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    Jennifer Love Hewitt Story (Part 1)

    Hey TMF friends--

    Here is part 1 of the Jennifer Love Hewitt story I have mentioned to a few of you. One fellow tickler in particular helped shape the design of this and it follows some of his requests. Part 2 will follow, I hope, in about a week. As always, feedback is most welcome and stimulates future efforts.

    JLH, Part 1: The Tickle of Your Life

    “47…48…49…50,” Jennifer Love Hewitt counted the strokes as she brushed out her long, brown hair. As many young women and girls do, she bent all the way over, letting her hair hang straight down, almost touching the ground, and then quickly pulled her head up and back, allowing the hair to settle smoothly into place behind her. She stared into the mirror.

    Wrapped in a clean, white towel covering her from just over her breasts to just below her butt, Jennifer reminded herself of the way she looked in the skin cream commercial she had done recently. Sourly, she began to wonder if she would become associated more with skin cream than with her television and movie work.

    To put it mildly, it had not been a good month, but she should have seen it coming. Ratings on “Time of Your Life”, her first lead part on TV, had been down for a long time. And they had never been great. Three weeks ago her co-producer informed her that the show was not being picked up for another season. In fact, they might not even air the remaining 7 episodes.

    The stress of recent weeks had also affected her personal life. Bitchy and obnoxious were words that came to mind when Jennifer honestly thought about the way she had been treating her boyfriend recently. Everything he did seemed to annoy her: how he drove his car (too slowly); how he brushed his hair (too conservative); how he kissed (too…kissy). Jennifer knew it was the show thing that was really upsetting her, but Jimmy could really be more supportive, or… differently supportive. This week had been the worst. He kept trying to cheer her up and get her to ‘talk about it’, but this was hard in a way Jimmy could not get. Jennifer felt embarrassed, guilty and angry all at the same time, and she didn’t feel like opening up about it. Not yet.

    She was definitely not looking forward to their weekly Saturday night date in a couple of hours. What would it be? A restaurant followed by a club or back to his place for a video? It was getting stale. She liked Jimmy—a lot. They had been going out for two and a half months and were very comfortable with each other. But everything seemed to lose its color and its fun when her career was spinning out of control.

    Jennifer’s friends had also suffered from this bitter, sullen phase of hers, especially Missy, one of her oldest pals. Probably because she was trying the hardest to help Jennifer, Missy was the one who most often ended up absorbing the star’s recent wrath.

    Of course, she still had many projects and opportunities, magazine covers and movie offers to look forward to, but this show was special. The character she played in Time of Your Life was a lot like her (maybe that was the problem) and she was giving body and soul to the part. All things considered, she’d much rather sit home alone tonight, maybe rereading some of her acting textbooks or working on new song lyrics.

    Jennifer dressed slowly. She wriggled into her skin-toned nylons and fastened her black, laced bra. After 20 minutes of deliberation, she chose the deep pink, sleeveless top she had worn for the Rolling Stone cover in ’99 and a short, white skirt. Why should she look as bad as she felt? One of Jennifer’s favorite thin, silver necklaces and a pair of new, black heels completed the outfit. Jimmy was due in an hour. Knowing him, he would be early. She sat down on her big, comfy, blue sofa and started flipping through a fashion magazine. On page 35, she saw a familiar, cute, brown-haired girl in a white towel promoting skin care products. Jennifer frowned.


    8 minutes before the official date time, the doorbell of Jennifer’s apartment rang and she pushed herself up from the sofa to go answer it. For a second, she checked how she looked in the mirror near the door.

    Jimmy Richardson, wearing a dark blue shirt, long, dark-red tie, and black jeans, stood there all smiles, exuding warmth. He held a single pink flower in his left hand and a video cassette in his right. “Hey, I really scored on the color,” Jimmy said, nodding toward Jennifer’s top. He was still grinning broadly.

    Jennifer managed a crooked half-smile—not showing any teeth—and a fairly weak ‘Thanks’. Jimmy’s smile slowly receded, but brightly he came back, “Listen, I was thinking that maybe we should just stay in tonight. I know you’ve been pretty down lately and there’s no reason we have to run around and possibly meet up with reporters and fans.”

    “OK,” Jennifer said, shrugging slightly. She had to look up about a foot to meet his eyes since Jimmy stood at 6’1”. “That’s fine, I guess. I mean, lately we’ve pretty much gone to the same places anyway.”

    “Hey, that’s not fair!” Jimmy protested. “Last week we went to Lila’s Tavern and …a month ago we were at The New Music….” He was still standing in the doorway.

    “Yeah, ‘The New Music’, America’s attempt to combine odd, exotic food with ‘Star Search’. The only thing missing was Ed McMahan. You know what, Jim? Next time I’d rather go to a decent Karaoke club. At least we’d get more laughs.” The young heartthrob heard herself speaking and didn’t really like what she heard. This wasn’t the ‘real’ her but, dammit, she had a right to be bummed….

    After a few silent moments, Jimmy said, “Uh, Love, can I come in?” Jennifer moved aside and Jimmy handed her the flower. When she took it, he headed over to the blue sofa, sat down and began fiddling with the video in his hands. I can’t believe this, Jimmy thought. It’s gonna be another of those ‘nothing is right’ kind of nights. Is there any way to get her out of this? he wondered.

    Jimmy watched her step out of her high-heels, and settle in about three feet away from him on the sofa. He slid himself over next to her, gave her a peck on the cheek and reasserted his smile. Barely reacting, Jennifer looked around for a moment and then put the flower down horizontally on the end table. Jimmy decided he had to shift gears quickly. Things were going from bad to worse. “Love, I’ve tried to talk about what’s going on with you a few times. I know you’re depressed about the show, but listen, you have SO much going on in your career right now. Isn’t it time to move on, like, emotionally?”

    “What did you get?” Jennifer asked, pointing to the video and ignoring his question.

    Jimmy shook his head slightly in frustration. Predictable. No choice but to roll with the punches and dodge the bullets. This was what life with Jennifer had become in the last month— a long set of complaints and moping, with barely a smile. But still, all things considered, she was worth it: beauty, intelligence and (at least in the past), a winning personality. Not to mention fame and glamour. It was just a matter of time, he thought, until her natural sweetness (very sweet) and her good heart (very good) returned from ‘exile’. He had to believe that. “Well… maybe you’re not in the mood for this, Love, but I got a great, old comedy. It’s Steve Martin. It’s called ‘The Jerk’.”

    “Steve Martin? Fine, whatever. He’s kind of a stooge, isn’t he? Ya know, arrows through the head, isn’t my concept of ‘comic genius’. Isn’t ‘The Jerk’ the one where he plays this idiot who goes jumping around when the new phonebook comes? Like, he’s excited to see his name in it?”

    Jimmy laughed briefly. His black curls wobbled a bit. “Stooge?! Oh, cummon! He’s a brilliant comedian. By the way, the Three Stooges weren’t bad either, so don’t go throwing that term around lightly!” Jimmy flashed another smile. He had very straight teeth, though not as perfect as Jennifer’s.

    “Oh yes,” Jennifer said loudly, annoyed. “Grown men poking each other in the eyes, slapping and smashing and tickling people—now that’s entertainment!”

    As she talked, Jimmy began to remove his shoes. It looked like they would be staying in tonight. Whether or not they’d be watching Steve Martin was still up for grabs. When he got one shoe off, he noticed that Jennifer seemed to be staring at his foot.

    “What is it?” he asked.

    NOW what was her problem? Jimmy said to himself. There had to be some limit. If he wasn’t simply going to walk out—or get stepped on—he had to break her out of this attitude. She needed some sort of ‘shock therapy’, or else…hmm…Stooges…tickling? An image danced rapidly across Jimmy’s mind.

    “Nothing,” Jennifer said, and looked away.

    “No, cummon, what were you thinking?!” He took off the other shoe.

    Jennifer paused, then decided. “Did you buy those socks?” she wrinkled up her small nose. “Those do not go with…with, anything….” As she glanced back at his green and grey, diamond-patterned socks, her face looked more and more like she had just bit into a lemon. “Jimmy, do you think I can be seen in public with a guy who wears socks that were tasteless in 1950?” There was not the smallest hint of humor in Jennifer’s tone.

    “Ya know, Jennifer,” Jimmy began, “if everything is going to be so damn annoying and serious to you…maybe you’ll need some help lightening up.”

    “Oh yeah, what? Now you’re a comedian on top of being a movie critic?”

    Jimmy reached out to Jennifer and squeezed her a couple of times with one hand at the waist. He watched her face, waiting for her to flinch or scream, or—big score!—giggle. Unfortunately, there was virtually no reaction. OK, she did blink, and she sighed—impatiently.

    “Ha, ha, ha,” Jennifer said slowly and mockingly. “I’m not ticklish and I’m definitely not in the mood for this!”

    “That’s the point, Love—your bad mood!” Jimmy tickled for a few more seconds, then gave up. He started to consider other ways to break Jennifer out of her terrible funk—maybe pizza or a pillow fight—but then he noticed she was still talking about tickling.

    “…These two girl friends in high school always tried to tickle me, but they gave up after a couple weeks. Never have been ticklish. Actually my mom really is. Sure, I’ve had to ACT ticklish a few times for roles. It’s not hard, you just….”

    As Jimmy listened, a definite feeling of ‘she protests too much’ came over him. Jennifer was speaking just a little too fast, too forcefully. She’s got to be covering, he thought. Maybe she can hold it in for a few seconds, or maybe—I just have to find the right spot….”

    Glancing at her left, nylon-covered foot which was lying on top of her right knee, Jimmy made a decision. Go for it! he said to himself. If I’m right, this could be JUST the thing….

    Quickly, he lunged and grabbed Jennifer’s ankle with his left hand and began scribbling all over the sole of her foot with the fingers of the right. Jimmy used his right hip and shoulder to block her and keep her from interfering with his playful attack.

    “Jimmy!” Jennifer said, surprised. Then she deliberately leaned back and added, “Alright…have your little fun. Wake me when it’s over.”

    As he covered her sole with different kinds of touches, scratches and strokes, Jimmy looked back at Jennifer’s face. She wasn’t laughing or protesting, but she sure as hell didn’t look comfortable. Something about the way her mouth was tightly shut, or how her eyes seemed wider than usual. But Jimmy sensed something more was needed to nudge her into the pool of laughter. He tried concentrating on the ridge of flesh right below her toes.

    “I told you…I’m…not…ticklish,” her words came a bit staggered and the pitch of her voice rose higher on the word ‘ticklish’.

    “Yeah, you mentioned.” Working on her heel, some instinct told Jimmy to add a verbal element to his campaign. “Gosh, I bet these nylons make your feet more…sensitive. I bet it’s much more…tickly to the bottom of this pretty, little sole with that black netting rubbing back and forth over it…does it itch?”

    Suddenly Jimmy felt her leg inching back and he saw her toes begin to move. “Wait, cut it out, Jimmy, I’ve had…enough….” Jennifer sounded nervous.

    “Back and forth, and all around and around…these are new nylons, right?—they’re nice, they feel really smooth and good. I could keep this up for HOURS…”

    “NO!” Jennifer yelled out. She took a deep, deep breath and closed her eyes. “Jimmy, STOP IT!”

    “Oh, yes I could! I think I’ll just keep going and going.” Actually, he thought about stopping, about letting her off the hook, but then a montage of recent memories pressed in front of his mind’s eye—the put downs, the sour faces, the non-stop complaints. This was definitely for her own good, he realized. “You know how long it’s been since I’ve seen you laugh, Love, really laugh? I’m gonna just keep tickling. Hey…ya know what? I’m like one of those Stooges! I’m Jimmy, the tickling stooge….”

    As he said the word ‘stooge’, Jennifer threw her head back hard against the sofa, her arms flew out to her sides, and, like a dam bursting, out of her mouth rushed a stream of the wildest giggling Jimmy had ever heard.

    “Heheheheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyyyy! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE Jiiiiiiim-m-m-myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Ohno-ohgod-ohmygod heheheheheheheheheHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE! Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!”

    Shocked at the intensity of her laughter, Jimmy barely held on as Jennifer’s whole body began to wriggle and squirm. Fortunately for him, Jimmy was a lot bigger than she was. Smiling, he wrapped one arm completely around both her legs and pulled them easily onto his lap. He slid down the sofa until her heels landed on his thighs. Relishing her loud, girlish laughter, with his right hand Jimmy eagerly went to work on both feet at once. Moving quickly from one sole to the other, he watched her upper body bounce and twist at the other end of the sofa. Now, for sure, she was showing her teeth.

    “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I-I-I caaahahahahahahahahaaaaan-n-n’t, HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!

    Jimmy knew he had her now—and boy, it was really fun! Jennifer’s ‘I’m not ticklish’ pose was obviously a mask. She must have trained herself to put up with a few moments of tickling in order to throw off people trying to test for ticklish reactions. But just how ticklish was she—and where? It was time for him to find out and for her to learn some lessons about respect and manners in a relationship—even when you are going through tough times.

    He ran his thumbnail up from the heel of her foot to the ball causing Jennifer’s ‘Babinsky’ reflex to kick in hard. Her toes jerked upward and at the same time spread out as far as they could go. Her nylons bunched up slightly along the route taken by his thumb, but it popped back into shape when Jimmy lifted the thumb to start over again. He chuckled at how each time he tried it, her foot gave him the same automatic, uncontollable response.

    As he ‘tested her reflexes’, Jennifer was literally ‘whooping it up’ with little yelps and yaps. “Yoooow! Heeee! Woooouuuuuu! Noooo! NO!”

    “Now, what was that, Love, about not being TICKLISH?” Jimmy taunted. He put his head down and began to lightly nip at the tops of Jennifer’s toes. He made short, little barking sounds as he did it and kept up the finger tickles at the same time.

    “OK, OK, I-I-I- liiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeed!!! Ayyyyyyyyyyyynooooooooooooooooooo. Oh,hohohohohohohohohohohohohoho, NONONO, Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiim-m-myyyyyyyyyyyyy. My feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! NOTMYFEEEEEEEEEEET!

    Jimmy’s head snapped back up as he heard Jennifer’s door close tightly. Someone had just walked into the apartment! he realized. He stopped tickling Jennifer, but still held on firmly to her legs. He looked toward the door and reflexively crouched down a bit out of embarrassment. Whoever it was must have heard Jennifer’s howling mirth. And his barking. Uh oh. Jennifer’s laughter quickly died out when Jimmy ceased his foot-work. All that remained was a flushed, slightly sweaty expression on her face. A few strands of long brown hair ran down across her nose and mouth.

    “Hello?! Is everything OK? I heard some crazy laughing in here…I knocked, but no one answered….”

    Jimmy recognized Kathie, one of Jennifer’s newer friends, standing in the front hall. She was quite wet and from what he could see, it looked like she was trying to make room in the closet to hang up her coat. Jimmy glanced at Jennifer, whose expression now said, ‘Ok, pal, you’re really in for it!’.

    “I heard this wild laughter and screaming,” Kathie repeated. “It wasn’t locked and I knocked…” She grinned at her silly, unintended rhyme. Kathie was now standing in the living room, facing the back of the sofa. She had removed her wet shoes and socks and stood barefoot on the thick carpeting. Jimmy noticed her feet—even smaller than Jennifer’s—and dwelled on them a few seconds longer than he normally would have (say, 15 minutes ago). What? Was he developing a foot fetish now?! He smiled slightly to himself at the thought.

    Jennifer sat up as far as she could with Jimmy still holding her legs. “Kathie, oh my God, I’m so glad you’re here.” Jennifer, rediscovering her normal voice, blew out the words in a rush. “Jimmy was…he was, torturing me!” She tried to pull her legs off the sofa, but Jimmy would not let go.

    “I was not! Kathie, I’m the good guy here. You know how Jennifer has been sulking around lately, making everyone pretty miserable?”

    Kathie nodded and then shrugged apologetically toward Jennifer. Her light blond hair was flattened out somewhat from the rain.

    “Well, I suddenly realized that she needed a good laugh—and I couldn’t seem to find any other way, so…I’ve been tickling her.”

    “Are you kidding? That was the giggling and begging I heard? I couldn’t figure out if you guys were having bizarre sex or if some strange cable movie was on,” Kathie relaxed and seemed to be pondering the situation like a courtroom judge. “Well Jen, you have been kind of awful lately. Missy told me what happened last week at the restaurant” A tiny gleam lit up the corners of Kathie’s eyes. “I guess she must be pretty ticklish, huh Jimmy?” She paused and blushed a bit. “Can I help?”

    Jennifer stared at her girlfriend and slowly began shaking her head ‘no’. “Kathie…cummon now, Jimmy was holding me down—it’s not fair….” But Kathie continued to move around to the front of the sofa, her hands held out slightly in front of her. “Kathie, you wouldn’t!”

    “You go girl,” Jimmy yelled. “Here, come here, sit on her legs and I’ll hold her arms down.”

    Doing exactly as told, Kathie climbed onto Jennifer’s thin thighs, just above the knees, as Jimmy slid out from under her. He quickly pounced on Jennifer’s upper half before she had time to fight back. Grabbing her arms, he pulled them up over her head and then sat down right on top of them at the end of the long sofa. Jennifer Love Hewitt was trapped on two sides by two dear, caring friends. All the action had pulled up her pink blouse and her belly button—a lighter pink—was now in plain view.

    “All we want is to help you cheer up, Love, and maybe you’ll see the error of your wicked ways.” Kathie said, smiling.

    “You guys, no, please…Jimmy—alright, I’ve been a little mean…”

    “A little?” Jimmy asked. He looked up at Kathie. “You wanna start?”

    “But I can’t decide where to tickle first,” she pretended to whine, and then dug her fingers into both sides of Jennifer’s small waist.

    This time around, her vulnerability known, Jennifer could not restrain a massive reaction to having her sides probed. She squirmed left, then right, then, “AaaaaaahahahahahaAAAAAAAAAHAHA, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, NOOOOOOOOOOOO, KAAAAAAAAATHIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE, HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO, OHNOOHNO, PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAASE, DOOOOOON”T!!

    But Kathie, absorbed in her part, most certainly did. Her hands pumped away at Jennifer’s flesh as if she was trying to milk her waist. The young celebrity just roared and bucked hard up and down. Jimmy had to pin down her shoulders with his hands to keep her from slipping off the sofa.

    “Oooh, is that tickly-wickly?” Kathie baby-talked loudly over Jennifer’s laughter. “Well maybe the baby won’t be so nasty-wasty anymore….” Kathie shifted her fingers over to Jennifer’s tummy area and with great speed began dancing her good-sized nails over the smooth, unblemished skin.

    Giggling and appearing more and more ticklish with each stroke of Kathie’s nails, somehow Jennifer managed to eek out a few more words. “YOU GUYS, ayayayay, wait, wait, hehehe, hehehe, aaaauuuuoooouuuu, let’s talk abouuuuut, this, hahahahaha Like….like…. reeeheheheheheaaaasonable people HEHEHEHEHEHE!”

    “Talk? Talk!?” Kathie responded enthusiastically, “I’d rather tickle!” And with that she started moving her hands slowly to Jennifer’s rib cage. As she laughed, Jennifer saw her friends hands inching upward. It seemed like the mere thought of Kathie going for her ribs sent the actress into a new wave of high-pitched giggles and laughing-screams. Jennifer had a lot of practice screaming from the horror films she’d done. She was a pro. Jimmy had sudden worries about the neighbors. What the hell, he decided.

    As he watched Kathie’s face, it was clear he was collaborating with a girl who loved tickling. Lucky night for her, he supposed. And he also found himself wondering if she was ticklish too. She sure zeroed in without hesitation on Jennifer’s sensitive spots…hmmm. He shook his head to erase the image of tickling the two girls, tied up, side by side, on a bed. “Kathie,” he called out, “You’re good at this.”

    “Yeah, I’ve had practice.” She smiled slyly and continued wriggling her knuckles up, down and across Jennifer’s easy-to-feel ribs. There was certainly no excess fat to protect them.
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    Looking foward to part 2

    Nice story man, man i would happy to "cheer" Jennifer up. Looking foward to the next part. Great job!
    "There is no escape. And that is for sure. This is the end we won't take any more. Say goodbye To the world you live in. You have always been taking but now you're giving." - "Seek and Destroy" -Metallica

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    great first part can't wait till part 2 keep up the great work

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    Hey sk8 and stooge,

    Thanks for the feedback. I will try to do justice to part 2. Jennifer's feet are in for a lot more as well as other body parts which shall remain nameless--for now.


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    she is the most hottest and ticklish actress i would love to get my hands on
    joe elsbury

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