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    Mar 2021

    How to attach a video??

    Im having problems to attach a video in a post.. Could any1 pls lemme know how to??


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    Are you able to get the attachment window open? Let us know what steps you've gotten through and any errors (if you saw any) when you tried.
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    Mar 2021
    I click at the "manage attachments" thing .. but nothing happens

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    What are you trying to upload from? A desktop/laptop computer or a phone/tablet? I know others have had trouble with phones. What internet browser are you using? If it has a pop-up blocker, that might be interfering.
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    Mar 2021
    Im trying to upload from my desktop. Using Firefox.. the pop up blocker is disable but still nothing happens when I click at manage attachments
    Last edited by Kevin91; 04-12-2021 at 03:13 PM.

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    This has come up before (see http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthr...76-upload-pics) and it solved itself without me really figuring out why. I encourage you to try the following:
    1) Do a cache/temporary internet files clear if you have not already
    2) Try with a different browser. Vivaldi, Chrome, Opera, Edge, Safari, and so on
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