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    Jun 2001
    Dallas, Texas

    Smile Feet tickled at the movies...

    There are quite a bit of girls who put their feet (hopefully bare feet) in the chair in front of them at the movies. I saw a really cute one last week with her friendó-both had their feet up, and I sat right next to one of them.

    Anyway, they weren't paying attention, and some guy was going to sit on that seat in front, so he just ran his finger down the sole of one. She shrieked and said "that's my only tickle spot" and told her friend "I actually like having my feet tickled".

    The best (or worse) thing is that they started talking and I think they hooked up! (that lucky bastard!).

    Anyway, THAT was my favorite life episode in a while! Anyone witness any tickling like that at the movies?

    Thx. Latin_Boy

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    Sep 2001
    New to the forum. I was looking around this section and noticed this post about tickling feet at the movies. This brought to mind my greatest real life tickling. I had a girlfriend who actually started my love for tickling, she loved having her feet tickled. One boring day at the mall she begged me to tickle her feet in public so we bought a ticket to a crappy comedy (probably something like Police Academy 100) so we wouldn't be totally on display. She then slipped out of her shoes and put her barefeet in my lap. I proceeded to tickle her off and on throughout the 1hr and 1/2 movie often trying to time my tickles with the lame jokes on the screen so her laughter didn't totally draw attention to us; although her laughter was definitely the loudest (and sweetest) of any in that theatre. There was an older man sitting a few rows behind me who defintely saw I was tickling her feet but he didn't call for an usher so I guess he enjoyed the show. To this day I wonder why I ever broke up with this girl. If I knew then that I would develop such a love for tickling (especially foot tickling) I would have married that girl (even though we were only seniors in high school when we dated). Sorry to ramble but I had to share this great memory. Latin_Boy, as for your original post I often wish I had the courage to go and tickle some exposed feet at the movies. I have seen this situation many times but never had the you-know-what's to go and tickle some sole.

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