When the girls go out for a costumed ladies night planned for them by Akira, they can't wait. Sadayo herself beams with excitement to show off her stunning outfit to her lover, the prospect of teasing him swirling in her mind. Sadly there would be a different kind of swirling that night. As they enter the place the ladies discover that there are other plans at work. Plans that will leave them laughing into the night.

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* M/F
* Foot tickling
* Full Body tickling
* Teasing
* Humiliation
* NSFW Tickling

----- *Story By Anonymous*-------

Just as the girls were thinking of turning back when the door opened up and a pair familiar faces came out..

“Hey everyone, Hey teach! Looking fine today.” Waved Futaba, a close friend of Akira’s and one of Sadayo’s third year students. the other one was no other than Akira himself. Both were wearing what looked like their phantom thief outfit.

“That’s Ms. Kawakami.” Sadayo tried to keep a stern teacher-like expression in front of her student, though her costume made it difficult to take seriously, especially with Akira looking.. “But if you're here then this must be the place.

Yep, this is the spot.” Akira smoothly answered walking close as he went and gave his girlfriend a kiss. “Glad you could make it.”

“W-well you did invite us.” Sadayo couldn't help but smile at her charming boyfriend as his hand slipped to her hips and pulled her close.

“Why don't we go inside. The fun is about to start.”

They ladies enter the club, only to find a very empty location. They were expecting to see the others, but instead it was just the four of them Futaba and Akira. Sadayo was already suspicious of her boyfriend, but he was clearly up to something.

“Okay, Akira, spill it, what are you planning this time.”

“Let’s just say that talking with Futaba gave me some ideas.” Akira let out a mischievous smirk that Sadayo knew would only lead to trouble. “Why don't’ we start this, Futaba.”

“I thought you’d never asked.” She stretched out her hand to her the the air as all of the sudden flames showe around her. The 4 were left surprised at what was happening, but nothing would prepare them for what came next.


As the goggles in front of her vanished a large space saucer showed from up in the club, it covered almost the whole place. Before the girls could react to what had just appeared in front of them, it’s hatch opened, releasing a myriad of tentacles which proceeded to grab hold of them, each one placed in a very compromising position.

“What do you think you’re doing?!.” Takemi squirmed from her position. Her milky white soles have slipped from hre flip flops from her flailing. Unable to really see what was coming her way, but fully aware of the position she was in.

“Ca-can’t we talk about this. J-j-just please put my leg down.” Chihaya nervously blushed as she tried her best to balance on her left leg as her right was raised, exposing that she wasn’t wearing anything under her dress.

“Tentacles? Are you for real? I am nowhere near drunk enough for this.” Ohya tried to maintain her humor, though her attempt at struggling as they spread her legs betrayed her cockiness.

“Akira, you better put me down right now or-” Sadayo’s word escaped her and her eyes widened as she noticed the number of tendril around him began to split into many small hands.. “Dooooon’t. Don’t youhohoho dare.” She was already nervously giggling at her boyfriend at the mere thought of what he had in store for her as he walked ever closer to her.

“Don’t what?” Akira spoke that always excited her. His finger slowly reaching out to both of sadayo’s exposed under arm. Even before he even touched her his moving fingers were having an effect on the ticklish teacher.
“Doohohohohn’t.” Could barely keep herself from giggling as he held his hand ever closer. Biting her lower lip while struggling from the tendrils grip. Attempting to prepare for what was to come.