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    Apr 2001

    Tickling girls who are on the phone (TRUE)

    After this bizzare conversation I had yesterday (see previous post), I remembered two incidents involving me tickling someone who was on the phone. These were super hot to me and I thought I’d share them with you:

    When I was in high school, I was in a band and my guitarist had a really, sexy, pretty, brunette sister whose bedroom was in the basement right next to where we practiced. She had long straight hair, full lips, great body and wore glasses(which I always loved!). I’d always flirt around with her, and one day before practice(I had tickled her many times before….she always said how ticklish she was and she was right), she was lying flat on her stomach on her bed talking to a friend. She was wearing really thin white socks. I straddled her (like I was going to massage her) and she didn’t even take notice of it, just kept talking. I scooted down on her legs and started tickling her socked feet really spidery and fast and she screamed out “NO!”and started laughing hysterically. “He’s tickling me!” she said through deep laughter and kept laughing hysterically. I then attacked her sides and she laughed even more hysterically. She kept trying to writhe and twist but I had her trapped. Her body felt delicious to dig in to! This went on for about a minute and then I got up (I didn’t want her Dad or brother to walk in!). I always wondered what her friend was saying to her on the phone (I’ve always thought she was smiling and laughing).

    Fast forward to last summer with my ex girlfriend.The end of our relationship got ugly with MANY infidelities. Before she became an escort she would simply go out ANYWHERE and pick up guys. Sometimes it would be literally off the street, a taxi driver, a furniture store clerk, someone at a bar, the kid who takes your tickets at the movie theater, anybody (she would just drink and throw herself into any situation. It was very scary and self destructive and still is unfortunatley to this very day.) Anyhow, one time my girlfriend was tipsy and I had just gotten home. She was actually waiting to be picked up on a date, if you can believe this. I was jealous as hell and trying to reason with her, and trying to be all like “I don’t care” and liberal (trying a different tact for a change). While she was waiting, ANOTHER guy called her….and she was so messed up at this time that she usually didn’t even know or remember who’s calling half the time and this was one of those cases. All of a sudden she goes “OH LEO! Hi, sweetie!” and starts talking to him, all sweet and sexy> I’m at this point boiling with jealousy but also this kind of voyeuristic turned on feeling…really sick. Anyhow, I suddenly knew what to do. So I go over to her, and stand right next to her as she speaks. She’s chit chatting with him and suddenly I knelt down in front of her (she’s leaning up against the wall in a really tight powder blue lycra dress) and I grab her sides and really dig in. She absolutley collapsed into giggles. In all the years I’ve tickled her (and I’ve done it pretty thoroughly) this was the best, deepest giggles I’ve ever gotten from her. “Hold on Leo! My boyfriend is tickling me……” and with each word it took longer for her to get out since she was laughing so melodiously. So Leo held on as I tickled her savagely and she eeked and squealed and especially giggled long peals of laughter right into the earpiece. Leo must have asked after a minute “Why can’t you talk?” because all of a sudden I heard her say (through the real deep laughter) “I can’t”…he must have asked “Why?” “Because I’m being tickled!!!” and she would say these things really fast between deep giggles. He must not have heard her and asked again because she suddenly screamed out “BECAUSE I’M BEING TICKLED!!! NOOOO!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” and totally was trying to slide down the wall but I held her waist hard and was kneading her sides with my thumb and forefinger….I had her caught. He must have asked why you’re being tickled because then she screamed out “As a punishment!!!” And I continued on. Finally she screamed out “OW!” and I stopped. She talked a bit more, explaining she couldn’t see him because she had a boyfriend (YEAH RIGHT-you deceitful whore!) and then proceeded to say let me give my work number. I heard this and as soon as she started saying “212” I dug in again and she screaamed out giggling “OH NO!!!”…long peal of laughter and then through the laughter “212…AAAARRGHHahhaaha…..212 840 OOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!” and everytime she would hit the number 0 (pronounced O) she would lose it as I would dig harder and never let her get farther. In fact, that's my strongest, most vivid memory of this incident when I replay it in my mind:"8-4-OOOOOOOOOOH!" and then long, deep peals of girlish giggling....the best I ever got out of her (and I got her a ton of times, believe me!). Finally she mustered up enough breath and in one quick jolt screamed out the number before collapsing into another peal of giggling. As soon as she hung up, I threw her on the bare wood floor and fucked the living shit out of her. It was sizzling hot. The thing about this story that always gets me is how it must have sounded to him on the other line!! I know I would have been riveted!!!

    I actually tickled her a couple of other times on the phone-and it was for a fellow ticklephile! I had a really demented crazy idea that I wanted to have another guy tickle her (this was when things were going haywire and I was trying to work with the "kinky" situation-we had been together for a few years where she worked in fashion-which by the way yielded some really great stories of a completely different kind, more on that at another time-anyhow, she was had been great and then had a sort of breakdown/fell off the wagon in a major way. Believe me, I've taken her to hospitals, rehabs, I'm not ONLY about this side of our relationship that I write about here!). Anyways, one time I had her leave a sexy message on his machine in which I tickled her and had her giggle into his voice mail. Another time I actually had her talk to him and tickled her while they were talking. He's probably around here! What's up, man! Sorry it didn't work out! Anyways, that's a sick thing ultimately (it shows how deep this thing can get for me!) and I'm not proud of it and I deserve to lose her just for that but believe me, my sexual selfishness about this only escalated out of jealousy and anger over some really out of control behavior on her part and that's what made me get so far out as well (because I'm a loose screw myself! lol!).
    Anyhow, that's it for times on the phone (thanks for letting me vent....it really helps and I'm sure if you wade through my stream of conscious self pity, you'll find some nuggets of tickling reportage, right?!! (lol)

    Does anyone else have an experience like this?
    Last edited by nontkl; 08-30-2001 at 10:48 PM.

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    Apr 2001
    Bronx, NY, USA

    We're sorry...your tickle cannot be completed as dialed...

    Considering all of the ancillary conveniences Verizon offers its customers, why hasn't Caller Tickling been added to the list? I know
    that I would make a LOT more phone calls if I had the service...

    The tone of the part of the post about your ex- was interesting. You
    begin by establishing her so provocatively promiscuous as to be utterly worthy of contempt, but end with an admission that you were
    so rapacious in your demands that you deserved her departure. Hmmmm...
    she's still under your skin, eh lad? I wish my displays of self- pity
    were as entertaining as yours...

    Finally, as a former "kid who takes your tickets at the movie theatre", I feel hurt that you think a ticket-taker is not worthy to
    be the object of a woman of affairs. That-that really tears it!

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    Apr 2001
    Years ago I met this girl I was supposed to work with on a project. She was very beautiful with butt-length brown hair, a gorgeous face and a model's body. She was a professional singer. She gave me her phone number to schedule our next meeting, then told me that her new answering machine message is really funny. When I asked what it was (staring at her with love/lust in my eyes) she said her boyfriend is tickling her as she tries to say the message. I think I actually dropped something I had in my hand. As it hit the floor with a thud I decided to call her message.

    It was so sweet. She is struggling to get this outgoing message across and he must be tickling the hell out of her. It was either that or she was so ticklish that she couldn't function. Okay how many times can you call the same number without raising suspicion. I suspected that she had caller id as well.

    The one time I called again with a tape recorder, set to record it, the boyfriend answered. When I tried again, they had changed it.

    I never looked at her the same way again. I'm sure you can all relate.

    “It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.”
    ― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

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    Apr 2001
    Max, that story was amazing. You must be HAUNTED by it's memory!

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    Apr 2001
    A few years ago I was at the house of a girl (call her Rebecca) I was good friends with, but had known only a short period of time. She was my ex-girlfriend's best friend, and there had been an obvious vibe between Bec and me while I was still going out with her friend. This was the first time we'd seen each other since the break-up, so we were both nervous, and we just talked about how we liked each other but obviously couldn't go out. I sat on the floor, and she sat on her desk about ten feet away.

    Now, this girl and I are not getting anywhere near each other, and we're talking about a pretty fucked-up thing, but of course part of me is thinking of tickling her. She's pretty, a blonde-haired blue-eyed pretty, with the absolute softest skin, a rich girl who's been well taken care of. And I know she's extremely ticklish, truly hyper ticklish; we spoke of it once, after I gave her side a soft tickle. It was the lightest poke, but she literally jumped and ran several steps away, stopping only when she saw that I wasn't chasing; breathless, she spoke in a voice that was shaking and deadly serious "You can NOT tickle me -- I can't stand to be tickled -- my father and brothers used to -- I can't take it anymore." I was so saddened, as you can imagine, if not feel for yourself. It would have been too cruel to tickle her, no matter how tempting. So of course it became an object of fantasy, and I thought of it while we were talking that day.

    At some point I got up to use her phone, which was on the desk where she was sitting, right next to her. I walked over and stood there for a moment, not picking up the phone right away. I was right next to her, and we looked at each other, then spontaneously hugged each other. After not too long I made my call, and she left the room for a minute. I was just checking the messages on my answering machine, but she didn't know that. She came back in as the last message was playing, came right over, and I put my arm around her. I turned her so that she was facing away from me, and she leaned back against me. So from behind, I reached around and wrapped my arm around her waist, and put my hand in a big pocket on her jacket, so my hand rested just above her hip with a couple of layers of clothing between. I barely applied any pressure at all, but I felt her entire body tighten, her stomach muscles, her back. I held her close with my arm and she did her best to stand still, keeping silent, thinking I was on the phone with someone! The last message ended and I heard my machine make a beep or two, but I just kept the phone to my ear. I hugged Bec from behind, putting the phone right next to her mouth, so that she'd have to be absolutely quiet....Then I started tickling her -- barely. Through two layers of clothing, not even moving my fingers, just resting one fingertip on her side, she nearly went into hysterics. Her body actually quivvered, and she let out little whispery laughs, gasping in air. I stopped after maybe five seconds, but continued holding her close, holding back my own laughter, as if I too did not want to be heard over the other end of the phone. Then I faked a little bit of conversation, the stopped talking and pretended to listen again, and then I tickled Bec again; she still gasped with laughter but she was a bit more prepared, and didn't shake or squirm. I stopped again, and we smiled at each other, and she whispered "you're only doing this 'cause you know I can't make noise!" I whispered back "actually," and then said out loud "you can!" as I put my hand back down on her side -- but this time I let my fingers dig in a little, really tickling her, and instantly she was laughing out loud, starting with a shriek followed by short bursts of deep laughter...such a beautiful sound. A perfect laugh, not forced, so real. I stopped after maybe ten seconds, which felt like too long to tickle her; the last few seconds her laugh changed to a scream, and I knew I'd better stop.

    Later that evening I got home and checked my answering machine messages, as usual. There was one that began with a voice I did not recognize right away; it spoke words that seemed to start in the middle of a conversation -- it was my own. I suddenly realized, with growing anticipation, what had happened. Sure enough, I heard Bec whispering, and then silence, and then that gorgeous laughter. I couldn't fucking believe it had actually happened; I got a tickling on tape without even knowing it!

    The end of the story is that I should have made a digital copy of it right away, but didn't...The tape has sinced warped a tiny little bit. Everything is still perfectly clear, but it's just a bit off, which kills me. I'll make a cd of it one day if I can, but until then I don't play it anymore and I keep it in a cedar box.

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    Apr 2001
    Glentickle-Fantastic story! That's great you have it on tape. Do me a favor, my email is nontkl@hotmail.com drop me a line because I have something I want to run by you.

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