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    Jun 2015

    New Neighbours (f/f, m/ff)

    It was mid afternoon when I heard the truck pull up next door. I was instantly intrigued and headed over to check it out. The truck’s passenger door opened and out stepped a tall, shapely young woman dressed in a pink spaghetti strap top and cutoff jeans, and a pair of flip-flops adorning her feet.
    “Oh, hello there,” she said. “Name’s Leanne. Guess you’re our new neighbour?”
    “Oh yeah, I’m Jim,” I said quickly. “So what do you mean “our”?” At that point the driver’s door opened. Now two women were standing in front of me, the second wearing a red blouse, jeans that went down to just above her ankles and high-heeled strappy sandals on her feet.
    “Oh, is this your sister?” I asked Leanne. The girls giggled.
    “I’m her aunt,” the second woman replied. “Laura.”
    Leanne laughed and walked around to stand next to her aunt.
    “You really take after Laura, you know Leanne,” I said. She was almost a clone of Laura, both women possessing sandy blonde hair, pronounced curves and their feet were completely identical, as I couldn’t help noticing.
    “Oh yeah, she gave me her huge feet,” Leanne laughed, noticing me staring. She held a foot up and wiggled her toes.
    “Well I’m sorry, size 10 feet run in the family,” Laura retorted. Their feet were big, but they were absolutely beautiful. They were perfectly proportioned, not too bony or pudgy or with crazy long toes. Realising I’d been staring overly long, I decided to change the subject. I mean, it wasn’t like I could just say, “oh by the way, I have a foot and tickle fetish, mind I tickle the soles of your feet for a while?”
    “So,” I said instead, “have you got any help for all this stuff?”
    “Well, no,” Laura replied. “We only rented this truck. We didn’t even have time to get better shoes.” They both looked down at their exposed toes.
    “Well, I’d be happy to help out,” I offered.
    “Gee, thanks!” Both women chorused. So I spent the next few hours helping to haul furniture out of the truck into the new house’s lounge room. During which I learned that Laura was a single 35-year-old who had moved with her 22-year-old niece to help her get adjusted to the new town. I also got to listen the sound of Laura’s heels clicking on the ground and Leanne’s flip-flops slapping against her feet.
    “Why don’t we have a break?” Leanne asked eventually. “We’ve been working for hours.”
    “Great idea,” Laura sighed as she sat on the recently-deposited couch in the living room. “My feet are begging for mercy.”
    “You should have taken your heels off!” Leanne scolded. She grabbed Laura’s left ankle and unstrapped her sandal before the latter could protest.
    “Well, I’m paying for it now,” Laura went on, letting Leanne take off her other shoe. Leanne looked over at me.
    “You still want to help, right Jim?” She asked. “How about giving Laura a foot rub?” I immediately blushed red.
    “Well, I guess, if she really wanted me to,” I rambled.
    “It would be really nice, actually,” Laura smiled, rubbing her feet together.
    “Great! I’ll get some drinks,” Leanne said. The clap of her flip-flops faded from the room. Wordlessly, I sat down next to Laura and took her feet into my lap.
    “I hope they don’t smell!” Laura said, wiggling her toes.
    “Oh no, they’re fine,” I said quickly. I started with the massage in case she asked any more questions. I dug my thumbs into the balls of her feet. The skin of her soles was so soft my thumbs sank into it like a pillow.
    “Ooh… hehehe!” Laura gave a surprisingly high giggle, twitching her feet a bit.
    “Everything okay?” I asked.
    “Well my feet are pretty ticklish,” Laura grinned sheepishly. “But it’s worth it - keep going!” She kept on giggling as I kneaded her soles. I got so into it I didn’t notice Leanne had come back until she set the water pitcher and glasses she was carrying on a nearby dresser. We all took a glass and drank thirstily.
    “You have a break Jim, I’ll finish the massage,” Leanne offered. She took my place on the couch and grabbed Laura’s feet.
    “I know what you want!” Laura started, trying to pull her feet away. Leanne pulled them back and wrapped her legs around Laura’s ankles.
    “Come on,” Leanne grinned, squeezing Laura’s toes. “Did he do your toes? I know those always hurt the most.”
    “Well, no,” Laura sighed. She began to lay back and relax… and then Leanne shot me a grin before digging her fingernails between Laura’s toes.
    “Ahahaha!” Laura shrieked, wildly waving her feet and curling her toes. Leanne responded by scratching Laura’s arches.
    “No-ho-ho-ho!” Laura cried. She managed to pull her feet away and sat on them.
    “You little sneak!” She panted, but she had a grin on her face. She drained another glass of water.
    “I’m supposed to be getting by breath back!”
    “I could finish the massage,” I offered innocently.
    “Thanks, but I don’t feel like having my feet touched again right now,” she replied. “Besides, we’d better finish unloading the truck before the sun goes down.” She placed her feet on the floor and reached for her shoes. But Leanne grabbed them and pulled them out of her reach.
    “Ah, ah,” she teased, “you’ll be better off barefoot than in these torture devices!”
    “I can’t work out in the truck in my bare feet!” Laura cried, chasing Leanne outside.
    “You’ll have to!” Leanne taunted, and tossed the high-heeled sandals up onto the roof.
    “I can’t believe you did that!” Laura said. She stomped her foot on the ground, making a loud smack as her bare sole hit the concrete. But she had that same grin.
    “Guess I really do have no choice,” she said, looking down at her feet and wiggling her toes.
    Now the click of high heels was replaced by the slightly-sticky pit-pat of bare feet. After a while Laura nudged me and indicated down at Leanne. She was bending down with her soles sticking up from her flip-flops. Laura proceeded to sit down on Leanne’s butt, pinning her in place.
    “Hey!” Leanne cried, kicking her feet and accidentally flicking off her flip-flops.
    “Payback’s a bitch, eh?” Laura laughed, looking at me and tilting her head down at Leanne’s feet. Without hesitating I sat down, clamped Leanne’s ankles between my legs just like she had with Laura and began stroking my fingers up and down her soles.
    “Gah-hahahahaha!” Leanne screamed.
    “Having fun now?” Laura asked sweetly.
    “I’m soreeee!” Leanne squealed.
    “Think she’s had enough?” Laura asked me. I was tempted to say no, but thought Laura might become concerned by how enthusiastic I was to tickle torture her niece’s feet so I let them go. Laura got up and Leanne quickly scrambled to her feet. Laura scooped up her flip-flops and threw them out of the truck.
    “If I have to go barefoot, you might as well too,”’she said.
    “Alright,” Leanne shrugged, “just no more tickling!” Now I had to try and ignore four bare feet padding around. Somehow I was able to help finish within a few more hours. I even retrieved Laura’s heels from the roof.
    “Oh, thanks,” she grinned. “But I have to admit, I do rather like being barefoot.”
    “Yeah, me too!” Leanne said. She sat down a bench now sitting on the porch and brought up her feet to examine them.
    “Ew!” She cried. Laura and I looked and saw what she was talking about. With a wince, Laura sat down and looked at her own feet. Their soles were covered with dust, leaving perfect imprints in dark gray and brown.
    “Oh, no!” Laura said. We can’t go inside like this.”
    “We have some cleaning supplies inside right?” Leanne said. “And some bathroom supplies? Jim, could you help us out one more time?”
    “I guess so,” I smiled. I headed inside and gathered two plastic tubs, a bottle of liquid soap and a scrubbing brush. I filled the tubs with water, set them in front of the women’s feet and added the soap to one. Laura and Leanne both gulped as I dipped the brush in the soapy water.
    “Do her feet first!” Leanne shouted.
    “No, hers!” Laura countered.
    “I’ve got a better idea,” I grinned. I grabbed both of their legs and wrapped my arm around their ankles, interleaving their feet in a bundle. Then I took the brush and began running it over their big, soft and dirty soles.
    “Wahahahaha!” They cried, clinging to each other as I scrubbed every inch of bare foot flesh. They writhed bucked and shrieked. I didn’t show any mercy. I made sure to dig the brush in around their heels where I knew there would be extra ground-in dirt. I used circular motions on the balls of their feet to get them good and lathered before rinsing the brush in the clear water, re-soaping and going back to their feet. Once I’d got the really dirty parts, I worked on their relatively clean arches and toe stems “just to be sure”. By this point their laughter was growing more strained and they were trembling from the intense tickling. Once I’d finished their toe pads, their feet were safe to be called clean. Still though, I decided I might as well be extra thorough and scrubbed the sides of their feet and under their toenails too.
    “Okay, that’s enough! Please!” They screamed. I realised I’d fallen into a bit of a trance and pulled myself back to earth. I rinsed their feet off and stood up to dump the water.
    “Oh, I forgot to get a towel,” I said teasingly.
    “That’s ok,” Laura relied quickly. “Our feet can just drip-dry.” Leanne quickly nodded in agreement. I noticed them rubbing their feet together under their seat, probably trying to get rid of any residual tickling feeling.
    “What a day!” Leanne panted.
    “We can’t thank you enough for all your help,” said Laura. “You have to at least come to dinner.”
    “Thanks, but the notice is a bit short,”’I replied. “I’d love to tomorrow.”
    “Alright then,” Laura went on, “we need to move the furniture out from the living room too. And maybe get proper work shoes,” she added, examining her bare feet.
    “We could do that,” Leanne grinned, nudging Laura in the side, “or we could stay barefoot and give Jim another “extra job”, if you know what I mean…”
    “That sounds fun, actually,” Laura smiled, watching my face turn red again.
    “Alright then,” I conceded, “see you tomorrow.”
    “We’ll be here with bells on!” Said Leanne. “Except our feet of course, they’ll have nothing on!” She propped her feet up on the porch railing and used her toes to wave goodbye, prompting Laura to do the same.
    I laughed and headed back to my house.

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    Sep 2014
    Victoria, Australia
    Cute story, well done.

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    Jun 2015
    Thank you!

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    Aug 2017
    Southwest United States
    Awesome story! I really enjoyed it

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    Oct 2001
    lakes region, New Hampshire
    ...to have neighbors like that!

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