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    Friends: "The One With All The Tickling" (ff/f)

    *Probably set around the second or third season, for maximum hotness quotient

    “The One With All The Tickling”

    "You are not going to believe this!" Monica yelled, slamming the door as she entered the apartment.

    "What? What happened?" Rachel asked, rising from the breakfast table, totally surprised by the loud entrance.

    "Okay, you remember that cute waiter at work, Ted?"

    "The one you were supposed to go out with? What about him?"

    "Well, apparently, Jeannie, that little bitch hostess, likes him too. So when she found out we were going out, she told Ted she heard I was bi - AND, would he be interested in a three-way!"

    "Oh my God!" Rachel exclaimed, laughing a little. "What did he say?"

    Monica just gave her a broad, "oh come on" expression.

    "Oh, well, sure," Rachel said. "So what did you say?"

    "Well of course I said no! So now, he's just going out with her instead."

    "What? How can he do that to you."

    "Please, Rache. If a guy has to choose between the girl who's into the three-way, and the girl who's not into the three-way, do you really think he needs to flip a coin?"

    "That's true."

    Monica dropped onto the couch, fuming. "Unbelievable. I am so gonna kick her skinny ass."

    Rachel tried to hide the fact that she was more than a little amused by the whole story. “Oh come on, Mon, it’s no worse than the time in high school when I –“

    She stopped short.

    “When you what?”

    Rachel tightened up. “Nothing,” she said in a small voice, turning into the kitchen.

    “Rache,” Monica pressed, moving towards her. “When you what?”

    Rachel flitted around the kitchen, keeping her back to Monica. “Oh, Mon, you know, it was so long ago, and it was nothing really, so, you know, why even bring it up?”

    “Well, if it was such a nothing, you can tell me.”

    Not knowing where else to go, Rachel turned to face Monica, cleared her throat and muttered, “Uh. No.”

    Monica stepped all the way into the kitchen and became adamant. “Rachel.”

    “No, Monica, forget it. It is stupid and it was a long time ago, and I’m not telling you. So, there.”

    “Rachel, do you remember how I used to make Ross tell me secrets when we were kids?” she asked, crossing her arms.

    “Yeah, you would sit on him and ohhhhhhhhh!” Rachel’s eyes got wide as it dawned on her mid-sentence.

    “So, do you want to tell me?”

    “Mon, NO. I mean, first of all, we aren’t kids anymore, and, and second of all, you’re not big enough to just sit on me and hold me down anymore – and third, third . . . I’m not even ticklish anymore, so there.”


    Monica wiggled her index fingers in Rachel’s direction. It took Rachel about a split second to cower and pull her arms against her chest, squealing, “No no no no Monica don’t!!”

    “Then tell me.”

    Rachel bit her lip. “No!” And with that, broke into a run towards her room.

    She made it about three feet past Monica before she was tackled to the ground. Unfortunately, she had forgotten all about Mon’s abnormal strength. Without much struggle she found herself rolled onto her back, Monica straddling her hips and pinning her wrists over her head with one hand.

    “Tell me!”


    “Fine, have it your way!”

    Rachel was already shrieking laughter before Monica’s free hand dug into her ribs like a claw, grabbing and wriggling. Besides being an expert tickler, she had of course tickled her friend on many occasions when they were younger and knew exactly how to devastate the helpless brunette. Monica glided up and down Rachel’s side like a pianist performing a glissando, so lightning-quick Rachel’s nerves could hardly register the sensations fast enough. Just as she was feeling the tickling on her lower ribs, Mon would already be to her upper ribs, and once she felt that Mon would be back to the lower ribs again. It was too much. She couldn’t keep up.

    “AAAAAHHHahahahahahahahahaaa!!! Monicaaaaahhhh!!!” she cried, swinging her head back and forth, her long brown hair whipping across her face like a torrent and slapping against the floor.

    “You want me to stop? Talk!” Monica barked. Now she was scratching her fingernails in Rachel’s smooth bare underarm. Rachel wished she hadn’t worn a tank top today. She tried pulling her arms down, but Monica just pressed her wrists to the floor even harder.

    “My God, you really are freakishly strong!” Rachel said in between fits of laughter.

    “I can do this all day.” Monica scribbled all five fingers back and forth over Rachel’s stomach frantically, hitting a hot spot every time she grazed the area around her belly button, exposed when her top rode up. Rachel kicked and screamed but Mon wouldn’t let up.

    She figured she was in luck when, from her vantage point on the floor, she saw Phoebe come in after a few minutes. “Oh!! Phoebe!! Help!”

    Phoebe, naturally, was hardly fazed by the sight of one of her best friends straddling and tickle torturing another. “Okay,” she replied with an amicable grin.

    She dropped her purse on the table, went over and knelt by Rachel’s legs, which were windmilling pretty good. Phoebe held them down with her arm and began to pinch and tickle the undersides of Rachel’s knees through her jeans.

    Rachel’s yelps doubled, and though she tried to break her legs free, Phoebe was apparently also much stronger than her. “Hahahahahahahahaha!!! No, Phoebe!! Help ME!!!”

    “Oh, I thought I was,” Phoebe shrugged.

    “Do I look like I’m enjoying this??” Rachel hissed.

    “Well, a little, I mean –“

    “Keep it up Phoebe! Make her cry!” Monica snapped, overcome by her urge to win. In this case, winning meant breaking Rachel.

    “No! Pheebes, get her off of me!!”

    “Don’t even think about it, Phoebe! Do you want some of this?”

    “Ohhh, NO!” She jumped to her feet and backed away.

    "Good, then you get over here and get her feet!" Monica ordered.

    "Yes ma'am!" Phoebe replied, kneeling to pull off Rachel's boots.

    "Phhahahahahahahaha-Phoebe you traitor!" Rachel shrieked as Phoebe dug into her arches.

    "Hey, you want this to stop - you start talking," Monica snapped.

    "Hahahahahahahaha ok ok ok!!! I'll hahahaha I'll hahaha t-tell you! Just stop!"

    Monica stopped tickling but didn't let go of Rachel's wrists.

    "Okay.....I forgot what it is you want me to tell you."

    Monica paused. "Me too."

    "Then why did you keep tickling me??"

    "Duh! I couldn't let you win!"

    "Oh for cyring - get off, get off!"

    Monica stood up and helped Rachel to her feet. Phoebe looked from one to the other with a smile. "That was fun. Okay, whose turn now?"

    Rachel glared at Monica, hands on her hips. "I think Monica deserves a turn."

    Monica scoffed. "Yeah, right!"

    "Whatsa matter, Mon? You can dish it out but you can't take it?"

    "Oh, please." Monica rolled her eyes. "I could not be less ticklish."

    "What're you talking about?" Phoebe chimed in. "Just last week Joey and Chandler nearly made you pee when you wouldn't stop gloating about beating them at foosball."

    "Nobody asked you!" Monica offered weakly.

    Rachel took a few steps towards Monica. "No no, she's got a point. C'mon, Mon. If you're so tough why don't you prove it."

    Monica folded her arms, rolling her eyes to hide the twinge of nervousness. "You're not serious, right?"

    Rachel approached her closely and put her hands around Monica's waist. "Well hell, if you're not ticklish than this shouldn't bother you at all," she said as she began to wiggle her fingers into Monica's sides.

    "Pfft! Obviously not," Monica said, standing adamant but doing her damndest to avoid eye contact.

    "Are you sure?" Rachel asked, dancing her nails around from the belly button to the small of the back. "I can do this alllll day."

    "Oh, oh! Get her feet," Phoebe suggested.

    "Guys, this is ridiculous," said Monica. "I am not going to take off my shoes and let you try to tickle me just to prove a point."

    "Oh, so you admit defeat," Rachel goaded.

    Monica fumed. She sat down, pulled off her shoe and sock and stuck out her leg. "Give it your best shot."

    Phoebe held Monica's outstretched leg between her knees and started to run her nails down the bare sole. Rachel moved behind her and kept wiggling into Monica's ribs. But the smile on Monica's face was one of self-satisfaction, not laughter.

    "There, see? I win!"

    Phoebe pulled her toes back and scratched underneath them. Rachel skittered her nails over Monica's midriff. Monica didn't flinch.

    "I don't get it - you were ticklish when we were in high school," Rachel said.

    "Only on my feet."

    "Yeah, well, you had so much padding everywhere else."

    "Very funny," Monica smirked. "Do you see me laughing? That's right - YOU DON'T!"

    "Yeah, ok, this is getting kind of boring," Phoebe said, walking away. "You guys wanna go to the coffee house?"

    "Phoebe, you get back here. We can't let her win!"

    "Eh, I don't know, Rache -"

    "Pheebes, don't make me come after you with this!"

    "No!" Phoebe quickly sat in front of Monica and resumed tickling her bare foot. "Come on, Mon, just laugh already so we can go get coffee."

    "This is so pathetic," Monica scoffed.

    "Ha! That was a laugh, that counts!" Rachel declared.

    "I was laughing at you!"

    "Ahh, at me or at my tickling fingers?" Rachel asked like a comic book villain, wiggling her fingers in Monica's face before returning them to her sides.

    Moncia rolled her eyes. "Just admit it. I win."

    Rachel was growing more frustrated. "Come on, Phoebe! You said you saw the guys tickling her - go get them over here."

    "Yeah, I think there was some sort of trick or something," said Phoebe. "Oh, like a switch!"

    "Okay, Pheebes, I don't think Monica's got a switch anywhere on her."

    "Oh! I remember!" Phoebe shrieked, starting to tickle up her friend's leg. Monica feigned a yawn.

    But the yawn was followed by a yelp - a real one. Phoebe had pinched a tender spot right underneath her left knee, and no one could have missed how high it had made her jump.

    "That's it!" Rachel cried victoriously. "Pheebes, get her!"

    Rachel dug in to Monica's ribs even more vigorously, as Phoebe started to tickle underneath both her knees. And though Monica continued to resist laughing, she was wriggling at the touches and her face was contorted like a madwoman.

    "Ohhhhhh you're breaking," Rachel sang. "C'mon Mon, laugh. Give in."

    "Mmmff!! Nope," Monica said, spitting the words out through clenched lips as she clenched the sides of the chair firmly and did her damndest to minimize her squirming. It was not easy, as Rachel's fingers masssaging every one of her ribs was quickly becoming maddening. Phoebe had indeed "flipped her switch," and the rest of her defenses were breaking down rapidly.

    Phoebe turned her attention to back to her friend's feet, scratching her nails just under the ball of the right one as she held the ankle firmly in place. Mon's toes wiggled like mad, and the first few sputters of laughter trickled out of her mouth. Meanwhile Rachel was pinching around her waist, her fingers cold on her bare midriff, and she was bouncing up and down on the chair.

    She could hold out a little longer - just a little longer. She could win. She always won!

    Until Rachel sang into her ear, "Tickle tickle tiiii-cklllle!"

    That made her burst.

    "AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!" A flood of throaty laughter gushing out as Monica shook her head back and forth and started kicking her legs. She easily broke free of Phoebe's grasp, sending the blonde tumbling to her butt. She had a bit more difficulty twisting away from Rachel, who was digging into her sides determinedly, but finally she managed to escape her reach and get to her feet.

    "Okay! Okay, fine. So I'm a little ticklish," she admitted bashfully.

    "A little ticklish," Rachel scoffed. "You're just as ticklish as me and you know it."

    "Maybe," Monica said, folding her arms. "But you know who neither of us is as ticklish as?"

    She cast her eyes towards Phoebe, still sitting on the ground.

    "That's true," Rachel agreed, also looking towards Pheebes with a devilish glint.

    Phoebe, getting to her feet, tried to play dumb. "Yup, okay, well how bout that coffee? No well okay I'll meet you down there later then - bye!"

    She made a quick move towards the door, but Monica was quicker, intercepting her and wrestling her to the ground with a savage tickle assault on her slinky sides. Phoebe shrieked and flailed her arms, laughing so loudly that Ugly Naked Guy probably heard her across the street.

    Rachel knelt beside her and joined in, spidering her fingers up and down Phoebe's thighs and sides. Tears were streaming out of the blonde's eyes as she whipped her arms and hair around and screamed. "AHHHH!! HAAAAHAHAHAHA!!! NO!! AAHHHHHAHAHAA!!!! STAHAHAHP!!

    Monica and Rachel laid on their sides and each pinned one of Phoebe's arms to the ground with their body weight. Phoebe was twisting and writhing at the touch of four tickling hands attacking her with different styles. Monica was more aggressive, finding a hot spot right under her arms and digging right in, while Rachel glided her nails over as much ground as she could cover.

    Her reprieve came when the door flew open and Joey strolled in, oblivious at first. He stopped in his tracks at the sight of three hot friends lying on the floor in a heap, two of them holding the other one down and tickling the crap out of her.

    "Oh my," he leered.

    Monica and Rachel stopped, rolling their eyes at him. They got to their feet and helped Phoebe up as well.

    "Oh no, don't stop on my account," Joey said.

    The girls wiggled their fingers threateningly in his direction. Joey's eyes bugged out, and he stumbled out the door hurriedly, slamming it behind him.

    The girls shared a look, and followed him out into the hall.

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    Originally posted by Rockauthor
    lol I'll take that as a compliment, thanks

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    excellent----thanks for this

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    My pleasure chrisheaven. I felt it was long overdue.

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    lol that was a good story, i didn't even know it was about the friends people until phoebe came in and i was like "wait... there's a monica and a rachel and ohhh..." lol

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    definetly should be a story to be written about joey's demise i think...

    but great story indeed

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