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    “Halloween Night Hysterics” Part 5 (fff/ffffff)

    “Halloween Night Hysterics” Part 5

    ~Along Came A Spider~

    The six women were devastated that none of them managed to win the bet and earn their freedom from the creepy old mansion. Now the tickle video production crew was setting up for the next and final video shoot. The stocks were cleared from the middle of the room. Nikki and her friends had been released from the stocks and placed in a pile on the carpet off to the side. Their blindfolds had been removed, their hands had been re-tied behind their backs, and their ankles had been tied together for the time being so they couldn’t run away. Jason and Ghostface stood guard nearby just in case, however.

    Nikki’s group was confused as they watched the crew tossing white, heavy duty straps up over a few of the thick ceiling beams overhead running down the length of the master bedroom quarters. The straps had an attachment on one end that looked like padded cuffs. They dangled down from the ceiling beams in a loose cluster about four feet apart from one another. And at the base of each dangling strap, the crew was drilling in some metal bases with thick metal rings attached to them. Nikki thought they looked like old door knockers that would have fit perfectly on the front door of the mansion.

    Next, The Bride had a table brought in. Supplies were set next to it. Nikki was perplexed once again. It looked like there were both small and large rolls of Ace bandages. “What the hell is going on now?” Nikki thought to herself as she studied the table being set up nearby the dangling straps. The production crew was even putting up some fake spider webs amongst the straps. The cheap kind of Halloween you would buy from a costume store.

    The Bride spoke to her crew, “Alright everyone, let’s start getting these little pretties cocooned and hung up in my spider web! He! He! He!”

    The Bride turned on her cameras and went over to supervise her crew. They all knew their jobs for this next part. Jason, The Clown, and Ghostface were the muscle. They retrieved the helpless women one at a time and held them down on the table while Catwoman and The Witch began binding them with the Ace bandages.

    Sadie was the first one pulled up to her feet and then wrestled onto the table. The rest of her French maid costume had been taken off of her. All except her black garter belt and black nylons, which were cut and ripped open down to her ankles from earlier to expose her feet. And a black g-string thong she had on underneath her costume. Naturally, she didn’t want anything to do with being in the next wicked video, so Sadie struggled and tried to get up from the table. But she was exhausted already and quickly overpowered since her wrists and ankles were still tied. Sadie’s was held down as The Witch and Catwoman began binding her ankles together. Then they slowly worked their way up her legs as they tightly wrapped the large Ace bandage rolls around her body. When they finally reached her hips, they pinned the end of the bandage material.

    Next, the crew began wrapping her upper body but left her tummy exposed. Sadie’s arms were soon pinned close to her body as Ace bandage encircled her ribs. The women wrapped it just under her breasts and then moved higher around her clavicles, shoulders, and neck. This left her hefty tits exposed as well. The women switched to a smaller bandage roll to wrap Sadie’s head. They started at the neck and came up over her chin. Sadie was pretty well cocooned at this point and was starting to feel very claustrophobic. She screamed a desperate plea for help as Jason held her head still while The Witch stretched the Ace bandage across her mouth. Sadie’s eyes went wide as the roll was wrapped around her mouth several times, cutting off her voice. Sadie tried shaking her head in protest and looked wild-eyed up at The Bride in fear as the bandage was stretched over her eyes. Darkness soon consumed Sadie as the top of her head from the eyes up was wrapped as well. When they were done with her, only her bare feet, tummy, breasts, and nose were exposed.

    Sadie squirmed and made muffled screams as she felt herself being carried over to one of the dangling straps. They laid her on the ground and began clasping the ankle cuffs around her feet. Then all three of the thuggish goons gripped one end of the strap and began pulling it. Sadie slowly started to come up off the ground as she was hoisted into the air. The strap slid over the ceiling beam inches at a time as the men tugged on the other end. Once Sadie’s head was dangling inches from the ground, the men tied off the strap to the metal ring that had been secured into the hardwood floor.

    Nikki’s group sat there in fear-struck silence as they watched their friend almost completely cocooned and dangling from a strap like some poor bug that had been caught in a spider’s web. Sadie’s feet wiggled up at the top and she made frantic whining sounds behind the wrappings as she squirmed and wiggled. None of her friends would even know it was her by the look of her wrapped body if they hadn’t watched her being encased.

    Brittany was the next unfortunate woman to be wrapped. She tried just going limp as they walked her to the table, but the men easily picked her up. The only thing Brittany still had on was a dark blue thong and the remainder of her tan nylons minus the foot portions that had been torn away. Brittany whined the whole time she was being cocooned. Her toned, flat tummy was left bare as were her perky tits. Brittany was nearly in tears as her mouth and eyes were wrapped thoroughly. Then she too was secured in the ankle cuffs and pulled up in the air until she looked like dangling prey ready to be tickled.

    The men grabbed Zoey next. Her costume had been stripped off of her, leaving her in only some pink panties. Jason easily scooped her up and carried her over his shoulder to the table. Zoey looked at her best friend, Nikki, and shouted for help. But there was clearly nothing Nikki could do in this situation. She could only watch as Zoey was wrapped just like the others. First her legs, leaving her small, shapely bare feet sticking out of the bottom. Her small, lean stomach was left uncovered as they moved higher. A small bare strip was left unwrapped to show her petite breasts. Then Zoey begged as they finally worked their way up to her face. Soon, she was silenced as everything but her nose was wrapped. And then up she want, hanging suspended from the ceiling beams with her head near the floor.

    Alexis saw the men coming for her and began kicking at them and shouting. They grabbed her legs and drug her screaming over to the table. Alexis’ devil costume had been taken off her. She was left in the remains of her shredded pantyhose and a black thong. They held her down as they wrapped her long legs together snuggly. Her large, bare feet stuck out of the wrappings. Then her torso with the exception of her tummy and breasts, just like the others. And finally, they wrapped her face as she shook her head back and forth and grunted angrily.

    Cassie glared at the men as they came to retrieve her. The only clothing she had on was a white thong. They really had to wrestle her onto the table and force her into position. She was shouting the whole time and even managed to knee one of the men in the head as she flailed. Eventually, they got her subdued. They finished wrapping Cassie, leaving her meaty soles, her pale tummy, her nose, and her voluptuous, perky tits dangling out. Then they attached some ankle cuffs to her and hoisted her up. Cassie squirmed and yelled through her wrappings as she hung there helplessly.

    Nikki was cocooned like her friends. The only thing Nikki still had on were her orange Hooter’s waitress booty shorts and the remains of her tattered tan nylons. Nikki tried to resist being wrapped up, but there were too many people holding her in place as the bandages became more and more restrictive. Nikki’s eyes looked like they were about to pop out of her head as the wrappings began covering her mouth. She shook her head from side to side while she yelled muffled pleas into the tan bandage roll that continued to encircle her face. It felt like she was being mummified alive as they pulled it snuggly over her eyes and head. Nikki was clasped in ankle cuffs and pulled upside down until she too swayed gently in the cluster of cocooned women.

    Nikki was panicking. It felt so strange being hung upside down. It made her head feel heavy. The only part of her she could really move all that well was her neck. She worked her head from one side to the other as she tried to maneuver the wrappings down below her mouth. She knew that only being able to breathe through her nose would feel like she was suffocating once the tickling started again. Nikki wasn’t able to slide the Ace bandages down off her mouth because they were wrapped too tight. But she did manage to cause one side near her right eye to shift a bit. Just enough where she could see a little without it being obvious her eye was partially uncovered.

    The Bride strolled between her hanging victims with a sinister grin on her face. She really seemed to have a passion for tormenting others. The Bride skittered her nails gently along Brittany’s belly, causing the poor, oblivious target to whine into the wrappings and squirm about as much as she could. The Bride giggled at the sight and addressed her unwilling models. She said, “Now try and relax, my little darlings. I don’t want you getting too worked up too early and passing out from all the blood running to your heads. Just accept the position you’re in. Because now you’re in...the spider’s lair. He! He! He!”

    Nikki saw her friends shaking and swaying a little as they protested into their bandage wrappings that were silencing their speech. With the bandage wrappings and the fake spiderweb decorations strung up around them, the friend group really did resemble bugs trapped in a spider’s web. The Bride and her two female assistants began making their rounds. The men were told to sit this one out. Nikki had gotten a little disoriented when they wrapped her and hung her upside down. But now she could start to make out which of her friends were which based off the parts of them she could see.

    Nikki could guess that one of the bodies was Sadie based on how tan her tummy and breasts were. The Witch had selected a small cleaning brush that resembled a pipe cleaner with a skinny handle. The bristles were nylon and stiffer than a pipe cleaner, but not so rough that it would hurt rubbing on your skin. The Witch plunged the tiny, prickly brush down between each of Sadie’s toes. Her shapely tan toes scrunched down and she screamed into her face wrappings. Nikki watched as Sadie’s body convulsed in the snug getup as she hung there. She was completely powerless to stop The Witch from toying with her bare soles.

    Nikki glanced over and saw who must have been Alexis. The body hanging upside down was long and had large, pale soles sticking out of the top of the wrappings. The Bride reached up and danced her sharp fingernails across the vast soles, making them wiggle and kick wildly. A desperate “MMMHHHMMNNNUU!!” wailed inside the wrappings. The Bride would pause her attack every so often. She let the poor victim’s mind go wild wondering if she would be back or if she moved on to someone else. Then The Bride would come back again and again, wiggling her nails up and down the long, bare soles as they flailed like crazy. Alexis’ nostrils flared as she struggled for breath and her body shook all around while she dangled there amongst the others.

    Catwoman had settled on Cassie. Nikki recognized her step-sister’s pierced bellybutton and figured the large rack belonged to her. Catwoman used her long talons to scratch playfully along the creamy, toned sides of Cassie’s abdominals. The redhead twisted and shook as she laughed very quietly behind her wrappings. Catwoman could feel her tummy contorting and flexing as she dug her nails in to Cassie’s sensitive sides. Then Catwoman knelt down and began tracing the tips of her fingernails lightly over the curvature of Cassie’s big, round jugs. They shook and bounced upside down as Cassie giggled to herself and shook her head no. But that didn’t stop Catwoman at all. She flicked her nails along the juicy, outer curves as she heard Cassie yelling, “MMMHH-MMMHH!!!” over and over in protest.

    Nikki twirled very slowly as she hung upside down. It was a very uncomfortable position. Her head felt like it could pop off. She saw The Witch move over to Brittany. The Witch was squeezing and scrunching her nails along the ditzy brunette’s sides. Brittany shouted something indistinguishable into her face wrappings and squirmed around in response. It was painful to watch. Nikki was just as powerless as her friends and could only observe as they were tormented.

    Nikki continued to watch in horror through the little opening in her wrappings. Catwoman had gone over to Zoey and was sucking the poor girl’s toes while she tickled her feet with her long fingernails. The small feet poking up and the nearly flat chest were a dead giveaway that it was her first friend. Zoey thrashed as much as she could in her tight wrappings and grumbled into the wrappings. She hated having her pretty little toes sucked. Zoey’s small, bare soles trembled as they were explored by Catwoman’s talons. They scratched across her petite heels and up her narrow arches as Catwoman passionately sucked Zoey’s slender, well-formed tootsies.

    Nikki thought she was going to hyperventilate when she saw The Bride walking toward her. She didn’t know if she could handle anymore tickling in this new, bizarre position. At least before, she could squirm around a lot more than she could now. Nikki felt The Bride’s nails squeezing her toned tummy viciously. The blonde cutie squealed and began laughing behind the bandages stretched across her mouth. The Bride dug her fingers into Nikki’s strong core and felt her tense and twist as she tried to swing away.

    By the time The Bride had moved on to someone else, Nikki was dizzy and her stomach hurt from laughing for so long. When she finally managed to peek around the room again, Nikki saw Catwoman holding Alexis steady so she wouldn’t sway. She was crouched down and licking and nibbling her long, lean tummy. Alexis grumbled and shouted muffled protests between laughter as her glistening belly was licked again and again while Catwoman squeezed her tender sides. Then Alexis really lost her mind and began squirming on the strap when she felt a warm tongue dip down into her bellybutton and begin flicking inside of it.

    Catwoman: “Mmm...what a yummy tummy you have!”

    Alexis let out a “MMMMMHHHHMMM!!!” and shook her head back and forth desperately as Catwoman’s tongue lapped at her bellybutton like a saucer of warm milk.

    Nikki sighed hoping that same thing wouldn’t be done to her later. She spotted The Bride oiling up Cassie’s soles and then starting to scrub them with a hairbrush. Cassie jolted to life when she felt the bristles scrubbing her meaty soles. The Bride snickered as she slid the hairbrush around in small circles across her broad heels and deep arches. Cassie groaned and shouted incoherently behind her restrictive wrappings.

    The Bride: “Oh did you want me to stop? Just say so if this is getting to be too much for you. What’s that? I’m sorry, I can’t hear a word you’re shouting. Faster? Really? You want me to scrub faster? Okay, if that’s what you want...”

    Cassie bounced and thrashed uncontrollably as The Bride quickened her pace. The hairbrush scribbled back and forth across her slippery soles and threw Cassie into an intense, mind-numbing state of panic. She grunted and swung around on the end of the strap, but she was powerless to stop any of it.

    Nikki actually felt bad for her step-sister. But her other friends were suffering too. Nikki saw that The Witch was sneaking up on Zoey, who was dangling there oblivious to the outside world except for some noise. The Witch whispered to her, “I have a surprise for that cute little bellybutton of yours...”

    Zoey groaned miserably. The Witch held Zoey’s body with one arm and started wafting a feather until the tip of it came in contact with her shallow little button. Zoey began shifting uncomfortably as the feather traced around the perimeter. Then her tummy convulsed as The Witch wiggled the feather down inside of it.

    Nikki noticed Catwoman move over to Sadie. She crouched down in front of the bound half-Latina and excitedly told her, “Mmm...your belly looks scrumptious too! I have got to taste your bellybutton! It looks so deep and ticklish!” Sadie started to contort her belly and whine as Catwoman held her body still and buried her wiggling tongue in her bellybutton.

    Sadie screamed, “HHHHHFFFMMM!!!” into her wrappings and writhed around, but her deep, sensitive crevice was no longer her own anymore. Catwoman’s tongue flicked and slithered inside of it as she felt Sadie tensing and crunching her tummy in response. Catwoman would occasionally use her tongue and rim the outside of Sadie’s button. Sadie twisted her body and swayed around on her strap.

    Catwoman: “Uh oh! Somebody’s tummy is a little sensitive! Haha! I know you can’t talk right now but show me with your head if you want me to keep going or stop.”

    Sadie furiously shook her head from side to side.

    Catwoman: “You don’t want me to stop?! Well, okay...if you say so.”

    Sadie writhed and bucked while dangling from the strap as she screamed into the facial wrappings.

    Nikki looked away from Sadie suffering, but then noticed The Witch returning to the cluster of suspended women holding that damned electric toothbrush. She clicked it on, activating the noisy bristle head. All of the bodies hanging around her had been relatively still until they heard that distinctive noise. Then they all began to wiggle and groan with dread, just hoping they weren’t the intended target.

    The Witch settled on Brittany. She began rubbing the swirling tip of the electric toothbrush along the base of her heels. Brittany panicked and shouted into her wrappings. Once the other ladies realized it wasn’t them being tickled by the terrible tool, they settled back down knowing they wouldn’t be of any help anyway. Brittany’s mind had nothing else to focus on except the vibrating bristles being guided up her smooth feet all the way to her vulnerable toes. Each one was buzzed as she flexed and scrunched them randomly. Brittany shook her head violently back and forth as her toes trembled during the merciless process. The Witch found that she really went wild when she zapped the small area below her pinky toes.

    Nikki watched in shock as Brittany lost her mind during the brutal foot buzzing. But she was suddenly interrupted when The Bride came over to her and began drizzling oil on her feet. “Oh no, please not again!” is what Nikki tried to say, but it just came off as muffled groaning as the oil was wiped across her shapely soles. And then suddenly, the brush came to life on her arches. Nikki was sent into a explosion of muffled laughter and writhing. The plastic tips of the brush glided and dragged in random directions as The Bride rubbed it along her feet.

    Nikki tried to cross her feet back and forth over one another, but being hung upside down made it considerably harder to do so. So the bottoms of her feet were pretty much wide open targets for The Bride and her awful hairbrush. Nikki’s whole body shook with laughter as the brush was sliding in her deep arches. The sensations were all she could focus on. She wanted to die right then and there. And Nikki almost felt like she might at some points when she couldn’t get enough air through her nose.

    The Bride: “Mmm...yes. Such beautiful soles and so ticklish. I know the hairbrush is quite awful, isn’t it my darling? Makes you just want to curl up and cry, huh?”

    Nikki felt like her world was collapsing in around her. She began to feel lightheaded. Not enough air could be sucked in through her nose as she struggled to breath through the tight wrappings.

    The Bride: “Aww, poor little sweetie. Do you need a break? Is my mean old brush driving you crazy?”

    Nikki felt humiliated for having to even answer something as absurd as that. But she weakly shook her head yes and gave a pathetic groan of defeat. She crossed her feet timidly, hoping not to feel anything else after her answer.

    But nothing came. The Bride must have moved on. Nikki slowly opened her watery eyes and managed to look around on the side where she could vaguely see her surroundings.

    Catwoman was back bothering Zoey. Nikki’s poor friend was swaying and fussing under her bandages as Catwoman’s nails scratched across her tender heels. Zoey’s small feet spasmed. Her heels were unusually sensitive. Maybe because they were so soft. But regardless, Catwoman was giggling as she made Zoey’s feet quake uncontrollably just by scratching the base and outer rims of her smooth heels. Her claws were making the tiny targets turn pinkish. Nikki could tell her friend was getting very fatigued. Zoey was trying to kick Catwoman’s hands away and squirm her body around. But her actions seemed subdued.

    Then Catwoman spider-crawled her nails up the petite soles until she reached the base of Zoey’s toes. She knew she found a good spot when Zoey’s feet suddenly shook and she clenched her toes down. Zoey couldn’t speak at the moment, but her response told Catwoman everything she needed to know. The lunatic lightly, but deliberately, scratched her nails right at the base of Zoey’s toes. Just along where her toes met the small pads below them. Zoey twisted and groaned helplessly in her cocoon. Nikki watched in horror as her best friend gradually stopped moving even though Catwoman’s fingernails were still scratching around on her soles. She must have passed out. All the blood going to her head combined with being forced to laugh and move around. It was finally too much. Zoey hung there limp as she gently swayed in the “spider’s web”.

    Nikki’s eyes darted over to Sadie. The Bride had two feathers and was flicking them teasingly along Sadie’s nipples. But the main thing driving her crazy was The Witch using that damned cleaning brush on her feet again. The slim pipe brush was being plunged in and out between her clenched toes. The bristly cleaner threaded between her tootsies with ease, despite her efforts to clamp down and resist. Sadie was shaking and screaming muffled protests as the bristles slide back and forth against the sides of her toes.

    Nikki couldn’t imagine Sadie could hold out much longer against a double team like that. The Witch showed no mercy as she went down the line of helpless toes. She kept pushing the tiny, menacing brush down between each pair and watched as Sadie’s feet shook in response. Eventually, Sadie’s toes relaxed even though the brush was still sliding between them. Her tummy stopped tensing and she hung there unconscious.

    Nikki watched The Bride and The Witch move on from Sadie. The Bride suggested, “Let’s get the girl with big feet.” They stopped at Alexis, who was already wiggling when she heard them talking. The Witch took some oil into her hands and began smearing it on Alexis’ tummy, making her exposed skin shine. The Bride took the bottle next and drizzled some onto Alexis’ large soles. She wiped it around to really coat them and make them glisten. Alexis was arguing against all this through her bandages, but nothing that anyone could understand.

    Then The Witch began raking her nails lightly across the oily midriff, sending Alexis into convulsions and muffled laughter. The Bride picked up a hairbrush and began scrubbing the big, long soles poking out of the top of the cocoon. Alexis jolted when she felt that and began wiggling her feet around. The Bride reached up and gripped both of Alexis’ big toes with a firm clasp between her fingers to hold her feet steady. Then she continued brushing the tall brunette’s large, slippery soles. Alexis was freaking out. The Witch was squeezing and scratching her sides while The Bride scrubbed her arches. Things took a turn for the worse when she felt The Witch turn on an electric toothbrush and begin zapping the outer rim of her bellybutton. Loud, miserable groans emitted from behind the face wrappings as Alexis tried to cope with the awful sensations. She spasmed as the head of the electric toothbrush was slipped into her bellybutton and began whirling around inside. Alexis thrashed wildly and then quickly went limp as she passed out.

    While all of that was happening, Catwoman was joyfully bothering Brittany. The sightless, immobile victim was squirming and weakly calling for help as Catwoman’s nails were tracing quickly across Brittany’s foot bottoms. The ditzy brunette flailed her feet and cried into the wrappings as she was forced to endure the torture. Catwoman focused on Brittany’s arches, specifically near the lower regions. That seemed to be the area that really bothered her victim. Catwoman’s claws just kept raking down arches and driving her insane. Brittany felt her senses start to numb. She desperately tried to suck air in through her nose, but she just couldn’t keep up with the demands of her body. Brittany finally fell into a forced sleep as her feet twitched weakly.

    Catwoman cackled at her handiwork as Brittany hung there limply. She hurried over to join The Witch tickle Cassie. The Witch was giving Cassie’s broad soles a good scrubbing with the hairbrush once again. Cassie was kicking and spasming on the end of her strap as she dangled amidst her tormentors. Catwoman came over and enthusiastically called out, “I’ll get her tummy!” Catwoman held Cassie steady and buried her wet tongue into Cassie’s cute innie. Cassie tried twisting away from the awkward sensation, but Catwoman held her in front of her. Her tongue slurped noisily in and out of the pale bellybutton as Cassie’s tummy vibrated with laughter.

    The Witch was focusing her hairbrush on the meaty pads below Cassie’s toes. Cassie clenched her toes and shook her feet as the plastic tips glided back and forth. Cassie’s panicked thrashing increased more and more. Nikki could tell she was really having a hard time enduring the horrid sensations overwhelming her mind. She had nothing to focus on BUT the tickling. Slowly but surely, Cassie’s movements slowed down. Her energy faded as the lights shut off inside. And then she hung there passed out.

    Nikki’s heart was racing. She was the only one left awake. Nikki hung there amongst her cocooned friends wondering if the ticklers may have forgotten about her. But that thought was quickly disproven when all three of them came over to her. Nikki felt The Bride’s cruel nails begin skittering across her glistening arches. Nikki groaned and began squirming. Her only hope now was that she passed out sooner rather than later.

    Catwoman began licking her tummy and scratching along her exposed sides. Nikki hated the feeling, especially since she was hanging upside down and couldn’t guard that region at all. Catwoman slurped her tongue into Nikki’s bellybutton, sending her into more hysterics. The Witch took a position kneeling in front of Nikki. She took the electric toothbrush and began buzzing Nikki’s bare breasts. She made sure to hover the bristles over Nikki’s pink gumdrop nipples.

    Nikki twisted and thrashed wildly. She sucked in air through her nose as rapidly as she could as the ticklish sensations consumed her mind. And then her world went dark.

    The Bride went over and turned off the cameras. She drank in the sight of the six cocooned beauties dangling from their harnesses. They were off in dreamland now. They would later be discovered by police after an anonymous tip, but only after The Bride and her crew were long gone. They had what they needed for their videos thanks to the “models” that stumbled upon them during a spooky visit to the old mansion.


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    Fantastic story. Thank you for taking the time to write it.

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    So who won the $ 100 bet? Nikki or Cassie? Hehehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by TKMarick View Post
    So who won the $ 100 bet? Nikki or Cassie? Hehehe
    Haha good question! I guess Nikki technically did stay in the mansion long enough per the bet conditions. But it wasn’t willingly lol. Thanks for reading!

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