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    Buffy’s Ticklish Halloween Torment (1 of 3) *F/F

    A hallowe'en commission I did over on DA featuring Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Buffy’s Ticklish Halloween Torment (Part 1 of 3)
    By MrObscura101

    “It’s 7.00am on October 31st so hope you’re ready for a spook-tacular Halloween!” the morning DJ on the clock radio said cheerfully
    “Uurrggh…Hallowe’en…” Buffy Summers, the heroic vampire Slayer groaned as she roused from her sleep, over the years she had come to hate Hallowe’en, it seemed like every year there was some kind of supernatural weirdness that she would have to fight while everyone else was trick or treating or otherwise having fun.
    “BUFFY WAKE UP!!!!” her mother called from downstairs
    “Yeah ok mom!” she called back while struggling to get out of bed

    Putting on the TV for her morning chat show she then laid out her clothes for school on the bed, a blue top, grey pants and white socks and went into the adjacent bathroom to get ready, however while she was in the shower she didn’t see the channel change itself over to a children’s show with a clown host. The clown then peered through the screen and began looking around the room where he spied Buffy’s clothes on the bed
    “He he this will be fun…” he chuckled as a cloud of spiritual energy emanated from the TV and crawled along the floor then up the bed where it enveloped Buffy’s white socks leaving them glowing for a few moments

    “Hey, what happened to my show?” Buffy said aloud as she came back from her shower wearing a towel before trying to adjust the station but every click of the remote would just put the clown show back on
    “COME ON YOU STUPID TV!!!!!” she called angrily while smacking the side of the set a few times, but it did nothing
    “GGRRR SHUT UP!!!!!” Buffy shouted angrily
    “BUFFY!!!!! 15 MINUTE WARNING!!!!!!” her mom shouted
    “OK MOM I’LL BE DOWN IN A SEC!” she shouted back, switching off the TV in frustration and getting dressed while making a mental note to look for a new TV as she grabbed her brown boots off the floor and left her room
    “Looks like I found my next special guest” the clown giggled as the TV turned itself back on

    It was another boring day in class and Buffy was eager for it to be over, the second hour dragging out as she tried reading her history book
    “Soooo bored….” she thought as she tried to focus on the intricacies of Feudal Europe while under her desk her feet began to tingle. Buffy had no idea why, but her feet slowly started to itch, she tried to ignore it and moved her feet about carefully, hoping to stifle the itch by moving her feet within her boots, but this didn’t work
    “Damn, did mom get new laundry detergent?” she thought, wondering if the rest of her skin might start itching from some kind of allergic reaction but it remained entirely on her feet alone
    “Damn it, damn it, damn it” she thought, getting more and more frustrated as the itching got worse
    “Just scratch that itch…” a voice seemed to whisper but there was no-one there
    “I’ve got to do something” she thought

    Buffy continued trying to shift her feet around within her boots to try and deal with the irritating itching but given the classroom’s hardwood floor she had to be careful as moving too much would cause her boots to scrape against the floor and alert everyone to her predicament, she even tried leaning over and unzipping her left boot, which was facing the classroom wall, to be able to discreetly scratch the itch but was then called on by the teacher to answer a question so couldn’t attempt this.

    Finally the class ended to Buffy’s relief but with her friends with her she couldn’t get a moment alone to pry off her boots and deal with the itching without drawing attention to herself, she didn’t even have gym class today so couldn’t use the changing rooms as an excuse. In her next class Buffy sat in the back to stay out of sight as everyone did a pop quiz, the itching even seemed to stop and she was doing well in the quiz when suddenly the itching started up once more
    “No…not now…” she thought worriedly, trying to ignore it
    “Go on…scratch that itch…” a voice whispered making her turn around, but she figured it must be her imagination. This continued for the rest of the class with the voice whispering to just take off her boots there and then to deal with the itching and how wonderful it would feel. Buffy got so distracted at one point that she found her hand had started unzipping one of them without even thinking before she took control and zipped her boot back up without anyone noticing

    Throughout the day the itching seemed to subside then come back even greater than before, it was completely random where it would strike, her toes, insteps, heels – there was no way of knowing!

    Buffy silently powered through lunch and the afternoon classes until the bell at last rang
    “Hey Buffy, wanna come round to my house and watch old Halloween B movies?” Xander asked as she, him and Willow left the school
    “Uh, love to but I need to help my mom with trick and treaters… you know how those kids can get if they don’t get their sugar!” she lied as she headed for home, sprinting the moment her friends were out of sight

    Running home she dashed straight to her room, locked the door and pried off her boots and socks
    “Ooohhhhhhhh finally……” she gasped in relief as she at last managed to scratch the itching which finally receded as she slumped back onto her bed
    “What the hell is going on?” she said aloud when suddenly a voice answered her
    “You’ll see…” a familiar voice said as the TV switched itself on with the clown from before grinning at her before dozens of multi coloured tentacles came through the screen and grabbed her, wrapping around her ankles
    “HEY GET OFF ME!!!!” she shouted, trying to grab a stake on her nightstand but more tentacles grabbed her wrists as well, Buffy was then dragged off the bed and onto the floor as the tentacles began retracting and pulling her towards the TV
    “HELP!!!!” she cried aloud as more tentacles grabbed her waist, legs and arms until she was right in front of the set and with one final tug she was pulled into the TV set and disappeared

    “Ow my head…” Buffy groaned as she rubbed her forehead before trying to get her bearings, wherever she was it was pitch black
    “HEY! WHAT THE HELL’S GOING ON?!” she shouted, her voice echoing around but there was no response, until a bright spotlight switched on directly above her
    “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!!!” the clowns voice said “IT GIVES ME GREAT PLEASURE TO INTRODUCE OUR VERY SPECIAL GUEST, THE INFAMOUS VAMPIRE SLAYER – BUFFY SUMMERS!!!!!!!” followed by a round of applause from an invisible audience as the lights came on and Buffy was shocked to find herself on what looked like the set of a kids TV show
    “AND HERE’S YOUR HOST….MR GIGGLES!!!!!!” the audience cheered as the clown walked in from a doorway and bowed

    “Thank you, you’re too kind!” he grinned
    “HEY!” Buffy shouted as she walked over to him
    “Welcome to the show Miss Summers” he said, holding out his hand but she slapped it away and grabbed the collar of his shirt before shoving him against a wall “WHAT IS GOING ON?! WHERE ARE WE?!”
    “I am the spirit of Halloween, it is my job to find people not enjoying themselves on the holiday and teach them the error of their ways…” he explained as he pointed to a wall, Buffy looked to see hundreds of polaroid photos of different people in different styles of clothing dating back to colonial times, each was laughing hysterically in the picture, their smiles frozen in celluloid
    “I get it, you’re some kind of freakish demon who played that prank on my feet” Buffy said as she tightened her grip “NOW SEND ME HOME!”
    “Sorry I can’t do that” he said nonplussed

    Buffy spied a piece of wood on the counter behind him that she tried to grab and use as a stake, but he pushed her backwards onto a large shag carpet and she let out a squeal the second her bare feet touched the long fluffy tendrils
    “hehehehe heheheh wwhahahatt??!!!” she giggled as she looked up and saw the clown was gone
    “A side effect of my spell, leaves the victim with EXTREMLY ticklish skin” he explained “Now for the rules of how to get home from here… you have to navigate a series of rooms, if you can escape them all with your sanity intact you can go free, if not you’ll end up like my wall of fame” his voice explained as a door opened behind Buffy with a bright light emanating from it. Seeing no choice Buffy walked towards it as the audience applauded

    There was a bright flash and Buffy found herself in a desert, except the sky was a luminous shade of green and the sand was a pinkish hue, looking back she saw the door had vanished before gasping as she found her clothes had changed when she stepped through, she was now wearing a pair of black knee high boots, black nylons, a red miniskirt and matching dress while her hair had been done up in a beehive
    “Star Trek?” she said in confusion as she recognised the logo on the left side of her red top
    “And of course I’m a red shirt” Buffy sighed in annoyance as she began looking around and trying to figure out the clown’s game, not noticing the sand behind her starting to shift and a small tentacle poke through before quickly retracting

    “This is ridiculous” she thought as she took the phaser and communicator from her belt, but they were just props and so no help at all “Wish I knew what the hell this freak wants me to do” she muttered as she noticed the heat blazing down from the three suns above before making her way to some nearby trees for some shade
    “Ok think, there’s got to be some kind of hidden way out of heeerreee!!!!!” Buffy began to say, only for the sand to suddenly give way beneath her feet causing her fall into a hole up to her waist before the sand compacted to keep her from falling anymore
    “Oh of course…” she huffed angrily as she tried pulling herself free without success, unaware that below the surface her legs were poking into a small cavern with several tentacles waiting for her. Slowly they snaked towards her flailing legs while she remained unaware, and they carefully started to ensnare her knees before pulling taunt to make her legs stretch out in opposite directions

    “HEY LET GO!!!!!!” Buffy shouted as she felt her legs being grabbed while trying to kick free of them, but more tentacles began approaching and started pulling at the zips of her boots
    “GET OFF!!!!” she shouted once she felt her boots starting to get tugged off and quickly removed leaving her legs in their black nylons before more tentacles grabbed her ankles as well rendering her totally legs immobile
    “THIS ISN’T FUNNY ANYMORE!!!!” she called out to the clown, only to gasp when she felt something brush against her now unprotected feet
    “HHFMMFMF!!!!” she squeaked as she felt one of the tentacles gently wiggle against her left nyloned arch causing her to instinctively kick but the other bindings at her legs meant she couldn’t move much as the tentacle continued lightly trailing against her arch

    Buffy continued trying to keep from laughing as the tentacle kept going, joined by another one brushing against her other arch
    “SSSTTFFF IITTTT!!!!” she growled angrily, trying to pull herself out of the hole and pounding her fists against the sand, she kept struggling until two more tentacles gently began brushing against the backs of her knees as well
    “HAHAHAHAHAAA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA GEGEGEGEEHEHEHTTT THHHAAHA HEHEHEHEHLLL AAWWAAHAHYYY!!!!!!!!!” she screamed as she burst out laughing and her entire body jolted about trying to get out of the hole, however more tentacles then burst from the ground and wrapped around her wrists, then her arms upwards to keep them held up
    “NOOHOHOHOOO LELEHEHETTT GGOOHOOOO!!!!!” she cried as more and more tentacles burst from the sand to start tickling her sides and underarms
    “HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHH NOHOHOHOOOO SSTTAAAHAHHAHAPPP!!!!!!” she cried as her upper and lower body started getting tickled all at the same time

    Buffy continued trying to get free when she realised to her horror that the tentacles around her legs had begun pulling her making her sink deeper into the hole!
    “HAHAHAHAA HAHAHAHAH NOONOOHOHOOOO!!!!!!” she cried in protest as she sunk lower and lower until she fell completely through the hole into the cavern, only now the tentacles around her arms still held on to her keeping them trapped in the ceiling while her legs now dangled several inches off the floor helplessly
    “GGRRR LEET GOO!!!!!” she shouted as she struggled and swung about trying to get free, only for a fissure to appear in the cave wall and two figures enter, they were scantily clad green skinned women, one with red hair and the other with black hair but Buffy recognised their faces from the clowns picture wall
    “Hey, can you help me?” she asked hopefully
    “Help you…” they both said in unison as they looked up to Buffy who noticed both had sadistic grins “Help you laugh…” they both said
    “WAIT NO!!!!!!” Buffy cried but it was too late

    The two aliens moved towards her legs as Buffy tried kicking them away but they were too quick, one grabbing her left leg and pulling it out in front of her while pinning Buffy’s ankle under her arm as the other one tapped the ground and a tentacle burst out to ensnare Buffy’s right ankle and pulled her leg taunt and immobile
    “NO! DON’T! I CAN HEHEHEHEHEHEHEELLLPPPP YOYOOHUHUUUU!!!!!!” Buffy tried to explain as they each began tickling her, joined with the tentacles above start tickling her underarms and ribs as well
    “You can’t help anyone…not even yourself…” the girls replied as if in a trance, Buffy then noticed that there were tentacles by the girl’s feet as well which were lightly tickling them even as they tickled her
    “But we don’t want to…we love it here!” they both answered which shocked her
    “NOOHOHOOOO!!!!! IIHHTTSS THHAHAHAA CCLOOOHHOOWWNN!!!!!!” she tried to argue, but they ignored her, and the tickling continued
    “HAHAHAHAAA HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAA GGEGEGEEGGEEHHHHHTTT AAWAAAAAHAHAHAYYYY!!!!!!!!!” she cried as the tickling intensified with more tentacles joining in at her feet along with her hips, thighs, sides and even her neck until almost every spot on her body was being tickled at once

    Buffy tried desperately to escape this nightmare as her laughter echoed around the small chamber
    “Give up…” she heard the clowns voice whisper in her ear
    “HAHAHAHAHAHA HAAAAAA NNEHEHEHEHHEVVAAHAHAHH!!!!!!!” she screamed defiantly. Then suddenly a hole opened up beneath her and all the tentacles released her body causing her to fall straight through the hole and into the darkness

    “OW!” Buffy cried as she landed with a thud on the floor in the darkness before the lights switched on
    “What now?” she groaned, finding herself in some kind of large warehouse except everything seemed to be at a weird angle, she also saw that her Star Trek uniform had been changed during her transport and now instead she was wearing a black skin-tight catsuit and domino mask but was barefoot once more
    “I better get out of here quick” she thought as she headed towards a door, but it refused to open, then suddenly there was a huge *CRASH* noise as a window behind her was smashed open and a lasso was thrown at her, binding her arms to her sides
    “CAUGHT YOU AT LAST BAREFOOT BURGLAR!!!!!!” a redheaded girl wearing a similar catsuit and mask to hers only in purple, along with a utility belt, cape and gloves plus white makeup and drawn on red lips echoing a smile entered
    “WAIT LISTEN TO ME!!!!!” Buffy tried to explain as the girl pulled the lasso and dragged the struggling Buffy toward her
    “Nice try but Giggle Girl won’t be tricked this time!” she said before she leapt up and landed on top of Buffy

    There was a flash of “BOUND!” and “INESCAPABLE!” appearing in the air until the girl stopped and dusted off her hands as she admired her handiwork, Buffy was now bound on the floor in a strict hogtie
    “NO, YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!!!!!!” Buffy tried to say as she struggled against the expertly tied ropes
    “Oh, I understand perfectly, you were planning to rob the City’s supply of laughing gas you fiend!” Giggle Girl explained
    “NO THAT’S A LIE!!!!”
    “Save it for the judge!” she said, before looking at the struggling barefoot blonde “Of course it would be prudent for me to administer some justice first!” she added and with that she reached into her utility belt and pulled out a bright pink feather

    Buffy watched in horror as Giggle Girl brought it towards her flailing feet
    “NO STOP!!!! YOU DON’T NEED TO DDOOHOHOHOHOHOOOOO THTHISISISIISISS!!!!!!!!!!!” she squealed as the feather lightly flicked against her soles

    Buffy lurched against the ropes, but they were magically enchanted to not break or give any slack which prevented her from kicking Giggle Girl away
    “HAHAHAA HAHAHAHA SSTAAHAHAHHAAPPP!!!!!!!!” Buffy cried, the clown’s enchantment on her feet still causing them even more ticklish than normal
    “Never you fiend, this is the fate of all who break the law in Giggleopolis!” Giggle Girl said proudly
    “HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAH IIHIHIHIHTTSSS AHAAHHA TTHHRRIICCKKK!!!!!!” Buffy tried to explain to the girl trapped in the clown’s thrall, but she wasn’t interested in listening, only punishing her!

    Buffy continued laughing as the feather teasingly kept on tickling her arch, joined soon after by another feather at her other foot
    “Yes that’s it, let the healing power of laughter help to end your deviant ways” Giggle Girl said as she began digging her long, manicured nails into Buffy’s soles
    “I’m sorry but the law is very clear, one hour of tickling for ever crime you have committed”
    “Don’t do the crime if you can’t pay the time!” Giggle Girl replied uncaringly

    Giggle Girl seemed to have no end of fiendish tickle devices within her belt - feathers, brushes, banjo picks, massage oil to make the tickling even worse, even a feather boa! And she used each and every one on the helpless Slayer for what seemed like hours without any kind of break
    “HAHHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHHAHAAH PHPPHLLELELASSSEEE!!!!!! IIIHIH LLEHEHERRNNEEDDD MAAAHHYYY LLEEHHESSOONN!!!!!!” Buffy cried, her face bright red now, hoping this might stop the tickling and was shocked when it did
    “Really?” Giggle Girl asked
    “haa haa yes! I swear!!!!” Buffy shouted hopefully,
    “Then its time you learned your next lesson”
    “haa haa..nhehehxxtt leessoonn…?”
    “Yes, I know how you turned to crime after you spent a lifetime being made fun of for your big feet, but you need to realise that loving them will make you happy”
    “hoohoo kaay…” Buffy said, not believing her but just wanting to be untied
    “Great so let’s get you cured!”

    “chahauuhhrredd??” Buffy said worriedly as Giggle Girl’s lips suddenly pressed against her left arch
    “HAAAHAAA HAHAHAHA NNHOHOOOOO!!!!!!” she screamed in horror as Giggle Girl proceeded to plant several quick kisses upon her feet while they writhed about helplessly
    “ssshh…it’s all part of the cure…” Giggle Girl said soothingly as her tongue started gliding over her arches in-between more kisses
    “HHAHAHAHHAH HAHAHAHHAH SSTAHAHAHHAHAPPP IIHHIHTTT!!!!!!” Buffy protested, the cure seemingly worse than the tickling that had proceeded it!
    “Mmm, your feet as so beautiful and sexy, you must never forget that” Giggle Girl said gently as she started kissing each of Buffy’s toes, then when she had both of Buffy’s big toes in her mouth at once she suddenly dragged her nails down Buffy’s arches
    “And ticklish, don’t forget ticklish” Giggle Girl said wickedly once she released Buffy’s toes

    Buffy was so exhausted when Giggle Girl stopped that she didn’t even have the energy to try escaping the hogtie, meanwhile Giggle Girl began removing her own boots and socks and exposing her slender feet capped with neon pink nail polish
    “Ok now for the next part of the cure” she said “So do you love your feet now?”
    “Yes, I promise ok?” Buffy replied hoping that she would now be released, only for Giggle Girl to place her legs either side of Buffy so that her feet were either side of Buffy’s face
    “What are you doing?” she said worriedly
    “It’s not enough to say it, you have to prove it to” Giggle Girl replied as she wiggled her toes suggestively
    “Wait…you want me to…” Buffy said worriedly, hoping her captor was kidding
    “Yep, if you love your feet than you have to love all sexy bare feet you see, so get kissing”

    Buffy was shocked by what this insane woman wanted
    “I…I mean I…” she stuttered, only to howl with laughter when Giggle Girl dug her nails into her insteps
    “Well its either that or I tickle you for the next 12 hours straight!”
    “HAHAHAA HAHAHAHA NOHOHOOOOO!!!!!! OOHHKKAKAAYYY!!!!!” Buffy relented, not bearing to be tickled anymore as she moved her head towards Giggle Girl’s left foot and slowly planted a kiss on the arch
    “Mmm nice, but put some effort into it” Giggle Girl ordered, and Buffy kissed once again, this time with some more passion
    “That’s better…” Giggle Girl grinned

    Buffy had no choice but to continue kissing Giggle Girl’s foot before starting on the other one as well while Giggle Girl resumed worshipping Buffy’s feet
    “Good work, doesn’t this feel much better than a life of crime?” she asked between kisses, Buffy didn’t want to admit it, but Giggle Girl’s soft and gentle worshipping of her feet did actually feel incredible
    “She’s really good at this…” Buffy thought, also glad the tickling seemed to have at last stopped as long as she kept kissing away and receiving kisses back in reciprocation “Maybe I could just stay here…” she thought blissfully as Giggle Girl started sucking deeply on her toes “No vampires…no monsters…no clowns…” she continued thinking as she too kept on kissing Giggle Girl’s toes “Wait…clowns?....CLOWN!” Buffy realised with a start and stopped kissing
    “NO DAMN IT I WON’T GIVE IN TO YOU!!!!!!” she screamed defiantly looking around the room to Giggle Girl’s bemusement, before a hole in the floor opened beneath her causing her to fall straight downwards leaving a confused Giggle Girl behind…

    To be continued...

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    Uh oh well I wish my oc was in Buffy's boots on deviantart but sadly I can't pay for that sorry.

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    Finally, a story in this section that is celeb or tv show related. The story section lately has been m/m overkill

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    This is fantastic! Hope Buffy is stripped down to her panties for some lower body tickling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DannyJensen View Post
    Uh oh well I wish my oc was in Buffy's boots on deviantart but sadly I can't pay for that sorry.
    Ah sorry about that, glad you liked the story though

    Quote Originally Posted by TheKnightKing View Post
    Finally, a story in this section that is celeb or tv show related. The story section lately has been m/m overkill
    Glad you enjoyed it! Just uploaded part 2

    Quote Originally Posted by modestguy80 View Post
    This is fantastic! Hope Buffy is stripped down to her panties for some lower body tickling.
    Thanks! You can see for yourself in part 2 I just posted

    Quote Originally Posted by putri@nila View Post
    Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed it

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    Well the only reason why I said that is because I like my oc in your stories for free.

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    A fine story so far!
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