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    Pledge to me (F/F)

    This is a little something I was working on. Not my best work, lmk what you think!

    “OoooohhHHhh please…..”


    “ooooOOoOOOOHHHhh Goood..”

    The muffled sounds of strained laughter greeted the ears of Ms. Fredricks as she walked down her iron hallway. On each side of her, Iron doors lined the long walk down what her employees liked to call ‘laughter lane’. She gave a slight smile as she heard the effective manor at which her organization operated. She reached door number 404 and pressed a small com link button to the right of the handle. Immediately the sounds of the interior could be heard.

    “Aaahhahahahha, oh g-GOOHHDD. Please PLEASEHEHHEHEEHHEH AAhahahahHAHAHHAA” crackled through the link. The owner of the forced laughter was a girl by the name of Allie Bess. A cute girl, olive skin, muscular build, and the most beautiful feet you could ever imagine. Ms. Fredricks knew her well. Her organization had been trying to break Allie for weeks with no success. Hopefully this time “We’ll have finally bent her to our will Ms. Fredricks thought,

    “Yes ma’am,” Came a gravely voice over the sounds of ticklish anguish that Allie was experiencing.
    “How goes the progress,” Ms. Fredricks asked.
    “Hear for yourself,” Came back the voice. The sounds of Allie’s tickled cries increased. Then stopped. Ms. Fredricks could hear Allie panting in exhaustion. A new, higher pitched voice could be heard.

    “So do you submit, swear fealty to the will of Ms. Fredricks?” The only sound that could be heard was the harsh panting of Allie and the static of the com. Then from the general silence Allies response rang out.

    “Go…. to…. HeeeEEEEELLLLL AHAHHHHAHAH noooooo NOOOOOOO!” Allie’s defiant response was cut off by more tickling.

    “You see we haven’t had much progress since last time you checked in.” Came the gravely voice.

    “Damn it,” whispered Ms. Fredricks. Ten days they’d been trying to break Allie. She was clearly a cut above the rest.

    “All right, I think her situation is going to require something a little different. I have an idea.” And with that Ms. Fredericks walked away. She walked briskly further down the hallway, past more sounds of moans and pleas from other ‘guests’ of her organization.
    Finally she arrived at room 439. This time she entered the room. It was completely empty except for a large, long, rectangular metal box. At one end a pair of beautifully high arched feet were sticking out. A metalich construct was sucking on the toes of this pair of feet. Ms. Fredricks could make out the subtle quivering shakes of the balls of the feet. The Box’s occupant was writhing with laughter.
    Ms. Fredricks walked up to the box and pressed a button on the top. A display screen popped up showing stats on the current occupant.

    Jess Ryce


    Ticklish index
    8.9/10 and counting

    39 days

    Under the ‘notes’ section Ms. Fredricks read
    “Subject Jess was originally very non-conformist and required maximum persuasion. Harder nut to crack but should be at the levels we’re looking for by now.”

    Ms. Fredricks pulled up the video logs of Jess and played the log titled ‘Day 1’. She skipped ahead a few hours. The right half of the video screen displayed Jess, a beautiful latina woman with dark hair. The footage was filmed from within the Box. The screen showed her from her ribs to her head, her arms stretched out so that her armpits were exposed. Her skin was bathed in a red light. Jess was panting hard and looked about ready to murder someone. On the left side of the screen were Jess’ feet, outside the box, toes tied and quaking. She was dripping sweat from already being tickled for an hour.

    “Now Jess, do you really want to make me upset again?” came a taunting female voice.

    “I don’t know who you are but if you don’t let me out of here right now, I swear to fu-UUUKKINGHEHEHHEHEhGGG OOhhhOOHHAHAAHAH”
    Jess was cut off by metallic hands extending inside the box, tickling every square inch of her armpits, breasts, and stomach. On the outside of the box, two soft looking brushes began raking up and down her arches.
    “Remember what we said” came back the same taunting female voice.
    “No swearing!” answered a different, lowered pitched, female voice. Ms. Fredricks skipped ahead 5 days. Jess was laughing hysterically while a chorus of other female voices taunted her from outside the box.

    “Ooohh does lil’ Jessie not like it when I do this” At the same time of the comment a metallic hand started digging into the center of Jess’ foot. Jess’ eyes widened but she couldn’t formulate a response due to her laughter.
    “Aww, does Jessie wanna break? Say the magic words please.” came the chorus of voices.
    All Jess could do was shut her eyes and nod her head yes.

    “Well too bad!” And with that, more metallic hands plunged into Jess. This elevated Jess’ laughter to a whole new level.

    “OOOhhh Pleehhehehhehesssee! I’m begging, I’m Beehehegginng youhoohohoh!!” Jess cried.

    “All you have to do,” came back one of the female voices, “is submit to Ms. Fredricks. Will you swear undying loyalty?”

    Jess Laughed for a few minutes before responding. Then with eyes shut, mouth open she shouted, “Ms. Fredricks can kiss my Aahahhaahhahahaha!” She wasn’t able to finish her thought. Ms. Fredricks again forwarded to day 24. This time there was only one female voice questioning Jess.

    “So Jess, do you promise to be loyal to our mistress Ms. Fredricks?” came the voice. Jess was silently laughing. A particularly nasty comb was working its way in between Jess’ toes while a peacock feather was sawing over Jess’ armpits inside the box.

    “AHhhahhaahhhaha Yeeeehhhss, YESS! Please, I’ll do anything! ANYTHING, juhahahhast make it stooPP!!” cried Jess. The machines turned off and Jess lay their, still laughing and panting even though the tickling had stopped. A look of pure shock on her face.

    “Surprised are we that the tickling actually stopped. I know, I’m sure you’re enjoying this little break,” Came the voice, “Are you a good girl?”

    Jess shook her head yes.

    “Are you loyal to Ms. Fredricks?”

    Again Jess shook her head. “I’ll do anything,” she repeated breathlessly.

    “I’m glad to hear that,” came back the voice, “but earlier this week you said some very rude things about Ms. Fredricks.” A terrified look crashed through Jess’ eyes. The voice continued, “So I think we’ll need to put you on punishment.”

    “Wait, WAIT! I’m sorry, I promise, whatever I can-” Jess started but then stopped because something was being inserted onto her toes. Some large metallic thing.
    “What is that?” asked Jess.

    “That is your punishment,” came back the voice, “which will be removed once you’ve earned back Ms. Fredricks favor.”

    Jess tried to jerk her legs away with no success.
    “OH!” jess cried. “Oh, what is thaahahahahat!! Iissssss it LICKING my ToEOEEOHHOHOHOHEEOHEHHOES! AHAahHHAHAHAHHA!” Jess threw her head back and began to incoherently babble. She begged and begged but the voice didn’t respond.

    Ms. Fredricks turned the video off.

    “So, she’s been on punishment ever since.” Ms. Fredricks said more to herself than anyone in particular. She pressed a few more buttons and a live feed came up. There Jess was, still laughing from the toe sucking machine. She looked resigned to a fate of perpetual tickling. Ms. Fredricks almost pitied her. Almost.

    Ms. Fredricks pressed a few more buttons on the metal box and the tickling stopped. Jess immediately stopped laughing. She lay there panting.

    “Hello there Jess, what did you think of our little machine?”

    Jess, with a coarse breath replied, “I’ll think whatever you want me to think…”

    “Perfect,” Ms. Fredricks thought.

    “Listen Jess, I have a deal for you. We have another guest like yourself who’s proving difficult. If you can get her to break within,” she checked her watch, “one hour, we’ll give you the whole weekend off. No tickling. No nothing.” At these words, Jess lit up.

    “What do you need me to do to this subject?” asked Jess, without a second's hesitation.

    “All I need you to do is make our subject, her name is Allie, submit to my will. If you can do that, I promise we’ll let you rest.”

    CPART 2

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    Interesting story, I like it!

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    I really enjoyed that, even though it's out of my usual interests. I guess that's the power of text over video!

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    Frederick, MD
    Love this idea

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    Lovely stuff! I'm always down for anything involving multiple distressed damsels in ticklish captivity! Looking forward for more.
    All my stories in DeviantArt: click here!

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    goddt history bro, By the way, can you describe what that finger sucking machine looks like? I hope it gets used a lot in the second part.

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