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    Chiropractor appointment 3

    Here’s the next appointment that Megan had! So Megan came in and same ol procedure. We chatted for a few about what’s been going on and how she was doing in general. We went through the exam. Did some adjustments. Went down to check her ankle and I asked how her ankle has been feeling. “Oh it hasn’t been too bad. I went running the other day and it did feel a little tight. My
    Other ankle felt some tightness as well. I may need to actually get some new running shoes. I’ve been considering getting some new insoles since I have high arches as well. But I suppose I could use some work on them if you don’t mind?” Megan said. Of course I don’t I was yelling in my head haha. “Sure not a problem. Do you want the laughing treatment or I can get the machine?” I asked. “O Haha I’ll go with the usual. Give me the tickle treatment haha”. I just couldn’t believe how this seemed like a normal thing now! “Alright then tickle treatment it is for you” I said chuckling. “I’m assuming you’ll need to hang onto my foot again?” Megan asked. Now I had the idea since we got that new piece of equipment. “Actually I may not have to this time. We have this new piece of equipment that may help keep your feet still. If you’d want to give it a try. It’s actually designed to help realign hips so we can do that first since you had some hip issues last time.” I said. “Oh that sounds interesting!” Said Megan. So I showed her this new tool and explained how it worked. To review this device has a control peg between the ankles and straps that keep the ankles secure while it assists and moves the legs. I showed it too Megan. “Cool device there doc” Megan said. So I had Megan lay face down and strapped her ankles down. “Well im for sure not going anywhere this time!” She was wearing some tennis shoes and black pants today. She was out of her shoes already. So once her feet were strapped down i began the work on hips. “Ok Megan we are going to start with the hips and loosen them up some” I began Rotating the lower half of the table in a circular motion. Did this for About 5 minutes. “That’s pretty cool. I can feel it releasing some pressure.” Megan said. “Great that’s what we want to see”! I said. After we were done. Her feet still strapped in, i checked in with her about working on her feet. “Ok Megan are you ready for your feet to get worked on?” I asked. “Oh ya for sure! Seems they are trapped and not going anywhere this time! I’m ready for some laughs”! Megan said. “Ok I’ll start with the right ankle, ready?” I said. “Alright, ready” Megan said as she already was clenching her fist and bracing for what was coming on her feet. I removed both socks. “Oh no” said Megan. I did the same techniques as always, but I was able to use both hands on her feet. Took my thumbs are dug into her arches going up and down. Some giggles began to come out of Megan. “Hahahah yikes, still seem sensitive hahahaha” Megan said. “Yup just let me know if it’s too much”! I replied. I took my index finger and pressed in a circular motion around the ball of her foot. “Hahahahaha whoa that’s tender spohahahahttt” Megan laughed. She was starting to laugh pretty good. Not loud but at a soft pace and not super loud. I went along the outside of her foot which elicited some laughs. “Ok Megan done with that foot. Now we can move to the other one. Doing ok”? I asked. “Wheww man that was tough. Especially since my feet are trapped and can’t go anywhere haha. I’m good let’s get the other foot over with haha”! Megan said. “Alright two minutes on this foot and we are done”! I replied. “I can do it, mind over matter” Megan said with a chuckle. I started on her arch again. Getting some good laughs and doing the same as the other foot. “Almost done, about 30 more seconds.” I said. I started to take 5 fingers and do a circular pattern over her foot and caused her to laugh pretty good. “This ankle is feeling a bit looser now. In comparison to the other“ I said. “Oh ya, how so?” Megan asked. “Easy, watch. “ I said. With that I scribbled my fingers on her right foot for a good 10 seconds and then her left. More of a tickling motion this time. Her feet were trying to escape and her toes were wiggling pretty good. This caused Megan to laugh pretty good! “Hahahaha woah ahahahaha”! Megan laughed. “See this ankle has a bit more mobility than this one. “Whew ya I guess so haha”! Megan said. “Now you’re All down Megan. Nice work!” I said. “Whoa man what an workout. I always can count on a good ab workout here.” Megan said. “Well I’m glad I could help with that haha” I said. I got her feet unstrapped and she got her socks and shoes back on. We went over what we did and prescribed some precautionary exercises for her to work on. All in the feet portion lasted only a few minutes. Not very long but it did to me! That’s it for now until the next appointment. Hopefully soon!
    Last edited by Ilovescatts; 02-25-2021 at 01:15 PM.

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    Your a lucky dude keep up the good work

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    Great story! Thanks for sharing your experience here.
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    nice i hope megan gets more tickling i bring out feathers oil tooth brush that make meg feel better laughter is your best medicine

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffcool View Post
    nice i hope megan gets more tickling i bring out feathers oil tooth brush that make meg feel better laughter is your best medicine
    Ya don’t think it will happen like that haha. I can’t just strap her feet in and then just flat out tickle her feet with tools and lotion yes it a a fun thought but the current situation is just fine.

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    Does your client know you're posting pictures of her feet on a fetish site?
    The tickle monster lurking at the bottom of the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fired View Post
    Does your client know you're posting pictures of her feet on a fetish site?
    No and maybe I should take them down. It does feel a littler weird. What do you think?

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    Thinking it over its best I take them down for now.

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