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    The Terrifying Journal Entries of Chole Ward (FF/F VERY NON-CON!)

    Well, everyone, Here's another tale, a strange one in fact. First off, I never realized how many people are fans of mature mommies getting tickled. So, with the help of a good friend of mine, and the person who commissioned this tale, I give you something new. It's an experiment you could say, and I, and the person who commissioned this work, would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this one. The induvial who commissioned this story wants to know If they should continue this project. So, without further ado, a story.

    The Terrifying Journal Entries of Chole Ward

    A (Ticklish) Horror Story in Parts

    By: S_W_Productions & Mr. Shadows

    Entry I
    Just Feet

    Monday, January 1, 20XX

    She’s very pretty… I think to myself as I study the polaroid photograph in my hand. The woman in the photo appears to be in her early 40’s, Latina, with lively brown eyes and long raven hair that’s split right down the middle. She’s smiling, a set of perfect white teeth and visible dimples on her tan cheeks. My kind of woman.

    “How, you know, did she pass?” I ask my boss, Dr. Hannah Herrmann, in a nervous voice.

    “Oh, her?” She started in her thick Swedish accent. “Well, let’s just say she didn’t watch her step.” She vaguely answered my question with a hearty laugh.

    Dr. Hannah Herrmann, 37, single, and ready to dissect all living creatures, including myself, in this world. She was my teacher in medical school, and I use the word “was” loosely in fact, before she was kicked out and banned from teaching ever since her “side experiments” were discovered by the school board. Now, here I am, a young college grad from Montana, following this madwoman down an empty, white corridor. Why am I here you ask? Let’s just say I’m secretly into the same weird sort of stuff as the good doctor, plus, Dr. Herrmann is quite the attractive woman. So what? Blame me, why don’t you!

    “W-what’s her name?” I ask the doctor with long, curly, vibrant brown hair that she keeps off her face with a green bandanna.

    “Esmeralda Carina Soto” The doctor answers me and turns her head. She gives me an uneasy grin with eyes hidden behind stereotypical mad scientist goggles. “Would you like to meet her?” She adds as we finally reach a heavy wooden door.

    “M-meet her?” I answer the doctor with a confused look on my face.

    Dr. Herrmann, wearing a white lab coat, continues to grin as she unlocks the door with a set of keys and slowly opens the doors. She motions me to step inside. I do. The room is white, sterile, and empty. Albeit for a metal medical table at the end of the room and…No…That’s not right. That’s—That’s not possible! I feel my heart suddenly drop as I stare blankly at what’s lying on top of the table. Feet. A pair of disembodied feet encased in black nylons. They’re—THEY’RE ALIVE! I CAN SEE THEM MOVING AND FLEXING! The pair of feet, which have been separated just above the ankles with the tops covered in what appeared to be sheet metal caps, have long yellow wires connected to them that run all the way up to a rather large metal box covered in knobs and dials.

    “Well, Chole, say hello to Esmeralda.” Dr. Herrmann said and patted me on the shoulder before walking up to the waist-high table. “And you, Señorita Esmeralda, say hello to one of my favorite students, Chole Ward.” She finished speaking and picked up the right foot carefully from the table. She turned to me with foot in hand, grinned, and ran the very tips of her long fingernails over the sole.

    “AY NO! POR FAVOR, NO ME HAGAS COSQUILLAS EN LOS PIES OTRA VEZ!” Esmeralda’s voice pleaded in a heavy Spanish accent from what I presumed came from a small speaker on the side of the metal box. “NO SOPORTO QUE ME HAGAN COSQUILLAS EN LOS PIES!”

    “I’m a firm believer that big feet are way more ticklish.” The doctor said as she danced her nails across the smooth nylon foot. “She’s a size ten by the way.” she added and started to cradle the twitching foot like a baby.

    “W-what is she saying?” I nervously ask the doctor with an audible gulp.

    “My Spanish is a little rusty, but I believe she’s saying Yes! Yes! Please tickle my big helpless feet!” Dr. Herrmann said in a terrible Spanish accent. She would pinch the convulsing sole in random spots with her fingertips while teasing it with sentences like, “Who’s a ticklish foot? You are! Yes, you are!” Or “What a good ticklish foot! Just look at how you wiggle and squirm at my finger’s ticklish touch!”

    Fuck, I think to myself. I’m getting turned on by this freakshow. I stand there and watch observantly as Dr. Herrmann waves her fingers with a certain flare over the now scrunched foot. She would trace a single index finger over the folds of the scrunched-up flesh and bite her lower lip as she observed it violently pulse with each stroke. What made things even more surreal was Esmeralda’s hysterical laughter that came out from that metal box.

    “What are you doing there just standing around?” The doctor calls out to me. “There is another foot you know!”

    I gulped again and slowly made my way towards the table. Once there, I give the helpless cradled foot in Dr. Herrmann’s arms a quick glance, before looking down on the other foot just laying on top of the table, squirming and flexing its long toes. I also take notice of the dirt lying around the foot.

    “D-did her family agree to this? Or did she donate her body for science?” I nervously ask.

    “Neither.” Dr. Herrmann responded nonchalantly as she now tickled each toe on the foot with her index finger. “But that’s why we have gravediggers.”

    The answer sends a shiver down my spine as I stare at the metal box on the table.

    “A-and the box?” I asked, afraid of the answer. “Her head is inside it?”

    “Kind of,” She answers me as she wickedly pinches the big toe hard with her index finger and thumb.

    “IT HURTS! IT HURTS! DUELE MUCHO!” The victim shouts.

    “W-what do you mean?”

    “Technically it’s just her brain, vocal cords, and some secret formaldehyde solution I invented. Isn’t that right my ticklish, helpless, foot!” She answered me and started to rake her nails over the quivering nylon sole.

    “She can’t hear us?”

    “Nope. But she can feel her big helpless feet being tickled!”

    I look down back at the foot on the table. “Go on! It won’t bite.” I hear the doctor tell me. I slowly reach out my hand and pick up the foot. It’s slightly heavy, warm, and already wiggling wildly as I hold it up to my face. I can see it’s white painted toenails underneath their dark nylon material. I pull the foot close to my nose and take a whiff. Vinegar with a hint of leather… I conclude. My breathing becomes a little faster as I look at the foot. Long, meaty, and full of wrinkles. I reach out my right hand and run my manicured nails over the arch.

    “NO MI OTRO PIE TAMBIÉN!” I hear the box shout.

    I smirk and start to rake my fingernails up and down the helpless foot. I am in absolute bliss as I hear this woman laugh at my torturous touch. I would wiggle my hungry fingers over the nyloned foot. The material, silky with a touch of dampness from sweat, makes it easy for my nails to glide all over the squirming sole. It’s too much for me. I can’t take it anymore. I tilt my head, open my mouth, and start to nibble the woman’s wiggling toes.


    I ignore the woman’s cries as I bite down and taste her irresistible toes. They’re incredibly soft and taste like salt & vinegar chips. I can feel them wiggling in my mouth as I gently brush my teeth with them. I can hear her screams getting louder. But I ignore her.

    “Hey,” Dr. Herrmann said and tapped me on the shoulder.

    I pull the foot’s toes out of my mouth and turn to her. A long, thin trail of saliva runs from the corner of my mouth all the way to Esmeralda’s big toe.

    “Want to see something interesting?” The doctor said with an evil grin.

    I nod my head and wipe my mouth with my arm. Dr. Herrmann pulls out a tiny, metal, rectangular box with a green and red light just above it. She places the tiny box on the edge of the table, pulls out another yellow wire from the box containing Esmeralda’s brain, and connects it to the box. She then pulls out a measuring beaker from underneath the table, adds water to it from a plastic bottle, and links it with a clear siphon hose with one end dropped into the beaker itself and the other end connected to the tiny box. The green light soon turns on above the box.

    “Well, Chole,” Dr. Herrmann said with a grin still on her face. “Why don’t you open that little box?”

    I’m hesitant but do as I am told. I open the tiny door on the front of the box and quickly cover my mouth with both my hands. Inside… inside that tiny box, is…is the disembodied vagina of Esmeralda Carina Soto! I can’t believe my eyes. The lips, pulsating and dripping vaginal fluid, are a light brown skin color. Just above the woman’s lips is her bushy, curly, black pubic hair that teases and brushes against her convulsing clit.

    “H-how?” I ask staring at the woman’s helpless sex.

    “Science my dear!” The doctor said with a triumphant laugh. “Now watch this!”

    I watched in amazement as Dr. Herrmann picked up the left foot, the one I was just suckling, and started to wildly, and cruelly rake her fingers all over the arch of the foot.


    Again, I pressed both my hands over my mouth as Esmeralda’s pussy trembled and started to pee itself. Long streams of clear liquid flew across the room and landed on the tiled floor. The woman’s pussy kept pissing itself as the mad scientist ran her fingernails over the wiggling foot.

    “POR QUHAHAHAHAHAHA? POR QUHEHEHEHEHE ESTÁ PASANDO ESTO? HICE ALGO MAL? Poor Esmeralda cried from the box as the water from the beaker was being drained through her vagina.

    “Well, come on!” Dr. Herrmann told me. “Help me tickle this mother of three until all the water has been drained!”

    I stared at the pulsating sexual organ shooting an endless stream of piss onto the floor and exhaled. I picked up the other foot and started to rake my fingers over its trembling flesh.

    “So, what are you going to do with her once you’re done with this experiment?”

    “Sell her off to some rich individual overseas.”

    “Sell her?” I ask the doctor with a look of disbelief.

    “How else do you think I keep the lights on in this place?” She answered me back as she scribbled her fingers over the wrinkled folds of the foot.

    I didn’t respond. I just looked down at the helpless foot in my hand and thought: This was once a loving wife, a mother, and here she is, well sort of is, being tickled into insanity while peeing herself involuntarily. I exhaled again and started to rake my fingers all over the sole again. I could hear Esmeralda begging for death in Spanish, I presumed, while laughing hysterically. What did I get myself into? Really, what did I get myself into?

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    Jul 2007
    I'm a fan of your work, and your story about the mom who was kidnapped by 4 students and tickled mercilessly is probably my all-time favorite. But this one is just....a bit too much for me. Not trying to be rude, please don't get me wrong...just sharing my opinion

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    Quote Originally Posted by me4o View Post
    I'm a fan of your work, and your story about the mom who was kidnapped by 4 students and tickled mercilessly is probably my all-time favorite. But this one is just....a bit too much for me. Not trying to be rude, please don't get me wrong...just sharing my opinion
    No rudeness at all! Thank you so much for your comment and opinion! As someone trying to improve their craft in writing this means a lot! I understand you and will make my next story as spicy and hot as the mother and students one, albeit without the extreme formula that this story has.

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    Jul 2020
    I like disembodied tickling so I’m curious to see where you go with this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redknight3 View Post
    I like disembodied tickling so I’m curious to see where you go with this.
    Me too friend! I just have to wait if the person who commissioned this work wants to continue with it.

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    I love this story!

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    Quote Originally Posted by leeandler View Post
    I love this story!
    Thank you so much for the compliment!

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