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    Deputy's Peril part 4 (F/F)

    Ok fans, here is the next installment of the adventures of Deputy Darby! thank you for all the wonderful comments and feedback and I hope this next part entertains you as well. This saga will probably have 8, maybe 9 parts so we are halfway there! Enjoy!

    DEPUTY'S PERIL part 4

    Darby felt the nails close and cringed. She was doing her best to recover her breath and her bearings. “I wasn’t spying on you…I was spying on…..muh friend Bobby Jo…” she lied.

    “What? Why would you spy on her? Are you telling me the truth??!” Madam Olivia demanded then zip a nail up the left sole.

    “YES!! YES!! HAHAHAHA YES!!!! Let me….explain….” Darby sucked in air. “When..when Bobby Jo told me to leave….she….she looked kind…of sad ya know? So…I figured I would find out what was….gonna..happen..to her.” She wheezed.

    “Is that so?” Madam Olivia eyes then turned to slits. “So you snuck into a ventilation shaft just to see what was going to happen to sweet little Bobby Jo? Sounds kinda strange Deputy…maybe I need to keep tickling these feet of yours to make sure….”

    “NO!!! I SWEAH!! I SWEAH!!! I JUST WANTED TO SEE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO BOBBY JO!! PLEASE NO MORE TICKLING!!! I CAN’T STAND IT!!” Darby begged. “I sweah…I can’t take it anymore…”

    Madam Olivia chuckled to herself. In a way, it did kind of make sense. Darby never met her before so why would she get spied on? She still sensed Darby might have been lying, but it was a plausible excuse. “So… did you like what you saw? Bobby Jo sure does look nice doesn’t she?”

    “Yeah…yeah she does…” Darby said, now turning red with shame. She knew she lied but she was also telling a truth. Seeing Bobby Jo naked and getting aroused set her own fire inside her loins.

    “Why Deputy, I think you like Miss Bobby Jo. I bet you would LOVE to watch her cum wouldn’t you? Might as well finish the show right?” Madam Olivia teased.

    Bobby Jo’s eyes popped open. A rush of excitement exploded in her body as she was going to get release!! She didn’t care if everyone watched her, she just wanted to cum! She started to whimper in her bonds, hoping to attract Madam Olivia to her soaked pussy.

    Madam Olivia stood up and walked over to Darby’s head area. She then knelt down and looked Darby in her eyes. She could see the exhaustion and the beads of sweat on that pretty face. She had a fun idea, an idea to humiliate this Deputy even further. “Well Miss Deputy, you now know what happened to Bobby Jo. You are such a naughty Deputy for spying on her getting tickled and teased. I bet it made you horny didn’t it? I can tell you like girls. I always know….”

    Darby closed her eyes in shame. Here was another woman guessing her sexual preferences. She started to wonder if her secret would get out to the wrong people. She then looked back at Madam Olivia. “Well I-I..I” she stammered.

    Madam Olivia put her finger on Darby’s lips. “Hush Deputy.. Your secret is safe with all of us. We are all ladies here. We all like the same thing. I must say, after tickling your feet like that, you are even more pretty than before. I think it is time for you to do something for Bobby Jo. I want YOU to make her cum…You are going to make her cum in front of all of us..”

    Darby’s eyes popped wide open in shock! What did this woman tell her? She was going to make Bobby Jo cum? In front of all of them and not in private? “I-I can’t do that…” she mewled in terror.

    “You don’t have a choice my dear. It’s either that or I will have to tickle your feet again….” Madam Olivia smiled.

    “Ok!! Please..don’t tickle muh feet anymore…” Darby said, her lip quivering in fear. She felt so embarrassed.

    “Ok, well, I am not going to untie you, but I will put ya in position. Then we will all have fun, especially Bobby Jo…hehe” Madam Olivia giggled. This was going to be a fun moment. “Girls, please place this Deputy in position.” She commanded.

    The two girls then lifted Darby out of the chair and carried her across the room. They then managed to get Darby towards the bed Bobby Jo was still strapped to and laid Darby on her stomach, between Bobby Jo’s legs. Darby’s face was now mere centimeters away from Bobby Jo’s moist, pouting lips of her vagina. Darby legs dangled off the foot of the bed and the girls then strapped her ankles down to the small wooden table, Darby’s pink meaty soles were now upturned.

    Darby could smell the high arousal of her friend and she looked directly at the helpless pussy. She couldn’t believe she was in this position. She realized they wanted her to be the one to eat out Bobby Jo. Her mind had a quick flashback when she did perform oral sex on Bobby Jo in that barn years ago. It was a special moment for both of them and now in the present time, she was being forced to do it in front of other women. She tried to move her wrists and arms, but they were still secured behind her back.

    “Now Deputy, go ahead. Enjoy that sweet pussy. Isn’t it soooo wet? I just know it is delicious and so juicy. It reminds me of a Georgia peach. So, enjoy your fruit…” Madam Olivia teased.

    “I-I can’t….” Darby whined. “Please don’t make me do this to her…”

    “Why not? You can tell she wants it.. Look at her eyes. She wants to feel your mouth on her most special place on her body. Go ahead Deputy, taste her.” Madam Olivia teased.

    Darby looked up and saw Bobby Jo looking down at her. Bobby Jo did have a look of lust in her eyes and was biting her lip in erotic anticipation. But Darby couldn’t do it. This was not right. If they were going to have a sexual encounter, it should be in a different setting and without an audience. Besides, she was still technically on duty so she couldn’t just engage in sexual activities. It pained her because she could tell Bobby Jo was so horny, but she had to do the right thing. “I—I just…can’t. Let us go..”

    “Ya know, I think we need to do a little persuadin’…. Ladies, stroke the Deputy’s soles very lightly…” Madam Olivia commanded. “I will get Bobby Jo purring again…” she said. She took her peacock feather and went towards Bobby Jo’s chest. She sat on the bed and looked down at Bobby Jo’s pleading eyes. She held the peacock feather up and with a wink, lowered the feather and started to feather the stiff nipples of Bobby Jo!

    Bobby Jo moaned in deep pleasure when the feather touched her nipples that were already on fire from all the arousal she received earlier. She arched her back as much as she could and some sensual giggles started to come out of her mouth. Because she arched her back, she put her pussy closer to Darby’s face. Bobby Jo wanted release so desperately at the point. Then her back slammed back onto the bed as the feather teased her belly. Her giggles started to become stronger and her mewling noises became more desperate. Why was her Mistress trying to kill her with intense pleasure?! The fact her former lover Darby being between her legs, so close to her “peach” only set her loins to a higher level of arousal. She wanted release desperately. Her grunts became stronger and primal.

    Darby looked at poor Bobby Jo and knew she was about to explode in sheer ecstasy. The smell of the arousal was very strong and powerful and it only made Darby’s own arousal stronger. The pussy looked so beautiful, so delicious. She saw the pouting pink lips, the curly blond pubic hair had sexual “dew” on them, and the smell was so…sweet. As much as she would love to bring Bobby Jo to a tsunami of release, she had to hold firm. Then she shrieked as her soles were touched!

    The two ladies by Darby’s feet started to lightly paw at the meaty frontiers of the pink soles. Madam Olivia gave them a gift! They finally got to play with these beautiful large feet! They were commanded to lightly touch the feet, which was disappointing because they wanted to brutally tickle them, but sensually touching them would be fun too. The one named Polly took the pad of her index finger and slowly traced it on the outside edges of the soles. Watching that sole quiver made her smile grow larger and larger. She was entranced with how soft the skin was. Her own feet were soft, but nothing like Darby’s. The other lady, her name is Francine, moved her finger across the chunky ball of the other foot and was delighted to see the foot wiggle. The two ladies looked at each other and giggled. These were the perfect ticklish feet!

    Madam Olivia grinned as she heard Darby giggling. Her two ladies were having some fun with the Deputy’s feet and knew it was a matter of time before Darby was face deep inside Bobby Jo’s pussy. Forcing a Deputy to perform a lesbian sex act made her arousal skyrocket. She felt so powerful. She then took her feather and tickled the undersides of Bobby Jo’s breasts making them wiggle and wobble all over the place. She then turned her head and looked at Darby. She saw Darby giggle like crazy as her feet were touched. She made eye contact with Darby and winked. She knew that Darby knew, she was going to be eating Bobby Jo!

    Darby continued to giggle as her feet were being touched. It wasn’t the brutal tickling she suffered earlier, but the soft touches on her feet were still driving her crazy. Her feet were so sensitive to the touch. The soft tickling was wearing on her and she saw Madam Olivia winking at her. Fear gripped her body because she knew she wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. “Please! Make them hehehehe stop! Stop touching…muh feet!”

    “You know, I think you need a little more persuadin’ my dear Deputy…I have an idea..” Madam Olivia cooed. She stopped her feather tickling on Bobby Jo’s breasts and stood up. She then walked towards Darby’s body on the bed by her waist. “I think we need to get you a little more comfy…” she teased as she reached down and she started to pull down Darby’s jeans! She kept tugging on the jeans until they came off Darby’s hips. She left the jeans at the position, which was exposing Darby’s ass. Then with a wicked look in her eye, she pulled down the underwear too, exposing a naked ass!

    Darby’s face went red with shame as she felt her ass being revealed. This was too much! She started to whimper and complain but her arms were not getting free and giggles came out again as those blasted women were still touching her feet! Knowing her ass was vulnerable then brought back memories of her encounter with La Diabla. She remembered how her ass was attacked and it drove her insane. She started to whimper pitifully. “Please…..don’t do anything to muh butt”

    “My my my!! You have SUCH a beautiful ass deputy! I sweah, you are an incredibly beautiful woman. Maybe I should make you quit being a Deputy and become one of my girls…You would bring in so many customers. Maybe you and Bobby Jo can be tickled all day too…” Madam Olivia laughed. She saw Darby clinching and opening her butt cheeks in pure fear. She cocked her head to the side, smiled, then took her peacock feather and stroked it across Darby’s ass! “Let’s see how ticklish your butt is…”

    Darby exploded in laughter as the feather touched her rear end. It sent ticklish shockwaves throughout her nervous system. The tickling feeling was so intense her eyes started to bug out. Then she shrieked again as her soles were being pawed at. Her feet and ass were both feeling tickle attacks at the same time! She closed her eyes and shook her head in ticklish agony as the feelings were so intense and mind crushing. La Diabla never tickled both areas at the same time! This was an experience never felt before! She started to plead pathetically between her laughs but the tickling continued. She started laughing harder and harder as the tickling overtook her. Both the feathering of her ass and touches on her feet were very soft, but it tickled like nothing she ever felt before!

    Madam Olivia started to chuckle as she heard the sheer desperation in Darby’s voice. The feather continued to sway over the curve of the ticklish ass. The fronds would caress the cheeks, then dance and twirl down the crack and then stroke across the crease of the ass where it meets Darby’s legs and then on the top of the ass near the spine. Watching Darby buck her hips, clench her ass and open it as the feather teased at the different places put Olivia in a trance. It was almost hypnotic watching that ass go absolutely crazy with its movement. The sound of Darby’s laughter was greater than music. It sounded so desperate, so powerful, it was an aphrodisiac. She touched her breast with her free hand, stroking her own nipple through her dress, while the other hand continued to hold the feather and tickle all over the butt.

    Bobby Jo watched the events unfolding before her. She heard Darby’s laughter and even felt the breath of that laughter between her legs, which was driving her crazy. She knew Darby’s face was so close to her pleasure spot and wanted release even more. She saw Madam Olivia grabbing her own breasts and knew everyone in the room was getting caught up in this moment. She wished she could touch her own nipples, but her hands were still tied above her head. She continued to whimper because her body was on the edge of pure insane pleasure.

    “Ladies, how about we help the Deputy here? I want you to….suck on her toes…” Madam Olivia commanded.

    Polly and Francine both grew really excited about that command! Was it true? Were they going to have the opportunity to put those meaty pink toes in their mouths? The thought sent their own respective bodies into heat. Polly stared at the wiggling toes, and enjoyed it. It was like those toes knew where they were about to go. The put the big toe on the flat part of her tongue, then her mouth enveloped the digit. Polly’s heart nearly stopped as she could now taste the really soft toe in her mouth. It was absolutely delicious to her.

    “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…” Polly moaned.

    Francine saw Polly in ecstasy and she then started to lick the undersides of the soft toes, right along the crease under the toes as it lined perfectly. She took a long slow lick and felt the toes shake with absolute terror because it caused Darby to explode in giggles.

    “NOT MY TOES!!! HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” Darby screamed as she felt the tongue licking her toes on one foot and the big toe on her other foot inside a very warm mouth. The sensation was unbearable as her toes were insanely ticklish. She felt her index toe also enter Polly’s mouth and now Darby was started to flop around. The feather on her ass didn’t help matters so she resorted to begging.

    Madam Olivia bit her lip as she heard the hysterical laughter from Darby. She kept up the ass feathering and then looked at her other two girls enjoying themselves as they were feasting on Darby’s toes. A grin came to her face as she heard Darby’s laughter get more high pitched when she saw Francine flickering her tongue between the toes. She got more wet as she heard Polly making slurping sounds as she suckled each digit. She then dropped her hand and started to rub between her legs through her dress as she saw Darby’s ass grind and twitch in ticklish agony. Then it filled her heart with joy as she also heard a moan coming from Darby.

    Despite the horrific ticklish feelings she had, having her toes sucked also made Darby aroused. Just like when La Diabla sucked and devoured her feet, it produced an interesting side effect and made Darby’s body open itself to the pleasure. She shut her eyes and started to break to the sensual torture. Darby never expected that after she woke up this morning, she would once again be trapped against her will and tickled tortured to the point of submission.

    “Now Deputy…I can tell your body is turned on. Your mind may beg for it all to stop, but your body wants MORE…All you have to do is eat that delicious peach right before your eyes…” Madam Olivia offered then flickered the feather across the ass cheeks.

    Darby started to grunt and then she opened her eyes. She saw that pussy before her and it started to look absolutely delicious. Her body was betraying her mind. Her own nipples got harder, her own wetness increased, all this sexual buildup from watching Bobby Jo get tickled, to herself being tickled and sexually teased was finally breaking her. Her body ached for release That feather on her ass was destroying her will power, her toes being sucked on drove her over the edge. Her mouth opened and as she started to pant, she made eye contact with Bobby Jo.

    Bobby Jo was looking right into Darby’s eyes. Her own body was on the edge of an abyss of sheer joy and seeing Darby now aroused made her make little girlie giggles and moans. She then whispered to Darby, “Please…take me..make me cum…love me….please”

    That was all it took for Darby to break. Seeing the sheer lust in those eyes was too much for her to hold back. She then looked down at that glistening pussy opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and made contact with that pussy. As soon as her tongue touched the lips, Darby was overcome with lust. Her mouth them became aggressive and she started to lick, suck and taste all around that mound. She started to grunt and moan as her tongue invaded inside that sweet peach, lapping up all the juices. Something inside her snapped. She wanted to completely devour the pussy and make Bobby Jo cum harder than ever before. Her tongue went after the clit and she focused on it. The tip of her tongue circled around it and her lips sucked on it and then she went for hard rapid licks. She couldn’t help but giggle as her own toes were being licked and her ass was still feathered. Darby became a sex animal at this point. The only thing she was focused on was Bobby Jo’s delicious pussy!

    Bobby Jo moaned with intense pleasure as she felt Darby’s strong tongue tasting between her legs. After being tickled and teased for so long, this felt absolutely amazing to her. Every single nerve in her body was on fire and she wanted to be pushed over the edge. She could feel the licks and even feel Darby’s laughing breath because her feet were still be sucked and her ass feathered. Bobby Jo loved looking down at that beautiful face consuming her precious vagina. She started to grind her hips, trying to get herself off. Her moans became stronger and stronger. Witnessing Darby getting tickled more motivated her.

    “That’s right Deputy, make……her……cum….” Madam Olivia knelt down and whispered into Darby’s ear. “Make sure you eat her pussy well. Or, I am gonna tickle yer feet some more..” she threatened.

    Darby heard that threat and pushed forward with her oral stimulation. Her licks became stronger, more faster. She sucked on the clit harder, she was going to make Bobby Jo lose her mind. Then she gave the clit one last strong lick…

    “YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!! OH GGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDD!!” Bobby Jo screamed as a tidal wave of an orgasm rocked her body. She convulsed like crazy as she came extremely hard. Her eyes were shut, her toes were curled tight within her socks, the sensation completely overwhelmed her as she let out a primal grunt from the depths of her soul. She never came that hard before in her young life. Her body seemed like it was possessed by a demon in an exorcism as it shook with such great intensity.

    “Good girl…..” Madam Olivia said as she kissed Darby’s cheek. “Look at her…she can’t handle the pleasure. You did it Deputy..”

    Darby looked up and saw Bobby Jo’s body shaking wildly. She couldn’t believe how hard she made her friend cum. It was the most erotic sight she has ever witnessed. She made Bobby Jo have an orgasm before, but she never reacted this hard before. It made Darby soaked in lust. It was the most beautiful scene she has ever witnessed. She wanted to go hug Bobby Jo, to cuddle with her and soothe her over sensitive body at this moment. It had been years, but she finally got to make love to Bobby Jo again. Then the shock wore off and she realized what she done. She heard applause from Madam Olivia, Polly and Francine. She then hung her head in shame as she realized she was all part of an erotic show against her free will.

    “BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!!” Polly shouted while clapping. She really enjoyed the erotic scene and she even got to taste Darby’s toes. She hugged Francine and both women watched Madam Olivia walk over to Bobby Jo’s head.

    “Wow my dear…you look absolutely….wrecked. haha” Madam Olivia laughed as she ran her fingers through Bobby Jo’s sweat soaked hair. She lifted Bobby Jo’s head so she could look into her eyes. “Now I am gonna have some fun with the both of ya…” she said, placing Bobby Jo’s head back down, the untied Bobby Jo’s wrists from the headboard, then untied her ankles. She felt her body get lifted up by Polly and Francine as they were responding to some words by Madam Olivia. She was in sheer bliss so she was not in the conscious world.

    Darby was also exhausted and in a state of confused bliss as she saw Bobby Jo get lifted off the bed. The last bit of her conscious mind then felt her own body getting shoved further on top of the bed, then felt her wrists being freed from the ropes. She was then flipped over on her back and she saw a mischievous grin of Madam Olivia’s face. She started to murmur, then felt her own wrists being tied above her head and onto the headboard! “W-what are you doing? How come you are tying me up?” she moaned. She thought her ordeal was over. She made Bobby Jo have an orgasm, why wasn’t she being set free?

    “Hush now.. I am getting you in position for more fun. You’ll see….” Madam Olivia laughed. After tying Darby’s wrists to the headboard, she then tied Darby’s ankles together by the foot of the bed. Darby was taller so her feet hung off the edge of the bed. She then nodded to Francine and Olivia and they placed Bobby Jo on top of Darby!

    Bobby Jo was positioned with her ankles being tied to Darby’s ankles and was face down. Her feet were on the outside of Darby’s feet. Because she was shorter than Darby, her head was resting near Darby’s breasts on the undersides. Bobby Jo was still trying to recover from that massive orgasm so she couldn’t resist. Her arms were then placed behind her back and her wrists tied together. Another rope then was placed around her midsection and Darby’s hips/waist, effectively tying the two women together. Bobby Jo started to clear her eyes and saw Darby laying there helpless. In a way she didn’t mind because she was by Darby’s chest. She wished those breasts were naked, but it was still a good place to be.

    Madam Olivia then pulled up a seat and sat by the foot of the bed. She gazed at the vulnerable soles of Darby and Bobby Jo. The tied feet looked beautiful in the order they were tied. Bobby Jo’s left sole/Darby’s right sole/Darby’s left sole/Bobby Jo’s right sole. She could definitely tell the size difference, Darby’s size 11s versus Bobby Jo’s size 6s. She started to rub her hands together because she was going to enjoy this moment. “Ya know Bobby Jo, I didn’t get a chance to tease one more place on your sexy body.. the bottoms of your feet.. Let me take off these socks.” She grinned as she reached down and started to peel off each sock, exposing Bobby Jo’s soles!

    Bobby Jo gasped as her feet were exposed! “P-please Madam..please don’t…” she whimpered as she looked into Darby’s glazed eyes. She started to writhe on top of Darby’s body because she knew what was about to happen. Her feet were off the scale ticklish and it was her greatest ticklish weakness.

    Darby started to come out of her sexual glaze and started to realize her predicament. She saw Bobby Jo on top of her and she had this look of ticklish anticipation. She then looked over and felt something by her feet. “W-what’s happening? Why are you not letting us go?”

    “Hush Deputy! It is time for me to have some fun. You see, I am really into tickling some feet right now.. Your soft feet are inspiring me and I want to hear some laughter…I have FOUR ticklish feet right now and I am going to…..tickle…them for a very long time…” Madam Olivia cooed as she wiggled Darby’s big toe with one hand and poked Bobby Jo’s sole.

    “hehehehehehehehehe” Bobby Jo giggled freely. She could feel the ticklishness surge through her body. After cumming a little earlier, her body was extra sensitive. She felt another poke and giggled again. She tried to move her foot and clench her toes, but the poking continued. “PLEASE!!! MADAM!! PLEASE DON’T TICKLE MY FEET!” she begged.

    “Oh I am going to tickle them my dear..I am REALLY going to tickle these feet.” Madam Olivia threatened. She loved the contrast of the soles. Darby’s very pink soles and Bobby Jo’s pale soles. Darby’s meaty toes that pointed towards the ceiling and Bobby Jo’s chubby “pebble toes” that were pointed downwards. Darby’s extraordinarily soft soles and Bobby Jo’s tender, but a little more worn soles as she went barefoot far more often. She chuckled to herself as she saw Bobby Jo’s feet tremble and Darby’s feet try to wiggle free. “Ladies, should I use my finger, my feather or my tongue on the precious soles?”

    Polly and Francine giggled together as they were given such a delightful choice. They huddled together and whispered to each other about how those feet should be tickled. They snickered and giggled, then came to a decision. Polly stepped up and made the announcement.

    “How about…..all three Madam?” she giggled.

    “You naughty girls! Haha you know, I like that idea. I think I will do all three…..” Madam Olivia grinned. She was excited that she was going to spend a great deal of time on these feet. “I think I will start with my feather. I wonder which of these 4 soles is the most ticklish from a feather? We will have a contest. I will tickle each of these feet with the feather. You two will be the judges…hehehe”. She then took her peacock feather and stroked it across Bobby Jo’s left sole.

    Bobby Jo started to giggle as she felt the feather across her delicate sole. She heard what Madam Olivia said and wanted to try and hold in the laughter. She started to think that whichever foot was the most ticklish, would probably suffer prolonged torture later. Her will began to crumble however as her foot was so ticklish! She started to snicker harder and the giggles started to come out stronger. She looked at Darby and saw an empathetic look. “nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…………don’t….eep! that….got…..to be….stronhahahahahahahah….got to hold. Hehehehehe”

    “You know your foot is ticklish dearie….just let it all out….” Madam Olivia cooed as she stroked the peacock feather up and down the sole. She loved the fact that Bobby Jo was trying her best to hold it in, then stroked the feather quickly over the arch. “tickle tickle…”

    “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA SSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPP!” Bobby Jo screamed out. The tickling sensation was too much and she screamed her laughter. Holding in her laughter made the sensations worse and she let it all out.

    Darby watched her friend laugh hysterically and felt really bad for her. She knew Bobby Jo was ticklish on her feet and after having hers tickle assaulted earlier, she felt that agony herself. She tried pulling at her bonds, but it was no use. She also winced a few times when the peacock feather would graze her sole because it was swaying wildly on Bobby Jo’s sole. Darby knew her turn was next. She prayed this would end soon. Humiliation started to set in as she was still trapped and was going to be tickled for entertainment.

    Madam Olivia continued her feather stroking on poor Bobby Jo’s foot. The sound of hysterical laugher filled her with pleasure. She could tickle this foot forever, but there were more feet to tease. She paused her feather and then looked at Darby’s right sole. She definitely knew how ticklish it was and she immediately twirled the feather on that soft target. Once again, she heard Darby’s hysterical laughter. The foot trembled and tried to wriggle away but it was trapped and had nowhere to go. She focused the tip of the feather all over the ball of the foot and then slid it right down in the arch, sending Darby into pure hysterics. Madam Olivia continued her tickle talk, trying to elicit stronger laughter from Darby. “tickle tickle Deputy… your foot is sooo precious and sooooooo ticklish! I could tickle it all…….day……and…..night…long”

    Darby tried to arch her back, but with Bobby Jo on top of her she couldn’t. She couldn’t get her foot away from that blasted feather either. All she could do was continue to laugh harder and harder. It seemed the longer she was tickled, the worse it got. She tried clinching her toes, but the feather was stroking across the tops of those toes, forcing her to open them again. She started to beg for the torment to stop. “PLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE STOP!!! Please..hahah..please”

    “Aww..poor Deputy. Is this naughty feather getting to be too much for this foot of yours?” Madam Olivia teased. “Ok, I will stop feathering it. I think it is time for me to tickle the OTHER foot now…kitchy kitchy!”

    Bobby Jo saw Darby’s mouth open up wide as she knew Darby’s left foot was getting tormented at this time. She felt bad for her friend as she could tell Darby was so ticklish. But, down deep she was beginning to enjoy it. To see Darby is such a helpless state. Where her body was surrendering to the ticklish nightmare. Bobby Jo always wondered if Darby could ever be vulnerable. When they were having their own sexual intimacy, Darby was dominant and loved subjecting her to some very erotic pleasures. She always wondered what it would be like to make Darby’s body shiver and convulse under her ministrations. She stared at Darby’s wide open mouth, those soft lips, her pink tongue and her very pretty face. Bobby Jo wished she could touch Darby’s body, but she was strapped down. Listening to that laughter was turning her on. She now wished she could tickle Darby. How fun would that be? To have Darby so helpless and weak under her own fingers. She witnessed how ticklish Darby’s feet were. She started to wonder where else Darby was ticklish. Maybe right where her own chest was resting. Between Darby’s legs. Then she shrieked as she felt something on her right foot! Oh no! The feather was now tickling her other foot!

    “Now, let’s try this last foot. Look at it wiggle..hehe” Madam Olivia teased as she feathered Bobby Jo’s upturned right foot. This was the 4th sole in her little contest and was going to enjoy it. She loved how the feather would bring out torturous laughter and after watching Bobby Jo cum earlier, she wanted to drive the tickle torture deep. She took the quill end of the feather and traced it all over Bobby Jo’s sole. The sound of horrific laughter greatly pleased her and she was going to tickle it until Bobby Jo passed out! Then she was snapped out of her tickle trance by a familiar voice.

    “Well, well, well….. what do we have here?” a voice boomed in the room.

    Madam Olivia stopped her tickling and looked up. Then she had a small grin on her face. “La Diabla! Nice of you to drop by….”

    La Diabla walked into the room and saw two women on a bed, the one on top was naked, the other still clothed it appeared. Wearing her black cowgirl hat, black short sleeve shirt with a black leather vest, blue jeans and black boots, she entered this room that was obviously meant for erotic fun. She saw the foot of the bed and saw Madam Olivia sitting there with a peacock feather in her hand and it didn’t take long for her to figure out what was happening. Madam Olivia was tickling some feet! She chuckled to herself and now she was fully in the room. She walked over to Madam Olivia who stood up and gave her a hug.

    “Glad you are here! Burt aren’t you a bit early? You were supposed to be here at 4.” Madam Olivia asked.

    “It is 4:15 Olivia..” La Diabla chuckled. “Looks like you were too busy tickling some feet or something…”

    “Oh yes I was! Hehe This went further than I realized. I was tickling some incredible feet and got caught up. Got to keep these girls excited you know? I’m sorry I wasn’t out front to greet you.” Madam Olivia apologized.

    “It is not a problem. I can see you have been having some fun….” La Diabla smiled and then looked towards the head of the bed. Her jaw dropped and her eyes went big! Her heart nearly stopped as she now recognized the clothed woman on the bed. “Is that……TENDERFOOT?!!!” she asked excitedly.

    “Tenderfoot? Who is that?” Madam Olivia asked with a puzzled look.

    Darby slowly opened her eyes and tried to make out the figure standing next to Madam Olivia. She tried to catch her breath as her feet still tingled like crazy from the feather tickling. Her eyes finally cleared and what she saw made her heart come to a stop. It couldn’t be??!!! “La..La Diabla….” She moaned. This couldn’t be happening to her! She already was tortured today and now her worst nightmare was here???

    La Diabla started to chuckle. The chuckles got louder and louder and then turned into a sinister laugh. Talk about luck! These last few days she thought about what she did to Darby in that barn. The way she tickled her all over her body, the way she cut her hair, including her pubic hairs, she absolutely dominated Deputy Darby. The best part was forcing her to cum. It was perhaps the greatest physical conquest of her life. She wondered if she would ever get a chance to torment Darby again, and now here she was, tied down on a bed and totally helpless. Her tenderfeet already exposed!

    Madam Olivia was puzzled, then it started to dawn on her. “Wait, you know this deputy?” she asked La Diabla.

    “Oh yes…I know Deputy Darby Reeves VERY well….” She smiled. She then walked over to the head of the bed, sat down and looked at Darby in her eyes. “We meet again tenderfoot…I never thought I would ever see you again after our time together. You look so helpless…Miss me?” she chuckled as she ran her fingers through Darby’s hair.

    “La..La Diabla…w-why are you here??!!” Darby said panicking as she felt the fingers going through her hair. This was the absolute worst case scenario for her. She started to struggle in her bonds. “Don’t you dare touch me!”

    La Diabla smirked at Darby, leaned down and kissed her forehead. “Awww tenderfoot. You seem so… scared. Haha” she cooed as she then looked directly into Darby’s eyes. “I have been dreaming about you. I would absolute LOVE to break you again and down deep, I know you want me to…”

    “Um, La Diabla, so you DO know this deputy? Why do you call her tenderfoot?” Madam Olivia said with a hint of excitement in her voice. She wanted to know this relationship as it sounded exciting.

    “Yes we do… You see, it was just a few days ago I got the privilege of discovering how much of a tenderfoot she is. I had captured her, stripped her and had my ticklish way with the most softest, tender feet on God’s green earth…” La Diabla said with such a tone of erotic tension. She then looked back towards Madam Olivia then recognized the naked woman on top of Darby. “Bobby Jo?? Is that you?? Why, this is the best day ever! Two of my favorite ladies here with me again…”

    Madam Olivia licked her lips in lust. The way La Diabla spoke about this, something very exciting happened with La Diabla and both of her own tickle victims! “You MUST tell us how you know both of them….”

    “I sure will…” La Diabla then sat on the bed, her back against the headboard and her black cowboy booted feet resting on the bed, next to Darby and Bobby Jo’s tied down bodies. She recounted her experiences with both Bobby Jo and Darby. She talked how she seduced Bobby Jo while in prison, even tickling her during her stay there. But she really went into details about what she did to poor Darby. She talked about how she tickled her feet, including sucking on her toes and even spanking her. She talked about cutting off Darby’s long ponytail and tickling her with it. La Diabla grew excited as she saw Madam Olivia, Polly and Francine hanging on to her every word. She talked about how Darby would beg her for mercy and how she even made Darby cry. She would look down at Darby’s face and could see the embarrassment, which made her talk even more how much she LOVED tickling Darby into submission.

    Bobby Jo was also wrapped up into the story. She remembered how La Diabla tickled her while in prison, but it wasn’t torture, it was a sensual tickling experience she had with her. But hearing how Darby was tickled tortured out of her mind made her excited again. She even started grinding her hips a little as she heard about how Darby’s toes were sucked on and coated with honey. A small moan escaped her lips.

    Darby never been so humiliated in her life. Not only did she remember how bad that experience was, but it was being told in front of other people including Bobby Jo! She closed her eyes and knew her face must have been beet red. Then she felt extra humiliation as she heard that small moan from Bobby Jo and felt her grinding her hips on her legs. Her former lover was aroused from hearing about how she was tickled tortured.

    “Then when I was done with her… I left her on the steps of the Sheriff’s office, hogtied and barefoot because I took her boots as trophies…haha” La Diabla finished her story. But she left out the best part on purpose.

    “That sounds soooooooooooo exciting! So you know this deputy VERY well! I can see why you call her tenderfoot. Her feet are the most softest and tender feet I have ever seen! I know lots of women with soft feet, but hers? I didn’t think it was possible for feet to be this soft! I love her feet. Most tender feet in the West by far! I could tickle them forever….I really could!” Madam Olivia said while Francine and Polly agreed by saying how much they loved sucking on Darby’s toes.

    “Oh yes…I love her feet. They truly are special. But…………” La Diabla started. Now it was time for talk about her favorite part. She started to pet Darby’s head and grinned. “……….have you ever seen her cum?”

    Madam Olivia gasped! “No way! You made her..cum?”

    “Yes I did! Didn’t I tenderfoot? Didn’t I make you cum so hard your mind went into another dimension? Haha” La Diabla teased.

    Darby’s face went deep red. The embarrassment was too much. Tears started to well up in her eyes and she started to whimper. Her toes began to scrunch and her body grew really tense. She knew this was not going to go well for her. “please…let me go…” she whimpered.

    “You ladies want to see her cum” La Diabla laughed.

    Madam Olivia looked at Francine and Polly and they all then looked back at La Diabla and with a group effort, shouted “YES!!!!!” then clapped their hands. They would love to see a woman of law enforcement be made to cum in front of them.

    La Diabla stood up and walked towards the foot of the bed. She looked at the 4 helpless soles and smiled. Seeing those meaty pink soles of Darby and the pale soles of Bobby Jo. She thought she would never see those pink soles again and now by a chance meeting she got another opportunity. She thought her meeting would be all business, so what a treat this was going to be! She looked at Madam Olivia and smiled. “Take Bobby Jo off of her and tie her to the chair. I want Bobby Jo to watch what happens to Darby….”

    Madam Olivia nodded to both Polly and Francine and they both went over to Bobby Jo, and untied her. They then picked her naked body up off of Darby and carried her over to the chair Darby was originally in. They tied her wrists to the armrests, and tied her ankles to the legs of the chair, spreading her legs slightly. They then stood on either side of Bobby Jo awaiting the festivities.

    Madam Olivia then stood up and walked over to Bobby Jo and looked at her directly in her eyes. “I think I will keep you a little busy as you watch that tenderfoot over there lose her mind.” She then twirled her peacock feather in her hand then started to lightly diddle it on Bobby Jo’s pussy, forcing her to moan.

    La Diabla looked over and saw Bobby Jo getting feathered and knew this was going to be a wonderful moment. She then sat next to Darby on the bed and kissed her on her lips. She chuckled out of Darby trying to move her head away. “Awww Tenderfoot..You don’t want to kiss me? You wanted to kiss me in that barn… Don’t tell me you’re getting shy. No time for that. In fact, I think we need to get you ready for our little show…”

    “Let me go you…you witch!!” Darby spat. She wanted to get free and she started tugging at her bonds. She did not want to be a spectacle. Her ankles were still tied, her wrists were still tied to the headboard above the bed. She was trapped but tried to get herself free.

    “Tenderfoot, don’t be naughty. I am going to make you cum. You are going to cum whether you want to or not. Your pussy belongs to me, remember?” La Diabla warned. “Now, let me see these tits of yours. Got to get ya warmed up right?” She then started to unbutton Darby’s shirt.

    Darby started to grunt and tried twisting her body as the buttons of her shirt were getting undone. She knew once that shirt was open she was done for! “stop! Stop it!! Please…don’t DO this to me!” she whined.

    La Diabla giggled and soon the shirt was opened up, exposing Darby’s bra underneath. She looked over at Madam Olivia and her girls and winked. “Now it’s time to see some absolutely beautiful breasts. Ladies, I present you……..sexy nipples!” she announced as she pulled out her knife and easily cut opened the bra.

    Madam Oliva, Polly, Francine and even Bobby Jo all gasped as they saw Darby’s breasts get exposed. They looked at the pink nipples on those B sized breasts and were all impressed. They weren’t large breasts, but they were nicely shaped and could tell that they were really soft. This deputy was truly a very soft, beautiful woman. All of their libidos kicked in and they licked their lips and even touched their own chests. Madam Olivia continued to stroke the feather on Bobby Jo’s vagina keeping her moaning in heat.

    Darby started to whimper in humiliation as her breasts were exposed to everyone in the room. It was bad enough La Diabla saw her chest a few days ago and today, but now 4 other women? Bobby Jo saw them before but that was a long time ago. She closed her eyes in shame and hoped this would be over soon and she could be let free. The part that scared her the most was this form of humiliation started to arouse her, just like in the barn. Her nipples started to stiffen, a fact that La Diabla knew all too well.

    La Diabla then tweaked each nipple between her index finger and thumb making Darby squeal under her touch. She grinned to herself and then kissed Darby’s forehead. “I just can’t get enough of you. Guess what I have tenderfoot? Something I now bring along with me for luck! After what it did to your sweet body a few days ago, I wanted it to be near me all the time. This!” she said as she pulled out an owl feather from her vest pocket.

    Darby’s eyes were wide open with abject fear when she looked at the feather. That very feather tickled her, it teased her, it tortured her all over her body and now it was back! Memories of how bad it tormented her flooded her mind and she started to writhe in her bonds again. “No! Please no! Please don’t tickle me!” she begged.

    “Aww…..how cute! Tenderfoot remembers my feather.. Olivia, watch what this feather does to her nipples hehehehe” La Diabla giggled. She then took the feather and started sawing it on the underside of Darby’s right nipple. La Diabla had her trademark sinister grin as she saw Darby’s body shiver from the touch and then heard a giggle. She remembered how ticklish the nipples were so she continued to saw away at the tender buds La Diabla loved listening to Darby’s giggles. It filled her own soul with lust and as the feather started tickling the cleavage and Darby laughed harder now, she felt herself getting wet.

    Madam Olivia was in awe as she witnessed the sexy event in front of her. La Diabla’s nipple tickling on poor Darby made her so excited. She knew how effective that torment was because she just did the same thing to poor Bobby Jo earlier. In fact, it inspired her to now feather Bobby Jo’s nipples and was rewarded with delicious giggles. The more she heard Darby giggle, the more she twirled and stroked her feather on Bobby Jo.

    Bobby Jo was on fire now! She was once again getting feathered teased and she was loving it. It tickled like hell, but her nipples were enlarged, her pussy was wet again and she was witnessing Darby getting teased her own nipples. This whole scenario was like something out of a dream. She never imagined a time where both her and Darby would be held down and tickled teased into orgasms. But they were both in reality and both very wet.

    “Kitchy kitchy koo tenderfoot. Look at those nipples! You may think this tickles you, but we both know you are getting so horny right now. Soon, I am going to expose that sweet pussy of yours and you will cum…” La Diabla teased. She then leaned down and sucked on the right nipple.

    “OOHHHHH GAWD!!!” Darby grunted in pleasure. The feeling of that warm mouth on her nipple felt so good to her. She knew what La Diabla was up to, but her body couldn’t help it. It wanted that touch, it wanted this pleasure. She would giggle a little when she felt the feather tickle the undersides of her breasts, but that warm tongue never left her nipple. Her own hips started to grind involuntarily. Her moaning became louder as now her left nipple felt the tongue. La Diabla definitely knew how to push Darby’s buttons. She started to mewl like a kitten as she felt the feather now circling around her breasts and would giggle when the feather made a quick tickle to her belly. She looked up at La Diabla’s face and tried to plead with her eyes.

    La Diabla knew Darby was falling apart sensually and it was just a matter of time. She loved controlling Darby’s feelings. Now, it was time to torment her a little more. She gave Darby a quick kiss on the lips then put down the feather. She then took her fingers and spider walked them from the nipples, to the cleavage then across the belly which caused some girlish giggles and some writhing from Darby. The fingers made it all the way down to Darby’s jeans and started to unbuckle the belt. She slowly unbuckled the belt and pulled it open. She was getting closer to her most desired prize.

    Darby continued her whimpering as she felt her belt coming undone. “come on….please….don’t..please..” she begged. She felt her belt starting to slip through the belt loops on her jeans. Soon the belt was removed from her pants and she saw it get tossed across the room. Then the fly on her jeans were peeled open and her panties were exposed. She gasped as La Diabla’s fingers stroked her most private spot! “I-I-I am….begging ya…please don’t do this to me….” She murmured.

    “Oh, I am going to do it. Like I told you, I am going to make you cum. Whether you want to or not, but I think we both know you WANT to…..” La Diabla teased as she now took the edges of the jeans and started to tug them down. She managed to pull the jeans down off Darby’s hips and left them at her knees. She then slowly pulled down the panties and slid them down to the knees as well. Now, Darby’s precious pussy was exposed for everyone to see. La Diabla bit her lip and her heart raced. “There it is….how precious…”

    Tears started to well up in Darby’s eyes as her pussy was now exposed. The sheer amount of humiliation overwhelmed her as her most private spot was open for everyone to see. She continued her mewling and whimpering, pleading to be covered up. Her stubble haired pussy also started to pulsate because of the arousal it was experiencing.

    “Behold! Tenderfoot’s beautiful pussy!” La Diabla announced as she pointed directly at it. “Isn’t it…precious?”

    The other four women in the room all stopped what they were doing and stared in awe as they saw Darby’s pussy. Polly and Francine both immediately started to rub their chests. Madam Olivia even paused her feathering of Bobby Jo as her breath was taking away and Bobby Jo was extra turned on. Madam Olivia touched between her legs and looked at La Diabla.

    “She has SUCH a sweet looking pussy. She even trims the hairs? Look how naked she is!” Madam Olivia asked.

    “Naw, I was the one who shaved tenderfoot here a few days ago. I own those hairs of hers. Now we all get a very good look at what this pussy looks like. Let me tell you, it is a very delicious pussy too. I am going to enjoy this sweet treat again.” La Diabla said as she lowered her head next to Darby’s waist. Then she looked over at Francine and Polly. “Hey, you two want to help me make her explode? Tickle those sweet feet of hers while I taste her. But, don’t tickle hard, tickle her tender feet very softly. Drives her crazy!”

    Polly and Francine were all too excited to help. They both raced over towards the foot of the bed, knelt down and were eye level with Darby’s soles. They could see the feet trembling and couldn’t wait to start tickling. They reached their hands forward and with the pads of the fingertips, softly drummed them up and down the plush soles causing the feet to jerk and Darby to squeal. They went softer, barely touching the soles and heard Darby’s sweet giggles. The rush of touching the soles again made them wet with lust and they continued their tickle pawing of the meaty soles.

    La Diabla smiled as she saw them tickling Darby’s feet. She then looked over at Darby’s giggling face and grinned. “Ready to cum?”

    “hehehehehe no…pleasehhehehehehe don’t…” Darby giggled. The sensations on her feet were horrific but her feet were so sensitive it was driving her crazy.

    La Diabla lowered her head and the tip of her tongue made contact with the lips and gave it a quick lick. “mmmmm… so delicious…”

    Darby gasped in pleasure as she felt the tongue between her legs. She moaned as the devilish tongue continued to lap away at her private spot and it even made her toes curled, only to wiggle back open because her feet were being tickled. Darby’s mind and body didn’t know what to do. She felt the soft tickling on her sensitive feet and felt that warm tongue on her pussy. Her arousal and torment were happening at the same time. Her moans were littered with giggles and her will was breaking a lot faster than it was in the barn. When the tongue went inside her to lick away her juices, Darby’s mind folded. The lust took over her and consumed her so she no longer resisted. She wanted that release!

    “mmmmm… so…damn…..good…” La Diabla said, each work punctuated with a lick and a suck on the pussy. La Diabla was surprised by Darby’s response. She hoped Darby would resist a little, but this only confirmed one thing. She truly broke Darby a few days ago and she now owned this woman’s body. She started to lick harder and faster, she wanted Darby to explode. She even started to nuzzle her pussy with her mouth.

    Bobby Jo was losing her own mind. She was witnessing this sexy chain of events with a lot of lust. She listened to Darby’s helpless moans and giggles and it made her get on edge. She saw the pink soles were teased and tickled. She saw La Diabla really getting into eat Darby out. On top of all that, Madam Olivia resumed the peacock feathering on her own sweet pleasure center. The edges of the feather were gliding between her pussy lips and she felt her own body tense up. She knew another orgasm was pending and she couldn’t wait for it to release!

    Darby started to shake her head in pleasure. She felt her nipples throbbing as that tongue was consuming her center. She felt fingers on her delicate feet and she arched her back. Her moans became stronger and she was on edge. She closed her eyes with intensity and started to screech the words “YES! YES! YES! YES! OH GAWS OH GAWD OH GAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWDDDDDDDDDD!” she yelled as the orgasm hit her. Waves of intense pleasure wracked through her body and it was the single greatest pleasure she ever felt. This orgasm felt even stronger than the one she received days earlier. Her body started to shake uncontrollably as wave after wave after wave of orgasmic bliss washed over her.

    La Diabla watched Darby go through orgasmic bliss and it gave her a satisfied smile. She saw the sweat on Darby’s face, her belly was glistening with the sweat and the sound of Darby’s guttural moans was driving her crazy too. She wanted to touch herself right now, but other women were in the room. Then she heard another orgasmic moan in the room and turned her head. She saw Bobby Jo convulsing in an orgasm as well. “Well, never seen that before. Two women cumming at the same time from different people? Mmmm mmm mmmm” she thought to herself.

    Madam Olivia stopped her feather teasing as she witnessed Bobby Jo’s explosion. She saw her favorite girl convulsing in the chair having another monster orgasm. She started to run her fingers through Bobby Jo’s sweaty hair because she knew she was completely spent. This whole scene was starting to overwhelm her too. This was one of the greatest erotic moments she has even experienced. She had to get these two women together again somehow so she could have more fun with them.

    Darby started to come back to the conscious world after having such a strong orgasm. She was still moaning and would shiver every once in a while. Her mind was at peace and the extraordinary feelings really caused such deep peace. Then her mind realized what happened again and all the shame came back. She was forced to have an orgasm by La Diabla again! Her eyes saw the other women in the room looking at her and she wanted to go crawl into a hole. She then saw La Diabla looking at her and she wanted to cry. This woman got her again! “why…why do..you keep..torturing me?”

    “Because I OWN you tenderfoot, that’s why…” La Diabla chuckled. She then reached up and started to release Darby’s wrists from their bondage. “I will always own you…You completely embarrassed me when you captured me that day! No one has EVER defeated me and you, some tenderfoot, beat La Diabla?!! I can’t let you get away with that.”

    Madam Olivia saw Darby was being released and stood up. “Letting her go now?”

    “Yeah, she is done. Haha Plus we have business to attend to remember?” La Diabla replied as she then started to untie Darby’s ankles.

    “True. Oh, she is SO adorable though…I would love to play with her again though.” Madam Olivia cooed.

    “Yeah, she is amazing isn’t she? Never would have thought a deputy would be so submissive to me. I kind of like tickling her. She is so ticklish and really has such sexual energy. Plus, her feet, I mean, they are perfect! I could play with them forever…” La Diabla said as she untied Darby’s ankles. She then lifted the right ankle high into the air and stared at the sole. It was so helpless right before her eyes. She took her other hand and started to drum her fingers up and down the sole, causing Darby to spasm. “Oh yes, her feet are perfect…”

    “Please! Hehehe I beg ya! Please stop tickling muh feet!” Darby giggled uncontrollably.

    La Diabla stopped her tickling and leg the leg/ankle fall back to the bad. “Now get dressed and get out of here. I suggest you hurry up or we may have to make you cum again.”

    Darby slowly got herself up and was dizzy from the blood rushing from her head. She sat on the edge of the bed, then slowly got up. As the other women stared at her, she pulled her panties and jeans back up and zipped the fly. She slowly started to button her shirt back up, her face still very red. She then looked around for her socks and boots and when she saw La Diabla, she groaned. La Diabla was holding up her boots.

    “Looking for these? Naw, these are MINE now. Just like the pair I took from you a few days ago…” La Diabla laughed.

    “Please…can I h-have muh boots? I can’t go home without then…” Darby whimpered.

    “You can and you will! It is getting dark, so you better get a move on. Your tender feet will get mighty cold.” La Diabla smirked.

    Darby walked across the room with her head down. Her soft feet paraded across the hard floor and she wanted to cry. There was nothing she could do. She looked over at Bobby Jo who was still tied in the chair recovering from her own massive orgasm. She hung her head and shame and started to walk towards the door.

    “Hey, won’t she tell everyone she was heah?” Polly asked. “I mean, what if we get invaded by a horde of deputies??”

    Madam Olivia and La Diabla both laughed. “I don’t think she will say a word..after all, what will she say? She was caught breaking and entering in my private establishment with NO warrant. Is she going to tell them that she was tied up and tickled torture and had an orgasm from other women, which makes her gay? Ya know how bad that would sound for an officer of the law? Naw, deputy Darby won’t say a word….” Madam Olivia announced with pride.

    “That’s right…One word to the leaders of Plotsville that tenderfoot loves to have sexual relations with women will end her very career..” La Diabla reminded Darby.

    Darby looked back at La Diabla one more time. “Please…can I have muh boots? Please….” She whimpered.

    “Um, no. These boots are mine. Now, time for you to go home tenderfoot.” La Diabla laughed as she held the boots with one hand and locked her other arm with Darby’s and began to escort her out the room. She felt really good inside, after humiliating Darby again.

    Darby slowly walked out into the hallway and was led towards the saloon. Once there, she walked across the saloon floor, her soft barefeet feeling the hard wood. She kept her head down, avoiding eye contact with the other patrons. She wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. Soon she was outside and it was evening and it was getting dark. She gingerly walked on the dirt road to where her horse was tied up and stood next to the horse. La Diabla was still holding her arm.

    “Aww tenderfoot, I had such a great time with you again! I swear, you are truly a great time….” La Diabla whispered. She then leaned closer to Darby and then whispered into her ear. “You better hope you never see me again. Because I am gonna play with your body, tickle those feet and make you cum your brains out. Next time it will be for days. I am really enjoying this my sweet tenderfoot…Now ride away and I hope you think of me, because I will be thinking of you. Especially since I have these boots of yours.. hehe”

    Darby hung her head in shame as her arms was released from La Diabla’s grip. She took a deep breath, then mounted her horse. She put her barefeet into the stirrups, looked at La Diabla one more time, then pulled the straps and her horse started to walk away. She tried to hold back her tears as she started to have the horse gallop faster. She wanted to get away from Frankstown as fast as possible and get back home.

    La Diabla saw Darby riding away and put her hand on her chest. She really enjoyed tormenting that deputy. She even felt some emotions towards her as they spent two moments together. Next time, she would have to be naked herself so Darby can pleasure her. She then turned towards the saloon and saw Madam Olivia. She tipped her hat and walked back towards the saloon. “Now, let’s get down to business….”

    So, what do you think? Will Darby ever recover? What business is La Diabla and Madam Olivia going to complete? Will our heroine be able to stop these women? Stay tuned! Part 5 will come out soon!

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