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    Why is being tickled by someone who you don't expect so awesome feeling?

    no matter how old I get, I find that I am in heaven when a tickling ends up in my lap without my expecting it. When I'm just minding my own business and a female friend's finger pokes your side for the first time when it never had before, a friend's mom pinching your ribcage because she's known you forever and sees you more affectionately plus remembers that you're ticklish from observing you with friends in the past, or the time one of my university professors came up behind me and put her hand gently on my side so that I didn't back into her accidentally and I inadvertently laughed and she just laughed and said "sorry sweetie I didn't know you were ticklish," me at age 19 and having a memory like that with a 40 year old woman and here I am much older in life and still fixated onto memories like these.

    Ever get this? A tickling encounter that is brief but lasts a lifetime due to the unexpectancy of the act? It is the best part about receiving tickling. I almost hate having to ask for it. SO much better when it finds you

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    Feb 2002
    I can sort of relate, but from the opposite perspective. I really enjoy it when a girl that I didn't know was ticklish is revealed to be that way due to the actions of someone else. I ended up dating a girl who had previously helped me find out that certain girls were ticklish. She didn't know about my interest in tickling until we dated later, but in the years that led up to that, she tickled several female friends playfully. One of the girls she tickled I dated before her, interestingly enough.

    Ironically, the tickler girl wasn't that ticklish herself except in a few spots (and typically only when she was turned on).

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    Dec 2005
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    Agree 100%. Also, having to ask to be tickled is horrible.
    The tickle monster lurking at the bottom of the world.

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    I don't like asking. It is a turnoff. It is counter-intuitive too. I want to be tickled because I want her to think that she's driving me insane or causing me displeasure when secretly she isn't.

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