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    Sep 2002
    New York City
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    Tickling at college?

    With the college year about to begin, I wanted to start a thread for TMF'ers to post about college tickling experiences. I had a few during my years in college. I know I've posted on here before about how I tickled my friend Lora's feet while massaging her during my freshman year. I also tickled my very ticklish friend Stacey in her ribs. Unfortunately, both girls had boyfriends at the time, so i couldnt really take the tickling any further than this. These were my two most memorable college tickle experiences, because as I've posted on here and many of you know, my ex, Jenny, wasnt ticklish at all. So if anyone has a memorable college experience to share about tickling as either lee or ler it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    Jan 2002
    NY City
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    You should check out every post written by Tiffany, for her numerous f/f tickling experiences at college in Mississippi.

    I can relate the following from my own college days. Not very exciting from a tickling perspective, but very much so for foot fans such as myself.

    Junior year I was living on the first floor of a dorm, in a three man suite. The second floor housed women, and there was a very cute woman living directly above us, who I'll call Alice. Alice went barefoot a lot, and had extremely beautiful feet. Unfortunately, she also had a boyfriend, but we did talk on a friendly basis. Her boyfriend did not attend the same college, and she would go off every Friday to visit him for the weekend.

    One Wednesday evening she came to our suite to return a vacuum cleaner that she had borowed from my suitemate the day before. I was the only one home. Since I was drinking coffee, I offered her some, and she accepted. Sitting next to me on the couch sipping her coffee, she astonished me by putting her bare feet into my lap. (I guess she had noticed where I always looked, and decided to tease me.)

    I put down my coffee, and slowly ran one finger the length of her sole, from her heel to the bottom of her toes. No laughter, only a slight wriggling of her toes. I did it a second time, same reaction.

    "I'm not ticklish there," Alice said.

    "But you wriggled your toes," I replied.

    "That's just the Babinski reflex," she said. "You'll never make me laugh by tickling my feet."

    Thinking that she was probably telling the truth, I nevertheless wanted an excuse to keep stroking her luscious soles. So I said this:

    "I bet that you're just being stoic, and holding the laughter in. I bet that I could make you laugh, or yank your feet away, if I had five minutes to make you crack."

    That made her laugh; she knew that I was excited just to be allowed to touch her lovely feet.

    "Give me your watch," she said, "but you didn't say how much the bet was. I'll do it if you'll bet ten dollars."

    [Note: This was 1970. That was a lot of money to a college student at that time. Perhaps the equivalent of fifty dollars today.]

    I hesitated, and Alice wriggled her bare toes at me. She knew she had me. I gave her my watch, and she told me when to start.

    I was in heaven for five minutes. I leaned in for a close view of what I was doing, which was stroking and stroking her lovely soles, and playing with her perfect toes.

    She just sat there, smiling, and told me when each minute had gone by. She took the $10 with a big smile, and pretended not to notice that I had a large bulge in my pants.

    We remained on friendly terms, but she never came by when I was alone again, and she never spoke of the incident.
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    Jun 2001
    Currently living in (and originally from) the south of England.
    Not a real life account, but you might like it anyway.......

    "Nobody move! You are surrounded by tickling bastards!"

    Sub-Moderator of the The United Kingdom TMF Community Please drop in to help us grow and meet people you don't need a plane to see.

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    Oct 2002
    >> We remained on friendly terms, but she never came by
    >> when I was alone again...

    I guess everything has a price.

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    Jan 2002
    NY City
    Blog Entries
    Given that the one-time experience is etched in my memory more than thirty years after I graduated, it was worth the price.

    (And I could not tell you the names of half of the professors who taught the courses that I took that semester.)
    <=== Goddess Shelly's sacred soles

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    Dec 2002
    Pottstown, PA
    Blog Entries
    Seeing as how I'm not in college yet ((yes i'm a baby)) I don't have any actual experiences...however i did hear once that 98% of all sexual encounters in college start out as a tickle fight.
    If nothing else it makes me pretty excited for this fall!!! lol
    Did you know some of us really exist for real in real life? You, too? Prove it!

    Not real for real in real life, but want to have fun anyway? Come ask me stuff. I might answer. I might make fun of you. It's like TMF Roulette!

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    Mar 2002

    Dorm tickle ritual

    How convienent that this thread has appreared only hours after I had the most interesting conversation with an old college friend.

    To condense a long, boring exposition; we met at a bus stop one night, I liked him, he liked me a lot althought he didn't admit to this til several years later. The next day he introduces me to his room mate and friend. We both liked each other a lot
    So, the three of us spent most of our free time hanging out together in the various tv rooms of our dorm. We watched lots of Dr. Who and horror flicks while throwing popcorn at the screne. Of course to be comfortable, my shoes were always off . Sometimes the socks too.
    General horsing around and mutual lying upon each other as friends are wont to do, quickly led to bouts of playful tickling during the commercial breaks. Nothing to heavy, but I always seemed to be the ticklee in these situations. Getting held down by one guy while the other would tickle my feet, sides, ribs and underarms. When I asked my firends years later why they singled me out to do that (I never saw them play that way with any other girls in the dorm) my friend of the unrequited lust said that he just loved the sound of my laugh and to watch me squirm.
    The bouts of tickling almost became ritual between us for a few months....why not? They loved the illusion of mastery they has over me for those brief minutes, and I didn't fight back all that hard. Not when it was getting me so worked up that by the time I called it a night I walked back to my dorm room with some very damp panties on under my shorts.

    I often wondered if my two bad-boy buddies knew how aroused they had gotten me.
    After my last conversation with them recently I found out that they knew from the first time either of them stroked a finger down my arm. It wasn't too hard to miss the suddedly hard nipples pushing against the fabric of my tee shirt or blouse. Why else were they always helping me take off my shoes and socks?

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    Apr 2001
    I know I've used this line before, but there were students at my college that could have majored in tickling! Now I was never sure if I just noticed it more because of my personal leanings, or if it is just more prevelent in college where there is little adult supervision and its a cheap way to touch members of the opposite sex!

    Just a few quickies:

    Barb was always getting tickled by me and others. I vividly remember two occasions where myself and a male friend tickled every square inch of (allowable) flesh for well over 30 minutes. She never said stop or quit. She would laugh and squeal and then provoke more tickling when we did relent!

    Linda: She was a tickler, plain and simple. She would torment one of my best friends all the time despite her being deathly ticklish herself. She even had the nerve to try and tickle me! LOL! Back then I could control it though and she paid dearly!

    Kathy: She simply wasn't ticklish, but she could find anyone's weak spot...even mine. I got her good one day when I found her her feet were ticklish just under the toes...heh heh.

    Greg: Probablt the sinlge most ticklush male I ever met, even to this day. He usually avoided being tickled at all costs, but I saw him scream (didn't take much really) on more than one occassion.

    Mary: One of my ex-girlfriends. A vicious tickler who was also extrememly ticklish. The first girl I ever dated, and the first one that I just knew was into the whole tickling thing. She would attack anyone without fear...lol.

    There are more, but that's the jist of it. Threr was someone tickling someone every day, and not just in my group of friends. I winessed many other events too that just happened as I was passing by.

    Those were the days!

    ~ toyou

    *Still not me! Neither one of them! LOL!

    Link to the clip the gif is from! dailymotion.com/video/xiv8pl_galileo-tickling_fun

    **This...is me.

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