Ok fans, here is the final part of this series, "Undercover Deputy". This is also the final chapter of all the "lead up" series before I get to my Avenger's style culmination series. I hope you have all enjoyed this journey so far. I hope learning about the "side" characters Cheyenne and Bessie were enjoyable, and of course the main characters Darby and La Diabla and how they are going through their lives. The culmination series will be the largest series yet. As I am writing it, it will be a quite large story and all the themes from the 4 "lead up" series will come together as one. I am proud of what I have done so far and I thank everyone for commenting on the stories. Your comments fuel my desire to bring you more! So, enjoy this final chapter of this series!



Darby woke up from her slumber and slowly rolled over to her side. Her eyes opened and she could see that Bessie was not in her bed. She slowly got up and found her watch. The time said 7am and she then stretched her body. She did get a good night’s rest and she knew she slept like a baby. She got out from under the blanket and her feet touched the floor. She wiped her eyes and started to remember what happened the previous night. Memories of her being tied down, stripped naked, tickled all over her body, and being sexually teased made her blush again. The thought of being made to orgasm made her shudder again and she looked down at her right foot. She stared at her toes and remembered how they went inside Gloria Wellington’s vagina. Never in her wildest imagination did she ever think that by taking this undercover assignment, would her toes end up in a woman’s sexual organ. “I better leave that part out…” she laughed to herself as she thought about when she finally had to report her findings. The door then opened up to the room and she saw Bessie walk in.

“Hey!! You’re up! Did you get a good night’s rest? You were KNOCKED OUT…” Bessie giggled.

Darby blushed when she heard that. “Yeah, I actually did. I was really tired…” she smiled as she saw the smile on Bessie’s face. She then saw Bessie tidying up the room. “Bessie? Can I ask you something?”

Bessie looked over at Darby and smiled. She then sat down on her bed. “Sure, what would you like to ask me?” she said with a smile.

“About last night….” Darby began, feeling that shame once again. “Does…does that, um, kinda happen a lot around here? Is that what you meant by her…….requests?”

Bessie sighed as she looked at Darby and knew she had to be comforting. She has had this talk before. “Well…yeah, it does. I didn’t want to give you all the details because I don’t know how you would react. You do such a good job around here and seemed to like the place. Ms. Wellington, she, she just has these desires you know?” she responded.

“I see….that was a very interesting experience. I never worked for someone like that before..” Darby said, still feeling that shame.

“Yeah, all the maids who worked here have no idea what she is like until that first time. I remember when she did it with me. I was so shocked and didn’t know how to feel. It was kind of weird that my boss was doing, you know, gay things to me, but she is so good at seducing people.” Bessie said, now feeling shy herself. She then looked at Darby straight in the eyes. “I am not going to lie to you though. What she does, well, it does feel absolutely incredible. She has this way of bringing such pleasure out of your body. So even though you are in complete shock, your body really really likes it. How do you feel about it?”

“Well….I see what you mean by that. She was ticklin’ me all over muh body and when she decided to touch me like that, my body, um, really responded to it. Like ya just said, she has a way of bringing such strong pleasure out of your body.” Darby responded. She was still trying to make sense of her experience. “Does this happen often?” she asked.

“Not really actually. After that first time, months go by before she goes into that mode again. So, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I do have to ask though…” Bessie said, then lowered her head. “Are you going to quit? I mean, another girl before I got here quit after having that first session. She felt total shame and couldn’t subject herself to it again.” she said with some emotion in her voice.

Darby looked over at Bessie and could tell she was concerned. She gave a half smile and responded, “Naw, I am not quittin’. I like this job. You did kind of warn me that she does have interesting requests, but her pay is very good and to tell you the truth, I like working with you Bessie. You’re such a sweetheart.” Darby couldn’t quit because of her mission of course, but there was some truth. She did like being around Bessie. In these two days, the young woman has been very good with her, and she liked her spirit. She also thought that once she can bring down Gloria Wellington, she could get Bessie out of here too.

“Why thank you Miss Dorothy! You are such a sweetheart too. I don’t know what it is, but there is something absolutely special about you. You seem so noble. I can just tell you know?” Bessie replied feeling good within herself.

“Thank you, Miss Bessie! Now, I guess I should get myself cleaned up, dressed, then help you with the chores of the day.” Darby grinned. She was happy that Bessie thought highly of her and she kind of wished she could tell her who she really was, but she had a mission and had to get it done. Darby then stood up and went to their restroom to clean herself up before she got ready for the day. She really hoped she would uncover some more clues today!


Darby had quite the busy morning as she cleaned around the house and helped some of the men bring in the food supplies into the house. Her and Bessie had to sort out the food and then put them in their proper locations so the cooks can prepare their meals. After finishing that chore, she was straightening up around the hallways when she heard some chatter going on in Gloria’s office. She thought she heard Gloria’s and also Paul’s voice. The voices seemed very animated and her curiosity got to her. Darby made it close to the office as the door was slightly ajar and carefully listened.

“I swear this woman drives me crazy!! Always demanding stuff! What does she want now???” Gloria shouted.

“Well, she said that she is going to show up at the place and get everything ready. She requests $5,000 more dollars to help pay for Helga and the others to make sure everything is ready for a buyer. A new load of girls is coming in. You know these things are not cheap.” Paul responded.

“Ugh!! I guess we can handle that. I need Helga to do her job. She is really good at what she does, but I gave her money. These folks are too damn expensive.” Gloria responded as she banged her fist onto the desk.

“Well then you are not going to like what the rest of this telegram has to say….” Paul told her, then placed down the yellow piece of paper in front of Gloria.

Gloria read the telegram and her eyes popped open! She felt her blood boiling as she then shoved the paper away from her. “She wants ME to be there too?!!! I am supposed to just pack up and go there just because she says so??? You know, she is a really good ally for us and a great business partner, but she sure doesn’t make my life easier. Well, at least she is not as stupid as Olivia. She doesn’t smuggle guns which the Federal Government will always investigate” She complained.

“That is true. Olivia definitely is not the brightest bulb. Priscilla indicated that the buyer wants to meet the two partners in charge. He seems to be a very selective buyer.” Paul responded with a matter of fact tone in his voice.

“OK fine! The sale is in about five days and we will leave in two days. Then we can meet her and take care of this. I just hope this buyer brings a ton of money with him. This is not convenient for me..” Gloria responded in exasperation. She then leaned back in her chair and folded her hands. “Ms. Priscilla Montenegro! Always prancing around like she owns things. If it wasn’t for her husband Julio, she would be doing nothing. Make the arrangements so we can get there by train. If we leave in two days, then we will get there in time. I will bring my maids as I am sure Priscilla didn’t have my quarters cleaned since my last visit there…” she griped.

“As you wish..” Paul said as he then turned towards the door.

Darby saw him coming and she quickly moved away and slipped into another room until Paul passed by. Darby then started to think about what she just heard. “Who is this Priscilla Montenegro?? She has to meet a buyer too! This is it! Gloria Wellington must be part of that sex trafficking ring! I got to write this down..” she thought to herself. Darby felt her adrenaline flowing as she just gathered more clues to help break this case and gather evidence so they could bring Gloria Wellington down! She then left that room and made her way back to her room so she could write this information down. She felt she was definitely on the right path!


Darby began to clean up the dining room as Gloria had finished her supper. It was a nice meal as the chef had prepared a delicious meal of roasted chicken with mashed potatoes, and corn. The good news was, he made Bessie and Darby the same meal. After clearing the dishes, the maids then sat down for a quick bite to eat. Darby was excited after today. It was a long day full of chores, but she felt like she accomplished something. She was gaining some valuable information that would help her in her assignment. All day she kept thinking about whoever this “Priscilla Montenegro” was and what was her role. She was also happy that she and Bessie were going to accompany Gloria on a trip to California! That’s where Gloria was sure to meet up with Priscilla and perhaps that was the location where girls were being trafficked. Why else would a rich Texan such as Gloria Wellington need to go to California, near the coast to meet a buyer and a new “load” of girls were coming in? Darby got lost in her thoughts as she continued to eat her dinner. She kept thinking about how her timing of being a maid and an opportunity to crack the case wide open happened so soon.

“Dorothy, are you there?” Bessie said, waving her hand. She could tell her fellow maid was in deep thought.

“Huh? What?” Darby responded, snapping out of her thoughts.

“You’re so funny. You looked like you were very deep in thought. What’s on your mind?” Bessie smiled.

“Oh, not much. Hahaha I was just thinking about our trip in two days. Are we really going to California?” Darby asked with some excitement in her voice.

“Yes we are. I think it is a great opportunity for us! Ms. Wellington has gone on these California trips before, but I never got to go. The last time she went was weird. She took one of the maids, a woman named Michelle and she came back without her. She said that once they got to California, Michelle ran away or something. It was weird because Michelle seemed to like this place. She even seemed to like those…..requests.” Bessie said while winking.

“Interesting….that is kinda weird. Well, I never thought I would go to California. From what I hear, it is a beautiful place.” Darby responded. She was telling the truth. She did have a desire to visit California one day, but it was more of a dream as she loved her job being a deputy. There was no vacation time for her.

“Yeah, it will be new for me too. I heard that it never rains there, and the temperature is always the same. Like it is a paradise.” Bessie replied. She also heard of California but never thought she would visit the state. There was an excitement flowing through her.

“This is gonna be fun!” Darby said with a huge smile. The two women then finished their meal and did a final cleanup. They knew Gloria went to her bedroom to retire for the evening and Darby was looking forward to relaxing the rest of the night. As she walked into their room, she thought about her mission in two days. Once in California and they settled in, she was going to explore to see if she could find more evidence. Maybe where they were going had the trafficked girls. Now she was definitely grateful she had her gun. She just may have to use it. Another 30 minutes then passed by and then there was the sound of the bell. It was just one ring.

Bessie looked up when she heard that bell sound and realized it was her that was being summoned. She stood up and stretched. “Well, let me see what she wants. Must want me to bring her a glass of water or something. I will be right back!” she said as she then exited the room.

Darby watched the door closed and then leaned back on her bed. She then removed her shoes and dropped them on the floor. She gave her feet a quick rub as she was on them all day, then got off the bed and went to her suitcase. She was doing a final look over to make sure her small black notebook and her weapon were in that luggage. She grabbed the notebook and looked through the pages again. She now knew that “P. Montenegro” was “Priscilla Montenegro” and the $15,000 and the $5,000 amounts had to do with paying that woman and some other woman named Helga. Darby could not wait until she unraveled this mystery and bring down this ring!

Thirty minutes passed by and Darby was on her bed, reading a book she picked up from Gloria’s collection and she realized that Bessie hasn’t come back yet. She wondered what she was doing, then it hit her like a ton of bricks! She figured that it was Bessie’s turn to complete one of Gloria’s requests. Her mind started to wonder if Bessie was incredibly ticklish like her and hoped her friend was able to hold firm. “I hope she doesn’t suffer too much. Then again, maybe she likes it.” Darby told herself. She went back to reading her book, then another thirty minutes passed and then she heard the bell sound again and it was two times. That was her being summoned. She imagined that maybe she had to get Bessie and bring her back. Darby stood up, put on her slippers and started to walk out of the room and headed towards Gloria’s room. Now her mind started to wonder if she was going to see Bessie naked, like how Bessie found her last night. She finally made it to the room and knocked on the door.

“Come on in…….” a voice sang out.

Darby opened the door and stepped inside. She was now in the suite area and could smell some candles burning. She passed by the couch area and headed to the bedroom area since no one was in the suite. Right before she got to the silk curtains that separated the bedroom from the suite, the curtains opened and Gloria walked into the suite. Darby’s eyes popped open as she saw her employer standing there wearing long red stockings, and the rest of her was naked! Her breasts were exposed and so was her vagina! Darby started to blush as she looked at a naked Gloria.

“Hello again Dorothy, thank you for being so prompt.” Gloria smiled. She could tell Darby was blushing and it amused her. “You saw me naked last night remember? Come with me, Bessie is waiting for you…” she said as she took Darby’s left hand and pulled her into the bedroom.

Darby walked into the bedroom and didn’t know what to expect at this point. She looked around and then her eyes went towards the bed. As she got closer, she realized what Bessie must have been experiencing. She was now on the left side of the bed and looked down. Bessie was laying on the bed on her stomach, her limbs spread wide and roped down to the posts of the bed. Her wrists were above her head, her ankles spread far apart, completely spread eagled. What caught Darby’s eyes were under Bessie’s hips was a few pillows, which made her rear end stick up high in the air and because her legs were spread wide, Darby had a clear view of Bessie’s pussy. She could see a sheen of sweat on the back and hear Bessie breathing harder, with her body trembling as well. Darby then noticed there were paintbrushes and even a small red feather on the mattress. She could only imagine what her friend just went through.

“Isn’t she absolutely beautiful Dorothy?” Gloria said as she stood on Darby’s right side and wrapped her arm around the taller woman’s waist. She was breathing heavier herself as she was truly enjoying her playtime. “Look at that beautiful mocha skin…how toned her legs are….the paleness of her soles, and of course, that perfectly shaped ass! She is truly a treasure. A body so perfectly designed. Now, she is not as ticklish as you are, but oh, she is quite responsive!” she bragged.

Darby gulped and felt bad for Bessie. That poor woman had gone through some tickle torture, knowing how that felt. She did admit Gloria was right about something. Bessie was indeed very beautiful. Everything she said about her physical characteristics were accurate. She always saw Bessie clothed so she had no idea what she looked like underneath the clothes, but now that she has, she was definitely impressed. The ass was quite nice as it looked strong and have a nice bubble shape to it. Darby felt guilty as she was looking at her friend’s “goodies”. She could see the dark pussy lips and then she turned her head to see the look of lust on Gloria’s face.

“She is so much fun! But now I want to see something else before I have my orgasm. I want you to tickle her Dorothy. Make her squirm!” Gloria requested.

“Huh? You want me to…….tickle Bessie?” Darby responded in surprise.

“Oh yes.. I want you to tickle her. I want to see you make her laugh and beg as I sit and watch. I never done this before, so I want to see how it looks…” Gloria said with excitement in her voice.

“um…ok.” Darby replied. She thought about what she was about to do to her friend. She was sure Bessie was feeling humiliated from being in this position, naked for everyone to see and now she had to be tickled for Gloria’s enjoyment. She didn’t know how she was going to do it, but she moved forward and placed her left knee on the bed and was just about to get on the bed when she heard Gloria’s voice.

“Not yet…I want you naked first…” Gloria told her with a look of lust in her eyes.

Darby froze in place as she heard Gloria’s words. “You want me *gulp* nekkid?” she responded as she got off the bed and stood up straight.

“Yes dear, I want you naked. We are naked, so should you. Now, take off those pajamas and get naked. Chop chop!” Gloria commanded.

Darby took a deep breath and started to remove her pajamas. She removed her top, then her bra, exposing her breasts. She could feel Gloria leering at her, but she had to follow the orders. She then pulled down her pajama bottoms, then her underwear. Stepping out of them, she felt so embarrassed as once again, she was naked in front of Gloria. All that remained were her socks.

“Socks too..I want to see that pink skin on the bottoms of your feet as you tickle Bessie..hehehe” Gloria giggled, definitely anticipating looking at Darby’s feet.

Darby then leaned down and slipped her socks off, one foot at a time. As she dropped her last sock to the floor, she saw that look of lust on Gloria’s face. Now, she was completely naked again. She looked over at Gloria who was now pointing towards the upper left portion of the bed. Darby then moved her way to that spot, and she started to place her knees on the mattress and climbed on. She was right next to Bessie’s upperbody, on the left side and she saw Bessie turn her head and now made eye contact with her.

“Hi Dorothy… fancy seeing you here.. hehe” Bessie joked. She just went through a tickling session minutes earlier now her fellow maid was here to do stuff to her as well.

“Yeah, fancy that. Are you ok?” Darby asked.

“Yeah, I am. I am a little tired, but I am ok.” Bessie responded. She then closed her eyes and prepared herself as she knew what Gloria wanted to have happen. “Be gentle, ok?” she whispered.

Darby looked back at Gloria who had this sinister smile on her face. She then looked back down at Bessie and saw her outstretched arm, which exposed the armpit. She figured she should start there. As she sat down on her heels, her legs bent at the knee and under her, she reached forward with her left hand and then placed her fingers on the outside edge of the underarm and stroked the skin. She saw Bessie squirm a little and she knew that her friend was indeed ticklish. She wiggled her fingers again and she heard a small giggle come out. Darby cocked her head to the side and a smile was starting to form on her face. She stroked the skin again, this time her fingers moved further into the armpit and now a stronger giggle came out.

“hehehehehehe hey!!!” Bessie squealed in laughter.

Darby chuckled as the sound of that giggle sounded so sweet. She then started to reach further into the armpit area and now her fingers were right in the middle. She felt the body tremble from her touch and now she started to enjoy this. “Kitchy kitchy…” she whispered as her fingers started to move a little faster.

“hehehehehehehe hey!!! That tickles!!” Bessie giggled as she felt the fingers tickling her vulnerable armpit. She wished she could close her arm, but it was no use. She had to endure those fingers there and now she started to squirm in her bonds. Her laughter started to pick up as the ticklish feelings got stronger. Her eyes then shut closed and her head turned towards her right, as though she was trying to flee away from where the tickling was coming from.

Gloria made her way to the bed and climbed on top of the mattress at the foot of the bed and then sat there, Indian style. She absolutely loved the sounds of the giggles, and she loved the way that firm ass was writhing in place. She licked her lips in lust as she looked over at Darby tickling that sweet underarm. Just earlier, she got to tickle those same armpits and loved the reaction. The sight of another woman tickling Bessie was really turning her on. Gloria loved the fact that they were all naked and she started to envision how she wanted this night to end. A devious smile formed on her face as she imagined what was going to eventually take place.

Darby continued to tickle that delicate armpit and now she was getting into it. Being tickled was horrible for her but tickling someone else she was growing to like. Her mind flashed back to a few days earlier where she got to tickle a woman named Mandy. She enjoyed tickling her feet and it was addicting. She then removed her fingers from the armpit and then slowly dragged her fingertips from the bottom of the pit, down the side where the breast was, then down the side of that skin. She saw Bessie lift her head in ticklish anguish.

“T-that ugh!!! Really ugh!! T-tickles! Hehehehehehehehe” Bessie giggled as she felt those fingers sliding down the side of her body. Everything was a lot more responsive to the touch and she started to feel more ticklish. She then slammed her had back onto the pillow and tried to hold in the laughter. She didn’t want to completely submit to the torment just yet. Bessie then bugged her eyes open as the fingers started to now drift onto her back, right by her left ass cheek, then into the small of her back. She did not expect that area to be touched and it tickled a LOT! “HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE THAT REALLY TICKLES!!!” she squealed loudly.

Darby loved that reaction as her fingers continued to softly explore the small of the back. The skin felt very nice on her fingers and she decided to do a very light touch approach. Bessie seemed to react to it with intensity, so she continued. Now she slowly brought her index finger slowly up the spine and she could see Bessie arching her back, and goosebumps forming on the skin. She couldn’t help but smile as she saw her friend snickering and squealing, just from the lightest of touches. Darby was starting to have fun with it. When her finger made it to the spinal area between the shoulder blades, she wiggled her finger a bit. “Tickle tickle..” she teased.

Bessie lifted her body up as much as she could where her head was trying to go back, and her back was arching as the finger up her spine drove all kinds of ticklish electricity through her body. She felt tense and when the fingers wiggled between her shoulder blades, she burst into hysterical laughter. “THAT TICKLES THAT TICKLES THAT TICKLES!!!! HEHAHAHAHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!” she roared. It didn’t help Darby was giving her teasing words. It made the sensations worse!

Gloria sat back and watched Darby’s tickling style. She was impressed that the light touches were producing such an effect on poor Bessie. She watched as that index finger slowly made its way up the spine then wiggled at the top, now it was slowly making its way back down the spine. She waited in anticipation as the finger made it to the ass cheeks, then it circled back around and went up the spine again. Gloria had a huge smile on her face as she heard those squeals, but she also stared at Darby’s breasts. She absolutely loved those pink nipples and that rounded shape. She then looked down at Bessie’s rear end and she loved that sight too. There was something about the way it wiggled, the way it quivered and shake that made her get more and more aroused. She started to rub her breasts as she continued to watch this show.

Darby was starting to have fun. Her finger was producing such ticklish hilarity out of Bessie and now she moved her finger at the small of the back and let it drift off to the sides, right by the hip bones. Her finger then started to softly stroke up the left side and touched the ribcage which made Bessie’s body body jerk away from her finger. She followed the moving body with her finger, getting closer and closer as Bessie tried her best to move away. Darby was feeling playful at this moment, getting caught up in the activity. “Here it comes….my finger is coming for your ribs!” she teased.

Bessie looked over and could feel the finger getting closer to her ribs. She continued to contort her body away from the finger and went as far as she could. She felt the finger was so close to her she started to giggle already. “hehehehehe come on!!! Don’t do it!!! Dorothy, I am begging you..hehehehehe” she pleaded.

Darby liked to hear that pleading and she moved her hand closer and then contact! Her finger poked into the rib and started to wiggle in the space between the ribs. She laughed to herself as she heard such a loud, ticklish shriek out of Bessie. She then pressed her finger deeper into the rib area and now she saw Bessie’s head shaking wildly, her hair whipping in the air. She then moved her body closer to Bessie’s and now she reached with both hands and started to tickle the sides and the ribs. “You are so ticklish!” she laughed.

“No Dorothy no!!! No!! Don’t hahahahahahahaha tickle meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Hahahahahahahaha” Bessie laughed freely. She could feel those fingers stroking and poking her sides. She looked over and saw the happy smile on Darby’s face. Her fellow maid was truly enjoying herself at her expense! She then put her face directly into the pillow and let out the loudest ticklish scream that she could give. Then her head snapped up as she felt multiple fingers tickling her spine. The fingertips were “pitter pattering” on her spine and it drove her absolutely crazy.

Gloria chuckled under her breath as she watched these two women engage in tickling play. She loved the way Darby was tickling the sides and the spine and it brought her great lust. She then moved her right hand between her legs and started to rub herself, while her left hand tweaked and rubbed her nipples. She could feel pleasure building up in her body and her eyes caught sight of Bessie’s ass again. “Tickle her ass!!” she shouted, getting caught up looking at the ass wiggling as the back was being tickled.

Darby broke out of her tickle trance and looked over at Gloria. She was in shock as she watched Gloria using her hands to masturbate as she tickled Bessie. She heard what Gloria said and with that lustful look in Gloria’s eyes, she figured she better do as told. She looked at Bessie’s bubble butt and then ran her fingers softly over the left cheek. She was pleasantly surprised when she saw the ass cheeks clench together and heard a delightful squeal coming from Bessie. Darby looked down at the rear end and it greatly amused her to see those cheeks clenching, then opening again. Her victim was squirming a lot again so she came up with an idea. Darby straddled Bessie’s back, where she sat on the middle of the back, facing the ass and outstretched legs. Her own naked ass made contact with the skin and she realized how physically close she was. She paused for a moment, then looked at Gloria who was staring right at her.

“Well, start tickling her…” Gloria said, her eyes turning to slits as she was in high lust. The position Darby took looked so erotic to her as she got a perfect view of Darby’s naked chest. It turned her on seeing how Darby was sitting on Bessie’s back, her pussy touching that ebony skin. She started touching her breasts more and kept licking her lips. There was this beautiful vision of the pale skin of Darby, with those pink nipples, and red hair in contrast to this mocha colored skin. Gloria was in full lust now.

Bessie felt the weight on her back now. She realized Darby was sitting on her and she felt more helpless as she could not squirm around as much. She looked over and saw Darby’s legs on either side as she twisted her head. She could feel Darby’s soft skin on her and it was actually turning her on. She was already tied up and helpless, but with the weight being pressed down on her, she felt even more vulnerable. Then there was something else that really got her juices going. Darby’s legs were bent back towards her arms and touching her arms in fact, were Darby’s extraordinarily soft feet. Those perfect pink soles were under her outstretched arms and she could feel how soft they were. It made her think of that first night where she got to touch these feet for the first time. Bessie started to smile as she now stared at the bottoms of the feet, the portions her eyes could see such as the toes and ball of the foot on each arm. She even started to moan as she thought about when she tickled them when Darby was sleeping. What also thrilled her was the feeling of Darby’s ass on her back. She could not believe just how soft this woman was. She even felt the pussy hairs barely grazing her skin as well. Her arousal continued to rise.

Darby settled herself in and now focused her eyes on that soft ass. There it was. Just right there. Waiting for her to touch it and tickle it. She gave another quick look at Gloria’s face and read the lips. She saw the words “tickle her” from those lips and now she looked back down on the ass. She then reached forward with both hands and lightly danced her fingers all over both ass cheeks. Instantly, those cheeks clenched and she heard a delightful squeal coming from Bessie.

“Hehehehehehehehehehe Dorothy!!!! That tickles!!!! Hehehehehehehehehehehe” Bessie giggled as she felt fingers dancing all over her ass cheeks. She tried to make her body squirm, but with Darby sitting on her, she couldn’t move side to side, so she tried bouncing on the bed. She could barely move as Darby had the perfect body position on her. All she could do now is laugh as her ass cheeks clenched tight.

Darby was enjoying herself as she felt her friend futilely squirming under her. Being in law enforcement, she knew exactly where to apply her weight to subdue criminals so they couldn’t escape. Now she used that skill in a friendly way to make sure Bessie could not get away from her tickling fingers. Even though she was practically told to tickle Bessie, there was a growing enjoyment from doing the deed. She loved listening to Bessie laugh and she started to feel powerful. It reminded her when she tickled Mandy, the power of tickling someone into hysterics was intoxicating. Being on the receiving end so many times, she knew what tickling can do to someone. Now, she was inflicting that touch and she felt very powerful. But she didn’t want to torture Bessie, like how she had been tortured so many times. So, she kept the tickling very light, but it was very effective. Her fingers even explored to backs of the legs, right there on the quadriceps and she could still Bessie trembling beneath her. There was another affect her tickling was having on her. Darby was getting aroused from the trembling and squirming beneath her and between her legs. So, she continued to tickle that ass.

Bessie was squealing with reckless abandon. She never had her ass tickled this long and Darby’s soft touch was really devastating to her. What really sent her into ticklish desperation was when she felt a finger slowly tickling down the crack of her ass. Oh, it tickled her tremendously! Her cheeks were clenched very tight and her laughter got louder. “Please!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! DOROTHY!!! IT TICKLES!!!!!”

Darby laughed to herself as she heard the desperate pleas. This was getting to be more fun as her index finger on the right hand slowly traced along the crack of the ass. It moved excruciatingly slow from the tailbone, down the cheek headed towards the bottom of the ass. She marveled on how the skin reacted as the cheeks clenched very tight. The sounds of the desperate laughter got louder and louder as her finger then started to move back from the bottom of the rear end, very softly teasing that crack and made it back to the tailbone. Once it made it to that spot, Darby then used all of her fingers to drum along both cheeks, sending more strong ticklish sensations throughout her victim’s body.

Gloria felt her body in full heat as she continued to rub between her legs and playing with her left nipple. The way Darby was tickling that ass was an amazing sight. What she really enjoyed was that since the ass was raised into the air because of the pillow underneath the hips, from her vantage point she had a clear look at Bessie’s pussy. It was just right there, open to be seen and completely vulnerable. She licked her lips as she saw the darker skin and she remembered when she played there earlier when she saw how pink the insides were. Her eyes would then scan down the toned legs and even glanced to her near left side and saw Bessie’s upturned left sole. She saw the toes scrunching and the sole flexing as the ass tickling made her body jerk. She loved how that foot looked. How thick and meaty it was. The semi-largeness of the appendage, it being a size 8 shoe. The skin wasn’t very soft, and had some toughness to it, but overall it had some tenderness to it. She loved how thick the toes were and she was happy both of her maids had these meaty toes because she really could get a good sucking on them. She then bit her bottom lip and slowly moved her left hand towards that vulnerable foot. Gloria then took the tip of her index finger and stroke it from the heel, down the length of that helpless foot.

“HEEEYYYYYYY!!!! HAHAHAHAHA DON’T DOO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THAT!!!” Bessie screamed as she felt something tickling the bottom of her foot. She then wiggled her foot a bit, trying to shake away the ticklish feeling.

Darby heard the laughter and then her eyes looked to her right and down the length of Bessie’s leg and she saw that Gloria was stroking her finger up and down Bessie’s foot. She smiled a little as she realized her friend had ticklish feet as well. She watched with amusement as each stroke on that foot, made the woman underneath her shake more violently. She then started to softly tickle the ass again and now the screaming got more intense.

Bessie was going crazy from the dual ticklish assault on her body. Her ticklish ass was tormented, now she felt her foot being tickled. She scrunched her toes as the finger sliding all over her foot. She felt it tickling her heel, then along the outside edge of the foot and zig zagging across her arch. In all her tickling experiences, she never got tickled by two people in two different places. Now her hips started to grind as she couldn’t move her body much. Bessie gasped as she felt a hand clamp down on her ankle, and fingers were now scurrying wildly on her foot.

Gloria was loving how the foot was reacting to her tickling fingers. She stared at the center of the arch and focused her attention there. She started to move her fingers slowly, then sped up the pace and now that foot was trying to wiggle away. Holding down the ankle with her left hand, her right hand was inflicting that delicious torture. She just could not get enough of tickling some feet. She tickled Bessie earlier, but with Darby helping her tickle her, her lust grew again. She then made eye contact with Darby and smiled. “Dorothy, tickle her other foot please….” she grinned with excitement.

Darby saw the lustful look in Gloria’s eyes and heard the command. She then looked over and saw the other foot all by itself. She was having a lot of fun tickling that ass, now she was told to tickle that foot. She slowly got up off of Bessie’s back and now she made her way into the space on the bed between Bessie’s legs. She started to crawl down to the right foot and when she turned her head, she could see Gloria tickling that left foot. She could hear the laughter from Bessie and she knew that she was about to intensify that laughter. Darby finally made it down to the foot and laid down on the bed. She had to place her legs in that tight space, so her knees were bent and her feet were in the air as she laid on her stomach. She was in “the pose” as she then looked at the foot before her. Her eyes looked over the length of that pale meaty sole and it looked sensitive. She started to get nervous as she could now inflict some tickle torture on her friend’s feet.

Gloria continued to tickle the foot before her, and she was truly enjoying this moment. She then looked up and noticed Darby’s body position. Her eyes gazed at those large pink soles that were waving in the air. She felt her moisture between her legs grow as she almost drooled at the sight of those feet. Now she craved them. She then looked back down at Bessie’s foot and with increased motivation, she started to scrabble her fingers all over the sole, imagining what she wanted to do with Darby’s foot. Her fingers invaded the arch, and trekked across the ball of the foot, sending Bessie into hysterical laughter.

Bessie screamed in laughter as she felt the vigorous tickling on her foot. With her foot pinned down, she couldn’t really move it away from the fingers , all she could do was scrunch her toes. She squealed when the fingers found a sensitive spot near the base of her toes and she laid her head down on the bed and just laughed. She had nowhere to hide as the tickling continued. Now she felt Gloria’s fingers trying to get into the crevices of her toes and she scrunched them very tight. She had to protect her toes as she knew the tickling would be horrendous. Then, her eyes popped open as she felt a soft tickling sensation on her right foot. She realized that Darby was tickling her foot!

Darby slowly moved the tips of her fingers across the thick sole. They started at the ball of the foot and moved over the arch, then the heel and then slid slowly back down the foot. She had to smile as she felt the foot trembling from her touch and it fascinated her. Having been the victim of foot tickling torture, she knew how devastating it could be. Her mind went back to the night where she helped Gertrude Billington tickle a local bar maid, Mandy. She remembered the rush of adrenaline she had just by tickling her feet. There was truly a sense of power and now she was enjoying tickling the sole of her fellow maid. Darby then took the tip of her index finger and started to draw lazy circles directly in the center of the arch. She giggled to herself as she felt the foot trembling from her touch.

Bessie continued to laugh hard as she felt both of her feet being tickled. The hard tickling on her left foot was in contrast to the softer touch on her right. Having both feet tickled was very intense for her and she shook her head side to side as her mouth let out such beautiful laughter. She tried to beg for mercy, but all that came out was her ticklish squeals. Then her head suddenly snapped up as she felt fingers going into the toes of her left foot. Gloria managed to get into that sensitive area!

Gloria managed to worm her index finger into the crevice between the big toe and index toe and then she wriggled it rapidly. It gave her great pleasure to listen to the ticklish screams Bessie provided. She really loved Bessie’s toes. They were so thick and sensitive. She continued to spin her finger in that crevice and loved the reaction she was getting. She then moved her finger into the next crevice and got a fresh scream.

Darby looked over at Gloria to see how she got Bessie to scream and it made her smile. She noticed that she was concentrating on the toes, so Darby figured she would have to do the same. She took the tip of her nail and slowly dragged it across the pad of the big toe and smiled as that toe started to curl up trying to evade her fingers but it was no use. She then moved her finger a little faster of the toe pad and it slowly uncurled, resigned to its ticklish fate. Darby started to really stare at the shape of the toes and it gave her a thrill. Just touching the toe seemed so much fun and she watched the other toes curl, then spread open, then scrunch tightly. Darby started to wonder how her toes looked when they were tickled. She then placed her fingers on the undersides of the toes and grinned when she heard another loud squeal.

Gloria heard the extra squeal and realized Darby must have hit a very sensitive spot. She turned her head and saw Darby now playing with the toes. She laughed to herself as she thought Darby was trying to compete with her. Now, she saw this as a challenge! Who would make poor Bessie laugh harder? She then decided to really up the ante and then concentrated on tickling the undersides of the toes, her nails flickering all over that sensitive skin. Feeling those toes in a ticklish panic really excited her. Gloria looked over at Darby’s feet and started to lust for them too. She then quickly turned her head back to Bessie’s foot and now she focused on the middle toe. She used her fingernail to slowly stroke that underside and loved how much Bessie was laughing.

Bessie felt the tickling on her toes on both feet and it was driving her absolutely crazy. She recognized that Gloria was being more ruthless and Darby used a softer touch. She didn’t know which one was worse because both styles were driving her crazy. Her hands started to slap on the mattress in agony and she laid her head back down. Her laughter flowed freely and now her body was getting exhausted.

Darby continued to softly stroke, tease and tickle each of the helpless toes. A surge of arousal started to flow through her as she inflicted tickling pleasure in that foot. Her fingers then went back to the ball of the foot and lazily dragged around that fleshy part. She started to wiggle her own feet in the air as she was having a good time tickling Bessie’s. Her curiosity got to her and now she started to stroke the instep and heard more hysterical laughter. She started to laugh herself as Bessie’s reactions were funny. She even heard herself whispering “kitchy kitchy koo! Tickle tickle on these feet! Hehehe”. Darby then slowly moved the tips of her nails slowly up and down the sole, trying to make her friend laugh harder.

Gloria continued her toe assault and then she started to slow it down as she heard that Bessie’s laughter and breathing got slower. She looked over at Darby and saw how much fun she was having. But it was time to give Bessie a break. “Dorothy, you can stop now…” she smiled. She then cocked her head as Darby didn’t stop. She noticed that Darby seemed to be in a trance and it made her feel proud that her maid wanted to inflict tickle torture. She then leaned her body forward and quickly danced her fingers on Darby’s foot.

Darby gasped as she felt fingers on her foot. She immediately broke out of her trance and looked over at Gloria who had a smile on her face. “I’m sorry. I guess I got caught up…” she said shyly.

“Yes you did, and I LOVE IT. But let’s give Bessie a rest…” Gloria said as she then sat down between Bessie’s legs and started to rub her ass.

Bessie felt the tickling stopped and she started to breathe heavy. The foot tickling was driving her crazy and finally she got some peace. “thank you…..thank you…” she wheezed as she felt so tired.

Darby got up off the bed as Gloria occupied the space between Bessie’s legs on the bed. She stood there and felt very self-conscious as she was completely naked. Her left hand reflexively covered her chest and she tried to cover her pussy with her right hand. She felt so embarrassed right now. She then looked up and saw Gloria staring at her.

“mmmmmm…you both are so beautiful.” Gloria cooed as she looked at Bessie’s ass, then over to Darby. Her eyes then lit up as she thought of something to do. “You know, I think I will have some fun. Dorothy, I want you to lay down on top of Bessie, same position she is in right now. Place your hips directly on top of hers…” she instructed, then she got up and got off the bed.

Darby looked at her quizzically, then got back onto the bed, made it to the space between Bessie’s legs and tried to follow the instructions. She put her body in position and then she laid down on top of Bessie, her breasts landing on the back of her friend, her head slightly above Bessie’s and she placed her hips directly on top of Bessie’s rear end, and she started to feel some arousal as she was now on top of her friend, skin to skin. Her eyes popped open as she felt her legs being pulled open and placed on top of Bessie’s, which exposed her own special place!

Gloria now sat in between the two sets of spreadeagled legs and looked forward. A huge wave of lust ripped through her body as she saw the sight in front of her. She could see Darby’s naked pale skin ass on top of a mocha colored bubble butt and saw two, aroused pussies almost stacked on top of each other. She could see the light pink of Darby’s lips in contrast to the dark lips of Bessie. She then held up a small paintbrush that she picked up before sitting in this position and scooted her body up, so she was close to the two women’s vulnerable spots. She twirled the brush in her fingers then slowly lowered it towards the crack of Darby’s ass.

Darby was enjoying laying on top of Bessie and felt her nipples on the soft skin. She then started to whisper in Bessie’s ear. “I’m sorry..I hope this isn’t too weird for you…Sorry I had to tickle you..”

“It’s ok…I kind of like it…” Bessie whispered back.

“Oh you did? Well, that is good to KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” Darby screamed in laughter as she felt something tickling the crack of her ass. She started to roar in laughter and started to move her hips as it tickle like crazy. Her legs tried to close as she wasn’t tied down, but then she felt the tickling sensation stop, then her legs being pulled open again. She then heard a sinister laugh.

“hehehehehe Dorothy, you have to stay still….” Gloria said with fun malice in her voice. She had stroked the tip of her brush down the crack of that ass and absolutely loved the reaction she got. She then took the brush and tickled the crack of Bessie’s ass that was exposed as most of it was covered by Darby’s body.

“HEEEEEYYY!!!! THAT TICKLES!!!!” Bessie screamed as she felt the brush tickling her very ticklish ass. She started squirming her body around as the brush made its cruel path and it was near her ass hole. She could feel Darby’s weight on her body and she enjoyed feeling that soft skin on hers. She could also feel two stiff nipples on her back and now that she was being tickled and squirming, she felt those nipples rubbing against her.

Gloria continued to stroke that crack of Bessie, paying attention to where she was moving the brush, the bristles tickling directly on the edges of the crack. She then moved the brush back to Darby’s ass crack and was delighted to see those pale cheeks clench together and writhe in ticklish agony. This whole scene was very erotic to her as she saw the two women grinding their hips.

Darby continued to laugh as she felt that brush on her ass, then got a respite as Bessie was tickled. She felt herself getting more wet as she felt Bessie grinding her hips into her and when she was tickled, she was pressing her hips onto her friend. She could not believe this was happening. She was in such a vulnerable erotic state and the tickling was getting more intense. Now she felt the sweat forming on her stomach and she started to slide around on Bessie’s sweaty back. Darby closed her eyes and then instinctively, started to kiss Bessie’s neck as she heard her giggling.

Bessie felt a surge of lust crash through her as she felt the brush tickling her, Darby’s body sliding and rubbing on top of her back, and now she felt soft lips kissing her neck. Her own nipples were poking into the blanket and she was so turned on. She had this beautiful tall woman on top of her and her private area was open and vulnerable to ticklish designs. She then gasped, then moaned when she felt the brush stroking her pussy lips!

Gloria’s eyes turned to slits as she stroked the brush slowly on Bessie’s pussy lips. She loved how the bristles would spread a little as it stroked across the folds of that delicious pussy. She started to slowly stroke the brush across the lips and down towards the clit. When she made it to the clit, she twirled it a little, causing a ticklish moan from her maid and then she stroked it back up the vagina and headed towards another.

Darby could hear the moans coming from Bessie and her body twitching beneath her and it really turned her on. She kept kissing the neck as she really wanted to make out with Bessie, then her own eyes popped open when she felt that brush’s kiss now stroking between her legs! “ooooooohhhhh….” She moaned as the brush slowly stroke across her wetness. She then twitched her ass as the brush tickled right on the lowest part of the crack of her ass, twirled, then headed right back down her slit. She could feel the bristles teasing her pouty lips and she started to grind her hips again. It tickled like hell, but it also felt incredible.

Bessie could hear Darby’s moan and she was so turned on. She could feel her friend grinding on top of her and she was relieved that her own pussy wasn’t being tickled right now, even though she craved to be touched. It was getting surreal to her as she had a tall, sexy woman on top of her and both of them were having their pussies played with by another beautiful, more mature woman. Bessie started to softly moan herself as the nipples in her back pressed more into her.

“Mmmmmmm, I love ticklish pussies… you both have such ticklish pussies…” Gloria teased as she continued to tickle both women’s most private spot. She loved going from the sweet pussy of Bessie, to the delicious pussy of Darby. She would also tickle the cracks of the asses and even around the groin area, driving them both crazy with ticklish sensations, only to return to the pussy teasing. She then reached forward with her left hand, and using her thumb and index finger, she opened Bessie’s pussy lips and stroked the brush on the pink insides, really sending her victim into convulsions.

“oh my oh my OH MY OH MY OH MY!!!!” Bessie grunted as her voice got louder as she felt that brush now teasing inside of her. It felt absolutely amazing as the bristles tickled that really delicate skin Her body instinctively tried to clench her lips back together, but those fingers held her open and her inside was completely helpless to whatever Gloria wanted to do to her.

Darby could tell Bessie was on the verge of exploding and she wanted to help bring her over that edge. She resumed her neck kissing and even started to nibble on the earlobe. As she was getting into it, she started to whisper into her ear. “You sound like you want to cum…just let it go..”

Bessie started to moan very loud as she heard Darby whispering into her ear. She was right, she really wanted to cum right now. That brush teasing her, Darby on top of her, and now she heard those words. She shut her eyes tight and she felt her pleasure building up as the brush was now circling and stroking against her clit. The only thing in the world she wanted to do right now was to cum. Nothing else mattered but to release all that pent up desire she had.

Gloria could tell Bessie was on edge right now. She continued to twirl and stroke the brush on that succulent clit and could see Bessie’s hips grinding. She was focused on making her maid cum and her own private area was drenched. Her eyes would also look at Darby’s ass and pussy right in front of her, which only made her hornier. She then focused right back on the clit and now she started to move the brush faster. Gloria saw Bessie’s hips grinding harder and harder and knew she was about to explode. She then took her left hand and did a quick stroke down the crack of Darby’s ass and heard her squeal in ticklish delight.

That was all it took for Bessie to explode. That brush had teased her clit to the point of no return for sexual heaven and when she heard Darby’s giggle in her ear, she exploded. Wave after tsunami wave crashed through her body and she let out a loud moan. Her body tensed up, her toes clenched tightly and she felt every single nerve in her body singing with praise for this amazing feeling. Bessie felt her body convulsing and she started to shake with pleasure.

Darby’s own lust was in high gear as she rode Bessie’s body as it was in the throughs of an orgasm. When Bessie’s hips were grinding, her hips were moving. She was sliding over the sweaty back and when she felt her ass being tickled, it only made her want to swoon in pleasure. She kissed Bessie’s shoulder and neck area, trying to provide some comfort to her. “You did real good Bessie…” she whispered in the ear.

Gloria’s mouth was wide open as she just witnessed Bessie have this massive orgasm. Now, she placed her left hand on Darby’s ass as she felt this surge in desire. She used her right hand to now tickle Darby’s pussy lips! She smiled as she heard Darby giggling and it was time to make her cum! She took the cum soaked brush and now stroked it across Darby’s clit. “Your turn Dorothy…..” she teased.

Darby started to giggle as that brush started to tease her. It felt very ticklish, but the pleasure she felt was amazing. Having already been turned on from Bessie, it didn’t take her long to grind her hips, enjoying the feeling that brush was doing to her. Her eyes started to roll into the back of her head as she felt the brush dipping inside her and then coming out near her clit. Her moans started to get louder as the pleasure was taking over her body. “oh gawd..oh gawd…feels so……….GOOD!” she squealed as the brush was now circling and teasing her clit.

Bessie felt Darby grinding on top of her and it only got her aroused again. Feeling those hip pumps into her ass felt so good to her and she even wiggled her ass, trying to help Darby get off. “you can cum too Dorothy..cum on me…” she whispered, hoping Darby heard her.

Gloria saw Darby’s hips moving faster and faster and she knew the red head was close to cumming her brains out too. She stroked and twirled the brush directly on the clit and then said, “cum Dorothy, cum for me….” In a teasing voice. She then took her left hand and took the tip of her finger to tickle the crack of Bessie’s ass making her squeal in ticklish delight.

Darby heard the words spoken to her from both Bessie and Gloria and when she heard that cute ticklish squeal, her body tensed up and then it hit her. It hit her like a tidal wave. An orgasm tore through her very soul and she groaned quite loud. “OH GAWWWWWWD YES!!!!!!!!!” she shouted as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her body. She felt herself shaking in pleasure as her left leg twitched wildly, her toes clenching and opening. She then slid off Bessie’s body onto the left side. Her face was on the mattress as her hands gripped the blanket and she continued to convulse through that orgasm.

Gloria sat back and observed her two maids recovering from their orgasms. It gave her great joy to bring their beautiful bodies to the greatest of pleasures. She saw them breathing heavy and their bodies were twitching. She touched herself and she was soaked. A grin came to her face and now it was her turn! She got on her knees and crawled towards the exhausted bodies. She slowly grabbed Darby’s waist and pushed her body more to the left side so she could get in position herself. She then stood up on the bed and stepped over Bessie, with her feet on the pillows. She turned around, careful not to kick Bessie’s head and the positioned herself so she could sit down. She maneuvered her body and carefully sat down on the top edge of the pillows, her back against the headboard and she spread her legs where her right ankle now rested on Darby’s back, and her left leg across Bessie’s right arm. Her exposed pussy was right on top of Bessie’s head. “Bessie dear, look at me…” she said softly.

Bessie was feeling really good at this moment, then lifted her head. Her eyes widened as she saw Gloria’s pussy directly in front of her face. She could smell the arousal and stared at those pouty lips, with her natural dew glistening. Her eyes then looked up and she saw Gloria’s face. She recognized that look and she prepared herself for what she had to do.

Darby started to recover from her orgasmic bliss and she noticed Gloria’s body position. Her eyes noticed that Bessie’s face was right in front of Gloria’s vagina. She also felt a foot on her back and she laid there, wondering if she should move, or is she going to watch her friend eat out Gloria.

“Bessie, before you begin….” Gloria started as she rubbed her fingers in Bessie’s hair. She then looked over at Darby and smiled. “Dorothy, I want you to sit between Bessie’s legs and put your feet near me and resting on Bessie’s back. Come on, let’s go…” she directed.

Darby carefully got her body from under Gloria’s foot and then started to move towards that space on the bed where Bessie’s legs were still spread wide opened. She sat down and then carefully placed her legs up on Bessie’s back, her own rear end was now touching Bessie. She then grew concerned as her feet were directly in front of Gloria and on either side of Bessie’s head. She started to get nervous as she had a feeling on what was about to happen.

Gloria looked down and could see Darby’s face and her chest, then her eyes went towards those two large soles now facing her. Her heart fluttered as she stared at those deep pink soles. She then used her right hand on Darby’s left ankle and poised her right hand fingers. She then looked down at Bessie’s beautiful face and smiled. “Work your tongue magic dear…” she cooed, then started to softly tickle the bottom of Darby’s right foot. She felt the foot twitching and heard that soft giggle and it only made her more aroused than she already was.

Bessie stuck out her tongue and started to lick the saturated pussy before her. The taste filled her body and it did taste good. This was not the first time she serviced Gloria so she knew how she tasted. Her tongue slid along the lips and even penetrated the folds, trying to go deeper inside.

Darby continued to giggle as she felt her foot being softly tickled. She then laid down on her back, covered her face with her hands and just let Gloria tickle her foot. She had a feeling Gloria was going to use her ticklishness to help bring her to orgasm. She wanted to kick her foot, but was afraid she may hit Bessie in the head. The fingers were now exploring her toes with the nails and she let out a desperate squeal as they were really sensitive, especially after she had an orgasm just moments earlier. The feeling of the nails on her toes were driving her absolutely crazy.

Gloria was having a great erotic time as she felt Bessie’s tongue inside her, and her fingers were touching the softest foot she has ever felt. The sound of Bessie slurping away and Darby’s giggles set her body on fire. When Bessie’s tongue found her clit and she felt Bessie’s lips sucking on that spot, she could barely move her hand to tickle Darby. She leaned back against the headboard and her eyes were starting to go back into her head. She leaned her head forward one more time, and tickled the ball of Darby’s foot. “tickle tickle…” she moaned and when the tongue licking and sucking on her clit got very strong, and Darby’s ticklish reaction, her body seized up and she exploded! She let go of Darby’s foot as a huge wave of pleasure rocked her very soul. “OH FUCK YES!!! OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK!!!!” she screamed as the orgasm got even more strong. Her own legs started to twitch, her mouth was wide open and her chest was shaking as she now leaned her head against the headboard and let out a very loud moan.

Darby just laid there as she listened to Gloria’s orgasmic moans. She knew that she must have had one massive orgasm and she actually felt good about that. Her own mind started to make sense about what happened tonight. She came to this room and saw Bessie tied down and completely naked. She then helped tickle and tease poor Bessie, and even got to inflict some sexual pleasure on her. Then she had to be naked and she even got tickled for her troubles. Now she was lying on the bed, and got her foot tickled in order to help bring Gloria to orgasm. Darby got to cum as well, so it was definitely a night for her to remember. It was only her third night at this place and she had been stripped naked twice and had lesbian sex two nights in a row. This was definitely an undercover assignment she would never forget.

Gloria was coming down off her orgasmic high and she felt the sweat coming down her face. Her nipples were still on fire and she felt amazing. She saw Bessie looking up at her, so she took her left hand and started to run her fingers through Bessie’s hair. “Such a good girl…you did an AMAZING job…I love that tongue of yours…” Gloria moaned. She then looked the soles of Darby’s feet and a thrill went through her again. She loved those feet and playing with them the last three nights was something she adored. She was getting tired and wanted to get some rest. “Ok ladies, I think it is time we retire for the evening. Dorothy, untie Bessie and you both are dismissed for the rest of the night…” she whispered.

Darby slowly got up and nodded her head. She still couldn’t believe that the three of them all had massive orgasms tonight. She felt light headed, but still started to reach behind her and caress her hand down Bessie’s leg. She turned her body around and she made her way to the tied left ankle, and undid the rope. “Poor Bessie. She was tied up this entire time…” she thought to herself. She then reached over to the other ankle and untied that one. Once she got the rope free, she gave that foot a quick massage, trying to soothe a very exhausted friend. Darby then turned towards the head of the bed and her eyes made contact with Bessie’s naked ass and she definitely loved that sight. She started to crawl over to the left arm and when she did, she got a good look at Gloria’s foot. It was a nice looking foot, the skin was pale and looked soft. It was probably a size 7 as it didn’t look too small or too large. Her mind started to wonder if Gloria was ticklish, but she knew she better not try anything, or she would probably get tortured right back. She then made it over to Bessie’s wrist and started to untie the rope.

Bessie felt her limbs getting freed from the ropes and she breathed a sigh of relief. She was tied down for a long time and had her body ravished by two women. She licked her lips, still tasting her boss’s juices and when her right wrist was freed, she just laid there. She was so tired and couldn’t wait to go to sleep. She slowly then started to lift her body from the bed and when she looked down on the blanket, she could see her sweat drenching the blanket. Her eyes then met Gloria’s who was still leaning against the head board.

“You can wash the blanket tomorrow Bessie…I will just take the blanket off for now. It is quite warm in here..” Gloria told her as she closed her eyes. She was truly in a state of sexual bliss.

Bessie got off the bed and she saw Darby also putting on her clothes, so they don’t walk back to their room naked. She put on her maid uniform and Darby had on her pajamas. They both held each other’s arm and they gave one last look towards Gloria who managed to toss the sweat and cum soaked blanket to the floor and was falling asleep. They turned around and walked into the suite. “Well, that was one hell of an experience…” Bessie smiled as she realized her hair was a mess.

“Yeah, you can say that…” Darby smiled back as they made it to the door. They left the master bedroom and made their way to their room. Once they arrived, Darby just laid on her bed on her stomach and was ready to go to sleep. She saw Bessie get undressed and put on her own pajamas. Now, she looked at her friend. After that experience in Gloria’s room, she felt closer to her roommate and wondered how many more times they would engage in sexual activities while on this assignment. “Goodnight Bessie…” Darby murmured.

“Goodnight Dorothy…” Bessie replied as she laid on her bed and looked at the ceiling. She felt very good and was glad Darby was ok with everything that just happened. She also wondered when the next time they were going to have a sexual encounter and she thought that she would definitely have to tickle those big feet of Darby’s!


It was early in the morning, and Darby was already dressed and getting ready for the day. This was the big day that she, Bessie and Gloria were going to travel to California by train. For Darby, this was a big chance for her to gather the necessary information to connect Gloria to a sex trafficking ring. If she could do that, then the Feds would shut it down and she could potentially save the lives of who knows how many women. This assignment was exciting as she felt good about where she was in the investigation. She was hoping she could meet this “Priscilla Montenegro” and what her role was. Darby knew she had to be really careful because she could not get her identity revealed, or her own life would be in danger. She then heard the door open and saw Bessie walk in.

“Hey Dorothy, some of the guys are going to get the luggage into the wagon so we can go to the train station. Are you almost ready?” Bessie asked with her bright smile.

“Yeah, I am just getting my travel items together. The train ride will take a few days, so I want to make sure I am prepared.” Darby responded as she started to zip up her suitcase.

Bessie was growing quite fond of Darby and was getting closer to her. Ever since Darby first showed up, she has seen and felt some amazing sexual experiences. Yesterday was so far the only day they didn’t engage in a session of some sort, mainly due to Gloria having to prepare for this trip. She and Darby never really discussed what happened that last night in Gloria’s bedroom, but she could tell that it created a bond between them. Now she wondered what would happen once they got on the train, or to their destination in California. Would they become physically involved again? She hoped they would. The orgasms were way too powerful. “Ok great. Well, Ms. Wellington will be down soon. I am so excited! California? I heard such great things about the area. From what I was told, where we are staying is right next to a beach! Can you imagine? I am going to see the ocean for the very first time!” she said with excitement.

“Really? Well I’ll be! That is pretty exciting! I have never seen the ocean either! This may be a great trip after all.” Darby smiled as she became aware of the scenery where they would stay. She then lifted her suitcase and took a deep breath. “Are ya ready?”

Bessie grabbed her suitcase and she also took a deep breath. “Yeah, I am ready!” she said with excitement. She then followed Darby out of the room and they both made their way into the main foyer. The place was abuzz with workers helping prepare things for the trip.

Gloria came down the stairs and walked into the foyer and was focused on what she had to do. She didn’t really want to go on this trip because the more she went to the location, the more her operation could be exposed. She knew she had to have a very stern talk with her business partner. She then looked up and saw both Darby and Bessie standing there. Her face broke into a smile as she saw those two beautiful faces and in their maid uniforms. Now her mind started thinking about doing wild things with them at the location. Gloria has had sessions there before, but with Bessie’s incredible ass, and Darby’s perfect feet, she was going to have a great time. “Ladies, are you ready?” she asked.

“Yes Ma’am!” Darby responded with a smile.

“Yes Ms. Wellington!” Bessie responded.

“Good, now let’s get on this wagon and get to the train station. We have a long journey ahead of us. We should be there no later than the day after next. Come on, let’s go..” Gloria smiled.

Bessie and Darby grabbed their suitcases and exited out of the front door. The sun was very bright and they walked to the wagon that was awaiting. A male worker grabbed their luggage and placed it in the wagon, next to the 10 bags that Gloria had. Then they both got into the wagon cabin in the front where they would be facing Gloria on the ride to the train station. Darby looked out of the window one last time and wondered if this was the last time she would be in that mansion. She had some really great erotic experiences there, but if she could bring down Gloria and whoever Priscilla was, that would be the greatest moment in her career. She then looked over at Gloria who was standing there and giving last minute instructions to some workers. Darby then noticed Paul walked over to her. She was curious as to why Paul wasn’t coming with them as he was Gloria’s right hand man. She figured someone had to make sure the grounds were properly maintained while Gloria was gone.

Gloria saw Paul approach her and she smiled. “Ok Paul, make sure everything is taken care of while I am gone. I hope this trip is easy and we can make some more money. The girls better be a good batch.” she smiled.

“Madam, you may want to see this. I found something VERY interesting…” Paul told her stone faced.

“See what?” Gloria responded.

“Well, I remembered that it was a year ago that your former partner Olivia went to prison. Out of curiosity, I looked up the news clippings from then so we can reminisce, and I found this. This was the day she went to court. There is a photo. Notice anything familiar?” Paul said as he handed her an old newspaper.

Gloria looked at Paul, then took the newspaper. She then looked at the paper and noticed it was from Olivia’s town of Frankstown. She chuckled to herself as she saw the photo where Madam Olivia was handcuffed and she saw Frankstown deputies along with Plotsville deputies. Then her eyes noticed someone in the photo! She did a double take and stared closer at the photo, staring at an individual that was in the photo. She then looked into the wagon, then back at the newspaper. Her face then turned into a scowl as she realized who was in the photo. Anger started to fill her body as she stared into the wagon. Gloria then turned her eyes to slits and realized that her trip was about to be a lot more interesting. “Guess I have to take care of some business…..” she said with a cold tone in her voice.


Darby will return in the series: The Deputy and the Outlaw: Reunited

So, what do you think? What will happen to Darby? All the characters from the lead up series (Cheyenne, Bessie, Darby, La Diabla, Priscilla, and Gloria) will play major parts in the culmination series as well as two other character that will be introduced in that series. Thank you again for your support and get ready for that series! Your feedback and comments are most welcomed!

Just as a heads up, I have brought these stories out (14 parts in all) so far each week. I am taking a hiatus before revealing the culmination series, so it will be around mid October when it comes out. It kind of builds suspense, but I also have something very special planned. So, I hope you look forward to it as I think it will be a tremendous story, as well as amazing tickling scenes.