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    The Deputy and The Outlaw: Reunited Part 12 (F/F) The FINALE!

    Ok fans, here we are. The final chapter of this series. For the last 12 weeks, you have read the story about a journey with some very special characters who I absolutely love writing about. I want to thank each and every one of you for your comments and your excitement you have shown to this series and the previous ones. I truly appreciate and love each of you. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my series and find some enjoyment in it. I hope this final chapter gives you great entertainment. I will write more about my gratitude for you after the end of this series. So, enjoy the finale of the Deputy and the Outlaw: Reunited

    The soundtrack for this chapter is:

    Carlos Santana (remix with Rihanna's Wild Thoughts) "Maria Maria": https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=YSW3KMozn9k
    The Weeknd "Earned It": https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=OZ3YLkPuk-U
    Beyonce "Crazy in Love" remix from 50 shades of gray: https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=bfQ7ucGQdOM
    Sade "No Ordinary Love": https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=k1k6EUW0czc
    (This is the best song to listen to at the very end)PM Dawn "I'd Die without you": https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=p5JPT1mmlUw

    PART 12

    Darby’s eyes lit up when she heard the positive response! She was going to get an opportunity to tickle this sexy outlaw! A surge of adrenaline flowed through her, and she felt her heart beating faster. The thought of having a naked La Diabla under her tickling fingers was such a major rush. “T-thank you. I am glad you trust me with this…” she said with nervousness in her voice. This was a surreal moment for her and had a hard time containing her excitement.

    La Diabla smiled as she saw the look of joy in Darby’s face. She was extremely nervous about being tickled as she is a natural dominant. Now, she would be at the mercy of someone else, even if that person was a lover. “Yes, I-I trust you with tickling me. I am still so nervous though….” she said with nervousness in her voice. This was an entirely new experience for her to be tickled voluntarily. “How do you want me?” she asked.

    “Um, well….” Darby stuttered as she didn’t have an exact plan for this. She then sat up on the bed and looked at where she was laying. She decided to keep it very simple. “You can lay down right there, on your back..” she instructed. Her heart was beating a million miles per second as she watched La Diabla slowly lay her body down on the bed and now she was looking right up at her. Darby took a moment to stare at that beautiful woman lying there, her body completely naked. She loved this moment and the sight of the gorgeous woman.

    “Well, here I am…” La Diabla said with a smile. She wanted to portray a sense of calm, but on the inside, she was very nervous. She then held her breath as she saw Darby start to straddle her and sitting on her hips. The feeling of Darby’s soft skin on hers did excite her, but she was nervous still. The one thing she did love to see was the child like excitement in Darby’s eyes, seeing that beautiful smile on the deputy’s face really made her happy.

    Darby was now extremely excited as she sat on La Diabla’s body and looked down at her. That face she saw melted her heart and now it was time for some fun. She then put her palms together and started to tap her fingers against each other as she looked up at the ceiling. “Now, it is time for my REVENGE!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA” she said with an evil laugh. She then looked down at La Diabla and saw a look of panic in her eyes and her body started to fidget in fright. Darby then burst into hysterical laughter. “hahahahahahahaha I’m just kidding!” she laughed.

    La Diabla was trying to get up as she heard Darby shout out that she was getting revenge on her! Then she heard Darby laughing hard and telling her it was all a joke. She then playfully slapped at Darby’s legs as she realized she was getting teased. “You are NOT funny!” she said and pretended to pout.

    Darby continued to laugh and then lowered her body, so her face was now in La Diabla’s face. “I’m just ribbin’ ya! Hehehe I’m sorry…” she said then she started to kiss La Diabla’s lips. When the kiss broke, she giggled again and looked into the eyes of the outlaw. “I am not going to torture you; I was just trying to get you jumpy that’s all…forgive me?” she asked as she kissed each cheek.

    La Diablas eyes turned to slits as she was the target of a joke. She felt the kiss on her lips and now on her cheeks and it felt really nice. In a way, she was proud of Darby doing that to her. That was a very fun side of the deputy and in being honest with herself, she got her good. “Yeah, I guess I forgive you…such a mean deputy..hehehehe” she giggled.

    Darby continued to kiss the cheeks and then lifted her body up. “hehehe I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist. But you should have seen the look on your face! You were like this…” she said as she mocked the look she saw on La Diabla’s face, then laughed again.

    La Diabla saw her being mocked and she couldn’t even get mad. This moment between the two was too much fun and she liked this side of Darby. She wasn’t this timid woman inside the bedroom, and it actually gave her some excitement. “You are definitely NOT funny!” she teased as she pretended to glare back at Darby. She loved that Darby had a good sense of humor.

    Darby could only smile when she heard La Diabla’s playful tone. Now, it was time for her to explore that sweet body beneath hers. “I’m not funny huh? Well, then how is it that I will make you laugh?” she teased as she then placed her fingers on top of La Diaba’s belly and wriggled them into the skin. She felt that body starting to thrash beneath her and felt the legs kicking. Darby looked at La Diabla’s face and that look of ticklish shock really got her excited. “Well now….it appears I have a very ticklish outlaw beneath me…hehehe” she teased.

    La Diabla’s face had a look of ticklish shock as she felt Darby’s fingers on her belly. That ticklish sensation on her belly surprised her and now she was realizing just how bad this could get. “Hehehe um, ok. Did you have enough fun yet?” she asked with a sheepish grin. She was praying it was over already.

    “I am STARTING to have fun…” Darby smiled as she rested her fingers on that sexy naked belly. She could feel La Diabla’s body tremble under her touch and she definitely knew what her playmate was feeling. She then lowered her body again so she could put her face into La Diabla’s. “You are so nervous hehehe it makes you so adorable..” she teased and then gave a quick kiss on the lips.

    La Diabla felt that kiss and it felt nice, but she now understood what it was like being on the receiving end of tickle talk. She loved feeling Darby’s body on hers, but she also knew she was going to be a laughing wreck shortly. “How about we just kiss? You got a tickle on me, so let’s just make out and then have some sex? Sound good?” she grinned.

    Darby couldn’t help but have a large smile as she heard La Diabla trying to get out of this playtime. She kissed her lips quickly, then sat upright. “Now, now. We will have sex, that’s for sure. But first I want to hear you laugh my giggle girl…” she teased, then started to run her fingers lightly over the belly. She immediately felt the body start to thrash as she found a very sensitive spot. She felt her hands get grabbed by La Diabla’s hands and she laughed. “Come on now Salem, let go of muh hands…You can do it…” she encouraged.

    La Diabla couldn’t help but giggle as she continued to feel ticklish tremors in her body. She could see Darby’s playful looking face and it did make her feel warm inside. She was definitely not used to being tickled freely. “I’m really ticklish right now…I can’t help it!” she giggled.

    “You can do it….” Darby responded as she gently placed La Diabla’s arms to her sides. Once she did that, she pinned the hands to the sides with her legs, using the same move that was done to her. “Now, just lay back and let my fingers do….the…..walking…..on your tummy!” she teased as she did quick finger strokes with each word. She felt that belly tightening up and trying to sink in as the ticklish feelings were running rampant. She really enjoyed how soft the skin was and her fingers glided over the flesh. What she also enjoyed a lot was the look on La Diabla’s face. Darby loved seeing that smile and hearing the laughter come out in a sweet girlish giggle sound. “That’s right, let me hear you giggle, you sexy giggle girl…” she teased.

    La Diabla couldn’t help but let her giggles pour out as those fingers continued to stroke across her stomach. She could feel them skittering at the top part of her stomach, near her breasts and then slowly go downwards, heading to her belly button. With her arms pinned to the sides, she couldn’t protect her stomach and the tickling feelings started to increase. She looked up at Darby’s face and saw a look of pure joy. It was nice to see her so happy, but it was at her own expense. She now tried to endure the tickling by trying to clamp her lips, but those fingers kept up the stroking and she couldn’t help but laugh. “hehehehehehe my stomach!! It tickles!!! Hehehehehehe” she squealed in ticklish delight.

    Darby laughed as she heard that funny pleading. She then slowed her stroking and softly caressed the stomach, allowing her lover to breathe a little. She didn’t want to go overboard with it. “You are doing so good! See? It is not that bad…” she grinned as her fingers were now softly caressing the top part of the stomach. She could see La Diabla breathing hard and looking like she was preparing herself for another round of tickling. Then with a silly grin, she started to spider walk her fingertips up and down the belly, causing some good laughter out. “Kitchy kitchy koo!” she teased as she truly enjoyed this moment.

    La Diabla continued to giggle as the fingers were moving quickly over her skin. She lifted her head to stare towards her stomach and could see those pale fingers on those big hands scurrying all over her stomach. She then pressed the back of her head into the pillow and stared at the ceiling. She was doing her level best to endure these sensations in her body, but they were overwhelming her. “hehehehe please!! This tickles hehehehehe it tickles a lot!!” she squealed in desperation.

    Darby then stopped her tickling and let her lover recover a little. The last thing she wanted to do was go overboard. She did like seeing La Diable breathe hard and moan as she tried to recover. She decided to tease her the same way she was teased. She lowered her body down once again and put her face into La Diabla’s. “You are such a good girl! Now, how about a kiss as a reward?” she winked.

    La Diabla could see Darby’s smiling face and she loved it. She heard those sweet words, and she nodded her head affirmatively. She wanted a kiss for all the tickling she endured. “Yes *pant* I want your kiss…” she said as she tried to catch her breath. She enjoyed that Darby was doing the same things she did to her. Her affection was growing for the deputy as she was seeing such a dominant side coming out of her. Then she felt a rush of lust flow through her as those sweet, soft lips of Darby’s was on hers. The passion she felt in that kiss only turned her on more. When the kiss broke, she was a little disappointed because she wanted more, but it also meant more tickling was on its way.

    “I love those lips of yours…” Darby teased as she planted another quick kiss. Then she sat upright again and wiggled her fingers in the air. “Here they cooooooommmmmeeeee!!!” she sang out as her fingers got closer to the stomach skin. She could see La Diabla’s face contort in that desperate ticklish anticipation ad she wanted to drive her a little crazy. “Muh fingers are gonna TIIIIIIIICCCCKKKLLLEEEE you!!!” she laughed.

    La Diabla started to shake her head in desperation and tried pulling her arms free as she saw those fingers wiggling towards her belly. “hehehehe come on!!! No tickles!! No tickles!!!!! Hehehehehe” she giggled as the fingers got closer and closer. Then she felt he fingers touching her stomach and she burst into laughter as that simple touch was driving her crazy. She started to laugh freely as the fingers scrabbled over her stomach and even towards her sides and the ribcage. She also started to kick her legs as the tickling was pretty intense. She desperately wanted to free her body but she was trapped. Her mind started to think if she got free, she was going to get Darby back!

    Darby loved this feeling as her fingers danced all over that skin. She watched as her lover’s head drifted back into the pillow and she got a clear view of her throat as the head was pressed backwards, while the body was trying to arch the back. She ground her own hips back on the body, which made La Diabla’s body pause for a moment, she knew she would like that! Now, her eyes caught that cute innie belly button. She remembered how La Diabla tickled her belly button and she wanted to try that same technique. She took the tip of her index finger and slowly started to stroke it around the outside edge of the navel and saw her lover look right at her with panicked eyes. “Sensitive spot?” she joked.

    La Diabla felt that finger by her belly button and it tickled a lot more than she ever thought. Her mind started to realize that her high state of arousal was responsible for her body being so sensitive. She also started to discover her own body was responding sexually to the tickling, just like her victims would experience. It was a new feeling, but she was starting to like it. She just had to endure the intensity of the ticklish feelings. “hehehe Darby! Beautiful, sweet Darby!! You can’t touch my navel! Please? Pretty please?” she begged as she batted her eyes, trying to flirt with her.

    Darby couldn’t help but laugh to herself as she listened to those sweet words. She knew what that was like as she suffered so many times under ticklish situations and begging was definitely part of it. It was her turn to have fun with this! “Oh, I am beautiful and sweet? What else do you like about me?” she said with a gleam in her eye. She loved playing with La Diabla right now as she left her finger on the edge of that navel, ready to tickle at any moment.

    La Diabla continued to laugh as she heard Darby teasing her. “Well, you are of course very beautiful! You are sweet. Um, you have such a wonderful heart!” she said, hoping to appease Darby’s teasing. She could still feel that finger on the edge of her belly button and had the ticklish nervousness flowing through her. “… what I REALLY like about you is that you like to kiss me instead of tickle me..hehehe” she said and smiled as she wanted to laugh at her attempt.

    “Oh really? I like to kiss you instead of tickle you huh? Well….” Darby teased as she looked up at the ceiling, pausing for dramatic effect. She then looked down at that beautiful face and smiled. “….I think I will tickle you first! Hahaha” she said as her finger now started to trickle all along the edges of the navel and loved the sound of the laughter coming from that sexy woman under her touch.

    La Diabla felt that intense tickling sensation and she started to buck her body as best as she could. This was pretty intense, and she couldn’t help but laugh. Even though it was driving her crazy, she loved that look on Darby’s face. She hasn’t seen that much joy in those eyes like this. Then she snapped her head back into the pillow and just laughed. She could feel her arms slipping out from the legs of Darby and she was almost free! Now the finger went inside her navel, and she exploded in laughter, but then her arms were free! She immediately grabbed Darby’s finger and held onto it. She stopped laughing and tried to catch her breath. “That tickles hehehehe that really tickled me….” she panted.

    Darby laughed out loud as she felt her finger getting grabbed. This was so funny to her, and she loved it all at the same time. She then slowly pulled her finger away from La Diabla’s grasp and then lowered her head. “You got to stop being soooo naughty! You got to let yourself go…Just laugh for me…” she told her in a soft whisper. She kissed her again softly on her lips and held her face between her hands. “You are doing so good! I hope you are loving this as much as I am…” she told her.

    La Diabla loved the way Darby was holding her head and face in those hands. She stared at Darby and felt herself blushing. “I’m sorry, I’m just feeling really ticklish. I love you playing with me…I will do my best to let it happen…” she said in an innocent tone. She felt a little bad that she was unable to just allow herself to be tickled. As a criminal, she always had to be defensive as a matter of survival.

    “You’re doing nothing wrong. You are super ticklish that’s all and I am still having so much fun. Now, here’s a kiss…” Darby said as she then planted her lips on La Diabla’s lips and kissed her with passion. She felt the intensity of the moment and when she broke the kiss, she also started to kiss the neck and noticed La Diabla’s body shivering. She knew she hit a hot spot and then thought of another fun idea. “Hey, I got an idea for your belly….” she teased.

    La Diabla’s eyes had the look of confusion as she saw Darby get up off of her and then she watched as the beautiful deputy positioned her body across her stomach, near her breasts and laying on the bed on her side. She could see the back of Darby’s head and that long red hair. She reached her left hand forward and started to stroke it through that hair, trying to make Darby feel good. She then saw the head lean closer to her belly and then she felt a shiver in her body. She felt Darby give her belly a very soft kiss. Then she felt another kiss and it felt really nice. Her body started to relax more as she continued to get kisses. “That feels really nice…” she cooed and then laid her head right back onto the pillow and closed her eyes as she enjoyed those soft lips on her belly.

    Darby continued to softly kiss the belly and it turned her on a lot. The stomach had that firmness to it, yet also very soft. Her lips then kissed down the belly and headed towards the belly button. She felt a surge of arousal as she could hear La Diabla purring behind her and could feel her own hair getting stroked. When her lips made it to the belly button, she gave it a few gentle kisses and could hear the moans. This delighted her as she was trying to relax this woman so that she could play with and tickle the navel without her losing control. She then stuck out her tongue and gently licked over the navel. Her taste buds loved the taste of that skin, and she felt the belly quiver again.

    La Diabla felt absolutely incredible as she felt those kisses and now the tongue licking over her belly button. It was such an erotic feeling, but it also started to tickle her a little. She could feel the ticklish tremors flowing through her, but she could handle it. The tongue made another swipe across her navel and the ticklish feelings started to increase. She let out a very soft giggle and her body started to twitch. She was trying to hold her body still as she wanted to hold out from cracking up, but she was starting to lose that battle. Then the licking stopped, and kisses returned to her belly. Those kisses felt incredible and were such a great relief that it actually got her more excited. Her body was on the edge of tickle hell and erotic pleasure. “mmmmmmmm your kisses feel so good…..” she purred.

    Darby smiled between the kisses as she heard that beautiful sound. She could see the legs twitching and that excited her. What also excited her was her eyes could see the top of the shaven mound between those sexy legs. Her nipples got hard thinking about how close she was to La Diabla’s pleasure center and was looking forward having her mouth on that spot. She could even smell the scent of the arousal near her, and she went back to kissing the navel. While she kissed, she used her fingertips to lightly stroke the inner thighs and could hear a slight giggle, but also a very pleasurable moan. In a way, she felt kind of bad for what she was about to do. She stuck out her tongue and slowly slid it into the navel. Darby smiled as she did this because she felt the legs twitching again and could hear some very soft giggles returning.

    La Diabla was going crazy on the inside of her body as these ticklish feelings in her belly button and even her inner thighs were competing with her strong feeling of arousal. She couldn’t help but giggle very softly and also moan with pleasure. She resumed stroking Darby’s hair with her left hand as she laid her head on the pillow and closing her eyes, enjoying the feelings she was having. “hehehehe you are teasing me hehehehehe it tickles, but *ooh* feels so good…” she purred.

    Darby continued to snake her tongue deeper into the belly button and the ticklish reactions were getting stronger, but yet somewhat controlled. She was proud of La Diabla for trying to keep herself still and she also loved the way her own hair was being stroked. Once her tongue went as far as it could into the belly, she started to swirl it around, causing a stronger laughter from her lover. She could see the legs trembling and starting to thrash around. Her eyes looked down the legs and she could even see the tops of La Diabla’s feet, with the toes scrunching, then opening back up. She thought those were some cute feet and that was something else she couldn’t wait to explore. Darby then did a stronger swirling of her tongue and now she heard a cute shriek of ticklish laughter coming from her friend.

    “hehehehehehehe that tickles!!! That really tickles!! Hehehehehehehehe” La Diabla shrieked as the tongue was really swishing around in her very sensitive navel. Her legs started to kick more and now she lifted her body up which forced Darby to stop her licking. She rested on her elbows and saw Darby turned her body back towards her face and she made eye contact. “That TICKLED so bad, but also felt really nice….” she admitted.

    “You were doing good! Sorry I had to tickle you a little stronger, I couldn’t resist! Hehehe” Darby giggled. She then straddled La Diabla’s body once again, resting on the top of the thighs and leaned her body down to kiss La Diabla on her lips again. She felt the outlaw starting to lower herself back to the bed as the kiss continued. Once she broke the lip lock, she stared at that gorgeous face. “Thank you for letting me do this to your body. I am having so much fun….” she purred. Then she lifted her body again and now her attention was on those sexy breasts. She then placed her hands underneath the mounds and gave gentle squeezes. Darby felt a large wave of excitement in her loins as her hands were actually on this outlaw’s chest. It was a dream come true as she imagined what it would be like to touch her there. She then looked at the face of the woman and could see a look of pleasure. She could see her staring right back at her with lust in those pretty eyes and that gorgeous smile on her face. “You’re so beautiful Salem. I mean, you’re the most beautiful woman I have ever seen…” she said as her hands continued to squeeze.

    La Diabla blushed at the compliment and could tell that Darby really meant what she was saying. She started to feel a little shy at the moment because there was just something about the way she was told about her beauty that made her feel special. She lowered her eyes to look away from the gaze. “Thank you..thank you so much..” she whispered. She also felt the incredible pleasurable sensations in her body as her breasts were gently squeezed and being touched. Darby was making her feel loved at the moment and her mind didn’t know how to react.

    Darby could tell that she made La Diabla feel good with her words, and it made her feel good inside as well. This moment was becoming more and more special. She then looked down and stared at the breasts her hands were playing with. She could see how stiff the nipples were and her lust increased. Curiosity was now coming into her mind as she wondered how ticklish the breasts were. She then took the pads of the index fingers at the tip and started to lightly stroke the sides of those mounds and she felt the orbs shake a little. She had a slight smile on her face as she realized that La Diabla has ticklish breasts! “hehehe a little ticklish here are you?” she asked teasingly.

    La Diabla started to squirm as she felt the ticklish tremors flowing through her body. She knew her breasts were really sensitive due to her very high state of arousal. She could feel those fingers softly stroking the sides of her breasts and she looked at Darby. “heheheh you’re not trying to tickle my tits are you?” she said with a sly smile.

    “As a matter of fact, I am….” Darby responded as her fingers now moved to a very slow pace. She loved staring at the mounds and touching them. Another wave of lust flowed through her as these breasts looked absolutely amazing. An idea came to her, and she moved her body down so she could position her head by those naked tits. She lowered her face near them, but kept her eyes locked on La Diabla’s face. She could now see her sexy lover looking back at her and it really got her going. She then planted a very soft kiss on the sternum, followed by a kiss to the inside edge of the right breast, then a kiss to the inside edge to the left one. She felt La Diabla’s body shiver after each kiss and it really made her happy. “You like these kisses, don’t you?” she asked teasingly.

    “Yes..I do…This is much better than you trying to tickle me..hehehe” La Diabla teased back as she winked at Darby. She loved the feeling of those tender lips on her skin and the fact that Darby was laying on top of her was also very exciting. As Darby continued to kiss that part of her chest, she reached forward with her hands and started to run her fingers through that red hair as it felt so soothing to her and surely to Darby.

    Darby loved the fact that she felt fingers through her hair and the skin on her lips. She then stuck out her tongue and licked the inside cleavage and she loved hearing that soft moan. She then slightly turned her head to the left and now she could see that right nipple in her view. She moved her head slowly to it and she gave a quick lick on that nipple with her tongue. The taste of the bud sent her mind into erotic bliss and now she moved her head to that spot and started to lap away at the nipple. Darby could now hear those soft moans coming from the outlaw and used her right hand to caress the left breast as her tongue swirled around the right nipple.

    “ooohhhh that feeeeeeellllsssss………amazing….” La Diabla purred as she felt that wet tongue licking and swirling around her nipple. The intensity she felt in her bud was an erotic thumping. She felt her arousal spiking again and her fingers continued to run through Darby’s hair. She also started to grind her hips as she was really feeling this moment. “That feels SO good….” she continued to purr.

    “Your nipples taste amazing…” Darby said while her tongue continued to lap away at the nipple. She had a goal in mind, and this was definitely pleasurable for her as well. She then wrapped her lips around the nipple and stated to suckle on it and swished her tongue across that sweet nipple. Her eyes then focused on that beautiful face, and she could see La Diabla closing her eyes and biting her lip as she was really enjoying this sensation. She then stopped her nipple tasting and when she removed her mouth, a string of saliva was coming out of her mouth as she was really tasting that mound. Darby moved her head over to the left nipple and now flickered her tongue across it. “You’re so sexy Salem…” she whispered as her tongue continued to enjoy that sweet left nipple.

    La Diabla groaned in ecstasy as she now had her left nipple getting that erotic attention. This was starting to become overwhelming to her and got her really horny. Darby’s tongue was really getting her motor running and she could feel herself getting very wet between her legs. “You’re making me crazy woman!” she groaned as the tongue continued to swirl around her nipple.

    Darby smiled as she licked that nipple after hearing that sexual aggression in La Diabla’s voice. Now that she got her lover very aroused, she then lifted her body up and looked down at La Diabla. She then took her fingers and started to stroke the undersides of each breast. She immediately started to feel the body beneath her twitch and writhe as the ticklish sensations were increasing. “Tickle tickle tickle..” she said in a teasing manner.

    La Diabla started to writhe as she felt the tickle feelings in her body. This surprised her as she was really getting into the nipple teasing. Her body started to really thrash around, and her legs started to kick as she tried to get away from those tickling fingers! “hehehehehe hey!!! Hehehehe you’re tickling me?? Heheheheh not fair!! Hahahahaha NOT FAIR!!!!” she laughed as the fingers started to move faster on that very sensitive skin. She looked up at Darby’s face and saw a teasing smile and she couldn’t help but laugh as she tried to bat away at those fingers with her hands.

    “It is fair! I’m just ticklin’ your breasts…hehehe” Darby laughed as she continued to tickle away. She felt La Diabla’s hands batting away at her forearms, and she just ignored them. She loved the fact that her lover was squirming like crazy and the look on her face was nice. She could see her eyes shut tight, her mouth wide open and sweet giggles coming out. La Diabla looked so beautiful to her, and she loved that look of ticklish frustration on it. Now her fingers went back to the sides of the breasts and now the legs were kicking more. “Someone has ticklish tits, doesn’t she? Hahaha I love them! Tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle!” she said in a baby talk tone.

    La Diabla continued to giggle and squeal as she felt those fingers tickling the sides of her breasts and back to the undersides. Darby was driving her absolutely crazy, and she felt a little more helpless. Her nipples were still aching, and the tickling was making that ache worse. She really wished she could have sex, but her body was going through those ticklish feelings. She tried to plant her feet on the mattress so she could buck Darby off of her, but the deputy was a larger woman and heavier. She arched her back, which wasn’t a good idea as it exposed the undersides of her breasts even more. “hahahahahaha mercy!! Mercy!!! Hahahahaha” she squealed with ticklish delight.

    Darby laughed as she heard La Diabla’s cute pleas of mercy. She then slowed her breast tickling and used her thumbs to flick across the nipples, sending more of an erotic sensation through her. “You are such a funny lady…I will give you some mercy. You deserve it..” she teased as she now went back to squeezing the breasts softly. She was having so much fun playing with her. She then heard the soft cooing coming from her and she just loved that sound. Darby looked down at that face and saw the eyes opening and a smile coming out.

    “Hehehehehe are you having fun????” La Diabla laughed as she tried to recover from her breasts being tickled.

    “Actually, I am! Tickle tickle tickle tickle!” Darby said as her fingers once again started to tickle the soft, yet firm breasts, sending La Diabla into ticklish laughter once again.

    La Diabla felt those fingers tickling her breasts and she started to thrash again. Her legs were kicking, but it was no use as she was trapped. She then tried to once again slap away at Darby’s forearms, but it was no use, the tickling touches would not stop. It also drove her crazy when she heard the baby talk. She felt herself struggling to stop laughing and when she saw Darby’s face, she saw a look of tickling satisfaction. “hahahahahaha mercy!!! Please hahahaha have mercy on me!!! You’re hahaha beautiful hahahahaha sooo beautiful hahahahahaha kiss me!! Kiss meeeeeeeeehhahhahaahahahahahah” she begged. She was saying anything to get Darby to stop.

    “Awwww….thank you! You are making me blush! You’re beautiful too! Especially when you’re laughing! Kitchy kitchy!” Darby teased as her fingers continued to stroke along the sides of the breasts and moved towards the undersides. She really loved the thrashing La Diabla was trying to do, so she had another idea. She paused her breast tickling, then grabbed those flailing wrists and placed them on the bed, next to La Diabla’s body and then pinned those arms there using her legs. Now, she had her trapped! She lifted her hands again and started to wriggle her fingers towards those helpless mounds. “Here comes the tickling fingers! They’re coming to tickle yoooooooouuuuuuuuuuu!!” she teased.

    La Diabla saw the fingers coming towards her chest and she couldn’t get her body free. She started to giggle uncontrollably, even though she wasn’t touched yet. “hehehehehe come on!!! I want a kiss!! Can you kiss me instead??” she pleaded. She looked at Darby with a pleading look in her eyes and a smile.

    Darby paused her hands and saw that face asking to be kissed. She felt her heart melt as it looked so sweet. She then put her hands down and leaned her head down towards La Diabla’s. “Ok..you can get a kiss…” she whispered. She then planted her lips on those eager lips and could feel how passionate it was. She knew how aroused her lover was and it sent her own arousal to higher levels. But, she wanted to have some more fun too. “You have the sweetest kisses…” she cooed, then lifted her head and once again started to tickle those mounds again.

    “No no no no no no no!!!! It tickles!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha Darby!!! Hahahahahaha it tickles!!” La Diabla laughed as she felt those fingers moving very slowly around her breasts. The soft touch was driving her crazy and with her body pinned, the helplessness was starting to wash over her. It was a different feeling for her, but it wasn’t bad. This wasn’t the same feeling she had when she was trapped by Priscilla and Helga, this time, it felt more out of a willingness to please her lover and let her have her way with her. Her legs continued to kick, but not as much as she felt herself surrendering to the feeling. What made her happy was the look of joy in Darby’s face. She loved the way she was smiling and getting into this moment. It made her want Darby even more. The tickling was not torturous, and she felt her arousal getting stronger. Then the tickling stopped, and she let out a loud moan as her body started to recover from this tickling assault.

    Darby stared at La Diabla’s face and could see a look of relief on that face. She could see a slight sheen of sweat on the forehead and the panting giggles sounded very nice to her. She really wanted to kiss those lips again but wanted her to recover a little. Darby started to think about tickling other places on the body, so she couldn’t keep tickling the breasts even though it was a lot of fun and highly arousing. Those breasts were magnificent, and she still couldn’t believe she was touching them. Especially after their history. “Are you ok? Hehehehe” she asked.

    La Diabla took another deep breath and exhaled as she was recovering from that tickle attack. She felt her endorphins ripping through her and this sense of relief felt so good. She then looked up at Darby and saw that cute smile. “hehehehe yeah….Now that you’re not tickling me….you are SO mean! Hehehehe You are such a MEANIE!!!” she giggled playfully.

    Darby put her hands over her heart and pretended to be shocked at the accusation of her being mean! “Me??? Mean??? How am I mean??” she responded and playfully batted her eyes.

    La Diabla chuckled when she saw Darby’s playful reaction. “You are a meanie!!! Tickling my tits like that and driving me crazy!! Such a meanie!! That’s your name now! Deputy Darby MEANIE!!! Hehehe” she giggled and had a large smile. Then she playfully stuck out her tongue.

    Darby’s eyes widened and then a smile came to her face. “Deputy Meanie huh?? Well now you naughty outlaw, I guess I have to punish you…hehehehe” she teased. She then got off of La Diabla’s body on the left side of it, then placed her hands under the body and flipped her over onto her stomach. Then she quickly straddled the legs and once again, she was on top of La Diabla. She could see her back and even the ass. She loved the way the long black hair was fanned out over the back, and she leaned her body down, her own breasts now touching that hair and neck and placed her head next to La Diabla’s. “Now you naughty outlaw, time for me to have some fun with you….” she whispered into the ear.

    La Diabla was surprised when she felt her body get flipped over onto her stomach and now felt Darby straddling her body again. She felt Darby lean into her body and the warm breath in her hear gave her a chill and really excited her. She wondered what Darby was about to do and then it happened! She felt Darby’s larger hands plunging into her armpits and rested there! Ticklish fear ripped through her body and realized any body leverage she had was gone since she was on her stomach. “hehehehe um my sweet, what are y-you doing?” she asked with nervousness in her voice.

    “I’m about to punish you…after all, I’m deputy Meanie remember? Hehehehe” Darby giggled back. She then very lightly wriggled her fingers in those hollows and felt the body beneath her shudder.

    La Diabla felt those fingers wriggling in her armpits and it made her clamp her arms together in a defensive posture, which only trapped those hands there! She started to giggle, and her body tensed up. “Hey!!! Hehehehehe I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” she shrieked.

    Darby started to laugh over the reaction and stopped wriggling her fingers. “hahaha you are so funny! How quickly you turn! You are so adorable…” she said then kissed La Diabla’s cheek. Then her fingers started to wriggle again, and she felt the body shaking in ticklish agony. “….but I still got to punish you…I am the Meanie remember? Hehehe” she said teasingly.

    “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” La Diabla burst into laughter as she felt the fingers wriggling in her armpits. The ticklish feelings reverberated through her body and having Darby’s body on top of her made her feel more helpless and vulnerable. It also didn’t help that Darby was teasing her with words in her ear and she laid her head down on the pillow as the fingers continued their teasing wriggles in the hollows of her armpits. She also started to kick her feet as she continued to laugh. Even though this tickled her a lot, she was truly loving the attention Darby was giving her. Her heart was filling up with emotions and felt a wave of bliss wash over her too. She had to survive this playful tickling!

    Darby continued to wriggle her fingers into those hollows as she loved the feeling of the trembling body beneath her. She continued to lean her body into La Diabla’s soft back, and she loved this close contact. She still could not believe that she had this woman, who was once her enemy, laying underneath her completely naked and she was tickling her. This gave her a warm glow as she knew this bond they were building was very special. The fact that the outlaw was allowing herself to be tickled meant a lot to Darby. She continued to wriggle her fingers in the pits and then gave a soft kiss on La Diabla’s ear, even though it was covered by her hair. She then used her legs and placed her feet on La Diabla’s calves to prevent her from kicking her feet up. “I love tickling you…so much fun..tickle tickle tickle…” she said teasingly.

    La Diabla felt the kiss on her ear and heard those teasing words and it made her squeal a little louder. She also felt to tops of Darby’s feet on her calves and that prevented her from kicking her feet into the air. She started to feel more helpless as she had no way to escape this tickling in her armpits. The laughter got stronger as the tickling feelings increased. She felt Darby’s hard nipples in her back, and it was really driving her crazy. She shut her eyes and just continued to laugh. This was getting to be fun to her and she decided to just let herself go. She would just endure the tickling and wherever it took her as she felt really happy at this point. Her body was becoming submissive at this moment, and she laid her head on the pillow and just laughed. It felt good to let go because she was with someone who truly cared about her, and she felt safe.

    Darby saw La Diabla lay her head on the pillow, and she could see the right cheek. She felt a glow in her own body because she didn’t feel the desperate writhing anymore in the body and started to realize that her lover was giving in to her tickling. She was definitely familiar with this reaction, but this was in a loving situation. She slowed her wriggling fingers to allow La Diabla to breathe a little as she did not want to push her too far. She absolutely loved this moment. She then lowered her head and reached it over so she could kiss that right cheek. “That’s right naughty outlaw, see what happens when you do naughty things? Hehehehe” she teased.

    La Diabla slightly turned her head to the right and smiled when she felt that kiss. She also chuckled when she heard Darby’s teasing words. “hehehe well it is because someone wants to torment me with tickles hehehehehe Just wait until I get her back hehehehehehe” she giggled.

    Darby’s eyes popped open with a funny surprise when she heard those words. “What was that? Is someone threatening an officer of the law? Well now, I guess the naughty outlaw didn’t learn her lesson….” she teased, then started to wriggle her fingers once again in the armpits. She dug them just a little bit deeper so the tickling would be a little more intense, but not to the point of torture. She heard the cackling coming from her prisoner and it made her laugh. “Soooooo naughty! Hehehehe” she giggled.

    La Diabla burst into laughter as those fingers once again started tickling her pits. She couldn’t help but to let it all out in her laughter. Her body started to get hot, and she felt so helpless under Darby. Her mind started to go into that space of nirvana as the endorphins from laughing so much overtook her. “hhahahahahaha I’m sorry! Hahahahaha I’m sorry!!!” she cried out in laughter. She could also feel Darby’s body starting to writhe on top of hers which got her sexual juices going again.

    Darby loved writhing her body on top of La Diabla’s and she was getting very excited herself. The combination of tickling the armpits, the sweet laughter, and the soft body was intoxicating to her. She just loved the way La Diabla’s face was looking as she saw the right side of the head. The sight of her having such a good time really got to her and she wanted her. She slowed her tickling down again to allow the woman to breathe and she could tease her again. “You’re sorry? Aww….I know you are because you are so ticklish! Hehehe How are you feeling Salem? Are you doing ok?” she asked, trying to make sure she was ok.

    La Diabla felt a tingle in her heart as she heard Darby ask if she was ok. This felt very comforting to her as it showed that she was being handled with care. But, she also still wanted to tease her back. “Yeah, I’m ok hehehehehe Thank you hehehehehe….I would feel better if this super heavy meanie of a woman would get off of me though. That way I can breathe again..hehehehe” she said with a snarky tone.

    Darby laughed as she heard that crack at her. “Ooooh!!! So I’m heavy huh? I am a meanie huh? You know, you are just SO naughty! I wonder how this naughty outlaw will feel once I get to her feet….” she teased.

    La Diabla’s eyes popped open, and she felt like her heart stopped when she heard Darby’s words. “No!!!! Don’t you dare!! Don’t you dare!!! Hahahaha” she laughed as she tried to kick her feet. It was futile as Darby’s legs were pinning hers down to the bed. The thought of having her feet tickled frightened her, but also excited her. She shut her eyes tight and still tried to wiggle her body. “hehehehehe don’t tickle meeeeeeeeeeee” she giggled as she felt the fingers once again wriggling in her armpits.

    Darby felt a surge of power in her body as she now heard those cute, desperate pleas in La Diabla’s voice when she threatened to tickle her feet. A wave of arousal also flowed through her as the prospect of tickling those cute feet filled her mind. She thought about how much fun it would be and the reaction she could get out of her lover. Her fingers kept wriggling in the armpits and she could feel the legs still trying to kick. “That’s right naughty girl, I think I will have to see how ticklish your feet are..hehehe maybe then you will be a good girl.” she taunted.

    “I’ll be good! Hahahaha I’ll be good!!! Let me kiss you!! I will be hahahahah good!!” La Diabla laughed.

    Darby smiled, then pulled her fingers from the armpits and still laid on the body. She then lowered her head towards La Diabla’s and then put her lips close to hers. “Ok, kiss me….” she whispered.

    La Diabla turned her head as far as she could and planted her lips on Darby’s. After all this tickling, this kiss felt really wonderful. Her hormones were raging, her nipples were aching and between her legs was really wet. “mmmmmm I love your kisses too….” she purred when the kiss broke.

    “Yes, your kisses are amazing. But…..I’m still going to tickle your feet..hehehehe” Darby laughed, then, kissed the right cheek.

    “hehehe WHY??? Let’s have sex! No need to go to my feet! Nothing special…” La Diabla pleaded. She knew her feet were still very sensitive from the bastinado and tickle torture she received in that cavern and the way her body felt at this moment, she would probably lose it if her feet were tickled.

    “I have to go see them! After all, you played with muh feet, right?” Darby asked, then kissed the cheek again.

    “That was different! Hehehe your feet are made to be played with. Mine are just….feet. Come on Darby, please hehehe don’t go to my feet. I’m sorry! Hehehe you are not a meanie! You are the sweetest, kindest, most beautiful woman I have ever known!” she playfully begged. This feeling of being held down and her feet threatened with tickling really made her excited.

    Am I? Awww….you are so sweet. But, I am still going to your feet…hehehehe” Darby laughed with a mocking evil tone. She got up off of La Diabla and started to crawl on the bed towards the feet. She could see the legs kicking and even pressing into the bed as her lover didn’t know what to do with them. Her own heart started to race as she thought about what was about to happen. After having her feet tickled by La Diabla on many occasions, she was now about to do something she never dreamed would happen. She was about to play with the naked feet of the famous outlaw. Darby could feel her body trembling in anticipation. She made it to the foot of the bed, and she heard the silly whimpering from the outlaw, and it made her smile. She saw the feet twitching nervously, covering one another in ticklish anticipation. What really made her happy was the fact that La Diabla did not move her feet away from this predicament. It was telling her that she was ok with her tickling her feet. This was a very surreal moment for her and now it was time to have some fun. She sat on the edge of the foot of the bed and lifted her right leg up. She then grabbed the ankles of her lover and lifted them up, then gently placed the down on her left leg, then lowered her right leg down so she could clamp the ankles and calves between her own long legs. Her eyes then looked down at her lap and her heart stopped for a moment as she gazed upon the size 7 soles that were upturned and looking so vulnerable. In the cavern, she got to touch these feet momentarily, but now, she was going to have full access to them. She smiled as the toes scrunched open and close and could tell they were fearful of being tickled!

    La Diabla buried her face in her hands on the pillow and giggled freely. She felt her ankles trapped between Darby’s legs and when she tried to pull them free, they were pretty secured in that position. Her mind was racing as she anticipated her feet being tickled. She hoped this wouldn’t be too bad and started to brace herself for it. She surprised herself that she was letting someone touch her feet and she did not resist. It wasn’t like she was a prisoner like when she was trapped by Madam Olivia or Helga and Priscilla. This was all on her free will and she thought about how much she truly liked Darby for her to allow this. “Hehehehe please Darby…be gentle. Please be gentle with my feet…” she softly pleaded.

    Darby heard that soft voice and she smiled. She knew La Diabla was being very open with her, and she knew she couldn’t torture her. She planned on just tickling them enough for her to feel it. She stared at the pinkish-tannish skin of the soles and thought about where she would tickle first. Should she tickle the heels? The arch? Maybe the ball of the foot or the toes? Her curiosity was getting to her as she knew her own feet were really soft, but what about this outlaw? Was her feet soft? The skin looked supple, but she had to find out. She gently placed the tip of right index finger on the ball of the foot and pressed into it. The foot started to tremble and she loved that reaction! She also felt how soft the skin was. This outlaw had some pretty soft skin! “Wow, your feet feel really nice..should I massage them first, or should I tickle them?” she asked playfully.

    A chill washed over La Diabla as the fact her feet were about to be fondled and played with was about to be a reality. She lifted her face from her hands and shut her eyes tight. “Massage! I want a massage! Just don’t tickle! Hehehehe” she squealed.

    Darby grinned at the suggestion and decided she would follow through. She took her hands and started to gently rub the trapped right sole. Her fingers pressed into the flesh, and she loved how soft it was. Her fingers started to knead the skin on the heel and then moved down into the arch. She watched her fingers sink into that area and she could still feel the ticklish tremors. “Feels good? Or does it……..tickle?” she asked with a slight giggle.

    La Diabla felt every single kneading motion on her foot and even though it was a massage, it still tickled like hell. She was doing her best to not laugh as her feet were very sensitive at the moment. She then lowered her face back into her hands and let out a very small laugh. “hehe yes…it f-f-feeellls g-good!” she said, trying to not burst into laughter.

    “I am glad to hear that! You know, you always talked about how soft muh feet are, but you got some very soft feet yourself my beautiful friend..wow! You should let me touch your feet more often!” she joked, then realized she was actually wanting to touch feet more. A year ago, touching feet was not in the forefront of her mind, but after that day in the barn, in Madam Olivia’s place and even with Gertrude Billington, her feet were touched often. Then she had fun touching Mandy’s feet, who is a friend of Gertrude Billington and then even Bessie’s feet. She started to enjoy doing it and now, out of all the people she could think of, she was now having fun with the feet of La Diabla. It was an incredible feeling for her. Her fingers then started to knead the ball of the foot and could see the toes splaying open, then closed. “Such cute feet!” she said with a smile as she continued her massage.

    La Diabla then took her face out of her hands and laid her head down on the pillow on the left side, so she was facing the right side. She looked down towards her feet and could see Darby sitting there, her legs clamped around her ankles and her arms working their magic. The massage did tickle her, but she could deal with it even though it was close to her very sensitive toes. She started to think about how a woman she tickled tortured many times on her feet, now had her own feet being touched by her. She could see the smile on Darby’s face and knew this was something Darby was truly enjoying. “Your m-m-massage is n-nice..” she stammered, still trying to hold in laughter.

    “I am glad you like it! I love rubbing your feet. You should let me do this more often…You come see me after a long day and I will take care of your feet!” Darby responded with a smile. Then a thought occurred to her. She was sounding just like Gertrude Billington! She chuckled at the thought she was becoming like her neighbor.

    “hehe you would like that wouldn’t you? Me coming to you and having my feet rubbed? You’re funny Darby hehehehe” La Diabla giggled, which was because of her ticklish situation during the massage and just the interaction with Darby. She felt the fingers still pressing into the balls of the foot and her legs started to shake. Fear went through her as she was so close to exploding in severe ticklish laughter. She buried her face once again in her hands, just getting ready for a tickle attack at any moment.

    “Yes, I would like that a lot! I would make you feel great after a long day of…well, whatever it is you do every day. Haha” Darby teased. She felt the feet trembling and she tried her best to soothe them. Her eyes then caught the high arches and she found them very intriguing. Her eyes followed the curve of the foot, looking at the heel, then following the contours of the arch. She saw how high they were, and they looked really sensitive. Then she looked at how it arch sloped upwards to the ball of the foot and then to the longer toes. She could see the contrast in skin color were the heels and ball of the foot were pinker and the arch was more tan. She remembered that bastinado treatment on these cute feet and it made her want to comfort them more. She then moved her fingers into the arch of the right foot and started to massage it. The foot started to flinch, and she realized it was very sensitive.

    La Diabla groaned in ticklish agony as she felt Darby’s fingers in her arch. The sensations were really strong, and her foot started to flinch around. She wished she could pull her foot away, but it was still trapped between Darby’s legs. Her feet were still very sensitive, and her arch was very ticklish. “hehehehe that t-tickles Darby!” she squealed as her face was still in her hands. She scrunched her toes and then flexed her foot again. She was trying her best to relax and let Darby rub her feet, but they were just too ticklish right now.

    “I can see..hehehe you’re so cute.” Darby smiled. She then took her thumbs and dug them into the arch. She loved hearing those giggles coming out and she was looking forward to actually tickling the feet on purpose. Her thumbs pressed into the tender skin, and she just couldn’t stop smiling over this action. She loved looking at the toes scrunch and open back up. Darby then moved her thumbs towards the instep, and she heard a louder squeal coming from La Diabla. “Ticklish? Hehehe” she teasingly asked.

    La Diabla couldn’t help but laugh as she felt those thumbs on her instep. She then took her head out of her hands and face planted in the pillow. She then started to bang her right fist into the mattress as she was fighting the tremendous ticklish sensations. “Y-yes! Hahahahahaha You’re tickling me dammit!!” she squealed as she banged her fist over and over again.

    “This is not tickling you! THIS is tickling you….” Darby teased as she stopped the kneading and softly scurried her fingers in that tender arch. The tips of her fingers touched that ticklish skin and she immediately felt the foot flailing away and heard the much stronger laughter coming from La Diabla. “I bet this really tickles!” she teased.

    La Diabla burst into laughter as she felt those fingers scurrying in her arch. It tickled her a lot, and she couldn’t help but laugh. Her face was still in the pillow, and when she came up for air, she started to beg Darby for mercy. “Stooooooooppp!!!! HHAHAHAHAHAHAHA DARBY!!! IT TICKLES!!! HAHAHAHA IT TICKLES!!!! PLEASE NO TICKLES!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

    Darby then stopped tickling the arch and left her hand rest on the back of the right heel. This was very fun to her, and she allowed La Diabla to catch her breath. “Yes, it DOES tickle, doesn’t it? So, would you rather have me try to massage it, or should I just tickle this cute little foot?!” she teased as she then placed her fingers in the arch and rested them.

    “You ARE mean!! Hehehehehe” La Diabla whimpered as she tried to recover from the foot tickle. She started to shake her foot, trying to get those fingers out of there, but they weren’t leaving that area. The tickling was leaving her tired, but she still enjoyed it in a way. She truly felt she and Darby were bonding, even if it meant she was “tortured”. She wiggled her foot again, trying to shake away the ticklish sensations. She then tried to turn her head towards Darby so she could get a glimpse of the red haired deputy. “Ok…you can massage them…just DON’T tickle! Hehe” she teased, then put her face back into the pillow, anticipating Darby’s hands to massage her foot again.

    “Good girl…” Darby teased and then she resumed placing her hands on that right foot and used her thumbs to massage the arch again. She absolutely loved the feeling of that skin on her fingers and went deeper into the skin. She couldn’t help but snicker and giggle as she saw La Diabla’s body writhing in ticklish agony. She especially loved looking at the naked ass writhing. She liked the look of that rear end. It was well defined and looked really well put together. It was still surprising to her just how sexy La Diabla’s body was. Everything on her was very nice. From her beautiful face, all the way down to these cute feet and everywhere between. Darby giggled a few times as she rubbed the foot, she saw the butt cheeks clenching, reacting to the ticklish sensations. “You know, you really got a nice ass…..” she said.

    La Diabla blushed a little as she heard the compliment about her ass. She felt vulnerable as all parts of her body were exposed. She was also happy that Darby liked what she saw, because she definitely loved the way Darby looked. This only made her more wet between her legs as she thought about very soon, they were going to have sex. She just had to survive this foot touching. The ticklish feelings were definitely present, and she tried deep breathing, to take focus away from the tickling touches. Her mind remembered that she used to receive foot massages, especially the last year from her sex slave Francine. It was just after the bastinado, her feet were extra sensitive. The she felt the massage get near her instep and she bit her lip, trying to hold the laughter in. She continued to squirm in place and started to whimper ticklish sounds from her mouth. “It tiiiiiicckkklleess……it tickles!” she grunted to herself.

    Darby could see the body continuing to writhe in place and heard the cute grunts coming from La Diabla. She then moved her fingers to the heel of the foot, and she hoped that would help as she was no longer in the arch. She did hear some audible loud breaths coming from La Diabla and that made her smile. She looked at that pinkish skin color and loved pressing into it. “You know, I am just loving rubbing this cute foot of yours. It feels very soft on my fingers. You must be a tenderfoot too…hehehe” Darby joked, teasing La Diabla with the nickname that she was given by her current lover.

    La Diabla chuckled at that comment, then turned her head downwards towards Darby and gave her a playful glare. “Hehe HEY!!!! Don’t say that….that’s YOUR name..hehehehe” she laughed, then put her head towards the pillow again. She knew Darby must be enjoying this position of power over her feet. Her mind went back to the time she first called Darby “tenderfoot”. It was in that barn a year ago and she removed Darby’s boots and her socks. She remembered that moment when she teased her about having tenderfeet made her smile now. La Diabla couldn’t help but think how the tables have turned after that moment.

    Darby then let go of the right foot and gave it a very gentle pat. “Ok, I am doing massaging your right foot, but your left foot looks so lonely. I think it wants me to massage it too…” she teased. She then poked the left foot with her index finger and chuckled loudly when the at foot went spastic, wriggling like crazy after she touched it. “Hahaha You are so funny…Left foot a bit sensitive huh?” she teased.

    “Yes!!!! It is!!! How about you let go of my feet and we can make out again? I know you love my kisses…” La Diabla offered, trying her best to get Darby to let her ankles go so she could avoid those tickling touches. Then she felt Darby’s hands once again on her foot, and she grunted as the sensations really tickled her again. “tickles hehehehe tickles!!” she grunted.

    “Hahaha I bet it does! Wow, you just have very sensitive feet. It seems just as bad as mine!” Darby responded, then continued massage the ball of the foot. She could tell the left foot was far more sensitive than the right foot. She made a mental note of this because she did plan to still tickle both feet. “Come on Salem, just try to relax. I am trying to pamper you before we make love to each other….” she teased.

    La Diabla felt a shockwave of arousal flow through her, as well as a sharp tickling sensation, when she heard Darby’s words. “I am hehehe feeling relaxed now! How about you let my feet go? I want to make you cum..” La Diabla said with a teasing tone. She was doing her best to get Darby to let her ankles go. Then she lifted her upperbody off the mattress and arched her back and she used her hands to push herself up. Darby’s fingers had moved into her very delicate arch and that shockwave of tickles hit her like a train.

    “Something the matter? Hehehe” Darby laughed as she saw La Diabla’s body position. She could see her push her body up and she saw the long, black hair starting to fly around. She stopped her kneading of the left arch and watched La Diabla drop her body back to the bed. She put her hands to her mouth as the sight really was funny to her.

    “Hehehehehe you brat! That was so mean..hahaha my feet are TOO sensitive right now…” La Diabla panted.

    “Brat? Haha, you crack me up. Ok, I will stop the massage. Someone can’t enjoy it. So, I guess I just have to tickle them instead since you keep laughing anyway…” Darby said coolly and then placed her fingers of both hands into the right arch, ready to tickle.

    La Diabla heard those words and tried to turn her body so she could look at Darby. “NO! WAIT! DON’T HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! !” she laughed as the fingers started to scrabble in her arch and it sent a tsunami of ticklishness throughout her body. The fingers were digging into her flesh, they were softly stroking the skin, but it was still driving her insane. She laid on the bed and buried her face into the pillow and used her hands to “wrap” the pillow over the sides of her face so she could scream into it with hysterical laughter.

    Darby was loving this reaction La Diabla was giving as her fingers softly scurried over that delicate arch. She had a look of glee on her face, and her tongue was partially sticking out as she was having so much fun tickling the foot. She felt the temptation to really dig in, but she wanted to make sure she remained gentle. The thrashing La Diabla was doing right now was definitely fun enough. She paused the tickling for a moment to give her a chance to calm down. She stared at the sole and loved how it was twitching still. She then looked at the heel of the foot and figured that would be her next plan of tickle attack. “You ok over there? Hehehe” she asked with a giggle.

    La Diabla laid her hands flat on the bed and turned her head to the left side as she wanted to regain her breath. Her adrenaline was flowing and was happy the tickling stopped for now. She took in deeper breaths and even had a few giggles coming out. She let out a satisfied groan as the tickling stopped. “Yeah, I’m ok… Your tickling is driving me crazy. You sure you don’t want to have sex right now instead of tickling my feet?” she panted, then giggled. She was doing her best to tempt Darby to get away from tickling her.

    “Oh, I definitely want sex, but tickles are so much fun right now! I mean, I have your cute barefeet at my mercy. When will I ever get another chance like this? Hehe” Darby responded with a smile. She was right, she didn’t know when she would ever get a chance to get La Diabla in this position and tickle her feet like this. She already knew eventually she would get revenge on her so she better enjoy every moment she could. “Besides, I have some other plans for these feet of yours after I tickle them…”

    La Diabla chuckled when she heard Darby talking about doing things to her feet. She then looked downwards and could see Darby’s big barefeet, ankles crossed, and she could see glimpses of that delicate deep pink skin on the sole. Her mind started to think about revenge. She laughed to herself as she wanted to get those big feet under her control again. She wouldn’t torture them, but she would definitely have fun with them. Then she felt her right big toe get wiggled, and she closed her eyes and let out a soft giggle. “You are really enjoying yourself, aren’t you?” she laughed.

    “As a matter of fact, I am! Who would have ever thought that Deputy Darby Reeves would have the great La Diabla in a position where her feet are tickled? Hehe” Darby giggled and then started to softly scratch the heel of the right foot, letting La Diabla know where her next target is. “I swear, your feet are just SO cute!” she said, then softly traced the tip of her index finger in a circle on the heel and the foot immediately started to twitch around again. Her finger then traced around the outside edges of the heel, then back across over it and to the inside edge, only to go around the top of the heel. She loved how soft the skin was and better yet, how it reacted to her soft touch.

    “uuunnnhhhh!!! T-that tickles, but I think I can hehehe handle it…” La Diabla said while gritting her teeth. She wanted to try and resist the tickling feeling as best as she could. The soft touch on her heel started to feel a good a little, even though she could still feel the ticklish tremors. She was grateful Darby wasn’t trying to truly torture her, as she did to Darby a year ago. Because if Darby did that right now, she would definitely be begging for mercy. Now she felt the finger slowly making the circle tighter and smaller as it was getting close the center of her heel. She then turned her head back into the pillow and shut her eyes. She could feel the tremors in her body, but instead on focusing what she wanted to do to Darby’s body when they finally made love.

    Darby finished her circling of the heel and then gently squeezed the top of the heel. “So cute, your heel is even pretty..” she said with in a whispered tone. Now her mind started to think about how else she could pleasure this foot after she tickled it. She definitely wanted to taste it for herself. She wanted to put her lips and tongue on these feet and to get La Diabla to feel the highest levels of arousal. Her own sexual fire kept growing and with the multiple requests for sex already, she was definitely looking forward to that moment. Then her eyes looked at the ball of the foot and now she wanted to play with that before she went back to the arch. Her fingers gently started to glide across the ball of the foot and once again the foot started to flail away. She then used her left hand to grab the toes and hold the foot still and her right hand would do the very soft stroking. However, when she grabbed the toes, she heard a very girlish shriek, then followed with some strong laughter from La Diabla.

    “hehehehehehehehehe not my toes!!! Let go of my toes!! Hehehehehehehe” La Diabla squealed as her toes were touched. They were very sensitive at the moment and just the simple touch was driving her crazy. Her feet were far more sensitive and ticklish than she thought. The feeling was intense, and she tried to shake her foot free. “hehehe please!! Let go of my hehehe toes!!! Darby!! Hehehe PLEASE!!!” she pleaded. She tried to clamp her toes, but Darby had them in her hand, and she felt that intensity get stronger.

    Darby could hear the desperation in those giggles, so she let go of the toes and let La Diabla recover. She could hear her laughing but also breathing more. It did amuse her as she saw the rest of the body trembling. The toes were definitely very sensitive! She was going to have to play with them shortly! “Hehehe are you ok? Your toes a little sensitive?” she asked.

    “Yes hehehehe they are! Wow, that was more hehehe intense than I thought….” La Diabla panted mixed with some soft laughs. She started to scrunch her toes, trying to shake the ticklish feelings from them. She looked back towards Darby and smiled. “Let me guess…you’re going to tickle them, aren’t you?” she said as she shook her head.

    “Well……I was planning on doing that. Especially after that reaction….” Darby grinned then shrugged as she saw La Diabla looking at her.

    La Diabla saw Darby’s face and that mischievous grin and turned her head back to the pillow. “Just be careful…..meanie..hehehe” she giggled. She knew Darby was having fun and she didn’t want to spoil her fun, even if it drove her absolutely wild. She had to keep telling herself that she got the opportunity to tickle Darby’s feet tonight, so she had to be fair. She was hoping this tickling would end soon, because she really wanted to do a lot of fun, sexual things to the deputy.

    “Hahaha I love how adorable you are and before I resume tickling your feet, thank you. Thank you for letting me do this. It actually means a lot to me…” Darby said with gratitude in her voice. She meant every word and she wanted La Diabla to know how much she appreciated her willingness to have her feet played with and even tickled. Her heart filled with more attraction because she knew that La Diabla wouldn’t just let anyone touch her feet. Only people she liked.

    La Diabla felt good inside as she heard Darby’s thanks. She appreciated the fact that Darby was grateful for this kind of play. She was really starting to feel for this woman as they were truly connecting. “You’re welcome…” she replied. She then braced herself because she knew more tickling was about to happen. Then she felt fingers touching the ball of her foot and her foot started to wriggle around again. She gritted her teeth and once again, face planted her face deep into the pillow.

    Darby used her right hand to grab the sides of the foot so she could hold the foot still, so her left hand could play with the ball. She wanted to not hold the foot by the toes, so she wouldn’t drive La Diabla completely insane. Her fingers slowly stroke across the length of the ball, and she could feel the tension in the foot as it was reacting to her very soft touches. She then used the tip of her index finger and made the circle around the design of the ball of the foot. The finger would drift close to the base of the toes and then circle back around the inside edge of the ball, then across the sole underneath the ball and then finally to the outside edge of the ball and repeated the cycle. She noticed there was a slight callous on the center of the ball and wondered if it was sensitive there, or would it not be because the skin was hardened. Her finger continued the slow circle around the ball but started to drift inward to make a smaller circle within the design of the ball of the foot.

    La Diabla continued to twist and turn her body as she felt the finger slowly stroke against the ball of her foot and wished she wasn’t so darn ticklish right now. She was very happy Darby wasn’t using any nails, or she might have lost her mind. She could feel the finger making smaller circles and the tickling intensity started to get stronger. She kept thinking about her poor foot enduring these feelings and just couldn’t help but to let laughs out. She would also have a few squeals come out as well. Then a thought crossed her mind. She remembered Darby saying she had other plans for her feet after she tickled them. She wondered what that meant, and if it would tickle her anyway. Then she squealed as she felt the finger touch the center of the ball of her foot. “Hey hey hey!! That tickles! Hehehehehe” she squealed in ticklish delight.

    Darby was now using the very tip of her index finger to stroke that small callous and was delighted to see that reaction. That toughened skin was definitely sensitive and that made her laugh. She then did a few circles around the callous and heard very cute squeals coming out of the outlaw. “Wow, someone is VERY ticklish right here..hehehehe tickle tickle tickle!” she teased as her finger continued to tickle that spot. She did a few more strokes, then stopped the tickling. She waited a few moments to have La Diabla calm down a little as she was ready for the next tickle spot! Once the breathing returned to normal, she stared at the naked backside of La Diabla and enjoyed the view. “Now, are you ready for me to play with your toes? I promise ya, I will be very gentle..hehehehe” she giggled.

    La Diabla let out a soft groan as she heard that her toes were next. The moment of truth was here, and she knew she was in ticklish trouble. “Oh this is going to be horrible..hehehe Please be careful with them. My toes are innocent and don’t deserve this deputy meanie….” she giggled.

    “Innocent? Your toes are as guilty as the rest of you. Haha Besides, since you keep calling me a meanie, then I guess I have to live up the name, right? Time for some toes!” Darby said with fun in her voice as she then took the right big toe and wiggled it all over the place. Then she wiggled each toe and making baby talk sounds as she did it. “Look at these cute, GUILTY, piggies of yours! I have arrested them, and they had a trial! As judge, I find them GUILTY and now they will be sent to tickle jail! Hehehe” she laughed as she rubbed her hands together.

    La Diabla shook her head as she heard Darby’s words. “You are such a goofy woman…hehehe” she laughed to herself. She lowered her head into pillow and braced herself for the soon to be ticklish onslaught on her precious toes.

    “Goofy? Hehehehe” Darby asked as she laughed. She then started to lightly drum her fingertips on the pads on the pads of the toes and was delighted to see them scrunch together to try and protect the pads, so she simply stroked the tops of the toes, which forced them to open again. She laughed as she repeated this pattern a few times, where she would tickle the pads, then the tops of the toes. The foot started to writhe wildly so she had to hold the sides of the foot again with her right hand and started to use her left fingers to play with the toes. “These naughty piggies must be punished!” she said with glee. Darby waited for the toes top open up once again, and then they did she forced her fingers to stroke the undersides of the digits and was greeted with some strong laughter.

    “MY TOES!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” La Diabla squealed as she felt the fingers on the bottoms of her toes, which drove her absolutely crazy. She couldn’t close her toes because if she did, they would have trapped the fingers there. She was glad she was screaming into the pillow, or she might have awakened the entire town of Santa Selena! Her fists started to pound the mattress once again as the tickling was really driving her crazy. She could feel her eyes water and her laughter got stronger.

    Darby laughed as she saw that sexy, naked body writhing in ticklish agony. She was having such a good time tickling these toes and even loved the softness of the skin. The toes were longer and had a nice curl to them, which meant just like the arch, the undersides of the toe stems did not touch the ground that much. Darby then did one more wriggle of her fingers and then let go of the toes. She did not want to make this seem like pure torture and let her rest for a little bit. She then gently patted the bottom of the right foot. “Ok I am done….” Darby said in a soothing tone.

    La Diabla lifted her head and felt a great sense of relief as the tickling was finally over. She felt relief in her foot and especially her toes. She laid her head on the pillow and felt happy. “hehehe you got me good…I’m so glad it’s over…” she panted.

    “I am done with your right foot…. I still have your left one…hehehe” Darby laughed with some evil intent. She rubbed her hands and gently poked the left sole. The foot went spastic upon the touch, which only made her laugh more.

    “You’re hehehe kidding me….Oh deputy meanie, you are definitely mean. Please don’t tickle my other foot…I want some kisses now. When I tickled you, I gave you some kisses remember?” La Diabla said, hoping to get her ankles freed.

    “hahaha yes, you did give me kisses. You have such great kisses too! But I don’t remember any kisses you gave when you tickled muh feet…..” Darby responded with a teasing tone. She then started to circle her left index finger in a circle on the left heel. The foot was waving around wildly, and it made her laugh. The good news was the heel was still in place, it was the arch, ball of the foot and toes there were wiggling around. “You know, the more you behave and let me tickle this other foot, the sooner this will be over….I won’t even massage it, just go right to the tickling so it can end soon enough for you. I would think it shows how merciful I really am.” she playfully warned.

    La Diabla couldn’t believe it. “What kind of tickle monster did I create?” she thought to herself as Darby was using the same types of tactics she would use. She knew she was about to have her left foot, the more sensitive one, tickled and it was going to be intense even with the soft touches. “hehehe you know I am going to get you back one day for this..hehehehe” she playfully warned.

    “I am sure you will, but right now, this ticklish foot is allllllllllll mine…..” Darby smiled as her finger continued its slow circle tracing on the heel. Her finger moved to the top of the heel and the slid over to the inside edge of the heel, then stroke across the bottom of the heel, agonizingly close to the arch and then to the outside edge of the heel and slowly made its way back to the top of the heel. The finger continued this clockwise motion on the heel and then started to make smaller circles, getting closer to the center of the heel.

    La Diabla felt that ticklish electricity and she gritted her teeth. Much like her right heel, this tickled a lot, but it wasn’t as bad as other spots on her foot. She once again buried her face in her hands and endured the tickling on her heel. In her mind, she kept thinking, “Just a little bit more, just a little bit more, just a little bit more” to keep herself motivated and not go absolutely crazy from the foot tickling. The finger was now in the center of her heel, and she felt her back tense up as the ticklish feeling really sent a major wave through her body.

    Darby continued to grin as her finger made its circle smaller and smaller until it finally made the center of the heel. Once there she poked her finger right in that spot, then quickly wiggled her finger back and forth, sending more ticklish giggles from La Diabla. This was getting to be a lot of fun as she watched the left foot wiggle, but also the right foot. She then gave one more poke then clapped her hands. “That was fun!! Now, let’s try another spot….” she teased as her fingers then moved towards the ball of the foot. She wanted to save the arch and toes for last as they were definitely the most ticklish spots on the foot. Once the fingers made it to the ball of the foot, she used her right hand to hold the sides of the foot firmly and then did a real quick swipe of her left index finger once again across the ball of the foot. She then felt the foot started to struggle in her grasp, trying to get free and the toes scrunched again.

    “Hehehehe You know that tickles right??!!” La Diabla squealed. She tried to move her foot, but Darby had such a firm grip on it. She then felt tremors going up her spine as the finger started to make that path along the outlines of the ball of her foot, just like what happened on the right foot, and it just felt worse. When the finger made it to the base of her toes and stroked across there, she started to bang her left fist into the mattress really hard as it really tickled her. “hehehehehe this is driving me hehehehehe CRAZY!!!” she blurted out.

    “I can see….” Darby replied with her smile. Her finger finally made it to the outside edge of the ball of the foot, then moved across the width of the ball of the foot, purposely stroking across the top part of the arch until it made it to the inside edge of the foot. The amount of strength she had to use to hold the foot still really delighted her. She finished up by stroking that inside edge of the ball of the foot and then continued to make her path in a clockwise fashion again. She absolutely loved touching this foot and listening to those helpless and hysterical giggles only fueled her desire. Her finger was now getting closer and closer to the center of the ball of the foot and out of the corner of her eye, she could see La Diabla’s body shaking around. “Poor thing…she is SO ticklish! Hehehe” she thought to herself.

    La Diabla rocked her body back and forth on the mattress, trying to do everything she could to fight the ticklish sensations in her body. She even tried to push Darby’s arm away with her right foot to no avail as she did not have the proper angle to do so. Now she rested on her elbows, her face in her hands and she just continued to giggle. Her mind started to wonder how long she could hold out before she would just feel totally helpless to Darby’s soft tickling of her feet. Then she lowered her hands to fall back onto top of the bed as she felt a finger lazily drag across her arch. This made her lift her ass into the air, and then get on her knees. “Darby, that tickles!!!!” she shrieked as the finger then made another swipe in her arch.

    “Hahahaha I know it does! You have such a ticklish arch! Oh, nice ass by the way…” Darby teased, then reached over and gave the ass a playful smack. She watched La Diabla then crash back onto the bed in a heap. “Hahahaha my gosh, you are so funny….” she laughed.

    La Diabla rubbed the spot on her ass that Darby smacked. “Hey! You’re going to spank me now? Hehehe” she teased and then wiggled her ass.

    “I just might! Well, after I tickle these feet of yours of course…” Darby responded then started to “walk” her fingers through the delicate arch sending La Diabla into uncontrolled giggles again. Her fingers started at the top part of the arch, connected to the ball of the foot, then walked “up” the arch making sure to touch and tease that delicate arch skin before making it to the bottom of the arch, connected to the heel. Once it made it back to that spot, she let her fingers softly slide back down through the arch and to the ball of the foot, where she started to scurry her fingers there. “This is just like falling down a hill. I got to walk all the way back up, then sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiide all the way back down to the bottom of the hill, shake myself off and then walk up the hill again!” Darby described her tickle attack with her fingers.

    La Diabla continued to giggle as those fingers kept repeating the pattern on her foot. She would feel the fingers slowly “walk” up her arch, which sent intense ticklish sensations throughout her entire body, then once it made it to her heel, the fingers would then slide back down across her arch, doubling the ticklish sensations and then the ball of her foot was tickled. She had images of being a kid that would run up the grassy hill, only to go rolling back down to the bottom, which kept her, and her friends entertained for hours. Now she had that going through her mind as her poor foot was the “hill”. She lowered her head on the pillow and laid her head sideways with her right cheek on the pillow and just laughed. She was so worn out from this tickling on her foot, she just laid there and let it happen. She just wanted to let all of her laughter out as it tickled, but for some reason, it didn’t feel like torture. This was playtime and the laughter felt good to her because of the endorphin rush. Darby had her feet trapped and played with and there was nothing she could do, but to surrender to the ticklish feelings. Then the fingers stopped their paths and she let out a loud exhale.

    Darby saw La Diabla laying limp on the bed and knew her friend was getting tired. She paused her tickling so she could allow her to rest a little. She even started to caress the backs on La Diabla’s legs, trying to soothe her. She loved how soft the skin felt, and she could also feel the muscles in the claves and the hamstrings. This impressed her as La Diabla took very good care of her body and it showed. She looked at the naked ass again and lust started to build in her again. Darby was feeling it right now and she started to crave this woman. She just had one more tickle thing to do and then she looked at those cute long toes. “Hey my sweet Salem, you are doing so good right now. I just got one more spot to tickle and then we are alllllllll done! This is the grand finale, so I want you to get ready. I am going after these cute toes of yours next…” she warned.

    La Diabla continued to breathe heavily and heard Darby’s warning. She started to giggle and then gripped the pillow. “hehehehe not my toes! Come on Darby, not my toes….they’re too tickish! Hehehe have mercy….” she whimpered. She then placed her face into the pillow, preparing herself to lose all sense of control once her toes were tickled.

    Darby smiled as she heard that cute whimpering and then looked at the toes. She figured she would do a quick intense tickle, then let the feet go. She wanted to use her favorite toe tickle method, the same kind she used on Mandy back at Gertrude’s house, and then to Helga in the house. “Ok, let’s make this short and sweet. Get ready sweet lady, this is really gonna tickle you….” she warned. She placed her left hand fingers through the toe crevices and then got a good grip on the toes and squeezed. The reaction she got was priceless!

    La Diabla felt those fingers between her toes, and she did a full pushup from the bed and went into hysterical laughter! “OH FUCK!!!! THAT TICKLES HAHAHAHAHAHAHA THAT TICKLES HAHAHAHA!” she screamed as the sheer intensity of the toe tickling ripped through her like a hot knife through butter. She then face planted into the pillow so she could scream to the top of her lungs in hysterical laughter. Wave after ticklish shockwave coursed through her body and she didn’t know how to react as her body was perfectly still, but extremely tensed up.

    Darby’s eyes popped wide open as she saw and heard the reaction. She knew this must have tickled intensely and she did a few more quick squeezes of her fingers in those toes, enjoying the loud laughter, even if it was muffled in the pillow. She then pulled her fingers free from the toes and then clapped her hands. “hahaha ALL DONE!!!! Wasn’t that fun??” she said with a lot of happiness in her voice. She didn’t want to spend too much time on the toes as it would then end up being true torture and she didn’t want that. She then opened her legs and let La Diabla’s ankles free.

    La Diabla came up for air from the pillow and started taking in huge breaths of air as she expelled a lot of air from her lungs while her toes were tickled. She took a moment to realize there were no longer fingers in her toes and that her ankles were free. She continued to laugh freely as her head rested on the pillow as her body could still feel the ticklish tremors. It took her a few moments, but then she moaned. Her body felt like it was drifting in the air as she felt that relief of the tickling stopping. “hehehe oh wow…that heheheh tickled so bad hehehehe you’re mean Darby.. you are hehehe so mean to me….” she giggled.

    Darby was still at the foot of the bed and laughed when she heard La Diabla calling her mean with these cute giggles. She then took La Diabla’s right ankle and lifted the foot in the air. She looked at the bottom of the foot and wanted to do something to help soothe her lover. She then planted her lips on the sole and gave it a gentle kiss. It was now time to give this sexy body some loving attention. She kissed the heel softly, then the arch, then the ball of the foot and then the pad of the big toe. “Awwww poor baby got her feet tickled. I will make you all better….” she cooed.

    La Diabla could feel the kisses on the bottom of her foot, and it felt nice, but she also flinched a little with each kiss as her foot was still very sensitive. This was a nice touch that Darby was doing after she had her feet tickled like that. Her body did start to calm down from the tickling, but her arousal was still rising. Feeling those lips on her foot did wonders for her libido and she felt her nipples throbbing. “Mmmmmm…that feel *ooh* good. This is *ooh* much better than you tormenting *ooh* my foot with tickles…” she cooed.

    Darby continued to kiss the foot and she was in a peaceful state. She also realized that she was actually kissing the barefoot of La Diabla. This was something she never thought possible, yet here she was. The sounds La Diabla were making also got her more anxious. “You have *kiss* such soft *kiss* feet. I wonder *kiss* why I never thought *kiss* of this before…” she moaned. She then lowered the right foot and then grabbed the left ankle. She then lifted the left foot and turned it inwards so she could look at the sole. “I’m sorry *kiss* I had to tickle *kiss* this foot. It was *kiss* so much fun. You were *kiss* laughing and squealing. I just *kiss* had to tickle you. But this, this *kiss* feels good to me *kiss* too…” she said as she continued to kiss.

    Each kiss was sending more erotic fire to La Diabla’s private area and nipples. She even placed her hands on her breasts and started to rub them. She then gasped as she felt a wet, moist object now sliding across her sole and she even giggled a little when that object was wiggling in her arch. She knew it was Darby’s tongue, which only got her more excited. “hehehe that tickles me…hehehehe but feels so good…” she cooed as she closed her eyes and experienced more of that tongue licking and tickling her sensitive arch. Her foot would flinch involuntarily, but she adored this kind of attention. She then let out a loud moan when she felt that tongue now at the base of her toes. It felt incredible, but then it started to tickle her. “hehehehe my toes are ticklish hehehehe..” she giggled.

    “You want me *lick* to stop?” Darby asked while licking the undersides of those toes. She was loving the taste of this foot and could feel the toes wiggling. That allowed her tongue to slip between the crevices and she heard more cute squeals. “Your foot tastes really good…” she teased, then licked the pad of the big toe with the flat part of the tongue.

    “hehehehe oh, that tickles so much! Hehehehe my toes are hehehe your prisoners hehehe please have mercy.” La Diabla squealed as the tongue continued to lick her toes. She then rubbed her nipples more and the excitement only got stronger. She then felt her left foot getting lowered to the bed and now her right foot went back into the air. She then felt the tongue licking that foot and it was driving her crazy! She could feel the tongue sliding into her arch, which caused her to giggle. “hehehehe tickles hehehe it tickles…” she giggled. La Diabla could not believe that Darby was still tickling her feet, but it was nice, and she only craved Darby more.

    Darby then lowered the right foot after tasting that foot. “You sure have some tasty feet..hehehe” she teased. She then started to crawl up the bed, with La Diabla’s body under her and she looked down at the firm ass before her. She then placed both of her hands on each cheek and started to squeeze them. She loved how firm they were and how soft the skin was. “You got such a nice ass..I wonder though…” she teased as she let go of the cheeks. She then flipped her hair over her shoulders to get to the front of the body and then lowered her head. She took the ends of her red hair on the left side and then stroked it across the sexy ass below. She saw the ass clench and she smiled.

    La Diabla felt something tickling her ass and she clenched her cheeks and had a look of total surprise on her face. She was loving the ass squeezes, but now something was touching her ass and it made her squirm. She tried to turn her head to look behind her and she saw Darby using her own hair to stroke her ass. “Y-you’re tickling hahahaha my ass with your hair???” she squealed as the tickling started to get more intense. This was a surprise as she never had her ass tickled with hair before. It was surprisingly sensitive and then she felt her body clench up when the ends of that hair started sliding in her ass crack! “hehehehehe hey!!! That tickles!! Stop tickling my ass!!! Hahahahahahaha” she laughed as the hair continued its cruel path.

    Darby took the ends of her hair and placed it at the tailbone area, then slowly and softly wiggled the strands down the crack of the ass and she loved the way it moved and clenched up. This was a delightful surprise, and it was also very erotic to her. She saw the way the ass was wiggling in place and her heart started to beat faster. Darby realized that it was going to be any moment now, she was going to have sex with La Diabla. She could tell her lover was getting very aroused and she was already on fire between her legs. She then took her hair down to where the ass meets the legs and poked it inside that small area that would lead towards La Diabla’s most private place. Darby started to crave that spot and she wanted to touch it. She wanted to give extreme pleasure to this sexy woman laying beneath her.

    La Diabla felt that hair trickling down the crack of her ass and it was definitely driving her crazy. She wiggled her ass and clenched her cheeks, but that didn’t keep the hair away from her rear end. She was definitely surprised that Darby would think of something like this. It may have tickled, but it definitely got her motor running. Her hips started to writhe, and she started to get more excited. She started to think that if Darby didn’t stop soon, she was going to explode in sheer pleasure. Then the hair tickling stopped, and she let out a gasp of surprise when she felt her legs get parted a little, which exposed that special place between her legs. “W-what are you doing back there?” she asked with lust in her voice.

    “You’ll find out shortly…hehehe” Darby teased as her hands continued to open La Diabla’s legs. She didn’t spread them far, just enough to create a space for what she had in mind. She then sat back on La Diabla’s calves, her knees on the bed and if one were to see this from the foot of the bed, she would see two pairs of feet so close to one another. Darby’s large pink soles and La Diabla’s smaller tannish/pinkish soles. Darby then lowered her upper body and head and put her face near La Diabla’s shapely ass. She then gave each cheek a soft kiss. She heard the soft gasps coming from La Diabla and smiled.

    La Diabla felt Darby kissing her rear end and jolts of sexual electricity started to flow through her. She felt more kisses on her ass and then she started to giggle when she felt the tip of Darby’s tongue very lightly sliding along the crack of her ass. “hehehehe oooh!!! That tickles me…..” she giggled. It tickled a little, but really started to drive her crazy. She didn’t know what Darby was up to, but whatever it was, she loved this feeling.

    Darby heard the soft giggles and her tongue continued to lightly slide up and down the ass crack. The tip of her tongue could feel the soft hairs on the skin, and she loved it. Her own nipples were throbbing and when her tongue got close to where the hole was, she went past it and lowered her face into the area very close to the dripping pussy and could smell La Diabla’s arousal. This set every single sexual desire off in her body and she lifted her head. “You smell delicious down here….” she cooed.

    La Diabla almost lost it when she heard Darby tell her that she smelled delicious. That only made her more wet, and she couldn’t help but moan in tremendous lust. “ooohhh stop teasing me….” she whimpered as she felt a hand on her left cheek.

    Darby then lifted her body and licked her index finger and middle finger on her right hand. She then lowered those fingers and stroked those soft lips of La Diabla’s pussy. She felt the wetness down there and it sent a major surge of lust in her own body. Her fingers started to rub down there, and the tips of those fingers went in between the lips. She tried to push them a little further inside the vagina, trying to stimulate that sex organ. She then took her left hand and placed it under La Diabla’s hips and slightly elevated the hips in the air so she could now have better access. Darby then pulled her fingers out from inside of that pussy and then found the clit. Her two fingers caressed that love button with a soft touch, and she felt La Diabla’s body tremble in pleasure. She then let the hips drop back to the bed and pulled her fingers away from the pussy. She wanted to tease that pussy so she could make it very wet. She then looked at her fingers and could see how wet they were. She then licked her fingers and sucked La Diabla’s love honey off of them. “You DO taste good…..” she moaned as she sucked on her fingers.

    “OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” La Diabla moaned as she heard those words. Having Darby’s fingers inside her felt absolutely incredible. She had touched the right spots on her pussy and because she was already horny, those touches really pushed her closer to the edge. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as once again the fingers started to touch her between her legs, and she started to mewl in pleasure.

    Darby started to rub her fingers across the clit again, and this time she brought in her thumb so she could continue to fondle the clit. She then started to move them a little faster and noticed the hips started to twitch a little harder and she heard a slight giggle. She then used the tips of her fingers to stroke the moist lips and heard another giggle. She had a sly smile as she realized that even the pussy was sensitive. “Is someone ticklish on her pussy?” she whispered.

    La Diabla groaned in pleasure again as she heard Darby’s question. She did feel a little ticklish sensation as her pussy was being played with and she was going crazy. “hehehe that feels sooooooooooooo *ooh* good!” she mewled as it did tickle, but the sensations were absolutely incredible.

    “Such a ticklish outlaw..hehehe” Darby teased, then removed her fingers. She smelled the fingers and then licked them again. She was absolutely intoxicated with the smell and taste of La Diabla, and she wanted more. Her lust and wetness were on high and now it was time to have a much anticipated sexual moment with La Diabla. This is something that crossed her mind, in her fantasies, over the last year and now it was going to happen. She then placed her hands on the left side of La Diabla and slowly flipped her over onto her back. Now, she could see her beautiful face and her sexy breasts. She saw the look of lust on the face, and she crawled her way closer so she could be on top of her lover. She wanted to kiss her desperately. She made it to her face and laid down on top of her. “You’re so beautiful Salem..I want to make love to you…” she whispered, then leaned her face in and started to kiss those sexy, waiting lips.

    La Diabla’s own heart started to swoon as she heard the lust in Darby’s voice. She started to feel really beautiful as she heard Darby’s words and now, she felt those soft lips on hers. The intensity of the kiss was evident, and she kissed her back hard. Soon their tongues were going at each other as they both wanted this moment. She closed her eyes and ran her hands down Darby’s back and through her hair, this kiss felt very powerful and also very special. After they each tickled each other, their bodies were on a very high sexual alert and now they were going to let it all out. La Diabla wanted this moment to happen. She actually thought about this moment after their first meeting in the barn. She saw just how sexy Darby was and wondered what it would be like to make love to her. When she made Darby cum in that barn, at Madam Olivia’s brothel and at the Mission, it gave her a thrill like no other. Now, as they both had feelings for each other, this moment meant a lot more. Her powerful lust took over and when the kiss broke, she used her wrestling skills to maneuver her body from under Darby’s and turn their position over in one quick move. Now, she was on top of Darby and looking at her face. She could see the surprise in her eyes, and she had a sexual smile on her face. “I am going to fuck you silly Darby Reeves…” she said with an aggressive tone.

    Darby was completely taken by surprise as she was now on her back and that sexy woman was on top of her. She couldn’t believe what happened, but when she looked into La Diabla’s eyes, she saw a raging sexual fire in there. Her heart skipped a beat because she knew she this was the moment. Then she felt La Diabla mouth covering hers and they started to kiss with even more passion. This overwhelmed Darby and she felt her muscles melting away in pleasure. She closed her eyes and let her own sexual emotions go. Every single nerve in her body was on high alert. This kiss was so full of passion and to her, it felt like it was full of love between two women who desired each other a lot. The kiss broke and now she felt La Diabla’s lips on the side of her neck, which sent a tsunami of pleasure through her body. She couldn’t help but moan as the kisses on her neck felt incredible and also very aggressive. Her neck was definitely a weak spot for her, and the outlaw found it.

    La Diabla was kissing on Darby’s neck with such passion. She sucked on the neck and even went towards the collarbone. She loved Darby’s sexual scent and it was intoxicating to her. Her right hand then started to touch Darby’s left breast, while she used her left arm to support her leverage as she kissed the right side of Darby’s neck. She was now in a sexual frenzy, and she wanted to give Darby extreme pleasure. Her mouth made it towards Darby’s ear, and she whispered her warm breath in that area. “You’re so special Darby…*moan* so beautiful. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen…”.

    Darby moaned with pleasure as she heard those special words in her ear. This moment was getting to her emotions as she felt an extreme happiness in her body. This just felt right to her. They were sharing such a special moment, Darby just let herself go and would just enjoy every single moment of this. The hand on her nipple drove her own lust wild and she could feel an intense buildup of sexual pleasure in her body.

    La Diabla started to nibble on the ear and then she had an idea. She wanted Darby to have a powerful orgasm. She then kissed the ear, then to the right cheek and then back to the lips. When she broke the kiss, she placed her forehead on Darby’s and now they looked deeply into each other’s eyes. “I’m going to make you cum so hard….” she whispered and the gave a quick kiss on the lips.

    Darby heard that and almost lost it. She was on the edge of a major orgasm and the thought of cumming truly excited her. But she wanted to make La Diabla have an orgasm first. She wanted to give her an earth shattering orgasm because she wanted her lover to lose herself in an ocean of sexual bliss. “I want to make you cum first….” she whispered back.

    La Diabla chuckled when she heard Darby’s response. “I will make you cum first…” she teased. She went back to kissing Darby and then an idea popped in her mind. “I got an idea..how about we both try to make each other cum?” she cooed.

    Darby’s eyes lit up when hearing that idea. “I-I like that…I want to make you feel good..” she whispered.

    “I will lay on top of you, and we can both enjoy each other…” La Diabla suggested as she was thinking of the “69” position. She then lifted her body a little, but then thought of something else. “How about we have a little contest to see who can make the other cum first, since we both want to do that to each other? Let’s say, the winner gets to tickle the feet of the loser the next time we have sex….” she giggled.

    Darby couldn’t help but laugh at the idea but nodded her head. “You want to have a contest huh? Well, you better have your feet ready for me, because you are going to be cumming very hard really soon…” she teased. She also loved the fact that they were going to have another time to have sex!

    La Diabla kissed Darby on her lips one more time as she loved the playfulness in her lover. She then broke the kiss and then turned her body around as she mounted on top of Darby, facing the feet. Her eyes caught sight of those large feet and it made her excited. She then looked down at Darby’s sweet looking pussy and she felt her heart flutter. The mound was shaven, so everything was clear to see. She then lowered her own hips so Darby can have access to her special place.

    Darby laid on the bed and could see La Diabla’s naked pussy getting closer to her face. This was such a surreal moment as she was moments away from tasting that sweet looking vagina. She felt incredibly nervous, yet excited. She could see the shaven mound and she remembered that they were both shaved in that cavern. She had a clear view of that sweet pussy, and she licked her lips. Just tasting that liquid from her fingers got her going and now her mouth was going to enjoy it. She did find it funny that there was a “contest” that was going to happen. She figured La Diabla wanted foot tickling revenge, but this was an opportunity to make her cum first, but she would get to tickle her feet again. Now, she felt La Diabla’s body resting on top of her, her own breasts touching the stomach area and La Diabla’s hard nipples pressing in her stomach area.

    “Ready?” La Diabla asked. She then positioned her face near Darby’s pussy, and she could smell the arousal. “and…….go!” she exclaimed then lowered her head to kiss those sexy lips. The taste of that area really got her excited and she was going to devour Darby’s peach. She used the tip of her tongue to start to lick the lips and around the clit area and could feel Darby’s body shiver. The taste was absolutely incredible, and she wanted to taste as much as she could. Then she felt a jolt of sexual pleasure in her own body as Darby’s tongue was now licking between her legs. This definitely distracted her as she had to let out a moan of pleasure.

    Darby started to lick away at those sweet pussy juices, and she felt such joy in her body. It tasted better than she thought and loved the way the pussy reacted to her tongue. She heard La Diabla moan in pleasure and she knew she had to make her move. She really wanted to make La Diabla have a major orgasm. She wanted to give her that sexual satisfaction desperately. Not just because of the contest, but because she truly had strong emotions for her. Giving a lover such pleasure was always a driving force for her. She remembered her sexual experiences in her hometown, before she got to Plotsville and how much she enjoyed making lovers of hers cum. She wanted to do that more than her own body having an orgasm. She truly loved to give than receive because that satisfaction would make her own orgasm that much more powerful. She was a “giving” lover and now La Diabla was going to experience that. Her tongue continued lap away at the lips and would wash over the clit as well. It was a difficult task for her as she could feel her own pussy being licked, and it did distract her because it felt absolutely incredible.

    La Diabla felt Darby’s tongue on her clit, and it made her want to melt in sexual ecstasy. The feelings she had right now was overwhelming to her as she discovered that Darby was very talented at eating another woman’s pussy. She then focused on wanting to make Darby cum and she wrapped her lips around the clit area and started to suckle it. She used the tip of her tongue to push into it and wriggle it, trying to drive Darby to the edge. Her mouth started to make suckling sounds as her mouth was all over that delicious pink pussy. She remembered playing with and teasing this pussy on several occasions a year ago, but this time was different. Her own emotions were all over the place as she truly had emotions for Darby. The tongue on her clit made her toes curl and her nipples ache, but she continued to suck away and lick the clit very hard, trying to bring Darby to orgasm. She then felt her own orgasm building up and it was getting stronger and stronger, and she knew she had to work harder, or she would “lose” their contest. She then took her fingers on her left hand and did a quick tickle on Darby’s side and felt her mouth come off her clit and a giggle was heard. That was the slight distraction she needed and now she placed her mouth on the pussy again and took over. Her tongue ravished the lips and the clit and now she could hear Darby’s moans get louder and louder. She shook her head side to side with such speed, her tongue whipping around that clit, then tickled Darby’s sides again by lightly fluttering her fingers on the skin.

    Darby felt those tickles on her side and couldn’t help but giggle. Once she did that, she felt helpless to the licking on her pussy and the feelings overwhelmed her. Her mind got distracted and now the powerful feelings of an orgasm built up like a tidal wave and she felt herself on the edge of pure sexual heaven. The way that tongue attacked her clit and pussy lips was indescribable to her and her body was surrendering to the pleasure. “Oh gawd oh gawd oh gawd OH GAWD OH GAWD!! THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!” she started to scream in pleasure. The sensations were too powerful, and she was right on the edge of a major orgasm and then with one hard lick on her clit, she exploded. HARD. Her body shook violently as that massive orgasm tore through her like wildfire on kindling. She closed her eyes and felt just tidal wave after tidal wave of pleasure wash over her and it was the most incredible feeling she ever experienced. Her toes curled so hard so she even “cracked her toe knuckles”. Then her head whipped around as that last surge of that orgasm tore through her. “OH YES!! OH GAWD YES!!!” she screamed.

    La Diabla heard that sound of sexual satisfaction and she felt proud of herself. She got Darby to cum and feeling her writhe under her was an amazing feeling. She then lowered her head and started to gently kiss that saturated pussy. She loved the taste of Darby’s cream and she even started to caress the inner thighs. This was truly a memorable moment for her.

    Darby continued to shiver as she was coming down from that orgasmic high. She felt absolutely incredible and helpless. It was perhaps the greatest orgasm she has ever felt. It was because this was done out of love and not forced out of her. She started to purr in satisfaction as the feelings started to calm down a little. She opened her eyes and could still see the moist and delicious looking pussy before her. She smiled looking at that spot. She may have “lost” their contest, but she was going to make La Diabla explode anyway! She then planted her mouth on that pussy and started to kiss and suck away at it.

    La Diabla felt Darby kissing her pussy and she laid her head down as the sheer amount of vigor Darby was tasting her overwhelmed her. She was glad she got Darby to cum first because she felt like her orgasm could hit any moment. Her body was so worked up with sexual energy, she was on the edge of orgasmic bliss as well. She felt the tongue focused on her clit and she started to mewl in pleasure. “oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck OH FUCK!!! That feels OH FUCK!!!” she cried out in a guttural tone as the tongue was rapidly flickering on her clit. She curled her toes, her body tensed up and she was so close to exploding. Then she felt Darby’s fingers on each of her sides and felt a squeeze which tickled her. “hehehehe hey! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” she cried out when her orgasm finally exploded. She felt an incredible amount of sexual electricity rock her body and she collapsed on top of Darby’s body as her body started to twitch hard. The orgasm tore through ever single nerve in her body and she started to shake her left leg involuntarily. She continued to tremble in pleasure and then rolled off of Darby’s body and onto the bed. Her body felt so weak at this moment, but in sheer happiness as that was a very powerful orgasm.

    Darby felt La Diabla fall off her body and saw her now laying on her right side. Darby slowly turned on her right side and started to rub La Diabla’s legs and stomach. She loved how she was twitching in pleasure. “That feel good?” she asked.

    La Diabla slowly lifted her head and smiled. She started to wipe the sweat off her forehead and looked at Darby’s face. She could see that smile and it made her so happy. “Yeah…you can say that…hehe” she chuckled.

    Darby continued to rub the belly and hips and looked at La Diabla’s pussy again. She will never forget tasting that delicious sexual peach. “I love making you cum…you taste wonderful…” she cooed.

    La Diabla slowly lifted her body up and loved that sweet look on Darby’s face. “Yeah, it felt absolutely incredible. Thank you Darby…” she smiled with shyness in her voice. She started to feel horny again as she wanted to bring more pleasure to her. “I hope you liked my tongue too…”

    Darby saw that beautiful face and felt her heart flutter with joy. “Yeah, it did. You are very talented. Hehehe I could do that again and again…” she said.

    La Diabla felt another urge to make love to this woman. She slowly got up and then went closer to Darby’s face. “Well, I am about to make you cum again…” she whispered. She then gently shoved Darby back down onto the bed. With a sexual gleam in her eyes, she then positioned her body between Darby’s legs and scissored her legs with Darby’s. She then pushed her hips to Darby’s and now they were in a “tribbing” position. She looked into Darby’s eyes again, then shoved her pussy into Darby’s. The feeling of their pussies now touching sent an incredible amount of pleasure in her body.

    Darby’s jaw dropped as she felt La Diabla’s soaking wet pussy up against hers and the amount of pleasure that rocked her body made her gasp in absolute lust. This was definitely an incredible feeling as her soaking wet pussy was now sliding against another soaking wet pussy. She looked at La Diabla’s face and could tell she was trying to make her cum again. Darby then felt their pussies rubbing against each other faster and she just kept her mouth wide open as she didn’t know how to react to all of this. This was an amazing feeling, and she felt her orgasm building up once again. She sat upright and now she was face to face with La Diabla.

    La Diabla continued to thrust her pussy into Darby’s and feeling that soaked pussy drove her wild. She then continued to writhe her hips, sliding their pussies over each other and now she felt the pangs of a second orgasm starting to build. She looked down at Darby’s shaved pussy and she loved how it looked, rubbing against hers. She could feel Darby’s love honey as a lubricant and now she started to grind faster and harder. She loved the shocked look on Darby’s face and now it was time to send her over the edge.

    Darby was completely speechless as she felt La Diabla’s pussy rubbing and sliding against hers. She didn’t know how to react as this felt so good. She then started to shake as another orgasm was about to hit her. She looked at La Diabla’s face and saw a look of determination on it. Her body then tensed up and then it hit! Her second orgasm hit her like a block of wood in the back of the head and she collapsed back onto the bed and shut her eyes tight as the massive wave of pleasure consumed her body. “Oh gawd…” was the only thing she could say, and it came out like a whisper. She felt an incredible amount of bliss as her second orgasm rocked her from her head to her toes.

    La Diabla felt Darby had her orgasm and that made her explode as well. The intensity of the second orgasm really rocked her and she fell backwards onto the bed and let the sensations wash over her body. She felt herself rubbing her breasts and her body had a few spasms as she loved this sensation. Once the convulsions stopped, she felt like her body was floating in the air. Her second orgasm was definitely just as intense as the first and her body felt totally alive. She moaned softly and hearing Darby’s sounds also gave her tremendous satisfaction. She knew this was a very special moment between them both and she couldn’t help but let her emotions go. She felt tremendously happy and hoped this feeling would never leave her. La Diabla then slowly got up from her position on the bed and looked over at Darby who had a look of peace on her face. She saw that her eyes were closed and thought it was the most beautiful sight ever. She then got up and crawled slowly towards Darby and then laid next to her on the left hand side. Both women were tired, and this feeling of total ecstasy exhausted them. It was late at night, so now it was time for them to go to sleep extremely satisfied. La Diabla got back up and started to move the blankets over. She managed to get them from under Darby’s body and the placed her lover underneath them. Her heart skipped a beat when she heard Darby’s soft mewling sounds.

    “Mmmm…that was incredible…” Darby mewled as she felt herself getting tucked in the blankets. She was definitely exhausted just from the day’s events and then it was topped off by an incredible sexual encounter. She started to feel even more comfortable as she snuggled in the blankets, her head resting on its left side on the pillow. Then she felt the blankets move and then felt the mattress sink a little as another body joined her under the blankets. She opened her eyes and saw that beautiful face right in front of her. She looked at La Diabla’s eyes, her nose and mouth and just loved that sight. It truly was a perfect way to end this night, gazing at that sight. She leaned her head closer and kissed those soft lips, then reached her right hand out and started to caress her left cheek as they both faced each other, laying on the pillow. Her fingers then went to that black hair and ran her fingers on the side of her head. “That was absolutely incredible. You are amazing Salem, you really are….” she said with emotion coming out of her voice.

    La Diabla couldn’t help but smile as she felt Darby’s fingers running through her hair on the side of her head and could see that look of bliss on Darby’s face. Seeing that red headed woman in peace made her heart melt. This was definitely one of the best sexual encounters she ever had. As she laid on her right side, while Darby laid on her left side, she then brought her body closer so she could join with her lover so they could cuddle one another. She managed to get her arms under and around Darby and held her tight. She felt Darby’s head resting on her upper chest, just above her breast. She kissed the top of Darby’s head and used her right hand to stroke Darby’s hair. “Thank you Darby…Thank you for everything. You are so special to me. Always know that…” she cooed.

    Darby felt an incredible shyness going through her body as she heard those words. This moment was so surreal right now. She was nestled in the arms of a woman who at one time, tried to destroy her. Now she made love to her, and they both felt emotion for one another. It also made her remember a dream she had a year ago after she was tickle tortured in Madam Olivia’s brothel. It was a dream where she was in a peaceful setting in a bed and had a naked woman behind her. That woman had made her feel incredible pleasure and it turned out to be the exact same woman that was now with her tonight. Her mind thought this was a dream come true. She then lifted her head up and maneuvered her body so that her head rested next to La Diabla’s, her left cheek pressed against La Diabla’s right cheek. “You are a special woman. I am glad we shared this together. I don’t want this feeling to ever end….” she whispered, then she closed her eyes as she prepared to fall asleep.

    La Diabla smiled when she heard Darby’s words. She felt so at peace at this moment and the feeling of Darby’s body next to hers felt so wonderful, so……right. “Me neither….good night sweet Darby.” she whispered and then closed her eyes. This truly was a perfect way to end this day. For the first time in her adult life, she felt true happiness at this very moment.


    Darby started to stir and slowly opened her eyes. She could see the daylight starting to come into the room and realized it was morning. Her mind was still thinking about the events of last night and a slight smile formed on her face. She remembered the fun she had with La Diabla as she was able to kiss her, then had her clothes stripped off in a passionate moment, then she was tickled and teased by her. Her body reacted with joy when she thought about how the tickling drove her crazy but felt so good. Then she started to think about how she was able to tickle La Diabla back. The outlaw was willing to let her do it and it was such a great time for her as she got to tickle and tease her right back. Her body involuntarily shuddered when she thought about tickling La Diabla’s feet, then moved on to her ass and even teased her between her legs, which lead to an intense love making session. Now, she felt her body filling with arousal again as she thought about the sex she had. There was that 69 position where she exploded in ecstasy and then she had her legs scissored in a tribbing position and had a massive second orgasm. Her heart skipped a beat as she remembered falling asleep next to the woman she played with, and all was right in her world. Then another thrill went through her body. She could feel the presence of La Diabla’s body behind her as during the night, she laid on her right side, her back to the outlaw and now she felt the warm body pressed against hers, and the left arm draped over hers. This was so satisfying for Darby as she felt completely at peace. She did not want this moment to end.

    La Diabla felt Darby’s body shudder and that got her to start to wake up. She realized that her body was pressed against Darby’s back, her breasts touching that soft skin. Her head was near Darby’s and when she opened her eyes, she could see that messy red hair and she smiled. Her mind started to reflect back on the previous night’s encounter, and it made her happy. It was an intense sexual experience, and she loved every moment of it. She still couldn’t believe she let Darby tickle her, but it was all worth it. Now, she had that woman within her arms, and she started to feel some arousal. She then leaned her head forward and gently kissed Darby’s shoulder.

    “oooh….” Darby moaned when she felt the kiss on her shoulder. It felt so nice at this time in the morning.

    La Diabla’s body got really excited when she heard that moan and kissed the skin again. Darby’s skin was so soft, and she loved it. She heard more soft moans as her lips made their way along the shoulder and onto the neck area. “Good morning…” she whispered between the kisses.

    Darby absolutely loved the feeling she had right now as those kisses really got her juices flowing. “Good morning….” she responded. She then turned her body over and laid on her left side so she could see that beautiful face. Once she got in position, she then planted her lips onto La Diabla’s for a quick morning kiss.

    “Good to see that pretty face of yours..” La Diabla purred. She loved the sweet look on Darby’s face and went to kiss the lips again. When the kiss broke, she just stared into her eyes. “Did you get some good rest?” she whispered.

    “Yeah, I did. I slept really good…you wore me out last night, hehehe” Darby giggled, then started to blush.

    “Good! I wanted to wear you out…” La Diabla purred then reached her left hand forward and started to caress Darby’s hair. “You have bed head…hahahahaha” she joked.

    “Hey!” Darby responded playfully as she realized La Diabla’s was trying to smooth her hair out. “Thank you again for last night. It was…..really special to me. You’re so beautiful..” she whispered with some emotion in her voice.

    La Diabla felt herself blushing a little at the compliment. “Thank you…I wish we could stay like this forever, being in bed with you and making love to you. Last night was very special to me too. I will never forget it. You truly are a unique and special woman Deputy Darby Reeves…”

    “Awww….thank you. And for such a dangerous outlaw, you are not so bad yourself..” Darby joked. She then reached her hands forward and playfully tickled La Diabla’s stomach. “hehehe got you… but, I do wonder. What happens to us next?” she asked, then felt tremendously nervous. She knew they couldn’t be in bed forever and a reality started to hit her.

    “Hmmm…well, we just go with the flow, I guess. I mean, I don’t really know. I do know that last night was different for me. I mean, I have had sex since the last time we have seen each other. With men, with women. But with you, it was incredibly meaningful for me. I truly felt a connection with you, and I don’t know how to describe it. I am going to remember that night forever. Although I do look forward to making love to you again..” she responded, then wiggled her fingers on Darby’s stomach to tickle her.

    Darby giggled a little from the tickling on her stomach and she thought about La Diabla’s words. To hear her say how special their connection was last night meant a lot and she felt her heart beating faster. “Same here. I think this was the first time I had so much emotion during that love making. What am I gonna do with you?” she smiled.

    La Diabla knew what Darby was trying to say and she wanted to say the same thing but didn’t. It was understood that both of them had strong feelings between them, but very difficult to say. “Well, I don’t know what to say. I have never really thought about things like this, I just go with the flow. Whatever happens to us, we just let it happen. Just know I do care about you Darby. So, no matter what happens, just remember that I really care about you….”

    Darby smiled and understood. Neither woman was going to profess their love to each other at this moment, but she knew what La Diabla was trying to say. The reality of the situation was present as she was a law enforcement officer and La Diabla was a criminal. It wasn’t like she and her could be a couple in their lives, living in Plotsville and making a life together. Even if La Diabla wasn’t a criminal, it wasn’t like they could be a couple out in the open as society would have ostracized them because being gay wasn’t accepted in society. Darby felt a little sad but understood the dynamics. “Well, rest assured, I will always care about ya too.” she said, then gave those sweet lips of La Diabla’s a soft kiss.

    “mmmm I love those kisses of yours….” La Diabla purred. She then smiled and gazed into those soft eyes again. “So, what is the plan today?” she asked.

    “Well, I will get dressed and then head out to the local Sheriff station. I will get all the intelligence that they found out from going through the Wellington house, hopefully they found a clue on Priscilla and Gloria’s location. If they did, or even if they didn’t, I will come back here to come get you and we can go find those evil women. We have to bring them to justice.” Darby said, then started to rise up from the mattress. “I guess I should get dressed now. I can’t go to the station naked. Hehehe” she giggled.

    La Diabla nodded her head and saw Darby getting up. She also sat up in bed and looked over at Darby. She ran her fingers through her hair and smiled at her. “Sounds like a plan. Yeah, I need to find Priscilla. That bitch has caused me too much pain, but also for what she did to Cheyenne. So good luck with your fellow law enforcement people. I will be waiting here for you…” she smiled. She then felt Darby getting out of bed, then gently reached out and took her hand. “Wait! Before you go….” she began then pulled Darby back to her. “…kiss for good luck today…” she said, then planted a passionate kiss on Darby’s lips. When the kiss broke, she then slinked her body back down onto the bed and pulled the blankets over her.

    Darby almost wobbled after that kiss she received. “Dammit, I love your kisses. Hehehe” she laughed as she then stood up. She saw the window and could see the sun was getting very bright. She then walked over towards the wall of the room, close by the door where she saw hers and La Diabla’s clothes all over the floor. It made her smile as she remembered when those clothes went flying off once they started making out. She then bent down to pick up her clothes when she heard a sweet voice coming from the bed area.

    “Such a sweet ass….” La Diabla teased as she watched Darby bend over, giving her a great view.

    Darby blushed as she heard that compliment, then started to put her clothes back on. She put on her underwear, then her jeans. She put on her bra, then her shirt. She finished up by putting on her socks, then her boots and then she stood up and looked over towards the bed. She saw La Diabla looking back at her with such a sexy smile. “You like what you see?” she asked with a smile.

    “Damn right I do. I am also imagining how much fun it will be to take them back off of you..Oh, and don’t forget that I won our contest so I will be tickling those big feet of yours…hehehe” La Diabla teased. She then laid her head back down so she could get some shut eye before Darby returned. Then she heard a loud noise.


    La Diabla sat up in shock as she felt something whizz over her head. She instinctively crouched down and realized it sounded like a gunshot. She then got up and looked out the window and couldn’t see anything. “Hey, did you hear that?!” she asked Darby. She then turned her head around and what she saw made her heart drop! Darby just fell to the floor!

    Darby felt something pierce her abdomen and a huge amount of pain just ripped through her. She staggered on her feet then fell to the floor, clutching her stomach area. Her body started to shake, and she felt incredible pain, the kind of pain she never felt in her life before. Her eyes were wide opened, and she looked over at La Diabla. She then laid on the floor, her eyes now staring at the ceiling.

    La Diabla saw Darby hit the floor and she sprang from the bed completely naked. She ran over to Darby’s fallen form in a panic and when she made it to her, she saw blood coming from the lower abdomen area. “DARBY!!! DARBY!!!! ARE YOU OK???!!!! BABY, ARE YOU OK??!!! DARBY!!” she screamed in a frightful panic.

    Darby couldn’t utter any words back as she felt the pain in her abdomen. She then lifted her hand up and saw blood all over it and then her eyes looked at La Diabla. She could see the fear in those eyes. Then she felt lightheaded, and everything started to turn dark. Soon she closed her eyes and her head fell back to the floor.

    La Diabla was in a state of shock! She saw all the blood coming out and she saw Darby close her eyes and collapse on the floor motionless. She held her bloody hand and she felt tears starting to come out from her eyes as her fear overtook her. “DARBY!!! DARBY!!!!! COME ON BABY WAKE UP!!! WAKE UP!!!” she screamed in terror. Her head turned towards the window and then back towards her lover as she realized Darby was not responsive. “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” she screamed, as her tears poured out heavily.


    Characters featured in this part:

    01.-DARBY--LOW-RES[8260].png 02.-LA-DIABLA-LOW-RES[8264].png

    So, how did you like it? Surprised? Shocked? When I first presented this idea to all of you, I said that I wanted to set it up like the Marvel movies where we have independent series that all interconnect and will lead to an Avengers type saga. Well, this is my version of Avengers: Infinity War. I wanted to have a "Thanos' snap" moment. So the question is, did Darby really die? Is this the end of her character?

    This is the ending of a series, but not the story! So, there is one more series to this storyline with these characters. It is my version of Avengers: Endgame. So in February 2022, the new series will debut. To all the fans who wanted to see what happens to certain villains, well, you will find out in that future series. When I started this story, it was so large in my mind, I wanted to break it up in different series. I was DYING to tell you guys about the final series, but why ruin the surprise? haha

    Thank you again for being fans of my stories. You fans are the absolute greatest. I love these characters and I love writing about them. So, will Darby live? Or will La Diabla avenge her death? You will find out in the next series:

    The Deputy and the Outlaw: Justice

    Thank you for any comments!

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    I would never tell anyone how to write a story but the idea of death really kills the mood, if you know what I mean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScorpionKing View Post
    I would never tell anyone how to write a story but the idea of death really kills the mood, if you know what I mean.
    Hey ScorpionKing, thanks for the comment! I do know having that ending would rattle some people, but I wanted to create a very suspenseful moment. I wanted to create a "Thanos snap" where people didn't think the ending would be a "win" for the villain. Death does kill a mood no doubt, but there wasn't another "good" way to provide such a suspenseful ending like that one. Look at it this way, Darby could be alive! That remains to be seen, but I can tell you this: The next series is about "Justice". No matter what happens to Darby, justice will be done.

    Again, thanks for your comment and I am happy that Darby means enough of a character to you for you to have concern. Please read the opening chapter of the next series to see how this all resolves itself. Thanks!

    "I don't have to hear about that idiotic criticism anymore" - Kobe Bryant FIVE time NBA Champion. 2009 & 2010 Finals MVP. Los Angeles Lakers

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