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    HELL WEEK YEARBOOK #1 (Tarr2k & Dr. Random) New Release! 10/08/21

    HELL WEEK YEARBOOK #1 (Novella)
    Story by Tarr2k
    Illustrations by Dr. Random

    The week is over. The hell continues.

    Diane, beloved head of the Sigma sorority, and her cheerleader nemesis Roxi, have been feuding since before Hell Week, and it won't stop now. From the moment Roxi's helpless feet were tickled during her pledge challenge, to her attempts to humiliate the sorority that rejected her, things escalate out of all control, until Roxi is forced to become the star attraction in a new series of tickling videos... and so hatches a revenge plan that will see Sigmas tickle tortured far beyond their limits!

    For fans of Hell Week, your old friends are back and new secrets are revealed. Learn which guy on campus has such a strong connection to Diane, that she'll gleefully offer her bare feet to him for unrestrained tickling. See the tickling agony of Hell Week from Roxi's perspective, and discover there's more to the cheerleader than meets the eye. And your favorite pledges are back! Eva and Star are here for the return of Game Night, the event that promises friendly banter, a little girl-on-girl loving, and a lot of naughty tickles. And the indomitable Tricia proves the bigger they are, the harder they laugh.

    Plus a plot twist you will never see coming! No, even having been told, you still won't see coming!

    Whether you're looking for detailed tickling scenarios, rich characters, falling in love, hilarious banter, friends with tickling benefits, and complex relationships, you'll find it here. And if you want female on female tickling, male on female tickling, gang tickling, licking and sucking chocolate-covered feet tickling, helplessly bound tickling, trapped with your legs and feet on the other side of a door tickling, and tickling without restraints, you will find it here.

    And it's just the beginning.


    • Over 77,000 words!
    • Written by Tarr2k
    • Cover Illustration by Dr. Random!
    • Armpits, breasts, ribs, and barefoot tickling!
    • Bondage tickling!
    • Gang tickling!
    • tickling without restraints!
    • Highly erotic tickling!
    • F/F and M/F tickling!
    • Direct Digital Download (PDF format)

    Product and Ordering Information

    Attached Images Attached Images
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