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    UK Tickling, "Ayla Gets Tickle Punishment And Then Payback!", M/F and F/M

    title: Ayla Gets Tickle Punishment And Then Payback!
    producer: UK Tickling

    This video, and a preview clip, can be found at https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/26605/uk-tickling

    length: 18:11 (first 5 minutes M/F, remainder F/M)

    UK Tickling has many models that I enjoy seeing, but one of my absolute favorites is Ayla Sky. And, as much as I like her as a ticklee, I think I like her even more as the tickler. She is a great tickler and seems to really enjoy torturing the victim without seeming malicious about it.

    The video begins with Ayla on her back with her hands cuffed over her head and her feet in vertical stocks. She is initially wearing shoes, but those quickly come off exposing her bare feet. As her feet are tickled she begins to giggle, which I love. Eventually TurtleBoy, wearing what he calls the slippery morph suit, moves to Ayla's upperbody. This causes her to begin begging and sometimes screaming. We also see that because Ayla is so petite, she is only in the stocks by choice as she easily removes her feet. The rest of Ayla's time as the ticklee is largely the same, with the tickling going back and forth between her feet and upper body. At one point TurtleBoy applies the bruch to Ayla's feet, but this proves too much for her and is the beginning of the end of her time as the ticklee.

    I wouldn't say that this was my favorite video of Ayla being tickled. She is so ticklish that any tickling that is remotely hard will cause her to start screaming and I can't stand screaming ticklees.

    At the 5 minute mark, Ayla and TurtleBoy trade places with her wearing her shoes again and him still in his morph suit, which is a body suit that also covers his head. The F/M part of this video, which is almost three-fourths of the entire video, is where the video excels.

    Ayla begins by gently tickling TurtleBoy's feet in a teasing way. After about a minute and a half of this, she then moves to straddle TurtleBoy while facing his feet. This position allows her to slide her hands down to tickle his butt and the back of his legs. She is also able to reach behind herself to tickle TurtleBoy's armpits. You can always tell when Ayla is enjoying herself because she starts to giggle as she tickles.

    Ayla then climbs off of TurtleBoy and turns around so that she can more easily tickle his torso from his armpits to his groin. At about the 8:30 mark, she notices that TurleBoy has become aroused. Then she begins tickling him much more as she says "I think you need to be punished some more for being hard without my permission." This was followed up by Ayla saying "I'll stop when you lose your boner." This was my absolute favorite part of the video. I will also note that I doubt he ever lost his boner. :-)

    At around the 9 minute mark, Ayla removes her shoes so that she can put her feet in TurleBoy's face and tease him. The remaining 9 minutes of the video continues with Ayla tickling TurtleBoy all over his body, with many visits to his groin area both from the front and from the butt side of his body.

    I suspect that this will become one of my favorite F/M videos. I would like to see more videos that explore the sensitive area around the private parts. I'm not asking for full-on porn, but some people are ticklish in this area and would like to see it taken advantage of for both male and female ticklees. One scenario would be for the ticklee to be tied spread-eagled so that they can't clench their legs for protection when the tickling goes to the groin area. Another scenario would be to mummify the legs and also mummify the arms over the head, as done in some other UK Tickling videos. This would leave the standard ticklish spots exposed as well as the groin area.
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