lowered the feather down between the whimpering girl’s thighs. “…we’re going somewhere very special.”

    Jai Lin had experienced many firsts during the few days since climbing off the helicopter. Later, when thinking back on all those first-time experiences, few stood out quite as much as what Madam Ui did with that feather. Using the very tip where the finest fronds were, Ui ever-so-softly stroked the small diamond shaped stretch of flesh between the teen’s pussy and ass. The scream that wrenched from Jai Lin’s throat was so long and loud it bounced off the dungeon walls, it even made the madam flinch slightly. Not that a piercing howl stopped the savage-minded mistress by any means, as she gently brushed the feather tip up and down the wailing girl’s taint.

    After a few minutes of up and down stroking across the berserk slave’s perineum, Madam Ui let loose with a wide array of feather-wielding techniques. Spirals and figure 8s, side to side and elaborate swirling motions. Unrelenting, screaming laughter exploded from her hypertensive captive. No matter how intricate the method of torture, Ui was ever-careful never to slip beyond the edges of Jai Lin’s ass or pussy. Focused entirely on the frenzied girl’s taint, the madam kept her tickle-toy in a state of pure hysterics, and on the infuriating precipice of pleasure.

    The fireworks between Jai Lin’s thighs had increased to such a degree it felt like thousands of tingling explosives all going off, one after the other. From high up her inner thighs to her lower tummy and down over the crazed teen’s soaked pussy and ass, every agonizing inch was at breaking point. Combined with Madam Ui’s inhumane feather tip working it’s terrible magic, the hopelessly vulnerable girl’s entire pelvic region was in chaos. And then, just as surely as she was about to enter the final stage of lustful release, a man’s voice stopped the evil mistress in her tracks.

    “Madam Ui.” Harold said. He stepped down the last few steps as Ui turned toward him. Jai Lin writhed in her excruciating arousal, moaning loudly and gasping for air. “My apologies for the interruption, it looks like we came in at exactly the wrong time.”

    “That’s quite alright Harold.” Ui said, placing the feather down on top of the nude girl’s leg. “Jai Lin is hours away from her first orgasm yet.”

    Hearing a group of footsteps and trying her best to ignore the madam’s ominous words, Jai Lin strained to look at who else was descending the stairs. Behind Harold stood three more men, two guards she recognized and one she did not. The unidentified man was a tall black man of maybe twenty-two or twenty-three. He had a baldhead and was larger than the other guards, muscular much like Harold. What stood out most about the young man however, was his demeanor. Unlike the other guards who leered and could barely keep themselves from drooling, the new arrival looked around with a quiet observation. He surveyed the walls and machines and sized Madam Ui up, he had had done all of this before coming off the final step. Jai Lin found it peculiar, as she battled her inferno of a libido, that the previously unseen man did not pay her any attention at all. She would come to learn later that, in that moment at least, he considered her no threat at all.

    Madam Ui stood between Jai Lin’s ankles and Harold stopped nearby. The two older guards stood either side of the stairway, and the unfamiliar young man stopped a couple of feet behind Harold. Glancing over the madam, the master offered a satisfied smiled to his bound slave, who barely noticed the older man glaring at her. Jai Lin, now with an audience of five people, was exhausting herself as she tried desperately not to cum. Ui could no doubt have kept her nude victim wanting for a long time, but the interruption by the four men had caused the mistress’ plan to go wildly off-script. With five sets of eyes now on her, Jai Lin was on thin ice with a flamethrower.

    “I’ve sent for a couple of girls to come down and continue your good work.” Harold said to Madam Ui. “You can come back later and finish her off.”

    “Of course.” Ui smiled politely. “Our new girl has plenty of fight left in her.”

    “Oh I’ve no doubt.” The burly billionaire said. “In the meantime, this young gent here-“ Harold motioned over his shoulder toward the strapping new fellow. “-is our new head of security. I’d like you to show him around the girls’ quarters, explain to him how you run things day-to-day.”

    “Absolutely.” Ui said and started to take a step toward the young man.

    “MMMFFF! NNNNHHHH!” Jai Lin howled, at first with dismay and then with unbridled passion. Her taut body convulsing, the curvy teen was wracked by a violent orgasm from head to toe. Her fists clenched and toes spread as she screamed in ecstasy, the countless explosions between her thighs joining into one apocalyptic, nuclear fire. A shockwave of unrelenting force spread outward to every flexing limb, roared up her spine and shattered her mind.

    Right then, just as Madam Ui turned back to look at the severely bound girl, Jai Lin’s pussy gushed. The violently cumming girl’s climax was so forceful she squirted in a torrential arc that broke unceremoniously against Ui’s tidy black clothing. As the older woman’s face drained of colour, the orgasmic teen paid it no mind. Hot wet bliss was far from done with her, her muffled moans managing to drown out the madam’s disgusted gasps.

    “You little-“ Ui said, clenching her teeth and raising both hands toward the writhing girl.

    “-Enough.” Harold said, cutting off the clearly furious woman. His tone was lighthearted as Jai Lin continued to moan and squirm on the tabletop. “You can punish her for that fantastic display later. For now, introductions and a tour.”

    “Of course Harold.” Madam Ui said, somewhat deflated as she turned away from the delirious slave and back toward the four men. “My apologies.” She said and extended her hand to the unfazed new head of security. “I am Madam Ui.”

    “Yeah.” The young man said nonchalantly as he shook the madam’s hand. “Samuel Lucas. I look forward to the tour.”
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    Chapter Seven: Sergeant Lucas

    Six weeks before the girl who would be called Jai Lin took a helicopter ride, Harold Deveno was in Santa Selva. The tiny nation, situated in the mountainous jungles between Columbia and Brazil, was a tumultuous place indeed. Santa Selva had changed hands of leadership eight times in ten years, was rife with corruption and it’s landscape was notoriously difficult to traverse. While largely ignored by the world’s media, newly formed rebel groups popped up more often than the regimes changed. With only one city of notable size and almost constant fighting between various factions there was little need in Santa Selva for a construction magnate like Harold Deveno.

    With no real tourism to speak of and no legitimate business interests in Santa Selva, Harold’s presence there was certain to raise a few eyebrows. It was for this reason the seemingly affable man had quietly boarded a small plane in Brazil, where his company held several high-end contracts. The single engine airplane was flown without question onto a tiny runway just over the border of Santa Selva. From there, armed men who had been paid well to keep their mouths shut drove their mysterious guest deep into the jungle. After a bumpy ride and several hours Harold arrived at a clearing where there stood ruins of a stone-built structure and a smattering of small wooden buildings.

    The stone ruins, Harold came to learn, had been built centuries ago by Spanish conquistadors. What had once been a small fort eventually fell back to vines and jungle fauna. Much later, during the 1970s, drug traffickers took hold of the ruin and built shacks that were used in the area for decades. A year before Harold’s arrival, the current government had run the traffickers off. A month after that, the United States Marine Corps arrived. Harold did not much care why the USMC were in Santa Selva or what they were doing cozying up with the relatively new government there. What Harold did care about was a young sergeant who had recently been arrested.

    In a slightly wrinkled white shirt and dark pants, Harold removed his sunglasses as he stood below a crumbling stonewall. A tweedy looking corporal, who had been paid well but not half as well as his superior officers, stood by the billionaire’s side. Before the two men was a hole in the wall big enough to squeeze a small car. Just before the hole, the dusty ground sloped downward to below ground level. The corporal stopped at the top of the dirt ramp and pointed down into the dingy tunnel.

    “He’s in there.” Said the bookish fellow.

    “There’s no other way in or out?” Harold said.

    “There was a cave-in.” The young man said, motioning to the broken wall. “We figure about ninety percent of the jail…err, more of a dungeon really, got destroyed during some fighting years back. Whoever was left over down there somehow managed to dig their way out.”

    “And you’ve been using it to hold people?”

    “Usually not for this long.” The corporal smiled, knowing full well he and his fellow marines were breaking about a hundred different laws. “Any rebels we capture get shipped out in a day or two. Our own guys sometimes, if they tie one on and get a bit silly, but we just stick ‘em down here so they can sleep it off.”

    “And what do you know about the man down there now?” Harold said.

    “Sergeant Lucas.” The tweedy lad lowered his voice and took a noticeably deep swallow. “Kind of…well, he’s a…let’s say ‘intense’ type. Scary actually, if I’m being honest. Never had a lot to do with him myself. They haven’t told us much about what he did. I know him and his men got sent into the bush a good while back. I think they might have done something…there’s rumors, you know, but-“

    “That’s fine.” Harold said, tucking his glasses into his shirt pocket. “I’ll be alright from here corporal, thank you.”

    Walking down the dusty ramp, the dirt floor continued into a tunnel that was lit only by what daylight shone in through the hole. Old iron cages stood open, some with their bars twisted where the ceiling had warped. Each cell had stonewalls and Harold wandered by three on either side before stopping. Mostly in shadow, the end of the tunnel came abruptly where a pile of stones blocked the way any further. To his right was an open cage, and to his left the only cell door that was locked. It’s lone inhabitant, in camo pants, heavy black boots and a white singlet, sat against the back wall. The young man’s forearms rested on his knees and his face was hidden by shadow.

    “Sergeant Lucas.” Harold said plainly.

    “Not for much longer.” The bald prisoner said without any noticeable movement. “But you already knew that.”

    “You know who I am?”

    “No.” The sergeant’s voice was low and smooth. “I’ve been in here for over a week. With the charges against me dishonorable discharge, at minimum, is a done deal. Section eight, maybe. They should have shipped me back state-side days ago. And now you’re here, and you’re not military.”

    “Which leads you to believe what?” Harold said, far more intrigued than he was letting on.

    “You’re either from The Company, which I doubt. You don’t look it.” Sergeant Lucas shuffled slightly, the first movement of any kind he had shown. “Or you bribed your way in here. Either way, I think you’re the reason I’m still here, which means you know my situation.”

    “I do know your situation. And I am the reason you’re still here.” The older man said with a nod. “You’re a sharp young man. Tell me, have you also figured out why I’ve gone to all this trouble?”

    “That…” The muscular lad said as he pushed against the wall behind him and stood upright. “…I do not know.”

    “Well then-“ Harold said as he watched the clever sergeant slowly wander out of the shadows. “-perhaps you can tell me how it is you ended up here, then I will tell you why I’m here.”

    “Hm.” The sergeant developed a tiny smirk as he stretched his muscular arms outward. “I’m guessing you have a version of it already.”

    “I do. I’ve read the report, riddled with redactions as it is. I’ve also spoken at length with several of your commanding officers. I know numerous versions, probably every version of the story there is, except the one that really matters.”

    Sergeant Lucas thought for a moment. He stopped stretching and looked Harold up and down. Weighing his options, assessing the threat, if there was one. “Alright.” The young man said. “If for no other reason than I’m curious about what you want.”

    “Fantastic.” Harold said with a broad grin.

    “Do you know why we’re here?” The sergeant said. “The Corp I mean.”

    “Training the local military.” The older man said. “Or so they say.”

    “So they say.” The jailed man repeated. “Cocaine. Coke is the reason we’re here. It is both enormously complicated and at the same time stupidly simple.”

    “That’s why you thought I might be CIA?”

    “Mmhm.” The young man said, leaning one shoulder up against the bars of his cell. “Only thing makes me think you’re not, is I have nothing to offer The Company.”

    “But they are involved?”

    “Not with me they’re not.” Sergeant Lucas said. “All that goes on a good bit higher up the chain. Our mandate, officially, is what you said. We provide training and aid. We are not here for active combat.”

    “Officially.” Harold said.

    “Heh.” The young man smiled. “Well, unofficially -and this would be among some of those large redacted parts you saw in the incident report- we’ve been hunting rebels. Or more accurately, we’ve been trying to find to find their cocaine.”

    “I have no interest in narcotics, Sergeant.” Harold said. “But for the sake of conversation; what interest does the Marine Corps have in the cocaine of Santa Selva rebels?”

    “None.” Sergeant Lucas shook his head. “Like I said, that all goes on higher up the chain. No one in the bush knows what deal was made, not even the C.Os here. Best guess? Someone somewhere with the power to deploy Marines got friendly with someone in The Company, and here we are.”

    “To what end? What happens when you locate the coke?”

    “That-“ The young man pointed at Harold. “-is the multi-billion dollar question. There’s supposed to be tons upon tons of it somewhere in these mountains. My thinking? Once we figure out where it’s being produced, our friends in The Company will take charge.” Sergeant Lucas shrugged.

    “And sell it themselves?”

    “Yes and no. They’ll use locals, but the locals will work for them. And there’ll be ten layers between anyone in The Company and the actual product.”

    “And the CIA keep the profits.” Harold said.

    “Bingo. They’ll keep it off the books and use the cash to fund whatever shady shit they can’t get funding for.” The man behind the bars said. “And in what will surely be a wacky coincidence, our non-combat operation here will be over. We’ll be deployed somewhere else.”

    “Except for you.” The older man said. “You’ll be in Leavenworth.”

    “I’m guessing that’s up to you though, isn’t it?”

    “Tell me what happened when you were sent into the bush.” Harold said plainly.

    Sergeant Lucas shifted his considerable weight. His enormous biceps flexed as he folded his arms and he stood upright. Tapping four fingers against his upper arm, the young man took a moment to look directly into Harold’s eyes. “Before I tell you, I need you to understand something. I tried to tell my commanders but they’re like most people. They just do not understand the power of tickling.”

    “Go on.” The older man said when Sergeant Lucas paused. The jailed sergeant was looking for a reaction from Harold that did not come.

    “Most people…most people think nothing of it in their daily lives. Why would they?” Sergeant Lucas said. “If they do, it’s either a game or an irritation. Maybe something used to flirt, or foreplay. But it rarely ever goes beyond that. The reality is…the truth is; tickling a person can be one of the most effective, most devastating things you can do to someone. Those who are susceptible to it know this and they keep it quiet, for obvious reasons.”

    “And those who aren’t?”

    “Who aren’t ticklish?” The young man said. “They are few and far between and have very little reason to think about it.”

    “You have though.”

    “Yes. All my life.” Sergeant Lucas said. “I have thought about tickling at length everyday of my life. You haven’t walked away, so I’m starting to think you’ve thought about it a fair bit too.”

    “Assume you are correct and I accept your theory.” Harold said.

    “Right.” The captive Marine said. He took hold of a cell-bar in each of his large hands. Sergeant Lucas leaned forward and looked at the ground for a moment as he gathered the memory. “My men and I –very much without any official orders, you understand- we’re sent to track down a man named Basilio Rocha. Rocha is, or was, a well-known rebel leader around these parts. More importantly, he was said to know where, or at least have ties to, the production of the rebel cocaine.”

    “If you had no official orders…?”

    “Well, we did. On the books we were on a survey mission.” Sergeant Lucas said. “But it was impressed upon us very strongly that we were looking for Rocha.” Pushing back from the bars, the tall soldier stood upright. “Now Rocha was the squirrely type, but I’ve had some success with similar operations. We humped around for a week or two, ended up on a boat upriver…to the kind of place people will still plug you with a bow and arrow if you’re not careful.”

    “The village.” Harold said knowingly.

    “Yeah.” The young man said. “We kept our eye on it for a day or two. No roads, nothing, except for the women. Modern clothes, jeans, t-shirts. No visible weaponry.”

    “No bows and arrows?”

    “No guns.” The sergeant said. “We knew better. The women were as much rebels as the men, but Rocha had done this before. He’d leave the women in a village or town, hide the guns, make it look vulnerable. Then, when the enemy showed up, the women would show they weren’t half as defenseless as they looked.”

    “A trap.”

    “A clever one at that.” The young soldier said with some admiration. “The idea being; the women would wipe out whatever opposition was tracking their group and then leave to catch up with the men. Only problem for them on that particular day was, I’d heard about their trick before. And more importantly, I recognized Rocha’s wife and daughter.”

    “So you took the village.” Harold said.

    “Without a shot.” Sergeant Lucas said with no pride or ego, simply as a matter-of-fact. “We bound them all up, almost thirty all in. Found their weapons. And then, I took Rocha’s wife into one of the huts.”

    “Now we’re getting to it.”

    “Hm.” The young sergeant grinned a toothy grin. “That wasn’t my intent…not at first. But Mrs. Rocha was a stubborn woman. A lifelong fighter. And I don’t mind saying, quite attractive.”

    “I’ve seen the pictures.” Harold said. He thought back to the images of Mrs. Mariana Rocha, her chestnut coloured skin and curvaceous figure. She had long dark hair, an ample bosom and made for a striking vision in her late thirties. “Gorgeous woman.”

    “Gorgeous and fiercely loyal to her husband.” Sergeant Lucas said. “She wouldn’t tell me anything. Not about the coke, not where she planned to rendezvous with her husband and the other men.”

    “So you got creative.”

    “It was more like…I did what came natural.” The tall soldier said. “There was a small table in the hut. I tied her to it, she fought hard but she was half my size. Then I went to work.”

    “You tickled her.”

    “She resisted at first, she was a tough one.” The young man said in the same matter-of-fact manner he spoke of everything else. “But she couldn’t hide it, not forever. Eventually I found the right spot and once that happens…”

    “They’re yours.” Harold said.

    “My men heard her laughing, screaming. Eventually, begging.” Nodding agreeably, the sergeant-turned-inmate continued his recollection. “I told them to stay out, wait for my orders. Guard the other women. Mrs. Rocha wouldn’t give me a damn thing.”

    “How far did you go?”

    “All the way.” Sergeant Lucas said. “I stripped her down, tickled every inch of her, she would not give up her husband. You might know this already…I think you probably do…but for some people being tickled, it’s worse than pain. I couldn’t figure it out.” The sergeant shook his head. “You know there are people in porn- I’m talking the BDSM crowd here- people who will be spanked and whipped, electrocuted, even cut…you name it. They will do all of that and more for a pay cheque, but they won’t be tickled. Not by choice.”

    “I’m aware.” The older man said.

    “Anyway. That’s when I got creative.” The soldier’s shark-like smile returned. “I could have interrogated Mrs. Rocha for days, it wouldn’t have mattered. And, fun as it was, I needed to know about the rendezvous before her husband figured out we’d taken the village.” For the first time since he began speaking a tiny amount of self-satisfaction entered Sergeant Lucas’ voice. “I had my men bring her daughter to the hut. Talita Rocha, half the age of her mother and, lucky for me, half as tough. I wasted no time. I had her stripped and strung up from the ceiling.”

    “She gave you the information, the daughter?”

    “No.” The sergeant said. “Talita knew nothing. None of the women did, except her mother. Mrs. Rocha could hold her tongue through everything I did to her, but she lasted less than a hour once I started in on her daughter.”

    “So Mariana told you where they were supposed to meet her husband.” Harold said. “…yet you didn’t go to the rendezvous.”

    “Our orders were to report back on Rocha’s location, which we did.” Sergeant Lucas said. “Once I radioed in they told us to return to base. Another squad was set to capture Rocha, they could get to him quicker.”

    “You didn’t return though, did you?”

    “No I did not.” The jailed man said. “I was enjoying myself a great deal and my men had become…curious. One or two of them objected at first, but it wasn’t like they could run and tell anyone. I had the only radio and we were a long way up river.”

    “I imagine the objectors fell in line?” Harold said.

    “It didn’t take long.”

    “And what was it exactly that you and your men did?”

    The young man took a breath. He knew Harold knew the answer. “We tickled our prisoners. I taught my men how, I showed them how to do it properly, to get the best results. None of this fumbling around like teenagers in the back of a car. I showed them how to turn tickling into torture.” Sergeant Lucas paused to scratch the back of his hairless head. “When we didn’t return to base on time the radio started squawking. After a week I told them we weren’t coming back.”

    “What was your plan from there?”

    “That was my mistake.” The sergeant said. “It’s where I went wrong, where I failed. My men and I were having such a good time spending every day tickling Mrs. Rocha and her rebel women out of their minds…the time got away on us. I was too caught up in it. I wasn’t patient, I had no plan.”

    “And they arrested you.” The older man said.

    “Eventually, yes.” The brawny young man said. “It took the C.Os a while to get their act together, short-staffed as they were. They sent a squad up into the bush, caught us with our pants down. Quite literally in some cases.”

    “You did quite a number on the women.” Harold said. “One girl was said to say nothing but ‘please stop’ over and over again, even when no one was touching her. There are photos of some of them, Talita Rocha had bruising on her ribs. Mrs. Rocha, according to the report, now breaks out in fits of laughter completely unprovoked. Apparently she has panic attacks if someone even looks at her feet.”

    “We should have left the village before that.”

    “Before the other soldiers arrived?”

    “Before the women went half-mad.” Sergeant Lucas said. “That was my other failure. We didn’t pace ourselves, or just find new girls. It has to be measured, like all things. You can only torture someone so much so quickly before they snap. We over did it. My men and I, we went at them too hard and too fast. We broke them.”

    Harold extended his hand through the bars of the Sergeant’s cage. “My name is Harold Deveno.” The young soldier shook the older man’s hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Sam.”

    “I’m starting to think it’s a pleasure to meet you too, Mr. Deveno.”
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    Chapter Eight: Heartbreaker

    Over the next two years Jai Lin’s life had gone from one of initial shock and terror to routine dread and torment. Harold’s visits were rare and often lasted no more than a week. He would have his way with Jai Lin once or twice, but spent most of his time wandering the lavish gardens and other parts of the giant fortress that the girls had no access to. While her time was certainly not pleasant with the master, the older man’s relatively rough and quick encounters paled in comparison to the young woman’s far more frequent horrors dispensed by Madam Ui.

    While she certainly did not ignore the other girls of Harold’s harem, the madam had taken it upon herself to give Jai Lin no end of special attention. Be it trips to the dungeon or simply being held down on the common room floor, Jai Lin’s time spent under Ui’s devilish fingers and feathers was appallingly frequent. By her twentieth birthday the poor girl lived moment to moment in abject terror of Madam Ui, never knowing when the sour-faced mistress might decide to torture her next. On more than one occasion the cruel older woman had come into Jai Lin’s private quarters late in the night. She was not even safe in her own bed.

    “What if we switch beds for a while?” Luanne said as she sat down beside Jai Lin in the common room. “You think the madam will notice?”

    With a sigh, partly due to the interruption of her reading and partly due to her friend’s inane idea, Jai Lin put her book down. “I think you need to accept the idea that as long as Madam Ui is running things around here you’re never going to get tickled again.”

    Luanne let out a deflated sigh of her own. “So basically never then.” Said the normally peppy blonde.

    “Believe me, I would gladly switch places with you.” Jai Lin glanced around the large room at the other girls lounging around. Samara was reading a book of her own and Hania was eating grapes. The newest girl, a Swedish redhead named Maya, was fiddling with a cross-stitch. Seven more young women were elsewhere throughout the slave-quarters, all of them wearing the same tight-white outfits.

    “What am I talking about?” Luanne said. After two years of regular conversations with Jai Lin, the freckle-faced blonde knew to keep her voice down. “I just said we should switch places.”

    “You know it would never work.” The taller of the two women said. “It’s a fantasy.”

    “Yeah well.” The sulking older girl huffed. “Fantasy is all I have these days. At least before Captain Lucas showed up I could get some of the guards to at least poke me in the ribs. Now the men won’t even tickle me by accident.”

    Luanne was right, not that it made a lick of difference to Jai Lin. Other than having to hear her American friend whine about it, Sam Lucas’ takeover as head of security in the fort had effected the Amazonian girl very little. Within the first few weeks Captain Lucas had replaced much of the fort’s original guard, putting his own loyal men in their place. For the other girls, like Samara and Hania, the new guard made their lives considerably worse. Instead of being mostly content with blowjobs and sex, Sam Lucas’ men were far more focused on tickle torture. The guard captain, the girls said, was the worst of the lot. Some of them had even come to fear him more than they did Madam Ui. Jai Lin, of course, was not allowed to be touched by any man except Harold.

    “There are still some of the original guard left.” Jai Lin said.

    “Oh sure.” Luanne said. “You mean the ones who never come by here anymore? The ones who Captain Lucas makes sure stay out guarding the walls? Hey, maybe I can just take a wander out there.” The curvy girl said, her tone dripping with sarcasm.

    “I take your point.”

    “Ohh and maybe Madam Ui will let me see master again.” Hammering home her point, Luanne rolled her eyes.

    Jai Lin looked her freckled friend up and down quickly. “Are you done?”

    “Pfft.” Luanne scoffed. “Yeah. We just…we had such crazy times. I know master would love to see me again. He’d go so nuts for me, you know?”

    “I do.” Jai Lin said. “You’ve told me a thousand times. It’s not going to happen, Luanne.”

    “Mm.” The bubbly blonde looked down. She took a moment and let her shoulders drop before perking up again. Looking at her dark haired companion through the corner of her eye, Luanne gently slid her hand onto Jai Lin’s thigh. “Maybe…you could…?”

    “What are you doing?” Barely moving, the voluptuous young woman raised one eyebrow.

    “Come on…” Luanne said, keeping her hand resting gingerly behind her friend’s knee. “No one would know. I’ll be quiet. Just tickle me…just a little…we can put a sock in my mouth.”

    “We would be caught.” Jai Lin said. She took hold of the blonde girl’s wrist and lightly picked it up.

    “So? What difference would it make?” The shapely older girl said as her hand was placed back down beside her. “Madam Ui punishes us both all the time anyway.”

    “You’re being silly.” Looking her friend in the eye, Jai Lin raised both eyebrows slightly. “In fact, if you think Madam Ui has reached the limits of her cruelty you are out of your mind.”

    “I’m not.” Luanne shook her head. “I’m desperate, is what I am. I’m serious, what’s she going to do? Not tickle me more? She already tortures you all the time. She’s going to do it anyway, you might as well enjoy yourself.”

    “You really don’t get it, do you?” Jai Lin said. “Madam Ui does what she does to me to the limits of my sanity. Believe me, if she thought she could do more without driving me completely insane she would. Her timing is well calculated. I am barely holding on as it is.”

    “Well I just-“ Before the bosomy girl could finish, the door to the main hall swung open. All eyes turned to Captain Lucas, whose imposing figure marched a few short feet into the common room.

    “Get the others.” Sam Lucas said. “Right now.”

    Samara and Maya jumped up immediately. Luanne and Jai Lin stood up from their seat but didn’t bother moving any further. Samara had headed out toward the garden and Maya made way for the living quarters, the remaining seven slave girls would be rounded up quick enough. Hania stood up slower, standing awkwardly with a handful of grapes she was not quite sure what to do with. A moment later, while Samara and Maya were still out of the room, two more guards arrived. The two men walked quickly around either side of their bald-headed boss and strode directly toward Hania. Instinctively Hania took a step back, and as the two guards grabbed hold of her arms she began to struggle.

    “Hey!” Hania said, twisting in the grip of the two muscular young men. Her dark brown eyes went wide with panic and as they forced her toward the door she dropped her grapes across the carpet. “What are you doing?! What is this?”

    Jai Lin and Luanne side-eyed each other briefly, but knew better than to interact overtly in the guards’ presence. As Hania was dragged from the room, Sam Lucas stood firm, seemingly paying no attention to the confused young woman being escorted away. It was not at all uncommon for the guards to come and collect a girl or two at their leisure, but it was never done with such force. Normally the men would simply wander in and order the slaves to come with them. Barging in as they had, grabbing Hania and ordering all the other girls to gather, it was unusual indeed.

    “What do you thinks’ going on?” Luanne whispered as Samara and Maya returned with the remaining women.

    “I have no idea.” Jai Lin said as she walked ahead to join the group. “At a guess I’d say Hania is in rather a lot of trouble.”

    Following a few feet behind Captain Lucas, the group of eleven slave girls kept up with his hurried pace. Moving through the hall, which they were all very familiar with, the strapping head guard soon lead them into parts unknown. Through another hallway and into a large elevator, the small crowd piled in. As the elevator shifted and starting moving down, Jai Lin realized she had never been in one before. It was a funny little thought that she quickly dismissed for greater concerns, but it reminded her how much of a relatively normal life she had no experience with.

    When the elevator doors opened several floors later, the richly adorned aesthetic of the upper floors was no more. Where the upper levels had expensive rugs and hardwood, that particular lower level had cold off-white concrete. Halogen lights flickered along the low ceiling and their wiring was visible alongside. The walls, much closer together than the wide hallways upstairs, were white cinderblock. As the group piled out of the elevator behind Captain Lucas, Jai Lin made sure to stay near the back. Taller than almost all of the other slaves, she could see perfectly well while keeping her distance from anything that might occur.

    “Where are we going?” Luanne said, her voice almost inaudible over the dozen pairs of footsteps.

    “You know as much as I do.” Jai Lin said, being sure to keep her own volume just as quiet.

    Stopping beside a heavy steel door, Sam Lucas pulled a ring of keys from his belt. Jangling the keys, he used the largest of the bunch and with a loud clunk opened the hefty door. Standing aside with the door open, the guard captain motioned for the girls to move on through. Inside was a room little larger than the elevator. There was another door to the left against the opposite wall, and beside that a large window which took up the top half of the wall. Once Captain Lucas closed the steel door behind him, the only light in the cramped little room came through the window.

    In the comparatively well-lit room where the window looked into, two guards had Hania on a tabletop. Though they could not hear her, the struggling young woman’s fellow slaves looked on as she squirmed and fought against the superior strength of the two men. Jai Lin stood against the back wall and looked on, along with Luanne and the others, as the men wrestled Hania into position. Sam Lucas pushed his way through the small crowd of girls and opened the door beside the window.

    “Please just tell me what’s going on!” Hania could be heard as Captain Lucas moved into the same room. “I don’t understand! I do-“ The grappled girl said as the head guard closed the door behind him. Silence took hold again.

    With no guards in the small room, a few of the girls began to whisper to one another as they watched on. Jai Lin remained silent, as did Luanne, much to her surprise. Hania had stood no chance against the two men, and with Sam Lucas’ involvement the fight was well and truly over. Though she continued to struggle and squirm, the three men were easily able to force metal handcuffs on the dark haired girl. From there one of the guards jumped up on the table with Hania, pulled her arms upward and secured the handcuff-chain to a carabiner that was joined to the ceiling. Forced to sit on the very edge of the cold steel table, Hania faced her fellow slaves but did not seem to acknowledge them in any way. She continued to struggle despite the inescapability of her situation, an instinct the other women could empathize with.

    As the two lower-ranked guards fought to grab hold of Hania’s fiercely kicking legs, the large steel door at the back of the room creaked open. Turning their attention from the silent display in the other room, Jai Lin and the other ten girls turned to see Madam Ui wander in with them. Closing the door again, the madam made her way to the front of the room, stopping to stand by the window. She held her hands behind herself with rigid posture and joined the audience. By this point the two men had spread Hania’s ankles out to either end of the table, forcing her to do the splits like an upside down T. Holding her in place, the guards looped thin lengths of black rope around her ankles and the table legs. With Madam Ui in the room, none of the girls made a peep.

    “Hania.” Madam Ui said, pausing as she turned back to face the small crowd of younger women. “Has betrayed us. She has betrayed the sanctity of this place. Of our home.” None of the girls spoke, not a one even dared to breath too loud. “This morning, Captain Lucas caught guard Novak receiving a letter from a person on the outside. Both Novak and the person delivering the letter were able to escape, but they dropped the letter.” The madam wandered along the length of the window until she stood slightly offside to Hania. “The letter is addressed to Hania. It is, evidentially, not their first correspondence. The contents of it are very damaging to us and what we do here.”

    While Madam Ui continued to speak, Sam Lucas strolled behind Hania. He held his index fingers pointed straight at the bound girl’s thinly covered sides. Unheard by the girls in the other room, Hania could be seen frantically whipping her head from side to side as she watched the guard captain’s fingers slowly move inward. Her full lips moved quickly as she spoke muted words, but the girls did not need to hear their wide-eyed friend to know what she was saying. As Captain Lucas’ fingers came within a couple of inches of the stretched woman’s lower ribs, Madam Ui pointed at the crowd of girls before her.

    “If any of you know anything about this treachery, now is the time to speak up.” Madam Ui said, just as the captain’s fingers drilled into Hania’s sides. “Hania will soon tell us everything. You know she will.” The madam said as the group of girls watched their trapped friend rock violently, her cheeks puffing as she strained not to laugh. “If any of you are involved –or if any of you know anything- tell me now. You will not get another chance. I promise you, we will find out one way or another. Confess now and I assure you, your punishment will be much less severe than it will be if we find out about it from Hania.”

    Silence took the room again and Madam Ui surveyed the crowd with a tiger’s stare. The madam looked for any sign of weakness among the group of eleven. Jai Lin, remaining stone-faced even as she could see Hania loose control on the other side of the window, recalled the guard called Novak. He was one of the original guards, the shapely Amazon had not seen him since Sam Lucas took over command. Novak was also the same guard who would regularly meet with Hania whenever Madam Ui was not around. Clearly, Jai Lin thought to herself, Novak had been one of the few men to avoid Captain Lucas’ purge of the guards. She supposed then, Novak had been delivering verbal messages to and from the outside world. After the guard reshuffle the delivery of messages must have become impossible. But something must have changed, and whoever was on the outside, after two long years, had gone to great lengths to deliver another message.

    “Very well.” Madam Ui said, managing to make two normally innocuous words sound threatening. “I hope for your sakes none of you were involved.” Turning her back on the girls, Madam Ui let herself into the same room as the men and Hania’s pleading laughter poured through the open door.

    “Eheeehee! Pleeeheeheese!” Hania squealed as Sam Lucas’ two fingers poked quickly up and down the length of her taut torso. “I swear! Eeeeheiiheehee! I dohahaha! I don’t know anyth-“ The door closed and quiet returned, the fitful girl throwing her long hair as she was tickled without mercy.

    Almost immediately the small dark room turned from dead silence to a flurry of hushed gossip. With one exception, the girls all began talking about the mysterious letter, who could possibly be on the outside, and the guard Novak. Looking over the heads of her fellow slaves, Jai Lin’s focus remained on Hania. The fair-skinned Pakistani woman had always stood out, her dark brown eyes making for a striking image. It was not often Jai Lin got to see the other girls tickled, as they were usually moved to other rooms. In fact it had only been within the last four or five months she had come to admit to herself that she rather enjoyed watching her fellow slaves laughing, begging and vying for escape.

    Perhaps it was because all of the other girls were so regularly commanded to tickle Jai Lin. Perhaps there was simply little else to entertain her. Whatever the reason, watching Hania’s ample bosom bounce under her thin short-sleeved shirt was stirring feelings in the Amazonian girl that she seldom felt outside of her own torment. It was a pity, Jai Lin thought as the other girls chattered away, that she could not hear Hania’s laughter. No matter, even without the audio the statuesque young woman knew she would soon become wet. She only hoped her impending arousal would not show too obviously through her own thin white pants.

    Inside the well-lit room with the table and the tickled girl, Madam Ui wandered toward the left side wall where there was another small door. Beside the door were what appeared to be two light switches. When the madam flicked one switch a loud electronic crackle sounded from speakers that sat high in the corners of the darker room. All of the girls, including Jai Lin, winced a little at the unexpected noise. Not a second later the slightly tinny sound of Hania’s high pitched pleading filled their tightly packed observation room. With one hand Jai Lin softly clawed the brick wall behind her. The sudden sound of the trapped woman’s laughter caused the curvy girl to have a very sharp rise in her growing lust.

    “Who was that delivering the letter?” Madam Ui said as Captain Lucas took a step back, leaving Hania to catch her breath. “Where did Novak run off to? Have their been other letters?”

    “I-I don’t know.” Hania said, shaking her head. “I swear! This is some sort of mistake!”

    “Everyone here, including you, knows you cannot hold on forever.” The older woman said as she moved to stand directly in front of the bound girl. “Spare yourself needless suffering. Tell us why you were receiving a letter. Tell us what Novak was planning.”

    The dark haired girl shook her head softly. Her eyebrows furrowed and her bottom lip quivered. “Please…I…I swear on my life…”

    “Have it your way.” Madam Ui said and pinched the bottoms of the Hania’s shirt. She rolled the form-fitting material upward, tucking it under the flexible woman’s breasts. “The longer you take to tell us, the worse it will be.”

    Crooking her head to one side, Jai Lin made a somewhat subtle effort to see around the madam’s back. What little glimpses she could see of Hania’s exposed bronze midriff were enthralling. As Ui raised her ten long nails toward the trapped girl’s vulnerable tummy, Jai Lin couldn’t help but nibble softly on her plump bottom lip. Stuck in the tiny room with the other girls, the increasingly horny girl was thankful for the poor lighting, especially as her swelling nipples had begun to show through her thin top. As they watched Madam Ui’s claws start to skitter across Hania’s hyperticklish skin, Jai Lin quite seriously wondered if she could get away with touching herself.

    “Noho! Thehehee!” Hania wriggled, twisting herself back and forth as the older woman’s long nails feathered against her flesh. “It’s a mistahahake! Madam Ui pleeeheeheese!”

    At opposite corners of the table, as far from one another as they could possibly get, Hania’s petit feet wiggled inside their slippers. Her tummy and lower ribs completely defenseless, the poor girl laughed helplessly against Ui’s skilled touch. Devastatingly light, the older woman’s sharp nails barely grazed the skin. It was a technique every girl in Harold’s harem was familiar with, and one that always elicited peels of squealing laughter. Hania’s expression contorted from shock to misery and to a wide, forced grin she could not seem to suppress for more than a couple of seconds.

    While Hania continued to beg and giggle uncontrollably, Jai Lin put both of her hands against the wall behind her. Leaned up hard against the cold cinderblock, the Amazon’s own long nails scratched slowly at the paintwork. Keeping her hands busy, it was all the hotly aroused twenty year old could do to stop from slipping them down her pants. She had been on the receiving end of such torment many times and heard countless stories from the other girls. Witnessing someone bound and tickled firsthand, it was new and different and entirely engrossing. In such close proximity to her fellow captives, Jai Lin could feel the warmth of their bodies as they continually brushed up against her. Luanne especially stood closer than anyone else, and the taller girl could have ravaged her curvy friend then and there.

    “Do you need some water?” Luanne whispered, looking her quietly writhing friend up and down.

    “Quiet.” Jai Lin whispered back sharply, ceasing her lewd movement.

    “Don’t worry.” The shapely blonde said, making sure none but Jai Lin could hear her. “We’re all getting hot and bothered in here, who wouldn’t?”

    “Shut up.” Jai Lin said through clenched teeth, she had never been so short with anyone, nor so blunt.

    “Oh come onnnn…” Luanne grinned knowingly. The freckled girl moved her hand gently across her obviously horny friend’s thigh, giving her a gentle squeeze. “I bet you want to take me up on my offer now, hmm?”

    “Get off me. Stop it.” The younger of the two girls said sharply and slapped the blonde’s hand away. “Enough. Do you want us to end up in there with Hania?”

    “You know I do.”

    “Well I don’t, so stop it.” Jai Lin said, almost loud enough for someone else to hear.

    “You do want to go in there though, don’t you?” Raising her eyebrows in a cheeky fashion, the bosomy Floridian was frustratingly correct.

    Opting to give Luanne no more attention, Jai Lin looked back to poor, sweet Hania. Jerking fruitlessly at the rattling metal cuffs overheard, the brown-eyed beauty made attempt after attempt to pull her arms down for protection. Logically all of the girls knew how pointless fighting against their bonds was, yet every one of them would have done the same. They were all very familiar with the feeling of Madam Ui’s notorious nails, they knew full-well the futility of trying to break free. Nonetheless, instinct took charge every single time. Instinct, the very same demon that had gripped Jai Lin so seductively as she watched the madam’s fiendish fingers run wild around Hania’s lower tummy.

    “Eeeiheee! Stop! Eheiiiiehehe!” The trapped girl shook with loud, lively giggling. “You’re wrohohong! You’re wroheeheehee!” Hania squealed, rocking her upper body back and forth as Ui’s claws followed her midriff everywhere.

    “Wrong are we?” Madam Ui said. She took a step back and reached into her pocket.

    Hania gasped rapidly, unaware that her break from being tickled was going to be far briefer than she imagined. Everyone else knew, of course, the two guards standing idly off to one side, the small crowd of girls huddled in the other room, they could all see it coming. Almost as soon as Madam Ui and taken her step back, Sam Lucas began reaching over the tabletop. With his index fingers at the ready, the large guard captain jabbed them viciously into the tender spots where Hania’s cotton-covered underarms met her bouncing boobs.

    “YEEEHAHAHA!” Arching her back as she thrust forward violently, Hania snagged on her own arms and was yanked backward just as fast. With the heels of the muscular man’s hands planted firmly against her upper ribs, the furiously cackling girl could move in no direction that would escape his wiggling fingers. Burrowing deep, the two diabolical digits hooked in right behind the young woman’s squishy bosom as she twisted and turned to no avail. “NOHAHA! PLEHEASE! PLEEEHEHEHE!”

    “’Hania’.” Madam Ui said, reading from the unfolded piece of paper she had retrieved from her pants pocket. “That would be you.” The older woman said, glancing at the helplessly laughing girl. Ui turned her attention back to the letter and continued reading aloud. “’Be ready at midnight. Novak will come for you. See you soon.’” Pausing for a moment, the sour face woman walked directly in front of the struggling girl a top the table before reading the last little bit. “’Love A.’” Ui then screwed up the letter and tossed it aside. “Who is ‘A’?”

    “I DON’T KNOHOHOW!” Hania screamed as Captain Lucas’ index fingers explored the fleshy spots right behind her jiggling breasts.

    “Why was the guard Novak helping you?” Madam Ui said, right as she started furiously clawing at the poor woman’s uncovered sides. “How much does ‘A’ know about what we do here?”

    “I DAHAHAH! IDEEEHEIII!” Barely able to get a word out with both the madam and the guard captain now tickling her, the harshly bound girl wailed with laughter as she was assaulted from both directions.

    Back in the other room, Jai Lin could feel her nipples pressing hard against the thin material of her shirt. In order to avoid another inquisition from Luanne, the tall young woman did her best to remain as still as possible despite her madly growing desire. Watching Hania interrogated under the skilled fingers of the two most feared people in their lives, the statuesque girl’s nipples were so stiff she thought they might poke clean through the cotton. It was a problem, Jai Lin soon noticed, that was not exclusive to her. She first noticed the issue of visible arousal on Hania, difficult to see as the spasming girl thrashed around. After becoming certain of the laughing girl’s arousal, Jai Lin turned her attention to the other girls. The signs were everywhere, even in the poor lighting. Shuffling feet, absent-minded rubbing of thighs, at least one girl was biting her lip. If there was a single of the girls who was not turned on at the time, Jai Lin could not see her.

    “Luanne.” The Amazonian girl whispered, leaning down closer to the blonde’s ear. “What did you mean when you said we’re all getting hot and bothered? How did you know?”

    “…What?” The bosomy girl said, apparently needing a second to pry her eyes away from the sadistic show in the other room.

    “Before, you said-“

    “Because, you know.” Luanne said, smiling under a slightly perplexed frown. “We’re all the same.”

    “Pretend I don’t know.” The taller girl said, less amused than her peppy friend. “Explain it to me.”

    “You have got to be the smartest person I know.” Luanne said. “But you sure are dense sometimes.” She teased.

    Navigating the freckled girl’s cheekiness could be a chore at the best of times. It was a task Jai Lin was usually fine to contend with, except when she found herself fiercely horny and increasingly frustrated. “Just-“

    “-Master doesn’t just choose us because we’re ticklish.” Luanne said, cutting her of as she could sense the imposing girl’s warming temper. “If he just wanted ticklish girls there would be hundreds of us. He could have a new one everyday.” The curvy girl took a breath and looked back to Hania. “We’re special. He chose us all for the same reason Madam Ui chose you. I don’t know how they know, but they do.”

    “Know what?” Jai Lin said. She put her hand gently on the side of her blonde companion’s cheek and turned her attention back to their conversation. “What makes us…special?”

    “We’re rare.” The comely woman said as if the answer were obvious. “Maybe…maybe you don’t know because you’ve never been out in the world. But…look…” Luanne paused to gather her thought. “All of us girls, we all hate being tickled, right? I mean not me anymore, I did though, when I was bought here.”


    “That’s not uncommon.” Luanne said. “Lots of people don’t like being tickled. Hell, probably most people. The thing is, most people don’t get turned on by it. They just-they just hate it and that’s that. We all do.” She paused to let the information sink in. “Not only that, but we all get turned on from tickling people too. We’re all loving this…I mean, we always feel bad…poor fuckin’ Hania…but at the same time, you know…it’s super hot.”

    “And all of these traits together, the ticklishness, the arousal, the hatred…” Jai Lin said, putting the pieces of the blonde’s explanation together.

    “That’s what the master likes.” Said the chummy girl. Luanne smiled again, then turned back to continue watching Hania.

    Jai Lin leaned back against the wall. She wanted to give some thought to her newly learned information, and would have had she not been so hopelessly aroused. A cold shower was in desperate need, the lustful young woman thought as she stared unblinking at Hania. The bound girl’s cheeks were flushed red and her cheeks stretched from the constant uproarious laughter that pounded through the speakers. With the added knowledge that all of the young women surrounding her were also hotly stirred up, Jai Lin’s lewder side had stoked a fire that her more sensible self would not be dousing any time soon.

    “I’ll not ask again.” Madam Ui said as both she and Captain Lucas took a step back from the wheezing girl. “You know the questions. Tell us what we want to know.”

    “I don’t know…I don’t…” Hania said breathlessly. Her midriff was a light pink hue where the madam’s nails had run wild.

    “Captain Lucas and I know all of your worst spots, Hania.” The older woman said. “Answer me now or we are going to start tickling them.”

    “Please…no…” The poor girl whined, shaking her head weakly as she looked to Madam Ui with trembling eyes. “I can’t tell you…what I don’t know…”

    “So be it.” Ui said and pinched the bottom of Hania’s half-rolled up shirt again. “I’m going to tickle your nipples now.” Tugging the thin material higher up the trapped girl’s body, the madam let her captive’s bare boobs jiggle into the open air. “And if you do not tell me what I want to know, those men-“ Ui shifted her eyes to the two guards standing by the sidewall. “-are going to take your slippers next.”

    “Please…please…” Hania plead, her expression one of anxious despair. “I’ll…I’ll do anything…”

    “You’ll tell us then?” The madam said, poising her open hands just a few inches from the bare breasted girl’s swollen brown nipples.

    “Please no…” The poor girl said in a mousy, hopeless tone.

    In the other room, Jai Lin pushed herself up on her tiptoes in order to get an ever-so-slightly better view. Madam Ui cupped the sides of Hania’s ample bosom, squishing her big bronze boobs together. Protruding the trapped girl’s nipples forward, her puffy areoles almost touched. It was around this moment, just as the tips of Ui’s index fingers were about to make their first caress, Jai Lin knew she would have given up. There was nothing in the world, not her freedom or her pride or even her friend Luanne, that Jai Lin would have held so dear as to suffer being tickled for so long. It was small thought, one mostly lost among the swirling mess of arousal in her mind. A little idea barely noticed, yet it made the Amazonian girl wonder what in all the world could be worth so much suffering.

    “YEEEEIIIGGGHEEEE!” Hania screeched and threw her head back when Ui’s deftly accurate fingertips flickered over the girl’s erect nipples. “YEEHAHA! YEEHAHAAAA!”

    Her stomach muscles strained and her mouth opened wide. Every which way Hania rocked against the cuffs, her curvaceous butt flexed on the table top, and her hyperticklish breasts stayed firm in the madam’s hands. The helpless girl’s laugh was one of cruelly forced mirth, an unnatural, unwanted hilarity. It was the kind of screaming laughter that could never have come from a joke or a good time, only the savage tickling hands of a person with wicked intent. As she fought madly against her unflinching bonds Hania had no idea that right behind her Captain Lucas was reaching over the table once again.

    The eyes of every girl in the observation room locked onto the head guard’s hands. Jai Lin had heard a great many stories of Sam Lucas’ savagery as a tickler and, after seeing him poke at Hania a few moments before, was eager to watch him in action again. To the keenly watching young woman’s surprise, the captain took hold of Hania’s bunched-up shirt and tugged it upward. Letting the shirt unfurl, the burly man stopped when the collar of Hania’s stretched shirt met her chin. Leaving the shirt wrapped around her biceps and covering her face, Captain Lucas had rendered the thrashing woman both topless and virtually blind in one fell swoop. Only then did the cunning captain put his fingers do work, delving all ten digits directly into Hania’s fully exposed underarms.

    “AHAAA! AAAAHAHAHA!” The half naked girl bucked as her smooth pits were pillaged. Combined with the madam’s maddening nipple assault, Sam Lucas’ fingers racing around her hollows caused an explosion of deep belly laughter. Convulsing frantically, Hania roared with a sporadic mix of high-pitched anguish and turbulent screaming. “STOOOOP! HAHAHA! STOAAHAHAHAP IT!”

    “Only you can stop this.” Madam Ui said as she began kneading at the younger woman’s cushy boobs. “Speak now, while you still have the ability!”

    “I CAHAHAHA! I CAN’T!” Hania howled. As her head twisted and turned among the prison of her raised t-shirt, the thin material offering a vague impression of her face. The point of the cackling woman’s nose could be seen, along with her gaping mouth. And, even though she moved frantically between her arms, streaks of dampness were starting to wear through the upturned shirt. Hania, who could see nothing but the white of her own top, had been tickled to tears.

    “Can’t, or won’t?” The older woman said as she dropped the girl’s hefty bosom and started squeezing her heaving sides. “Well what is it girl? Speak!”

    But, much to Jai Lin’s increasing wonder, what few words Hania did say were nothing that might end her ticklish agony. Stop, please, no. Between the madam goosing her sides and the captain scribbling five fingers around each of her hypersensitive underarms, single syllable pleas for mercy –often broken up by helpless laughter- were all she could manage. As the long minutes drew on Jai Lin could feel herself growing wetter, an increasingly soppy mess in her panties that was in no way slowed by the sight of Hania’s ever-dampening shirt. By the time Captain Lucas pulled one hand back and motioned at his guards to join in, Jai Lin was seriously considering having to step out of the room to pleasure herself.

    In what was either a planned maneuver or simply well practiced, the two men who had been standing idle moved quickly to either end of the table. In unison the guards stood before Hania’s far-stretched apart slippers. As they took hold of a foot each, Sam Lucas returned both of his own hands to the bound girl’s fragile flesh, digging his fingertips in hard to her silky hollows. Unable to move her feet in the grip of the two men either side her, Hania could nothing to stop them from plucking her slippers clean off. Her tiny feet now hopelessly bare and her slippers tossed aside, the hyperticklish captive bellowed one last heartfelt plea.

    “NOT THEREHAHAHAHA!” Hania wailed right before the two guards began spidering five fingers each across both of her vulnerable soles. In the instant their fingertips touched down, the gravely out numbered girl threw her head back and screeched. The noise was so sharp and ear-piercing it caused the speakers one room over to squeal electronically. A second later Hania arched her back and then fell into a strained, silent laughter.

    Though she continued to struggle and shake against her four sadistic attackers, little sound came from the girl herself. Loudest of all was the rattling of Hania’s handcuffs, followed by the soft noise of her shuffling and squirming against the tabletop. Beyond her hectic movements, the topless young woman only made random mousy squeaks. Madam Ui, Sam Lucas and the two foot-tickling guards made not a sound, merely continuing their savage torment of the poor girl at their fingertips. Forty pitiless fingers attacked Hania’s torso and soles, none of which she could avoid for the time it would take to blink an eye. Even the bewildered girl’s toes were unable to wiggle away, as each of the guards held the tops of her feet with one hand while their other hand played boisterously around her wrinkled bare soles.

    “She’s not going to say much now.” Luanne said quietly, the first to speak since a deafening hush fell over the observation room when Hania had fallen silent.

    Samara the statuesque Russian blonde, looked back over her shoulder. “I am just glad the letter had Hania’s name on it.” She whispered with her carefully kept eyebrows raised high. “Otherwise they would be questioning all of us.”

    “I wish that stupid letter had my name on it.” Luanne said, causing several of the nearer women to chuckle.

    Jai Lin smirked at her friend’s silly comment, the humor subsiding quickly when she thought more about what Samara had just said. She did not think so much about the possibility of all the girls being questioned, hypothetical scenarios held little interest. What occurred to Jai Lin was that she had never once seen the leggy Russian get tickled, and the thought of it made her loins quiver. She had been tickled herself by Samara many times at Madam Ui’s command, and seen most of the other girls get held down by guards at one point or another. The tall blonde had certainly been taken away and tickled by the guards, Madam Ui and even Harold, but for whatever reason Jai Lin had simply never bore witness to it. Distracted by the fantasy of Samara helpless and tickled, the green-eyed girl was very much considering doing something utterly careless when movement in the other room broke her risky train of thought.

    Behind Hania, as Madam Ui and the two guards continued to torment her, Sam Lucas was climbing his immense frame up onto the table. Kneeling behind the thrashing girl, the captain towered over her wildly twisting body and grabbed the top of her shirt with both hands. With great ease the enormous man tore the shirt up one side, letting the ruined material slip from Hania’s anguished bright red face. Teary eyed and hair matting to hear sweaty forehead, the mercilessly tickled young woman seemed to have no idea she was being further disrobed. Tearing the shirt again along it’s remaining side, Captain Lucas tossed the shredded top to the floor. In nothing but her tight white pants and hidden panties, Hania’s fellow slaves could now fully appreciate the expression of ticklish agony spread across her face.

    Moving again, the brawny guard captain extended his legs forward, sitting on the tabletop. With each of his large legs either side of Hania’s torso, Sam Lucas shifted his weight forward and pressed himself up against the struggling girl’s back. Straddled around the silently laughing girl, the captain rested his legs a top of her thighs and reached his long arms around her. In a reverse bear-hug, the huge man squeezed her upper torso tight, coiling his biceps around Hania and causing her big boobs to squash back, creating cushy ballooning cleavage. The distressingly ticklish woman’s movement even more restricted than it had been a moment before, Captain Lucas took full, vicious advantage as he dug his fingers in deep to the fleshy sides of her naked breasts.

    Not terribly far down from where the captain’s devilish fingers burrowed into the soft spots between Hania’s ribs, Madam Ui’s sharp talons were doing what they did best. Dancing along the waistline of the gasping girl’s pants, the older woman’s long nails wiggled menacingly around her lower tummy. Hania’s slender midriff convulsed with muted laughter, her lungs straining to keep up with Sam Lucas’ brutal rib assault. Her eyes would shut tight as she spasmed with inaudible laughter, a wide grin of misery plastered across her face. Bursting open wide again, the winded woman’s brown eyes showed a look of desperate terror as her body forced short, sharp breaths back into her.

    Any one of the four people tickling her would have been a nightmare for the half naked girl, even without the chains and ropes holding her in place. A lone person spidering their fingers across one of her bare feet was more than enough to send Hania into hysterical giggling. Two people, each with one of her excruciatingly sensitive soles each, was almost unthinkable. At least it had been in the time before she was bought to Harold’s fort. Unfortunately not only were there two strong men relentlessly frolicking their fingertips over her thin-skinned arches, they were two of Captain Lucas’ hand-picked guards. As almost all of the girls knew, the older guards were never overly interested in tickling itself, it was just part of the job. Sam Lucas’ men were different, they enjoyed it, they practiced and were trained for it. The difference in tickle-techniques made the old guards terrible, and the more recent ones down right harrowing.

    Fixated on the ruthless torture of her fellow slave, Jai Lin did not expect to see anything that might surprise her, let alone truly shock her. Though no man except Harold had ever tickled her, the Amazonian girl had certainly been on the receiving end of similar torments more times than she cared to remember. Madam Ui would often recruit two or three girls to assist in Jai Lin’s suffering. She had been feathered and fingered and licked and nibbled, taken to the dungeon, strung upside down. There were electric toothbrushes and q-tips, denial or orgasms and forced orgasms. Jai Lin considered herself well versed in the art of tickle torture from first hand experience. It was for this reason why, when Sam Lucas used one of his huge hands to cover Hania’s mouth and nose, Jai Lin let out an involuntary gasp.

    There were no more mousy squeaks or heavy breathing. Hania’s eyes went wide as she fought madly against the multi-pronged tickle attack and her complete lack of oxygen. While one hand suffocated the frenzied girl, Captain Lucas kept his other large paw digging viciously into her ribs. Madam Ui did not seem to react in any noticeable manner, merely continuing to scribble her long nails across the frightened girl’s tummy. The other two men, who Jai Lin quickly suspected had seen their boss do this before, maintained the speed of their fingertips racing around Hania’s soles.

    Already horribly short of breath and tickled to exhaustion, Hania’s eyes rolled back into her head after the first twenty seconds. As her eyes closed and her head fell forward limply, Captain Lucas kept his hand over her mouth and nose for another short moment. Curiously, even after having passed out from a lack of air, Hania’s unconscious body continued to twitch and jerk around as Madam Ui, the two guards and the captain carried on their terrible tickling. It was undoubtedly the most malicious and imaginatively sadistic thing Jai Lin had ever seen up to that point in her young life, and it could not have turned her on more.

    “Luanne!” Jai Lin whispered sharply. She took hold of the bosomy blonde’s hand and pulled the girl toward her.

    “What are you-?” Spinning around, the short girl was forcibly thrust up against the Amazon guiding her. Jai Lin’s free hand pressed against the small of Luanne’s back, squishing the top of the American’s boobs against the bottom of the stronger girl’s own breasts. “Jai Lin! What are you doing?” Luanne said in a hurried whisper.

    “Quiet!” The taller girl said sharply. Fumbling around between them, Jai Lin maneuvered her shapely friend’s hand down behind her belt line.

    “Oh my gooood…” Luanne said softly. The blonde’s fingers slipped under the taller girl’s panties and she could feel the hot wet mess of her friend’s bare pussy.

    “Shush, I said.” Jai Lin demanded. She placed one hand firmly against the back of Luanne’s head and forced the blonde’s face down into her bosom. As the freckle-faced girl eagerly obeyed, she quickly found her Amazonian friend’s clit. “Mmmnfff!” The voluptuous girl moaned, as she grinded against her companion’s hand.

    Opening her mouth to a wide O-shape, Jai Lin clutched at Luanne, holding the buxom girl tight against her. Luanne gently flickered a fingertip over her taller friend’s swollen clit causing the taller girl to tense and stifle moans. If any of the other girls noticed the two women locked in an erotic embrace against the back wall, they did not show it. More likely they, much like Jai Lin, were busy watching Hania groggily resume consciousness.

    Hania’s head shook fitfully as she rose up, her expression quickly shifting from mild discomfort to wide-eyed terror. Just as soon as the half naked girl was able to look around, her mouth dropped and she let out a scream of miserable realization. Still being ruthlessly tickled by four people, agonizing waves of hyperticklishness propelled the speed at which she woke. The faster Hania woke the more she could feel forty fingers wiggling, poking and stroking at her limber young body. Shaking her head in a ‘no’ motion, the poor girl looked around frantically as she tried to catch the eye of one of her tormentors. It was no use, they did not care. Hania began to rock violently against her bonds, and as she did the laughter took her anew.

    “AHA! AHA! AAAEEEEHAHAHA!” The topless girl bellowed as her exposed soles, tummy and underarms were overrun. Then, a few seconds into Hania’s full throttle display of ticklish dismay, Sam Lucas covered her airways away. “MMMMFFF! MMMNNNFF!”

    Jai Lin could hardly believe what she was seeing. Her knees turned to jelly and she threw her head back. Gripping Luanne’s hair tight, the Amazonian girl slid her other hand down and squeezed the blonde’s curvy butt cheek hard. Over the speakers, fading sounds of Hania’s muffled panic sent Jai Lin’s inhibitions out the door. The idea was as captivating as it was horrifying, her mind fading to black consumed by panic and terror never knowing what would happen next. Then, to wake and slowly realize the torment never stopped. As she watched Hania slip out of the waking world a second time, Jai Lin pressed her forehead down against the top of Luanne’s head and moaned.

    “Oh god Jai Lin…” The full-bosomed blonde squeaked, the upper half of her face smooshed into her friend’s own ample boobs. “You love it....you love it…”

    In that moment, as she watched Hania’s head fall, nothing in all the world should have been able to stop Jai Lin from reaching climax. Clutching at her excitable friend, the tall green-eyed girl was mere seconds away from a true delight, a genuine orgasm entirely of her own making. For once she had not been forced, she had not lost control. In fact, perhaps for the first time in her 20 years on the planet, Jai Lin was in command of the situation. On no normal day would the ferociously passionate girl have ever conceived that it would be a single thought to so suddenly quell her desires.

    “Sssstop…” Jai Lin whispered, shuddering as she loosened her grip around Luanne.

    “You’re nearly there…” Luanne said, continuing the sublimely tempting teasing of her voluptuous companion’s clit.

    “St…awhh…st-stop…” Moaning as she fumbled her hand between them, the taller girl clumsily grabbed Luanne’s gyrating wrist.

    “Wait, wait.” Resisting the pull on her arm, the curvy blonde wrestled to keep her hand down the Amazon’s pants. “You’re so close…” Luanne said right before Jai Lin quickly pinched her side. “Eeeeiieee!”

    Luanne snapped both hands back instinctively to protect herself. As the blonde’s jaw dropped with an expression of excitable surprise, Jai Lin gently pushed passed her. All eyes in the small room were on the two girls thanks to Luanne’s squeal, but the taller of the two didn’t seem to care. Spurred on by what she did not know, her new found sense of control, ambition or perhaps merely her own white-hot arousal, it didn’t matter. Jai Lin pressed forward, directly through the crowd of girls until she planted an open palm against the observation window. Looking on as poor Hania began to stir again on the other side, the shapely young woman considered turning back. She thought about the risk of what she intended to do next. Luanne had been right, it didn’t really matter what Jai Lin did in the long run. Madam Ui would always torture her. Seeing what the madam and her wicked associates were doing to Hania, Jai Lin knew there would always be new ways to drive her mad.

    “Jai Lin!” Luanne said, her voice barely below normal volume as she caught up to her determined friend. Just as the curvy girl reached out to take the young woman’s arm, Jai Lin walked away again.

    “Stay here Luanne.” The Amazonian girl said, looking back over her shoulder. She took hold of the door handle into the interrogation room and pressed it down.

    “What are you doing?!” Putting both hands up in a stop-motion, Luanne had the wide-eyed look of someone trying to negotiate with a madman.

    “Stay here.” Jai Lin said and swung open the door. As she stepped through into the torture room, Luanne raced up behind. Her blonde friend looked on from over the threshold confused and concerned. “You were right.” The taller girl whispered as she closed the door behind her.

    “Jai L-“ Luanne said, cutoff by the door sealing back into its frame.

    Turning toward the center of the room, Jai Lin felt a rush of fear burst outward from her stomach. Freezing in place, whatever forces had powered her to march so confidently through the door were immediately dissipated. Captain Lucas, his two guards and Madam Ui were all staring directly at her. For a long, tense moment there was not a single sound. Then, as if coming back to life, Hania look a long deep draw of air as she lurched her head upright.

    Her jaw practically shaking with anger, Madam Ui turned her attention entirely on Jai Lin. “You…have lost…your mind!” The older woman barked.

    “I-“ The petrified girl said, not exactly sure what she intended to say.

    “-You will-“ Striding toward the younger woman, Ui appeared to have boiling water running through her veins. So enraged in fact was the sour faced witch, she interrupted herself. “-If you think-“ She began another furious thought, only to switch tracks again. “-I am going to make you suffer the likes of which will be written in history books!”

    “I know why she won’t talk!” Jai Lin blurted out. “Hania, she’ll… she’ll never tell you anything!”

    “Get out of here!” Madam Ui said, waving a sternly pointed index finger in the Amazonian’s face. “Get out of here and-“

    “Wait.” Said Sam Lucas calmly. He was moving back away from Hania. “Let her speak.”

    “I will not!” Ui snapped back without looking back. “I will gag her for a year! She will-“

    “She will tell us what she wants us to hear.” Pushing himself off the tabletop, the imposing guard captain stood to full height.

    “She will do no such thing! She is a slave!”

    “So are you.”

    Jai Lin was trying to remain stoic, she was trying to look cool, calm and collected, nonetheless her eyes opened wide. She had never heard anyone speak to Madam Ui with such disrespect, nor had the other girls. When Jai Lin turned toward the observation window in the hope of catching her fellow slave’s reactions she finally noticed it was no window at all. While the girls on the other side could see through clear as day, all those in the interrogation room could see was a large mirror. Hania had been forced to watch her own torture the entire time.

    After his harsh reminder dropped like a grenade in the middle of the room, Sam Lucas wandered around toward Madam Ui. In the few seconds it took for the brawny giant to walk over, only Hania’s weary breathing could be heard. Stopping just a few short inches from Jai Lin and towering over the much smaller madam, Captain Lucas looked the younger girl directly in the eye.

    “Say your piece.” The huge man said, then turned his head toward Madam Ui. “We don’t like what she has to say, you can do what you like with her.”

    “And if by some miracle she tells us something of worth?” Ui said without once unclenching her teeth.

    The guard captain didn’t respond, he just sighed and turned back to Jai Lin. “Speak.”

    “Uh…” Years of training in the art of conversation were suddenly lost on the daunted girl. She breathed shakily, her nerves rattling so hard the memory of what she had thought not seconds before had all but disappeared. “The letter…” Jai Lin said with some relief, finally she had managed to squeak out a couple of useful syllables. “At the end of the letter it said ‘love’.”

    “Brilliant.” Madam Ui said dryly. “And the ocean is wet, well done.”

    “Go on.” Sam Lucas said, ignoring Ui’s sarcastic commentary.

    “I’ve never…been in love.” Jai Lin continued, fighting back her trembling nerves. “I-I doubt I ever will be.“ Growing a little bolder with Captain Lucas’ apparent support, the anxious girl took a step forward. She moved between Ui and the captain, slowly making her way toward Hania. “I think Hania has. Whoever wrote her that letter, I think they knew her before. Somehow they found her…probably the guard, Novak.”

    “Yes, thank you.” Ui said, rolling her eyes. “Do you have a point you might reach at some point today?”

    “From what I understand of….love.” The word was as foreign to Jai Lin as driving a car, and did not exit her lips easily. To her mind she had only ever experienced love superficially, mostly through books. “There is nothing more powerful.”

    “Touching.” The madam said.

    “Let the girl talk.” Sam Lucas said, a slight growl in his tone. It was the first time Jai Lin had seen the captain be anything other than eerily calm.

    Jai Lin swallowed, then looked at Hania’s tear stained face. “It’s why she’ll never tell you anything. You can make her faint…you can tickle her forever and a day. You can do whatever other…nightmares you can think of. Hania will never answer your questions. Love won’t let her.”

    “You, my girl-“ Madam Ui said, taking a step toward Jai Lin. “-are going to find out what nightmares I can think of very soon indeed.”

    “No she’s not.” The captain said plainly. “She’s right. I’ve seen it before.”

    “Very well.” Ui said, turning back toward the brawny man. “Then you must call Harold. If the girl won’t talk to us, Novak is gone, the person who wrote the letter is still out there. We are under threat of exposure.”

    “There’s no need for that, not yet.” Sam Lucas said. Deep in thought, he looked off at nothing in particular and scratched the back of his head.

    “If you do not call Harold I will!” Madam Ui yelled, waving the same finger she had put in Jai Lin’s face at the guard captain. “You have failed the security of this place! We could lose everything! Bare minimum I shall see you fired for this! This is my home and I will not be talked down to by-“ Before the older woman could finish her string of fiery threats, Sam Lucas turned back toward to her. With speed that defied his size, the huge man took hold of the madam’s wrists and launched them back above her head. “Ahh!” Ui cried aggressively as the far stronger man pinned her hands into the mirror.

    “You…” Sam Lucas said, leaning down so his face was less than an inch from the older woman’s ear. Held between the muscular man and the glass, the madam strained uselessly to break free. “….do not even have access to a phone.”

    “Let me go!” Ui said sharply, her head turned to one side and face pressed against the mirror.

    Jai Lin realized her mouth was agape and slowly closed it, hesitant to make even the most miniscule of movements. She looked wide-eyed to the mirror and imagined the other girls were similarly shocked at the confrontation before them. Madam Ui had reined terror over most of them for years, yet in that moment she looked as helpless as any one of them. A tiger, turned kitten in the face of a lion.

    “I have the situation well in hand…slave.” Sam Lucas delivered the last word full of venom. “It will be resolved. There is no problem here. And, should you ever get it in your head to go running your mouth to my employer, I will, I promise you, stick you down in that fuckin’ dungeon for the rest of your life.”

    Punctuating his threat, the imposing man opened his hands and let Ui’s arms drop. The older woman trembled, her cheek still pressed against the mirror as shuddering breaths escaped her nose. Turning slowly away from the glass, the defeated madam took a deep breath, tightened her jaw and raised her nose. She looked around the room, avoiding Jai Lin’s eye, and brushed the front of her shirt with both hands.

    “Have it your way.” Madam Ui said without making eye contact. To avoid walking back through the observation room she moved quickly toward the side door. Pausing as she grabbed the handle, the older woman stopped as if she were about to say something, then carried on without another word.

    “You two.” Sam Lucas said, pointing at the guards who stood either end of the table. “Meet me outside in a minute.”

    “Sir.” The men said, nodding in unison.

    “I’ll be back in a little while.” The captain said, turning his attention to Jai Lin as his men left through the observation room door. “In the meantime, you’re welcome to carry on here.”

    “Carry on?” Jai Lin said, completely perplexed by the man’s meaning. He made a small movement with his chin and looked to the bound, half naked woman on the table beside them. “Oh…” The Amazonian girl said softly, and couldn’t help but lick her plump bottom lip as she eyed Hania’s helpless body. “She…she won’t talk.”

    “Do you care?” Sam Lucas said. He took a single step toward the trapped woman and with both hands tore open the front of Hania’s pants. With one side in each hand, the enormous captain pulled the tight material open, shredding it in two down the back as well. He pulled back on each half, stretching and shredding the pants from her wide-spread thighs. Down to almost nothing, Hania’s pink panties were revealed, the lower front of the sheer material soaking wet. Captain Lucas stepped back, leaving the bound young woman in nothing but her sopping wet underwear. “Do whatever you like until I get back.”

    With that, Sam Lucas left through the same door his men had gone out of. After watching the door close behind him, Jai Lin’s eyes crept back towards poor, nearly naked Hania. There was a great deal to consider, a lot had happened in the last few minutes that certainly required the daring girl’s careful attention. Madam Ui had stormed out and was no doubt fuming somewhere. In the room behind her, Jai Lin’s fellow slave girls had watched the entire drama play out, and were probably still watching. There was all of that and more, which needed careful thought. Yet, right in front of her, hanging there teary eyed and oh-so-helpless was dear, agonizingly ticklish Hania.

    “Jai Lin…” The vulnerable girl said meekly. “Please…what are they doing to do? Where did Captain Lucas go?”

    “You…you shouldn’t worry about that right now.” Jai Lin said, raising her right hand hesitantly.

    “Wh-wh-what are you doing?” Hania said, watching the shapely Amazon’s hand slowly move toward her upper thigh.

    “Nothing…” The slowly moving woman said as she too watched her own hand slide gently onto the tied girl’s leg. “…that you haven’t done to me before.”

    “That-that was different!” Flinching at the tender touch, Hania shook her head. “I had no choice!”

    “No…” Jai Lin said softly. She began to slowly wiggle her five fingers across the helpless girl’s silky skin. “…but you did enjoy it. Every time.”

    “Jai Lin pleaeheese!” A sudden giggle escaped Hania’s lips as the tall girl’s nails crept down and across the thick tendon that was tensing along the bottom of her thigh. “Nonono!”

    “Poor Hania…” Leaning in close, Jai Lin made sure to whisper so anyone who might be listening could not hear. “…did you think I’d come to save you?”

    “Eeeheee! Jai Lin!” Hania shook as her new attacker’s nails sped up a little, stroking along the very edge where her quivering thigh met her panties. “Stohop! Jai Lin stop! Ehehehe!” The struggling girl said, her voice getting noticeably more desperate.

    “Say that again.” Jai Lin said, nimbly dancing her nails into the indent just below where the giggly girl’s quad muscle flexed.

    “I’m sorreeheehee!” The fitful young woman said earnestly. “Jai Lin! I dohohoho! Noho! I’ll do whatever you wahahant!”

    “Hmhm.” Speeding her fingers up, the smirking girl chuckled softly. “I’m sure that’s true. Now say what I told you to say.”

    “Eeeheehee! Sayeehee whahahat?!” Her giggles increasing in pitch, Hania bucked a little harder as Jai Lin’s curious fingers spidered down to her knee and back.

    “Have you forgotten already?”

    “I don’t-I don’t knohohoho! Please!” The confused girl squirmed as her fellow slave’s wiggling digits drew down the edge of her panties again.

    “Well then…” Jai Lin said, delivering lines she had been on the receiving end of countless times before. “…I guess…I’ll have to punish you?”

    “Noho! No Jai Lihin!” Looking down over her quaking boobs, the severely defenseless young woman watched as her adversary bought her other hand up to the opposite leg.

    “Close…but you’re not quite there yet.” Jai Lin said and began scribbling five fingers back and forth across the bound girl’s tortuously sensitive inner thighs.

    “Naheehee! Naheehee!” The poor girl squealed, making one attempt after another at saying real words. “Jai Lin I’m serious! Eeeheehee! Stop! Jai Liiiiin! Stoooahahahap!”

    “There it is.” Jai Lin teased as she scurried her fingers down to where Hania’s curvaceous ass met the table.

    Technically, it could be said, the first time Jai Lin ever tickled someone was when she had pinched Luanne’s side a few minutes prior. And though her buxom blonde friend had certainly found the quick side-goosing a thrill, the truth was Jai Lin had merely done it as a means to an end. In that moment she was far more focused on her goal. Because of this, whenever she did think back to her first real experience being on the other side of tickling, it was always Hania that came to mind. For the lifelong slave, teasing the trapped brown-eyed girl made Jai Lin feel like she was fueled by volcanic fire. That first gentle stroke of Hania’s leg caused Jai Lin’s heart to erupt, sending out a shock wave throughout her entire body. A wave of unstoppable force that disintegrated anything in its path, discipline, restraint, obedience, all of it turned to ash. It was power, and Jai Lin was power incarnate.

    And yet, it was not just the power over another person that Jai Lin so ravenously enjoyed. She had experienced power shortly before with Luanne, grabbing and handling the buxom girl as she pleased. It had been lustful and hot and fast, but Luanne was a most willing participant. Hania, on the other hand, was far from willing. Hania flinched and laughed and begged all from the simple, almost effortless touch of Jai Lin’s fingers. At that time, stood there before the helplessly tied young woman, Jai Lin felt she had the very universe at her fingertips. No one, nothing could stop her, she could do as she pleased. She was free.

    “Do you want me to stop, Hania?” Tilting her head to one side, Jai Lin scurried her fingers up and over the struggling girl’s waistline. She had been teased herself a thousand times with similar questions, as had Hania. It was the kind of repetitive technique Jai Lin imagined she might one day get used to, and never did. Silly as it seemed from the outside, the effect of such questions was maddening when you were the one strapped down. Something so simple, added on top of the anguish of being tickled, could torment a person to madness.

    “”Yeeehehehs! Yes!” Hania rocked from side to side, sucking her tummy in as the taller girl’s nails danced along her lower abdomen.

    “Yes, you want more?” Jai Lin taunted her helplessly giggling toy.

    “Nohohoho! Stopstopstahahaha!” The confused young woman laughed as her sides were pinched between her attacker’s thumbs and index fingers.

    “Oh, do make up your mind!” Moving her hands upward, the voluptuous girl’s heart raced as she could feel Hania’s muscles flinching and fighting against her.

    “Pleheeheease! Jai Lin! Stop!” Hania curled forward as far as her restraints would allow. The green-eyed girl’s curious fingers ran along the bottoms of the laughing girl’s ribs. “I’m sorry! Hahaha! I’m sorry for everythiieeheehee!”

    “You’re sorry?” Jai Lin said, pulling her hands back a few inches. “Well, in that case-“

    “You-you don’t understand! you don’t-“ Talking quickly, the desperate dark haired girl never stood a chance to elaborate, as her shapely tormentor suddenly clawed at her sides. “Ahhhahahaha! Noho! NoJaiLinpleeehahahaha!”

    “Why are you wet?” The increasingly adventurous girl teased, a favourite question of Madam Ui’s. “You’re not going to make a mess are you, Hania?”

    Hania didn’t answer, nor did Jai Lin want her to. All the statuesque new tickler wanted was the sweet sound of her victim’s pleading and panicked laughter. Those unpredictable, delectable sounds escaping the scantily clad girl’s lips kept Jai Lin’s nuclear shockwave rolling at full force. A poke in the ribs, a stroke on the tummy, a flurry of fingernails across the tops of Hania’s hips, it all sent the young woman wild. She had always found the nubile Pakistani girl beautiful, and never more so when her face was contorting with insuppressible giggles. The more Hania begged Jai Lin to stop, the more she wanted to tickle her, an intensely stimulating cycle that the Amazonian girl finally understood in full.

    “Captain Lucas might be a while, Hania!” Raising her voice to combat the growing volume of the bound woman’s laughter, Jai Lin gave no thought to whoever might hear her now. “I’m not going to stop until he gets here!”

    “Eeehahaha! Nono! Jai-Jai Lin!” Her torso glistening with sweat, the already overworked girl balked. “No more! Eeehahaha! NomoreJaiLin!”

    “Maybe I won’t even stop then!” Jai Lin said, digging her nails into the tender spots between the frightened girl’s heaving ribs.

    “AAAAHAHA! NO! NONOAHAHA!” Hania thrashed back and forth, jerking violently against the chain of her handcuffs as ten fingers clawed at her.

    “The Captain and I are going to tickle you together!” Her eyes locked on the helpless girl’s bouncing boobs, the openly lusty Amazon shuffling closer as she dug viciously into Hania’s hypersensitive flesh. “We’ll take a foot each, just like the guards did! Maybe he’ll bring even more men this time!”

    Spurred on by her own lust and excitement, Jai Lin barely even knew what she was saying anymore. Her internal filter, which normally crafted every deliberate word that left her lips, was shattered to pieces. Whatever thought sprung into the fervent tickler’s mind immediately burst forth without a moment’s pause. Hania’s nipples were swirling and stiff, her panties were soaked through, Jai Lin could feel the laughing girl’s hot sweat as her fingers slid over slick skin. There was no part of the struggling young woman’s torment that wasn’t captivating, and Jai Lin controlled it all.

    “What do you think Hania?!” Jai Lin taunted her screaming captive. “Would you like five people to tickle you next? Six?”

    “NOAHAHA! JAI LIN STOOOAHAHAP!” Hania howled as her ribs were mercilessly played.

    With no experience, no plan and none of her normal self control, Jai Lin let her eager fingers roam wherever they pleased. She moved her ten curious digits upward, spidering around the sides of the cackling girl’s jiggling boobs. From there Hania was kept in loud, crazed laughter as the taller woman’s nails skated freely into her unprotected underarms. Every touch and torturous stroke was an experiment, Jai Lin wielding her newfound freedom gleefully. While her right hand stayed to draw figure 8s in Hania’s painfully ticklish pit, the left was sent down to explore every inch of her glistening midriff. Soon enough the tips of her fingers found their way to Hania’s appallingly erect nipples where they twirled and stroked and pinched and turned the frenzied girl into a raving loon.

    Just as she did when she was the one trapped in tickle hell, Jai Lin lost all track of time. How long she spent running her fingers wild up and down Hania’s torso the statuesque young woman did not know. By the time Jai Lin took a step back to admire her work, the breathless girl atop the table was dripping swear, streaming tears and sizzling hot arousal. Hania’s face was bright red and her sides and stomach were a bright pink hue. Thick tears dripped from the bound girl’s chin and her pussy was so drenched the thin material of her panties was practically see-through. Biting one side of her plump bottom lip, Jai Lin imagined her own panties were probably fairing no better.

    “Hania…” Jai Lin said coyly, looking at the disheveled girl from under her brow. “…I want you to cum for me.”

    “Nnn…no…Jai Lin…” The powerless girl said between weakly between deep breaths. “Not…not like this…”

    “Oh no?” The amorous woman asked, both girls knowing her stated desire was not at all optional. “If I let you down…if I let you go right now…” Jai Lin said in a seductively taunting tone. She took a step toward Hania and began gently toying with the waistline of the girl’s panties. “…will you be grateful?”

    “Y-yes! Please!” Hania said, nodding enthusiastically. “I swear, I swear!”

    “Would you come to my room at night?” Jai Lin continued her taunting line of questions. “Would you pleasure me as I like?”

    “Yes! Jai Lin please, I promise!”

    Jai Lin had made similar promises herself many times. Agreeing to whatever offer or blatantly rigged deal Madam Ui might propose. Hania, no doubt, had done the same under the madam’s cruel hand. No matter how many times it happened, no matter how many games were played, the girls always agreed. They always promised and swore. In their hearts they knew it was hopeless, in their minds they knew they were doomed, but somewhere, somehow, there was always the tiniest hope of an end to the anguish. Hania sounded quite genuine, perhaps even more hopeful. Maybe she thought Jai Lin would be more easily swayed than Madam Ui.

    “Your pleasure…” Jai Lin said, taking one side of the cuffed girl’s panties in both hands. “…is my pleasure.”

    “J-Jai Lin…w-wait…” As the taller girl ripped one side her underwear apart, Hania tensed her leg and stomach muscles. “Please…please no…what-what are you going to do?”

    Letting the torn panties slip out of her hands, Jai Lin watched the ruined half slide off Hania’s thigh. Knowing her flustered tickle-toy would soon be entirely nude, the amateur sadist wasted no time in taking hold of the other side. Eagerly tearing the last piece of clothing, Jai Lin slid the destroyed and soaking g-string out from under her completely naked victim. Licking her top lip, the rabidly horny girl gazed hungrily at Hania’s quivering pussy, slick and warm and ready for the taking.

    “What am I going to do?” Jai Lin said, rephrasing the nervous girl’s question. “I’m going to do…” She turned her palms outward and began slowly wiggling her fingers directly toward Hania’s hopelessly vulnerable pussy. “…whatever I want.”

    “NONO!” Hania bucked, instinctively straining to close her wide-spread legs. “Jai Lin stop! Jai Lin wait!”

    How she did so love hearing her name screamed in panic, it was an exquisite rush Jai Lin imagined she would never tire of. The way Hania’s eyes widened as she strained to look down, how her muscles flexed in a useless struggle to escape or protect herself, it was mesmerizing. There was not a thing she could do to stop the inevitable torment, and Jai Lin knew exactly how that felt. The vulnerability, the helplessness, she understood all too well and that understanding made being on the other side of it so carnally delicious.

    “Don’t! Nohoheee! Noheeehee!” Giggling before she was even touched, the shuddering girl watched in horror as Jai Lin’s fingertips drew within an inch of her sopping pussy. “Don’t make me cum! Dohohon’t!” Hania laughed through her words, an unwanted and unavoidable interruption to her very genuine plea.

    “You’re going to cum for me, Hania.” Jai Lin teased as her playfully taunting digits closed in on their hyperticklish target. “And then I’m going to tickle your feet.”

    “NO! NOWEEEEHEEHEE!” Lurching forward violently, Hania snagged against her bonds and Jai Lin’s ten fingertips danced between her shaking thighs.

    The frenzied girl’s most private region hot to the touch, Jai Lin’s newly unleashed fingers explored uncharted territory. Dancing with impish glee, her ten fingertips slipped and slid over Hania’s exposed labia, outward to the delicate inner thighs and up to the lowest point of her sensitive tummy. Lost to her squealing laughter, no words formed as the nude girl thrust and thrashed. Hania’s bare feet wiggled madly, her hands pawing desperately and the unbreakable cuffs holding them in place. Focusing more on her ultimate goal, Jai Lin sent her prancing digits into the fiery and most excruciatingly sensitive center of her captive’s pulsating pussy. Once there, a single fingertip honed in on Hania’s naked clit, sending the crazed girl completely berserk.

    “YEEIIIIEEEHHEEE! HAAAHAHOOHOONOOO!” The chained young woman howled nonsensically. While one ruinous finger flickered her swollen clit, it’s nine rascally friends ran riot all over the surrounding area.

    Heavily breathing quite a bit herself, Jai Lin stared wide-eyed at her wondrously cruel conquest. The agony and madness spread across Hania’s beet red face was the most spectacular sight the Amazon had ever lays on. Jai Lin’s knees grew weak as she savored every speedy stroke of her fingers, the crazed girl’s steaming pussy both fighting and inviting each teasing touch. Within a few seconds Hania’s tummy began convulsing, her head shook furiously and her teeth clenched. Sporadic, loud moans heaved between the nude girl’s wailing laughter. Husky and coming closer together by the second, Hania’s interrupting gasps of lust signaled her losing battle against herself.

    “AW! AWWWNO-OOHHHH!” Curling forward and closing her eyes, the bound girl shrieked as she pumped a tidal wave of primal passion onto her tormentor’s hands.

    A sinister, open mouth smile crossed Jai Lin’s lips. She had made this happen, the fiendish young woman thought to herself as her fingers were still wiggling. Hania’s back arched and Jai Lin knew every movement the tortured girl made was by her sadistic design. Already the wickedly grinning girl was plotting how next she might make Hania scream, even as the poor bound woman was still in the throws of an orgasmic frenzy. Her thoughts driven by a newly discovered thirst for utter domination, Jai Lin began to imagine other girls howling for mercy under her fingertips. She thought of Samara bound and teary eyed, or the young redhead Maya, her button nose wrinkled and laughing mindlessly.

    “Tell me now then…” Jai Lin said, leaning in close to the writhing nude girl. She slid her hands down Hania’s thighs, spreading her arms and resting on the gasping woman’s knees. “…would you like to cum again…or shall I choose a foot to tickle?”

    “N…n…” Was all Hania could muster as she continued to twitch and spasm through her orgasmic ordeal.

    “I’ll give you two seconds to make a decision.” The devious girl said, somewhat surprised at how easily her own cruelty was coming to her. “If you can’t decide…”

    “I-I-“ The panting girl stammered, only for Jai Lin to start viciously squeezing right behind both of her knees. “INOEEEHAHAHA! OHNOHOHAHAHA!” Hania shook, her legs trembling violently.

    “Or maybe here!” Jai Lin teased, running her nails all over Hania’s virtually inflamed nipples.

    “NEEEHEEE! JAI LIN! EEEHEE! JAI LIN STOP!” Twisting wildly, the supple young woman’s breasts bounced, her nipples like raw nerve endings in their post-orgasmic state.

    “Oh yes, I know how much you like it!” The insatiable girl said, pinching one nipple while continuing to tickle the other.

    “JAI LIIIIIN! EEHAHAHA!” Hania squealed, a vein visible in her forehead as she strained with laughter. “I CAN’T! I CAHAHAHAHA!”

    “Can’t what?” The novice tyrant asked rhetorically. Before the pleading girl could even think to answer, Jai Lin skittered her nails down Hania’s sides and took hold of her hips. “Can’t wait for more?” She said and dug her thumbs right into the tender flesh just inside the tied girl’s hipbones.

    “AAAIIIEEE! AHAHAHAAA!” The nubile young woman wailed, her abdomen straining against the invading force.

    “Oh I know!” Jai Lin said through a gleeful grin, dancing her fingertips back down between the frazzled young woman’s thighs. “You can’t wait to cum again!”

    “NNNNYYAAAHAHAHA!” Her rapidly flexing ass slipping and sliding in her own juices, the nude girl lurched forward with her mouth gaping.

    Hania bellowed with wordless laughter, more a creature of sheer primal instinct than a functioning human. It was a debilitating state and one Jai Lin knew well. Fearsome as she felt in the moment, the domineering Amazon remembered the anguish, the insanity of being completely beyond control. Though some small part of Hania surely still existed deep down, it was screaming in the dark. The naked woman’s whole existence was focused on those ten tickling fingers. Jai Lin’s own focus was similarly consumed by the same thing, so much so that she did not notice when the side door of their small interrogation room clicked open.

    “Having fun?” Sam Lucas said, leaving the door open behind him as he wandered in.

    “Care to join me?” Jai Lin said without skipping a beat. She would never have dreamed to speak so frankly to someone above her station, not until she was ablaze with the confidence of a goddess.

    “Soon.” The brawny guard captain said as he strolled toward Hania. Jai Lin took a step back so he could take her place. “Funny thing about this town.” Captain Lucas said, taking hold of Hania’s chin and lifting the breathless girl’s head up. “It’s not that big and there aren’t many foreigners outside of this place. Anyone who’s not a local tends to standout.” Looking toward the open door, the muscular man moved Hania’s head to look in the same direction. “Bring her in.”

    Flanked by a guard either side of her, a long haired brunette woman with her wrists bound behind was shuffled unwillingly into the room. She had slightly darker skin than Hania, and was a few inches shorter. The petrified looking woman in her mid-twenties had the same brown eyes and full lips, and a figure more like Luanne’s’ than Hania’s flexible frame. Though she wore a loose fitting white top with an ornate floral pattern, Jai Lin could see right away that the struggling girl had huge, heavy breasts underneath. Further down, under white pants of thin flowing material, the confused and reluctant visitor’s hips flared out, a wide and well curved butt behind. Jai Lin realized immediately who the guard’s were forcibly escorting toward them. In her exhausted and bewilderingly horny state, Hania took a second longer.

    (chapter continues...)
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    “A…Aleena?” Hania stammered, blinking tears from her eyes.

    “Hania?!” The curvy new girl gasped, her jaw dropping. “Oh my god! What are they doing to you?!”

    “Aleena! Aleena!” The nude girl said, louder with each cry. “Oh no! Oh no why are you are here?! Oh please no! Not her! Not her please!”

    “Let me go! Let me go!” The girl called Aleena yelled, twisting and turning against the men holding her arms.

    “She’s a feisty one boss.” One of the guards said, holding on tight to the buxom girl’s arm.

    “They always are…” Sam Lucas said as he let go of Hania’s chin. “…in the beginning.”

    “Oh please! Oh please Captain Lucas!” The severely tied girl atop the table said. “Don’t! Don’t do anything to her! She’s-she’s-“

    “What happens to her is up to you.” The big man said plainly. “Tell us what your plan was. Tell us where Novak is.”

    Hania’s eyes darted from the menacing guard captain to Aleena and back again. Short, sharp breaths were all the disheveled young woman could manage. Standing off to one side, keeping herself out of the chaos, Jai Lin shifted her eyes to Aleena as well. Furious and struggling, the curvy young woman had the same fiery fight in her eyes as new slaves often had. Unlike Jai Lin, most of the girls came from a life of living free in the world, they did not arrive already trained in obedience. They had to be taught, some a great deal more than others. Aleena, yelling and thrashing as she did, seemed very much like the kind of girl who would require many harsh lessons.

    “Suit yourself.” Sam Lucas said, turning his attention from Hania to his men. “String her up.”

    “What…what? No! NO!” Hania screamed, rattling her handcuffs as she fought wildly against her bonds. “Please oh god no! Don’t do this to her!”

    “Let me go! Let me go you bastards!” Aleena shrieked as one of the beefy guards held her elbows. Tugging and throwing herself around, the busty young woman barely made the man holding her budge. While the infuriated girl continued to bellow demands, the other guard stepped back through the side door for a moment, emerging again with a coiled length of black rope.

    “Noho! Noho! Noho please!” The naked girl begged, watching helplessly as the man with the rope reached up and threaded one end through a small silver u-bolt than hung from the ceiling. “Not to her! Not to her please! Please she doesn’t know anything!”

    “One of you knows something.” Captain Lucas said as he took a step toward Aleena. “What about you? Ready to talk, or you want to end up like your girlfriend over here?”

    “Fuck you!” Aleena snapped as the rope was being looped around the duct tape that held her hands together. “You people are insane! Do you have any idea who my father is?!”

    “No.” The brawny captain said bluntly. “Maybe you can enlighten me while you’re hanging from the ceiling.”

    “I’ll never tell you anything! -ungh!” The shapely girl winced as her hands were pulled up behind her, forcing her to stand on tiptoes. “Let us go! Let us go right now or I swear my family will ruin you!”

    “Captain Lucas! Captain Lucas please!” Hania cried, straining for the burly man’s attention.

    “Unless you’re going to tell us something useful-“ Sam Lucas said, pausing for as long as it took to quickly slip two fingers deep into the nude girl’s sopping pussy. “-you’d do well to keep your mouth shut.”

    “ANH!” Throwing her head back, Hania’s jaw dropped and her legs trembled violently. Pounding into her with the brutal efficiency of a jackhammer, the guard captain’s fingers had the distressed girl reeling. “AW! AWH! N-NOHH! AAH! AHH!”

    “Stop it! Stop it!” Aleena barked, seemingly unaware that the two guards behind her were lifting her legs up and off the floor. “Leave her alone! You’re sick! You’re fucking sick!”

    “Maybe I am.” Sam Lucas said, barely paying any mind to the loudly moaning girl riding his rapidly plunging fingers. “But don’t think she doesn’t secretly love watching you be tied up.”

    “You’re insane!” Aleena yelled, squirming wildly as the two guards held her ankles up, forcing her to whole body to tip forward and face the floor. “She doesn’t love any of this! You don’t even know her!”

    “No?” The eerily calm captain said, almost lifting Hania off the table with his deeply engulfed digits. “The how do I know she’s about to cum?”

    “UHA! UHA! UHA! I’M SUH! I’M SUH!” Hania hollered loud breathy moans as she starred wide eyed at the other bound girl. “I’M SORREEEEEEOHGOD! AAHHH!”

    “YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!” Aleena roared, shaking madly while Hania succumbed helplessly to her unwilling orgasm.

    “She’ll do that as often as we want her to.” Sam Lucas said, sliding his fingers out of the writing young woman. “So will you, unless you talk.”

    “I will never do that for you! Never!” The furious girl barked as the two men holding her looped their rope around her ankles. With well-practiced skill the guards bound Aleena’s ankles, leaving a short length of taut rope between them. From the middle of the short length the men tied another, slightly longer line, looping the end around her already well-tied wrists. The end result, despite all the hotly tempered girl’s valiant attempts to break free, left her hogtied and dangling horizontally several feet from the floor.

    “Sh…she’s not like us…” Hania whimpered softly, still contending with the aftershocks of her orgasm. “T-tickling…it doesn’t…unnhh…she’s not…she’s not even ticklish…”

    “Oh, now I know that is a lie.” The big man groaned. “Besides, it doesn’t matter whether she’s like you or not.” The captain said, moving his large frame toward the hogtied girl. “Her body will do what I want it to in the end.”

    “No!” Aleena said as the huge guard captain gently pressed on her shoulder, causing her to spin slowly away from him. “What are you going to do!? Don’t you dare touch me!”

    With his back to Jai Lin, Sam Lucas pressed his abdomen up against Aleena’s bent knees. With the front of the tied woman’s petit white shoes pressing against his chest, the big man reached around her lower legs and put each of his large hands on either side of her hips. Side stepping closer to the mirror for a better view, Jai Lin was still not quite sure where to look. As eager as the Amazonian girl was to see Aleena’s fate, she was just as keen to watch the look of utter despair on dear Hania’s face.

    “Last chance, girl.” Sam Lucas said, looking back over his shoulder to Hania. “Tell us everything.

    “Tell them nothing!” Aleena said, squirming fitfully as the guard captain’s hands slid up her sides and under the satiny material of her shirt and onto her skin. “Hania, don’t say anything! You hear me?!”

    “Either she’ll tell us or you will.” Sam Lucas said as he began slowly squeezing at the hanging girl’s love handles. “No point in keeping secrets now.”

    “Aleena!” Hania said, her voice cracking. “Aleena I’m sorry!”

    “It’s-unh-it’s going to be okay!” Aleena said, flinching against the guard captain’s gentle pinching. “We-ahh! We’re going to get out of heeheere!” A wide grin suddenly crossed the girl’s lips, quickly contorting back into tightly pursed lips, as the smile seemed to surprise her.

    “You know what we’ll do to her, Hania.” The big man said, speeding up his clawing paws. “If you really love this girl, you can end her suffering before it begins.”

    “D-dohon’t!” Aleena said, fighting back laughter as the captain’s nimble fingers moved further around to the front of her belly. Fitfully shifting in her limiting bondage, the shapely woman’s expression flashed back and forth between toothy grins and defiant fury. “Don’t talk! Doaheeheehee! I’ll beheehee! I’llbeokayeehee!”

    Looking toward the mirror, Captain Lucas caught Jai Lin’s eye in the reflection. “Stuff something in her mouth, will you?” He said and motioned his head to Hania.

    “J-Jai Lin!” Hania said as the Amazonian girl reached down to the floor and picked up the nude girl’s torn and discarded panties. “Please! Please don’t let them do this!”

    Jai Lin stood upright and with the sodden panties in one hand, used her other hand to reach around the back of Hania’s head. Taking a fist full of hair, the tall young woman pulled the bound girl’s head backward. “Either she’ll talk-“ Jai Lin said as she scrunched up the ruined underwear and moved them toward Hania’s firmly closed lips. “…or you will, by the time I take this out of your mouth.”

    “Mmm! Mmm!” The nude girl turned her head away as best she could when Jai Lin began pressing the balled-up panties against her tightly pursed lips. A moment of courageous resistance later, one of the guards stroked a single fingertip up the entire length of Hania’s bare foot. “Aha!” She laughed and immediately had her own shredded panties stuffed forcefully into her mouth. “UGH! UNNGGHFF!”

    Just as Hania was being silenced, Sam Lucas’ wiggling fingers were making their way further up under Aleena’s shirt, to the bottom of her ribcage. Rolling from side to side and kicking her small shoes into the towering man’s steely pecks, the amply bosomed girl continued to fight back her gradually winning mirth. It was a battle Jai Lin was eager to see, and with one of the guards watching closely over Hania the green-eyed girl took her opportunity to stroll over for a closer look. Wandering around to Aleena’s front, the tall young woman stood with her back against the wall as she laid her hungry eyes on the hogtied girl.

    “Y-youhoo! You can’t do this!” Aleena bucked, curling herself downward and arching back up at random. “Eeehahaha! Y-you people! Ahaha! You’re crazy!”

    “It’s over.” Sam Lucas said, digging his fingertips faster into the soft spots between the girl’s ribs. “Whatever you were planning, this escape, it’s done.”

    “Noho! Nohoho! Stop!” Still defiant, still not understanding the gravity of her situation, the buxom girl laughed harder as her ribs were clawed.

    “Tell me where Novak is hiding.” The captain said, moving his hands up and down as he squeezed the struggling girl’s sides. “Is he still in town? Why was he helping you? Who else knows about what goes on up here?”

    “Ahahaha! I don’t know!” Aleena shook, her efforts to turn or spin or roll away entirely useless. “No one! Ahahaha! No one knows! Eeeehahaha! Stop!”

    “I don’t believe you.” The big man said as he turned his hands upward and clutched at the bound girl’s flowing, flowery top. “Your father, your parents, what about them?” He said and spread his arms open, tearing the thin material in two. A large split ran up the big of the enraged young woman’s shirt. In one swift movement Sam Lucas lifted and opened his arms, causing the flimsy top to burst open at the sleeves, leaving Aleena’s top half in only her lacy black bra.

    Jai Lin raised her eyebrows at the sudden sight of Aleena’s bulging cleavage. The dangling girl’s bulbous boobs seemed barely held in by the straining bra, with cushy flesh spilling from the top and sides. It was a wildly impractical choice of undergarment, Jai Lin thought to herself, one she suspected Aleena had chosen in anticipation of her apparent reunion with Hania. And now, as she dangled there with almost nothing to protect her torso from tickling fingers, only those who she had intended on defying admired the would-be liberator’s lacy underwear.

    “Eeehahaha! Stop! Stahahap!” Aleena laughed as the guard captain’s muscular arms reached around her, his skilled fingertips scribbling all over her midriff.

    “He won’t stop.” Jai Lin said, crouching down on one knee so she was at eye level with the buxom girl. She decided her bold maneuvering had got her in the interrogation room, as well as gaining her some measure of respect from Captain Lucas. No sense waiting for an invitation, the ambitious young woman thought, it was action and decisiveness that had lead her this far. “I know what you’re thinking, I do, I’ve been there. But you’ll break in the end.”

    “Fuck you! Ahahaha! You crazy bitch!” The unruly outsider said, her voice high and stressed.

    “You should be so lucky.” The voluptuous Amazon said and raised her hands either side of Aleena’s wobbling bosoms. “You knew Hania before, didn’t you?” Jai Lin said as she started wiggling her long nails into the squishy flesh where the helpless girl’s ballooning boobs met her underarms. “Were you lovers? You were, weren’t you?” She said, her ten flickering nails eliciting a torrent of high pitch giggles from the tied woman. “I wonder, did you tickle her then? Did she tickle you?”

    Aleena didn’t answer as the two strangers continued their twenty-finger attack on her sensitive skin. Among her insuppressible giggling the shapely girl cussed and made demands, ordering her attacker’s to stop immediately and threatening their lives. Of course, as everyone in the room except for Aleena knew, Jai Lin and Sam Lucas did not stop. For eight long minutes the guard captain and brazen slave girl danced their devilish digits up and down the securely trapped woman’s curvaceous top half. If Aleena had ever been tickled before, she had never been tickled like that.

    “Uh! Uh! Oh my god!” Aleena gasped, taking deep breaths when Sam Lucas and Jai Lin finally ceased their assault. “N-no more! L-let me go! Let me go right now!”

    Jai Lin cupped her hand under the infuriated girl’s chin, lifting her head up to make eye contact. “No.” The kneeling woman said softly, clear and plain. “You know what we want. That’s the only way this ends.”

    “Kutti!” The young woman snapped in her native tongue.

    “Oh, nono.” Jai Lin said as she stood back up to full height. “We only speak English here.”

    Continuing to surprise herself, the increasingly domineering girl stepped around to the left side of the hog-tied woman and took hold of her upturned shoe. Following her lead, Captain Lucas moved slightly to the right and began tugging at the laces of Aleena’s other shoe. Twisting, turning and trying to kick against the ropes, Jai Lin loved the feeling of someone fighting so hard against her. She loved the resistance, and then she loved to crush it. Loosening Aleena’s laces, the unashamedly aroused girl took the shoes by its sole and gently began to tug it from the wriggling foot underneath. Taking a moment to not pluck the shoe away too quickly, Jai Lin let her struggling victim believe she might just have a chance to keep it. Of course it was an ice cube’s chance in hell. At the same as Sam Lucas the merciless Amazon tossed the small shoe aside, together revealing two petit feet in thin cotton ankle socks.

    “You’re very ticklish, Aleena.” Jai Lin teased, taking the guard captain’s silence as her cue to lead their sadistic proceedings. “I imagine Hania used to have a lot of fun tickling these little feet of yours…”

    “Get off me!” The awkwardly bound girl screamed as the burly man and imposing young woman held her ankles tight against their chests.

    “She didn’t, didn’t she?” Jai Lin said, quietly enjoying the feeling of Aleena’s sock covered foot squirming against her own ample bosom. “She’s such a horny little tickler, our Hania.”

    “She’s not yours!” Aleena balked, rocking herself up and down against the ropes. “She’s a free woman! And so am I!”

    “Not right now you’re not.” The pitiless woman said, driving home her point by lightly scratching five fingernails all over the sole of Aleena’s thin sock.

    “Eeehahaha!” The poor girl burst out giggling before she could say another word. Less than a second later Sam Lucas also sent five fingers running wild over her other barely protected sole, doubling the pitch and volume of her squealing laughter. “Neheeheee! Nohostopit! Ahahahaha!”

    “It will only get worse.” Jai Lin said, raking her nails over the helpless girl’s heel. “How’s this going to feel when we take your socks away?”

    “Stohop! Yeeheehee! You can’t do thissssahaha!” Both her feet wiggling madly, the irritated girl’s laughter completely undermined her anger.

    Relative to her own experience and those of the other girls, Jai Lin knew that a little sock-tickling wasn’t all that much to get upset about. Unpleasant certainly, but compared to being stark naked, strapped upside down and blindfolded or some other similarly depraved scenario, sock-tickles were a walk in the garden. What Jai Lin tried to remember was, and what turned her on to a sizzling degree, is that for Aleena her hogtied teasing probably seemed completely monstrous. Adding to the outlandish scenario the captured sneak now found herself in, was the knowledge she had also seen Hania’s sorry state just before. Aleena’s shirt was gone and her shoes were taken, it was terrible but not the end of the world. A glimpse at Hania however, a glimpse at her own potential future, it had to be driving the dangling girl mad.

    From what Jai Lin had learned through the other girls, most people in the outside world could go their entire lives without being tickled for even a minute or two. Aleena, she suspected, was more than likely no different. Perhaps Hania had tickled her a bit more before being enslaved, perhaps not. Even so, the difference between being playfully teased by a lover and tickled for the sake of cruel amusement was worlds apart. A lover, Jai Lin understood on some superficial level, ultimately kept their victim’s best interests at heart. A cruel tickler, a tickler who tickled for their own enjoyment, cared only for their victim’s suffering. And a cruel tickler who found carnal delight in the suffering of another, that kind of tickler was the worst case scenario for someone as agonizingly sensitive as a girl like Aleena. Unfortunately for the forcibly bound young woman, she happened to be at the mercy of two just such ticklers.

    “Hahaeeheehee! Stahap! Stop!” Aleena laughed, her voice high as she made a real effort to sound commanding.

    “Try saying ‘please’.” Jai Lin said, soaking up the supple curves of the poor girl’s cotton covered sole.

    “Ahahaha! Never! Neverahahaha! Fuck yoohoohoo!” The naively defiant girl shook, turning as best she could to look back and yell.

    “Tut tut.” Glancing at Sam Lucas, the statuesque sadist hooked the tip of her index finger under the cuff of her courageous victim’s sock. “I think we need to tickle some manners into her, don’t you?”

    “No courtesy, this one.” The guard captain said dryly, also hooking a finger under the other small sock.

    “No! NO! Get off me!” Aleena rocked herself back and forth, throwing her head up and down, and ultimately going nowhere. “Hania! Hania are you okay?!” The furious young woman said frantically, as her two vile attackers slowly peeled her socks back.

    “Hania can’t talk right now.” Sam Lucas said as he rolled the struggling girl’s sock back revealing her tender pink heel. “She will soon though, if you don’t.”

    “I’m not saying a god damn thing to you psychos!” The buxom woman screamed as the open air slowly caressed both her smooth soles.

    “Your problem Aleena-“ Jai Lin said, slipping the curvy girl’s sock from her tiny toes. “-is that you don’t understand what your real problem is.” The Amazonian slave tossed the petit sock behind her and marveled at the delicate bare foot in her hand. “Your real problem isn’t that we’re going to make you talk. It’s not that Hania’s tied up or that you’re about to be tickled far worse than you ever imagined possible. Your problem is, you still think there’s hope.”

    “You’re a crazy fucking bitch!” Aleena snapped, both her fragile feet quite naked.

    “You still think there’s some way out of this.” Jai Lin held her comely prisoner’s ankle firm against her chest with one hand. With the other hand she raised her five wiggling nails above Aleena’s sole. “That when you’ve suffered just enough someone will save you. Or that we’ll give up and let you go.” Lowering her devilish digits, the bold woman watched Captain Lucas do the same. “Let me tell you something, Aleena. It will be a hard learned lesson, but one you will come to appreciate; you have not yet begun to suffer.”

    “Fuck you, you fuUUUAAIIEEEYAHAHAHA!” The tightly tied girl thrashed, roaring with explosive laughter as both Jai Lin and Sam Lucas spidered five fingertips across her vulnerable bare feet.

    Throwing her long dark hair up in a high wave, Aleena arched her back hard. Snapping forward in what was surely an attempt to curl into a ball, the well-tied girl only got a few inches before stopping sharply. Rocking her upperbody up and down, the bosomy young woman shrieked as five diabolical digits ran riot over her marshmallowy soft soles. For her part, Jai Lin maintained a sly smile at the corners of her mouth as she scribbled her nails up and over the balls of Aleena’s foot. Captain Lucas kept a look of firm focus as his own talented fingers swept agonizingly gentle strokes around the overpowered girl’s arches.

    “NAAHEE! NAAHEEHEE! STAAAHAP!” Aleena screamed, her laughter filled words brimming with stress and panic. There was devastation in her tone, and outright disbelief at her horrendous situation. They were sounds of agony and desperation engulfed by helpless, uncontrolled laughter. They were the sounds of Hell, Jai Lin thought to herself. Unless of course you were the devil, in which case every scream was bliss.

    “Aleenaaa…” Jai Lin said in a singsong voice as her nails explored the bewildered girl’s instep. “Oh Aleenaaaaa...”

    “NOYAAIIIEE!” The shapely young woman’s voice cracked into a shriek as one of the ten fingers dancing around her soles found an especially awful spot.

    “Do you want us to stop, Aleena?” The ruthless Amazon teased, paying special attention to the spot that had made her victim screech so suddenly. Using only the tip of her index finger, Jai Lin wiggled it right in front of Aleena’s pinkened heel. When Sam Lucas mimicked the technique, the bound girl’s laughter became one banshee’s cry after another.

    ‘YEEEIIIGGGHHEEE! YEEEHEEEEII!” Aleena howled wordlessly. She was out of control and both her ticklers knew it. They should have stopped, they should have at least moved on. The cripplingly sensitive spot was the kind of tiny, destructively ticklish area designed only to be touched for a split second, if at all. That single spot, never meant to be discovered by another human, could cause one’s mind to be obliterated in seconds. Jai Lin knew all of this, which is why she and Captain Lucas tickled Aleena there for ten full minutes.

    “Aleena…” Jai Lin said, dragging her nails along the dangling girl’s thighs as she walked alongside her.

    Aleena twitched and squirmed, two bright pink patches in front of her heels. She gasped for much needed air and thick tears streamed down her rosy red cheeks. Beads of sweat slid down the mortified woman’s sides, disrupted by Jai Lin’s casual touch as she strolled by. The statuesque Japanese girl turned and stood a few feet in front of Aleena. Keeping her long legs straight, Jai Lin leaned forward and reached around the back of the panting woman’s head, grabbing a fistful of hair. Aleena let out a whimper as her head was forcibly lifted, made to look her tormenter directly in the eye. An open mouthed expression of misery met her smirking assailant, a look that told Jai Lin her buxom tickle-toy had finally lost a bit of the fight.

    “I’m going to take off your brassiere now.” Jai Lin said softly, pausing to gently bite her own lip and give a small, breathy chuckle. “And while I do that, Captain Lucas here is going to tickle your feet again.”

    “…no…” Aleena sobbed quietly, trying to shake her head in the cruel Amazon’s firm grip.

    “He’ll stop of course, if you want him to.” The green-eyed girl said, gently lowering the trapped woman’s head until she could let go of her hair. “All you need to do, if you really want him to stop that is…” She said, reaching over the once-defiant girl’s head to fondle with her bra strap. “…is to say ‘please’.”

    “Let me go…let me go…” Aleena said with each new breath as her lacy black bra was loosened.

    “Say pleaaaase…” Jai Lin teased, pulling the two large cups up and over the bound woman’s head. Aleena’s hefty bare boobs hung heavy below her.

    “I told you…” The topless girl raised her head, evidently regaining some of her moxie. “Never!”

    “Never, dear girl-“ Jai Lin said as she crouched down before her half naked prey. The tall young woman reached up, holding her hands either side of Aleena’s huge bosoms and wiggled her fingers. “-is a very long time.”

    “N-nowait! Waihaihaihait!” Rapidly turning her head from side to side, the fitful girl watched uselessly as Jai Lin’s ten fingers began stroking around the bulbous sides of her naked breasts. “Eeeheeheehee! Nohohoho!”

    “And now…” The increasingly villainous young woman said, gleefully looking upon the helplessly giggling grin of her victim. “Captain Lucas!”

    “N-NO!” Aleena’s eyes shot open wide, rocking fiercely against her tightly tied ropes. Clearly terrified, the poor girl couldn’t stop giggling as Sam Lucas took each of her soft heels in the palms of his large hands. Gripping both of the frightened woman’s petit feet in a firm grip, the devilish guard captain hooked his index fingers over her upturned heels. “Eeeheehee! NO! NO NOT THERE!” She screamed as Jai Lin continued to tickle the sides of her quaking boobs. “NOT AGAIN!”

    A long, silent and very deep breath was the first thing Aleena did when Sam Lucas’ two fingertips dived onto her soles. The second thing the topless young woman did was thrash and roar with chaotic laughter. Whatever boldness in attitude the buxom girl had regained during her brief reprieve was gone the moment the big man’s digits touched down. Screeching, unyielding laughter consumed the poor girl, every ounce of willfulness tickled away. In Jai Lin’s experience it was her dignity and elegance that her ticklishness had so easily stripped away, for Aleena it was her tenacity and determination. Truly, being forced to laugh and squirm under the fingers of another was a most grounding event, right before that same ground cracked and made all those who were so terribly ticklish fall right through.

    While Jai Lin frolicked her fingertips around the undersides of the hogtied woman’s jiggling boobs, she thought back to something Luanne had said. ‘We’re rare.’ Luanne explained earlier in the observation room, ‘We’re special’. The bubbly blonde had talked about how all of the girl’s in Harold Deveno’s harem shared several key traits; they were all explosively ticklish, all of them hated being tickled –with one notable exception-, regardless of that hatred they were all uncontrollably turned on by being tickled, and they were all perhaps equally as aroused by the tickling of other people.

    With Luanne’s uncharacteristically wise words in mind, Jai Lin could not imagine Aleena had the same exceptional combination of torturous attributes that Harold looked for in a slave. Hania did certainly, but it would have to have been a spectacular coincidence for both she and Aleena to be so similarly afflicted. That was assuming the shared curse of all the master’s unwitting servants was as rare as Luanne said it was. There did exist the slim possibility Hania and Aleena had sought each other out online of course, but Jai Lin paid that idea little credence. Instead, the scheming Amazon moved ahead working with the theory that Aleena was not like the rest of the women in the hillside fortress.

    “Ohh, what do we have here?” Jai Lin cooed, flicking her fingertips over the bosomy girl’s light brown nipples. She knew little of sex in the outside world beyond her lessons in the Kanpekina School, and every experience the green-eyed girl had herself always involved copious amounts of tickling. What Jai Lin did know well however, was the state of Aleena’s mind as her horribly sensitive feet were mercilessly attacked. It was a state of distraught panic so heightened that most of her conscious mind was shutdown, an almost purely primitive state of alarm and hysteria. An essential part of human instinct, originally intended to increase one’s strength and speed for fleeing ancient beasts. This was of course quite detrimental when tied up and topless.

    Continuing to fondle the crying woman’s nipples, Jai Lin tested an idea that supposed she could still force Aleena to become hotly aroused. If what little remained of the half naked girl’s conscious mind was busy fighting against her hyperticklish terror, perhaps she would have nothing left to battle any other stimuli. Over the course of several long minutes filled with screaming laughter Jai Lin had good reason to confirm her suspicion. To the statuesque girl’s sadistic delight Aleena’s large nipples were becoming very erect indeed. It was only in the distraction of having such a disastrously ticklish spot touched that Jai Lin knew she could achieve her carnal goal. As long as Sam Lucas kept up the inhumane torture of Aleena’s bare feet she would continue to be unknowingly and involuntarily turned on.

    “YEEEAAAIIHAAA! YEEEHAHAHANO!” The frenzied girl yowled, straining the first coherent word she had said in an agonizingly long time. She must have been right on the edge of insanity, Jai Lin thought. Forcing out halfway understandable words was Aleena’s remaining sliver of lucidity making one last mighty effort to end her suffering. “AAAIIEEHAHAHA! PLEEAHAHAHA! PLEAAAAAAAAASE!” The crazed girl howled, probably just seconds away from losing her ability to speak at all.

    “Oh my.” Jai Lin grinned broadly. Keeping her word, the slave-turned-torturer pulled back her hands, as did the guard captain.

    Aleena breathed heavily, dripping sweat and tears, the soles of her feet bright pink. How wonderful it would have been to continue tickling the buxom girl over the edge into madness, but this was so much better. The once fiery young woman had finally shown her first sign of compliance, finally shown a crack in her armor. It was that small fracture, the simple act of saying ‘please’ that made Jai Lin smile so widely. The real work was done, all she and Sam Lucas needed to do from then on was keep up the pressure, form more tiny cracks and find more weakness. Aleena was lost, and total victory over her was just a matter of time.

    “I knew you could do it.” Jai Lin said in mock congratulations. She sat crouched before the panting, sobbing young woman. “Such a good girl…such an obedient girl.” The domineering girl said, stroking a length of Aleena’s hair back behind her ear.

    “…n…n…” Was all the dangling girl could muster as she flinched weakly away from her tormenter’s hand.

    “Never? Isn’t that what you said?” Speaking through her smile, the sultry sadist teased. “I know you believed it at the time, yet here you are. You begged me, you screamed the word you said you’d never say. You were wrong.” Jai Lin said. “Your pride is not worth more suffering.”

    “N…not…pride…” Aleena whimpered, looking up at Jai Lin through tear glossed eyes.

    “Love?” Craning her neck, the voluptuous young woman said as she looked over to Hania. “Is it really worth all this? It’s can’t possibly be hope that keeps you fighting, I can’t imagine you have any left.” Jai Lin looked back to her topless tickle-toy. “Hania certainly doesn’t. I’m sure she’s willing to talk by now, after watching you. Why continue to make both of you suffer so…needlessly?”

    Aleena gave little response save for the furious hot breaths that fumed from her nostrils. Realizing the curvaceous and willful woman seemed intent of fighting a losing battle, Jai Lin looked to Sam Lucas and gave him a small nod. Moving swiftly, the brawny man grabbed the waistband of Aleena’s loose fitting pants and began tearing. To the sounds of shredding cloth, the steely-eyed guard captain split the bound girl’s pants down over her ass. As the pants tore apart Jai Lin once again stretched her neck to see around Aleena’s arms. Falling into view, the buxom girl’s very well curved behind was clad in a thin lacy thong, the same black material as her once flattering bra. Captain Lucas stripped each pant-leg away, leaving the frightfully fitful girl in nothing but her delicate panties.

    “Not quite the reunion you were imagining, is it?” Jai Lin said as she gently pressed against Aleena’s shoulder with her open hand. The near-nude girl turned slowly on her constraining rope, spinning a fully 180 degrees. Catching the helpless girl’s knee in with her other open hand, Jai Lin was facing directly between her knees. “I’m guessing these lovely undergarments aren’t your usual fair. You wore these for Hania, didn’t you? Expecting a passionate encounter once you made your escape, I’m sure.” Placing one hand each on the insides of Aleena’s knees, the pitiless young woman began to push her legs apart, only to meet immediate resistance. “You need not worry about that…Captain Lucas and I will make sure you’re still abundantly pleasured before the day is through.”

    “D-don’t!” Aleena said, her legs trembling to remain closed as she fought against Jai Lin’s hands.

    “Look at Hania now.” Gritting her teeth a little, the ruthless woman was making little progress against her trapped slave’s stubborn efforts. “See the look in her eyes? She knows what you refuse to accept.” Jai Lin slipped her hands out from between the captured girl’s legs, unable to pry them open. “We’re going to make you cum, Aleena. We’re going to make you cum while we tickle you out of your mind.”

    “N-no! Get away from me!” Darting her eyes to the two men advancing toward her, Aleena began tugging and jerking hard against her ropes. “You’re crazy! I’ll never do that for you!”

    “There’s that word ‘never’ again.” Jai Lin said as she stood up to full height. The two burly guards wandered either side of the struggling girl and took hold of crooked knees. “Remind me how long never lasted last time.”

    “Get off me!” Aleena screamed, shaking wildly against her tight binds and the firm grips of two strong men. Try as she might, the poor girl could barely put up a fight against the two able-bodied guards as they forced her knees apart.

    “There we are.” Jai Lin said calmly, taking a step forward between Aleena’s wide-spread thighs. Bringing her hands up, the domineering girl poised her fingers dangerous close to the pleading girl’s lower thighs. Pausing for a moment, Jai Lin looked over to Hania who was staring at her bound lover with dreaded empathy. “Enjoying the show?”

    “Mm.” Hania whined softly, offering a tiny shake of her head.

    “Liar.” The wicked Amazon grinned menacingly and began dancing her ten fingertips along the insides of Aleena’s thighs.

    “Neeheeheehee! Noho! Nohohahaha!” Tossing her long hair, Aleena’s shapely butt flexed as she strained desperately to slam her legs closed. “G-get off mehee! Eeeheeiiiehee! Stahooooop!”

    “What’s the magic word?” Jai Lin teased, crawling her prancing digits higher and higher up the giggling woman’s trembling thighs.

    “Eehee! Eeehee! Pleeehee! Pleeeheease!”

    “Oh no, ‘please’ won’t work this time.” The taunting woman said, her wiggling fingers just a couple of inches away from her victim’s panty line. “This time you need to tell me your plan. Your whole plan, and where Novak is.”

    “Eeehaha! Noha! Stop!” Aleena rocked, throwing her head up and down as her large naked boobs wobbled beneath her.

    “Ohh, I know you can feel it!” Creeping her fingers closer to the quaking girl’s barely protected pussy, the smiling she-devil enjoyed her verbal teasing almost as much as the feel of Aleena’s hopelessly ticklish skin. “You’ll be as turned on as dear Hania soon!”

    “I wohon’t! Eeeheeh! I won’t!”

    “It’s okay to hate yourself.” Jai Lin said, sliding her fingers right along the very edges of Aleena’s panties. “Hania does, but make no mistake, she is loving every second of this.” Whether the fiercely insolent girl believed her or not made no difference, Jai Lin knew the possibility of Hania being aroused by her lover’s torment was troubling enough. Leaving Aleena with that one idea to carry with her, the tall torturess descended her fingertips right onto the thin black cloth covering her pussy.

    “NYOOOHOO! EEEHHEEEHEEE!” Aleena bucked, causing both men holding her legs to stumble slightly as her legs seized. The muscles in her thighs tightened, an impossible struggle as she fought against the far stronger men.

    Seeing the girl’s muscles flex and shapely ass jiggle, Jai Lin soaked up the hysteric show and savored every stroke of her fingers against Aleena’s panties. After a few seconds of speedy tickling right between the squealing woman’s thighs, the cruel Amazon couldn’t resist exploring her wobbling butt cheeks. Keeping one hand gently skating around Aleena’s panties, Jai Lin sent her other hand frolicking up and over onto her captive’s almost entirely bare behind. With the only part of her ass covered being right between her cheeks, the merciless concubine was free to run wild over both bountiful sides.

    “YEEIIHHEE! I’MSERIOUS! EEEHEEHEE!” The bosomy girl screamed through her high-pitched laughter. “I’M SERIOUSSTOP! AHAHAHA!”

    “Well good.” Jai Lin said, her calm tone drastically contrasting the tied woman’s panic. “Because no one else is joking either.”

    What Aleena meant with her sudden outburst, Jai Lin strongly suspected, is that she had just then come to notice a significant, surprising and most unwelcome feeling deep inside. Seemingly out of nowhere for the helplessly hysterical girl, she was beginning to recognize a strong sense of most involuntary arousal. All according to Jai Lin’s sinister plan, of course. For Aleena this was one enormous crack splitting through her quickly crumbling armor, as well as driving home her enemy’s vile predictions. Playing right into the hands of her assailants was the last thing on Earth the overly ticklish woman wanted to do, and it thrilled Jai Lin to no end.

    “I’m going to take away your underwear now.” Jai Lin said, feathering all ten of her nimble fingertips around the wide peaks of her frenzied prisoner’s butt cheeks. “After that these men are going to tickle your feet.”

    “NEEEHEEENO! NONOEEHEE!” The frantic girl kicked, her bent-back legs barely going anywhere.

    “You’ll be naked.” Plucking at the edges of the buxom girl’s panties, the statuesque woman kept her speedy strokes to an excruciatingly light touch. “And I’m going to make you cum, whether you like it or not.”

    “NOHOHO! I D-DOHON’T!” Aleena yelled, stuttering through her loud schoolgirl laughter as her lungs needed air far more than she needed to speak.

    “Hmm? What’s that?” Laying her palms against the curvy girl’s ass, the devilish Amazon kneaded her desperate plaything’s cheeks. “What are you trying to say?”

    “I…I don’t…I can’t…” The breathless woman gasped, squirming against the firm squeezing of her behind. “I won’t cum…I won’t cum while being t-t…”

    “Tickled.” Jai Lin said, sliding her hands back off the shaking woman’s ass and giving her a small spank for good measure. “You can say it. Tickled, tickled, tickled!”

    “I won’t! I won’t d-“ The tightly tied girl begun, interrupted by her depraved interrogator running a single fingertip over her panties, right between her thinly covered labia. “-Uhhnn!” Aleena shuddered, letting out an uncontrolled moan and immediately closing her lips tight.

    Her point well proven, Jai Lin took a half step back as Sam Lucas reached around the bound girl’s arms. Grabbing the top of Aleena’s panties by both sides, the muscular guard captain easily stretched the lacy material outward. Each side snapping in unison, the once elegant underwear was quickly let go and dropped gently to the floor below. As predicted perfectly, Aleena’s bare pussy was gleaming with the slick wetness of unintended lust. Quite pleased with her successful design, Jai Lin nodded gently to the two men either side of her. Before the nude girl had a chance to think of some other defiant retort, the guards wrapped their arms around her lower legs. Keeping Aleena’s legs spread wide, the brawny men both bought one hand up and sent five fingers each spidering over her upturned soles.

    Evidently the loyal guards had been paying attention to their bosses’ technique a few short minutes before. While they did not focus on the one area entirely, the two men certainly took advantage of those small pink spots just in front of Aleena’s heels. The unpredictability of when each man would wiggle a finger there caused the bound girl to screech at random moments, all the while screaming with unbridled laughter from the constant dual sole assault. Jai Lin could have gladly watched Aleena struggle like a madwoman for hours, and she would have if she wasn’t able to participate. Fortunately for the newly nefarious girl she was able to dive right in, beginning with a rapid series of crab-pinches right along the undersides of the helpless woman’s ass.

    Such supple flesh between her sinful fingertips gave Jai Lin cause to breathe a little heavier. Aleena’s sweat slicked skin was warm to the touch and molded so beautifully, so easily under the taller girl’s teasing. A quick glance at the other two tickler’s either side of her threw a few more gallons of gasoline onto Jai Lin’s fiery libido, the men both eagerly focused on their torturous tasks. Clearly enjoying their handy work, the eagle-eyed Amazon did not have to look down to know both men were sporting large bulges at the front of their pants. Sam Lucas was somewhat more reserved, standing back a couple of feet as he watched Aleena’s frenzied laughter with his steely gaze.

    “Aleena, can you hear me?” Jai Lin asked, knowing her words would barely make it through the restrained woman’s crazed laughter. “I’m going to make you cum now.” She said, moving her lightly stroking fingertips down across Aleena’s soaked labia. “Believe me when I tell you; having an orgasm while being tickled is like imploding and exploding all at once.” Being sure to let sporadic strokes slide across the berserk girl’s clit, Jai Lin ran her wiggling fingers from ass to lower tummy and everywhere in between. “And if you think you can’t handle what we’re doing to you now, just until we tickle you after an orgasm!”

    As Aleena’s hips began to gyrate lewdly among her wild thrashing, Sam Lucas started lifting his shirt. Standing only a couple of feet directly in front of the unhinged girl, the guard captain pulled his shirt up and over his head revealing the rippling mass of chiseled muscle underneath. Right before Aleena’s wide, tear filled eyes, the massively imposing man unbuckled his belts and swiftly slipped out of his boots and socks. Looming over the bound, naked and howling woman, Sam Lucas stood with his enormous thick cock, rock hard and curved toward the ceiling. At the sight of the monstrous figure, Aleena’s frenzied laughter found a new string of panic as she continued screaming wordlessly.

    It might have been the sight of Sam Lucas’ slick bulbous cockhead a foot from her face, or it could have been Jai Lin’s increased focus on tickling her clit. More than likely it was a combination of several factors, including how desperately she did not want to succumb to her most base impulses. None of it mattered as Aleena could no longer hold back, crying out in a hoarse moan of unwanted passion. Savagely tickled by three people at the same time, the girl who had been dragged kicking into the room, full of courage and determination, was squirting a flood from between her thighs. Of course, as all in the room knew would happen except for Aleena, Jai Lin and the two guards doubled down their attack. Jai Lin paid almost all of her attention onto the squealing girl’s clit, and the two men drilled their fingers deep into that special spot at the back of her arches.

    “UUUHHEEEHEE! AAAHAHAHA! UNGHH!” Aleena roared, a cacophony of high-pitched laughter and deep, guttural moans. Her first orgasm still in full swing, a second was already rearing up to compound the chaos when Sam Lucas grabbed the back of her head. Before the overly frazzled girl could comprehend her place in the universe, the hugely erect guard captain slid his enormous cock deep into her wide open mouth. “HAHAHUMMPHHFF! MMMFFFF!”

    Aleena’s red cheeks puffed as her loud laughter was muffled by the big man’s solid shaft filling her mouth. With the captain’s purple cockhead pressing the back of her tongue down, the forcefully silenced young woman continued to thrash as she rode helplessly into her second powerful orgasm. Jai Lin and the two men beside her continued their tickling attacks, their thirty collective fingers enjoying every inch of Aleena’s trapped bare feet and fully exposed pussy. As the Amazon’s wiggling fingers were soaked a second time she watched the tied girl’s toes spread wide, her bound arms tugging wildly as her legs and head were tightly held. For a moment Jai Lin regretted not having the captain’s idea first. The profusely horny girl could only imagine what it would feel like to have a hysterical woman’s mouth pressed against her sopping wet pussy. Never mind, Jai Lin refocused her efforts, on to more important matters.

    Leaving Aleena to the trio of torturous men, the leggy young woman took a step back and walked around the sorrowful display. Glancing over her shoulder as she walked on by, Jai Lin caught a glimpse of the trapped woman’s expression. The curvy girl’s mouth was agape and full of cock and her eyes were rolled back so far only the whites could be seen, no doubt being brutally tickled through a third thunderous orgasm. So loud and alarming was the savagery on display despite Aleena’s full mouth, Hania did not even notice as Jai Lin approached her. It was only when the sadistic slave girl ran her nails along the top of the distracted girl’s leg did she turn away from her lover’s plight.

    “You know what he’s going to do next, don’t you?” Jai Lin said softly as she slid the tip of her middle up and over Hania’s clit.

    “Unnhh!” The nude girl a top the table shuddered with a muffled moan, her own torn panties still stuffed firmly between her teeth.

    “Mmhm, you know.” Keeping her finger gently stroking the trembling woman’s swollen clit, the sinister seductress easily held her original captive’s attention. “Captain Lucas is going to fuck her. They’re going to keep tickling your poor dear Aleena, and they’re going to keep fucking her. They’re going to keep making her cum, over and over…” Jai Lin moved in closer to the awkwardly shuffling girl, making sure to whisper hot breath onto her neck and ear. “And then, when those two guards there have exhausted themselves…Captain Lucas will take Aleena down to the dungeon.”

    “Uhh! Uhh!” Hania made some faint sounds of protest among her quiet moans. The prospect of such a future for her once secret lover was no doubt terrifying, and oh so shamefully arousing at the same time.

    “More men will be bought in…” The fiendishly cruel woman nibbled gently on her captive’s earlobe. “Probably some of the girls…they will all get to know every last bit of Aleena’s body, especially that little spot…” Jai Lin teased, increasing the speed of her clit fondling. “…right there, on her precious little feet.”

    “UMMFFFF!” Thrusting forward suddenly, the limber girl moaned into her stifling sodden panties. As she came onto the table top and over the edge, the tip of her evil oppressor’s tongue flickered behind her ear.

    “I’m going to let you speak now.” Jai Lin whispered, making sure her full lips skirted against the squirming girl’s ear. She slid one hand around onto the small of Hania’s back and ran the five fingers of her other hand up her convulsing abdomen. Being certain to extend the helpless woman’s wanton release, Jai Lin gently pinched one of her very stiff nipples. “And you will speak…if not for your sake, then for hers.” She looked back over to Aleena who was no better off than she had been moments before.

    “Unnh…unh…un…” As her tormentor plucked the panties from her mouth, the nubile girl moaned quietly through the fading tingles of her forced orgasm. “No…Novak…I don’t know where Novak is.” She said weakly.

    “Why don’t you start from the beginning?” Jai Lin said as she leaned back. “And we’ll figure out exactly what you do know.”

    “Please…please, I’m going to tell you.” Hania said, looking over to her tormented girlfriend. “Please just-can you please stop them? I’ll talk I swear it, I’ll-“

    “-The longer you take, the longer they’ll take.” The pitiless woman said, pressing the side of the pleading girl’s jaw to guide her focus back where it belonged. “But do not leave out any details.”

    “Okay, okay…” Her words breathy as she was clearly trying to remain somewhat calm, Hania finally told her tragic tale. “Where I -where we are from, girls who love other girls-“ She paused and shook her head, quickly glancing over to Aleena and back. “-It is not allowed. But we, we fell in love anyway. We kept our love secret. We were trying to save money together, to get out. To go somewhere we would not be punished.”

    Jai Lin looked around the room, making a bit of a show as she openly eyeballed the chains and ropes holding Aleena and Hania in their respective bondage. She looked back to her nude confessor with raised eyebrows.

    “It was not easy.” Hania continued, either ignoring or not understanding her interrogator’s ironic display. “My family had little money. Aleena’s family are very rich, but they would give her no more than necessary. We were not even close to our goal when we were caught the first time.” The defeated girl’s voice cracked a little and she took a shaky breath. “Our parents were furious. Aleena was locked in her room and I…I was to be disciplined for both of us. Her parents blamed me for seducing their daughter. They are powerful people, but my mother and father could pay nothing.”

    “They could pay something though, couldn’t they?” Jai Lin said, as interested in her pitiful pet’s story as she was the sounds of Aleena’s cock-gagged laughter exploding several feet away.

    “They told…my mother she…” Hania hesitated, only carrying on when a particularly loud muffled shriek came from her lover’s side of the room. “It was my mother’s idea. She told Aleena’s parents how-how ticklish I am. She suggested that I could be punished this way.”

    “Your mother’s way of protecting you from pain, no?”

    “Hff, no.” The bound girl scoffed. “No, my mother knew I would sooner have been whipped. Aleena’s father was all for the idea. They took me to their home and made Aleena listen from her room.”

    “Her father tortured you?”

    “And her mother. They enjoyed it very much, I think.” Hania said. “After that they thought we would stay apart…but we did not.” A tiny smile piqued one corner of the brown-eyed girl’s lips, a fond memory gone as quickly as it had arrived. “We were caught again after a month.”

    “Did they tickle you again?” Jai Lin asked, utterly captivated.

    “It did not work, so they did not do it again.” The nude girl said, her voice heavy with dismay. “Instead, I was sold to a businessman from another city. A friend of Aleena’s father. Her father had been boasting about what they had done to me.”

    “Our master?”

    “A different man.” Hania said. “I was not with him long. I do not know how, but I guess word of my…weakness, reached our master. Then Madam Ui bought me here.”

    “Which is when you met Novak…?” The curious girl’s eyes narrowed. As fascinating as her prisoner’s tale of lost love was, it was the more recent information that she actually needed.

    “Yes.” The poor girl said with a gentle nod. “He was always nicer than the other guards. I don’t know why exactly, we talked a lot. I told him about Aleena and he offered to get her a message.”

    “Ahh.” Jai Lin said as she started to see the puzzle resemble a picture.

    “Novak got a message back to me.” Hania said. “She was still saving money, hiding it away. When she had enough she was going to come find me, get me out of here. We were going to go away together.”

    “That was years ago though.”

    “We lost contact when Captain Lucas took over.” The harshly restrained girl’s big brown eyes shifted to Sam Lucas for a moment, the giant man with his enormous cock gagging her lover. “He moved Novak somewhere else. I gave up hope, I had no idea Novak and Aleena were still in touch. I only found out when Madam Ui bought me down here, I swear it’s true. I knew nothing of their plan.”

    “Well then, none of that is useful is it?” Jai Lin said and poised herself to stuff the sodden panties back in between Hania’s lips.

    “Waitwait!” Turning her chin upward and away, the cowering girl talked quickly. “Novak had a place, a place he liked to go and think or something. I don’t think he’d hide in town, if he’s still here…he-he would know he’d be found.”


    “An old monastery, I think…somewhere in the bush, in the hills.” Hania spoke faster than her perplexed mind could keep up with. “I don’t know where but-but he always said it was deeper into the hills than our place. It was overgrown, no one ever went there. He would just-it was peaceful, he said.”

    Without a word and without any more resistance, Jai Lin pushed the bunched up ruined panties back into Hania’s mouth. From there she stepped back and looked down for a moment, her jade green eyes narrowing in thought. “Captain Lucas.” She said, turning toward the Herculean nude man. “I need to ask Aleena a question.”

    “Please do.” The captain said, instantly releasing a clump of his captive’s hair and sliding his long hard cock out from her mouth.

    “Aleena…” Jai Lin said as she crouched down to look their dangling prisoner in the eye. The two guards behind the exhausted woman kept a firm grip around her lower legs even as they relented their never-ending tickle attacks. “When you and Novak were caught exchanging the letter, where did you go? Did you make a new plan?”

    “I…I…” The weary woman blinked, barely able to focus on her surroundings let alone such a detailed line of questioning.

    “Focus.” Taking hold of the confused woman’s chin, Jai Lin gave her a little shake. “What were you and Novak planning after you were seen together? Tell me now or these men are going to start in on Hania.”

    “We…we…there was no plan.” Aleena said weakly. “We ran and then…then it was better to split up…so we were going to meet later and decide what to do.”

    “Meet where?”

    “S-some old place…in the hills…”

    “Novak’s at an abandoned monastery in the hills.” Jai Lin said quickly, standing upright just as fast. “He should be there waiting for Aleena.”

    “Excellent.” Sam Lucas said and bent down to retrieve his pants. “Gag her.” The big man motioned his men to Aleena before starting to slip back into his clothing.

    Moving back out the way, Jai Lin stood with her back to the mirror. One of the guards picked up Aleena’s own torn panties from underneath her, while the other opened the small side door. The dangling girl put up little fight as her black lacy underwear was stuffed into her mouth, joining Hania in forced silence. As Captain Lucas pulled his shirt back over his head Jai Lin felt the urge to smile at her victory. That sense of triumph was a fleeting impulse that did not last not long enough to make her lips move, instead she started to wonder what exactly she had won. Certainly her bold actions had paid off in allowing what was unabashedly a very prominent sadistic side of herself. Tormenting and interrogating the two lovers had inarguably been the most spectacular time of Jai Lin’s life. What happened next though was uncertain, beyond her control and caused a stomach sinking anticipation she did not enjoy.

    “Well…” The burly guard captain said as he pulled the laces tight on his boot. Fully clothed, Sam Lucas stood upright and raised an eyebrow to Jai Lin. “What do you think we should do with these two?”

    “Would…that not be up to our master?” The tall girl said with some trepidation.

    “I have no master.” Captain Lucas said. “Deveno is my employer. In any case, I don’t think he even knows which girls he has anymore. The only one he ever seems interested in is you. He doesn’t pay attention otherwise.”

    “Hmm.” Jai Lin looked to the floor thoughtfully.

    “You haven’t steered us wrong yet. Make a call.”

    “As you wish.” The statuesque girl said as she took a step away from the wall. Pausing for a moment as she considered various ideas, most of which involved the dungeon. Jai Lin looked to Hania, nude a top the table, then to Aleena who dangled gagged and helpless. “Let Hania go.” She said, looking back to Sam Lucas. “We keep Aleena.”

    In unison the two lovers’ balked, their eyes widening and heads shaking as they looked frantically between each other and Jai Lin. Sam Lucas raised both eyebrows and slowly begun to nod. “Do it.” The captain said to his men, waving a hand dismissively toward the girl tied on the table.

    “MM! MMHMHM!” Hania screamed into her makeshift gag. She thrashed madly at her bonds, her teary eyes locked on Aleena.

    Aleena began to breathe quickly, unable to do anything as the two guards started loosening the ropes around her lover’s ankles. The moment Hania’s feet were free she kicked wildly, slipping off the table and straining furiously to pull her arms down. Jai Lin watched the frantic girl rolling against the edge of the table, surprised at how much energy she was able to muster after so much suffering. Fight as hard as she did, it was little use against the two able bodied men who easily unclipped Hania’s cuffed hands down from overhead. Screaming all the while, the enraged girl seethed as her arms were forcibly held in front of her and she was dragged toward the small door. Hania’s eyes firmly on her imprisoned beloved, the restrained young woman spit the panties from her mouth a foot before exiting the room.

    “ALEENA!” Hania cried, stomping on the guard’s boots with everything she had.
    “ALEENA I’LL COME FOR YOU! I’ll SAVE YOU I SWEAR!” She shrieked as the unfeeling men took her beyond the threshold. “JUST HOLD ON! I LOVE Y-“ Hania’s bellows turned to a faint squeak and the door was closed behind them.

    “Are you at all concerned about that?” Jai Lin said. “That she’ll come back here, try to break Aleena out? Or tell other people about this place?”

    “I’ll have her shipped somewhere far away.” Sam Lucas said while Aleena’s soft sobbing was ignored. “She won’t have the resources to do anything. Besides, it’s all bluster. She’s emotional right now.” He said and stroked the top of the Aleena’s head gently, causing the nude girl for freeze. “Once that girl calms down she’ll remember just how much she fears us. She’ll feel sour about it, no doubt, but every time she does she’ll remember what happened here today.”

    “And Aleena’s parents?” Jai Lin said. “What if Hania goes to them?”

    “I don’t expect that is a reunion that would go much better than this one.” The big man chuckled. He took a few steps to the wall near the side door. “Besides, what you should be more concerned about right now…” Sam Lucas flicked off the switch that fed audio into the observation room. “…is what the other girls are going to think.”

    “Have they been back there all this time?” The voluptuous young woman said, glancing back to the mirror.

    “They have.” The muscular guard captain said. “They are going to fear you now, after what you’ve done.” He said as he walked back over toward Jai Lin. “But you cannot rule by fear alone. In all of human history that has never worked.”


    “Well, not officially. That’s up to Deveno.” Sam Lucas said. “And he won’t find out, but as far as everyone else is concerned you’ve usurped Madam Ui. And the reason you did that, is because she lorded over all of you with nothing but fear. What you need is respect.”

    “How do you suggest I gain that?”

    “You’re clever, you’ll figure it out.” The large man said as he moved toward the side door. “When you’re done meet me out here.” He opened the door, talking as walked through. “We’ll take a stroll.”

    Jai Lin watched the door close. The cunning girl paid Aleena’s whimpering little mind as she looked thoughtfully around the interrogation room. Fully aware there were ten girls waiting eagerly in the room behind her, the curvy Amazon gave great consideration to the good Captain Lucas. He too lead his men through some degree of fear, she had never seen nor heard once of any instance in which a guard showed their boss a single hint of disrespect. Sam Lucas was bigger and stronger and a thousand miles meaner than any of the other men, yet from what Jai Lin could gather the guards’ obedience toward him came much from their respect and admiration than it ever did from being intimidated. The conclusion Jai Lin drew then, after a long moment of careful thought, was that the captain’s position was solidified less by what he threatened to take away from his underlings and more by what he gave them.

    “Ladies.” Jai Lin opened the door to the dimly lit observation room and looked across the gaggle of flustered faces. “Young Aleena here is feeling a little blue.” The tall girl stood aside, putting her back to the door as she motioned toward the bound nude woman in the interrogation room. “Perhaps you could cheer her up…”

    Throughout the small crowd of girls there were some awkward glances and turned heads. A few unsure smiles crossed some lips and there were a couple of furrowed brows signaling curiosity. Samara was the first to make eye contact with Jai Lin, the tall Russian then shifting her eyes quizzically to Aleena on the other side of the door. Offering a single, slow nod, Jai Lin looked upon the group of her fellow slaves grinned broadly. Samara took a hesitant step forward and then another slightly faster one. After that the ten young women all shuffled toward the door with an increasingly hurried pace.

    Pouring into the interrogation room to the tune of excitable giggling, the group of giddy girls couldn’t move fast enough. Within seconds the worked-up gang had surrounded poor Aleena. Together nine of the ten women descended onto their dangling damsel like a pack of hungry hyenas, their captive prey squealing with loud stifled laughter. With a wry smirk Jai Lin watched her gift be devoured by her new, grateful subjects. She then caught the top of a distinctly blonde head out the corner of her eye. To the commanding woman’s surprise she saw Luanne standing beside her, not yet having joined the fray.

    “I thought you would be the first one in there.” Jai Lin said.

    “Oh, I’m going in.” The buxom American said, looking up to her new mistress with puppy dog eyes. “I just wanted to tell you; You’re my hero.” She smiled widely, a look of absolute adoration plastered across her comely face.


    “Oh hey...” Luanne said as she walked backward toward the muffled screams behind her. “Do you think there’s any chance we could finish what we started earlier?”

    Jai Lin’s eyes stayed on the curvy blonde as she closed the door. Biting one corner of her plump bottom lip, the tall green-eyed girl strolled around the crowd of girls, keeping her gaze locked on Luanne. As she took the side-door handle in hand, Jai Lin winked at her bubbly friend and then turned away. Entering into a part of the building she had never been to before, the confident Amazon could tell Aleena’s gag had been pulled out. As she shut the door behind her the last thing Jai Lin heard was the hogtied young woman howling with the laughter of someone truly crushed.

    Chapter Nine: A Walk on The Wall at Sunset

    When Jai Lin entered into what turned out to be a small storage room, a blue-eyed young guard stood waiting. Through a series of hallways, doors and a couple of flights of stairs the polite lad lead her to a heavy steel door. With a pleasant smile the guard opened the door and a most unfamiliar feeling brushed against Jai Lin’s cheeks, that of an outside breeze. As her eyes adjusted to the sunlight, the girl who spent almost her entire life inside walls of one form or another could see open sky, trees and the top of her current home’s large wall stretching out before her. The young guarded nodded and gestured the curvaceous woman onward.

    Stepping out on the wide stonewall, the sides raised up to about the height of her hips, Jai Lin closed her eyes and let that cool breeze caress her freely. Tilting her head back slightly, the blissful young woman could hear more bird song than ever occurred in the slave quarter garden. Down to Jai Lin’s left was the first inner courtyard of the fortress, a wide open area she had only ever seen once by helicopter. To her right were trees that stretched out and rolled over the hillside. Up ahead, following the path of the wall ahead of her, was the very front of the building with it’s big gate and a top the wall stood Sam Lucas. He stood a distant yet imposing figure, his wide shoulders and stern stance silhouetted by a bright pink sunset.

    Slowly wandering along the wall toward where it turned, Jai Lin watched as the ocean horizon came into view. Further on she could see the shoreline and small wharfs, a smattering of fishing boats bobbing alongside. As she approached the front of the fort, Jai Lin looked down over a mile or so of tree tops to see the small town below the hills. Houses were lit with a warm glow from their windows and there was little movement in the sleepy seaside village.

    “I wanted to thank you.” Sam Lucas said as Jai Lin walked up to him.

    “You would have made them talk, sooner or later.” The statuesque girl said, standing only a mere two inches shorter than the brawny man.

    “Perhaps.” The big man said, taking his eyes off the sunset and turning to look at Jai Lin. “Perhaps not. Either way, you’re the one who did it.”

    “We did it.” The tall girl said, turning her eyes back to the lowering sun.

    “I tried to build something like this once.” Sam said. “I made mistakes. I might have made another one today, if it wasn’t for you.”

    “We may have made one yet.” Jai Lin said. “Madam Ui is not going to respond well to any of this.”

    “Ui does not concern me, I can handle her.” The muscular man said, folding his brawny arms. “If you had not stepped in today, if Novak or that girl you decided to keep had gotten away I would almost certainly have lost this job. I do not want to lose this job Jai Lin, I like it here.”

    “You found Novak already?”

    “I have men out looking.” The captain said. “They’ll send word once he’s taken care of.”

    Jai Lin did not press that particular matter any further. “I was happy to help.” She said, turning the topic back to her own part in the day’s events.

    “And I am happy to help you.” Sam Lucas said. “I can’t do anything about Deveno. He’ll show up when he shows up and do what he does. Ui on the other hand, I can keep her off of you. The other girls too, if that’s what you want.”

    “Then what will become of her?” Barely hiding her delight, the long legged girl maintained an outward calm. “Surely she’ll tell the master everything that’s happened here.”

    “That woman fears nothing more than the torture she happily gives out to others.” Captain Lucas said. “Kanpekina or not, Ui even looks like she’s going to be trouble for us I’ll have her strapped in the dungeon and worked over by every man I have. Feathers and all.”

    Letting herself smile, Jai Lin let out a long slow breath. “What will you do now?”

    “I need to finish up the Novak problem.” The big man said nonchalantly. “Then I’ll need to arrange transport for the one we’re letting go. After that, maybe I’ll have that little redhead girl bought to my office.”

    “I’ll let her know you’re coming.”

    “Heh.” The captain chuckled. “And you, what are you going to do with your new position?”

    “Oh…” Jai Lin looked up to the brightly glowing clouds just above the sea and laughed. “I’m going to go see dear Luanne…and tickle her brains out.”

    Chapter Ten: Had a Great Fall

    Nearly every evening after that first meeting a top the wall, Sam and Jai Lin would meet in the same place to watch the sun go down. There had been speculation among both the guards and the slave girls during those first few months about some form of romance between the two, rumors that were quickly abolished. If either Sam or Jai Lin were capable of such fanciful feeling they certainly did not feel it for one another. Theirs’ was a friendship of mutual respect, something the pair talked about at length. In fact, the fearsome guard captain and unofficial madam talked about a great many subjects over a mutually prosperous five-year stretch.

    With the exception of Harold’s visits, which grew less frequent with each passing year, Jai Lin lived a life of near absolute authority and privilege. By the third year the master would only ever visit in the warmer months. Unpleasant as her time with Harold was, Jai Lin was not without her methods for minimizing her often-brief sessions of ticklish torment. He still insisted on binding her every time of course, but his favourite maneuver of pressing his hard cock up against her bare ass gave her considerable advantage. The moment the old man’s erection touched her curvaceous behind, or any other part of her for that matter, Jai Lin would begin thrusting in earnest. Harold, in his seduced excitement always finished much sooner than he probably intended. It was as satisfying for Jai Lin to end their sessions quickly as it was infuriating for Madam Ui.

    Much to the celebration of the other girls, Jai Lin had taken up Sam on his offer to keep their once terrifying madam largely out of their lives. Ui, for her part, became something of a ghost. Unless Harold happened to be around, in which case the older woman would carry on as if all was relatively normal within the fortress walls, the former madam spent most of her days largely ignored. She was able to travel outside the walls on occasion, only with their master’s permission and only for the sake of acquiring new girls. Despite her freedom to come and go once or twice a year, Sam Lucas’ numerous and unquestionably genuine threats kept Madam Ui quiet, obedient and simmering with rage.

    Jai Lin having taken the mantle of power as de facto madam, was not at all above indulging herself in Harold’s stock. While all of the girls who had been unfortunate enough to live under Ui’s rule agreed Jai Lin was the infinitely kinder mistress, they did all of them still fear their new madam’s sadistic desires. With much less frequency than Ui had done before her, the comparatively humane head girl had her way with all of the other slave girls sooner or later. Samara was a particular favourite of Jai Lin’s, and Maya the petit Swedish girl found herself at the mercy of both Jai Lin and Sam Lucas more than once. Naturally the guards were able to take advantage of the harem at their leisure, a fact Jai Lin kept in mind when considering whom next she might like to toy with. All in all the girls were far happier, none more so than Luanne.

    On the first evening of Jai Lin’s rule the statuesque new madam had marched back down to the interrogation room, taken Luanne by her hand and rushed the hyperactive blonde willingly back to the slave quarters. The two friends had not even made it across the common room before they had torn each other’s clothes off. By the time Luanne was thrown onto Jai Lin’s bed the freckle-faced American had already cum once, and she came again not ten seconds after that. Together Jai Lin and Luanne let loose several hours worth of pent up lust on one another, with the curvy blonde girl screaming in hysterical, delighted laughter for most of that time. From that day on Luanne’s longing for being mercilessly tickle tortured, along with satisfying the various desires of the other girls, became one of the many bright spots in Jai Lin’s reign.

    A TV in the room of any girl who wanted one was a big crowd pleaser, along with a collection of movies and other entertainment. New books were bought in by Jai Lin’s good graces, and a collection of different board games. Even materials for various hobbies were allowed, art supplies and a video game machine, activities the women had done before their capture. Everyone knew better than to ask for any kind of access to the Internet, and Jai Lin had no need for it either. Little beyond the books interested Jai Lin most of the time, her main source of amusement coming from more carnal pursuits.

    One girl, a heavily tattooed Haitian, loved nothing more than brutally hard anal sex. From time to time Jai Lin would arrange two of the most well endowed guards to take the girl away and do just that. No foreplay, no tickling, the men would simply lube themselves up and pound her ass for an hour or two. A skinny French girl called Bridgette very much appreciated being excessively tongued between her thighs. Maya the redhead rarely came harder than after being made love to in a most tender fashion. And Luanne, dear wild and horny Luanne, Jai Lin made sure her good friend was routinely tickled out of her mind.

    Once, on what would become a very much talked about Sunday morning, Luanne had wandered lazily out of a steaming hot shower only to have her towel playfully stolen. Soaking wet and stark naked, the bosomy blonde chased the offending towel-thief all the way to their common room only to discover a far more diabolical plot was at hand. Completely surrounded by every other slave girl, each of them as nude as she was, Luanne almost passed out from sheer giddiness as the gang advanced upon her. Together the veritable orgy of young women tickled their freckled friend so much that she did eventually fall into unconsciousness. Naturally, and much to her helpless delight, Luanne woke a short time later quite severely bound in the lower dungeon, Jai Lin looming over her with a couple of long stiff feathers.

    Then, after half a decade of adoration and unchallenged rule, Jai Lin and Sam learned that no good thing lasts forever. Unusually, Harold’s unannounced arrival came during late January. His peculiarly timed visit saw snow thick upon the treetops and temperatures well below freezing. Harold scarcely ever showed up at his secret fortress outside of the warmer months, especially in recent years. Stranger still, over a week after the master’s arrival he had not called upon Jai Lin. The only people who even spoke to Harold were Madam Ui and Sam Lucas, and the good captain seemed none the wiser as to the reason for his employer’s odd behavior during that first week. It was around the time that Sam was beginning to plot torturing Ui for information that he invited Jai Lin to the fortress wall early one morning.

    “What’s going on, Sam?” Jai Lin said, a full-body white coat with a thick fluffy collar wrapped around her. Her long dark hair was tied high in a tight bun. She looked down to the snow covered rooftops of the town below and could see her breath as she spoke. “The sun is barely up.”

    “The old man is dying.” Sam said bluntly, an expression of deep thought on his face.

    Jai Lin’s eyes shifted thoughtfully, she did not speak right away. The implications were numerous and consequences unknown, for the guards, the girls and her own future in particular. Sam and his men would move on, their fate would be comfortable in whatever form it might take. The women of Harold’s harem however, most of them if freed could eventually start a normal life. Outside the walls, out in the real world, all of Jai Lin’s knowledge was secondhand. Not that it mattered, true freedom was not necessarily one of her options. Jai Lin recalled the story of a businessman who once purchased Hania, or the customers of the Kanpekina School. Clearly there was no shortage of people looking to own a hyperticklish damsel.

    “That explains why he’s here now.” The elegantly dressed woman said, now twenty-five years old. “Living out his twilight in his personal paradise.”

    “There’s something else.” The captain said, his voice heavy and lacking its usual dispassion. “Since he got here, Deveno’s been on the phone with his lawyer everyday. I’ve been listening in.”

    Jai Lin piqued an eyebrow. It was not an expression of surprise, Sam Lucas undermining his employer seemed perfectly natural. Her quizzical glance was instead a question, one very eager to know where her good friend was going.

    “He’s got a fortune. Several fortunes, billions.” Sam said. “I don’t understand all of it, but there’s a good chunk that’s not legal. Who knows how much squirreled away in dark places. Deveno and his lawyer have been moving a lot of that money around, setting it up to fall in the right hands when he gives up the ghost.” The big man turned from the slowly rising sun and looked Jai Lin in the eye. “One of those right hands is Madam Ui.”

    “That…” Jai Lin paused as she looked back over her shoulder toward the fortress. “…is very troubling.”

    “I agree.” The grim man said. “As best I can tell the old witch stands to inherit several billion herself. She’ll also be free and out in the world, something I do not think would bode well for either of us.”

    “Then what’s to be done?” Outwardly calm, the statuesque young woman had not felt quite so anxious in years. “She has been seething for a long time, Ui will almost certainly take vengeance. With that kind of money behind her…”

    “Yes.” Sam said, he did not need Jai Lin to finish her thought. “There’s more to consider, on top of Ui’s revenge.”

    “The son.”

    “Mm.” The burly mad nodded reluctantly. “Harry Junior is only a few hours away, in Tokyo. Probably in the country to see his old man off.” Moving forward, the sullen captain placed his large hands on the stonewall. “If the lawyer calls and the old man doesn’t answer, his next call will be to junior. Junior will come here, and from what I hear he is not an easy man to deal with.”

    “As I recall, he’s a great deal worse than his father.”

    Sam took a deep breath and let out a long sigh. “I’ve been racking my brain half the night trying to come up with a plan, but I’m coming up short. I need that clever mind of yours, Jai.”

    Taking a couple of steps forward, Jai Lin placed her palms down flat on the cold stone a top the wall. With a pensive stare, the perceptive woman looked out to the ocean, her focus drawn to the horizon. She dreamed of the world beyond the sea and a world of streets and of people and experiences without restraint. She imagined such a world, maybe for the first time in her life, with her in it. Jai Lin dreamed to walk those streets and meet those people. A long moment passed as the stylishly dressed concubine allowed herself to indulge in the fantasy, and carefully considered how far she might be willing to go in order to make it a reality.

    “What’s wrong with the master?” Jai Lin said, turning back to her patient friend.

    “Weak heart.” The big man said without parting his teeth. “He’s frail now, can’t handle any stress.”

    “And Ui, how does she get the money when he’s gone?”

    “There’s an account set up.” Sam said, clearly unsure where the curious woman was going with her questions. “Ui will just need to punch in the password, then it’s all hers.”

    “You don’t happen to know the password?”

    “No.” The burly fellow said, shaking his head. “Lawyer doesn’t know it either. Deveno said Ui would know it was, no need to tell her anything.”

    “She doesn’t know any of this?”

    “She knows he’s dying, but no.” Sam frowned curiously. “Ui has no idea about the money, as far as I know.”

    “I see.” Jai Lin said and turned back toward the ocean view. “Then our problem is time.” She said, thinking out loud. “The moment master dies, the clock starts ticking. His son will be on his way here, we’ll have what? A few hours you said, after the lawyer calls?”

    “To do what exactly?” Said the captain, moving forward to stand alongside his enigmatic companion.

    “To get the password out of Madam Ui and escape from here.”

    “It’s not impossible.” Sam said. “The lawyer usually calls after lunch. Ui’s tough though, it might be tight but I’m sure we can make her talk if needs be.”

    “Unless Harold Junior gets here much faster, or worse arrives to see his father unannounced. Jai Lin turned to face her Herculean friend. “Which is why it would be far more beneficial for us to know in advance when exactly Harold Senior is going to pass.”

    “Good god.” The brawny captain said with a chuckle. “You’re never short on surprises, are you?”

    “Obviously we can’t just murder the man.” Jai Lin said with all the icy calm of a winter morning. “He still has to die of natural causes. The man is a billionaire. Clever as we might consider ourselves I’ve little faith we would get away with it for long, and I have no desire to be in prison.”

    “Ahh.” Sam said, dismissing his brief elation. “Well, knowing when Deveno’s heart’s going to give out is considerably more difficult than strangling him.”

    “Not necessarily.” The cunning woman said as she took a step to begin walking back the way she had come from. “No matter what we do there’s going to be risk, but this is the safest option.”

    “When?” The former soldier said, furrowing his brow as Jai Lin slowly moved away from him.

    “Right now, if you’re willing.”

    “I trust you.”

    “Then have Ui bought down to the dungeon, quietly. The master can’t know.” Jai Lin said with some haste. “I’ll meet you down there in a short while.”

    “You’re going to see Deveno?”

    “No.” The tall girl said as she turned to walk away. “I’m going to see Luanne.”
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    Chapter Eleven: Jai Lin Unchained

    A half-hour after her early morning meeting with Sam, Jai Lin reached the door to the dungeon stairs. Suitable for the unforgiving room down below, the entrance way was a heavy wooden slab with cast iron bolts and a large black handle. Dressed in her usual tight white pants and short-sleeved top, the determined girl dragged open the hefty door. The second she broke the seal, cool air from the winding staircase brushed her face, and Jai Lin could hear Madam Ui cursing. The older woman’s screeching demands and appalled objections echoed off stonewalls. Jai Lin smirked, her plan was risky and dangerous and could easily end in disaster, yet still she smiled. Even if it all fell apart, the bold young woman would always have the memory of Madam Ui raging to keep her warm at night.

    As she made the last turn downstairs, Ui’s furious words louder than ever in her ears, Jai Lin removed the smile from her lips. Adopting a look of confidence and command the striding young woman stepped into the dungeon and looked around discerningly. Glancing around as her eyes adjusted to the dimly lit room, Jai Lin took note of Sam Lucas and two other men who stood waiting. Nearby, in front of one of the old monstrous devices, hung the very irate Madam Ui. Shackled by her wrists from a chain latched to the uneven stone ceiling, the thirty-something year old stood a foot shorter than everyone else in the room, even on tiptoes. With the front edges of her jet black high heels barely touching the floor, Ui hung with her shoes dangling from the front of her feet. Ever clad in all black, the once terrifying harpy wore black pants and a long sleeved top of similarly form fitting material.

    “YOU!” The former madam barked as soon as she saw Jai Lin casually strolling toward her. “You vicious little ****! If you do not let me go right this second I will see you spend the rest of your pathetic LIFE down here!”

    Jai Lin stopped just outside of kicking distance from the restrained woman. Following the chain with her eyes, the tall girl looked up to the ceiling then back down to her stretched captive. With a small laugh from her nose Jai Lin let her wry smirk return. “And how do you plan on achieving that, I wonder?”

    “Quite proud of yourself, aren’t you?!” Ui snapped. “You’ve certainly got these idiots all turned around!” She starred daggers at Captain Lucas and his two apathetic guards. “Whatever you think you’re doing here will not last! You are a slave! You always have been and you always will be!”

    “You are correct as ever, Madam Ui.” Jai Lin said with feigned courtesy. “I have always been a slave. What you seem to have forgotten however, is that I have also always been a student. And you, my finest sensei-“ The young woman said, purposely slipping in a word of Japanese. “-you taught me everything I know.”

    “When Harold finds out about this-“ Ui began, hesitating as Jai Lin started wandering behind her. “-I’ll-I’ll have you sold! I’ll have you sold for a pittance to a foot fetishist in a log cabin!” The older woman said, awkwardly trying to turn as the Amazonian girl easily remained behind her.

    “I’m going to tell you what I want from you.” Bringing her hands up either side of the tautly hung woman, Jai Lin made her fingers into claw-shapes. “Eventually.”

    “You stop! You get away from me!” The squirming older woman hissed, quickly looking from side to side. Her young assailants fingers began to wiggle slowly and as they did Ui looked wide eyed toward Captain Lucas. “Stop her now! Stop her now god damn you!”

    “No one’s going to stop me.” Jai Lin teased, her ten wiggling nails barely an inch from the shapely curves where Ui’s ample breasts met her ribs. “You can’t stop me.”

    “No! No! Get off ME!” The older woman squawked, dancing clumsily in her half-on heels.

    “There is no point in fighting me, Madam Ui.” The younger woman said as she recalled her first time under the now trapped woman’s cruel fingers. “It is simply the way it is.”

    “HNF!” Ui twitched when the Amazon’s fingers brushed against her. Pursing her lips and closing her eyes tight, the older woman twisted and turned, straining not to make any further sound.

    “You’re going to laugh for me.” Jai Lin taunted her once domineering mistress as she wiggled her fingertips just below each of the woman’s stretched underarms. “You’ll laugh and beg and do anything else I want you to do before long.”

    “MNNF!” The spasming woman jerked suddenly, scrambling her high heels across the stone floor in a useless effort to pull away.

    “Do you know what I’m going to make you do?” A wickedly joyful grin crossed the teasing woman’s lips. “I’m sure you can imagine…”

    “STOP IT! Eeeheehee! NO!” The fitful woman yelled, snapping instantly back and forth between hateful demands and girlish giggling. “YOU CAHAN’T!” Ui laughed, completely undermining her stern demeanor. “YOU CAN’T DO THIS! Eeeheeheenohee!”

    Of all the hyperticklish young women Jai Lin had tickled over the years, all the hours she had spent tormenting and teasing, not a one was ever half as satisfying as those first few minutes with Madam Ui. The sound of the older woman’s increasingly desperate laughter was the sweetest song on Earth. Her helpless struggling and undignified dancing were the most magical thing Jai Lin had ever laid eyes upon. Feeling Ui’s once impenetrable defenses crumble under her fingertips was bliss in its most exquisite form. What struck Jai Lin most of all was that despite the formally formidable woman’s unwaveringly stern demeanor, once she was tickled Ui became just like everyone else. Angrier than most maybe, but a giggly little girl all the same.

    “Such a sweet laugh you have!” Jai teased, clawing her fingers down onto the spasming woman’s barely covered ribs.

    “Aiehahaha! Nngh! Noahaha!” Her laughter peppered with sharp growls, the highly perturbed woman gnashed her teeth.

    “Aw, is my cute little slave getting mad?” The taller girl cooed, looming over her prisoner.

    “I will end yohoohaha!” Ui said, unable to finish her sentence. “Haha! Harold! Hahaha! Harold will have your heeheeheeads!”

    “Oh now, Harold hasn’t touched you in years!” Jai Lin mocked the svelte older woman who made several weak attempts to kick back at her. “When was the last time you were really tickled, hmm?” Easily avoiding her victim’s uncoordinated heel-jabs, the Amazonian girl goosed her fingers down to Ui’s soft sides. “Seven? Eight years? I’m sure you’ve missed this!”

    “Eeeheeiiieehee! STOP!” The loudly squealing woman yelled as the statuesque young lady’s ten fingers poked and prodded at her waist.

    “Don’t worry…” The vengeful vixen said as she pressed herself up against Madam Ui’s back. “…I’ll be sure…” Jai Lin coiled her arms around her slave’s midsection, being sure to keep her fingers wiggling as she squeezed tight. “...to make up for lost time!”

    “Nahahaha!” Ui cackled, the tips of her black high-heels tapping the stone floor frantically as her thinly covered sides were viciously clawed.

    Resting her chin on top of the older woman’s head, Jai Lin held Ui tight in her reverse bear-hug. Though she could not see her struggling tickle-toy’s face, one glance toward Sam told the Amazon everything she needed to know. Narrowing his eyes, the good captain offered a small nod, a simple gesture to confirm that yes indeed, Ui was as malleable as they expected. That silent signal made it clear, the dethroned woman was fighting an internal battle of vindictive rage and hopeless ticklishness. Rage on all you like, Jai Lin thought to herself, as long as the other part of her ambitious plan came together then she and Sam would soon have the world at their mercy.

    “Uh ohhh!” In a singsong voice, the unforgiving tickler started spidering her fingers at the bottom of Ui’s form-fitting shirt. Pulling the thin material up quickly, Jai Lin revealed the aggravated woman’s well-toned midriff. “Who’s got a ticklish tummyyy?” She said, knowing her baby-talk would serve to infuriate and humiliate the madam to no end.

    “Nggghheeeheehee!” Ui strained to keep her laughter under control with only a second of success, exploding into a fit of erratic giggling. With the younger woman’s ten fingertips stroking and pinching her bare abdomen, the powerless prisoner rocked wildly. “Stohop! Stop right noahaha!”

    “You know what?” Jai Lin said, forcing herself down between Ui’s head and bicep so she could speak directly against the furious woman’s ear. “I don’t think I will!” To drive home her statement, the unstoppable she-devil dug her ten fingers in deep, rapidly clawing into Ui’s tender flesh.

    “Aiiiieehahaha! Aaahahahaha!” The fuming woman roared as her taut tummy was ravaged.

    Feeling such smooth skin against her fingertips, Jai Lin realized it was easy to forget how young the former madam really was. Between her iron-rule and unwaveringly steely disposition, Madam Ui often came across like someone who had lived a long life of strict discipline. In truth, though not yet even forty years old, Ui had simply been forced down a path of extreme hardship. The older woman had probably done the best she could throughout a life filled with very little choice of her own. Jai Lin might have felt some sympathy for her adversary, if not for the fact that the cruel witch served as a constant vision of her own potential future.

    Tickling her then, watching Ui squirm and explode with laughter, the sultry sadist wondered if perhaps such a series of outbursts might act as a form of release. Years of repressed fear, anger and unshakable obedience spilling out through laughter and uncontrolled movement. As terrible as the petit woman clearly found the strokes and pokes forced upon her svelte body, Jai Lin could not help but think even torture must provide some form of relief from eternal rigidness. More determined than ever to not follow the same path, the younger woman could not fathom her only form of relaxation ever being tormented through tickling. Jai Lin would not live that life, she would not follow that path no matter the cost.

    “Y-you think you won’t pay?!” Madam Ui said as the taller woman started to tug her shirt higher. “You think you have suffered at all before this little coup?! I went easy on you!” The older woman shuffled and turned, helpless as her tight fitting top was tugged up and over her lacy black bra. As Jai Lin bunched the bottom of Ui’s shirt up around her collarbone she noticed the two guards’ either side of Sam raise their eyebrows. Evidently the madam’s tight black shirt held more weight than it appeared as her surprisingly big boobs were doing their best to spill out from the confines of her bra.

    “Ooh you went easy, did you?” Jai Lin said, spidering her nails up the scantily clad woman’s sides. “What a pity for you then that I have no intention of repaying the favor.”

    “Yeehee! Stop it!” Her giggles increasing as the curvaceous rebel’s deft digits spidered higher, Ui flinched hurriedly from side to side. “You stop iiiit! Eeeheehaha!”

    From her hips to her sides, ten fingertips wiggled upward over the madam’s silky skin. An undignified squeal escaped Ui’s lips as her vile enemy’s fingers danced along the sides of her ribcage. Sneaking behind the giggly woman’s bouncing bosom, Jai Lin’s curious digits ignored her desperate demands, burrowing up and under the bunched-up shirt. Delving deep into Ui’s taut underarms, the feathery touch across her smooth hollows caused the older woman to thrash madly.

    “YEEEIIHA! NOHOHO! NYAHAHA!” Madam Ui screeched, causing the chain overhead to clang loudly as her small body yanked against it. “GET IT OUT! AHAHAHA! GET IT OUUUTAHAHA!”

    “Oh, I’m sorry!” Jai Lin teased before raking her nails down the entire length of her shrieking victim’s underarms. “Does this tickle?”

    “YEEHEE! YOU FUCKING BIIIIHIIIITCH!” The frenzied woman screamed, her legs kicking furiously in all directions. “HAHAHA! STOAAHAHAP!”

    “’Stop! Stop!’” The grinning young woman said in a sneeringly mock tone. “Ohh please don’t tickle meee!”

    “YEEIIGGHAAA! I’LL KILL YOU!” Madam Ui wailed, throwing her head back in wide, open mouth laughter. “I’LL KILL YOU ALL! AHAHAHAHA!”

    “You are a prickly little cactus aren’t you?” Jai Lin teased, pressing herself up against the madam to better restrict her struggling. She kept her fingertips exploring every hypersensitive inch of Ui’s defenseless hollows. “I’ll turn you into a sweet flower yet…”

    “NEVER! HAHAHA!” Ui screamed, her right high-heel flying off and leaving her small foot bare.

    “I had someone else tell me ‘never’ some years ago.” The ruthless Amazon said. She grabbed the crudely folded bottom of her tickle-toy’s shirt and pulled it upward. Slipping the long sleeved garment over Ui’s head, Jai Lin swiftly moved it over the woman’s elbows. “You know what happened to her don’t you?” Tying the shirt neatly around Ui’s wrists, the younger woman left her enraged prisoner’s torso protected only by the frilly bra. “Perhaps I’ll have her come down here and join us. Aleena is much more obedient than you are.”

    “You are enjoying yourself, aren’t you?” Madam Ui scoffed, stepping around awkwardly as the toes of her naked foot barely touched the cold stone floor. “This, I promise you, will be the last day you ever enjoy anything!”

    “By the time I am done, Madam Ui…” The taller woman said, gently stroking her fingertips down the entire length of the dangling captive’s arms. “…joy is the only thing you will ever want for me.”

    “Wheehee! Whenaha!” Twitching fitfully, the demeaned mistress strained to talk through her bubbling laughter. “When Harold finds out! Eeeheehee! Y-you men! Ahaha!” Ui shook harder as her tormenter’s ten fingers crept within an inch of her fully exposed underarms. “You’ll all be FIRED! Eeeheeehee!”

    “What makes you think-“ Jai Lin said as she scribbled five fingers into each of the frantic woman’s silky hollows. “-he doesn’t already know?”

    It was an outright lie and one Madam Ui more than likely saw through. Whether the older woman knew the truth or not didn’t matter, if she even thought for the smallest of moments that her master knew what was happening to her in the dungeon, that was enough for Jai Lin. Enough of a doubt to carry Ui howling through her next explosive bout of laughter, an additional touch of cruelty that spiced up the delectable torture. A fiendish treat, so tasty Jai Lin savored every salivating bite.

    “Do you feel it yet Ui? Hmm?” The raven-haired Amazon said, letting her fingers run riot around her victim’s underarms. “That funny feeling deep inside?”

    Answering in only involuntary laughter and cursing demands, Ui continued to kick. Jai Lin did not except a confession, nor did she need one. The avenging sadist knew her helpless captive would soon become aroused, if she was not already. For her part, Jai Lin had become wet the moment she walked into the cool air of the dungeon. Where the guards might have thought the young woman’s obviously rigid nipples poking through her thin top were due to the temperature, it was in fact from the sight of Madam Ui bound and vulnerable.

    “No?” Jai Lin teased, skittering her nails around the older woman’s shoulder blades. “We can certainly fix that!”

    “Get off me!” Ui squirmed as her tormenter fiddled with the clasp of her bra. “You are a child! An amateur! You have no power over me!”

    “Who are you trying to convince?” The younger woman said, letting the bra straps fall open. “That would make it easier for you, wouldn’t it?” Jai Lin said as she slid her hands around Ui’s sides. Curling her palms to the shape of the smaller woman’s curves, Jai Lin moved her hands up and under the loosened bra-cups. “If I didn’t know what I was doing?” She said, tenderly kneading the fleshy undersides of Ui’s breasts. “If I had not spent most of my adult life practicing for this moment?”

    “Do you hnn…really think…” Wincing at the unwelcome touch, Ui clenched her teeth. “…I will not…nngg…ruin you for this!”

    Moving her hands up, Jai Lin cupped the front of the madam’s large bosoms. Sliding the older woman’s unsurprisingly stiff nipples between her fingers, the villainous vixen made quick eye contact with one of the guards. Shifting her eyes to the writhing woman’s bra strap, Jai Lin pulled her petit prisoner tight up against her, squishing the once domineering tyrant’s boobs. Without a word, one of Captain Lucas’ men reached down and slipped a small blade from his boot. Marching forward, unintimidated by the bound woman’s hateful stare, the guard sliced open one shoulder strap of Ui’s bra and then the other. Tossing the destroyed piece of lingerie to the floor, the brawny man looked stoically upon the fretful prisoner’s mashed breasts, her swollen nipples poking out from between Jai Lin’s nimble fingers.

    “Her shoe too, if you please.” Jai Lin said, giving Ui’s nipples an especially firm pinch.

    “Unh!” The trapped woman flinched, instinctively sliding her foot back.

    “Give him your foot.” The younger woman said, holding her reluctant captive tight as the man crouched down before them.

    “No!” Ui said sharply, crossing her left foot behind her right.

    “Put your foot in his lap.” Jai Lin said, squeezing the topless woman’s boobs a little harder.

    “I won’t do it!”

    “If you don’t-“ Digging her fingertips in quite viciously, the tall girl could feel Ui shudder. “-I’m going to let these men tickle your feet right now.”

    “Mm mm!” Madam Ui pursed her lips and tightened the crossing of her legs.

    “Stubborn to a fault.” Jai Lin said, quickly racing her nails down the dangling woman’s ribcage and onto her tender tummy.

    “Eeeeiiiee!” The older woman squealed, pulling her knees up high as her big bare boobs bounced. “Eeeheehee! Neeeheehee!” Ui giggled wildly, her legs bent up near her hips as she flailed in the air.

    Within seconds Ui’s remaining high heel shoe dropped from her foot. Her abdomen flexing as her midriff was tickled, the helplessly hanging mistress strained to pull her legs up even higher for protection. Looking down to the crouching guard, Jai Lin knew the man needed no direct instruction for what to do next. Understanding perfectly, the burly guard swept the discarded shoe aside and reached both hands up toward Ui’s wiggling bare feet.

    “NYIIEE!” Madam Ui shrieked, spinning a full 180 degrees after the guard’s fingers gently swiped across the bottom of her agonizingly ticklish soles. Unfortunately for the outnumbered woman, turning toward Jai Lin only served to open the entirety of her convulsing torso up for a ten-fingered onslaught.

    Taking full advantage of her frantic prey’s mistake, Jai Lin savagely goosed the kicking woman’s ribs. Ui’s legs flailed, her tiptoes randomly springing around the floor. In hot pursuit, the crouching guard’s wiggling fingers chased the older woman’s bare feet. Rouge strokes along Ui’s soles and toes elicited sporadic squeals in between her full-blown belly laughter. Unable to avoid the harsh rib tickling, the madam’s focus was purposely split between the lost battle on her sides and the losing one at her feet. Her attention fractured and legs too busy protecting themselves to go on the attack, the once distinguished mistress could do nothing to prevent her obvious arousal from skyrocketing.

    “Such a naughty girl.” Jai Lin said. She took a step back and enjoyed the show of her chained captive dancing feverishly to avoid the guard’s wiggling fingers. “You obviously require a lot more discipline.”

    “Eii! Stop! Eee! No!” Throwing one leg forward and the other out to one side, lifting her knees and swinging inches off the ground, Ui did all in her limited power to avoid the guard’s boisterous touch. Keeping the older woman moving, the strapping man easily toyed with her, swiping his fingers along the sides, tops and bottoms of her terrified feet.

    “Or maybe you’re naughty on purpose.” The graceful tormentress teased as she waggled an index finger as if scolding a child. “Is that it, Ui? Have you missed this? Do you defy me so I’ll punish you?”

    “Eehee! M-make him stopahaha!” Ui squealed as the man crouching behind her managed to scribble five fingers at once down the length of her left sole. “What do you wahant?! Eeeeiihaha! Whatdoyouwant?!”

    “Mmm…” Looking up to the right, the young usurper’s smile turned cheeky. “So many things.” Jai Lin said, shifting her devious stare back to the giggling woman. “For now I’d like you ask me. You want him to stop? Don’t order me. Ask me…nicely.”

    “Eeeii! You! Youhoo!” The bare foot madam was trying her best to convey some semblance of authority. Almost every word Ui spoke was surrounded by laughter, any attempt at summoning her former glory completely shattered. “”I’ll do nothing! Eeeheehee! I’ll do nothing for yoahaha!”

    “Well then.” Jai Lin said, clawing five fingers gently around the half naked woman’s navel. “I imagine this is going to be a rather humbling experience.” Craning her neck, the tall girl looked around her squirming prisoner to the man crouching behind. “Grab her, if you’d be so kind.”

    “Yes ma’am.” The muscular fellow said with an agreeable nod. Easily snatching Ui’s left ankle into his right hand, the loyal guard pivoted a full 180 degrees. As he turned, the madam’s foot lifted along, he pulled the bound woman backward. Before the giggly woman could properly react, the guard coiled his steely bicep around her ankle, trapping her foot in the crook of his arm.

    “No! No!” Madam Ui jerked her left leg. Her upturned bare foot wiggling as it stuck out from under the stoic fellow’s arm. Feeling the man’s fingers brush against the Achilles tendon of her right foot, Ui lurched her leg away. “Let me go! LET! ME! GO!”

    “He’s not going to let you go.” Jai Lin said calmly as she watched the guard reaching behind himself, his large left hand clawing for Ui’s last free limb. “He’s going to catch your foot and then he’s going to tickle them both, unless…” The cruel vixen paused. She reached up high and took hold of the chain above the fitfully spasming woman. “Unless you ask me very, very nicely…then and only then, will I stop him.”

    “You little bitch! You little cu-NO!” The foul-mouthed witch said, cut off by her elusive ankle getting snagged in the guard’s firm grip. “NOHO! NONO! UNHAND ME!” Ui shrieked, tugging and thrashing madly as her right foot was trapped snuggly under the man’s left bicep.

    “Nicely.” Bopping her furious captive gently on the nose, the mischievous concubine emphasized her point. Glancing around the restrained madam, the young Amazon could see her brawny accomplice crossing his forearms over one another. With his fingers poised just above Ui’s dainty bare feet, Jai Lin knew the dutiful guard merely awaited her command. “What will it be, Madam? A little courtesy, or a lot of torture?”

    Breathing hot air through her flaring nostrils, the fully restrained woman stared a look of hatred so pure Jai Lin could feel it in her soul. Fortunately for the slave-turned-torturer, her soul was composed of steel. Their eyes locked, a tiny smirk at one corner of Jai Lin’s lips, the two women fought a silent battle. Like two tigers crossing each others’ path, everything was judged by weight of one another’s resolve. The chains were irrelevant, the men, the gradual stripping. Even the restrained versus the free made no matter. In that moment the look between Jai Lin and Madam Ui only counted between them and them alone. When the older woman’s eyebrow furrowed slightly, the victor was clear.

    “…please.” Ui whispered, her voice trembling.

    “Please what?” Jai Lin raised her chin just enough to look down her nose at the defeated woman. The conquering heroine recalled many of her sunset discussions with Sam. She remembered his advice, given multiple times, about what to do when your enemy is down and weak. Don’t let up. Don’t give an inch. Pile on, hammer down, there was no victory without total domination.

    Madam Ui sighed shakily. Her bottom lip quaked as she struggled to find the words, the last remnants of pride clawing for hope. “Please…don’t…tickle me.”

    Jai Lin took a step forward. Leaning down, she let her cheek press gently against the side of her blushing captive’s face. “If you were me…” The tall woman said softly and slid her hands tenderly around Ui’s hips. “What would you do?” She said, slowly stroking five nails just above the older woman’s beltline.

    “Neehee! No!” Ui squirmed, gyrating her hips from side to side, her bare boobs jiggling as she wiggled. “I obeyed! Eeehe! I obeyed!” She giggled, staring wide eyed as the cruel younger woman leaned back with a broad grin across her lips. “Y-you said you’d stop! Eeehee! You said you’d stohahap!”

    “Did I?” Jai Lin said with a mock look of confusion as she crawled her dancing fingers above the madam’s hipbones. Pinching her fretful prisoner’s sides, the merciless woman made sure to raise her voice to a most commanding pitch. “Tickle her!”

    “NO! NOPLEASENO!” Madam Ui squawked, her tone thick with high stress as she bucked forcefully against her chains and the guard’s far stronger arms. “DON’T DO IT! EEEII!” She squealed as the first fingertip grazed the center of her bare arch. “PLEASE DON’T! EEHE! NOT ME! NO!”

    “It was always going to be you…” Taking a step back, the statuesque young woman watched as Ui’s expression morphed from abject terror to crazed hysterics. “Slave.”

    “NYYAHAAA! AAHAHAHAHA!” The half naked woman screeched, rocking violently as ten experienced fingers ran wild over both of her upturned soles.

    Within seconds Ui’s forehead was as bright red as her stretched cheeks. Her knees kicked and hips spasmed, big breasts bouncing as she struggled. Those ten well-trained digits racing around the madam’s soles were the decisive blow, every ounce of confidence squealed away. Where once had stood a tyrannical dominatrix now hung a helpless little girl. In her frenzied state the older woman shook her head madly, her eyes bursting open wide and closing tight. As tears began to wet the top of her flushed cheeks, Ui would flash glares of dread and desperation toward Jai Lin. The smirking Amazon did not respond, she simply stood and watched for many long, agonizing minutes.

    “My, my Madam Ui.” Jai Lin said, moving a step closer to the howling woman. The taller woman flickered five nails casually across Ui’s lower tummy. “Such a shameful display.”

    Tears were streaming down the manically laughing woman’s cheeks, her expression an unnatural mix of hilarity and despair. Beads of sweat slid between Ui’s quaking bosoms and no words escaped her shrieking misery. Jai Lin danced the fingers of both hands along the jiggling undersides of her captive’s bare boobs, flicked across her nipples and ran riot into her taut underarms. The once terrifying madam would submit now, there was no doubt. Ui would surely tell Jai Lin exactly what she wanted to know, all it would take was to be asked the right question. She should not take any more risk than necessary, the ruthless woman thought as she raked her nails over the bound madam’s sensitive flesh, but there was plenty of time. They had all morning, Jai Lin dug her fingertips harshly in between Ui’s ribs, and so help her she would make that morning last forever.

    “What are we going to do with you, hmm?” The young woman teased as she lobster clawed the madam’s sweat-slicked sides. “Should we let the girls come down and play? Or maybe these fine gentlemen would like a turn?” She glanced over to Sam and the other patiently waiting guard. “I’m sure they’re suitably engorged by now.”

    “AAIIIEEEHAHAHA!” Was all Ui could offer, Jai Lin’s taunts entering a mind that was probably too bewildered to comprehend them. The man at the chained madam’s feet had the drive of a machine, his wiggling fingers never pausing nor slowing to rest.

    “Or should I look in those drawers of yours?” Glancing back to the Y-shaped table she had been strapped to many times herself, the Amazon eyed the small wooden drawers on its underside. “See if you enjoy having those tools and toys used on you as much as you enjoyed using them on me?” She looked back to the hysterical prisoner and clawed at her convulsing tummy. “Take her pants.”

    Without hesitation the crouching guard let go of Madam Ui’s ankles. Swinging forward, the topless woman twirled as she flew directly into Jai Lin’s tickling fingers. Twisting and turning as she dangled in the air, Ui giggled wildly as the younger woman’s fingertips pinched her lower ribs. Completely unfocused on the world around her, the bound mistress seemed to barely notice as the man slinking around below started tugging at her tight black pants. Sliding her last piece of significant clothing down her kicking legs, the burly man revealed Ui’s peach shaped ass, scantily clad in a lacy black thong.

    “You saucy little minx!” Jai Lin chuckled, giving the near nude woman’s exposed butt cheek a pinch as her pants were tugged clean off.

    “Eeiieehee! Pleeeaaheeeheeese!” The madam squirmed, wheezing her giggle-filled plea.

    “What should we start with, hm?” Keeping her nails wiggling fast, the younger woman chased her captive’s curvy ass. “Feathers perhaps? Electric toothbrush? Ohh, the labia-spreader? I know you’ll like that one!”

    “Eeeheeeno! Tell me! Hahaplease!” Ui squealed, spinning and dancing her tiny toes across the floor as she was taunted. “What do you wahahahant?! Ahahaha!”

    “You could give me what I want so easily!” Jai Lin said, flickering her nails around the helpless woman’s midriff. “If only I’d tell you what it is!”

    “Pleeheeheehee!” The madam giggled loudly, unable to finish a single word.

    “Why don’t you try and guess?” Glancing to the same guard who had so efficiently tormented Ui’s soles, the shapely girl goosed her captive’s sides. “You try and guess while this helpful fellow secures your legs!”

    Keeping the frenzied older woman laughing, Jai Lin guided the madam’s hips, easily turning her to face Sam Lucas and the other guard. Not allowing Ui to spin back, the audacious woman stood close to the dangling mistress. Pressing her ample bosom against Ui’s back, the young usurper clawed up and down her victim’s naked torso. From her sporadically dancing hips, along her tender sides and soft ribs, Jai Lin ran her fingertips on a rampage of poking, pinching, stroking and squeezing. Madam Ui shook with uninterrupted, squealing laughter. Feeling the older woman struggle madly against her, Jai Lin could not help but grind herself against the crazed madam’s wiggling butt.

    While Madam Ui squirmed in giggly delirium, Sam and the man beside him watched on without any obvious reaction. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the teary-eyed older woman, the third man was busy taking hold of her left ankle. As Ui cackled and writhed against Jai Lin’s nimble fingers, the man behind them pulled her leg backward, stretching it outward at a slight angle. Though the dangling woman kicked instinctively the guard was able to hold her firm. With Ui’s fruitlessly tugging foot in one hand, the guard used his other hand to pick up a shackle from the ground. The leather cuff was well worn and secured to the stone floor by three thick chain links. Leaving only the madam’s right leg free to hop awkwardly, the burly fellow quickly wrapped the cuff around her ankle and pulled it tight. Shuffling around behind Jai Lin, the stoic man began the same process with their cackling prisoner’s right leg.

    In order for the guard to bind the madam properly, Jai Lin had to take a couple of small steps back. As Ui’s right leg was stretched back and outward, forcing her quaking thighs open, the sadistic younger woman kept her in hysterics. Pulled backward, the bosomy mistress was soon forced to hang facing down at an almost 45-degree angle. Standing between the frantic woman’s legs, Jai Lin continued to grind against her lewdly, all the while squeezing her pinkened-ripe sides. Stretched as she was, Madam Ui’s tightly flexing butt protruded upward before her ruthless tormenter. Once firmly bound the tortured woman’s svelte frame was pulled taut, her upturned feet wiggling weakly as her ample boobs jiggled beneath her.

    “The feathers, if you please.” Jai Lin said, spidering all ten of her nails down onto the defenseless woman’s bouncing ass.

    “YEEEIIHEEHEE!” Madam Ui shrieked wordlessly, tears streaming down her bright red cheeks. Twisting and turning wildly the former force-of-nature bawled, utterly unable to maneuver her curvaceous butt away from the younger woman’s tickling touch.

    Behind both Ui and Jai Lin, the brawny guard was obliging the younger woman’s request. Pulling open the small draw on the Y-shaped table with a wooden squeak, the amicable man examined its contents. While he took his time surveying the various implements within the drawer, Madam Ui spasmed violently with girlish giggles. Pressing herself in between the hypersensitive madam’s thighs, Jai Lin danced ten fingers all over Ui’s firm ass. Over the bouncing tops and along her panty line, down between her cheeks where the madam’s thong barely protected what little was left covered. Her own libido firing on all cylinders, the lustful Amazon relished her captive’s fitful movements that were grinding so seductively against her.

    Approaching from the tall woman’s left, the burly guard held two long white feather in his open palms. “Here we are ma’am.” He said.

    “Spectacular.” Jai Lin said with an appreciative nod. Paying particular attention to the deep dimples on the outer edges of Ui’s butt cheeks, the devilish woman looked to the other man beside Sam. “Why don’t you take one each and see how our dear Madam’s feet fair against you?”

    “Yes ma’am.” The man with the feathers said agreeably. Almost as soon as he had uttered both words the other guard was already beside him. Taking a feather each, the two men wandered behind the helplessly laughing woman. Kneeling down before Ui’s upturned soles, the strapping guards wasted no time as they started swiftly drawing the pointed tips of their feathers up and down her silky arches.

    “NAAAHAHAHA!” Madam Ui howled anew when the feathery foot tickling joined Jai Lin’s devastatingly sensitive butt assault.

    Hearing the older woman’s shrieking laughter caused an especially striking pang of arousal to tighten Jai Lin’s abdomen. Such a sudden spike of wanton desire made the cruel Amazon realize how soaking wet she had become beneath her own pants and panties. Spidering her right hand over Ui’s shaking hip, Jai Lin pinched viciously at the chained woman’s side. Taking a half-step back, the sinister sadist tucked her left hand down in between herself and the madam’s thick thighs. Turning her palm upright Jai Lin hooked her fingers under Ui’s panties, the cloth immediately damp to the touch. Whether the crazed woman noticed consciously or not was a mystery, either way she certainly shuddered forcefully when the younger woman’s fingertips stroked across her sopping wet labia.

    Feeling the liquid warmth against her fingers Jai Lin let out a small moan, unheard under the madam’s frenzied cackling. With well-practiced finesse that had been refined on a dozen other girls, the statuesque demoness slid the tip of her middle finger gently against Ui’s swollen clit. Never one to give without taking something in return, Jai Lin scurried her other hand over the bound woman’s tummy. Drilling her index finger deep into the madam’s navel, the voluptuous hellcat unleashed a reign of unstoppable pleasure and nightmarish torture within a few short inches of each other. With only two fingertips, Jai Lin drove the crazed older woman doubly as insane as she would have been from the feet feathering alone.

    No mere brutes, Sam’s two loyal and well-trained men wielded their individual feathers with military precision. Targeting the howling woman’s tender heels, the guards twirled their feather tips, a gentle touch that defied the speed at which they moved. Swiping down over her desperately flexing soles, Ui screamed through every excruciating stroke as the fronds dragged over her wrinkling arches. Moving in unison, large hands pressed against the madam’s tiny toes, forcing her soles to stretch taught. Barely able to twitch from their iron grips, the helplessly chained woman put her leather bonds to the test when each man sawed a feather cruelly between her toes.

    “Oh dear!” Jai Lin said mockingly as she flickered the berserk woman’s clit with increased vigor. “I think our little slave is going to shame herself!” Knowing exactly how close Ui was to climax, the younger woman slid her hand out from under the sweat soaked mistress’ sordid panties. “Take a break gentlemen.”

    Stepping back, the devilish torturer suppressed her own raging libido in favor of steadfast composure. As much as Jai Lin’s more carnal longings tempted her at every second to simply ravage Madam Ui, there were far more important things at stake. Moving backward between the two guards who held Ui’s feet stretched and idle, the vengeful Amazon had to remind herself that failure was not an option. There would be plenty of time later for all the salacious delights the world had to offer, if her gamble paid off. Wandering slowly around to the writhing and bound woman’s front, Jai Lin could no longer procrastinate. She had little doubt her plan would succeed. Little though that doubt was, it was enough to put visions of a lifetime under Madam Ui’s rule in her mind. Were such a future to take place, Jai Lin knew it would not be long before all her ambition would disappear, all her drive and confidence and everything she had built over the last five years would turn to nothing. She would, under Ui’s power, become a fragile creature composed of pure suffering.

    “You’re so close…” Standing before the blubbering older woman, Jai Lin kept her voice to the husky whisper of an impassioned lover. “We both know…if I tell these men to tickle you again…you’ll cum all over yourself.”

    “Mnnn…nnnhh…” Ui whimpered unintelligibly. The small sounds that squeaked from between her quivering lips were as much whines of anguish as they were moans of pleasure.

    “Instead…because I am merciful and giving…I will allow you a choice.” Looking back over her shoulder, the green-eyed demoness signaled to Sam with a small nod. As the good captain moved forward and passed the two women back toward his men, Jai Lin turned her attention back to the disheveled madam. “I need you to tell me something.” The younger woman said softly as she brushed a rogue strand of hair back behind Ui’s ear. “Something obvious to you, something only you and Harold would know.”

    “I...I don’t…” The former queen of ticking terror trembled.

    Jai Lin pressed the tip of her index over Ui’s lips. “Hush now.” The assertive woman said. She held the ruined madam’s cheek in the palm of her hand. “I would not expect you to think too hard in your current state. All you need to know is this-“

    Pausing to allow her chained victim a moment to fully appreciate the point, Jai Lin craned her neck to look around Ui. The two guards were dutifully kneeled either side of the older woman’s upturned feet, a hand each keeping her soles taut while their other hands each remained poised with feathers. Towering between the two men, strolling slowly toward the trapped and tortured mistress was a very naked and very engorged Sam Lucas. Stepping between Ui’s wide-open legs, the muscular guard captain stopped just shy of his enormous cock touching against her soaked panties.

    “If you tell me what I want to know immediately-“ Jai Lin continued briefly, pausing once again as Captain Lucas easily tore their hopelessly restrained prisoner’s last remaining shred of clothing away.

    “Ahii!” Ui gasped, rendered completely nude as her destroyed panties were tossed aside. The defenseless woman’s wide eyed surprise then turned to an open-mouth shudder as the brawny captain slid his bulbous cock head along the most upper edge of her right thigh.

    “Captain Lucas here is going to fuck you.” The younger woman said through a toothy grin. “He’ll fuck you so hard you’ll forget what it’s like not to be fucked.”

    “Uhh…unnhh…” Ui gyrated lewdly as the giant brute stroked the tip of his pulsating cock along the outer edges of her fully exposed pussy.

    “But.” Jai Lin bought her other hand up to the softly moaning madam’s cheek and squeezed firmly. “If you hesitate to give me what I want, and I cannot imagine why you would, I will allow these other men to do as they please…while Captain Lucas fucks you silly.”

    “N-no…I…unnh…I will tell…a-anything!” The horribly degraded woman stammered. “Please…please, anything!”

    “Your name.”

    “My…?” Ui whimpered right before rolling her eyes back slightly as Sam’s slick cock drew down along her pussy lips.

    “Harold gave you one, didn’t he?” Jai Lin said, confident in her tone. “Anyone else who might have known it disappeared from this place years ago. You were Kanpekina, he named you as he did me.” She released the older woman’s face from her grip and stood back to her full statuesque height. “Tell me your full name, now.”

    “Takara Ui.” The nude woman said clearly. To Jai Lin’s ear when Ui spoke her full name it almost sounded as if there was some last remaining hint of pride in the former madam’s voice. There was no whine nor moan nor distraction, no exhaustion nor air of defeat. The teary eyed, sweat soaked and red faced older woman had been destroyed in every way Jai Lin could imagine, yet still spoke her given name with courage. Of course, Madam Ui did not know why she had been asked her own name or just how crushingly she had truly lost. Still, the younger of the two women thought to herself, she could not have a single ember of dignity left to let burn, no matter how miniscule.

    Leaning forward, Jai Lin cupped Madam Ui’s chin in her hand. For a long moment the two women looked into one another’s eyes and exactly what the look meant would only and forever be known to them. At the moment’s end Jai Lin pressed her lips against Ui’s in a kiss of sensual victory that caused the bitter rivals to moan together. It was the one and only act between Harold Deveno’s most favored slaves that they would ever do agreeably to one another. As they parted lips Jai Lin decided her own lustful desires could wait. No orgasm would ever be as satisfying as the power of totally annihilating her enemy.

    “Fuck her.” Jai Lin said and stepped back.

    Ui dropped her chin to her collarbone and looked down the length of her stretched and naked body. “Ohho…ohno…it’s…it’s too big!” The older woman said weakly, the brief touch of bravery in her tone gone as quickly as it had arrived. Squirming as Sam’s massive cockhead slowly widened her pussy lips, the once haughty witch opened her mouth wide and shuddered. “He…ahh! Ahh! It’s too m-much!”

    “You can’t hide the truth.” A wry smirk across her lips, the young woman watched as the mistress’ expression contorted.

    Clutching his large hands around Ui’s hips to hold her still, the Herculean captain gradually slid his rock hard cock inside her. Where Sam’s stoic expression did not waver, the bound madams’ twisted as her eyes rolled back. Twitching and spasming inch by inch, Madam Ui closed her right eye and her tongue hung lazily a top her bottom lip. Once her sopping wet pussy had fully engulfed Captain Lucas’ pulsating shaft, every muscle in Ui’s neck tensed and her eyes went wide. Her cheeks stretched and her jaw dropped, the overthrown queen of cruelty’s stare was a thousand miles away as she silently squirmed.

    “ANH!” Ui squawked, her petit body jolting forward as Sam thrust hard into her.

    “Now…” Jai Lin said as the giant man reared back in preparation for another deep dive.


    “Tickle her!” The merciless Amazon said between methodically timed thrusts.

    “N-NonoAANNH!” Ui balked, interrupting her own protest with another loud scream of wanton desire. “NONOPLEASE!”

    Watching as Sam pounded into the helpless madam, Jai Lin took several more steps back. Able to see the whole picture, the vengeful victor looked upon her work and had never felt closer to freedom. Within seconds the men kneeling behind Ui put their feathers and fingers to work all over her bare soles and the result was a one-woman riot. Everything was in place, Jai Lin thought, her part was done, as was Sam’s and even Ui had played her role perfectly. All that needed to happen now was for the riskiest part of her to succeed. The one part the cunning the vixen had no control over. In the meantime, even if the diabolical plan failed, Jai Lin would always have the image of Madam Ui being tortured to keep her warm at night.

    Sam’s cock bore into her, his huge paws forcing the older woman’s ass back against him. Her chains clanging above, Ui’s bulbous boobs bounced freely as her trapped body was defiled with overwhelming sensation. Torn between shrieking laughter and hoarse moans of primal passion, the sounds that exploded from Madam Ui were a garbled mix of both. No recognizable word escaped her lips, in English or otherwise. Ui’s swollen nipples danced in the air, her thighs were drenched in liquid lust and her tiny hypersensitive feet were overrun by tickling feathers and fingers. During all of this Sam increased his speed to a rapid degree, his powerfully large frame shaking every last ounce of sanity from Ui’s much smaller body.

    Savoring every scream, tear and drop of hot sweat, Jai Lin would now and then catch the tiniest flash of hatred beaming from her captive’s eyes. Few and far between, much too preoccupied from her ongoing torment to concentrate on anything else, Madam Ui’s crazed glare would occasionally land on her young usurper. Barely perceptible, perhaps not even visible if one were actively looking for it, but Jai Lin knew the look was there. A look of shame and embarrassment and decimation, a message not even a single long. I hate you, the message said, I hate what you have done to me, I hate that you learned from me, I hate that you’re making feel pleasure. Madam Ui would no doubt carry that look for the rest of her life, the younger woman could only hope that she would never have to see it again.

    “Ma’am?” A man’s voice said as if repeating the word a second time. “Sorry ma’am…”

    “Hm?” Jai Lin turned toward the stairs, completely unaware that there was a chiseled guard standing almost right beside her. He was one of Sam’s men, tall with a five o’ clock shadow. She remembered him as being quite friendly toward the girls, at least until they were strapped down in his bedchamber. “Yes, what is it?”

    “The Captain, ma’am.” The guard said, just loud enough for Jai Lin to hear him under Madam Ui’s unending wailing. “He asked to me to tell him when-“

    “Is it done?” The pitiless woman said, interrupting the man with her eagerness for good news. In return the guard offered a simple nod and Jai Lin turned immediately to make eye contact with Sam. “Go upstairs and wait.” She told the man without looking at him again.

    Biting her bottom lip, Jai Lin held eye contact with Sam as he slowed his mighty thrusts. No words were needed between them. Ui whimpered as the two men tickling her feet switched to dragging one lazy digit around her well-trekked and pinkened soles. As the madam continued to giggle and quake with the captain’s cock deep inside her, Jai Lin took a moment to let her shoulders relax. Taking a breath and shaking her head, a broad smile crossed her lips. Until that moment she had not realized how anxious she had truly been. Finally her life was her’s and her’s alone, all Jai Lin had to do now was beat the clock, and be right about Harold’s password.

    “I have…such wonderful news.” Jai Lin said, her expression of surprise and relief returning to a more naturally predatory look. She walked right up to Madam Ui and slid one hand behind the back of her head. Grabbing a handful of the gasping woman’s hair, the young Amazon pulled her captive’s head back so they were face to face. “I’m going to make you cum now.”

    “Ahhnee…aheehee…nnnUUH!” Ui mewled unintelligibly as her tormentor’s other hand nimbly slid down to find her painfully erect clit.

    “I just have one thing to tell you.” Sliding her finger tip quickly back and forth over the tip of the madam’s clit, Jai Lin stared into her squirming victim’s eyes like a general looking over a hard won battlefield. “Are you going to cum for me?”

    “Uhhnn! Uhhyeeheehss!” Giggling through her moans and wincing from the steely cock inside her, Ui tensed and shook as the first wave of pleasure lapped at her libido.

    “Harold is dead.” Jai Lin said plainly, just as Madam Ui was overcome by orgasm.

    The expression that crossed Ui’s face as she squirted forcefully over Jai Lin’s hand was seared into the Amazon’s memory. For years after that day, if ever Jai Lin found herself alone and amorous, she would think of Ui’s twisted visage, a contorted mix of shock, grief and unstoppable lustful release. Where other memories faded with time, the ruthless former slave never forgot every tiny detail from that exact moment. Jai Lin would recall the stretched lines and deep red hues, the whites of Ui’s eyes surrounding her iris. The way in which the news of their master’s passing battled the madam’s ever-swelling orgasm, it was a memory that Jai Lin went on to use time and time to again to bring herself to climax.

    Releasing her victim’s hair, Jai Lin swiftly moved her skilled fingers to Ui’s bouncing nipples. Thrashing wildly, Ui howled with inhuman cries as Sam drove his cock back and forth. Taking their cues perfectly, the two guards at the madam’s vulnerable feet went to work, unleashing an unrelenting onslaught of toe tickling terror. Before her first explosive orgasm was over Ui was pushed into another, the two mind-shattering tsunamis of lust crashing together. Clearly taken by the same sense of triumph as his partner in crime, Captain Lucas allowed his stone-faced expression to turn to one of gritted teeth and furious passion. Keeping his huge cock inside her, Sam clawed at the tender spots just inside Ui’s hips at her lower tummy.

    “AGGH!” The muscular captain roared, pumping a heavy burst of hot cum into the berserk madam. Evidently the sudden torrent of steaming cream inside her threw Ui into another mortifying orgasm, one that rode out several more torrents of surging cum.

    Quite satisfied, Sam slid himself back. As their commander stepped out, the two guards ceased their all out assault on Madam Ui’s tender feet. Falling almost entirely limp, the madam dangled from her bonds, her tiny toes curling as she writhed through the remnants of several all consuming orgasms. While the captain retrieved his neatly folded clothing from a table top and the two men stood ready and waiting their next order, Jai Lin continued to gently fondle her defeated enemy’s rigid nipples.

    “You two wait here.” Sam said, pulling his shirt down over his chiseled abdomen. “I’ll send for you soon.”

    “What should we do with her, sir?” One of the men said, looking the softly moaning madam up and down as their fully dressed captain walked over toward Jai Lin. “In the meantime?”

    “What do you think?” Captain Lucas asked his co-conspirator, just as she let Ui’s nipples out from between her fingers.

    “We took everything, even her name. She’s nothing now.” Jai Lin said, turning toward the spiral staircase with Sam. “Do whatever you like with her.”

    Later Jai Lin learned that the sounds she and Sam heard from Ui as they ascended the stairs were a result of two acts. The first was one guard prying the madam’s butt cheeks apart and wildly tonguing her asshole. The second act, and the one Jai Lin wished she had waited around to see, was the other guard securing the straps of the labia-spreader to Ui’s thighs. At the last moment, right before Sam and Jai Lin closed the door behind them, Madam Ui could be heard screaming in Japanese.

    Chapter Twelve: Silent Laughter Fills These Halls

    When Luanne found out about her unwitting role in Jai Lin’s plan she was more than a little upset. Reunited with Harold at long last by what she thought was the good graces of her friend, the bubbly blonde had gone gleefully wild. Together she and her long lusted after master rolled around on his bedroom floor in a spectacular time of laughter and ravenous arousal. The good time lasted all of thirty minutes before the old man’s heart finally gave out. Jai Lin, for her part, made no effort to hide the fact that their once feared master’s demise had been her intent all along. For Luanne her subsequent freedom and several million dollars put into an account in her name were little consolation for the betrayal.

    Madam Ui’s full name had worked just as Jai Lin suspected. ‘Takara’, when punched into Harold’s computer opened the account where Ui’s billions had been set aside. Within minutes Sam was able to shuffle the money around. Once their fortunes were secure the pair moved quickly, informing the guards and girls alike of their master’s passing. To their overwhelming delight and eternal gratitude most of the girls were released. Each was granted a hefty sum to secure their futures, and for their silence. Speaking out about anything that had happened in Harold Deveno’s fortress, the girls of his harem did not need to be told, would result in punishment far more severe that anything any of them had experienced up to that point in their lives.

    By the time the lawyer’s call came and went unanswered most of the girls had packed their bags. When Harold ‘Harry’ Deveno Junior arrived to his father’s fortress several hours later there was only a single living soul left behind.

    “No guards…no screaming…” The dark haired man said as he stood in the snowy courtyard beside the open door of his limousine. He was a strapping lad of almost thirty years with a thick coat and dark glasses. “I’ve never seen this place so quiet.”

    “I can only imagine.” Said Harry’s meek assistant, a small Korean woman with tidy shoulder length hair.

    The tall fellow turned to his personal aide. “For your sake be glad that is the case.”

    “Yes sir.” The girl nodded, avoiding her employer’s stare.

    “Spread these idiots out.” Harry said, motioning to a half dozen more assistants who were piling out of a van behind the limo. “Look for my father, but call me as soon as you find anyone.”

    “Yes sir.” The aide said again and turned toward the gaggle of nervously waiting lackeys. With a series of short, sharp claps the aide assembled the assortment of underlings to her attention. “You three to the east wing!” She said hurriedly, pointing to the fortress’ large front doors. “You three west! Look for Mr. Deveno Senior!”

    Removing his glasses, Harry strolled a few steps away from the limousine, a thin layer of snow crunching on the ground beneath his Testoni shoes. His expression was one of open disdain as he watched his anxiety-ridden aide and her team hustle into his father’s enormous hideaway. Not once had Harry ever seen the grounds there unmanned by armed men. There were no groundskeepers clearing the fresh snow, no one manning the gate, no one to greet him. Perhaps, he wondered, his father had finally given in to the nagging demands of Harry’s third stepmother. A pity, the stylishly dressed heir thought, these were hallowed halls indeed.

    The blonde trollop that stood as a sorry excuse for Harold Senior’s fourth wife had barely been in the picture three years. She had irked Harry to no end from the moment her overpriced engagement ring was slipped on, forever carrying on about what a massively pointless expense the fortress was. To his way of thinking it was his most recent stepmother, more than anyone, who should have been given an unavoidable stay in the place. How she even found out about the fortress was still something of a mystery, Harry’s mind wandered before the trilling of his phone broke the thought.

    “Yes?” He said indignantly, answering the phone.

    “”Sir, it’s…” The timid voice of Harry’s personal aide stammered in his ear.

    “Get on with it.”

    “It’s-it’s well…” She continued to jabber, causing her impatient employer to let out an impatient sigh. “I think you better come up here, sir. Best-best not over the phone.”

    “Take a breath, you blithering quim, and tell me what you’re on about.” Harry squeezed his phone tight and tightened his jaw.

    “S-sorry sir. It’s your father sir.” The aide said shakily. “He’s dead.”

    “About time.” Harold Junior said without hesitation. “Make arrangements for the body, will you? I’m going back to Tokyo.”

    “Th-there’s one more thing…”

    Harry huffed another frustrated sigh, exaggerating the volume purposely into the receiver. “Well?”

    “We found someone sir, it’s kind of strange but-”

    “-Where?” The irritable man said, interrupting his underling.

    “The master office sir.” The aide said. “Do you want us to-“

    “-Do nothing.” Harry said, cutting the girl off again. “I’m on my way up.”

    With a hotly determined pace the newly minted inheritor of the Deveno fortune marched through the fortress’ front doors and into it’s enormous foyer. Without slowing, Harry removed his coat and tossed it over the wooden banister before heading up one of the two huge cascading flights of stairs. Through the halls of the east wing his hard footsteps echoed from walls where he had chased many a nude and terrified slave girl down years before. Upon reaching the door of his late father’s office he stopped to find his aide and two assistants waiting outside.

    “What are you doing here?” The imposing young man snapped.

    “We-on the phone you said-“ His aide stuttered while the two assistants did their best to stare holes through the floor.

    “I said to make arrangements for the body.” Harry said, placing a hand on the door and pushing it gently. “Not to stand around waiting like you aren’t paid a very generous amount for what little you bother to do.”

    “Sir, yes sir, sorry sir!“ The poor girl groveled, clapping her hands quickly at the other two terrified servants.

    As the three assistants hurried off down the otherwise quiet hallway, Harry muttered under his breath. “One of these days, I swear…”. Their footsteps fading, the strapping billionaire pushed open the office and stepped into the well-furnished old room. There was his father’s illustrious self-portrait, the outdated globe and collection of assorted and finely aged scotch. A pair of large antlers hung mounted on one wall above the mantle of the open fireplace. Harry had not been in his father’s office for a long time. Daylight lit the wooden furniture from a large window that overlooked the slave’s garden. And there atop the antique oak desk, hogtied, nude and with a ball gag firmly between her lips, was Madam Ui.

    “My my…” Harry said coolly, closing the door gently behind him. “You’ve certainly seen better days, haven’t you?”

    “Mmph…” Ui cooed weakly, her hair a messy nest that matted to the cold sweat on her neck and shoulders. Her eyes were wide and trembling, and her bare feet squirmed as she tugged uselessly at the well-tied ropes holding her still.

    “My father’s dead, you know that obviously.” The swaggering lad said as he moved with slow, deliberate steps toward the large desk. “No doubt you’re going to tell me everything that happened here.”

    “Mm! Mmm!” The older woman nodded as best she could from her awkward position. Drool slid from either side of the ball gag and her eyes began to water as Harry drew closer.

    Stopping at the edge of his father’s desk, Harold Junior leaned down until he was eye-level with the trapped madam. “Of course we’ll need to take that thing out of your mouth.”

    “Mff…mff…” Ui squeaked agreeably.

    Harry stood upright and put his palms flat against the desk, right beside the helplessly nude woman. “Not to worry, we’ll get this all straightened out.” He said and swung a knee up onto the hardwood surface. Pulling himself up onto the desk, the callous young man swung his other knee over the small of Ui’s back, straddling her backwards. “Sooner or later.”

    “MM! MNN!” Madam Ui’s gentle sounds turned immediately to loud, muffled squawks of distress as Harry bought his weight down just above her curvaceous bare butt.

    “Probably later.” Smiling for the first time since before departing Tokyo, the handsome lad started wiggling all ten of his fingertips across the bottoms of Ui’s delicate bare feet. Between his legs Harry could feel the pitiful woman begin to squirm, then buck fruitlessly as the speed of his fingers increased.

    “MMMFFF! NNNHHMFF!” Ui shook wildly underneath the young man, completely powerless as her frenzied laughter was stifled by the rubber ball between her teeth.

    Harry’s smile grew into a broad, toothy grin. It was good to be home.

    Chapter Thirteen: The Beautiful Origin of Jai Lin

    In a sleek, form-fitting black dress that revealed most of her left thigh Jai Lin walked unimpeded through Dubai’s finest high-rise restaurant, the rotating Mukalifa. At a window side table, far from any of the other guests, the long legged twenty-eight year old placed her black Hermes purse on the tabletop and sat down. It had been a little over two years since her break for freedom into the wide-open world, and she had relished every day of it.

    “Like the view?” Sam Lucas said. He sat opposite Jai Lin, fitted out in his own pricey ensemble. Far below the nightlights of the city shone a sea of glistening colour.

    “I like every view out here.” Jai Lin smiled, turning her attention to her friend.

    “Where are you thinking next?” The burly man said, flashing a tiny nod to a curvy waitress standing patiently out of earshot.

    “I’m not, actually.” The statuesque woman said as she glanced over the wine selection. “That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”

    Looking at the young waitress briefly, Sam said “The Romanee.” and then motioned to his companion.

    “Chateau Margaux.” Jai Lin said, her accent flawless.

    As the waitress retreated, the brawny former guard captain looked back to Jai Lin. “You want to stop moving?”

    “Not especially, I’ve enjoyed these last couple of years very much.” The elegantly dressed woman said, moving her purse to the other side of the table. “The problem is this life we’re leading is not sustainable.”

    “You’re worried about Deveno?”

    “I am practical, Sam.” Jai Lin said with a friendly smirk. “You are a large black man. I am an unusually tall Japanese woman. We travel the world spending money and-“ She paused and glanced back over one shoulder, then lowered her voice. “-and torturing whomever we fancy. Not only that, we do it with several men tagging along behind us who make very little effort to keep their own sordid activities quiet wherever we go.”

    “And we stole billions of dollars.” Sam said with a hint of humor.

    “Yes, we did.” Jai Lin chuckled softly. “And whether or not Harry Deveno figured that out or not is neither here nor there, because he’ll certainly have deduced we killed his father.”

    “More or less...” The large man said, tapping four fingers across the tablecloth. “You think leaving Ui behind was a mistake?”

    “God no.” The coyly grinning woman said. “I’d give up every dollar we have to see the look on her face when she realized who was coming for her.”

    “Well, what are you thinking? Anywhere we go, we’re going to standout, aren’t we?” Sam said. “If we sit still it’ll be harder to run. We’ve been covering our tracks well enough so far. Besides, we don’t even know for sure that Deveno is after us.”

    Looking out to the lights again, the Amazonian billionaire narrowed her eyes. “Covering our tracks is half the battle. Luck is the other half Samuel, and no matter how good we are it is a resource we have no control over.”

    “Then we part ways?”

    Jai Lin turned directly back to her friend. “I’d rather not. However…it might be prudent to send the men on their merry way. They all know this was never going to last forever.”

    “Alright.” Sam said and leaned back in his chair. “Let’s say we settle down somewhere, it’ll need to be a city. Big enough to be inconspicuous but not so big we won’t be able to control the locals.”

    “Control the locals?”

    “Police, politicians, that sort of thing.” Intertwining his fingers, the huge man made a gentle shrug. “I’m not suggesting we build a fortress on a hill, we’ll need to be a little let obvious than that. One thing Deveno did do right was keep the local authorities in his pocket.”

    “Sounds promising…” Jai Lin said thoughtfully. Shifting her gaze, the predatory woman eyed a rather busty brunette girl at the bar. The girl, around the age of twenty, was giggling half-heartedly at something her date said. “And what do we do about our ‘stock’? If we’re not traveling we’ll need a source of new amusements and I’m certain brining in sex slaves will bring us no end of unwanted attention.”

    “Mm.” Moving his eyes to follow Jai Lin’s focus, the brawny man instead landed on their approaching waitress. “That will require some thought…and patience.”

    “No rush.” The leggy woman said, catching her friend’s line of sight. A tiny smirk perked the corners of her full lips as she too eyed the girl carrying their wine.

    “There we are, sir, madam.” Placing the glasses down one by one from her tray, the young woman smiled politely. “Can I get you started on some entrees?”

    “Actually-“ Jai Lin said. Just as the waitress was about to release her wine glass, the tall woman placed her hand over the curvy girl’s slender wrist. “-I’m much more interested in dessert.” Tightening her grip slightly, Jai Lin made eye contact with the waitress, who noticeably shivered. “What time does your shift end?”

    The End.
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    WOW! A new TickleMantis story?!?! What have we done to deserve this??? :-)

    Good to see you back in the saddle, my Friend!
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    This... this is a masterpiece.

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    Just amazing. And I'm only 1/3 the way through! This is so big. I'm loving it so far!

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    Just finished. Great story. Of course my favorite parts were the tickle torture sessions. The edging and the forced orgasms were great!

    Thanks for this amazing gift.

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    Great work, thank you

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    A MASTERPIECE! i love that Tutor series but this one is just an epic!

    Iam so happy you are back. In 2020 that is some much needed light THX man!

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    If most of your stories could be likened to sculptures, this akin to a national monument. Just scanning through it quickly, some amazing passages of prose are already leaping out at me.

    Thanks for writing this, and thanks for helping make TMF worth coming back to again and again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by loupanther View Post
    WOW! A new TickleMantis story?!?! What have we done to deserve this??? :-)

    Good to see you back in the saddle, my Friend!
    After the year we've been having I think you all deserve a great deal more!

    Lovely to see you my friend, thanks so much for commenting. A loupanther comment is even rarer than a TickleMantis story!

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    This... this is a masterpiece.
    Thank you! I'm thrilled you liked the story!

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    Just finished. Great story. Of course my favorite parts were the tickle torture sessions. The edging and the forced orgasms were great!

    Thanks for this amazing gift.
    Thanks luckycub! Those poor characters certainly had a rough time of it, but it's worth it for our enjoyment (though I'm not sure they would agree!)

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    Great work, thank you
    Thank YOU for taking the time to comment! I'm really glad you enjoyed my latest offering!

    Quote Originally Posted by Geni-Tickler View Post
    A MASTERPIECE! i love that Tutor series but this one is just an epic!

    Iam so happy you are back. In 2020 that is some much needed light THX man!
    These days it's important to be able to take out minds off the woes of the world for a moment -even if it means reading about the woes of fictional characters! Thanks so much for your comment, I'm delighted you like the ongoing series and that #5 didn't disappoint!

    Quote Originally Posted by themoblitz View Post
    If most of your stories could be likened to sculptures, this akin to a national monument. Just scanning through it quickly, some amazing passages of prose are already leaping out at me.

    Thanks for writing this, and thanks for helping make TMF worth coming back to again and again!
    You're too kind themoblitz! I'd love to know what you thought of the full story, when you have time! Thank you for your kind words!
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