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    Crossdresser's Ticklish Nightmare! M/M

    I had been chatting with Nina on line and new to cross dressing she was eager but anxious about meeting and especially as her fantasy was to be punished for her interest. Being 30 yrs old and married there could not be marks of punishment and I assured her there would not be, that pain wasn't my thing. Nina telling me she was a teacher at a secondary school and asked telling me she was brown haired and brown eyed and 6'1" and joked finding heels was hard for her but having found a pair of size 12's on line. I told Nina to wear black heels, black tights, ideally sheer and ideally white blouse and black skirt! Role play a secretary at her Boss's mercy and Nina gasped saying she was hot thinking about it and being a naughty girl needing punishing! The wife away on business the night; they were all mine!

    On his arrival Mark actually changed into Nina at my place as he came directly from school and a handsome man, with brunette wig and make-up he a very attractive woman and explained to me he loved-hated cross dressing and the thrill it gave him as it was not natural in his opinion but I told him to look at it as being his guilty pleasure and with a brandy in hand and accepting a joint he began to relax. I complimented him on his attractiveness and how great his long legs looked in the black sheer tights he was wearing and I then had him present himself in different poses with heels on and then told him to lay full length on the sofa and place his feet in my lap which he did and I slowly slid the black leather heels off his large feet.

    Nina flinched a little and apologised if they smelled ripe but I told her expected to be having been on her feet all day and enjoying the feel of their warmth and moistness and deliberately stroked lightly along each sole momentarily but seeing her flinch said we best move to the bedroom and Nina relaxed more now on stomach was soon secured and gagged on the bed. I slid my hands up her thighs and lightly stroked her balls and told her that she was my slut whilst fondling her hardening dick, gently stroking over her panties and telling her she was a bad girl and needed punishing for being such a temptress!

    I then blindfold her and my attention focussed on her large feet and remarking on their size and sniffing them their rich aroma and admiring her toes in perfect descending order and with no nail polish and again deeply inhaled both upturned sheer soles which faced me, both secured together at the end of the bed and lightly stroked over each arch and heard a stifled reaction.

    "You know Nina my favourite part of the body, the male body is the feet and Nina but let me say Mark's are very appealing and he needs punishing for masquerading as Nina and Nina's such a tease; presenting her large, raunchy feet to me!"

    Saying this I pressed my nose to each sheer sole inturn and deeply inhaled their rich aroma and thrilled as I sensed Nina's feet being ultra-sensitive and lightly brushed my fingers along each sole and seeing her toes curl delighting in saying she seemed to be ticklish! I held each foot as I pressed my nose to them again and enjoying their powerful smell and the fact even my nose run over each sole got a ticklish reaction!

    I relished indulging and smelling Nina's sheer soles and toes and making sure my fingers lightly and slowly stroked the length of each foot from heels to toes and loving the feeling of her trying to pull her feet away from me and failing so reacting to the ticklish sensations I was enjoying delivering! Mmmm Nina definitely a strong, raunchy masculine scent not a girly one so can tell you Mark your feet make me so damn horny and awesome big and very ticklish feet even in sheer tights as being very transparent so adding embarrassing him into the mix reminding him Nina was a man and would take his punishment as a man and in this position stroking the head of his dick through his panties saying later on his back I'd give it even more attention as it hardened for me!

    "So Mark likes to dress like girl and tease guys, be their plaything and slut, very different to a respected teacher have trouble finding women's shoes to fit but I prefer you with shoes off exposing all those super-sensitive toes and sheer soles to me!" I ran a finger from heel to toes of his right foot and then his left foot and he immediately squirmed from the finger tracing. "Hmm Mark & Nina too has very sensitive feet and can't stand being tickled on their feet which is unfortunate with them so enticingly displayed to me!" I heard a moan as he desperately tried to move his feet away from me but secured tightly together that wasn't going to be happening!

    "What would your students say seeing you dressed and in bondage having your sheer covered big feet stroked very lightly, very gently so teasingly tortuously and seems trying not to give his weakness; very ticklish feet away but failing Mmmm your feet smell so appealing Mark, Nina's a very bad girl teasing me like this, instant reaction wiggling her toes at me when her soles caressed, Mark's bound to be in ticklish hell when tickled with more pressure and moaning exciting me and can't hear what you're saying Mark but guess not the language of a lady!" I verbally enjoyed taunting and humiliating him!

    "Bad bad girl inviting me to enjoy myself with her feet and drive Mark berserk as I'm an expert tickler and these feet welcoming and warm, soles pressed against my face, feeling moist and instantly reactive to the lightest and gentlest caresses, let's add three fingers to your soles! "Oh wow there'a reaction and have to say Nina you have a pretty deep laugh for a girl, that's it Mark twitch those feet for me tickle-tickle-tickle! Laugh for me and make my day, have you and Nina ever had your sheer toes sucked and licked? ... "Mmmm really tasty and you don't like that do you so let's give all ten toes another suck! "Mmmmm oh fuck they taste good!

    I lightly stroked the arches Nina/Mark's feet making him giggle and moan as clearly disliking his feet teased and tormented, certainly not accustomed to it as being driven crazy by the lightest of touches having such super-sensitive feet and maintained a gentle slow paced stroking the length of both soles from heels to toes relishing in the reactions from Nina-Mark. I held each foot in turn as each sole stroked and saying in nylons his feet nice n' warm n' sweaty so more ticklish and engaged in massaging both feet, really feeling them up and then licked over both nylon soles and nibbled Mark's toes and sicked on them all one by one!

    "Mmmm Naughty Nina with smelly big feet, needs to be taught a lesson teasing me, a ticklish, licklish lesson on bare feet! I taunted as I heard Mark gasp but so vulnerable, helpless and defenseless as I relished telling him.

    I used scissors gently to cut the sheers saying it was time to expose Marks's big masculine feet and he to take his punishment like a man and once both bare feet were exposed licked each foot from heels to toes. Then lubed with saliva lightly stroked each bare sole hearing Mark biting his lips to not react to the ticklish sensation which his wiggling toes showed me he was enduring! I loved finding out that touching and teasing different areas of his feet elicited a different reaction from him and indulged in playing with his feet, stroking heels making his toes curl, stroking his arches making them wiggle and stroking across the balls of his feet and under his toes; still stifle laughter. What a sensation though seemed to be the least enjoyable for Mark was oral attention so indulged myself in tongue bathing each foot until Nina in unmistakably masculline tones begged me to stop!

    I licked the length of both newly bared soles driving Mark crazy but secured and immobile both feet mine and licked over his arches which really got to him so something I repeated doing over and over again and loving seeing his toes clenching and splaying from the tormenting teasing my tongue delivered! Mark's laughter all the encouragement I needed as saliva lubed he freaked out as my fingers began racing up n' down his soles from heels to toes! I taunted him asking if Nina's feet were as ticklish as Mark's!

    “Pleasehaahahaplease! Stahahahap It hahahhahaha!” but was ignored by me as I nibbled on the balls of her feet and simultaneously lightly stroking over the soles of her feet loving inducing uncontrollable laughter from her as I used an experienced light touch intermixed with a harder tickle and saying being blindfold she would never know where I would attack except it would be her feet! This itself resulted in heightening her sensitivity!

    "I love playing with your feet Mark and seeing you suffer for female impersonation, you have a deep laugh for a woman Nina and big feet too and feet with a definite masculine smell but sensitive even when so lightly and gently touched or ruthlessly tickled, unbearable ticklish sensations delivered by me as and when I choose to and no forgetting these toes, Mmmm tangy suckable toes as soles stroked, sensation overload for Nina right Mark!" I taunted sucking on the toes of a foot while stroking the sole of the same foot simultaneously driving him berserk!

    Mentally I indulged in teasing Mark saying how would his wife feel if she knew her husband was having his toes sucked and nibbled and the soles of his feet licked by another man and also what would his students think of Sir in such a vulnerable position and nibbling on his toes loved seeing Mark jump in his bondage. I then held the handkerchief saturated with amyl nitrate to Mark's nostrils and told him to sniff and threatened with his feet tickled he did so and then I indulged in taking long and slow licks of each of his feet which resulted in Mark shaking as he pleaded with me to stop!

    “NooooooooStahahahap Licking my Feetnohhahahahahehehet!” whilst desperately trying to get her foot away from my unwanted and invasive tongue and my making sure I thoroughly tongue bathed each foot so they were literally saliva lubed and dripping with my saliva! I loved licking in between each toe as they curled in reaction to the oral assault and told Mark how tasty his sweaty feet and toes were; so what a stnky bitch Nina was as I orally tormented and teased Mark mercilessly!

    Initial giggling from Nina having developed to being straight laughter from Mark as he thrashed in his bondage in reaction to fingers stroking over the arches of his feet as simultaneously his toes were sucked and nibbled! Then slow licking all over each foot thrilling to the fact that his sensation was the one which got to him the most! Tracing fingers over each saliva lubed sole increasing and decreasing speeds tormenting tortuously both soles facing me and ran fingers up n' down each bare size 12 sole as Mark was driven insane again sucking on the toes of one foot then the other loving hearing him moan hating it but laugh too being so hyper-sensitive on his feet!

    I then stopped and stared at both soles and toes telling Nina that Mark has super-tasty toes and how amazingly soft and sensitive her feet were and focused on licking Mark's arches again as both feet flexed and his toes clenched and splayed but unable to reduce his ticklish, licklish torment as saliva lubed again indulged in racing my fingers all over both feet vigorously saying pretending to be a girl merited a merciless tickling!

    'Bzzzz' I activated the electric toothbrush and ran it's revolving bristles the length of his feet with a focus on his super-ticklish arches as the ticklish sensations from the sonicare overwhelmed him as verbally I telling him I could see, could tell how much he hated his feet being tickled but he'd invited the ruthless torture tickling masquerading as a woman as his feet flexed as the evil bristles rotated over his feet with devious precision, the middle of them, to the balls of his feet and then toes and especially both arches! Every inch of both feet explored driving him wild but helpless and vulnerable! I switched off the sonicare! I went into the lounge and retrieved what I wanted from Mark's holdall!

    "So Nina-Mark you hate your feet tickled, unbearable for you and you need training so from tonight you will meet me one night every week as your feet are my feet and in future as Mark not Nina as before changing wearing these black nylon socks which I want to see you tickled in, see your socked toes clench and splay reacting to the unbearably ticklish sensations as socked feet and later bare feet tormented and teased! Both arches which is very ticklish for you but the centre of your soles, balls of your feet and toes! As Mark subjected to an unbearably ticklish torment driving you berserk. Both feet firmly secured and presented to me to be played with relentlessly over and over again by the sonicare, my fingers and my tongue or your wife and college learn about Nina who I am about to photograph!" His moans, verbal muffled responses duly ignored!

    Deliberately indulging in driving Mark berserk delivering fiendish tickling and sexual stimulation simultaneously so he moaned, gasped and laughed. As his dick hardened so his balls became even more sensitive and told him drawing a feather over them will magnify the intensity of his ticklish torment. I remarking how horribly ticklish he was in between lickling his feet and saying how much I loved how ticklish he was and the thrills I got driving him crazy; so much so that I proposed regular meets being organised as my 'Tickle-Slut'!

    I smiled seeing Mark shake his head and told him it wasn't a request but an order he would comply with as he was a perfect tickle - slave as Mark and to be tickle tortured by me and sometimes invited guests! I imagining the looks of fear & shock on his face

    "You have two such sexy feet for me who loves tickling guys' feet." I said wiggling an index finger over each of his arches simultaneously and telling him it was amazing that this was all it took to get him giggling, a light stroke on his big, soft ticklish feet and he'd do as told as feet and tickling feet, fondling feet, smelling feet, licking feet not a fetish for me but a passion and his being so addictive I was hooked

    Mark's hair was matted with sweat as my fingers returned to his dick and balls and stroked them and soon humiliating him saying

    "Look how fucking hard your cock is Nina, bet you want me to want to jerk it? You want me to jerk you off, to let you shoot your load, your dick's really throbbing inside those panties, mine is too thinking about how your feet will react when subjected to the sonicare again and the fast revolving bristles exploiting every inch of them; your toes, arches, heels, tops and soles, your intense laughter; still nice n' stiff, like my fingers stroking here don't you Nina and you Mark love it like all straight guys who experience it do; indulging in their guilty pleasure! Bet there's a student you victimise in class, downgrade his work, love to see him get ticklish revenge on you dressed like this and encourage him to be merciless!"

    Then I slid the panties down his legs and licked the head his dick teasingly and stroked him until soon he was ooozing pre-cum and desperate for relief but instead I retrieved the jar of nutella my favourite chocolate nutty spread and began to coat each foot with it, making sure it was everywhere even in between his toes and reminded him he wanted punishing for being Nina and this meant Mark's feet moan to tease and torment and torture however I saw fit and I began nibbling the nutella spread on the soles of his feet! How I loved licking and sucking all over each foot and the licklish reactions gained from him as he was driven crazy!

    Hahahahahahaha NO! STOP!!! Hahahahahaa TICKLES Hahahahahaha NO PLEASE Haahahahaha”

    I relished raking my teeth over his vulnerable arches and sliding my tongue in between his toes, licking and sucking on each and every toe and whilst orally assaulting him lightly stroking his dick erotically to add to his misery, caressing his balls very lightly and gaining a sadistic delight in denying him relief but satisfying my lust licking his tasty ticklish feet!

    I traced figures of 8 over his soles and arches and slid my fingers in between Mark/Nina's toes saying feet like these so responsive designed to be tickle-tortured and how I intended raising the tickle level seeing his responses to the electric toothbrush, plastic fork, ballpoint pen, hairbrush and feather! I wanted him laughing so hard he'd be a ticklish wreck as dressed as Nina it was men's feet I enjoyed never women's so thrilled at Mark's big, masculine tasting and smelling feet both mine to do anything I liked with! Especially know how much Mark hated another man orally enjoying his feet and saying this then licked his soles and sucked and licked his toes, licking, nibbling and stroking and simultaneously stroking his arches and soles!

    Then stopped a focus on his feet and using the feather stroked inside his inner thighs, over his balls and as much dick as showing on his stomach but also in between his ass cheeks knowing how humiliated and embarrassed he must be feeling being tickled by a feather over his asshole and that the extent of ass interest for me! Mark writhing on the bed! I drew the quill of the feather along the soles of each large, terribly tickish foot and in between his toes! and told Nina/Mark that my decision was made and and it was in his best interest to respect it or an invited guest he might find being a student or two from his classes as I was sure they would be eager to employ their fingers on the soles of his feet and under and in between his toes if invited and smiled as in reaction to this his toes wiggled! Resuming my fun with his feet Mark/ Nina was helpless and laughing hard as all he could do was lay there and take the tickle torment being dealt to him by me as I told him that I knew just how sensitive his feet were and where, what spots got to him the most and something I would be taking full advantage of at every meeting.

    Saying this indulging in massaging both feet keeping them warm and correspondingly more sensitive as I thrilled seeing Mark's overt ticklishness serve as the perfect punishment for his deviant behaviour adopting the identity of a woman as my fingers eagerly explored all areas of his large, deliciously sweaty feet with the intention of driving him to distraction with my expert tongue work employed lickling his feet! I fully indulged in slurping on all ten of the flinching ticklish toes I thrilled tormenting and inhaling their rich aroma which was intoxicating for me and my lickling the length of each foot heels to toes relishing in tasting their naturally sweaty flavour, sucking on all of the toes and licking in between them over and over again with an insatiable appetite and fuelled by the fact that oral attention to his feet was not enjoyed by Mark/Nina who flinched in ticklishness to my complete satisfaction and encouraged me to torment and torture his feet orally with complete enthusiasm.

    Whilst orally indulging in tormenting them, running my fingers over the soles of his feet to magnify the effect of the tortuously unbearable tickle punishment I enthusisatically indulged in delivering and his hearing my moans of pleasure doing so which mentally added to his physical torment; needless to say this meeting has resulted in our meeting once a week when alternately Nina or Mark suffer for my pleasure! Bzzzzzz I activated the electric toothbrush and as soon as the bristles made contact with each sole as alternated sole to sole a violent reaction and muffled hysteria, toes spasming, an unbearable tickling sending Nina/Mark berserk! Intermixed being more lusty licks of both feet as my 'Tickle-Slut' reacted as if being electrocuted! Licking his long toes and sucking them while tickling his arches and soles never fails being tortuous for Mark and have told him that his feet will sometimes pleasure me all through the night!

    They did that night too as Mark hates his feet licked, anathema to him, a sensation that drives him wild, doing anything to escape my tongue! I love telling him I love licking and lickling bare feet and found it so horny that he reacted so violently as it tickled so badly and loving men's feet enjoy his feet as Mark but the greatest and funniest scene for me is Mark in desperation to avoid my tongue, it's his real weakness! Out of control my warm, wet tongue worked on his ticklish, licklish feet on and off all through the night and switching from one secured foot to the other in quick succession driving Mark nuts! Love seeing him helpless and vulnerable and panic when I tell him I want to taste his feet again!

    This not happened yet so the coming weekend as my involuntary guest, it will be a whole new experience for ticklish and licklish Mark as my guests want to meet Nina/Mark and organised a party on Saturday night when he/she's the entertainment and will be tickled dressed and suited so both Mark and Nina tickled individually but both ultimately stripped naked and enjoyed by everyone invited! Wife away and husband will play and be played with and can imagine the shock for them both when one of them is a former teacher at his school who I know as a fellow 'Tickler' but what a bonus having a partner in crime who will know Mark/Nina's ticklish secret so guaranteed he/she keeps our arrangements as leaving the school last year will know one another and be threatend with exposure of being another man's 'Tickle-Slut'! Right this minute though both feet mine to use and abuse and having the night to do so and reminded Nina/ Mark they'd said in advance of our meeting; they were all mine!
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