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    Maid to tickle (F/F)

    again, another idea that popped into my head thanks to Darth Vegeta.

    Dear Diary:

    i know i shouldnt have done it, but i did!!! i couldnt help myself! ever since James went out of town for business, i was looking for some erotic pleasure. i didnt realize how much fun it would be to tickle Maria!! she is so cute and so ticklish! and what i had that girl doing, well, let me tell you in detail.....

    i was sitting on the the edge of my bed, flipping through the channels on the big screen tv in my room. it was a Saturday afternoon, and i was BORED. you would think i would have something to do considering how rich i am. or should i say how rich my husband is! James was a CEO of a oil company, so he had to leave on business sometimes. i'm glad he did. he can sometimes get on my nerves. dont get me wrong, he is a wonderful man, but our sex life has been getting, well, dull. he is a "minute" man if you catch my drift. what happened to me? i used to be "Katrina, the woman who painted the town red" who was full of life and energy. now, i am a housewife with nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon. i decided to get up and walk downstairs. when i made my way down there, i went to the bar we have in the den and poured me a drink. i might as well get drunk. what else do i have to do today?

    an hour went by and i was beginning to feel a little flush. my body tingled all over and what can i say? i was feeling pretty damn good right now! but the part that sucked was that i was getting incredibly horny! i could feel the warmth in my loins, and i wanted to relieve this tension that was building. my hand began to move towards my womanhood and i was going to pleasure myself away. but then i heard a noise. startled, i got up and peek out the door. ah! it was the maid! i forgot she was here today. i should let her do her work. hmmm, there must be something in this drink, because Maria is looking mighty cute! look at her! she was a Latina woman about 5'3", a little meaty, but still had a great figure, wearing her French maid outfit that was kind of short. how come i didnt notice it before? she also had some sheer black nylons on her legs and her long black hair stretched along her back. she was dusting away with her feather duster, oblivious to these green eyes of mine peering at her. i began to rub my legs together as i watched her work. she was whistling some song that i couldnt recognize, but was catchy. she then got up on a footstool and began to dust the top of a china cabinet. i could see a little under her skirt. ooooh! black panties! wait! what am i thinking?? i have never been with a woman before. i am a heterosexual woman who loves men, but why am i strangely attracted to her? the back of my mind was telling me to explore this curiosity. i then opened the door and tip toed my way behind her. staring at her athletic looking legs, i decided to lightly run my fingers up the back of her legs!

    AAAAAAAAH!!! DIOS MIO!!!!" Maria screamed.

    i loved that reaction!!! suddenly, lust took over my head and i really wanted to play with this woman!

    "Senora Katrina! i didnt know it was you! you scared me!" Maria told me.

    "sorry Maria! i didnt mean to startle you, i just couldnt resist." i told her.

    "ah Senora, i didnt mean to scream. it's just that...well...." Maria stammered.

    "well what Maria?" i asked, my curiosity peaked.

    "it's just that i am muy cosquillas! or, you say 'teeklish' in English." she told me with such innocence in her eyes.

    "you're ticklish? that's so cute!" i wanted to take her right then and there.

    "si!! i am very teeklish!!!!" she smiled.

    "so, if i was to do this..." i told her as i reached for her ribs.


    she had the cutest little laugh. i wanted to really see how ticklish she is! she tried to protect her sides by pinning her arms by her sides, but that just let me tickle her belly! she laughed harder and began to walk backwards. soon, she backed herself against the wall, and now she was at my mercy!


    i couldnt stop myself. i continued to tickle her belly, ribs and sides and she laughed hysterically. the funny thing was, the more i tickled her, the more horny i got. i really wanted to tease this young woman and see how i could make her mine!!! i began to tickle her harder and she hunched over and fell to the floor, cackling her pretty head off. i sat on top of her and she wiggled under my tickling fingers. she tried to curl up in a ball, but i wouldnt let her. she was going to suffer! i felt so powerful, so in control, i wanted to make this beautiful young woman my tickle slave! then a cruel idea popped into my head!

    "Maria, wait right here...." i told her.

    "hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe no more Senora....." she gasped.

    i quickly went to the utility closet and grabbed some rope. James always told me that this rope would come in handy. i bet he never thought it would be for tying a maid up and tickling the living bejeezers out of her! i got back to where Maria was and she disappeared! where was she????

    "Maria??????? Maaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrria!!!!!! where are you???" i sang, looking around the room and adjacent area. so my little tickle slave wants to play hide and seek huh? she better hope i dont find her! i tip toed through the hallway and noticed the closet door was slightly ajar. she couldnt be that easy to find, could she? there was a staircase next to the closet and i began to walk up the stairs.

    "Maria!!!! i coming to find you upstairs!!!" i lied. i hid a little up the stairs. and just like i thought, naive Maria came out of the closet. she peered her pretty little head, trying to scan the area for my whereabouts. this was so delicious! she began to walk away from the stairs and i pounced like a eagle, capturing it's prey!

    "AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! SENORA!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!" she screamed.

    "GOTCHA!!!!!" i forced her to the floor and tweaked her ribs. the girl went into hysterical giggles. i tickled her a little longer, then i grabbed her wrists. i then began to drag the poor woman to the "playroom".

    "hehehehehehehehehehe senora Katrina!! por que? why are you doing this to me??" she asked.

    "because i want to TICKLE YOU!!!!" i replied. i pulled the girl up from the floor by her midsection and forced her on top of a pool table. grabbing my rope, i quickly tied her wrists above her head and to the opposite corners, attached to the legs of the pool table. i knew that damn rope tying lesson in the Girl Scouts would pay off! she began to kick her legs, but i quickly grabbed an ankle and tied it to a leg. Maria knew better not to kick me. she hated the tickling, but she knew not to kick her boss! i grabbed her other ankle and tied it to a leg of the pool table. when i was done, i was quite impressed with myself. there she was, tied spread eagle to a pool table and nowhere to run, or hide. she looked at me with those soft brown eyes with a concerned look. she and i both knew her ticklish body was completely at my mercy.

    "Senora!!! please dont teekle me!!!" she begged.

    i didnt say a word. i went over to her armpits, still covered by her uniform and dug my fingers into them. the girl screamed like a banshee!! she was definitely superticklish there!! i dug in deep and she tried in vain to wiggle her body, but she was tied tightly. i couldnt take it anymore. the devil in my head wanted to do more. i grabbed some scissors and began to cut away her sleeves. i ripped the remaining part of the sleeves off and stared at her bare armpits. they looked so smooth!! no hair whatsoever and the skin looked soft and supple. i began to lightly scratch my fingers across the tender surface and the girl began to roar in laughter. i continued my armpit tickling and the look on her face was priceless! her eyes were clamped shut, her mouth wide open and her face was turning red. i then plunged my fingers deep into the hollows of her armpits and if she wasnt tied down, she would have gone through the roof!!


    she was so delightfully ticklish! my mind went into a trance as i continued to tickle her armpits. my eyes then caught her heaving belly and chest. i just had to explore this woman's body. i stopped my armpit tickling and she sucked in huge amounts of air. her face was already getting sweaty, but she didnt realize that her torment was just beginning. her torture was turning me on!! i then began to cut open her maid's uniform, exposing her cute little tummy! i ripped open the top and soon her tummy and ribcage was vulnerable. i then ripped the top off and now she was in her skirt, with her black nylons and canvas shoes, but her upperbody only had her black, lacy bra on. i stared at her firm tummy and decided to play with it next. she must have caught on because her eyes were as wide as saucers!

    "NO SENORA!!! MI ESTOMAGO ES MUY COSQUILLAS!!!" she screamed in Spanish.

    it didnt take me long to translate that. her stomach was very ticklish!! i immediately began to tickle her cute tummy and the laughter was like the sounds of heaven. i thought she was loud before, but this was even worse!!! poor Maria screamed her head off as i played with her belly. then my fingers went to her ribcage and the poor woman laughed even harder!!! my fingers dug into each and every crevice between her ribs and her face was etched in a horrific reaction. i could see her pearly whites and hearing her sweet laughter made me more horny than i already was. i continued to tickle her belly and ribs for at least half and hour, then i stopped. she was panting and gasping for air. she looked like she had been to hell and back. i couldnt wait to send her back there!! i grabbed a towel and began to wipe the sweat off her face. i could tell she was feeling relieved. the poor woman probably thought her torment was over. tsk tsk!! it has just begun!! i then walked over to her left foot and tapped my finger on the toe of her black shoe. Maria looked like she just saw a ghost.

    "SENORA!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! NO MIS PIES!!! NO NO NO NO NO!!!! PLEASE DONT TEEKLE MY FEET!!!!" she screamed.

    i thought i heard her sobbing when i started to unlace her shoe. after pulling the strings out, i grabbed the heel of her shoe and pulled it off her heel. she begged louder as she realized her shoe was coming off. i pulled it off her foot and tossed the shoe over my shoulder and i stared down at her nylon covered foot. the sheer stockings gave me a good look at her foot. it was sooooo cute!!! she wore a size 6 shoe and her chubby little toes looked so adorable. her toenails were trimmed nicely, but she didnt wear any polish! the way she scrunched her toes, i knew she was about to go through hell. i couldnt wait any longer. i began to spiderwalk my fingers up the length of her nylon covered foot. just as i thought, she went ballistic!


    ah, sweet sounds of laughter. i continued to stroke her arch, then my fingers discovered the warm soft undersides of her chubby toes. when i tickled her toes, her back arched up off the pool table. was i ever loving this feeling!!! i continued to tickle her foot and especially these sweet little toes for a while now. i lost track of time. my eyes caught her other foot wiggling and i just had to play with that one to. i began to unlace the other shoe and wasted no time pulling her shoe off. this time though, i had to play with her bare foot. i used the scissors and cut open the nylon and exposed her foot. her soles were lightly pink and looked even softer than they did with the nylons. i tickle ravaged that newly exposed foot and poor Maria didnt have a chance. she laughed so hard, i thought she could pass out at any moment. i lightly tickled the ball of her foot and she giggled like a little school girl. i loved the soft, warm feeling of her skin between her cute toes. i dug my fingers deep into her toe crevices and she just laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. i loved the way her toes wiggled. i really loved this woman's toes! i then put her big toe in my mouth and Maria really went through the roof. i sucked her big toe hard, and lapped away at her other toes. soon, her laughter subsided and i thought i heard her moan a little. was Maria getting turned on by this? hmmm, i need to explore this a little more. i continued to suck her toes, but i also used my fingers to tickle her foot.


    her toes were really ticklish, and they tasted really good! my tongue explored her sweet toes and soon i licked her sole. i stared at her nylon covered left foot and ripped that one opened and sucked and nibbled on those toes. this whole scene was so erotic. i looked at her toes and they were wet with my saliva. i heard Maria panting more and more when i sucked her toes. my lust was in high gear now. i looked at her heaving breasts and decided i need to see more. i lightly ran my fingers up her soles again and she giggled. i then walked over to where her chest was and grabbed my scissors. with a concerned look in her eyes, i cut open her bra, exposing her breasts. her mammaries jiggled freely, and i could tell she didnt know what was about to happen to her. i stared at her light brown nipples and i began to tickle them. her body squirmed under the nipple tickling and i was so damn wet right now! i was about to have my first lesbian experience! i tickled under her breasts and she began to laugh hard again. i would poke her ribs, then tickle her nipples, which at this point were quite stiff. i then began to lick her nipples and i heard her moan.

    "mmmmmmmmm...Senora.......hehehehehehehehehehehe teekles...hehehehehe teekles......" she giggled.

    i continued to tickle and lick her breasts. i thought i saw her hips grinding and i knew i just had to explore this spot. i stopped tickling her nipples and went over to her skirt. i cut that skirt and pulled it free from her body. all that remained were her black panties. i cut open her panties and pulled them off. now Maria was completely naked, tied spread eagled on a pool table and at the complete control of my ticklish desires!! i could see she was a little embarrassed to be exposed like this. i stared at her womanhood and noticed that she was shaven clean, except a small patch of pubic hair, right above her moistening mound. i began to tickle the skin where her legs met her crotch and she laughed hysterically again. she was bucking now. her being spread eagle gave me ample room to tickle her most private parts! i then began to tickle that small patch of pubic hair and all Maria could do was laugh! i looked at her vagina lips and began to lightly run my tongue across them. wow!! this was interesting. her pussy tasted pretty nice. i still couldnt believe i was actually eating out another woman's pussy. what have i been missing??!! i continued to lap up her moist womanhood like a kitten lapping up milk. i heard her moan as well, and the erotic atmosphere was in high gear. i licked Maria like there was tomorrow and when the tip of my tongue touched her clit......

    "mmmmmmmmmmmSENORA!!!!! aaaaahhh!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmm........oooooooohhh! more.........yes!!!!!! mmmmmmm.........." Maria purred.

    i licked that little love nubbin like a hungry cat and soon, i felt Maria's body tense up, then she shivered. probably an Earth-shattering orgasm has hit her. i saw her eyes roll in the back of her head and i saw a peaceful look come over on her face. i saw her cute little toes and they were clenched tightly, then open and close sporadically. i saw her mouth open and she was mumbling. all i know that i was so damn wet. i began to tickle her toes again and she began to giggle. seems like Maria is even more sensitive now!! i tickled her and she screamed like a mad woman. i was so damn turned on right now. i then climbed on top of the pool table and positioned myself so that i was "sitting" on Maria's face. i had taken off my panties and now my own womanhood was on her lips. Maria knew what i wanted her to do. i felt her warm, wet tongue touch me and it felt so good! James has never tasted me like this! soon, i saw stars as my own wave of pleasure washed over me. it was one of the best orgasms i have EVER felt. i still felt Maria's tongue licking me, as she licked my love juices. my body shivered and i climbed off of her. i stumbled towards her feet and gave her one last foot tickling. the skin on her soles were so soft, i could tickle them for hours! but now i was getting tired.

    i struggled to release Maria from her bondage, but i did. she got up off the table very weakly and she followed me to my bedroom. there, we both got in my bed and took a nap together......

    so Diary, i just had to right down this experience. James came back into town and i tore right into him. he has no clue what went on between Maria and myself, and he never will. after all, a woman has to have some secrets. as for Maria, i will never forget our experience. it was something we will both never forget. needless to say, she got a raise! who knows, we just might do it again, if opportunity strikes. she is definitely "Maid to tickle" and i want to tickle her again!!! cant wait for James to go on business again!


    okay folks, how did you like this? feedback always welcomed!

    "I don't have to hear about that idiotic criticism anymore" - Kobe Bryant FIVE time NBA Champion. 2009 & 2010 Finals MVP. Los Angeles Lakers

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    Thumbs up

    have the mais tickle her and then take turns tickling each other. see if the maid has a sister and tickle her too
    joe elsbury

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    thanks tmf for such wonderful stories

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    One of my favorite stories!

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    I always like reading something that contains the lee's laughter.
    The Secret to Tickling is to make the Person being Tickled Enjoy It.

    Good Things Come To Those Who Wait.

    Man who fights with woman by day, will get NO PIECE at night.

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    The best story I have ever head!!!

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    I laughed a lot, reading this one. Kudos to the writer.

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    That's one of the best stories that I had ever read. Thanks

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