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  1. #1
    Join Date
    Dec 2002

    Daria M/F Nylons

    The sharing of this story was all-inspired by new mate, JohnJo. His great pics and posts brought back a memory that I wasn't eager to share, but...times change. Thanks, JohnJo.

    OK...here's a story I never cared to revisit because it centered around a funeral. But...that was a long time ago. This was my first non-family, older woman situation.

    My grandfather passed when I was a senior in high school. I was 18 at the time, and I guess blessed that he was the first person that I was (very) close to that I had lost up to that point. His was my first real funeral. Lots of emotions.

    The funeral home was actually on the same block as my grandparents house. I really did not want to be there, especially for several hours. My mother sensed this, and suggested that I go wait at my grandparents house until the viewing service was over. This was on a Friday night. I jumped at the chance. I left and went to my grandparents house, where I would be all alone. Or so I thought.

    My mom asked her friend and co-worker to go check in on me. Daria. Daria was close to 30. I had known her and her family for several years, and was very comfortable around her. Daria was not the most attractive lady. She varied from a little overweight to a lot overweight. She has a very cute face, but always wore her hair way too short (a bad combo with a big body, some might say). She also had a super-bubbly personality that might get on your nerves after a while. She came to pay her respects at the funeral, and it was there my mom asked her to stop by and check on me. Daria took this job on with enthusiasm, determined to "cheer me up".

    Daria was the type that...great personality but probably didn't go out much; I kind of figured she's end up an "old maid", but she married later in life. I believe she may not have even have had a boyfriend yet, let alone had sex.

    I was watching TV when she came in the front door. At the time, she was maybe 10-20 lbs too heavy. She stood about 5-4. But on this night, for the first time in my memory, she was dressed up and looking very nice. She wore a black, knee-length dress to the viewing that made her look very curvy. She had black high heels with an open toe that showed off her red toenail polish. This was a big deal...she was the VERY conservative type; an open shoe on her was a revelation. The heels made her large calves look...dare I say, sexy? She was also wearing nude pantyhose. This all got my attention, in a slightly weird way, giving the circumstances.

    Daria announced that she was going to put some coffee on and get the house ready, as a lot of people would be coming back after the service. Made sense. I watched her walk through the house to the kitchen. She had kept her shoes on. Damn.

    Looking back, she was a very nice person who was trying to help. She was perhaps concerned for my emotional state. She tried several times/ways to engage me in conversation, but I wasn't in a talkative mood. She then asked me to come out to the kitchen and show her where something was.

    I don't remember what the something was, but I do remember that she had now kicked off her shoes, and was standing there in her stockinged feet. Chubby, wide, wonderful stockinged feet. Did I mention that got my attention? However, not knowing what to do about this or anything, I went back to the TV.

    I must have really been into what I was watching, because she asked me another question from the kitchen, but I didn't answer. But I did hear the next thing she said:

    "Are you going to talk to me, or am I going to have to come in there and tickle you?"

    Ohh, you foolish woman.

    My response...I don't know where it came from. It's not something I would normally say. It came from my psyche, my subconscious, or perhaps the angel/devil sitting on my shoulder.

    "You wouldn't dare."

    Daria did dare.

    The next thing I know, here she comes from the kitchen, in her stockinged feet. She had a big, playful, grin on her face.

    She laughingly says "Just remember. You dared me. (apparently, I remembered ) Let's see if I remember your ticklish spot."

    I'm sure she had fun, innocent intentions. I was sitting on the couch, she was standing over me. I put up my hands in fake protest. She pointed one index finger, and tried to poke me in the ribs. She poked once, twice, then tried to poke me with both hands. Big mistake.

    I grabbed both of her hands, and before she knew it, we had switched positions. I had spun her around. She was on the couch, half sitting/half laying, and I was on the attack. I surprised the shit out of her with that move (my judo instructor would have been proud!), and now I was going to tickle the shit our of her. I half sat on / straddled her lap, and dug my hands into her chubby ribs.

    "Hey Hey Heyyyyyyy HeHeHeHeHeHeHeHe!!!"

    She was giggling and fighting me off. Luckily, she was not very strong. Not strong at all. My hand found her underarms as I moved her to lay flat on her back. That worked.


    Although she wasn't strong, she was still a challenge. She clamped her arms closed and rolled back on her sides, hiding her underarms. I started poking her ribs, eliciting more yelps and pleas to stop....when I realized why she was looking so curvy. She was wearing some kind of girdle or spanx or whatever. It made her curvy, but hard to tickle that way. I poked at her ribs a few more times. She started to get her composure. I stood up. She rolled onto her belly, heaving a bit, thinking the tickling was over. No....

    OMG she looked...so good. Her skirt had ridden up a bit. One foot was on the floor, while the other stockinged sole was staring straight up at me. Time for the next move. I grabbed both ankles...they fit perfectly on the arm of the couch, and sat on her legs.

    "Nick, No! Nick, get off me. DO NOT TOUCH MY FEET! Nick....WHAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

    OMG...I had barely touched her. I had both of her feet just sitting there. What would you do? I took one hand to each ticklish, stockinged sole. She erupted.


    That bubbly personality turned into the sound of a dozen screams of excitement and laughter. She was kicking for all she was worth, so I grabbed one ankle for stability, and took my fingertips to one pantyhosed arch. The right foot kicked/pounded on the arm of the couch while I tickled the left. He feet were much more ticklish than her upper body.


    Her face was turned, and I remember how wide open her mouth was. "WHAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" was her response when I switched feet. She laughed to hard she went silent.

    "Now I know your ticklish spot."

    I poked her in the ribs briefly, then locked my arm around on ankle.


    Her foot felt so wonderful. She had this high pitched, screaming laugh. I could have done that all night.

    But...in between her squeals, and pleading to stop...I heard "hurting me".

    Oops. I stopped and got off. I felt horrible. She stayed there for a few moments, composing herself. Her face was so red.

    "Are you ok?"

    She quickly sat up and put her feet flat on the floor, and started twisting her clothes and pantyhose back into place.

    "Did I hurt you?"

    "No, but I had to say something to get you to stop. You are such a BAD BOY! (I think that was just about a curse word to her).

    Wow! She tricked me.

    "You started it!!"

    "But couldn't you see how horribly ticklish I am? That was torture. My brother used to do that to me. Torture. I think you were worse than my brother."

    (I think it was the nylons)

    She stood up and then actually smiled at me. "Our secret?"

    "Our secret," I agreed.

    Until now.

  2. #2
    Join Date
    Aug 2002
    Kent, England
    Outstanding! I get your reluctance to not want to share given the circumstances, but as a fellow nylon fan - and admirer of your work - I’m glad you shared. JJ is a good nylon related inspiration to have around, he’s always been supportive of anything I’ve shared too. Thanks for posting Nick, a fine read!

    Cheers, everybody,

  3. #3
    Good story!

  4. #4
    Join Date
    Sep 2003
    One of the best I've heard.
    Very well told indeed nick j

  5. #5
    Awesome story

  6. #6
    Join Date
    Oct 2001
    lakes region, New Hampshire
    Sometimes you look for an opportunity, and sometimes opportunity finds you! Glad you had a chance to get your mind off of a somber situation.

  7. #7
    Join Date
    Jan 2002
    NY City
    Blog Entries
    Great story! Thanks for sharing your experience here.
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  8. #8
    Join Date
    Mar 2003
    North west florida, pensacola area
    Good job Nick.

  9. #9
    Join Date
    May 2007
    Love that story!

  10. #10
    Join Date
    May 2001
    Near Reading, PA
    Well done. Fabulous story. Love tickling stocking feet
    "Every woman is ticklish...esp when nylon feet are involved..."

  11. #11
    Join Date
    Mar 2009
    Hampton Roads, VA
    Great story. A great distraction to such a sad day.

  12. #12
    Join Date
    Aug 2009
    Blog Entries


    Johnjo has been a mate of mine for many a years and to inspire you into sharing your delightful story I thank you both.

    Fantastic. #nylons4ever

  13. #13
    So, trying to grasp how she looks---what celebrity would u say she most closely resembles? Like I am trying to picture it, but you just saying she was overweight has me thinking of gigantic people, and I don't think she would be that big if she was only 20 lbs overweight. So celebrity look-a-like would help

  14. #14
    Join Date
    Mar 2002
    Norfolk UK
    Great story well told. You have a great inspiration in JJ who really knows his stuff.

    The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return!!!

  15. #15
    Join Date
    Mar 2003
    San Francisco Bay Area
    I enjoyed reading your recollection of this event in your life.

    Opportunity sometimes presents itself at the strangest of times and places.
    Hope it helped lightened your mood on such a dreary day.

    I'm curious, did you have any future encounters of a similar nature with Daria?

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