There has been literally 100's of new members since these past interviews were last on the TMF, so here they are again for the benifit of newcomers.

QUESTION: Whats your top most ticklish spots ie. ribs, stomach, feet, etc?

PRISCILLA: Ribs and feet.

QUESTION: What was going through your mind the first time you were asked to do a ticking video?

PRISCILLA: Is this for real?

QUESTION: What do you think is worse the anticipation of being tickled or actually being tickled?

PRISCILLA: The anticipation

QUESTION: For you in particular, is tickling more a silly playful nuisance or is a kind of torture?

PRISCILLA: It has been both for me. The torture kind is more gratifying

QUESTION: Alright, your doing a tickling shoot, the tickler is coming towards you and is about ready to begin tickling. What goes through your mind?

PRISCILLA: Can I get loose somehow if it gets unbearable? How tight are these restraints?

QUESTION: Some ticklelphiles like to think of tickling as something sexual or arousing. Do you find tickling arousing?

PRISCILLA: Oh yes! Great foreplay.

QUESTION: Of all the models you worked with at Femfeet who do you think was the most ticklish and who did you have the most fun tickling?

PRISCILLA: Tori Spears and Toni Summers.

QUESTION: Same question as above sort of: Who did you think was the best tickler, ie who got the best reaction out of you?

PRISCILLA: The Tickler in Black for sure. He really knows the spots and exploits them.

QUESTION: It seems like most people who are ticklish have one spot, however small it may be, that absolutely drives them wild. Do you and if you would tell, where?

PRISCILLA: Won't tell!

QUESTION: In general do you find men or women to be the better ticklers?

PRISCILLA: In general women, but the few men who really know how are really good ticklers.

QUESTION: What is worse - a ticklefight between you and someone else or being tied down and tickled, unable to give it back?

PRISCILLA: Tied and unable to give it.

QUESTION: What do models on the set really think of people who buy these tickling videos - be honest - are we a bunch of nut cases?

PRISCILLA: Some of the gals think you are. I know better. Tickling is harmless but great fun. Nothings wrong with it. There are worse things people could do to each other than tickle!

QUESTION: Are you planning on making any more tickling videos in the near future?

PRISCILLA: Not in the near future, but yes, in the future I'd like to. Don't get me wrong I haven't stopped tickling and being tickled. I do it pretty regularly just not on camera.

PRISCILLA: Thanks for the questions. They were very good ones! - Priscilla