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    Deputy's Peril part 10 (F/F) -- The FINALE!

    Ok my fellow readers of this series, here is the finale of this series. It is kind of an accomplishment for me as most of my series do not have endings. lol I do want to thank everyone who has read this series and gave such great compliments. The last 2.5 months of writing these characters were very rewarding to me. I really love the characters I created and I hope you did too. My goal was to make them seem as "real" as possible, like these events could have happened. Of course that is up to you to feel that way, but for me, when I wrote the series I tried to take myself into their world as though I was a "fly on the wall" and just reporting on what I was seeing. I wanted to write a story, that included tickling scenes. When I looked at my drafts, this story is actually over 200 pages long. Wow. In fact, this finale is about 35 pages long as it is the longest chapter in the saga.

    So again, thank you for coming along this ride with me. I am considering more stories involving the characters and I am kicking in some ideas. Let me know if there are particular characters you want to see continued. It is also why I added a poll to this chapter as I am curious to which characters stood out the most to you. So feel free to vote!

    So, without further adieu, please enjoy the finale of Deputy's Peril!

    PART 10

    Madam Olivia did a nod and wink at La Diabla as they both sat down in their respective chairs. In front of them, they could see the soft, tender, deep pink meaty size 11 soles of Darby. They were going to have a friendly contest on who can make Darby scream in ticklish delight and forced to use one of her nicknames as a safe word. Madam Olivia started to loosen the ropes around Darby’s ankles then removed the right foot from the bondage. She then took the left ankle, pulled it away from the right one and then started to tie down the left ankle by itself. Once she finished, she then got another piece of soft rope and tied Darby’s right ankle to the end of the armrest of the couch by the back of the couch. Now, Darby’s legs were spread wide enough so her feet could not touch. This was done so each woman could have a foot to themselves. Madam Olivia would tickle the left foot, La Diabla the right. Madam Olivia then looked up at Darby and smiled. She then faced La Diabla. “See why I call her Pinky?” she giggled.

    La Diabla looked up towards Darby’s head and on her way there, she got to see Darby’s exposed pussy. She saw the pink folds of the labia and she started to get very aroused. She always loved looking at that sweet pussy. “Oh yes.. I can see why. That pussy of hers looks rather delicious. So nice and pink. Trust me, she really does have a very sweet and delicious pussy…”

    Darby’s face turned red as she heard the two women staring at her naked vagina. She couldn’t close her legs as her ankles were tied down, so her very special spot was open to be gazed on. This was so embarrassing to her. She was about to be tortured by the two women that put her through tickle hell. She closed her eyes and started to pray for a way to get out of this.

    “By the way, what does the winner get? Which will be me when I get her to scream tenderfoot…” La Diabla chuckled.

    “The winner…” Madam Olivia began. “….gets to make her cum. She will be screaming Pinky soon enough, then I am going to eat her pussy. It looks so good..” Madam Olivia chuckled. “So, since you are my guest, I will give you the first shot. You have 10 minutes, then it is my turn. If Neither of us break her in those 10 minutes, we go to a second round. Hehe”

    “Sounds good…” La Diabla smiled. She then looked at Darby’s face and saw the eyes being closed. “Hey Tenderfoot! I am *so* going to enjoy this. I really did miss these feet of yours. If you want me to stop, simply scream out tenderfoot, then I will make you cum like never before….” La Diabla then started to drum the tips of her fingers up and down the right sole. She made sure her fingers felt like light “raindrops” as her fingers padded at the ball of the foot, then down the arch and to the heel, then back up the sole again. She noticed the foot jerking and continued her light tickling. Once again, she had Darby’s barefoot to tickle and tease. She always loved doing this ever since that first time she had Darby trapped in that barn last week. Now she was going to have a lot of carnal pleasure with this foot once again. As her fingers continued to drum away at the foot, she decided to take it another notch. She then formed her fingertips into claws and allowed her nails to touch the soft skin and rake them down slowly, centimeter by centimeter all the way to the edge of the heel of the got and back up to the base of the toes.

    Darby immediately broke out into hysterical laugher as she felt those nails slowly raking up and down her sole. Her eyes bugged out, her head leaned forward and had a wild look on her face as she saw La Diabla working on her foot. She could barely wriggle her foot because she used so much energy from the earlier foot tickling and she suffered. The amount of ticklish energy ripping through her nervous system was overwhelming. What really frightened her was the look of desire on La Diabla’s face. Darby could tell she was really enjoying tickling her. Through Darby’s tickle tortured mind, she wondered how did they go from being allies to her tickling her foot again. Wasn’t La Diabla supposed to go after Madam Olivia and rescue her? Maybe it was a trick after all. Maybe she set her up to once again get tickled tortured. Darby started to panic as the realization that she was probably duped sank into her mind. She laughed, she howled in ticklish anguish, but what really made her suffer was realizing that she was going to break and become a working girl for Madam Olivia.

    La Diabla continued to rake her nails up and down the sole. To help make it worse, she used her right hand to hold the top of Darby’s foot, while she used the left hand to claw that ticklish skin. Wave after wave of lust went through her mind as her fingers felt that very soft skin. Darby’s feet were one of a kind to her. She really loved touching these feet. The sounds of shrill laughter gave her peace within her own soul as she just loved to tickle torture poor Darby. She then looked up and made eye contact with Darby and saw fear in those eyes. She could tell Darby was enduring a lot of ticklish anguish, so she pressed on. Her eyes turned to slits and went back to the sole. She then focused on tickling the ball of the foot as her fingers scurried across that flesh. She could feel the foot straining, but not as much as it did before. Darby must be in a very bad place she thought. She then went after the arch of the foot and saw Darby’s head snap back onto the couch. This was getting to be a lot of fun.

    Madam Olivia watched La Diabla going to work on that ticklish foot and was impressed. She looked at the techniques La Diabla was using with her fingers to elicit the most desperate laughs from Darby and took mental notes. She was enjoying this moment. Her fear of La Diabla getting revenge on her subsided as she now watched her torment Darby. This was a business transaction after all, and she felt confident. She started to feel very powerful as well. The two women in this room were under her control. She could not wait for her turn on Darby’s foot. She stared at that left foot and her own arousal started to climb. That foot was designed perfectly and she just couldn’t wait to tickle it again. With Darby as her working girl, she was going to have more clientele. A red head was always good for business.

    Darby laid her head on the back of the couch and just laughed. Those fingers on her foot just kept going and going and there was no stopping. Her stomach started to hurt and her entire body was on edge. She knew she could make it all end by saying the word “tenderfoot”, but then she would have to be forced to cum. That thought went through her mind and her body responded. Her nipples started to get hard as she imagined La Diabla’s tongue on her pussy. She imagined just how hard she would cum, but she had to fight it. She knew by surrendering her body, that meant she was going to be property forever. She thought about the life of Bobby Jo and that was not the life she wanted. She wanted to be a deputy and protect people. But she couldn’t even protect herself and her own body was betraying her. She then just let her body go. She couldn’t fight anymore and just laughed harder. Her head was getting light and she hoped it meant she was going to pass out.

    La Diabla could tell Darby was getting weaker just by her hand holding the top of Darby’s foot. She knew she was about to be break her, so she slowed down a bit. She had to make Darby stay conscious. Her fingers then went softly tracing along the edges of the sole and allowed Darby to start breathing again. “That’s right tenderfoot, calm down, you can breathe now…” she cooed. Then her index finger slowly stroked the base of the toes and she then leaned her head forward. “I know what you like….” She said as she then started to use the tip of her tongue to start licking the undersides of the toes. La Diabla felt a tremendous rush as she felt that soft skin on her tongue. Memories of her sucking on Darby’s toes last night filled her mind and now she was enjoying that moment again. Her tongue started to lick the pad of the big toe and when it got to the top of the toe, she would kiss the tip of the big toe then go to the index toe, start to lick that toe stem with the tip of her tongue, then when she got to the top of the toe, gave it a kiss. She then repeated the technique with the remaining three toes and she got what she wanted. A moan from Darby. She knew Darby’s body loved the feeling of this pleasure and gave her mind a chance to recover from the tickling. She then popped the big toe in her mouth and started to suck on it. That toe tasted amazing to her. This was definitely a perk for her as she loved how soft that toe felt in her mouth. She continued to suck on that big toe and then slipped the index toe in her mouth as well. It felt like heaven to her. She then slid her tongue up and down the toes in the crevice between them. She heard more moans coming from Darby so she then sucked the toes even harder which made Darby’s body shudder.

    Darby felt her toes inside the warm mouth of La Diabla and couldn’t help but moan. It felt absolutely incredible after all the tickle torment. Her body was starting to get really aroused as she felt wetness between her legs increase. She picked her head up and looked at La Diabla sucking her toes. She would see her big toe and index toe were inside that wet mouth, and saw her middle toe resting on La Diabla’s cheek and the other toes were exposed as well. What really got her going was watching her big toe and index toe slipping out of the mouth and when she saw her toenails come out of the mouth, she heard La Diabla moaning as though she was enjoying a delicious candy. Then she saw her three toes, big toe, index toe and middle toe go inside the mouth and felt that tongue swirling on her toes and she giggled a little then moaned again. Goosebumps formed on her skin and this was driving her crazy.

    La Diabla continued to suck on the toes and when she heard Darby moaning, she then started to use her fingers and lightly tickle the arch of the foot. She heard the giggles coming out and increase the pressure, trying to get Darby to laugh harder as she sucked on the toes. She really felt a rush when she felt Darby’s toes starting to wiggle inside her mouth. La Diabla then continued to tickle the foot and the looked up to Darby’s pussy. She could see the wetness and now she wanted that pussy more than ever.

    “TIME!!!!” Madam Olivia screamed. 10 minutes have passed and it was time for La Diabla to stop and soon it would be her turn. Watching what La Diabla did was so damn erotic to her, she actually was disappointed to see it end. She saw La Diabla release Darby’s toes from her mouth and stop the tickling. Madam Olivia felt her own wetness as she stared at the saliva coated toes. “The ten minutes Is up. I will admit, that was one of the greatest things I have ever watched, but now it is MY turn!”

    Darby barely started to recover when she heard Madam Olivia’s words. She groaned as she looked over at La Diabla who still had this smirk on her face, then she looked over at Madam Olivia who seemed really eager to tickle her left foot. “…..please……no more….no more…. I beg ya….” She whimpered.

    “Awwww Pinky!! But it is my turn now. Me and your foot are going to have SO much fun together! I am going to really really, I mean REALLY, going to enjoy your foot. You ready Pinky?” Madam Oliva chuckled. She then looked at the trembling sole and then poked it. She heard Darby verbally wince and she continued to poke it. “Oh yes, I am really going to enjoy this. You can make it all stop by saying your new name, Pinky! You do that, not only will I stop tickling you, but you get a reward! An orgasm!!”

    La Diabla looked over at Darby, then Madam Olivia. She was curious to see how much she would tickle Darby’s foot. She also knew that she weakened Darby enough so she wouldn’t be surprised if Darby submitted to this game. She knew Darby’s body was on edge and just need a little push. She then sat back in her chair to enjoy the show.

    Madam Olivia then gripped the top of the foot with her left hand and used her right hand fingers to tickle the heel of the foot. She was simply in awe that even the heels were so sensitive to tickling touch. Soon, strong giggles were coming from Darby and she concentrated on that spot. She used the tips of her nails to tickle along the outside edge of the heel then went right back across the tender pink skin. The giggles were getting stronger and when her fingers made it to the spot right above the heel and into the arch, she heard wild squeals coming from Darby’s lips. This was just as much fun as she was having before La Diabla got here. Madam Olivia was determined to beat La Diabla at this “game” to continue to show her own dominance. At her brothel, La Diabla pushed Darby into a complete submissive mess, even though she did weakened Darby from foot tickling, so now she wanted to get her tickle dominant payback of sort.

    Darby continued squealing as she felt the nails tickling her foot. She wished she could jerk her foot away, but it was held tight and her legs felt like spaghetti noodles at this point. She craned her neck up and saw the wicked glee in Madam Olivia’s eyes. Then she laid her head back down, closed her eyes and just laughed. As soon as the nails got into her arch, deep, guttural laughter just flowed from her. This was getting to be too much. She didn’t want to be tickled anymore. La Diabla broke her final resistance and now Madam Olivia was exploiting her fresh submissive state of being. Her loins were wet with liquid lust, her body aching from tickle sensations, her foot receiving diabolical tickling and her lungs started to hurt from laughing. Darby was tortured. She was trapped, tortured and now her mind was breaking. She wanted it to stop. Then, right when the nails went to the base of her toes, her mind snapped. “HAHAHAHAHAHA PINKY!!!! PINKY PINKY PINKY PINKY!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA SSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PPPPPPPP!!!!PINKY PINKY PINKY!!!!!” she screamed. Her foot torment only lasted 5 minutes, but she couldn’t take it. She felt the tickling stop and she just started to cry. Her personal free will was over.

    Madam Olivia sat back and felt a rush of excitement. She just won the game. She made Darby snap. She beat La Diabla. Now, she was going to have Darby as one of her girls. She felt invincible. She felt like the Queen of the world. She felt…….horny. She looked over at La Diabla and grinned. “Well, I guess that means I win huh?”

    La Diabla smiled back and did a soft hand clap. “I guess you did. You were actually able to break her faster than I could. Congratulations.”

    Darby continued wheezing, trying to get oxygen into her lungs. Her head was shaking back and forth, sweat glistening off her forehead and her eyes were closed. Her body was still on edge, but at least the tickling stopped. Tears continued to fall from her eyes as her defeat set in. “Pinky……Pinky…..Pinky……Pinky…” was all she could say as she cried.

    Madam Olivia heard Darby’s cries and repeated words of her new nickname. She then stood up and looked at La Diabla. “Time for me to claim my prize…hehehehe” she laughed as she then walked over to Darby’s upperbody. She sat on the edge of the couch and slowly ran her fingers through Darby’s hair. She wiped some of the sweat from the forehead and enjoyed this moment. She then tweaked a hardened nipple, then looked between Darby’s legs. It was time for her to taste her prize. She then came off the edge of the couch and then knelt down facing the pussy. She lowered her head towards that glistening mound and licked her lips. She then stuck out the tip of her tongue and did a quick lick on the pussy lips. After that lick, she had to sit back on her haunches and savor the taste. It was better than she thought! Darby’s sweet nectar overwhelmed her taste buds. She then leaned right back down and started to lick between Darby’s legs more aggressively. The taste was absolutely incredible!

    Darby’s eyes popped wide opened as she felt that aggressive tongue licking against her drenched pleasure mound and it felt absolutely incredible. The tickling broke down her body, so it was completely vulnerable to sexual pleasures. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she heard the licking and nuzzling of her pussy like a large horse drinking water and let out the loudest moan of pleasure. The kind that comes from deep within the soul. Now she was crying tears of joy as she felt a tongue invade the inside of her pussy, going deeper and deeper in there.

    Madam Olivia was now lost in her own world of pleasure as she continued to devour that sweet vagina. She reached her tongue as far as she could into Darby and then she slowly pulled it out, only to lick the engorged clit. She then started to focus on the pleasure spot, licking and sucking on it. She felt inspiration and her own lust as she heard Darby’s moans getting stronger and stronger, her body tensing up. Then she heard a click next to her ear and it sounded like….

    “Stop eating that pussy…..” La Diabla’s voice said.

    Madam Olivia left her tongue on Darby’s clit, then looked over and saw the barrel of a gun pointing at her head. Her own shotgun! She slowly pulled her head away and saw La Diabla standing there with an evil look on her face and the shotgun pointed directly at her. “Um, is there a problem?” she said coolly. She had to play this very carefully.

    “Yes, there IS a problem. It is payback time bitch. So stand up slowly…” La Diabla commanded. She saw Madam Olivia stand up slowly and had her hands up. The final part of her plan was now coming into focus.

    “Salem….now, what is going on?” Madam Olivia said in a calm voice, not wanting to anger the beautiful outlaw. Her mind was racing as she had to think of a way out of this. Then, she was really going to torture La Diabla. “Did you want to eat Pinky’s pussy? Go ahead….enjoy it. You win. Now put the gun down.”

    “First of all, you will address me as La Diabla! You are no longer going to use my real name! Got it?” La Diabla demanded. “Second, this is not about tenderfoot’s pussy. This about me and you. I never forgot what you did to me and now you are going to pay. So, I want you to strip yourself naked. NOW!!!”

    Madam Olivia’s face went into shock. Her? Strip naked? She did not like that at all. “S-strip naked? You want me to strip naked?” she said with incredulity. “Diabla, come on now. Maybe we can settle this like ladies. Why do I have to be naked?” she asked and her eyes glanced down at the shotgun. La Diabla must have grabbed it while she was enjoying Darby’s pussy. She hated herself for letting her own awareness get distracted. But that pussy tasted absolutely amazing. She had to somehow get that gun out of La Diabla’s hands.

    “Because I want to see you naked. Now, I suggest you start, or I will blow you away. Believe me, unlike tenderfoot over there, I have NO problem killing you. It would give me great pleasure to end your life you stupid bitch. Now STRIP!!” La Diabla commanded as she cocked the shotgun, and put it towards her face as she aimed the gun.

    Madam Olivia knew she had no choice. The shotgun was mere feet away from her and she knew she wouldn’t be able to escape the path of the pellets. “Damn you. Ok, fine. I will strip.” She groaned in anger. She then started to unbutton the front of her dress, which were under her breasts. Once she unfastened the buttons, she then untied the top strand around her back of her neck, which loosened the dress. She slowly took her arms out of the sleeves and pull the top part of the dress down. This left her in her bra and she slowly pushed the dress down over her hips and the dress fell to the floor. She then stepped out of the dress. She lifted her ankle and removed her right ankle boot, then her left. Now she stood there in her bra, her panties and her knee high black stockings.

    “Keep going. Take off your bra and your panties. Leave the stockings….” La Diabla smiled with evil glee. She was looking forward to humiliating this woman.

    “You are making a BIG mistake Diabla….I swear if you do this, I will get my revenge on you.” Madam Olivia sneered as she then unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor. Now, her own size C breasts were exposed. She wanted to cover her nipples, but with that gun still pointing at her, she knew she would have to reveal them. Her nipples were a dark brown and they were still a little stiff from the sexual play earlier. Her face then blushed red and humiliation washed over her. She then saw La Diabla’s eyes look down at her panties and she knew what was next. She then placed her hands of the outside edges of her panties and slowly started to pull them down. The panties came off her hips and she let it fall to the floor as well. Now, she was naked except for her stockings and she had a glare of evil in her eyes. She never felt so humiliated in her life. No one has ever made her strip naked against her will. She prided herself on being a strong woman. A woman always in control, now she was just like the girls she had employed.

    La Diabla lowered the gun from her face, but still trained it on Madam Olivia’s torso. She had a satisfied grin as she looked at the brown pussy hair of her victim. She saw the red in Madam Olivia’s face from either anger or complete embarrassment. She had some very fun plans for that sweet naked body. She was impressed by the physique. For a 42 year old woman, Madam Olivia had a very nice body, it still had its firm shape overall. There was some flabbiness around the hips and lower stomach, but the breasts still had a nice shape to them. She could see the signs of age, but still a very impressive body. She figured Madam Olivia constantly did physical activity. La Diabla then chuckled as she was about to do more physical things to that body.

    “mmmmmmmmm…..mmmmmmm what’s happenin….” Darby moaned as her eyes saw a naked Madam Olivia. She was beginning to recover from her tickle torture and her pussy from being licked. She was still very horny, but her body was calming down.

    Madam Olivia heard Darby’s mumbling but kept her eyes trained on La Diabla. As soon as Darby moaned her question, she saw La Diabla’s eyes look towards Darby for a moment. That was the opening she needed. She quickly swung her leg in a roundhouse kick motion, swatting away the shotgun from La Diabla’s hands. As La Diabla let go of the gun and it slid across the floor, Madam Olivia then speared the sexy outlaw and both women hit the floor and began to tussle. This was a battle to see who would be in control of this confrontation. Madam Olivia tried to slap and choke La Diabla was starting to swing back as she fought for her oxygen. Madam Olivia pressed her hand harder on the throat, she was enraged and wanted to end La Diabla or render her unconscious. Her anger of being naked ripped through her body and her adrenaline flowed.

    La Diabla struggled for air as she felt a hand on her throat. She could see the look of rage in Madam Olivia’s eyes as she continued to be choked. She knew she had to do something or she was going to pass out. Her hands started punching the sides of Madam Olivia and then she took her fingers and managed to twist the exposed nipple and that got Madam Olivia to scream in pain and get her off of her. Both women then got to their feet and stared each other down. La Diabla knew she still had her own gun on her, but she wanted to beat this woman physically. It was now about pride. She was utterly humiliated physically a few nights ago and she wanted her revenge. She lost one physical battle in her life and that was to Darby. She was not going to lose to Madam Olivia. She just couldn’t!

    Both women then charged each other and took wild swings at first. Madam Olivia ducked under a punch, then tried to lunge at La Diabla’s legs, trying to get her on the ground. Diabla moved out of the way and when Madam Olivia turned around to face her, she retaliated with a huge slap across Olivia’s face. That stunned the older woman and La Diabla then started to swing her punches towards the belly.

    Darby’s eyes cleared up and she witnessed this physical confrontation and was in shock. She could not believe what she was witnessing. It was like two prize fighters going toe to toe in a battle of wills. The loser was surely to be humiliated and the winner would absolutely torment the loser. She saw La Diabla connect with solid punches, but also saw Madam Olivia connect with some of her own. These two women were holding nothing back. She was surprised that Madam Olivia was holding her own in this fight and she then gasped as Madam Olivia connected with a well timed punch to La Diabla’s jaw, sending La Diabla spinning onto the bed.

    Madam Olivia saw La Diabla landing face first on the bed and then grinned. “COME ON YOU BITCH!!! I AM GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!” she screamed. She wanted to win this battle so bad. She was close to winning this battle of wills and would subject La Diabla to a lot of physical, mental, emotional, and sexual tortures when this was over.

    La Diabla stood up slowly from the bed and her jaw ached. That punch rocked her, but her own anger filled her body with rage. She then turned around and saw Madam Olivia charging her. Out of her own instincts, she managed to duck below a wild roundhouse punch from Madam Olivia and with her superior quickness, landed a hard punch with her left hand into Olivia’s belly, then with the speed of an in his prime Mike Tyson, landed a solid punch with her right hand to the jaw and saw Olivia collapse to the floor in a heap. She then quickly rolled Olivia onto her back, straddled the woman’s torso and started punching away at the jaw, trying to knock her out. Rage filled her and she continued to punch away, then she stopped with her fist cocked, aimed directly at the nose of Madam Olivia. Her breathing was shallow and in a rush, her eyes squinted with pure rage and her adrenaline flowed like wine. She looked down at Madam Olivia who was barely conscious. A rush of satisfaction coursed through her body as she saw Madam Olivia’s lip bleeding and her eyes trying to roll into the back of her head. She knew she could kill this woman right now, but she steeled herself and got up off of her defeated opponent’s body and stood over her.

    Darby was in shock. She saw the epic ending to that fight and saw La Diabla standing over Madam Olivia. She was amazed that La Diabla had enough self control to not kill Olivia. She then saw La Diabla looking at her and noticed the grin.

    “Did you think I was going to lose? Haha” La Diabla quipped. She then reached down and grabbed Madam Olivia by her hair and pulled her up slowly to her feet. She had to hold Madam Olivia’s body up as she was dazed. She then laid her victim’s body onto the bed and then walked over to her pouch she was carrying on this mission and pulled out some rope. Her plan was unfolding and now it was her turn to have a lot of fun with Madam Olivia’s body. She went back over to the bed and went to the foot of the bed. She carefully looped some rope around the right ankle of Madam Olivia and then secured it to the frame of the bed. She looked at the stocking covered sole and liked what she saw. The helpless foot appeared to be about a size 8 or 9, with a slender narrow shape and medium length toes where the big toe was fat, and the other toes (index through ring) were the same length as the big toe, then the baby toe was shorter. She was also impressed by the type of stocking. It was sheer black material, and looked like silk. She could see clearly the sole inside and could tell the skin was probably a pale color, but there was some color on the ball of the foot and heel. She couldn’t wait to play with this foot. She then went over to the left foot, and started to secure that foot. When she finished the tying, she looked at that foot and did a quick smell. The smell was nice and she figured this woman took care of her feet.

    Darby was starting to get all of her bearings and saw what La Diabla was doing. She wasn’t sure what was going to happen. She wondered if La Diabla was going to kill Madam Olivia, or would she torture her somehow. “Naw, she is not gonna do that. Or is she?” Darby thought to herself thinking of the possibility of what might happen. She felt a slight rush of excitement in her own exhausted body thinking that she may witness what happened to her constantly this last week, on one of her tormentors!

    La Diabla then stood up and walked over towards the head of the bed. She took the left wrist and tied a rope around it, extended the wrist and arm above Madam Olivia’s head and tied to the headboard. She then crawled on the bed, and repeated the same procedure with the right wrist and hand. Now she looked down at Madam Olivia’s helpless body on the bed. Her legs were spread wide, ankles bound, and wrists above her head. She looked over the naked body and bit her bottom lip knowing she was about to have a great time. She then reached inside her left boot and pulled out a small knife she kept in there, just for this occasion. She pulled the blade from its sheath and admired it. Now it was time to wake up her victim. She started to smack Olivia on her cheeks while she then laid on the bed, next to the left side of Olivia’s body.

    Madam Olivia started to come to. Her jaw ached and her tongue tasted some blood from her lip. She groaned in pain and then she tried to touch her face. That is when she realized she could not move her arms. Her eyes shot open and she saw a sinister smile on La Diabla’s face. A chill ran through her body as she understood she was trapped and helpless. “Let…me go….” She whispered.

    “Hahahahahahahaha um…….no. You are my prisoner now. I think it is time for you to pay a price.” La Diabla grinned. She calmed her rage and focused on the task she was going to perform. “You seem to forget Olivia, you attacked me and you humiliated me. You remember that right?”

    “Look….” Madam Olivia murmured as she tried to think of a way out of this. “….like I said earlier. That was all just a misunderstanding. We were all having fun torturing Darby and Bobby Jo and it got out of control. Let me go. You do NOT want to do this.”

    “Misunderstanding? Out of control? Hehehe you must think I am stupid. Oh no, you knew exactly what you were doing. You drugged my drink! You have to pay for that.” La Diabla sneered.

    Anger started to build up in Madam Olivia’s body. She was not going to be a helpless victim. Her pride was too strong. “Look you evil bitch! You better let me go! I swear when I am out of this, I will put a price on your head! LET……….ME……….GO!!!” she demanded. Madam Olivia started to struggle at her bonds, but couldn’t get fee. Then she stopped when she heard a very sinister laugh coming from La Diabla.

    “You really are stupid. I thought you were this brilliant woman. A woman who knew how to deal with pressures. A woman who would respect others who were trying to help her business grow. Now, you are all tied down and at my mercy. I do NOT like to be humiliated. What you did to me was unforgiveable. Now, today is the last day you will ever control anything. I am going to make you suffer…” La Diabla threatened as she then displayed her knife in front of Olivia’s eyes.

    “W-what???!!! You’re gonna…..kill me??!” Madam Olivia panicked. That knife was close by her eyes and this was not something she expected. Her eyes were focused on the blade as it waved slowly in front of her.

    “I am not going to kill you…..right now. But I am going to make you suffer. You see, I want to inflict much torment on you. Maybe I should start by taking one of your eyes…” La Diabla threatened, then wrapped her fist around the knife and put the tip of the blade very close to the left eye of Madam Olivia. She felt Olivia’s body tensing up and then moved the blade to the right eye.

    Madam Olivia saw the blade so close to her eyes. “Don’t…please…” she whimpered. Fear gripped her body, but she was still trying to put on a strong front.

    “Or maybe I should cut off your nipples….” La Diabla cooed as she moved the knife towards the exposed nipples. She put the razor edge of the blade next to the nipple and was delighted that Olivia’s body was frozen stiff in fear. “Or should I cut open your belly like a stuck pig and pull out your guts?”

    Madam Olivia held her breath in fear. She knew how angry La Diabla was and she definitely knew about her reputation as a cruel outlaw. She had every reason to believe she was going to lose her eyes, her nipples and her intestines. Her adrenaline was flowing and she knew she was trapped. But she did not want to give La Diabla the satisfaction of being fearful. “Get…that knife away from…me” she breathed huskily as the blade continued to scan over her exposed upper body.

    “Awww….is Olivia scared? Is Olivia scared of my little blade? You should be. Because I am gonna make you SCREAM!” La Diabla teased, then she fisted her knife again and made a quick stabbing motion towards the belly, then as she saw Olivia’s eyes pop open in abject fear, she dropped the knife on the side of the body, onto the bed and laughed at the reaction of Olivia. “Scared you didn’t I?” she mocked.

    Madam Olivia started to catch her breath as she realized the knife did not plunge into her stomach. She groaned as she heard La Diabla laughing at her. “Look…..let me go. Ok, I had enough of this. Let me go!” she said in defiance.

    La Diabla then lowered her mouth next to Madam Olivia’s ear. “Not yet…I am not done with you yet. Right now, I am enjoying your misery. Oh I should tell you what I learned about fear….” She started to say, then she started to lightly run her fingers across the sides of Madam Olivia’s body. She grinned when she felt a nervous twitch in Olivia’s body. “…fear seems to heighten every single one of your senses. Your entire body gets VERY responsive to touch.”

    Madam Olivia continued to squirm a little when she felt fingers touching her sides. She didn’t like where this was going. She then remembered how she had La Diabla trapped just like this and a chill went through her body. She had a feeling she just might suffer the same fate. “D-don’t ya dare touch me! Get away from me already!”

    “You sure seem to behave like you are in control….let me remind you that you are not. I must say, for someone of your age, your skin is still very soft. I figured you would be wrinkled like a raisin, but your skin is very, very nice….” La Diabla teased. She then stroked the tip of her fingers along the ribcage and alongside the side of the breast. She was pleased by some very ticklish twitches in the body. “Why Olivia….why are you moving around so much? I am barely touching you! Don’t tell me that you might be…. A ticklish………..OLD….lady…..” La Diabla chuckled. She then ran her fingers gingerly along the side of the breasts and then across the outer edge of the underarm. The body reacted in more nervous twitches.

    Madam Olivia almost let a giggle out. She kept her mouth closed and she still felt rage. La Diabla not only had her trapped, but now she was insulting her age. She did not like being reminded of her mature age and she did not want to get baby talked too. She wanted to curse her, but those fingers on her armpits and side of her breast prevented her from opening her mouth as she did not want to show any signs of ticklish weakness. She knew she was ticklish, but she did not want to be tortured like how she tortured everyone with it. “Go..hehe…to hell… you bitch”

    La Diabla laughed as she heard the whimpering threat. “Didn’t you know? I AM from Hell! My name is Diabla after all. My goal is to take you there with me…” she said then she started running her fingers across the armpits with more aggression. She admired Madam Olivia trying to hold in the laughter, but she had to break her down. She wanted her to laugh like crazy. She leaned her head towards Madam Olivia’s left ear and gave it a quick lick with her tongue.

    Madam Olivia shrieked as she felt that tongue licking her ear, which distracted her from trying to hold in the laughter. That always drove her crazy with lust. She enjoyed having her ears kissed and played with. Right now, she couldn’t let that weakness be shown. She tried to move her head against her bicep to protect herself, but La Diabla’s own head prevented her from doing that. She started to grunt as that wet tongue was touching around her earlobe. She then let out a giggle as the fingers on her armpit started to move a little faster.

    “I know you *lick* want to *lick* laugh….just *lick* let it out…ticklish OLD lady…” La Diabla teased as she now made her fingernails in a claw shape and grazed them across the exposed armpit. She knew the determination of her victim was slipping. She knew once she got her laughing continuously, there was nothing to stop her torment. La Diabla was impressed on how soft the skin was around the arm and armpits. “You are trying not to laugh huh…Ok, I will stop trying. I think maybe you screaming in pain will be better..” La Diabla whispered into Madam Olivia’s ear. She then picked up her knife again and showed it in front of her victim’s eyes. “…I wanted to have some fun with you, maybe even give you some pleasure. But you don’t want to play along so I guess I will have to find some other way to keep me amused. You screaming in pain will do…”

    “WAIT!!! DON’T!!! OK….please don’t cut me. Don’t cut me.” Madam Olivia begged. Fear was now starting to grip her body. “Do what you have to do with your…..teasing. Just don’t cut me…”

    “Cutting you would be fun, but since you said it nicely, I will go back to tickling this more….mature… skin.” La Diabla said as she dropped her knife again. She then got up from her lying position and then straddled Madam Olivia’s waist. She then looked down at her victim and leaned over, where her own hands were on the bed and her face was about a foot away from Madam Olivia’s. She allowed her long black hair to fall to the sides of her head and were around the face of her victim. She then made a very sinister grin as she stared into Olivia’s eyes. “Now, where was I?” she asked as she then used her left hand to poke into the right armpit. She saw Olivia wince and she repeated the poking. She then used her left hand to poke into the left armpit and was happy with the reaction.

    “unnnhhh!! Stop uuunnnhhhhh doing that? Hehehe stop…” Madam Olivia giggled. The poking was starting to break through her resistance. She could see that long black hair and it appeared that La Diabla’s face was hidden behind all that hair. As though this was a demon attacking her. But she had to keep her resolve. The tickle pokes were bothering her but she remained firm. Then she saw La Diabla whipped her hair back, so that her face was clear. She saw the look of evil in her eyes and she grew concerned.

    La Diabla was starting to enjoy the moment. She knew Madam Olivia was fighting the tickles and she knew that the longer she held in the laughter, the harder she would laugh once she lets it go. She then widened her arms, and made the “#1” sign on each hand, her index fingers sticking out. Heeeeeeeeerrrrrreeee it comes…..” she teased, then she brought them back quickly and started using her index fingers to dig into the sensitive ribcage. “Gotcha!!! Tickle tickle tickle!” she laughed. That seemed to do the trick as Madam Olivia now started to laugh. The sudden impact of the fingers managed to get Olivia to laugh.

    Madam Olivia let the laughter out as she felt the fingers jamming into her ribs, finding her sensitive spots. The laughter started to pour out slowly and the more she laughed, the stronger the laughter got. She was losing this battle of wills and her body was falling prey to the sensations. She then let out a squeal as she felt multiple fingers now prodding along her sides and her ribs. What upset her was she saw the look of glee in La Diabla’s eyes though she was winning this battle now. She tried to squirm her body, trying anything to get her tormentor off of her, but she couldn’t. Then she let out another squeal as the fingers tickled alongside the out edges of her breasts and back onto her ribs.

    “Awwwww come on ticklish OLD lady!! Let it allllllllll out! Such a ticklish old lady…kitchy kitchy! You are so ticklish! Just let it out. Come on, LAUGH!” La Diabla teased. She felt more squirming between her legs as her victim was trying her best to get free. She balanced herself so that she wouldn’t get bucked off. She focused her fingers on tickling the outer edges of the breasts and loved watching them wobble. She wanted to humiliate this woman. Her own adrenaline started to flow as she looked at the ticklish horror on Madam Olivia’s face. “That’s right oldie……laugh your brains out because this is JUST the beginning!”

    Madam Olivia continued to laugh and her laughter was getting stronger. She hated being called “old” but the tickling was weakening her body to remain upset. Her focus was to not show weakness. Her mind was telling her, “do not beg! Do not beg this woman or she will control you!” so she continued to try and fight the sensations. Then she felt fingers softly stroking her belly and her strong laughter started to die down, but girlish giggles still came out as her belly was a sensitive spot. “Stop tickling me you bitch!”

    “Bitch? Bitch? You are calling me a bitch? I am definitely not a bitch. I am a Diabla though… It is my job to put you through hell…hehehe” La Diabla teased. She then continued her soft stroking across the belly. She liked how the belly would sink when her fingers stroked across it, then watched it rise again as her fingers moved off of it. She then took the tip of her index finger and placed it between the breasts and slowly dragged it between the cleavage, then into the belly and almost came to a crawl when going along the stomach. She giggled lightly as she saw the belly sink as her finger touched it, and then she put her finger at the edge of the belly button and quickly circled around it. She was pleased with the reaction and she really enjoyed listening to Olivia trying to hold in her breath and prevent herself from laughing. She shook her head and then dragged her finger back across the stomach and in between the breasts.

    Madam Olivia continued to hold her breath as she felt the evil finger stroking her skin. The tickling sensation wasn’t too bad between her breasts, but it did bother her when it grazed across her belly and she almost lost it when it got to her belly button. She almost let a snicker back out when the finger then went back up across her skin and now she looked at La Diabla’s face. She was wondering what the evil outlaw was looking at. It was like she was pondering something. Madam Olivia knew that whatever she was thinking was not going to be good for her. She then gasped in shock as she felt both of her breasts get grabbed and then felt them shaking around. Her size C breasts were now getting toyed with and she felt the embarrassment. No one has ever played with her breasts with her unable to do something.

    “You know, you do have some very nice breasts. You have cute perky nipples, some decent firmness to them. I mean, they are a bit flabby, but that is probably because you’re so damn old. You should be proud of yourself though. Grandmas normally don’t have nice breasts like these…” La Diabla mocked. She then looked at Madam Olivia’s face and saw the redness taking over, probably in anger. She then started to massage the breasts and slowly rotated each one. She then let go of the left breast, then used her right hand to “pull back” the right breast, exposing the delicate underside of the mound and with her left hand started to dabble her fingertips there.

    “nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooo hehehehehehehehe” Madam Olivia let a giggle come out of her mouth as she felt those fingers on the part of her breast. She was very sensitive there and no amount of willpower could fight that sensation. She pushed her head back into the pillow on the bed and her grunting started to get louder and stronger as she tried to hold in the laughter. She tried to arch her back but with La Diabla straddling her, she had no leverage. She then picked her head up and her eyes started to bug out. She gritted her teeth, but then she burst into high pitched laughter as she felt those fingers scurrying quickly on that skin.

    “There you go! That’s right Grandma Olivia! Let it allllllllllll out! You have such a ticklish boob! I could do this all day long….” La Diabla laughed. She then started to use her nails to lightly touch that skin and noticed it made Olivia thrash more and more. She then stroked her fingers side to side on the delicate underside, never changing the rhythm. She loved the feel of the skin and she had to hold onto the breast a little harder as the bucking became stronger and stronger. Then she let go of the right breast, then used her left hand to grab the left nipple and pull the breast towards Olivia’s head, exposing that underside. She then used her right hand to quickly stroke the sensitive flesh.

    Darby looked over in awe. She was still tied down on the couch, but she turned her head and saw La Diabla straddling Madam Olivia’s torso and tickling her breasts. It was all surreal to her. She only seen La Diabla tickle her, never anyone else. She knew exactly how Madam Olivia felt at the moment. The feeling of complete helplessness, complete vulnerability which made the ticklish sensations that much worse. She could hear the hysterical laughter and it sent a chill down her spine. She didn’t feel any sympathy for Madam Olivia at all. She deserved this cruel fate, but she did know exactly how she felt. Darby then looked at the wicked look in La Diabla’s eyes and she definitely recognized that look. One of pure vengeance.

    Madam Olivia continued to laugh harder and harder as she felt those fingers and nail tickling the undersides of her breasts. It was driving her crazy and she had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. She was now at the point of begging. She felt her body getting weaker because of the sheer amount of energy she was exerting trying to avoid the tickle torture. She knew that if her body submitted, there was nothing stopping La Diabla from breaking her will. Panic started to fill her mind knowing she was losing this battle.

    La Diabla continued her tickling on the underside of the breast, but then would move her hand down and would tweak the exposed left ribcage, causing for strong laughter from her victim. She also felt that nipple she was holding was getting stiff. That was the reaction she was waiting for. She knew eventually Madam Olivia’s body would respond to this tickle torture in a sensual way. It was only a matter of time before she could really have some fun with the body. She the slowed down the tickling so Madam Olivia could start to catch her breath. She saw the sweat really coming out as a nice glowing sheen was plastered on Madam Olivia’s face.

    “hehehehehe y-y-you have to…..stop…..hehehe ok… you got me. Let me go now.” Madam Olivia huskily said. Her body was getting more tired now. She could still very light touching on her breast and side so the threat of further tickle torment was there. “Come on Diabla….we still have… business to do.”

    “Now, let’s be honest with each other grandma. You are enjoying this aren’t you? I can feel your body reacting…” La Diabla teased as she let the breast go and now she stared at the both of them. The brown nipples were now very stiff. She then looked down at Madam Olivia’s face and then reached inside her vest.

    Madam Olivia hated the name La Diabla was giving her, but she knew the woman was right. Her body was now starting to feel the arousal. It was new to her as she was always a dominant woman, she was never a submissive before. Then she saw La Diabla reaching inside her vest and she started to feel fear. What was she going to pull out? Another gun? Then her eyes popped wide open once she saw what was in La Diabla’s hand. A feather. The same owl feather that La Diabla uses on her victims. The same owl feather that was used against La Diabla and made her cum. “What are you going to do with that???!” she shrieked.

    “I think you know….You recognize it huh? Yes, it IS the same feather you used on my own body. The SAME feather that made me cum. So I thought it would be perfect to do the same to you…” La Diabla smirked as she then lowered the feather towards the helpless breasts. She chuckled as she saw them swaying, trying to somehow get away from the feather.

    Madam Olivia was in shock. Her body tensed up as she saw the feather getting closer and closer. “nnnnooooo….nnooooooooo….GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME!!!” she screamed.

    “What’s the matter Grandma, afraid of a feather? You like feathers! You use them all the time. Oh, I get it! You know exactly how much it will affect your body right? Now I will get to see how it affects you. This will be fun..” La Diabla teased. She then stroke the feather across the right breast, right across the areola and was delighted to see goosebumps forming. She then stroked it a few more times and that breasts started to quiver in a ticklish reaction. She felt Madam Olivia holding her breath again, but she could see the agony in her face. “Awww……this TICKLES you doesn’t it?”

    Madam Olivia felt the edge of the feather caressing her breasts and it was slowly driving her crazy. Her face got really red as she did her best to hold in the laughter, but it was too much. When the feather made a swipe along the curve of her breasts, she let out a shriek of strong laughter. Her body then started to twist and turn, making her breasts shake wildly like lava lamps as the horrific sensation enveloped her nervous system. Her breasts were too sensitive! The way the feather titillated her senses drove her crazy, but it was also increasing her arousal.

    La Diabla continued to feather the breasts, alternating the feather’s path on the curve of the right breast, then she oved it to the left breast. She was trying to find the most sensitive spot on the beast itself, outside of the nipples. Right now, she wanted the tickling feeling to break down Olivia. She started to saw the feather on the inside skin of the left breast, next to the sternum and that had a wonderful reaction. Then she moved the feather to the inside skin on the right breast and it shook more. She made a mental note of that spot. Then she slowly circled the feather from the inside skin, to below the mound, then on the outside edge of the breast and she heard a frantic squeal coming from Olivia’s lips. She then went to the left breast and then stroked the feather on the outside of the left breast, then over the top of the breast, then to the inside skin and then finally diddled it across the tender underside. That seemed to work.

    “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOP YOU HAVE TO STOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!” Madam Olivia squirmed as she felt the feather tickling her breast. Her will was breaking further as the constant feathering was making her more and more ticklish. She also wanted to now let out her laughter and to make it loud so that Polly and Francine would come help her. She was wondering where they were at this point. So she continued to scream, but this time she was yelling for help. Surely, they would be able to hear her! “HELP!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HELP ME!!!!! HELP HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! POOOLLLLLLYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEAHHAHAHAHAHA FFFFFFRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNCCCCCCCCCIIIIIINN NNNNNNEEEEE!!!!””

    La Diabla could only chuckle as she listened to Madam Olivia screaming her head off for help. She shook her head and continued to feather tease the breasts, then would also make a quick path to the armpits and then back to the breasts. She was very amused that Olivia was calling out for her two ladies Polly and Francine. “Awwwwww…….GRANDMA is calling for help….” She chuckled. “Guess what old lady! Francine is a little tied up with something at the moment and Polly decided to leave the premises. There is NO ONE to help you. No one is coming to save you..You are alllll mine….”

    Madam Olivia’s eyes popped wide open! She saw the sadistic glee in la Diabla’s eyes and fear was now taking over. Something happened to Polly and Francine and now, there was no one to help her! She knew that she was truly trapped and was going to be tortured. That fear started to make her sensitivity increase and now the kiss of the feather felt electric! She looked on in horror as she saw her left breast getting pulled up towards her head and saw that feather getting close to the underside. When it touched she started to let her laughter out freely. She then started to panic when she felt her left breast get let go and her mouth was covered by La Diabla’s hand!

    La Diabla used her right hand to cover Madam Olivia’s mouth. “You are making too much noise. I want you to suffer in silence for a little bit…” she teased as she continued to feather the breasts with one hand. She could feel the tortured breath blowing on her hand and then she moved the feather down the middle of the belly and flickered across the belly button. The feeling of muffled laughter on her hand brought her joy as she continued to feather the belly area now. Then she quickly withdrew her hand as she felt Madam Olivia licking her hand. “Did you just lick my hand? Haha” she chuckled. She then stopped her tickling, dropped the feather between the breasts and then pressed her fingertips into the ribcage, forcing hysterical laughter from Olivia. “I bet your tongue would rather lick somewhere else on me…..” she teased.

    Madam Olivia felt those fingers in her ribs and couldn’t help but laugh hysterically. Her mind also heard what La Diabla said after she licked her hand. She had to do anything to get herself free. But what really started to bet to her, was the comment about where else to use her tongue. An image of La Diabla’s pussy entered her mind and she could in fact imagine tasting that beautiful pussy. She started to regret not doing it when she had La Diabla as her prisoner. The thought of eating her out made her nipples go hard. Then the tickling stopped and she started to breathe again. She then lifted her head slightly to look towards La Diabla’s groin area, sitting on her waist.

    La Diabla noticed and grinned. “Ah, I see you looking at me… You want my pussy don’t you?” she teased, then stared at the nipples. “Well, maybe you might get a taste of it soon. You never know..”. She then picked up her feather again and now started to saw it across the nipples. She was pleased with the reaction. The brown buds stiffened and she loved the gasp coming out of Madam Olivia’s mouth.

    Madam Olivia began to coo in pleasure as her nipples were being teased with the feather. She always did enjoy her nipples being played with and it was one of her weaknesses. Her mind wanted to continue to fight, but now her body was enjoying what was happening. She even looked at how the feather was circling around her right nipple, then the left. She felt a wetness between her legs, but she could not let La Diabla win. Despite the horrific tickling, she still had some fight left. “I know… oooooh…. What you are…oooohhhh trying to do….”

    “Good, then it will make it easier for the both of us. Give in and enjoy the pleasure. I want you to enjoy this. Just think, I could have ended you, but why not give you pleasure first? I mean, you need to feel good…” La Diabla whispered as she continued the feather tease. She could tell Madam Olivia was trying to fight the sensation, so she decided to up the ante. She dropped the feather, then lowered her head. She stuck out her tongue and gave a quick flick across the nipples with it.

    “Oooooooooohhhhhhh….you….bitch….” Madam Olivia moaned as she pressed her head into the pillow. That feeling of that warm tongue flickering her nipples felt incredible. Her mind was in a serious conflict. There were times she wanted to just give in to the tickling and pleasure, then there was still a part of her mind that wanted to fight. She was so close to giving in though as the tongue continued to taste her buds. She loved the feeling on her nipples as a tongue on them was one of her hotspots. She couldn’t help but moan as that warm, moist tongue lick all around her nipples and on the areolas as well. She then felt her breasts being cupped and now felt a sucking feeling on her nipples and a powerful moan escaped her lips. Then a giggle left her mouth as she felt fingers stroking along her sides while her nipples were being sucked. This was a pleasure she did not want to stop.

    Darby’s mouth was wide opened as she watched La Diabla sucking on Madam Olivia’s breasts. The sounds coming from Olivia were very sensual and Darby felt her own body responding to those sounds. There really was something about watching a woman in erotic throes of pleasure. Even if that same woman tormented her. She wished she could at least touch herself, but she was still bound to the couch. She curled her toes and just focused in on the erotic play.

    La Diabla continued her teasing and tasting of the nipples and enjoyed listening to the moans of pleasure and some erotic giggles coming from Madam Olivia. She knew she hit a point in the torture where Olivia’s body will begin to take over and break the strong mental will of the mind. She started to make suckling noises as she continued to enjoy the nipple in her mouth. “mmmmmm so tasty…” she would moan as she continued to enjoy them. She then moved her body up a little and started to kiss the side of Madam Olivia’s neck, further trying to seduce her.

    “oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..I hate you……I really…ooooooooohhhhhh hate you… not my oooooooooohhhhhh GAWD! Oooooooohhhhhhh my neck….” She moaned in pleasure. Her neck was an erotic weakness of hers and she felt her mind starting to slip into the cauldron of pleasure. She tried to grind her hips which was difficult as her legs were spread eagled. She felt La Diabla pressing her body into hers as her neck was kissed and she wished her tormentor was naked. The thought of that really turned her on and her body was susceptible to the pleasure torment she was now feeling.

    La Diabla then stopped the neck kissing and as it seemed like she read Madam Olivia’s mind, she leaned her face into hers and whispered, “I bet you wish I was naked right now don’t you? Our bodies touching each other. My nipples touching yours. The heat between my legs on your tummy. Mmmmmmmm imagine the fun things I would do. In fact…” La Diabla then kissed Madam Olivia on the lips. When she finished, she looked at her again. “…I will play with that pussy of yours….”

    Madam Olivia gasped in pleasure as she heard what la Diabla told her. The kiss she felt felt very nice and even though she hated being helpless and being under control of that woman, her body was absolutely loving the feelings right now. It was a different feeling with her being in a submissive role, but she knew when she was free, she was going to resume control and really have her way with La Diabla. She then watched as La Diabla slowly slid her body down her own and was going to towards the place between her legs. She closed her eyes and awaited the pending pleasure.

    La Diabla was now between Madam Olivia’s legs and she saw the pretty pussy. She knew Madam Olivia was waiting for that place to be touched. But she had other ideas in mind. She grabbed the pubic hair and then picked up her small knife that was still on the bed and started to cut away at the pubic hair. “I think it is time for you to lose this…” she taunted. She was going to shave her victim, just like she did to Darby for complete humiliation.

    Madam Olivia’s eyes went into complete shock. She felt her pubic hairs getting pulled away, then felt the hairs getting cut off. Her mouth was wide open as she saw clump after clump getting cut off but no sound came out. She couldn’t believe the humiliation of what was happening. She felt her face get flushed and she didn’t know how to react. “y-you’re shaving me???” was the only thing she could say.

    “yes….This pussy belongs to me now…” La Diabla replied with a smirk. She felt powerful as she continued to cut away at the hairs. “You better be still. We wouldn’t want your pussy to get cut up do we?” She continued to cut away and soon, she cut away most of the hair, leaving rough stubble behind. She then took some of the hair and tossed it in the air like confetti. “Sprinkles!!!!” she shouted as the pubic hair flew into the air and came back down onto the bed. Then she looked back at Madam Olivia’s eyes and for the first time during this torture session, she knew she had her. Like she did with Darby, complete humiliation could break even the strongest will. She then looked at the denuded pussy and like what she saw. She saw the lips of the pussy and they looked slick with wetness. She then dropped her knife on the bed between the legs and with her index and middle fingers on her right hand, she gently stroked across the lips and saw the pussy quiver. The mound was very slick with sexual juices and she continued to stroke away.

    Madam Olivia felt the stroking on her pussy and it felt tremendous. The wave of embarrassment did not go away, but now she felt completely vulnerable. Now her mind was thinking about how there was nothing she could do to stop this torment. She realized she was now completely at La Diabla’s mercy and she started to whimper. “I-I can’t believe you….shaved me… please…stop this…” she mewled even though the stroking on her pussy was making her more wet. She wished this could stop.

    “What a pretty pussy…..It looks so pretty grandma. You should be very proud of yourself. You would think a pussy on a Grandma wouldn’t be so beautiful, but yours defy that idea. I think we are going to have SO much fun with this pussy of yours…” La Diabla teased as she rubbed her fingers a little faster, rubbing on the clit. She heard a helpless moan come out and now she had Olivia right where she wanted. “I know you want to cum! I can feel it. Your pussy wants to let it all out. BUT, I think I have to visit one more spot on your body. Tell me Old Lady, if you want to cum, let me play with one more spot on your body…”

    “Noooo….noooo….you shaved me?” Madam Olivia moaned as she continued to feel the sting of humiliation. She felt completely naked at this moment and felt more vulnerable. Then she saw La Diabla move from between her legs and then off the bed. She looked on as La Diabla now took up position at the left corner of the bed, near her right foot. She looked at her tormentor’s eyes, still staring at her exposed pussy and she slowly wriggled her body, as she wanted to somehow cover herself.

    “Your pussy looks so much better right now...” La Diabla teased. She then knelt down by the corner of the bed and now feasted her eyes on the sheer black nylon covered right foot. She stared at the foot and noticed the shape. The arch was nice, it wasn’t deep, but had a nice form. She then moved her head to look at the sole. The foot looked like it had some “meat” to them and she wondered how sensitive they could be. She then took her thumb and index finger and wiggled the big toe. She then proceeded to wiggle each toe, trying gauge any reactions. She then smiled and remembered something. La Diabla then took both of her hands and started to massage the foot, taking a page from Madam Olivia’s style.

    Madam Olivia lifted her head and saw La Diabla’s hands on her foot. She felt the massaging fingers and although it did feel nice, she knew what the villainess was trying to do. She didn’t know how ticklish her feet were as she never really had them touched for too long. She would have them worshipped which tickled a little, but she never experienced the same tickle torture she inflicted on so many women and some men. She let out a slight moan as the massage on the ball of her foot felt good but she wanted to resist. “Why are you touching my foot?”

    “You know why….besides, you gave me such a nice foot massage before, so I figured you deserved one in return. I put you through some tickle hell so I want you to relax…” La Diabla cooed as she continued the massage. She then focused her massage on the base of the toes and felt the foot flinch. She took a mental note and then moved her hands towards the heel. She liked the feeling of the pantyhose on her fingers, as the material very was fine. She then finished her massage, then for a test, she scratched her index finger on the instep and the foot flinched again. That was the reaction she was looking for.

    “Diabla…Diabla come on please. Let’s work something out. I-I’m….sorry.” Madam Olivia panted out. She did not want to find out how ticklish her feet were. “How about we stop this and finish the business of the day? In fact, I am so forgiving, I will take 20% of the gold today. That’s half of what I normally get.”

    La Diabla grinned as she heard the offer. “Hmmmmmmm….20%? That sounds VERY tempting actually. But I am curious too. I don’t think anyone has ever explored your feet. Am I right? They are actually nice looking feet for an old lady….” She teased.

    “COME ON!!! Let’s stop this already. You made your point. I am so humbly apologizing to you. You have completely humiliated me. You have me completely helpless and at your mercy. I am naked and you even shaved me. I-I just want this…to….stop. Please…” Madam Olivia begged and now tears were welling up. She never begged before, but she wanted this torture to stop.

    “Awww… you know Grandma. It does warm my heart to hear you beg me. I know it must be so hard for you to admit you are defeated. But I am not done with you. First, I want 100% of the gold and second, I want to……” La Diabla’s voice then paused. She formed her nails on both hands into tickle claws and had them near the sole. “…………………….tickle……….these feet.” She laughed as she then ran her fingers up and across the nylon covered sole and was very pleased at the reaction.

    Darby winced as she heard a horrific laugh coming from Madam Olivia as she saw La Diabla’s fingers tickling the helpless foot. She looked on in awe as she saw the panic in Madam Olivia’s body and the thrashing around. It absolutely blew her mind that a woman who literally tormented all these women was now a laughing victim herself. A feeling of satisfaction washed over her as she saw Madam Olivia receive the same torture she dished out. Darby remembered how cruel Olivia was on her feet and now she wanted to see her suffer the same fate. “Get her….” She whispered.

    La Diabla turned her head towards Darby when she heard that voice. She grinned as she saw Darby have a look of revenge in her eyes. La Diabla then turned her head back towards the wriggling foot, and used her right hand to grasp the ankle so she could have more control over it. She enjoyed watching the foot flail around like a fish out of water as her left hand continued to find tickle spots on the sole. She actually liked the feeling of the nylon on her fingers and it seemed to intensify the ticklish sensations. She focused on the ball of the foot. She used her right hand to press the foot down on the bed on its side and then wriggled her fingers on the ball of the foot. La Diabla enjoyed listening to Madam Olivia grunt out her laughter and then zipped her fingers across the arch.

    Madam Olivia continued to laugh as she felt the tickle assault on her foot. The sensations keep taking her by surprise as her foot was touched in this way. She tried to move her foot, but it was trapped against the bed and had to endure those fingers. She picked her head and saw the look of glee in La Diabla’s face as she continued to tickle her foot. Now her laughter picked up as the fingers started to slide against her arch. The stocking seemed to make her foot more sensitive. She let out a pig like squeal when the fingers poked around the base of her toes. “W-what are ya doing??!! Hehehehehehe stop doing that!”

    “Awww…Grandma is ticklish on her feet….so if I were to do this…” La Diabla teased as she then rapidly scurried her nails into the arch. She was pleased to see Olivia squirming in her bonds as she felt a sense of dominance now. She never changed the speed of her fingers as they tickled the arch. She wanted to drive the point home that she was in control now and she was going to make her suffer. She then slowed her fingers down a little and focused the tips of her index and middle fingers to tickle along the ball of the foot, the fingers finding the sensitive spots on the area, in particular the center of the ball of the foot. She felt a small callous on that spot, probably due to constant boot wearing and noticed it drove Olivia crazy. She could hear her fingernail scratching that tougher skin through the fabric and it delighted it. With each flicker of her nail, it seemed to send a ticklish shockwave into her victim. She then circled her nail around that callous, touching the tender skin around it and forcing girlish giggles from Olivia. As she then slowly dragged her fingernail along the outside edges of the ball of the foot, she noticed Olivia trying to arch her back. She was curious about this so she continued her tickle torture path around the ball of the foot, she saw Olivia arching more and of her back as her head slid down of the pillow and onto the mattress, then she quickly scratched her nail across the center of the callous and Olivia’s body immediately straightened out and laughter poured out of her mouth. This was starting to get very amusing for her.

    Madam Olivia continued to screech in laughter as she felt those nails tormenting the ball of the foot. She didn’t realize the callous on her foot could make her ticklish, but she became very aware of it. She tried to squirm her way out of it, but her bonds were tight. Part of her mind wanted to start begging but the other part continued to try and fight. The problem was, her mind assessed, the tickle torture was breaking her. From all the tickling she received, to the sensual play, her body was on fire and it was hard for her not to completely surrender. She was on the edge of completely breaking, but she still had to resist even though it was just a mere matter of time.

    La Diabla stopped her ball of the foot tickling and then held the foot upright, so that the toes were pointing to the ceiling. “I wonder how ticklish these toes of yours are….I know you remember how my toes were a weakness, so let’s see how yours do under…..pressure.” she teased. Then she started to tickle the undersides and immediately the toes scrunched in ticklish defense. She then tickled the tops of the toes, which caused them to splay open again and she jammed her fingers under the toes, tickling away at the skin between the stocking covered toes, making it impossible for the scrunching toes to defend themselves. La Diabla discovered some very sensitive skin between the toes and she continued to probe her fingers in that area.

    Darby felt so much erotic arousal in her body as she witnessed the foot tickling of Madam Olivia. She loved the way La Diabla was manipulating Olivia and she knew just how talented she was at foot tickling. Her own toes started to scrunch together as she remembered when La Diabla found all of her weak spots on her tender feet and the cruelty on which she discovered them. She also remembered just moments before all of this, her own feet were tickled by both women! She then recalled what Bobby Jo told her that La Diabla was tickled tortured herself, which was also confirmed by La Diabla’s own words during this tickle torture moment. Her mind started to imagine a naked La Diabla being tickled helplessly and begging. She imagined how horrible it must have been for a woman who never shows much mercy. The thought of it was now making her more horny and then she focused on madam Olivia’s laughter. This was such a great moment for her. She watched with great intent and really hoped she would suffer more! Darby started to feel vengeance in her body. The more she heard the laughter, the more she wanted to hear more and more. She even thought to herself, “what if you were tickling her?” That made her very horny as she started to imagine if she got to tickle Madam Olivia’s feet.

    La Diabla continued to tickle the toes and stared at the foot trembling in her right hand. Her left fingers found a particularly sensitive spot near the baby toe. She managed to get her fingers in between that baby toe and ring toe and dug deep into the crevice. She was pleased with the reaction. Olivia went into silent laughter. She looked at her face which had the look of ticklish anguish. The eyes were shut tight, the mouth wide open with no sound coming out and now, sweat really shining on the forehead. La Diabla continued attacking that crevice and was waiting for a certain moment. That moment when she knew she could have her way 100% of the time. She was patiently waiting and when she dug deeper then twisted her finger in the crevice with the stocking material rubbing on that sensitive skin, that moment happened. The moment when the body stops resisting and just capitulates to the tickling sensation. Now she was able to tickle that foot without it trying to pull away from her. She remembered when Darby capitulated like this and it was such a rush of accomplishment. She now slowly stroked her fingers up and down the ball of the foot.

    “hehehehehehehe please hehehehehehe please hehehehehehehe please hehehehehehe” Madam Olivia giggled as she tried to catch her breath. Her body felt helpless and paralyzed. She was getting exhausted and now she could barely move. She felt the fingers stroking her arch and all she could do was giggle. La Diabla was going to win this battle of wills. This drove her crazy facing defeat.

    “Please what Grandma?” La Diabla teasingly asked. She then tickled the heel and back into the arch several more times.

    “hehehehehehe please…..please hehehehehehe tickling hehehehehe mmmmmeeeeeeeeeee” Madam Olivia panted and giggled. The feeling of being tickled consumed her body and she let herself go. There was nothing she could do at this point.

    “Awww Grandma sounds like she has had enough… well, let me stop tickling this right foot of yours. It is time for the LEFT foot…” La Diabla chuckled. She then made her way to the other side of the bed and stared at the left foot. The toes were pointing towards the ceiling and the foot was upright. She saw the toes curling and opening. She then lightly stroked the outside edges of the foot and heard some girlish giggles coming from Madam Olivia’s mouth. She then grabbed the very tip of the stocking and stretched the material away from the toes. “You know, I wonder how ticklish your barefeet are? I wonder if you are more ticklish with the stocking on, or off? Hehehehe” she chuckled. She then used her fingers to tear open a hole the material and started to peel the fabric off the foot. Now, she got to stare at the bare skin. She was impressed. The sole was indeed pale and she got a good look at the toes. She started to study the sole, noticing another small callous on the ball of the foot and on the outside edge of the big toe. She noticed the wrinkles in the arch and the skin looked soft overall. She then traced the very tip of her index nail along on of the wrinkles in the arch.

    Madam Olivia yelped in giggles as she felt that nail tickling her arch. She barely lifted her head and saw her foot was bare. Her head slammed back down as she knew her foot skin was now naked. She felt the nail continuing its cruel path on her arch and then off the heel. She wanted to move her foot away, but her body has been broken so it remained there and she had to endure the tickles. Her mind thought that this is how Darby must have felt when she broken her a few times. She started to whimper about her situation, then shrieked in laughter as she felt fingers rapidly zipping up and down her sole. Her bare foot was just as ticklish as the stocking covered sole. To her, there was no difference. She was a very ticklish woman.

    La Diabla was amused and her head was rocking back and forth like a small child playing with a new toy. She had her tongue partly out of her mouth and she had a huge grin as her fingers tickled all along that naked sole. She remembered what she did with the right foot and located the callous on the ball of the foot. She was curious if this spot would be more ticklish. She scratched her nail on that slightly hardened skin and got a nice squeak out of Madam Olivia. She tried it again, and another squeak. Then she did it a third time and got another squeak. She giggled to herself as she listened to this once dominant proud woman squeak like a church mouse. She then pulled the toes back and gently tickled along the undersides of the toes and got a nice hearty laugh from Olivia. She then had to try something, “I wonder…..” she said as she then placed her finger between the baby toe and ring toe of this bare foot. She dug into the crevice and got a loud hard laugh from Madam Olivia. La Diabla nodded to herself and laughed, “I found your weak spot Grandma!”

    Madam Olivia continued to laugh heartily as she felt those fingers between her toe crevice. She heard La Diabla’s calling out probably her most ticklish spot, but also being called “Grandma”. She absolutely hated that insult but there was nothing she could do to stop it. That finger near her baby toe was really bringing to many intense sensations to her nervous system and she wanted to beg, but she couldn’t. She just closed her eyes and laughed. She laughed so freely at this moment as her body could no longer fight it.

    La Diabla then stopped her foot tickling and made her way to the middle of the bed on the edge of the bed. She stared at Madam Olivia’s spreadeagled naked body and felt so good. She stared at the stubble of the pubic hairs. She saw the breasts going up and down as her victim tried to catch her breath. She then looked at the two outstretched feet. Once covered in a stocking, the other bare. She then knelt down and outstretched her two arms. She was going to tickle both feet at the same time! Her left hand started to tickle the stocking right foot, and her right hand tickled the naked foot. Her fingers went up and down the soles, starting at the arch, then dribbled up the sole and to the base of the toes. Once she was at the base of the toes, she drummed her fingers there, then she formed her nails into claws and slowly raked them down the soles. The screech she heard was well worth this effort of torturing her.

    Madam Olivia just laughed. There was nothing else she could do. She felt those fingers raking up and down her soles and the feeling felt so intense she just wanted to disappear into a void and feel peace. She reached her breaking point and her primal instinct kicked in where she had to start to beg for mercy. She couldn’t beg with a strong voice, but whatever breath she could take she used it to beg for this to stop. Her body couldn’t protect itself, it was paralyzed and remained in place. She did not wriggle her feet, she just endured the nails on the soles. She felt her nipples throbbing and her pussy was still moistening, but she still could not take this torment any longer. Then her head shot up as though she received an electric shock as both of her crevices of the baby toe and ring toe had fingers digging in them. She felt the fingers twisting in that crevice and it drove her absolutely insane. Her slammed down once again and she just let it all go. Tears now starting to fall from her eyes as the tickling wore her body down, she continued her meek begging. “hhahahahahahehehehehahahaheheheheh pppplllleeeaasee hehehehehe please stop hehehehehehehehe just hahahahahahahahaha stop!!!” She started to feel lightheaded and wished she could pass out. Anything to avoid feeling this sensation anymore.

    La Diabla gave one last twist of her fingers between the crevices and then stopped. She pulled her fingers away from the crevices and stared at each sole. Even when she stopped, she could hear Madam Olivia begging her to stop. She enjoyed listening to the crying and begging. She then went over to the right foot and could see the redness forming on the pale sole through the sheer stocking. She then grabbed the foot and pulled her face closer to the foot. She then planted a soft kiss on the ball of the foot and then kissed the big toe. She then softly tickled the pad of the big toe and then each of the pads of the toes, listening to the soft giggles coming from her victim. She liked how the soft giggles came out as she continued to lightly tickle the pads of the toes and enjoyed the sound her nail made across the fabric. She then stuck out her tongue and licked the pad of the big toe. She then licked the pad of the index toe and then the exposed stem. She then ran her tongue across the toes and not only did she hear giggles, she heard a soft moan after each lick. La Diabla was pleased with this reaction and now she went over to the left foot that was bare. She grabbed it, stared at the sole and then gave a soft kiss on the ball of that foot. She heard the giggles stop and a moan replaced it. She then licked the pad of the big toe and then tickled the wet spot, causing the foot to actually twitch and a small squeal came out.

    Madam Olivia felt La Diabla’s tongue and fingers assaulting her toes. The sensations she felt were electric to her as she did enjoy foot worship. The licking and kissing and soft tickling through her stocking sent waves of pleasure through her body, and now her exposed left foot was experiencing the same thing. She loved how soft the tongue felt as it licked all over her toe pads. She gave a soft giggle when that same tongue licked along the base of her toes. Now her body started to respond with lust as the tongue focused in on the big toe. This pleasure felt tremendous especially after she endured such tickle torment. Then she groaned with intensity as she felt her big toe go inside the mouth of La Diabla and felt it getting sucked. This was truly something she always enjoyed.

    La Diabla continued to suck on the big toe of Madam Olivia and used her talented tongue to swirl around the digit. She then started to bob her head while sucking the toe, as though it was male genitalia and she saw Madam Olivia’s body tremble in pleasure. She knew it was just a matter of time now. She then put the index, middle and ring toes in her mouth and sucked as hard as she could. The toes didn’t wiggle, they remained still inside her mouth, as though they were willing to endure what was happening to them. She listened for and got what she wanted to hear, the lustful moans of Olivia. She then slowly removed her mouth from the now glistening toes and gave a very soft tickling stroke from the base of those toes, down the ball of the foot, made a small scratch tickle on the callous, then moved into the arch of the foot and finally off the ball of the foot. She heard the helpless ticklish grunting and gave one more kiss to the arch. Now it was time to finish this woman off. “Ok Grandma, time for you to REALLY enjoy this….” She cooed. She then started to loosen the rope from the bed of the left foot and pulled it free. She then went over to the stocking covered right foot and loosened that rope from the bed and pulled the foot free. She stood back and admired the fact that Madam Olivia was exhausted and too weak to even move her now freed legs. The ropes still tied around the ankles, it was time for the last part of her revenge.

    Madam Olivia felt her body trembling after the tickle assault on her feet and felt helpless. She then felt her right ankle get grabbed, then felt her leg being pulled into the air and then felt her body folding as her ankle was being pulled closer to her head! She felt the strain on her back as her foot was now above her head. She groaned as her leg was held there for some moments, then she felt La Diabla’s hand leave her ankle. She expected her leg to fall back down towards the bed, but it remained there. Her eyes looked up and saw that her ankle was tied to the head board near her wrist. She then looked on in horror as she felt her left ankle get grabbed and now her left foot was near her left wrist. She could tell that ankle was being tied too! She started to whimper as now she was folded like a clam. Her ankles and wrists were now tied to the head board, her head, shoulders, back and neck pressed into the mattress, and now her ass and pussy was completely exposed and in the air. Her face turned red out of sheer humiliation. Just when she thought she reached the pinnacle of humiliation today, La Diabla took her to another level.

    “Grandma, you look so comfortable!!! You are pretty flexible for an older woman. And oh my! Look at that juicy pussy of yours. Just so wide open for me! So pretty…..” La Diabla teased as she then laid on the bed, her head and upperbody by the shoulders and head and was able to make eye contact with Madam Olivia. She truly enjoyed seeing the shame in her face and she was going to truly make this woman suffer. “Now, I know you wish it was me tied up like this. I bet you would LOVE to see my pussy so exposed and helpless, just like it was the last time we met. Remember that? Remember how I was trapped and you kept torturing me and then you had Francine tickle my sweet pussy? I am going to be honest with you, that was the worse torture imaginable, but also the most PLEASURABLE feeling ever. You remember that?”

    Madam Olivia started to grunt as she listened to La Diabla’s words. She remembered when she was feathering that pussy and torturing La Diabla into submission. She remembered how her victim was literally begging her to allow her to cum. She wished she did have La Diabla tied up and vulnerable again. Her mind raced with wicked thoughts and how much she would stimulate and that sweet vagina. Madam Olivia could imagine how La Diabla would be begging her for mercy and praying to have an orgasm and she would not let her have one. Her moaning got louder as she continued to imagine her tormentor in the same position she was in now.

    “I mean, if I was tied up like this and you were tickling me on my….wet…..pussy, I would crumble immediately. There was nothing I could do to protect myself from your fingers or even your lips…“ La Diabla teased as her hand started to caress the back of the thigh of Madam Olivia, moving it closer to the ass. “….My body would shudder, more of my lust would be in your view, just waiting for you touch. I would be…oh my… begging and willing to do….oooooohhhh…. anything for you. You would have beaten me. I would be yours for sure…There is just no way for me to resist and my sweet pussy would be yours… Just like last time….”

    Madam Olivia groaned in lust now. She started to focus on La Diabla’s words and in her mind she imagined having her way with that pussy. She wanted it, she wanted it badly! She had to think of a way to get out of this so she could capture her and break La Diabla down with pussy tickling so she can become a slave!

    “…my poor pussy.. Just thinking about me being trapped like you makes me so wet. I would be so…….helpless…” La Diabla teased. She then sat up and then moved her body in position. She sat back down on the bed, her legs folded under her and she sat on her booted ankles. Madam Olivia’s ass and pussy were now directly in front of her and she admired the shape of that ass. It looked absolutely amazing. She looked at the curves and the skin looked very soft. She looked down and saw the exposed asshole and pussy. She then picked up her feather and started to stroke the feather right along the inner thighs and by the pussy. She felt the body shudder and she smiled. “Oh yes… this is what you would have done to me. Tickling me just……like……..this…..” she teased as the feather continued its cruel stroking across the back of the thighs, and now moving towards the pussy and ass.

    Madam Olivia started to giggle and her body quivered. She felt the cruel path of the feather on her very vulnerable nether regions and it tickled. A lot! Her face turned even more red as her body position made it hard for her to move away and now that feather was tickling her ass. She started to laugh harder and tried moving her ass but she couldn’t get it away. Then she laughed very hard as the feather was now tickling in between her ass cheeks. This was such a powerful feeling, she had no choice but to beg. “PPPLLLLLLEEEAAASSEEE NOOOOOOOOOOO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOOOOOOTTTTT THEEERRRE!!!”

    “What’s the matter grandma? My feather is being mean to you? Does this tickle?” La Diabla mocked as she continued to slide the feather in between the cheeks. The best part about this position was it gave her complete access to the ass and private regions and there was no way for Madam Olivia to protect that area. She watched with great intent as the feather swiped around the ass, in the crack, and across the inner thigh on the back of the thighs on the crease where the leg and ass joined together. Feeling Madam Olivia’s body shake and tremble in ticklish torment delighted her. It was time to tease her victim more. “This feather is so cruel….if you had me like this and tickled my helpless ass, I would be begging you like no other time.. My will would be broken and I would be begging you, I mean really……….begging you to make me your slave…..”

    Darby watched this in complete shock. She saw the feather tickling on Madam Olivia’s body and her own memories of La Diabla’s feather came to mind. She remembered the absolute helpless feeling she had when her ass was tickled and tormented. She knew exactly what Madam Olivia was feeling right now. She also listened to La Diabla taunting and teasing Olivia too. Darby imagined she had La Diabla trapped like that. Would she be feathering her the same way? The way La Diabla’s voice sounded right now, Darby was very aroused. She wished she could touch herself as she felt the wetness. The sounds of hysterical laughter and moans from Olivia and La Diabla’s words and actions were driving her crazy!

    “tickle, tickle, tickle old lady… Such a ticklish ass you have! Hey, I have an idea. And, if this was me trapped like this, you would probably end me. Oops! I shouldn’t have told you my weakness, but I think you should know….” La Diabla teased. She then took the very tip of the feather and pushed it into the outer edges of the asshole and started to twist it. The reaction she got was priceless! She heard very shrill laughter coming from Madam Olivia and knew she found a great spot! She then tried the push the feather further into the hole, then placed the quill between her palms, then twirled to the feather rapidly. “Does this tickle?” she laughed.

    Madam Olivia’s eyes bugged out completely. The feeling of that feather penetrating inside her asshole was the most intense tickling sensation she has ever felt in her life. Her laughter went immediately into silent mode as she just couldn’t make a sound. Her entire body was frozen in shock as the feather was twirling in a spot that was completely too sensitive. Her face was beet red, her breath shallow and sweat pouring out. She tried to clench her ass cheeks but the way she was tied, she couldn’t. But even with that horrific ticklish feeling, her mind was still thinking about if she had La Diabla in her position. She wanted to imprint this in her mind for when she did get revenge on La Diabla, she was going to make her feel every bit of ticklish agony as she is feeling right now.

    La Diabla continued her hole tickling as she continued to twirl that feather. She loved the trembling body and the agony she was inflicting on it. “Oooh, if this was happening to me, I would be losing my mind. I am clinching my own ass right now. But wait…what do I see? Is your pussy getting more wet?” she asked and stopped the feather tickling. She lowered her head and put her face close to the vulnerable mound. She took a sniff and could smell the lust coming from that pussy. She then took the feather again, and this time, stroked it on the perineum, between the asshole and the pussy and discovered that spot was very sensitive. She saw Madam Olivia’s body shake in ticklish frustration and the giggles started to resume. She continued to slide the feather all over that spot and now the laughter got stronger. ‘Oooooh!!! Does this tickle you? You know, I never had this spot tickled on me. I wonder if I am ticklish there…”

    Madam Olivia continued to laugh with reckless abandoned as she felt that feather tickling her on that spot. She never knew it was that sensitive to tickling and it felt like hell. What really was getting to her was the constant teasing from la Diabla. With every word, she really wanted to torment her back. Her body grew with lust as she imagined tickling this same spot and she would never stop! She looked down towards her pussy and saw the delight in La Diabla’s eyes as the feathering continued. Then she started to chortle again as the feather made a swipe over her hole again. She tried to buck her hips, but she just couldn’t get away from the feather. She groaned in laughter as she felt the feather invading her perineum again and she closed her eyes and just endured the torture. Then she let out an incredible, guttural moan as she felt something across her pussy lips. It felt like a tongue!

    La Diabla slowly used her tongue to lick the outside edges of the vagina. She took one long lick on the right outside edge, then she repeated the same lick on the left side. She looked up and saw Madam Olivia’s eyes fixated on her. With a sly smile of her own, she then licked around the pussy again. She started to make noises as though she was enjoying a tasty treat, and she could see how Olivia’s eyes turned into lust. “You like this? I have to admit, I am surprised you taste this good….” She teased. She then flickered her tongue right between the lips.

    “UUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! OH GAWD that feels good….” Madam Olivia swooned. Now her body was in full erotic lust mode. She felt those licks and the only thing in her mind was sweet release.

    “Mmmmmm…. So good… “ La Diabla moaned as she continued to lick the steamy womanhood. She then stopped her licking, grabbed her feather and now started to stroke the feather across the pussy lips. She heard some giggles and continued to stroke the feather across the glistening areas of the mound. “Looks like grandma has a…..ticklish pussy….” She teased. She continued to feather the lips, then started to flicker it across the clit. She took her her thumb and index finger on her left hand to open up the lips near the clit, and then started to softly stroke the feather across the exposed clit. “That’s right, I think it is time for your body to surrender to me…kitchy kitchy koo…you are so pink inside. Maybe you should be called Pinky...”

    Madam Olivia started to feel the tension building up in her body. The feathering was driving her insane with lust, but that feather really tickled her. She tried to free her ankles, but she was stuck. She then looked down towards between her legs and saw that feather stroking her. Her eyes were mesmerized with the feather slowly stroking across her pleasure center. She could see the fronds of the feather parting slightly as she knew her clit was causing that to happen. The sensation was incredible. This was tickling her but it was the pleasurable kind where one would not want it to stop. Then she started to giggle more as the feather was now touching inside her pink parts. She felt her pussy getting more wet with all the teasing and tickling. “Dammit……hehehehe..oh gawd……let me cum already! Just make me….uhhhhhhh cum!”

    “Awww….sounds like someone wants to have an orgasm. You want to cum?” La Diabla teased.

    “I…..do!...come on… do it already!” Madam Olivia demanded.

    “I think you need to suffer a little more….” La Diabla grinned as she then dropped the feather directly onto the pussy, reach her arms forward and started to tickle the exposed ribs of Madam Olivia. She listened to the shrill laughter and then for extra teasing, lowered her head and started to lick the perineum.

    “hahehehahahaha oooohhhhhh hehehehehehe come on!!! No more! No more!” Madam Olivia laughed. The tickling on her ribs were driving her crazy and now a tongue on that spot drove her horniness to another level. She felt her body tensing up. Her orgasm was getting closer. The laughter only drove her body to the edge and the feeling of that tongue really rocked her. It would be just mere moments and she could release this tension from her loins. With each lick her pussy quivered. With each rib tickle her lust got hotter. She felt the feather on her pussy and even that stationary object stimulated her because it was so close to her clit. Her toes started to curl and she closed her eyes ready for the moment to finally happen. She just needed one more push….

    La Diabla then stopped her licking and tickling and made her body upright. “Naw….bad old ladies like you do not get to cum…” she laughed as she then got off the bed. The look on Madam Olivia’s face was priceless. She then stood next to the bed, wiped her mouth and licked her fingers. “You do taste great…”

    “W-what are you doing??? Finish me!!! I am so close… please, you got to finish meeeee!!!” Madam Olivia shrieked. She started to grunt in desperation as she was so close to cumming. Her body trembled with sexual tension.

    “I changed my mind…. Why should you get to cum?” La Diabla teased. She then leaned down to pick up her feather, and she could see Olivia’s body struggling. She knew she was trying to get her body to orgasm.

    “You have to!!!” Madam Olivia panted. “Come on… I am so horny right now! I was close.. so close! I made YOU cum!! Come on….please… please….”

    “That’s right you did….I bet right now you would even beg me to tickle you again right?” La Diabla smiled.

    “YES!!! YES!!!! TICKLE ME!!! TICKLE ME FOREVER!!! Come on… just let me cum….” Madam Olivia begged. Her body was so on fire right now she didn’t care if she had to beg. She needed that release. After tormenting Darby earlier, and her own body teased, her body had a lot of pent up sexual desire.

    “Like I said…no. You won’t get to cum, but she will…..” La Diabla said then looked over at Darby.

    Darby’s eyes shot open as she heard what La Diabla just said. She got to witness all the feather teasing and oral tickle assault on Madam Olivia that made her horny, but she was about to be teased? She saw La Diabla come closer to her and watched her kneel down, right by her own pussy.

    “Awww… my sweet tenderfoot. Did you enjoy that little show? I can see your nipples loved it…” La Diabla teased as she stared at Darby’s pink nipples. She then started to softly tickle Darby’s belly and saw the body twitching. She grinned when she heard a few sweet giggles coming out. She looked at Darby and just saw her beauty. This was not part of her plan, but since the opportunity presented itself, might as well take advantage. La Diabla looked directly into Darby’s surprised eyes. “Ready to cum tenderfoot?”

    Darby continued her giggles as she felt those fingers softly stroking her belly and now her inner thighs. She was definitely not ready for La Diabla to do this to her. She felt fear, but also a sense of pleasure. Her body wiggled as she felt the tickling of her inner thighs and then saw La Diabla’s head lean down towards her pussy!

    “HEY!!! NOT HER!!! MAKE ME CUM!!! COME ON SALEM!!! Please…..” Madam Olivia begged as she saw what La Diabla was doing to Darby. Watching La Diabla tease Darby only made her more hungry for release.

    La Diabla stuck out her tongue and made contact with Darby’s wetness. The feeling of that pussy on her tongue overwhelmed her own body with lust. She continued to lap away and was surprised on how wet Darby was. As her tongue tasted the sweet sexual nectar of Darby, she let her fingers tickle the belly again, just to get Darby squirming. La Diabla would hear those soft giggles mixed with moans and it drove her to lick faster and harder. Her tongue slid between the pussy lips and then found Darby’s clit. She started to suck on that clit and also let her tongue swirl around it.

    Darby’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as the amount of pleasure she felt was indescribable to her. “OOOOOOHHHHHH GAWD!!!” she groaned as the clit sucking overtook her body with pleasure and she felt the wave building up in her body. Her toes started to curl and her back started to tense up. She felt swirl after swirl of a warm tongue swiping her pleasure button and she started to arch her back. Then, with a strong swirl of the tongue, her body exploded in pleasure. A tsunami of pleasure wracked her entire nervous system as the orgasm ripped right through her. Her groans became very primal as wave after wave crashed through her.

    La Diabla felt Darby’s body explode and it delighted her. Her own pussy was drenched at this moment as she heard Darby’s primal screams of lust. She continued sucking and licking that saturated pussy. She then lifted her head and looked over at the peaceful look on Darby’s face. For the second time within minutes, she wiped her mouth, licked her fingers and enjoyed the taste of a pussy. She then crawled over to Darby’s face and kissed her softly on the lips. La Diabla enjoyed looking at Darby’s body shake in orgasmic aftershocks. She then stood up and face Madam Olivia. She saw the desperation in her eyes.

    Madam Olivia saw La Diabla walking over and hope filled her body. Was she finally going to have her own release? She saw La Diabla first kneel down and reach for something on the floor, then get on the bed again and get right by her exposed wet pussy. “Do it…do it…make me cum….” She panted.

    La Diabla let her evil smile come out and she looked right into Madam Olivia’s eyes. “You want to cum huh? Well, I am not going to let you cum. In fact, I think it is time I END you…..” she threatened then displayed her gun! She then pointed the tip of the gun directly into Madam Olivia’s pussy. “Your pussy will explode alright, but not the way you wanted it to…..You might as well call me Payback because I AM a bitch…..”

    Madam Olivia’s entire body froze. She felt the gun on her pussy and fear gripped her. She was in total shock. She was going to be killed and shot right through her own womanhood! Her breath stopped and her mouth and eyes were wide open. She felt the gun press a little further inside her and she knew she could not move. A tear fell from her face as she knew she was about to meet her end.

    Darby managed to look over in her orgasmic daze and saw La Diabla putting a gun on Madam Olivia’s pussy. She snapped out of her daze and was in pure shock. She was about to witness a murder! She tried to say something, but no words came out. She could tell La Diabla was serious and she prayed she would not go through with it.

    “That’s right, I think I end you. You HUMILIATED ME and nearly broke me! No one and I mean NO ONE does that to me and lives! I AM the baddest woman around and you are going to pay the ultimate price!! So I think it is time for me to end our relationship and put an end to you forever. You ready to cum??!! Well at the count of three I am going to make this pussy explode! ONE………TWO…………………………………………………………………….THREE!!!!!” she shouted, then dropped the gun and immediately reached her hands forward and tickled the belly and ribcage of Madam Olivia. “kitchy kitchy kooo!!!” she laughed. She heard the panicked scream coming from Madam Olivia and then she saw something and quickly moved her body of out the way. A stream of urine came out of Madam Olivia and splattered. Madam Olivia just pissed herself in fear. “Why grandma, can’t control your bladder anymore??? You really are old…hahahahahahahaha” La Diabla laughed. She then got off the bed and laughed at Madam Olivia. A deep guttural laugh as she pointed towards the “mess”.

    Madam Olivia went red with shame as she realized what just happened. Total humiliation ripped through her body and her tears started to fall. Then her sobs came out and they came heavy. No one had ever done this to her before and hearing La Diabla laughing at her made her wish she did die. Her dignity was just taken away forever.

    La Diabla started to laugh at the tears and sobbing. “That’s right, CRY old lady! You really are….pathetic.” she taunted. She then walked over towards Darby who just had a look of shock on her face. She was amused by this and then walked towards Darby’s hands and got her free from the handcuffs with the key that was on Darby’s gunbelt. She then walked over towards Darby’s ankles and started to untie them. Once she got them free, she gave a quick tickle to the soles causing Darby to shriek and pull her legs in. She wanted touch those soles one more time. She just loved the softness.

    “Hey!!! Don’t do that!!! Muh feet are ticklish!” Darby giggled. She then slowly got herself upright and rubbed her wrists. She sat up and her feet were on the floor and she sat on the edge of the couch. She then looked up at a grinning La Diabla.

    “You are now free tenderfoot. Now, you can arrest this woman for gun smuggling. The guns are in the southeast building….. I would stay for some breakfast, but I got to go…” La Diabla said quickly, then turned around and started to walk towards the door. She grabbed Madam Olivia’s boots, she had to have some trophies for the day. Then she picked up her hat off the floor, put it on, gave one last look at Darby, winked and then left the room. As she left the room, she had a very satisfied smile on her face. Her revenge was complete. Now she had one more item to take care off…..

    Darby saw La Diabla walk out and was stunned. It took her a moment to gather her bearings since she was tied up for quite some time. She took a deep breath then stood up. She then slowly walked around the bed, heading towards the other side of the bed to where her clothes were. She looked at Madam Olivia still tied on the bed, her ankles still by her wrists over her head, her privates still very wide open and vulnerable. She still couldn’t believe what she witnessed with La Diabla torturing her that way. She listened to Madam Olivia cry and she didn’t feel anything, she had no sympathy towards this woman who has tortured so many other women. She made it to the other side, then picked up her items of clothing. She slowly put her panties back on, then her jeans. Her mind was still spinning from all the activity and now she was putting on her bra. As she finished the clasp, she heard a voice calling out to her.

    “Deputy *sob* please help me….” Madam Olivia cried. After experiencing the ruthless torture, she just wanted to be set free. She looked over at Darby with pleading eyes, hoping she could appeal to Darby’s sense of morals.

    Darby continued to put on her shirt, ignoring Madam Olivia’s pleas. She then looked at Madam Olivia’s body. Standing there barefoot, she shook her head slowly. The moment of truth was here. This arrest would end the smuggling ring. She then made her way over to Olivia and kneeled down on the bed. She looked at the bonds and had to admit, La Diabla died an excellent job of tying ropes. She knew firsthand how excellent the rope work was. She saw both the wrists and ankles were tied to the headboard. She saw that the soles were upturned and saw the fingers of her hands wriggling. She then leaned forward and tried to undo the ropes on Madam Olivia’s left side.

    “Thank you Deputy…Thank you…” Madam Olivia said, trying to stop herself from crying again. “I-I think after ya untie me, you have to go after her…”

    “After La Diabla? She is gone already….I am gonna take you in as a matter of fact..” Darby said, still trying to untie the ropes.

    “W-what? Why?? Ya saw what she did to me!” Madam Olivia pleaded. She was not happy that it was her being arrested. She wanted Darby to go after La Diabla!

    “Like I said, she is not here…but you are. I also remember you torturing me. Don’t ya remember? You made me suffer…” Darby told her, as she stopped trying to undo the ropes. “You kept tickling me and tickling me and tickling me. No matter how much I begged, you just kept tickling muh feet…It was horrible. So bringing you in and stopping you from smuggling guns is something I have to do. La Diabla will get hers later…” Darby said with a hint of anger in her voice.

    “Later??!! You got to get her now!! I don’t deserve to be arrested!! Let me go N-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHAT ARE YA DOING??” Madam Olivia squealed as she felt fingers on her upturned soles.

    “Ya talk too much…” Darby said as her fingers ran across the naked upturned sole of Madam Olivia. She liked how the skin felt and a rush of excitement went through her body. For the first time, Darby got to tickle someone’s feet. She had hers tormented, and watched Bobby Jo’s and others get tickled, but she never got be the tickler. As her fingers scrabbled all along the soft sole, Darby felt powerful. This was intoxicating as her fingers were now inflicting terrible ticklish sensations on someone. This woman tortured her. On two occasions, she was tied up and her feet were tortured. This woman drove her absolutely insane and now it was payback time. The feelings in Darby’s body felt wrong, but yet very good. She then moved closer so she could stare at the sole and she focused on the arch. A grin formed on her face and the more she tickled, the larger that grin became.

    Madam Olivia was in complete shock as she felt the ticklish sensations going through her body like an electrical current. She never expected Darby to tickle her, so this was a complete surprise! She couldn’t pull her foot away and laughed harder when Darby found the base of her toes. “hahahahaha you hahahahaha have hahahahahaha toooooo stop!!! Hahaha!! PLEASE!!!” she begged.

    Darby’s eyes were locked in on that sole as her fingers made their way to the toes. She focused in on the base of the big toe and noticed Olivia’s body tremble from it. She then took her index finger and slowly tickled from the outside edge of the big toe, along the ball across the instep, around the heel and now back up the outside edge of the foot, then finally the toes again. “This is fun….I see why they use it now” She cooed as she continued to tickle the bare foot. Then her fingers rapidly scrabbled up and down the sole and she was very pleased. “tickle tickle tickle!! Someone is so ticklish!!” Darby teased. Now she saw how much fun this could be. The sound of Madam Olivia’s laughter was addicting and then she stopped. She then jumped onto the bed and put slid over to the other side of the bed so she could tickle the stocking covered right foot. She had a mischievous look in her eye as her fingers touched the outside edge of the heel, then slowly went across the heel, only for the foot to spasm. She used her left hand to hold the ankle, and then let her the fingers on her right hand continue a cruel tickle path up the nyloned sole. She loved how her fingers easily glided across the sheer fabric and truly understood the joy of tickling a helpless foot.

    Madam Olivia shrieked as she felt those fingers now tickling her other foot. She was completely caught off guard by the aggressiveness of Darby. She looked up and saw a look of lust and even vindictiveness on Darby’s face as her foot got tickled. She had no choice but to beg. “PPPPPLLLLEEEEAAAAASEEEE!!! I’M SORRY!!! HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOP!!!!”

    Darby snapped out of her tickle crazed trance and stopped. She was shocked that the feelings of revenge consumed her. What really frightened her about having those feelings was…..it felt great. She now understood the power of what she just did. “I have to use this for future use….I like this.” She thought to herself. She then decided it was time to bring Madam Olivia in. She managed to get the right ankle untied, then the right wrist. She watched the right leg crash back down on the bed and heard a moan coming from Madam Olivia. She then slid across the bed to the other side and untied the left ankle and left wrist. She saw an exhausted Olivia just lay there on the bed, still trembling and whimpering after her humiliation. Darby then got off the bed, found her socks and put them back on, before putting her boots back on. It felt good to be fully clothed again. She grabbed her handcuffs, and then put on her gun belt. She picked up Madam Olivia, got her wrists behind her back, then snapped the handcuffs on. This was a moment of pride for her. “Olivia, you are under arrest for the smuggling of guns. You will be tried and sent to jail. Now git movin’!” Darby said, feeling in control.

    “But *sob* what about my clothes? I can’t go to the jail… naked..” Madam Olivia whimpered.

    Darby nodded and realized her criminal was still naked. She looked around the room and found Olivia’s underwear and the rest of the clothing. She had Olivia step back into her panties and then unlocked the cuffs, but had her gun ready. “Go ahead, put your dress back on….” She instructed as she cocked the gun.

    Madam Olivia put her head down in shame as she pulled up her panties, then she put on her dress. She then held her wrists out and was cuffed once again. “Where did my boots go? I’m still barefoot.” she whimpered.

    “La Diabla took them I think…she does that. Now get walking! You still got a stocking on. hehe” Darby commanded as she walked Madam Olivia out of the room, down the stairs, into the foyer and then finally out into the compound. The sun was very bright at this moment and she was glad she put her own hat back on. As she walked through the courtyard, she enjoyed listening to Madam Olivia walk gingerly as her feet were walking on the hot dirt. When Darby made it to the main gate of the compound, she thought she heard some strong noises. She thought she heard a group of horses galloping! Was it Hellfire gang?! Then she heard what sounded like a bugle. She then heard the loud sounds of the horses arrive outside the main gate and then she heard some banging on the door. She stepped back and drew her gun. She had to think of a plan!

    The gate burst opened and a horde of men came charging through! Led by Sheriff Dickerson, the deputies came in, guns drawn and ready for combat. They all stopped when they saw Darby standing there, with Madam Olivia standing next to her. They all shouted their excitement that Darby was ok and apprehended Olivia! They surrounded her and started to pat her on the shoulder, and another grabbed Madam Olivia’s wrist to lead her away towards their “paddy wagon”.

    Darby smiled as seeing these guys really made her feel like this was all over. She told another deputy where the guns were hidden and then she saw the Sheriff make his way towards her. Relief washed over her body as this day was finally over. The Sheriff approached her and gave her a huge hug. This never felt so good. After all the torment she experienced, after all the physically demanding actions that her body endured, she was standing tall at the end. She still had to hold her emotions in. The two ended the hug and she saluted her superior. “Sheriff! You are here!”

    “Yes, thanks to two of your friends, we had to get here in time to help you. But I should have known you had everything under control..” Sheriff Dickerson told her.

    “Muh two friends?” Darby asked. Who was he referencing?

    “Yeah, your friends Bobby Jo and Polly. They came running into the Sheriff’s station and telling me that you found the illegal guns and you were in danger. We were to come quickly! How come you didn’t tell me you were going on this mission? How did you even find out this was the secret smuggling site?” Sheriff Dickerson asked as he looked at his amazing Deputy.

    “Polly and Bobby Jo?” she thought to herself. She had no idea how that happened, but she had to play along. She couldn’t tell him she worked with La Diabla. “Yeah, that’s right. Well, I learned from a tip that Olivia Swanson of Frankstown was the point of contact for El Guapo to trade his guns to the Hellfire gang. I had to make a move quickly so I came out here. Luckily for me, I caught her before Hellfire gang arrived. Speaking of which, they are on their way!”

    “I don’t think we have to worry about them. On our way here, we noticed a wagon that was stranded. We saw two men from the Hellfire gang knocked unconscious and tied up in the wagon. It was weird. They were both in the wagon and there was nothing else in there. It is possible someone may have jumped them but there was no trace of any other gang in the area. Very strange, but a great surprise. The Federal government has been after then for a while. I do want to say Deputy Darby Reeves, I am VERY proud of you. You just stopped a major gun smuggling ring that gave us and even the United States government trouble in stopping it. I am honored by your bravery and abilities. You are going to be honored my Deputy…” Sheriff Dickerson said with a smile that resembled a proud father congratulating his daughter.

    Darby blushed as she heard what the Sheriff told her. She could tell he was extremely proud and it is true, she did help bring down a major smuggling ring. She did feel a little guilty as she knew she had help to do it. Help from the very woman who helped set up the ring to begin with. She decided to leave that knowledge a secret and would do her best to avoid being hailed as some kind of hero. She tipped her hat, then she turned her head as she saw Madam Olivia being loaded into the wagon.

    “I will get you for this!!! You will pay for doing this to me! You are a liar! Sheriff! Sheriff! That woman is a LIAR!!! It wasn’t her that stopped me, it was LA DIABLA!!!! I think she worked with LA DIABLA!!” Madam Olivia screamed. “…and I gotta tell you her big secret!!!! Sheriff?! Are you listening??!!! Your deputy is GAY!!!! SHE HAS SEX WITH WOMEN!!!! You will pay Darby, YOU WILL PAY!!!!!!!!!” she continued to scream as she about to be put inside the back of the wagon.

    Darby stood there in shock! This woman just shouted out her most private secret in front of everyone! She looked back at the Sheriff and she hoped he didn’t believe her. “Um, crazy woman….” Was all she could mumble.

    “The desperate really do say some CRAZY things. Hahaha I have to admit, that was pretty original. You? Work with La Diabla??” The Sheriff chuckled incredulously. “and, you’re gay? That’s the best she could come up with? I swear, these criminals say the darndest things…take her away boys!” the Sheriff instructed. “We contacted the authorities in Frankstown to have them investigate her business. It appears she ran a brothel too.”

    “Come on ya criminal! Git in the wagon! Why do you smell like piss?” a deputy said as he shoved her into the wagon.

    “Yeah, they do say the craziest things…..” Darby blushed, relieved that the Sheriff did not believe what Madam Olivia said. Darby watched as the guns were loaded and everyone got back on their horses. Darby got a ride on someone’s horse as hers was taken back to Plotsville by either Polly or Bobby Jo. Some deputies stayed behind to clean up and investigate the scene. Darby felt good that this ordeal was finally over. As she rode away from the Mission, she couldn’t help but think about her time there. It was a place that would be in her memory forever.

    The cadre of law enforcement made it back to Plotsville and Darby walked back inside the station. It felt good to be back after a very eventful day. She was looking for both Polly and Bobby Jo, but there was no sign of them. Her horse was in the field where the deputies kept them and she wondered where they went. She went over to her desk and saw a note, hiding under a stack of papers. She pulled out the piece of folded paper and saw her name on it. She sat down, opened up the note and it read:

    “My dear friend Darby,

    I just wanted to thank you for rescuing me and trying to help me over these last few days. It has been one crazy adventure with all of us. Right now as you read this, I decided to leave town with Polly as we look to find a new home. I wish I could stay there with ya, but after what we experienced, I wouldn’t be able to hide my feelings for you and people may find out that we both love each other. I can’t go back to Frankstown as Madam Olivia’s business is sure to end especially after me and Polly told them what happens there. Polly can’t go back there either. We don’t want to get arrested either so we left before they could ask more questions about our involvement. So, off we go for a new start. I will always think of you my sweet Darby. You are the most beautiful, kindest, bravest woman I have ever known. You were willing to work with the devil herself to help me and put an end to Madam Olivia and her evil plans. I hope one day we can see each other again. Who knows what the future holds, but this I know. You are going to be famous and get everything you want in life. Please remember me. I will always love you. I can’t believe I am saying this, but yes, I will always love you. Oh, I hope you never get over how ticklish you are. One day, I hope I can tickle ya. Wouldn’t that be fun? *giggles*

    Always yours,

    Bobby Jo”

    Darby’s eyes welled up with emotions after reading the note. She was going to miss her friend and reading those words made her want Bobby Jo back in her life. But Bobby Jo was right, if she did stay their secret would be found out and it would cause ruin for both of them. She folded the note and put it in her pocket. She then decided she needed to go home after another hour of reading up on other materials. She spoke with the Sheriff and told her she wanted to go home and just unwind after a very long day. The Sheriff smiled and let her go, they would finish up at the station. Darby then went outside and got on her horse. She gave it a quick kiss as she did miss her horse, then rode away.

    As she rode through town she glanced over towards the hills and saw a glare of some kind. She stopped her horse and that glare continued to shine, like it was something that was reflecting the sunlight into her eyes. She had to go investigate what that was as it was driving her crazy. She rode the horse faster towards the hills and then noticed the glare was gone. She then went over the hill and saw the valley behind it. Then the glare happened again. She withdrew her gun as something was definitely going on and this was not a natural occurrence. Once she made it to the valley, she saw a familiar black horse and then a very familiar figure standing next to the horse. “La Diabla???”

    “Took you long enough to get back to town….” La Diabla grinned as she saw Darby approach her and dismount her horse. La Diabla put away her mirror which she used to reflect sunlight. “You can put your gun away Darby…”

    Darby was hesitant to do so, but put the gun back in her holster. Thoughts of what happened when they last saw each other filled her mind as she slowly walked towards La Diabla. “I thought you were long gone…”

    “Yeah, I will be. I just wanted to say goodbye to you. We did have a very eventful exciting day, right?” La Diabla grinned.

    “Yeah, ya can say that for sure. Where did ya go after you, um, finished with me and Madam Olivia?” Darby stammered.

    “I had business to take care of. I knew you had it in hand. Besides, that was the plan, right? I get my revenge on Olivia, and you become the hero stopping a gun smuggling ring. That’s what happened right? Deputy Darby Reeves, a hero!” La Diabla grinned.

    “Yeah, you’re right. That’s what did happen. I figured when ya left, that was it. I-I-I wanted to thank you actually….” Darby said sheepishly, now becoming very shy.

    “You’re welcome…” La Diabla smiled back. “We make such a great team. Who would have thought right?”

    “Yeah…we do.” Darby said with nervousness in her voice. “I do wonder…the Sheriff showed up with everyone and he said Polly and Bobby Jo told them where we were. Was that part of the plan?”

    “Oh yes…it wasn’t the original plan, but I had to make do with how everything played out.” La Diabla smiled. “I had Polly go meet Bobby Jo and get them to go back to Plotsville to bring the Sheriff. Let me put it this way, the less you knew about the overall plan, the better. It worked out perfectly did it not?”

    “Yeah, it did. That explains why I never saw Polly. But I thought Francine was supposed to be there too. I wonder where she went. Did you see her too?” Darby asked.

    “I saw her briefly, she ran away quickly. I didn’t have time to chase her, I had to get to Madam Olivia. Who knows where she is…..” La Diabla said with a sly grin.. “Besides, it is a good thing I didn’t chase her because you seemed to be in a precarious position. Am I right…….Pinky?” La Diabla chuckled.

    Darby blushed as she heard that cruel nickname again. “Stop saying that… Well, I am glad you did get there in time. She did have the advantage and I didn’t know how I was gonna make it out.”

    “You know, you did look awfully sexy tied and up naked..” La Diabla teased. “Makes me remember our time together..” she grinned as she saw the embarrassment on Darby’s face. “Oh, speaking of which, I do remember our deal. You did help, so I can give you these back…” La Diabla said. She reached into a pouch that was strapped to her horse and pulled out two pairs of boots. The two pairs she took from Darby from their earlier encounters.

    Darby reached forward and took her boots. “Thank you for giving me back muh boots….I was afraid I was gonna have to buy some more.” She chuckled. She then looked at La Diabla’s beautiful face and felt a strange feeling in her body. She wanted to say something about how she felt at this moment and about her, but she started thinking she better not. Then she asked something else. “So, where ya headed?”

    “Oh, I am going to Mexico. I got things to do… I obviously can’t hang out here anymore. I am wanted remember?” La Diabla joked. “You know something Darby, it actually was good that we got to work together. Amazing how in a week’s time, we went from enemies to some version of….friends? I can’t explain it either. You are a good woman. I never met anyone like you before. I wanted to kill you, and destroy you for arresting me, but since that first time in the barn, there is something magical about you. You have this incredible sexual energy, especially when you’re naked and getting tickled…” La Diabla said with a grin. “…you also taste great….”

    Darby blushed furiously and even tried to look away as her memories remembered the tickle torture her body endured at the hands of La Diabla on those two occasions. She started to wipe the toe of her boot into the ground trying to avoid the lustful gaze of La Diabla. Then she did decide to look at her. She saw that face, those beautiful eyes and that sexy smile. She did have to admit, those encounters gave her the most powerful orgasms she ever experienced. “Salem, will I ever see ya again?” she mumbled. She had a wave of emotions wash over her and she was still trying to make sense of them.

    La Diabla walked closer to Darby, reached up with her hand and held Darby’s chin. “Who knows what the future holds Darby. I got a feeling we will see each other again. When we do, maybe it can be a special encounter if you know what I mean…” she cooed. She then pulled Darby’s face close to hers and gave her a soft, passionate kiss on the lips. The impact of that kiss rocked her own body as it was very sensual. La Diabla finally broke the kiss and stared at Darby’s face, a face she was now adoring. She then gave her a tight hug, feeling Darby’s body against hers. She then broke the hug, then went over to her horse. “See you around…tenderfoot. Haha” she laughed, then mounted her horse. She blew Darby a kiss, then prompted her horse to start riding away, leaving Darby behind. With her own emotions swirling within her body, she thought about the events of the day, she headed to her hideout. She managed to take down Madam Olivia, captured Francine and will make her a sex slave, attacked members of the Hellfire gang and stole all the gold, made Darby have an orgasm, and now got a sweet goodbye with Darby. It was a good day for La Diabla. One she would never forget for the rest of her life. She thought when she made it back to her hideout, she was going to have Francine make her have a well deserved orgasm. With a gleam in her eye, she realized that she was going to miss Darby. She made a vow that she would one day see her again.

    Darby watched La Diabla ride away and she didn’t know how to make sense of her emotions. Even though she received vicious tickle torture and humiliation from the most feared woman outlaw in the West, she now felt a special connection to her. Darby didn’t know what would happen the next time their paths cross, but the thought of making love to La Diabla excited her. She shook her head and got on her horse, then rode back into town. She just wanted to go home and just relax. This was such an incredible day. As she got closer to her home, she saw a familiar figure walking her dog. She saw the woman staring at her and Darby slowed her horse down and then to a stop by the woman.

    “Hello Deputy! Mighty fine day isn’t it?” the same neighbor from earlier asked. She was wearing her white, long sleeve top, with a brown skirt and brown leather boots. She wore a fancy hat on her head and she looked at Darby’s now glowing face. “You look like you had an eventful day!”

    “Yeah, you can say that. It has been a very long day…” Darby replied. “Say, what is your name? You are always so kind to me, but I don’t know your name. Muh name is Darby Reeves.” She said while removing her hat.

    “Nice to officially meet you Deputy Darby Reeves! My name is Gertrude Billington and it is a pleasure to officially introduce myself. Say…. Would you like to come inside and have some tea, or a nice glass of lemonade?” she asked. She was hoping for a nice sit down with Darby.

    Darby smiled at her and thought, “She has been really nice and pleasant. I might as well…” Darby then looked at the woman. “You know Ms. Billington, that sounds nice. Thank you for your offer and I accept.”

    Gertrude’s eyes lit up with excitement! “Thank you for accepting Deputy! Just call me Gertrude! Come, come. I can get you a nice drink to soothe yourself after a long day! You will be able to take off yer boots, put your feet up and take a load off!” she said excitedly. She saw Darby get off her horse and accompanied her into her home. Her wish finally came true!


    A woman was walking home from a long day at work when she passed by Gertrude Billington’s home. She paused as she heard a sound coming from the house. It sounded like……laughter. She shook her head knowingly and said, “I see Gertrude is at it again. Always ticklin’ the feet of some lady. She has been ticklin’ feet for years. I wonder who she has this time?” The woman then continued walking home, smiling after hearing the melodious laugh of another Billington foot tickling victim.


    So, what did you think? I would love to read your thoughts on this chapter as well as the series as a whole. Also, please vote for your favorite character! Thank you again as your viewership and feedback only inspired me to write more stories. God bless you all and remain safe out there.

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    brilliant ending to a fantastic series

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    Yes definately a great ending, I will be interested to see what you write next.

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    love the ending sooo much

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    Fantastic ending.....would love to hear more from Gertrude!!

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    Wonderful ending dude, Wish La Diabla could have hung around somehow
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    I truly fell in love with this story. I love Salem and Darby’s connection like they’re bound to each other. I’m glad they parted as friends and maybe can be together one day. Truly an amazing story from beginning to end.

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    This was such an incredible story , I was nervous that it wouldn't have such an amazing ending. But you have exceeded expectations. I don't know if I've ever enjoyed a storyline so much before. Would love some spin offs in the future, but epic ending to a phenomenal series

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    What makes the ending so special is this deus ex machina type ending.
    Which is very difficult to implement, but in this story .... Is just amazing

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    I just want to say thank you for all of you who took the time to comment and vote in this final chapter. It only motivates me to continue to bring you good stories for you to enjoy. Again, thank you for taking this journey with me and how much you truly enjoyed the characters. I am currently in the planning stages of further adventures so be on the lookout in the future for new stories. I have a few ideas I am thinking about, but of course I have to take those ideas and create a coherent story. haha

    Thank you once again. Darby and La Diabla thank you for reading!

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