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    D&D Quest Board: The Bard’s Happy Song (*/M)

    The character of Ollomar aka "Ollie" is a very handsome Half-Orc and I freely admit I fully envisioned Fjord from Critical Role when writing him.

    Ollomar - Lvl 5 Bard of Swords
    Two-Weapon Fighting Style and uses Twin Sickles

    The sound of wet boots was the only thing that could be heard in the immediate area. Grumbling to himself at the uncomfortable feeling of wet clothes and boots, Ollomar, a Half-Orc traveling alone walked up a natural path leading towards an opening in the hill. He had spied it upon climbing one of the tall trees earlier before his fight with the gang of three Bullywugs that terrorized the area of the lake nearby. He figured it could be a good place to retreat in the event of an emergency and this certainly felt like an emergency. He couldn’t walk the day and a half back to town in wet clothing and most definitely not in wet boots. Better to find shelter, start a fire, and rest up before setting out. Besides, from what he was able to discern from his hours of surveilling, no one else was in the area for miles anyway. Making sure to steer clear of the Bullywug gang until someone took up the bounty on the quest board and returned home with news of a successful mission.

    He didn’t usually travel without his party very often, but this mission seemed simple enough and he was a very accomplished adventurer. Specializing in dual wielding his sickles, Dirge and Threnody, the bard utilized a nasty combination of tripping his opponents then finishing them off with wondrous flourishing slashes. His skill with blades was more akin to a beautifully deadly performance than a simple martial arts technique. Almost like a ‘dance of death’ is what his own band of adventurers likened his skill to. Especially Riordan, that sly elf. He always seemed fascinated by his skills with the sickles, even taking it upon himself to name them for him. Something he had never truly thought about before he met him, but the names made sense and he was surprisingly drawn to them, opting to keep them. Soon after, he and his blades were known among his town as the ‘Danse Macabre,’ and he liked it that way. What better reputation for a bard to have.

    Finally making it up the path and after a slight bit of a climb, Ollie made it into the cave. Looking into the opening, he realized it must extend further than he thought. Eyes glowing and silently concentrating, three skulls made entirely of putrid green light encircling each other manifested around him. With a push of his hand he sent the skulls spiraling as far ahead of himself as the spell would allow, lighting their way as they went. He walked forward a bit, but seeing as how nothing seemed to dwell within the vicinity he figured the coast was clear enough. If something did come after him he would just have to cut them down like he did the Bullywugs. He decided to set up camp here and start a fire with the skulls of light dancing above him and got to work creating a small fire pit. Once there was a steady fire going he dismissed the Dancing Lights and stripped off his clothing and laid them neatly on some large stones he set up near enough to the fire to dry off faster.

    “Aah…” he sighed.

    He rest his naked body atop his dry and warm bedroll free of all that dank clothing. Legs stretched out, ankles crossed, and placing his right arm behind his head, he reached over to his bag and dug out his panpipes with his left to play an enchanting tune to help himself heal and relax. This rest may have been meant to be a short one, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy it and use the chance to heal himself a bit more. Eyes closed, he gently pressed his lips against the pipes, more gently than would be expected from a figure like him, and began to blow softly. A hauntingly beautiful melody emanated from the small instrument and echoed all throughout the cave. After a few moments of playing, the fire burning next to him turned a light shade of green as wisping glowing white smoke came off of the plumes and encircled his body, melting away any scrapes and bruises. The smoke surrounding his frame, the eerie green, and the melody coming out of the instrument placed against his lips almost made him look more fey than Orc-like. Feeling sleepy from the heat and pleasant feeling of his wounds mending, almost like a soft massage, he put down the pipe on top of his bag. He took a moment to stretch by arching his back, letting out a satisfied moan and settling down comfortably again. Within only a few moments he was asleep. His soft snores quietly echoing throughout the cavern with no one around to hear them.

    However, deep within the cave, in a wide opening was what appeared to be very large shards of conjoined pink crystal jutting out in the center. Almost as if waking up, a soft glow started to fill the inside of the crystal. Slowly and gently it began to tremble until it’s crystalline form softened. Sharp edges seemed to round, slowly, and eventually wiggle. Some minutes later it was pulsing with life as it melted into an amorphous heap of, what appeared to be, a pink pudding. Tendrils branched out in all directions as if it were stretching after a long sleep. Sensing a melodic vibration in it’s long undisturbed dwelling, it started spreading and oozing forward very slowly. By the time it arrived at the source of the rhythmic vibrations of the pan flute, it sensed a heartbeat and one that it could tell was of a particular kind for this Pink Pudding didn’t seek out and feed on just anything. It needed the salty proteins of a humanoid creature to keep from weakening. Unfortunately, it had been so long since it had last fed that it was in a weakened state. Moving very slowly still, the slime creature almost seemed to carefully cover and lift the victim's body. The more it enveloped him, the more it absorbed the salty goodness that had clung and embedded itself in the creature's body. This had the bonus effect of testing the different areas of the emerald being for reactions and specific nerve endings that it would be able to later exploit for more nutrients after it’s initial feeding.

    Waking from an extremely pleasant slumber that seemed to leave his body tingling, gravity betrayed and disoriented him for Ollie was no longer laying on his back. He found he was now suspended vertically almost in a web like structure made of some kind of pink elastic slime. His body spread in an ‘X’ shape.

    “Huh-What!? What is this!?” He screamed, pulling as hard as he could against the slime encasing his hands, arms, knees, and feet, he was able to pull them quite a bit till he was in an almost fetal position until his arms and legs snapped back. It seemed to have gotten a good hold on him and no matter how great his strength, he was no match for the strange elastic-like creature that ensnared him.

    “Is-Is this a… slime? Some form of Ooze creature?”

    Talking mostly to himself he also tried to pull his body free one more time, but once again his mighty limbs just snapped back into place. Very obviously nervous from the idea that he was indeed trapped by some sort of Ooze he had never seen nor heard of before, he took a look at his predicament to fully assess the situation he found himself in. He noticed that his hands were encased in the slimy substance and slowly became aware that his feet were encased as well. In fact, upon taking a moment to take it all in, he realized there was a very mild itching sensation on his palms, between the fingers, the soles, and between the toes of both feet. Just enough to cause a slight added annoyance. Similarly, his entire groin and cock had also been engulfed and suffered the same sensation, but unfortunately, now fully conscious of the feeling his member began to respond to the slight itch and began to harden just a little. He also noticed that his backpack and gear still lay by the fire untouched by the pudding like being that had him trapped. A feeling of relief washed over him as he realized his belongings didn’t get eaten up and dissolved by the creature. He wasn’t even sure if the creature was capable of it, but just in case, the moment he got out of there, he would grab his items and run.

    After what seemed like an eternity, the slime began to retract from the engulfed hands, feet, and groin leaving his ankles and wrists still wrapped up securely. Ollie just hung there and decided to try his luck at pulling free again. This time, however, he realized that he was not able to pull his arms and legs as far in as he was earlier. Unsure if it was because he was growing tired from the strain or because the creature seemed to have been able to toughen it’s hold on him.

    “Well? Come on then!? Are you going to eat me you creepy sunovabitch?!”

    Another few moments seemed to pass and Ollie grew more and more bored. Rolling his eyes he let out an annoyed sigh and tried to fight the hold once again. Failure. He couldn’t pull free still. He hung there reflecting on if he had ever been in such a vulnerable position before where he was unable to use his strength to break out of whatever development he had found himself in.



    Looking down he noticed a tendril had extended from the side of one of the branches of pink “webbing” and had lightly grazed the groove of the bottom of his very defined pectoral muscle and retract.

    “Uuuh ok.. What are you doing you little bugger?”

    The tendril seemed to approach once again and as it made contact with the same groove, exploring a little further, Ollie noticed his skin develop a similarly light itch wherever it touched. Sweat. He could now tell the creature must have been absorbing the sweat coming off of his body which is why it engulfed his hands, feet, and such earlier. Well, if that’s all it wouldn’t really be a problem. He surmised that once it had enough it may actually just let him go. Or at least he hoped. He also noticed that he was definitely sweating a bit again from all the pulling and struggling he had done against the creature so hopefully that would be enough.

    Very slowly and lightly the pink appendage continued to retract and make contact again and again within the defined grooves of his chest. It appeared to be quite firm and didn’t feel the least bit sticky. In fact, it felt quite smooth for something that was sucking up the sweat from his skin. A second pink vine suddenly extended and carefully began to trace around his other pectoral muscle. He began to feel something a bit different. It was more like the itching he felt earlier, but it seemed to be an added feeling from the invasive touch. It almost tickled. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt this sensation. Maybe occasionally a soft, quick feeling like it when pulling on his clothing but never like this. Never for this extended a time. This was almost disconcerting and kind of… pleasant? His thought hit him at the same time a small laugh escaped his lips.

    “Heh. This isn’t so bad. Heheh.”

    The tendrils met in the middle of his chest and then spread out again eliciting another small giggle out Ollie’s mouth as they invaded just underneath his pectorals again. This time, however, he was startled by the appendages moving further out to the sides between his ribs and retracting.

    “Ah! HAHah! Ugh, I did... not like that.”

    For a moment a look of worry spread across the Half-Orc’s face, but quickly, he found his resolve. He was not going to allow a stupid pink lame gooey bugger effect him like that. It was just a little tickle and only weaklings crumbled to something so silly and childish. He was part Orc after all, and suffering severe punches and blows was how he learned to toughen up as a kid and defend himself. This was going to be nothing for him. He wouldn’t allow it to be anything else.


    The vines both descended this time on his body from where they last left his ribs. The feeling of the sudden contact was enough to make him flinch from shock, but he kept a straight face this time and just focused on fighting the feeling of the increasingly annoying sensation. Unfortunately, because the feeling was much more prolonged than before he started to realize just how difficult it was going to be to, at least, keep a straight face. As much as he fought it, his lips began to curl up into a slight smirk. The tendrils then descended to the next set of ribs lapping up any sweat it found. The slight smirk became a full on smile, but he refused to part his lips. This was ridiculous and if he couldn’t keep from parting his lips and smiling like an imbecile then what kind of warrior was he?! Descending to the next set of ribs again the limbs kept at their work dilligently. So what if he was smiling a little he was not going to let this strange creature get the better of him. Down to the next set of ribs again the creature was thorough. He hated himself so much as his lips began to part and his pronounced sharp bottom canine teeth peaked out more and more. The vines then made an unexpected movement up to the previous set of ribs again. His mouth broadened even more into a deranged looking smile. He was losing this battle, but he would rather impale himself on Lyto’s Trident rather than give the creature the satisfaction of another laugh. Oh, how he bet Lyto would have loved this, seeing him in this position and suffering from something so childish.

    “Stupid Paladins,” he thought. So Noble and stoic and self-righteous.” The thoughts came to him almost as if trying to distract him from what was happening.

    As the appendages made their way further up his ribs, he began letting out little hisses here and there from the strain of not allowing himself to laugh. Unfortunately for Ollie, the strain of the situation meant that he was releasing more sweat. The tentacles took notice and swiftly followed the trail of a few stray droplets right into the hollows of his damp, slightly hairy armpits.

    “ARGHAH! HAH!”

    Caught completely off guard, Ollomar let out a guttural noise that almost sounded like a cry of pain. What followed however was a flurry of laughter mixed with some giggles which were almost more mortifying than the full laughter being elicited from his body.

    “Get hahah outta there! Hehehe hehehe hahah!”

    The laughter poured out of Ollomar as the appendages would travel down to his ribs again to absorb more and more sweat that his body secreted. Occasionally, they would quickly jump back up to poke at and caress the hollows of his armpits allowing them to get nice and damp. The shock of having his armpits randomly invaded would make Ollie’s laughter go up a few octaves with every initial jab. Thankfully, though, the pink vines did retract a bit. This time they seemed to be heading towards his taut stomach. As they made contact, another wave of intense tingling went up his spine. Desperate to keep his computer again from this new spot, Ollie sputtered and spit for a moment or two before devolving into more forced laughter. He didn’t realize just how sensitive his stomach was. The tentacles traced the outlines of his muscles soaking up as much sweat that gathered there as possible. Ollie watched as another smooth pink tentacle seemed to rise up from below and started wiggling in the air above his belly button. He wasn’t sure if this was something that would tickle, but he was willing to bet, judging from how intensely sensitive the rest of his stomach was that it definitely might.


    The tentacle made contact and dipped right into his surprisingly sensitive belly button. It almost felt like an electric shock from how unexpectedly ticklish he was there. With three tentacles teasing his tummy all he could do was hang there and struggle to free himself where the slime held him. It seemed like the more it tickled him and absorbed the sweat, the stronger it had become. It was like trying to bend solid steel. Ollomar closed his eyes and just laughed trying so hard to fight his way out of the creature's grip. The more he struggled tho, the more he sweat and the more relentlessly hungry the creature seemed to get. Eventually the creature did retract its appendages giving the Half-Orc time to recover. The Pink Pudding knew exactly what it was doing for it had trapped many others in its grasp. It did not want to allow the creature to become desensitized nor did it want it to pass out. If so, it would not be able to feed on the life sustaining juice that flowed from the man.

    After finally catching his breath, Ollomar realized that escape was not in the cards for him just yet. He had neither the strength nor magic to help release himself from this foul being. Minute after minute seemed to go by and he was on edge the entire time. What on earth was it waiting for? Wasn’t it going to tickle him to death? Didn’t it want more of his sweat? He just wanted it to do something so this waiting wouldn’t drive him up the wall. Unfortunately, he should have been careful what he wished for because he noticed the webbing below him begin to move again, forming two more tentacles. This time though, they didn’t rise up to his armpits or tummy again. No, this time they lingered below him. He almost wasn’t even sure if they were going to touch him again until…

    “Hngh… What? Don’t touch me there you damned little fuck. I sahehd no hehehe.”

    Slowly and almost teasingly the rounded tips of the vines were circling his heels lightly. Ollie had never been touched on his feet before by another creature and didn’t know they could be this sensitive. Giggles started to pour out of him again, something that he was sure he hated more than anything by this point. He loathed being reduced to such a childish state. This was so undignified for his kind and being touched on his feet moreso. As he giggled staring down at this astounding discovery he noticed the feeling was forcing his toes to splay and twitch a bit. With his foot almost taut from the light tickling sensation coming from his heels, he saw two more tentacles rise up and this time begin to lightly caress in underneath and in between his toes.


    He had never felt anything like this before and was completely shocked to high hell how something so light and gentle could force such a powerful reaction from him. This time, along with the heels and the attention to his toes was causing them to wiggle. As the tickling continued for what seemed like an eternity, while in reality must have only been minutes, he realized that as torturous as this felt he was also beginning to enjoy this part. Why on earth would he like this? Maybe it was because it was somewhere no one dared touch him before or maybe it was just more pleasurable in certain areas of his body than others. All he knew is that it started to make him feel a bit aroused. The tickling of his toes was causing his cock to fill and harden a little. He couldn’t explain it, but it was such a mixture of feelings. He hated it and loved it just as much. It even made the laughing and giggling not as mortifying as it was before. Pleasure does often have that effect on people as Ollie was now discovering.

    Another few vines came into view. Two had lowered from the areas above him to gently wiggle their finger like tips against his nipples causing more giggling and pleasure to rise from his heaving chest and out through his mouth. A couple more had risen up from underneath again where the monster's form was most concentrated and began to nudge and wiggle against his balls. This added a bit more torture to the mix and he let out more anguished yells of laughter. He was so relieved that Riordan and the others weren't there to witness what was happening to him. To see this crazy weakness being exploited by this bright pink ooze playing him like some sort of musical instrument. Hitting all the right spots to make him sing. Worse yet, the manipulation of his balls, nipples, and toes seemed to be making his cock harden even more. In fact, it wasn’t long until the cock of this jade beast of a man was fully erect and only a moment after, started leaking precum. Once a single drop of precum dripped down his hard shaft and made contact with one of the tentacles tickling his balls, it seemed to come alive even more, vibrating all over which Ollie was able to feel wherever his skin touched the creature.

    A momentary break in the tickling as the tentacles stood motionless and poised over his body. More tentacles seemed to rise up all around him and just pointed at him. They were in all different directions. As he was looking around he noticed one of the vines in front of him began to approach his cock, but this time it formed a ring at the tip and wrapped itself snuggly where his head met the shaft. It was very gentle and for a moment nothing happened until suddenly he felt it start to vibrate lightly on his member. The pleasure was incredible and he thought this was something he could certainly get used to. Just as suddenly as he eased into the pleasant feeling on his cock did he begin to feel his toes being played with again. This time, however, it was welcomed for he knew he had liked that feeling a bit and the tickling mixed with his cock in the grip of the vibrating tentacle ring he almost never wanted it to end.

    “Hehehehe ohohohehe mmmm yehahahahehehe keep it mmm uppffft hahahaha.”

    Giggles and moans of pure pleasure just poured out of him freely given. Ollomar was in absolute ecstasy. The tentacles on his heels continued their spiraling motions allowing his toes to continue being splayed out so that the others could play with his toes making them wiggle and twitch. More smaller tentacles rose up from below to lightly trace along his soles, add to the tickling between his toes, and even tickling the tops of his slightly hairy feet. It was all so soft and felt excruciatingly like magic. His feet were so ticklish, but he was loving having them touched and played with. Especially, while his cock was encased in the vibrating ring. The longer it went on the more precum leaked out of his cock onto the ring which seemed to absorb it just as greedily as it goggled up his sweat. Slowly, the vibrations seemed to get stronger and stronger. The moans became as frequent as his giggling and the pleasure just felt like it was building. Ollie was just about ready to cum now and so as he got close and the veins in his cock throbbed with the sure signs that he was going to explode the vibration and tickling just stopped.

    “I’mhaheh I’m gohonna mmmmm Oh mmmmmy hehehe gohohods I’m gohohonna cuhuhummm-- What?!”

    Looking down, he saw that the ring loosened around his cock, encircling it, but not touching it. The tentacles at his feet also stopped moving. He struggled a bit and thrust in the air almost trying to build friction against some invisible force so that he could finally cum and that this entire torture session would be over with. Except… it wasn’t going to be over with was it? The tickling might just continue forever and ever until he died from exhaustion or a heart attack. This fear was barely registering in his hyper aroused state of mind and all he could think about was release. Sexual release unlike anything he had ever felt before. He just wanted to cum so badly and he was drifting further away from the edge the longer this creature went without touching him.

    “COME ON YOU FILTHY BUGGER! Don’t you want me to laugh? LET ME CUM YOU DUMBFUCK! AAAAH!”

    Screaming at the creature he began struggling against his bonds again. Going wild in a state of lust. The creature held his limbs absolutely in place, however and he only managed to move his hips in and out and side to side. By the time he was done he was panting and sweating all over. It was dripping off of him and down onto the creature. Once the creature tasted it from below it began to come to life once again. This time however he felt tentacles gliding all around his back and in the hollows of his armpits again. More began to tease his ribs and stomach as well as his neck and collarbone. His legs weren’t spared as vines reached up and began groping him between his thighs absorbing whatever they could. What really sent him hurling into madness was the sudden feeling of a tentacle behind his balls on his taint vibrating there very roughly. The shout of surprise caught even himself off guard as he felt such unbearable ticklish sensations all over his body in places he never imagined would ever be this sensitive. The loop around his cock tightened again with a slow buildup of vibrations. He was going mad from the tickling and manipulation on his cock which kept him rock hard.

    After a few minutes, the tickling would suddenly stop all around him except for his feet where two tentacles would gently tease side to side right underneath his toes to keep him giggling while the vibrations on his cock got him closer and closer to the edge of release. The ring would gobble up any precum that dripped out of him and this appeared to be the best way to go about collecting as much as possible. As soon as he was about to cum, the tickling and vibrating would instantly cease leaving him furious and desperate for climax. Ollie noticed this exact process continue and stop so many times he lost count which was mostly a product of his inability to focus and think properly. He had never felt this form of torture mixed with pleasure before and as much as he hated it, he was loving it that much more. Eventually, he got to the point where he would just continue giggling even while the tickling and pleasure stopped as his body was in a constant state of tortured ecstacy. He found that his favorite feeling in the world was becoming the endless teasing of his toes for he knew that meant his cock would be treated with love and tenderness by this gelatinous creature and he wondered if he even wanted it to end despite the urge to cum. He was officially broken and he knew it.
    On and on this pattern continued for hours and the time it took for Ollomar to get to the edge was getting shorter and shorter. It seemed as though the creature didn’t even need to create the vibrating sensation on his dick any longer for the gentle tickling on his feet, along his toes was enough to cause a pleasurable enough feeling subliminally that it was getting him to the edge on its own. It was as if it was conditioning him and if it hadn’t been for his will being completely broken he would have felt nothing but pure rage at the very idea, but now he was in his constant state of giggling rapture and the feeling was his entire world now. The tentacle between his legs was still wrapped around his member, but purely to absorb the oozing liquid coming front the tip. It felt like a warmth that was simply embracing his member that seemed to move with his body not allowing for any added friction. He loved every second. He was a slave to the creatures touch. And it just kept tickling and tickling and tickling this time until he got to the edge again… Only this time it didn't seem like it was stopping.

    “Heheheh hehehehemmmmmehehehe-- whuuuhehe,” Ollie moaned out in between giggles in a state of entranced confusion. “I’m gohehenna cum hahehe ain’t mmmmmhehehe ain’tchu gonahahehehe gonna stohehehep.” The feeling was building and he was growing more confused, but couldn’t help to give in to the feeling rushing into his cock from his toes until...

    “Hehehehe oh mmmmmmy hehe gAH-AH!” Ollie came and he came hard. Shot after shot came leaking out of his cock and after the third one the warm sleeve enveloping his member began to come alive again. As it absorbed the juices as they were coming out of its prey it had done this before and it knew what to do. With an unnatural slickness and preternaturally perfect pressure it created a stroking sensation all along the shaft and head to milk out as much juice as possible. Eventually, however, Ollomar became too sensitive and the pleasurable stroking became a bit too much and he discovered a new much more ticklish spot on his body that seemed to only happen after he came.

    “HAH! Nono wait wait HAHAHA STAHAHAP! IT’S TOO MUCHAHAHAHA,” Ollie screamed in ticklish agony.

    As his cock was being tickled mercilessly the creature took this opportunity to send its many tentacles back onto his body to absorb all the sweat that had built up during his extended edging session. With renewed vigor he screamed and squealed and laughed harder than he had before. With his cock being milked and tickled along with the rest of him on top of his enhanced sensitivity after cumming it felt even worse than before until suddenly everything went black.


    As he came to, jolting himself back to consciousness, he frantically looked around at his surroundings only to find him on the ground from where he had just been suspended above hours ago. At least he thought it might be hours. He had been tickled and edged from the early evening into the next morning without any break. His body had never once seemed to lose its sensitivity and he wondered if that was an effect the creature had on him along with it’s eerily perfect skill to tickle him, its prey, for hours on end into orgasm. Looking down at his still naked body he realized that the thought alone was forcing his cock to swell up and he had to rapidly shake his head and resist the incredible urge to touch his cock. Instead he got up quickly and threw his clothes on in a hurry, not even taking the moments to secure his armor. Picking up the rest of his things he could not get out of that cave fast enough and he started on his journey back to town too afraid to look back because he knew if he did, he would be tempted to stay and seek the creature back out. Looking up, he realized he had indeed been out for hours, in fact, it was nearly the entire day since the sun was actually about to set. Instead he journeyed right through the night eating every ration and drinking every ounce of water he had on him until he finally saw the town in the distance. Finally, taking a moment to stop for the first time since he left the cave he allowed himself to look back and think about what he had gone through. His toes began to tingle and curl from the very memory and his cock swelled again. He was tempted to start walking back to that cave again.

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    This is a great one! I had fun reading that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuckWild View Post
    This is a great one! I had fun reading that!
    Thanks so much!! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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    Nice one! I liked the characters and the imagination behind it.

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    A tried and true antagonist, and a very characterizing introduction to this bratty bard! Thanks for sharing!
    We're all just figuring things out.

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    I really enjoyed this! Fueled my desire to find a D&D campaign with a tickling/kink aspect to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brody27 View Post
    Nice one! I liked the characters and the imagination behind it.
    Thanks so much!! Ollomar is an actual character for a game who is stat’d out and has been played by me before so I had an idea what his personality would be for the story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The X View Post
    A tried and true antagonist, and a very characterizing introduction to this bratty bard! Thanks for sharing!
    Haha Brat was indeed on the list of character traits for him so spot on!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TKLU312 View Post
    I really enjoyed this! Fueled my desire to find a D&D campaign with a tickling/kink aspect to it.
    Truth be told I’ve been wanting to do that myself which is why I figured I would attempt to start the “D&D Quest Board” series. Unfortunately, the next one planned does not involve tickling really so it won’t be posted here. The Pink Pudding was really fun to think up and I have ideas on how to make the mechanics work in an actual battle should I ever get to run a game like that... or play in one haha

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    Amazing story! I love the D&D quest board idea, tickling and D&D pair together quite well I think. All sorts of creative spell applications and traps. Fjord is a solid inspiration for Ollie as well, it's always fun to see the bigger, headstrong types get their due.

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