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    Deputy's Peril part 5 (F/F)

    Hey folks! Here is the next part of my series, Deputy's peril! Thank you for all the wonderful feedback and I am glad you are enjoying the story. I could see this story finishing up in 8-9 parts, so we are about halfway there. So, please enjoy this next part and your feedback is very much welcomed.

    PART 5

    Darby made it back to Plotsville and her horse galloped towards her home. She didn’t want to go back to the Sheriff’s office to report on her mission because she just wanted to go home and she was also still barefoot. It would be difficult to explain why she showed up without her boots. The temperature was getting colder and she wasn’t wearing any jacket and her feet were getting cold in the stirrups. She finally made it to her home, and got off her horse. She winced as her tender barefeet made contact with the dirt road and onto a pebble. She closed the fence to her yard so her horse can run free and do whatever horses do at night, and patted the horse and gave it a small kiss. She then walked gingerly across the dirt and made it to her porch. She sighed as she was finally home. Just when she was about to open the door, she heard a voice.

    “Deputy Reeves? Is that you?” The voice said.

    Darby looked over towards the voice and saw it was the same woman she met earlier in the day! She was out walking her dog and now stood there. “Well hello there…Yes, it is me.” She said hoping to hurry up so she can get inside.

    “I hope ya had a very productive day Deputy! I bet ya are real tired, so go get inside! You must be tired as your cute barefeet are exposed. Hehe” the woman giggled.

    Darby’s face went red because this woman noticed her barefeet. “Um, yes..it was a long day and my feet ache.” Darby said with shyness.

    “Well take good care of those feet! One of these days I will have to give ya a nice long foot massage. Ya work so hard so ya deserve a little pampering. Maybe even give them a little tickle to get your spirits up. Have a good night Deputy! Come on Snookums, let’s go.” the woman grinned, staring at the tender feet, and then started to walk away.

    “Good night….” Darby replied, tipped her hat and watched the woman walk away with her dog. She could only shake her head as this woman kept mentioning her feet. She finally made it inside her home and exhaled. She went over to start the fire in the fireplace, then over to the gas stove to heat it up. Darby was very hungry and started to prepare her dinner. She then put her cowboy hat on the rack, walked to her bedroom, and started to unbutton her shirt. Her adrenaline was flowing as the sheer shock of the day’s events was still in her. She got undressed, put on her pajamas and freshened up a bit. She then went back to her kitchen and cooked her dinner. She also started to heat some water to use a little later. She sat down, ate her meal and drank her water. Her mind was at a standstill. She only thought about the delicious food entering her body and it tasted so good. The water was refreshing. She finished her meal, grabbed the hot water and then went to her bedroom to relax for the rest of the evening. She went to her restroom, stripped herself naked and used the hot water to clean herself up. The hot water felt good on her skin and her body started to look clean. She finished her cleaning then walked over to her bed and sat down.

    Then suddenly, Darby started to cry. She sobbed heavily as the weight of the events of the day finally overcame her emotions. Heavy tears fell and she cried aloud. The shock wore off and the realization of her experience hit her like a ton of bricks. She was humiliated and tortured this day. For the second time in a matter of days she was captured and tortured in such humiliating fashion. It wasn’t even a painful physical torture. She was tickled! Her body was attacked and tormented by tickling! Her body was so sensitive to tickling and it drove her out of her mind. The tears fell heavier as the specific memories popped back into her head. The worst part was that she was tickle tortured by another woman, Madam Olivia and even worse, La Diabla was there. She remembered watching her former lover, Bobby Jo get tickled in such an erotic manner, then she fell from the ventilation shaft. She was tied up, had her boots removed and had her delicate feet tickled by a feather and fingernails of Madam Olivia. She then even had her toes sucked and tickled by Madam Olivia’s girls, Francine and Polly, she had her ass feather tickled and then she performed oral sex on Bobby Jo, making her cum. Then she was flipped over onto her back, with a naked Bobby Jo tied on top of her and they both had their feet tickled with that evil feather until La Diabla showed up. She reflected on the sheer tickle torment La Diabla put her through from their first “meeting” and then today. She felt a huge surge of humiliation ripping through her core as she recalled how her breasts were exposed and tickled and teased, her belly touched and then her most private area was exposed. Her pussy was on display for all to see and then she was tickled, teased and made to cum in front of Madam Olivia, Polly, Francine and Bobby Jo. She was let go and forced to walk out of that establishment in shame without her cowboy boots which were taken again as trophies for La Diabla. She then remembered what La Diabla told her right when she was going to mount her horse:

    “You better hope you never see me again. Because I am gonna play with your body, tickle those feet and make you cum your brains out. Next time it will be for days. I am really enjoying this my sweet tenderfoot…Now ride away and I hope you think of me, because I will be thinking of you. Especially since I have these boots of yours.. hehe”

    Darby cried harder after reflecting on those words. It scared her to know that La Diabla has dominated her twice. Never in her life was she ever controlled and dominated. Never in her life has another human being took control of her own body and made it perform sexually as La Diabla did to hers. It embarrassed her deeply that La Diabla was able to make her orgasm against her will. She cried knowing that even though La Diabla was forcing her, her body actually loved being dominated. She was realizing that being humiliated was a major state of arousal for her and she was submissive to another woman. She wondered why did she have to be so ticklish? Why did La Diabla expose that delicious torture to her? How could she ever apprehend La Diabla if all she had to do was tickle her? Darby felt weakness in her body. She was always strong, but now she felt so helpless, so vulnerable. How could she do her job knowing that there was another person out there that could totally dominate her and control her sexually and make her feel like a newborn kitten? The tears continued to flow heavy for Darby until she eventually laid down and went to sleep. Later, Darby started to toss and turn in her bed as she was in the middle of a dream.

    Darby was in a room and was tied down tightly on a table. The ropes were made of feathers and when she looked up, she saw Madam Olivia, Polly and Francine by her head. They all had feather headdresses on and looked at her with evil grins. They were all chanting at her!

    “TICKLE TICKLE!” Polly laughed

    “TICKLE TICKLE!” Francine laughed.

    “TICKLE TICKLE TICKLE SWEET DEPUTY!!” Madam Olivia laughed.

    Darby started to scream! “NO!! GET AWAY FROM ME!! DON’T YA DARE TICKLE ME!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!”

    “I bet your ticklish pussy would love my tongue….” A voice said.

    Darby looked down and saw her jeans all of the sudden floating in the air. She gasped when she looked back down her body and saw a beautiful face between her legs! It was Bobby Jo and she had a very long tongue.

    “I am going to make ya cum my love…” Bobby Jo said as her tongue started to flicker.

    Darby shook her head. She would have loved to have Bobby Jo eat her out, but the other ladies were going to tickle her! Then right when the tongue was about to touch her body the images of the ladies disappeared and she was now in a barn! She looked around and then towards her feet where she saw a shadowy figure appear. The figure came out of the shadows and it made Darby scream! “NOOOOO!! NOT YOU!!! Leave me alone!!”

    La Diabla appeared by Darby’s boots with a sadistic grin on her face. She looked different as small red horns appeared out of her forehead and a devil’s tail was flickering behind her. She then snapped her fingers and Darby’s boots came off exposing her feet.

    Darby was in shock as she saw her boots floating towards her head. Her eyes were wide open and the boots were right by her face. They turned in the air and showed her the soles of the boots. On the soles, there was a message.

    “TICKLISH” was on the right boot sole

    “BIG FEET” was on the left boot sole.

    “GET AWAY FROM ME!!! Don’t ya dare tickle me!” Darby begged.

    “Awwwww TENDERFOOT sure seems scared. I am going to tickle tickle tickle you on your precious meaty feet. They are so big and look absolutely delicious…” La Diabla hissed. She then showed her long claw like nails and then started to scurry them all over the pink soles.

    Darby just laughed and laughed uncontrollably. The talons on her soles were finding the most sensitive nerves in the soles of her feet. All she could do was laugh. Her tears came out and she just laughed. She looked up and saw a flame in each of La Diabla’s pupils. She could hear the words “tickle tickle tickle tickle” over and over again. Darby screamed and begged for mercy but the nails wouldn’t stop tickling her feet and through her toes. She was in tickle hell!

    Darby woke up from her dream by screaming and sitting straight up. She looked around her bedroom and it was quiet, she was sweating profusely and was short on breath. She then started to calm down and realized she was dreaming. She looked towards the foot of her bed and then whipped the blankets off and saw her barefeet. She reached down to touch them to make sure they were safe. After feeling them, she started to breathe easier and then put the blankets back over her and laid back down. “I was just havin’ a nightmare……” she said to herself and closed her eyes. Soon, she was in deep slumber again when another dream started….

    Darby was lying in bed and feeling so relaxed. She opened her eyes and felt like she was in heaven. She was in a king sized bed, with all white pillows, white sheets and white blankets. It was a canopy bed which was also all white with a white “veil” coming down from the canopy. She could hear the birds outside chirping and the entire mood was one of peace. She then smiled as she felt a body behind her. She knew it was a naked woman’s body as she felt two very stiff nipples on her back. She started to mewl as she started to feel very soft kisses on her shoulders, the nape of her neck and around her ears. She then felt fingertips lightly caressing her arms and across her belly. She started to moan as she felt the woman nibbling gently on her earlobe and a hand was now softly caressing her butt. The touch tickled a little, which caused goosebumps on her skin. She felt her own nipples get very hard and moisture built up between her legs. This was such a nice feeling.

    “You are so beautiful….” A voice whispered in her ear. “so perfect…so beautiful….”

    Darby smiled as she heard the words. The hand of the woman then started to slide towards her pussy and she started to open her legs. She wanted this. She wanted to feel pleasure after such a harrowing ordeal. She started to feel the hand touch her most private spot and a moan escaped her lips. Then she felt more kisses on her neck and now the mouth was on her ear again.

    “I love you so much….” The woman’s voice whispered. “I will love you forever…….tenderfoot….”

    Darby’s eyes popped open! Tenderfoot? She turned around and faced the woman behind her. Her eyes were blurry but then they started to clear. A strikingly beautiful face appeared before her. It was La Diabla! Darby froze and was speechless. It was as though her body was frozen. She looked into La Diabla’s eyes and saw…..love?

    “My beautiful tenderfoot, I could kiss you forever…” La Diabla said with sweetness in her voice. She leaned in and started to kiss Darby.

    Darby’s body melted as the kiss was full of passion. Her limbs were paralyzed, yet relaxed. She felt La Diabla’s tongue go inside her mouth and the kiss was so warm, so passionate she couldn’t help but kiss back. She then felt La Diabla wrap her arms around her and pushed her own naked body onto Darby’s. Darby felt herself get really wet. Then as one of La Diabla’s hands caressed her back, she felt the other hand slipping between her thighs and into her pleasure center. She couldn’t help but moan. This felt so good, so hot, so full of love. Then she started to giggle as she felt the fingers tickle her inner thighs.

    “Ticklish my love?” La Diabla smiled.

    “Y-y-yes! Hehehehe I’m so ticklish….” Darby giggled.

    “I know you are.. and I LOVE it! Tickle tickle…” La Diabla teased. “Look into my eyes my sweet Darby…”

    Darby locked her eyes onto La Diabla’s beautiful brown eyes. She was mesmerized by them and her heart started to flutter.

    “I am gonna make you…cum….so hard…” La Diabla whispered. “then I am gonna tickle your feet afterwards…” she teased as she plunged her finger deep within Darby’s pussy.

    Darby moaned very hard after hearing that tease of her being tickled! She also felt incredible feeling those fingers inside her, finding her g-spot and bring her intense pleasure. She felt the finger banging her and she started to tense up. She could feel the wave of an orgasm coming! She opened her mouth, clenched her toes and started to arch her back. The crest of that orgasmic tidal wave was about to hit!

    “I will always love you….” La Diabla whispered.

    Darby then woke up with a startled look! She tried catching her breath and she shivered. She looked around her bedroom and realized it was just another dream. La Diabla was not in her room with her, making love to her. Darby started to slowly shake her head. She was in disbelief. That dream was so intense and felt so real. La Diabla was possessing her mind!

    “What am I gonna do?” she sighed as she placed her head in her hands.

    MEANWHILE EARLIER..............

    La Diabla walked back into the saloon with a high degree of satisfaction and pride. For the second time within days, she got some revenge against the only woman to best her in combat. What made it even sweeter is, her method of revenge was the best she could ever think of. She didn’t have to use pain, she didn’t have to use her pistol, she used something that kids do, or lovers do in foreplay and drove her victim absolutely insane. The way she tickled Deputy Darbiset Margaret Reeves into a helpless kitten truly made her happy. She had such a psychological edge over Darby now. She will admit that making Darby have an orgasm got her really excited and actually wanted to keep doing that to her. In a way, she enjoyed it because she was physically attracted to Darby and she meant what she said. She could see her involved with someone like Darby, but they were different people. So sexually dominating her was even better. Tickling that soft skin, especially on those sweet pink meaty soles of hers made her extraordinarily aroused. The best part is, Darby’s mind may have resisted, but her body definitely loved that touch. She knew Darby will crave her tickling touch once again. But now it was time for business.

    La Diabla was here to help coordinate the smuggling of a gun shipment between her gang and another notorious gang known as “Hellfire”. They were a gang of outlaw American men in this wild west. They caused havoc all over the American Southwest and partnering with her gang, they both would control a lot of the illegal crimes in the area. This transaction was for a lot of money paid in gold. La Diabla knew gold going back to Mexico will only broaden her gang’s influence and power there.

    Madam Olivia was the “middle man” who would receive the gold from Hellfire and the guns from El Guapo’s gang. She would be paid 40% of the gold and her secret outlaw workers would bring in the guns from Mexico to give to Hellfire, while La Diabla would bring the gold back to Mexico. La Diabla would pay Madam Olivia for her services. Operating through Madam Olivia avoided her gang and Hellfire gang from being discovered by law enforcement. The American officers never knew how the guns would come in, be stored and then distributed. They never thought a small saloon in Frankstown would be the epicenter of this major smuggling operation. Madam Olivia’s girls would often “entertain” the men so she made extra money from those services. It was a perfect setup.

    Madam Olivia saw La Diabla enter the saloon and extended her hand. “Now, we can get to business. I will admit though, we did have a very nice greeting today didn’t we?”

    “You bet…Oh, I wasn’t expecting that to take place, but tormenting Tenderfoot was the best introduction to a business meeting ever.. haha” La Diabla laughed.

    “She really IS a tenderfoot. Amazing how the softest feet in the West belong to some green Deputy. She was sexy though. You have to tell me what you did to her before!” Madam Olivia grinned.

    “Oh trust me, I will tell you all about it. She was the one who sent me to prison months ago, so I got my revenge. Pretty much what you saw, but a lot more….intimate…” La Diabla grinned.

    “I love it! I think you broke her will. She was an absolute shell of herself. I hope I can get her again.” Madam Olivia smiled.

    “I think we will. I have a feeling we have not seen the last of her ticklish sexy body…” La Diabla giggled.

    “Ooooooh!!! I hope so..tickling that amazing skin of hers would be.. erotic.” Madam Olivia licked her lips with the thought.

    “Now, let’s get down to business shall we? El Guapo wants this to be done.” La Diabla said.

    “Of course, let’s go into my office. Follow me….” Madam Olivia then extended her arm and followed La Diabla.

    They both entered a small office in behind the main saloon area. It was a very tight place with a small wooden desk, and wooden chairs. On the walls were pictures of Madam Olivia, her workers and even some regular customers. There were stacks of paper everywhere and a small window. Madam Olivia sat down behind her desk and watched La Diabla take the seat in front of the desk. She saw the calm, determined look on La Diabla’s face. This was always the interesting part for Madam Olivia. She has dealt with La Diabla a few times and each time, she was a focused, determined woman. Madam Olivia would have preferred the light atmosphere between them, but La Diabla was always serious about business.

    “Ok, so the guns will be here in 2 days. Have your people take them via wagon over there to Vulture’s Gulch near Jackson Pass. I will be there to get the gold as payment. What time would be good for me to arrive?” La Diabla said matter of factly.

    “Oh, 2pm would be good. Now, about the payment…..I think we need to renegotiate the price..” Madam Olivia replied, now leaning back in her chair.

    La Diabla had a very puzzled look on her face. “Renegotiate? What do you mean by that? You are getting 40% which is a VERY generous price. I told El Guapo you should get 20%, but he said 40 is ok. So you want to bring the amount down?”

    Madam Olivia chuckled at the suggestion. “Not quite. I think an increase is necessary for us to do this. I would like 70%...” she said, her eyes showing supreme confidence.

    La Diabla was taken aback. “70%??!!! Are you insane?? Why the hell would we let you have 70% for OUR guns?? You are just the middle man.”

    “But El Guapo NEEDS me. You know that and I know that. Without me, you would have a very hard time getting your guns into the United States and negotiate with Hellfire gang. They are not the easiest people to deal with you know….” Madam Olivia responded feeling like she was in control.

    La Diabla knew Madam Olivia was very critical in their smuggling deals and El Guapo needed Olivia as a vital artery for his plans. But 70% was insane. “Understand, El Guapo values what you do, but to take 70% of OUR profits is unreasonable. I can probably do 45%, but you must be drunk if you think you will get at least half.” La Diabla then leaned forward, her eyes starting to narrow. She was not going to be intimated and change her stance. El Guapo would never agree to this kind of deal.

    “Ok, what about 65%?” Madam Olivia smiled.

    La Diabla leaned back in shock! “Are you not listening??!! W-why are you wanting to change the price anyway?” La Diabla’s voice was getting angry.

    “What we were discussing earlier? We tormented a beautiful young lady. A DEPUTY. A law enforcement woman knows about my side business remember? She was here. She was spying on me when I was having my way with Bobby Jo. I have no idea what she may have heard. She could bring more officers here and may bring my legal business down! So I need additional compensation for the risks I am taking. She could make law enforcement pay closer attention to me. So, now that I am thinking about it, I think 75% would be perfect.” Madam Olivia demanded.

    La Diabla’s hand reached towards her gun that was in her holster. She had to calm herself down. “You damn well know El Guapo will NEVER agree to that. Be careful Olivia, you do NOT want to make an enemy of El Guapo, but especially not make an enemy of….ME.” La Diabla said raising her voice.

    Madam Olivia observed where La Diabla’s hand went and pursed her lips. She had to play this right or she could be in danger. She knows how dangerous and sadistic La Diabla could be. “Let’s relax for a minute. Salem, surely we can come to an agreement. I think we are letting our emotions get the best of us. How about we take a moment, relax and talk about this a little later? I am sure we both can come to an agreement that is mutually satisfactory for both of us. You are aware that in negotiations, we start high, then come to an agreement. Right?” she smiled trying to calm La Diabla down by using her real first name to appear they are long time friends.

    “Call me La Diabla please, not my real name. I agree, sometimes negotiations can get….tense. I will consider negotiations, but be careful Olivia, I am not to be messed with. We want to make sure this relationship is a pleasant one.” La Diabla said, now moving her hand away from her gun and she folded her arms.

    “Good! How about this? Let’s go into the other room, and let’s play with some of the ladies? I know you like women just by watching what you did with that deputy. Let’s go play, drink, and have a good time. That way we are both in a better place to discuss….business.” Madam Olivia said, leaning back and smiling.

    La Diabla took a deep breath and saw Madam Olivia’s demeanor relaxing. She was right. Maybe they needed to have a little fun before discussing payment again. She didn’t want to ruin the relationship and she knew her temper could do just that. El Guapo would not be pleased if he couldn’t smuggle in his weapons. Plus, after tormenting Darby, she was feeling a little frisky. Playing with some ladies sounded very nice considering she didn’t release her body yet. The first time she tortured Darby, she at least got to go home and take care of herself. So, she might as well enjoy herself. “You know, that sounds good. Let’s do that.”

    Madam Olivia stood up and walked towards the door. “Excellent, let’s go! I will have someone bring us drinks. Polly and Francine are waiting in a room.”

    “Is Bobby Jo going to be there too?” La Diabla smiled.

    “Of course, In fact, I think Polly and Francine are probably keeping her…entertained.” Madam Olivia giggled.

    The two women left the office and walked through the corridor. They arrived at a door marked “Private”. But when Madam Olivia opened the door, it wasn’t into a room, but into another hallway. This is where the brothel was located. She led La Diabla down the hallway and arrived at a door where a sign on the door said “Napolean suite”. She saw La Diabla looked at the sign curiously.

    “This is a room where you conquer someone..hehehe” Madam Olivia giggled.

    La Diabla had to chuckle over that. None of the other doors had signs, including the one she was in where she tormented Darby, so this room must be very special. She entered into the room and looked around. It was pretty nice inside. The walls were blue and had interesting furniture. There was a bed but the head board had holes in it and at the foot of the bed, it looked like a block of stock holes were in place. It had 6 holes in it and made of wood. Her head turned and she saw a pillory sitting there, where it looked as though someone would be kneeling and their head and wrists would be in the pillory. She then saw ropes that were attached to the walls that ended in small nooses, probably for wrists and ankles and a larger one for the waist. She saw tools on the dresser such as feathers, a flogger and other instruments. This must be the room where really rough play must take place. There were other chairs in the room as well. Then she saw in the corner of the room, a couch sat and Francine, Holly, and Bobby Jo sat. Bobby Jo was still naked but had a look of erotic pleasure on her face. Polly and Francine sat on either side of her and they were kissing her neck and touching her nipples.

    “Well, this is an interesting room…” La Diabla chuckled. The sight of Bobby Jo being titillated was making her aroused.

    “Oh yes! This is the most prized room I have. This is where, let’s say, certain people like to really make it rough for their submissives. They spend a good amount of money for this room and only a few people know about it. Men of power and influence use this room. They have certain….tastes.” Madam Olivia explained.

    “I see…” La Diabla said with a nod.

    “Come.. sit down. Relax a little bit my friend. Ladies! Make La Diabla comfortable. Bobby Jo, come over here please…” Madam Olivia commanded.

    Polly and Francine rushed over to La Diabla and started to attend to her. Polly started to massage her shoulders and Francine started to rub her legs through the jeans. Polly then took off La Diabla’s hat and placed it on a rack. She then ran her fingers through the long black hair of La Diabla.

    La Diabla started to relax as she felt the massage and fingers running through her hair. She looked down at Francine and saw her massaging her legs. She was starting to take a liking to Francine. She was a shorter woman, probably 5’2” tall and if she was 100 pounds it would be a miracle. She had short cropped black hair and her eyes were a soft brown. Her tanned skin was soft and she had such a beautiful smile. La Diabla reached forward and caressed Francine’s cheek.

    Polly then leaned down and whispered in la Diabla’s ear. “Mmmmm you like her? Well, you can have a little fun with her if you want. You can also have a little fun with the both of us.” She then kissed the side of La Diabla’s neck.

    A rush of excitement went through La Diabla’s body. Her arousal from tickling Darby earlier returned and grew in intensity. She liked Polly too. Polly was a blond woman, long hair, with rather large breasts, thin lips and a sleek waist. She was about 5’4” tall and had a little “meat” on her.

    Madam Olivia looked at La Diabla having fun and then started to grope a naked Bobby Jo. She led her to the wall and placed her in that wall bondage where her wrists were above her head, her waist tied down and her ankles strapped. Madam Olivia then grabbed the back of Bobby Jo’s head, then planted a deep kiss on her lips. She was in a high state of arousal too and wanted to have a lot of fun with her favorite girl.

    Bobby Jo’s knees buckled and she could barely stand. She loved how soft Madam Olivia’s lips were and wanted to touch herself. Ever since she returned, her libido has been on fire. She was feathered, tickled, teased and made to cum. She even got to see her former lover Darby get captured, tickled, teased and even she got made to cum. Bobby Jo was reliving the moment in her mind. Her body ached for more sexual release as she remembered having her pussy teased while Darby was forced to cum. It was the most surreal erotic situation she has ever experienced in life. Now, her body was still be teased and stimulated in this room. First by Polly and Francine, now Olivia was making her feel so good. She had to admit, this was the best punishment she ever received.

    La Diabla looked over at Bobby Jo getting kissed and saw Madam Olivia’s fingers diddling between the legs. With the kissing on her neck by Polly and Francine massaged her legs and making her way to her thighs, she was getting really turned on. She then felt Francine trying to take off her boots and she resisted. “No, leave them on. I don’t want them off.” She demanded.

    Francine blushed and apologized. “I’m sorry..I just wanted to make you more comfortable. I was going to rub your feet.”

    “You can make me more comfortably by getting naked and sitting on my lap…” La Diabla winked.

    Francine stood up and had a small girlish grin on her face. She started to remove her dress, doing a strip tease. She wanted to please this dangerous outlaw. The dress came off her shoulders and fell to the floor. She stepped out of it and started to remove her bra. With a cute giggle, she dropped the bra, exposing her breasts. She wiggled her size B breasts with small brown nipples, then put her hands on the sides of her panties and started to slowly pull them down.

    La Diabla licked her lips as she stared at the beauty in front of her. She still felt kisses on her neck and fingers running through her hair by Polly. This was a very nice moment. She wanted to have some fun, but she herself did not want to be naked. She knew she couldn’t stay too long because she had business to take care of. She wasn’t too pleased Francine tried to remove her boots, she was always self conscious about her feet around other people. She felt vulnerable if they were out of her boots. She then saw Francine’s panties drop and stared at the pussy. There was black pubic hair, but it was actually trimmed down and she could see some lips. She patted her knee, beckoning Francine to sit on her lap.

    Francine giggled and made her way over to La Diabla’s lap. She then sat down on the lap, her legs on either side of La Diabla and facing her. She looked at the beautiful face of La Diabla and did a sheepish giggle and put her breasts right in front of La Diabla’s face. She looked up and saw Polly looking at her. The two women decided to kiss each other.

    La Diabla knew they were kissing, so she reached her hands around and started to grab Francine’s ass, squeezing the checks and lightly smacking them. She was rewarded with small grunts as she heard the two women smacking lips. She then the lightly run the tips of her fingers over the ass and on the small of Francine’s bacjk. She heard a cute giggle come from Francine and her body jerked. This delighted La Diabla. “Ticklish?”

    “Hehehe yes…I am VERY ticklish…” Francine giggled, breaking her kiss with Polly.

    “Yeah she is! She is very ticklish all over her sexy body…” Polly whispered in La Diabla’s ear. “Go ahead. Tickle her…”

    La Diabla stated to lightly tickle the soft skin and loved hearing those giggles of hers. They sounded so innocent, so feminine, it drove her crazy. She leaned forward and kissed the ribs of Francine and made her way to the breasts all the while stroking her fingers up and down Francine’s back. The soft girlie giggles continued. “That’s right…giggle for me…” she moaned.

    Madam Olivia turned around and saw La Diabla ticking Francine. She chuckled to herself. Then she looked at Bobby Jo and saw lust in her eyes. Now it was time she thought. “Wait till you see what happens next Bobby Jo…It will make you cream yourself…” She then looked at Polly. “Polly dear, go bring in my special drink for the occasion.”

    Polly’s eyes popped open, then she nodded her head. She knew what Madam Olivia meant and what the special drink was. She couldn’t believe Madam Olivia was actually going to do it. She knew she had to obey so she started walking towards the door, opened it and left.

    La Diabla saw Polly leaving, then stared at Francine. “You are all mine. How ‘bout I make you cum sweetie?” she grinned. She saw Francine’s eyes pop open then had a wonderful smile on her face. “But first, I am gonna tickle you for a little bit. Kitchy kitchy…” she teased as her fingers went into Francine’s armpits.

    Francine continued to shriek her sweet giggles as she felt fingers in her armpits. She clamped her arms down, but that trapped the fingers in her pits. She couldn’t help but giggle uncontrollably. “s-s-sttooopp..hehheehehe I’m hehehe so ticklish there.!”

    “Yes you are!! Tickle tickle tickle..” La Diabla increased the tickle pressure and now started to squeeze the ribcage. “Just wait till I get those feet of yours…” she taunted.

    “No!! ehehehehe not my feet!! You don’t understand, my feet are SO ticklish!” Francine blushed and giggled.

    “Is that so? Hmmmmm” La Diabla smirked. She really wanted to tickle this woman into oblivion now. Her desire to tickle this woman into submission was now at a fever pitch. Then she heard the door open and close.

    Polly came in with a tray of drinks and walked towards La Diabla. She had a look of concern on her face because this was the time Madam Olivia used to take advantage of people. She then put on her best smile and sat the drinks down. She then looked at Francine and nodded.

    “Oooh!!! Drink time!” Francine smiled. “Let’s have a toast!”

    La Diabla shook her head with lust and grinned. “You want to have a toast? Right now?”

    “yes! Hehehe” Francine giggled. “Before we really have some fun, I want to toast to it! Isn’t that right Madam?”

    “Yes it is dear. I think this night will be amazing for all of us. Polly dear, pour our drinks…” Madam Olivia commanded.

    Polly nodded and started to pour the alcohol into the glasses that were there. She waited for Francine to divert La Diabla’s eyes and when that happened, she quickly dropped something in the glass which dissolved quickly. She then handed out the glasses to La Diabla, herself, Madam Olivia and Francine. She gave Madam Olivia another glass for Bobby Jo.

    “Let’s make a toast! How about..we drink to the adventures of the Napolean room?” Madam Olivia announced.

    “TO THE NAPOLEAN ROOM!” all the ladies toasted and raised the glasses in the air.

    “And to all the fun we will have…” Madam Olivia sneered as she drank her glass and then gave some to Polly. She then watched Francine drink hers, then Polly and then finally, La Diabla. She watched as La Diabla drank all of the liquid and a small evil grin formed on her face. Her plan was about to take place!

    La Diabla finished her drink and the placed the glass back down. She then turned her attention back to Francine. She saw some alcohol dribbling down her chin so she pulled Francine closer to her, kissed her lips then grabbed the ass again. La Diabla was feeling real good at this moment and she wanted to really tickle and tease this sexy little vixen in her lap. “I am going to please you like you never experienced before…” she cooed. Then she shook her head. All of the sudden, she started to feel a little dizzy. She blinked her eyes a few times and the vision of Francine’s giggling face would go from focus to unfocused. She started to close her eyes.

    “hehehe goodnight La Diabla….” Francine giggled. She knew what was happening and it delighted her. She watched as La Diabla hands fell from her ass and now her head slumped to the side. “I think she is out Madam”.

    Madam Olivia walked over to the chair and picked up La Diabla’s hand. She shook it a few times, then let it dropped. She chuckled a little and heard a moan escape La Diabla’s lips. That knockout drug in the alcohol was taking effect. “She is just about out….”

    Francine giggled and kissed the now unconscious La Diabla on the lips. She then groped the breasts and then got off La Diabla. “Yeah, she is out..This is going to be fun!”

    Polly stood there and was hesitant. She shook her head and could not believe they just drugged La Diabla. The women of this brothel would sometimes knock out their victims, usually men, to rob them or hold them hostage for blackmail purposes. But to do this to La Diabla scared her. “I-I don’t know if this is a good idea. Doing this to the councilman was one thing, but La Diabla?”

    Madam Olivia smiled sweetly. “Polly my dear, La Diabla was very rude to me earlier. She didn’t want to renegotiate terms. I had to do this. It is for all of us. She has to learn that you do not mess with me.. So, we will have our fun with her to drive that point home.”

    “But, this is La Diabla! The most feared woman in the West! Are we going to…kill her? “ Polly asked with serious concern in her voice.

    “Of course not silly! Killing her would be insane. But she will wish we did kill her. I think we will show her how much fun we can have with her. We are just going to persuade her to agree to my new terms of payment, that’s all. Besides, after what we will do to her, she won’t tell El Guapo how she was convinced. There won’t be a single mark on her if you know what I mean….” Madam Olivia said, her eyes on fire with devious delight.

    “Yeah!! This is gonna be a LOT of fun…” Francine said, clapping her hands. “I mean, look at her! She is really beautiful. This is going to be extra sexy…”

    Madam Olivia walked over to Francine and patted her head. “That’s right my deah, she is exceptionally beautiful. Now, imagine how beautiful she is going to look when she’s naked….” Madam Olivia smiled. She then turned to Polly. “Don’t worry, this will be great! Now, let’s get her prepared. But her on the bed. Take off her shirt but leave the jeans and boots on. I got plans for her…”

    Polly nodded her head and went over to La Diabla’s body. She had a bad feeling this was not going to work out in the long term, but she had to do what her Madam asked her. Capturing and tormenting a deputy was one thing, doing it to a true killer is another. She and Francine then scooped up La Diabla’s body and brought her over to the bed. Francine first took off the leather vest, then took off the shirt and gasped as she saw la Diabla’s naked breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

    “Oh…..my…….GAWD!!! Look at her tits! I love them!” Francine shouted. She stared at the size B breasts that were perfectly rounded and the small brown nipples delighted her. She reached forward and touched the skin which was amazingly soft. She was so excited the realization that she was touching the breasts of the most wanted woman outlaw in the West.

    Madam Olivia could only smile as she saw Francine groping La Diabla’s chest. She knew she was taking a HUGE risk in what she was about to do, but she felt it had to be done. She was a proud Madam and no one, not a man and definitely not a woman would ever be in charge of what she wanted. This was going to be a very special moment as she was going to be able to control someone of La Diabla’s stature. Her previous biggest accomplishment was doing this to a Frankstown Councilman who was robbed and blackmailed into allowing her to have a permit to make her building larger. She was denied to extend her building as the local code forbade it, but after what she did to the Councilman, permit was approved. Now, she was going to get a bigger piece of the money for smuggling guns. She knew her method of “persuasion” was going to be satisfactory as she was going to break La Diabla!

    Bobby Jo witnessed all of this and her loins ached. She was in such a state of arousal that witnessing what was going to be more sensual tickling and teasing drove her crazy. She did have a desire to see La Diabla in such a helpless state, just like Darby was. Two very strong women reduced to helpless sex kittens like she was. She bit her lip in anticipation but looked at Polly. Polly still had that concerned and guilty look. Bobby Jo figured Polly wasn’t so excited about going after someone like La Diabla.

    Polly finished locking La Diabla’s wrists above her head and into the headboard holes. She also managed to lock down the ankles in the foot of the bed stocks. She stared at the soles of the boots and she was kind of curious what was inside. She knew this was a bad idea to go after La Diabla, but still curious if Madam Olivia could actually make La Diabla purr like a weak kitten. “She’s ready Madam…”

    Madam Olivia looked over at the still unconscious body of La Diabla and grinned. The sight before her was magnificent. She looked at La Diabla’s face, her shaven armpits, then down to her well shaped breasts, down to that smooth stomach, sexy hips, down her jeans and then looked at the soles of the boots. She then blew a kiss at Bobby Jo, then went over to the dresser. She looked over her tools and then then decided on her tool. It was a very small, but stiff feather. She also took her peacock feather and then snapped her fingers! There was one more feather to grab. She walked over to the discarded leather vest, picked it up and look inside finding a pocket. She reached in and pulled out the owl feather. The same feather La Diabla used on helpless Darby.

    “Oooohhh!!! You’re going to use her own feather against her??!!” Francine said with excitement.

    “Yes my dear, how humiliating will that be for her? Hehe” Madam Olivia giggled. She then sat on the bed on the right side of La Diabla’s body, placed her legs on the bed and then laid next to a sleeping La Diabla. She studied the outlines and the soft features of that beautiful face. She had to admit, La Diabla was exceptionally beautiful. She wondered how someone that looks like her can be such a cold blooded killer and the most feared woman in the West. But now she had her. She had the feared outlaw in HER clutches and she was going to have a lot of fun with her. She admired the naked breasts and started to imagine how she would look completely naked. She then set the feathers down next to her, but held onto the small strong one. She twirled it in her fingers then lowered and started to trace the outlines of La Diabla’s ear. She smiled as she heard a grunt and the head twitched. She took the tip of the feather again and twirled it in the ear. More grunting and now the head shook. La Diabla’s face then moved towards her and now she took the feather and started to tickle along the outer edges of the lips. The lips quivered and then she took the feather and tickled the nostrils.

    La Diabla felt an itch on her nose and she opened her eyes. Her vision was blurry and as her eyes adjusted, she saw the grinning face of Madam Olivia. “W-what happened?” she groaned as her mind remembered kissing and playing with Francine then went dark. She tried to move her arms as her body shifted and realized she couldn’t move them. “What the hell?”

    “You’re awake! Good! Now I am can play with you. How was your rest Salem?” Madam Olivia teased.

    “Don’t call me…that. I told you that. Hey! How come I can’t move?!” La Diabla explained as she now realized her arms were tied above her head. She tried to kick her legs but they stayed still. She lifted her head and looked towards her feet and saw they were stuck in those stocks! But what really horrified her was she saw her own breasts! “You BITCH!! Why am I tied down and why are my damn tits out?” she screamed as she jerked her body around wildly.

    “You are such a buckin’ bronco aren’t you?” Madam Olivia teased as she then laid her leg across the top of La Diabla’s leg, shifted her weight so she now effectively pinned La Diabla’s legs down. “We are going to have a lot of fun right now. You are SUCH a beautiful woman Salem, this is going to be a wonderful experience…”

    “GET OFF ME YOU BITCH!! I SWEAR YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!” La Diabla spat. Her blood started to boil over being captured like this. Her face turned red with anger and embarrassment as her upper body was naked. She has never been in this position before. It was her that was always in control! “and you call me DIABLA!!”

    “Temper temper Salem…you really should calm down. I just want us to play a little and….renegotiate our deal..hehe” Madam Olivia smiled.

    “WHAT??!!! I told you there will be NO renegotiations!!! Oh, I am going to KILL YOU BITCH!! I SWEAR!!!” La Diabla cursed. She started to really pull hard at her wrist bondage, but she was definitely stuck. She then grew concerned when she saw what was in Madam Olivia’s fingers. A feather!!

    “You have such a potty mouth on you…..Salem. hehehe” Madam Olivia chuckled. She enjoyed the power she had over La Diabla at this moment. “…I think I will have to….persuade ya….on new payment terms. The best part is, very simple tools will help…convince ya…” she cooed. She then took the small feather and gently flicked it across the exposed right armpit. She was pleased with the reaction. She felt La Diabla’s body jerk.

    “W-what are you doing?!!!” La Diabla screeched. The feather’s touch made her body twitch. The ticklish sensations were pretty strong. The gravity of her predicament was now very apparent to her. The fear of her being subjected to what she afflicted on Darby gave her real fear. “W-what are you doing bitch?! STOP THAT!! LET ME GO!!!” she hissed.

    Madam Olivia simply chuckled over the venomous words out of La Diabla’s mouth. She knew that La Diabla is now realizing what was about to happen. A rush of pleasure coursed through her body as she continued to stroke the feather across the delicate underarm skin. “Whatsa matter? Is my feather bothering you? Is the infamous La Diabla…..ticklish? hmmmmm”

    “I swear!!! You better stop this right now or I will KILL you!!!” La Diabla hissed. She then started to squirm more as the feather slowly lowered towards her armpit. There was nothing she could do and gritted her teeth. She knew she had to do whatever it took to not laugh! She could not show weakness and not let Madam Olivia have control!

    “Such a potty mouth you have…Are you sure this doesn’t bother you? I mean, you are the strongest, most toughest, most feared woman in the West. This little feather of mine surely doesn’t bother you. I mean, surely someone of your stature is not ticklish right? That would be embarrassing wouldn’t it? The legendary La Diabla as ticklish as a schoolgirl….” Madam Olivia teased ss she brought the feather back down and traced the very tip of it along the out edges of La Diabla’s armpit. She could see the obvious ticklish tremors coursing through the body and the goosebumps forming on the skin. She then quickly zipped the feather across the defenseless pit and really enjoyed the eventual futile efforts of her victim to not laugh.

    It took every ounce of strength she had to not laugh. La Diabla felt that wicked feather stroking all over her armpit and there was nothing she could do to stop it. She clenched her teeth, her breath quickened and her eyes even started to water. The sensations were really intense. She never knew she was this ticklish as no one ever dared to tickle her. Her skin was very soft, even for an outlaw and apparently very sensitive. She felt the laughter building up within her and she had to not open her mouth or she was going to explode in laughter. She started to grunt in ticklish frustration as she felt the feather now tickling her tricep muscle then back down into her armpit. Her body started to tremble and she was going to explode at any moment.

    “tickle tickle tickle….” Madam Olivia whispered as she continued to stroke the feather across the armpit and the arm. She knew La Diabla was going to explode any moment and when she did, she was hers! “Come on sweet Salem…let it all out. Doesn’t my feather…………TICKLE…………………you?” she teased, really emphasizing the word “tickle”.

    La Diabla was straining against her bonds and she was holding her breath. Her grunts became weaker as she was having a very hard time holding it in. Her eyes were now shut tight and then she felt the feather move very rapidly over her armpit and she exploded! Her laughter came out very hard and very forceful as the tease of the feather was too much! Once her laughter came out, the ticklish sensations were even more powerful. Her body shook violently and now that the dam broke, there was no going back.

    “There it is!!! Sweet sweet laughter of Salem…how sweet it sounds! That’s it, let it all out…” Madam Olivia teased as she rapidly stroke the feather all over the ticklish skin driving her victim insane. She moved the feather to the outer edges of the armpit, then across and then right towards the edge of the breasts and then slightly down the ribcage. She even chuckled herself as La Diabla was laughing so hard. She would have never guessed she was THIS ticklish.

    Polly and Francine stood there with their mouths opened. They could not believe what they were witnessing. La Diabla is ticklish! They never seen her so vulnerable and helpless before. They listened to her laughter and it was chilling. Francine was so turned on right now, she immediately started to touch her nipples as she was still naked. Polly licked her lips as this was a truly an epic moment.

    The feather stopped its cruel path and La Diabla’s laughter started to subside. She felt her body getting real hot and she realized just how loud she was laughing. A wave of embarrassment coursed through her veins and anger started to come back. She was laughing! Like a little girl! Laughing like a weakling! Laughing like…….Darby. “I….I swear…..you….will……..PAY…for this!” she threatened. She looked right into Madam Olivia’s eyes with hate in her eyes.

    “Sure I will…but for now, you are my ticklish little prisoner! This has been an amazing day! I never thought when I woke up this morning I would be having a tickling orgy! I mean, I got to have fun with my Bobby Jo. Then tickling and tormenting a Sheriff’s deputy from Plotsville was truly a gift! But now I have the opportunity to tickle torture the infamous La Diabla? Oh my dear, today is a very…..special…day for me. Now, about my payment. I think 80% sounds reasonable don’t you?” Madam Olivia said while placing the feather down on the bed, then looked into La Diabla’s eyes.

    “Are you mad???!!! Look, you need to release me or it will be the BIGGEST mistake of your life!” La Diabla said defiantly her anger getting the best of her. She couldn’t move her body and her mind began to prepare for more ticklish persuasions coming her way. The mere thought of capitulating to this woman seethed within her. “YOU NEED TO LET ME HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

    Madam Olivia chuckled out loud as she brought her peacock feather up and across the armpits and neck area of La Diabla. She absolutely loved how sensitive this woman was and was going to fully exploit that. “Awwww!! Someone is soooooooo ticklish isn’t she? Tickle tickle tickle tickle!” she taunted as the feather stroked the delicate armpits and side of La Diabla. “I think someone also have a very ticklish tummy! Let’s find out shall we?” she laughed as she now swept the feather across the firm stomach of her victim.

    La Diabla screeched loudly as she felt the peacock feather’s fronds sliding across her belly. Her body convulsed and shook as this was definitely a sensation she was not prepared for. Her arms were straining trying to get free, her mouth was wide open with her white teeth showing, her eyes were shut tight and her laughter flowed freely. This was completely foreign to her to be tickled this long. Her mind remembered when a lover poked her belly, but she immediately shut that down and really had fun with that lover. She felt the feather swirling across her navel and that really tickled! She screamed for the tickling to stop but that dreaded feather wouldn’t stop. She refused to beg however, as her pride was too great. She almost changed her mind when the feather started to dance on that super sensitive skin below her navel and above her jeans on her waist.

    “Look at her!! Such a tickwish liddle girl!! Little Salem has a tickly wickly tummy! Tickle tickle! A tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle all over her cute tummy wummy!” Madam Olivia teased with baby talk. She was truly enjoying herself.

    La Diabla continued roar in laughter but anger also filled her soul. That woman was now talking to her like a baby?! This was humiliating! She felt her stomach muscle contracting trying to fight the tickling sensation but it was no use. She even tried to keep her mouth closed, to prevent her from laughing and submitting to this woman. Her grunts were very audible as she tried to not laugh. Her eyes burned in rage and now the veins in her neck bulged, fighting the feather’s cruel tickling path.

    “Impressive! I have never seen anyone stop laughing like that as this feather makes its tickle path all over delicate girly skin!” Madam Olivia said while raising her eyebrow in admiration. She absolutely loved how much La Diabla was resisting. It would make breaking her that much sweeter. “I love how you FIGHT! You really are strong. But someone as ticklish as you can’t hold out forever…” she grinned then put down the feather.

    “I…am….going….to…..tear off your head and crap down your throat! When…I am done….with you!” La Diabla hissed.

    “Oooh!! Sounds fun! Listen my ticklish little Salem…I think I need to get the truth out of you…I want you to admit you are a ticklish little girl! I think you need to look at my truth motivators..” Madam Olivia laughed as she wiggled her fingers in the air, displaying her long nails. “I will use these on your cute tummy until you say it. Ready?”

    La Diabla saw the fingers wiggling and fear finally hit her. The feather is brutal, but nails would be a lot worse. She knew just by torturing Darby how effective nails were. But she still couldn’t give Olivia that satisfaction! She tensed up her belly, gritted her teeth and prepared for what was for sure to be horrendous. “Do your best bitch…” was all she could muster.

    “Oh, I will…and here…..we……….GO!” Madam Olivia said then lowered her nails onto the belly of La Diabla and began to scurry them rapidly. She was rewarded with hysterical laughter and a bucking body. She laughed as she saw the insane reaction from La Diabla. Her fingers went around and around the navel and then zipped up and down the stomach. Her nails were of a light touch, but it was enough pressure to drive La Diabla insane. She continued her baby talk. “You are soooooo ticklish Salem! You are so tickly tickly! Who has a ticklish tummy? Who has a ticklish tummy wummy?! YOU DO!!! Your tummy is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ticklish! Tickle tickle tickle tickle! Tickle tickle tickle tickle!!!!”

    Polly and Francine’s mouths dropped to the floor. Watching Madam Olivia tickling La Diabla’s body was the greatest thing they have ever seen considering they never saw La Diabla so….helpless. Francine then looked towards the soles of the wiggling boots and she was really hoping she can see what was inside them! Polly watched as she saw La Diabla’s body convulsing like crazy. The sounds of tortured laughter were bouncing off the walls and she wouldn’t be surprised if people in New York could hear her. She started to reflexively cover her own belly as she imagined what would have happened if her own belly was tickled!

    Madam Olivia absolutely enjoyed the brutal tickling she was dishing out. She was watching La Diabla lose her mind as her fingers danced all over the soft skin. She was surprised actually on just how soft and delicate the skin was. For such a ruthless outlaw, La Diabla took very good care of her skin. Madam Olivia figured she probably never exposed her body to the sun or other manual labor. This is what made tickling her so much fun! She then took her fingertips and started to knead the ribcage of La Diabla. The sheer look of ticklish terror in La Diabla’s eyes made her extremely happy. She went after that vulnerable ribcage with reckless abandon. She began to count each rib and dug in between them. She repositioned her body as she straddled La Diabla’s waist, so she could keep her down as she was bucking wildly. She lowered her head into La Diabla’s while tickling the ribs and whispered, “tickle tickle tickle…are you a ticklish little girl? Say it or I will tickle these ribbies all night long…. Come on.. say it! You are a ticklish widdle girl!”

    La Diabla felt the pressure on her ribs and with the weight of Madam Olivia on her waist, she could barely buck her body. All she could do was laugh. The tickling would not stop. It only got more intense. Tears started to form in her eyes and her mouth was starting to hurt from laughing so hard. She now felt thumb pads poking between her ribs and she lost it. This was way too much. But her pride tried to keep fighting. She was not going to admit she was some ticklish little girl! That would make her weak! That would make her like Darby!

    Madam Olivia admired the fight within La Diabla! But she had another trick she could pull. As her right hand tickled the ribs, she then used the tips of her nails of her left hand to poke and prod and stroke inside the exposed navel. “Say it Salem….You’re a ticklish widdle girl…”

    As soon as the nails ventured inside her navel, it was too much for La Diabla to handle. She never felt anything like this in her body and she belted out the most powerful laugh she has even done in her life. The tickling was finally wearing her down. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA IMMM….HAHAHAHAH TICKLISH WIDDLE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH GIRL!!!” she screeched. The tickling immediately ceased and a major wave of humiliation washed over her.

    Madam Olivia clapped her hands when she heard the ticklish admission! “Yay!!! Yes you ARE a ticklish widdle girl! Now, was that so hard?” she teased. She looked down at her prey and saw her struggling to breath. She heard La Diabla coughing, trying to recover. She also saw a look of desperation on her eyes and knew her torment was finally starting to break La Diabla. “Now, my ticklish widdle girl….80% right?” she sneered.

    La Diabla continued cough and wheeze as she recovered. Her mind was grateful that the ruthless tickling stopped but her mind was a mess. She was forced to admit she was ticklish! No one has ever made her submit to something. Anger and shame filled her. “never….hehehehe…never…. let….*cough* me.. *cough* go….”

    “Um…no. Come on Salem, just agree to the new terms and I will let you go. 80% is a fair deal to stop the tickling right? I will even not say a word about how ticklish you are to anyone outside this room. Will you just agree or do I have to do more……drastic measures?” Madam Olivia offered.

    La Diabla continued to recover from the ticklish onslaught. She looked over at Madam Olivia and saw that grin. It was the same kind of grin she had when she was tormenting Darby. It was the grin of someone of complete control. She was starting to get sweaty and her lungs were aching. She already had to admit she was a ticklish little girl, she was not going to change the price of payment. “Go…to….HELL… you………………………..bitch! and….you call me…….DIABLA!” she panted.

    “Salem, Salem, Salem, that is the wrong answer….” Madam Olivia tutted. “I was hoping that you would want to avoid my next move, but you leave me no choice. Your sexy body has so many wonderful places for me to explore. There is a new frontier I will have to explore. More…SOLEFUL…. Frontiers…” she threatened. “Polly, Francine…..remove her boots please and only her boots….”

    How was this part? Surprised that La Diabla is now a victim? I will have to admit, I am really loving these characters I created. I hope you like them too. Part 6 will be out again soon!

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    great addition! going to be interesting to see la diabla handle her own punishment. im more curious about the neighbour though. everyone else's part in the story is clear, hers? not so much. she obviously wants darby's feet but i wonder what else...?
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    Wicked. Can't wait for Olivia and La Diable to both be thoroughly punished.
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    I love the characters as well, so many possible scenarios. La Diabla going to get her piggies tickled...and I hope Madam Olivia gets hers.
    Very yummy characters
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    Fu*king awesome! Can't wait for that weird neighbor to get a chance to play with Darby, and love the turn on La Diabla, can't wait to read about her feet.

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    I'm hoping Salem is wearing stockings/nylons.

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    Thanks once again for the wonderful feedback! I am glad you are all enjoying this story and I am hoping you enjoy how the story will go. I love how some of you picked up on certain things and who knows how it turns out! Part 6 is almost finished and will be out this week (Friday or Saturday). Stay tuned!

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