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    Apr 2001

    Quick (but nice) eyewitness tickle on Subway today (TRUE)

    A short but true tickle I just witnessed! I live in NYC (NYC people will probably really relate to this story!) and at 5:00 I found myself on the A train subway platform at West 4th Street in the Village. Sweltering hot tunnel. No trains coming. Packed with people. Right next to me (right by the magazine stand, for those who are familiar with these surroundings!) is a tall, statuesque, very pretty, young (I'd say 18-19)African-American girl, really dark, black skin and really, really pretty face, wearing a super tight white tank top....I cannot tell you how tickle-tempting this tight tank top was.....it looked like if you just grazed your fingertips over her tummy, she'd lose it, you know what I mean? Tight, tight jeans that were cut right above the shin area so you could see some of her beautiful long legs leading up to a really perfect, round ass and below she was wearing the standard hot open shoes that she kept slipping in and out of. Around her were three, older women....probably her aunts and mother (or something like that)! So that's the scene. We're all just standing there, sweating in this absolutley miserable hot subway tunnel.

    What happened next was really a supernatural act! An announcement comes that our train is being delayed. I immediatley curse under my breath and decide to take the F train, one flight of stairs below. So I go. I LEAVE this gorgeous girl and her family. I'm not even THINKING of tickling or of the TMF or ANYTHING! I want to get home!!!
    So I go down to the F train, stand there for one minute, realize that what I don't REALLY want to take this train (it's a longer walk home) so I decide to go BACK upstairs. I get on the escalator this time. I'm riding....as soon as I get to the top, I look up and I'm right in front of the girl who is talking to her mother, laughing, she gives her mother a kiss, her mother takes her arm and puts it around this gorgeous girl's waist (like a guy would do to his girlfriend), brings her in close to her, smiling, she looks right up at her daughters face (and she's still smiling from whatever they're talking about) and all of a sudden, lightly tickles her right on the side. THE PERFECT SPOT of flesh right below the ribs and right above the hip bone and the girl twisted and buckled over laughing immediatley!! Like a really cute little yelp giving ways to high, pitched giggles. This girl was really ticklish. And her reaction was unbridled helplessness and giggling...no protestations or screaming or anything....just instant giddiness and helpless laughter as brought by that electric jolt, so ticklish that even the slightest little tickle brought her to helplessnes. And it indeed was exactly the kind of tickling I was just mentioning....super light fingers grazing over the thin shirt covering areally delicious patch of warm, ticklish flesh. Like I said....I could practically feel what it must have been like for the both of them such was the texture of her shirt, the tightness of her body, the way she tickled her and the girl's immediate, totally hot, adorable reaction...I know it probably doesn't sound like much....but at that moment I felt like I had hit the jackpot!!! I didn't mind waiting anymore!!! (sadly, nothing else happened) I hope I described this well and if I built it up too much, I'm sorry. It might have been a you-should-have-been-there....but I've spied people tickling each other before....even more extensively than this little quickie...but something about it was really hotter than normal!!! It's like you can completely imagine what it would be like to tickle her even more!!! Just imagine what her boyfriend must do!!!

    I have something else to report regarding my ex girlfriend who is a bit wild and out of control but it's a bit on the weird side (as usual!) and I don't want to open myself up to painful comments that I already am thinking myself!!! Anyhow, all the facts aren't in for me to post at this juncture but keep your fingers crossed and hopefully I'll get the courage up to share this with the forum(I don't want to build it up TOO much!)....moderators, feel free to delete this paragraph!!!(lol!-I may sneak in during the night and do just that myself!lol!)
    Last edited by nontkl; 08-23-2001 at 06:57 PM.

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    Aug 2005
    San Diego
    Wow. I know you wrote this ten years ago, but this is hott! The fingers grazing over the tight thin shirt is a dream for me!

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    Apr 2001
    Hey, wow, thanks! I totally remember this, and it was that detail that you mentioned (the tight thin shirt) that is most vivid! I can't believe it was TEN YEARS AGO! It doesn't seem that long ago!

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    Dec 2001
    This was when you could still use tokens!

    But let's hope there's more subway tickling. Fellow TMF New Yorkers: If you see something, say something.

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    Jul 2008

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    Apr 2001
    Quote Originally Posted by P_Bustleton View Post
    This was when you could still use tokens!

    But let's hope there's more subway tickling. Fellow TMF New Yorkers: If you see something, say something.
    Hey, I know I posted another incident that I saw on the actual subway train itself (again, many years ago), and coincidentally the girl was wearing another thin, tight t-shirt. The girl was a stunning knockout, I'm pretty sure Russian, and she was tickled by her Russian boyfriend who creeped his finger under her arm (if I'm remembering it correctly).... I have to run right now but if I can find it I'll repost it here, or else you may want to search for it.

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