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    Fun older sister in law quick tickling!

    Alright so here’s a quick fun story. More stories are coming back to me lol sorry for all the posts. This happened a few years ago. My wife and I were at her parents house for dinner. Some family friends were in from out of town we had never met them but they were her parents friends. It was a husband a wife. They were older. Probably mid 50s I’d guess. Anyway they were very nice and fun to be around. After dinner we were in the living room just talking and chatting. My older sister in law, we will call her Kristen, was laying on the couch next to me. Her brother came in with his sister (the totally awesome sister in law that I tickle all the time). Some chat went on and then there was a friendly disagreement for some reason. A funny one at that. Next thing Kristen was being sat on by her brother and sister. I had moved out of the way. Now the way Kristen was laying was on her stomach and pretty immobile. Her feet were down by the husbands end and trapped as my sister in law sat on her legs. So basically she was sitting on her legs but facing away from Kristens feet. I’d say Kristens feet were about an half an arms length away From his reach. Kristens bro and sister were teasing her doing all kinds of things that annoyed her but made her laugh. Then I noticed the guy look at my Kristens feet. He said “well
    This isn’t a good situation” and with that He took a finger and stroked her foot! Kristen laughed at that! He then started scribbling his fingers all over her feet making her laugh. Her sister was sitting on her legs with her back to this guy so she and her brother didn’t know why she was laughing. Finally her sister asked, “what’s so funny Kristen?” “Hahahaha someone’s tickling my feet hahahahaha! My sister in law turned around and saw this guy just casually ticking her feet! “Haha that is funny I guess he’s on our side haha” my sister in law said! This guy was not only tickling her feet but also carrying on a conversation. It was impressive. He stopped after 15 seconds or so his wife told him to leave the poor girl alone haha. I had to jump in since I was sort of near her feet. I scribbled my fingers in a figure 8 monitor making her laugh. She was laughing pretty good. Just a quick tickle and that was that though. I said “sorry Kristen I couldn’t resist”! Her bro and sister let her up. Not a long tickling but a fun noteworthy one!
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    Nice pic dude lucky guy you are indeed

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    Great story and fine photo to go with it! Thanks for sharing your experience here.
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    Amazing, man!
    I love your stories.
    Her feet is really beautiful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by podo_bahiano View Post
    Amazing, man!
    I love your stories.
    Her feet is really beautiful.
    Cool glad you like! I’m pretty fortunate to get to play and tickle
    My other sister in laws feet on regular bases, well and my wife’s stay well.

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    Fun story!

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