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    Apr 2001

    Runa: The Ticklish Warrior Maiden #1 (Patreon) New 9/5/2021

    Runa: The Ticklish Warrior Maiden #1
    A Patreon Exclusive Early Access Comic Serial!
    Written and Created by Bandito
    Colors by Roel
    Illustrated by Churin
    Lettering by RostoKFX

    There is an ancient legend which tells of a gorgeous young WARRIOR MAIDEN who will save the empire from a GREAT EVIL!

    Many believe the gorgeous, fit, and ferocious RAVISHING RUNA to be that warrior. There’s only one small problem: Runa is secretly, ridiculously, erotically TICKLISH. And Warrior Maidens are NOT TICKLISH!

    Join the sweet but allegedly deadly Runa, and her adorable sidekick, Sully, on her first TICKLISH MISADVENTURE! A seemingly simple skirmish with their naughty nemeses - the Shendaar Shamans - is about to turn into a SCREAMING TICKLISH EXPLOIT!

    We invite you to experience a beautiful world of barbarians and bezerkers, rogues and warriors, druids and of summoners. A world where a proud tribe of Warrior Maidens battle back bands of brigands and raiders and stand watch against their ultimate enemies: the Shendaar Shamans. These fiends have been known to use forbidden conjurations and even mind control to wage an endless rivalry with their brutish warrior foes…and oh yeah…the Shamans ride DINOSAURS.

    Imagine a lush, wild, tribal world filled with powerful beasts, jaw-dropping magic, and of course…GORGEOUS TICKLISH BUTT-KICKING WOMEN.

    And none more gorgeous, butt-kicking, or surprisingly sensitive than RUNA: THE TICKLISH WARRIOR MAIDEN.


    Item Features

    • 12 INCREDIBLY Ticklish Pages + Cover!
    • 45 Intense TICKLE TORTURE Panels!
    • Bare Foot Licking and Sole Tickling!
    • Busty Topless Tickle Torture!
    • Mind Reading and Erotic Tickles!
    • Very Naughty Ticklish Surrender!
    • Illustrated by the Amazing Churin!
    • Written and Created by Bandito!
    • Patreon Exclusive Early Access!

    Launch month for Runa: The Ticklish Warrior Maiden #1 has arrived with the release of the series cover!

    September 5th we will post the first comic page of this new 12 part Exclusive Early Access comic serial. Core members and Mega-tippers will get exclusive early access of a new comic page from this serial on the 5th of each month.


    -The Bandito Corporation
    Join The Bandito Corporation Today!

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