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    Big-breasted tickling: Michelle's Christmas Reunion (fiction, m-f/f-f/f-m)

    Hello and Happy holidays. I hope you enjoy the story. As always, I welcome both positive and negative feedback.


    Michelle was always Ryan’s favorite cousin. They were
    about the same age, and even though he hadn’t seen her
    in over 10 years, he looked forward to his family’s
    Christmas reunion. Derrick, Ryan’s best friend from
    college, was staying with him over Christmas break.

    “What’s so great about her, anyway? I mean, you
    haven’t seen her since you were 10 and you’ve been
    talking non-stop about her”, Derrick asked as the two
    guys sat on the sofa, enjoying a beer.

    “Oh, gosh, we just played a lot together. At least
    back then, she was always a good sport. She played
    football and basketball with us, cards, everything.
    I’m curious to see what she’s like now. Actually,
    football was the best.”

    “That’s it?”

    “Pretty much. Man, I hope her mother and sister come.
    Her sister was absolutely hot! Her mom had the

    “Big chest?”

    “Oh, man yeah. Really, her mom was pretty
    good-looking. But, no joke man, her boobs were
    humongous! She go through the house, like up or down
    the stairs, and those things would be bouncing like

    Derrick got nervous. His discomfort was evident.
    “What’s up…”

    “No, that’s ok. What about her dad?”

    “They’re still married I guess, at least I have not
    heard otherwise. He spends a lot of time overseas
    with his oil company. Oh, get this. Anyway, her mom
    was just extremely, extremely ticklish. We’d gang up
    on her sometimes and tickle her! She was so ticklish,
    just touching her stomach would make her fall to the
    ground! She’d have to run to the bathroom…”

    “Dude, that isn’t cool! It’s torture. My mom and
    sister used to tickle the crap out of me just about
    every day.

    “You’re ticklish?” Ryan gave Derrick a quick poke in
    his side. Derrick screamed.

    “OH! Dude, don’t do that! I’m not kidding. If I get
    tickled, I’ll roll around on the floor and pee all
    over the place. I can’t help it. My mom and sister
    would get me so bad…and one of my sister’s friends
    would get me. It was torture. They’d chase me all
    over the house telling me ‘we’re going to get you,
    we’re going to make Derrick laugh’ It was hell, man”

    “Why didn’t you just tickle’em back?”

    “Oh, I couldn’t man. I’m not kidding. My sister
    isn’t ticklish at all, and I think my mom was only a
    little touchy on her feet. I don’t know why I got it
    so bad”.

    “Genetics, I guess”.

    “Yeah, my Dad is really bad. Mom could have him
    rolling around too”

    “Cootchie cootchie coo!” Ryan wiggled his fingers
    towards Derrick’s stomach, but didn’t make contact.

    “NO MAN! I’m serious, don’t do it to me! You know,
    that’s why I get nervous…” Derrick whispered now,
    “around girls with big tits. My mom and sister both
    have huge jugs, man. God, and Shelly’s best friend
    Cathy was enormous up top. I’m serious, I got
    tickle-tortured just about every day. I get so that I
    see a girl like that and I automatically think of
    getting tortured. Don’t tell anybody, ok. About the
    women or how ticklish I am, ok?”

    Ryan reached over and grabbed Derrick’s stomach and
    squeezed. Derrick doubled over on the couch and
    wailed in ticklish anguish. A few people noticed.

    IT MAN!”

    “OK, OK, I’ll stop. Man, you are bad off! Ha ha ha
    ha ha!”

    “God, I’m so ticklish. I can’t take it. You think
    that’s bad…

    Finally, the doorbell rang. Ryan’s uncle answered the
    door, and in walked the Childers’ family. Michelle,
    her sister Helga and her mother Nora.

    Meanwhile, the two guys sat their, drinking, laughing
    and watching television while the adults and kids
    played and prepared food. It was a very large house,
    and there may well have been over 50 people there.

    Derrick was disappointed. “Man, she’s fat!” Ryan was
    shocked. How could she have gotten so huge?

    Indeed, with her bulky gray overcoat hanging off her
    the way it did, Michelle looked like she wore a woolen
    moo-moo. Her face was full, and still quite
    beautiful. She had such strong Nordic features and
    long blonde hair; that had not changed.

    Ryan’s uncle greeted Michelle and she started to take
    off her coat. Derrick and Ryan’s eyes almost popped
    out of their heads. As she twisted to remove her
    coat, it was shockingly obvious that Michelle was not
    fat at all. She had enormous, gargantuan, bulging,
    bouncing breasts. Breasts that distended her
    clothing. Breasts that practically took flight as she
    twisted and moved.

    Derrick and Ryan stared at her, then each other for a
    second. Then back at her. Michelle dressed in very,
    very loose clothing to try and conceal the true nature
    of her figure. She wore a very baggy red sweater
    (appropriate for Christmas) and dark brown pants.
    were stunned, truly stunned by her beautiful face and
    comic-book like figure.

    Michelle stood at 5’8”. Her ribcage measured 36” in
    diameter, her waist 24” and her hips 36”. Judging by
    her virtually ideal measurements alone, she would have
    been quite impressive. Each breast looked like a
    cross between a champion-caliber watermelon and a
    beach-ball. Extending almost three feet in front of
    her, a good five inches beyond the sides of her
    armpits and easily 18” from bottom to top, Michelle’s
    left and right breast each weighed about 50lbs. And
    with every move she made, they jiggled and bounced as
    if they had lives of their own.

    The other women were equally captivating. Michelle’s
    sister (unfortunately named Helga) and mother (Nora)
    enter. Helga was a stunning beauty, a swimsuit model.
    Nora was attractive for an older woman, kind of a
    blonde Sophia Loren who, coincidentally, wore a
    JJ-sized bra. Several traits ran in the family –
    beauty, extreme bustiness and terrible ticklishness.

    Derrick had met his match. He stared this particular
    phobia directly in the face. Or more specifically the

    Michelle crossed the entryway into the main room, out
    of their sight to talk to other people. Ryan and
    Derrick had a chance to talk.

    “Are…are they real?” Derrick asked. His throat had a
    lump in it.

    “I don’t know…how could they…I’ve never seen…man oh

    She walked into the dining area, quickly catching
    sight of Ryan. Of course, her breasts knocked into
    the doorway and just about everything else. Michelle
    was a clumsy person. Anyway, she smiled at him and
    waved. Her Nordic features lent themselves to a
    slight red flushing of her cheeks. Derrick was
    enchanted. As she waved, her bulging bosom bounced up
    and down a few times. Her sweater was not
    form-fitting – it hung around and below her midriff.
    Derrick almost panicked.

    Then, as Michelle moved toward the appetizer table to
    pick up a salmon roll, some unknown relative crossed
    her path. He and Michelle spoke jovially for a
    second. Then, as he left, Derrick could have sworn he
    heard the man say “so, are you still ticklish?”
    Nevertheless, it was demonstrated. The man whipped
    around, reached below Michelle’s bosom and squeezed
    her belly.

    Michelle danced and wiggled, if only for a second.
    The display almost made Derrick go into shock.
    Michelle screamed. “No! Don’t!” And as she jerked
    and twisted to her right, her right breast leapt into
    the air, while her left breast wobbled downward. Her
    sweater did quite a jig, and what it revealed was

    Michelle wasn’t fat at all, no sir. She had
    impossibly large breasts, but her midsection was very
    strong and well defined. Derrick and Ryan were
    amazed, but they should not have been. Any person who
    had to bear such an upper-body burden would have to be
    quite strong.

    In any event, with her ponderous breasts flying
    through the air, Michelle shrieked. “OH! No-ho ho!
    Don’t do that to me! I’ll be rolling around on the
    floor!” Michelle escaped that quite handily. Then,
    shock upon shock, Michelle came over to them.

    “Well, scoot over guys, give me some room!” Derrick
    and Ryan parted so Michelle could sit between them.
    Ryan introduced Derrick, and Michelle twisted so that
    she could shake his hand. He was stunned by just how
    pretty her face was. Had she not carried such a
    topheavy burden, she easily could have been a model or
    actress. Then, for almost 15 minutes, Ryan and
    Michelle caught up on their respective lives. Derrick
    sat there, staring at her. Her long, braided blonde
    hair, her slightly flushed cheeks and her oversized
    breasts wrapped in their red sweater captivated him.

    Derrick’s heart beat wildly. He stared at the busty
    beauty. Seated as she was, her breasts looked like
    two bean-bag seats draped across her lap. They
    extended all the way to her knees and occupied her
    entire torso. Every time she spoke, shifted, or
    (especially) laughed, her breasts rippled and jiggled
    in response. It was evident through her sweater,

    Finally, Derrick was overwhelmed. He was sweating,
    but he had to know. “Look, I’m sorry, but, Michelle,
    are your…are they…”

    Michelle had encountered this question enough to know
    what was coming. “Yes, Derrick,” she said without the
    least hint of derision, “my breasts are real. There’s
    a peculiar gene that runs in my family. It causes
    runaway breast development. My grandmother was the
    same way”.

    Ryan was a little offended. “Derrick, man, don’t talk
    about that! Michelle’s my cousin! Now, if you want
    to know something about Michelle, well…” Ryan poked
    Michelle’s right side.

    Michelle shrieked and jumped. Her breasts followed a
    delayed reaction, jumping and wobbling a second after
    the fact. Ryan explained, “what you need to know is
    that Michelle is ticklish!”

    “Oh, Michelle, your sides are still ticklish!
    Cootchie!” Ryan grabbed her right side. He was
    surprised at just how tight and muscular she felt.
    Quite a contrast to her enormous, fatty bosom.
    Nevertheless, Michelle howled with laughter at the
    tickling touch. Her face reddened and her mouth
    formed a wide-open “O” shape.


    Derrick couldn’t help himself. He gave her left side
    a quick poke. Michelle chortled and jerked to her
    right away from the tickling finger. “OH GOD NOT
    THERE!” Derrick had trouble seeing exactly where
    “there” was. Michelle’s breasts practically exploded
    into flight once she started wriggling from the
    tickling. Still, he tried again.

    “What, you mean here?” He grabbed at Michelle’s left
    side, just above her hip. It really surprised him
    that a woman with literally 100 pounds of mammary
    glands could have such a lean, strong (yet ticklish)
    waist. Michelle acted as if shot once he grabbed her.

    “AIEE! HA HA HA HA HA! OH NO! HA HA HA!" Michelle’s
    raucous, loud laughter started to generate looks from
    other party-goers. Both the men and women had trouble
    taking their eyes off the gorgeous, buxom beauty.
    Especially once she shook and trembled from the
    tickling and her turret-style chest went in motion.

    Ryan was enjoying the show. Watching his attractive
    cousin jerk and twist while tickled was amusing to
    him. It wasn’t sexual; to him, watching her
    mountain-sized breasts bounce within her sweater was

    Derrick, however, had a different take. He grabbed
    Michelle just above her hip. Apparently, it was a
    terribly, terribly ticklish spot. She jerked
    violently towards Ryan to get away. In response, her
    breasts swayed left. Right onto Derrick. Suddenly,
    the boy who was nervous around women with big breasts
    had 100 pounds worth of breast-flesh on top of him.

    “No! Get’em off me! Get off! Get off!” Oddly
    enough, Derrick tried to free himself. He grabbed and
    pushed Michelle’s gigantic, heavy left breast,
    desperately trying to get it off of him. He wasn’t
    prepared for what happened next. As he pushed and
    prodded, Michelle’s laughter became extraordinarily


    Michelle’s face quickly became red from just having
    her middle tickled, but the second her breast was
    touched, her face practically became purple.
    Michelle’s ticklish bosom was her most closely-guarded
    secret. The tickling sensation was so forceful she
    let loose just a little bit or urine. She writhed to
    escape, but weakened from the laughter as she was, her
    only option was to slide down off the sofa onto the
    floor. To Michelle, anything was preferable to having
    her breasts tickled. Her mother had warned her,
    though, that this sort of thing would always happen to
    her unless she could learn to control her sensitivity.

    Ryan and Derrick were so surprised by her violent
    reaction to tickling. But, they were even more
    surprised by Michelle’s position on the floor. She
    had fallen to the floor, but her legs had shot beneath
    the coffee table. Her head was supported by the lower
    part of the couch, but her magnificent, fleshy breasts
    stood in the air (supported by her custom bra),
    wobbling and undulating like beach-balls filled with

    Michelle breathed heavily, and her bosom quivered with
    her heaving lungs. “Oh, gosh, you can’t do that to me
    again. I can’t stand tickling. I’m just too
    ticklish, everywhere, please don’t AH!”

    Michelle’s vision was obscured by her own globular,
    swollen breasts. She didn’t see her sister Helga, but
    Helga knew that laughter. She’d walked over to
    Michelle and given her a quick jab to the ribs.

    No question about it, Helga was gorgeous. 5’9”, long,
    straight blond hair, a voluptuous body (38-24-34)
    amazingly long legs and E-cup breasts, the 25 year old
    was a successful swimsuit model, beer spokesperson
    (she’d appeared in several Coor’s Lite commercials”.
    Helga wore a plain white undershirt tucked into her
    jeans. The combination of her figure and attire was
    very alluring.

    “Hey, you guys found out Michelle’s ticklish! Well,
    let me show you where…”

    Helga sat just to Michelle’s left side and started
    squeezing her sides. Michelle broke out into
    hysterical laughter, accompanied by shaking, twisting
    and breasts flying everywhere. Helga’s younger sister
    was in a spot of trouble, prone, legs trapped beneath
    a table and her rather mischievous sister showing the
    two young men where and how to tickle her. The other
    party guests were starting to laugh at Michelle’s

    “Michelle’s so ticklish, she can’t stop laughing! Oh,
    poor ticklish girl, ha ha ha! Oh, you’re not gonna
    pee in your pants are you! Ha ha ha!”

    Michelle’s face had a tortured look as she kept
    laughing and squirming. “HA HA HA HA HA! STOP! HA
    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! OH GOD! AHHH!” Michelle was
    in a state of ticklish agony. Helga kept tickling
    Michelle’s delicate sides, and Michelle was desperate
    to get rid of her. On her own, she never would have
    dared to tickle Helga back – Michelle was so much more
    ticklish Helga could have tickled her to death.
    Still, she knew her sister had a few bad spots.

    Ryan always had a bit of a crush on Helga. While
    Derrick was oddly paralyzed with fear (he was sweating
    profusely) at the sight of the beautiful, busty women,
    Ryan had no trouble going to the floor. “Are you
    ticklish Helga?” He grabbed the sexy woman around her
    waist and squeezed. Helga shrieked and rolled away
    from Michelle.


    Michelle gasped and coughed. She wrapped her arms
    around her own breasts to control the shaking and
    bouncing. Derrick stared at the two women. Ryan quit
    tickling Helga and the 4 laughed for a second.

    Derrick finally spoke. “Why are you guys so

    Helga giggled. “I don’t look like a guy to you do I?
    Oh, we get it from Mom, I’m sure. She’s deathly
    ticklish. I’m pretty sensitive around my waist, but
    nobody is as bad as Michelle!” Helga poked Michelle’s
    belly, forcing another burst of laughter from her
    voluptuous sister.

    “Hey, Michelle,” Helga teased. “Hey, Michelle, are
    your feet ticklish?” Helga knew the answer. Helga’s
    feet were ticklish, her mother’s feet were criminally
    sensitive, but of the three women, Michelle had the
    most ticklish feet. Ryan saw Michelle’s feet sticking
    out from beneath the table. “I bet you can’t move
    your legs, huh?” Helga rolled around to Michelle’s
    feet, pinned beneath the table. She removed her shoes
    and socks and Michelle panicked. It was worse because
    she couldn’t see over her own bosom.


    Fingers ran across her sensitive soles, and another
    small burst of urine passed. Helga tormented both of
    her sister’s feet. Helga knew just how ticklish
    Michelle’s feet were. When they were kids, Helga
    routinely sat on Michelle’s legs and tickle-tortured
    her feet. Michelle’s face was twisted in a ticklish
    expression of incredulity. She knew she was trapped.

    HA! AH!”

    Michelle’s voice became higher in pitch and more
    desperate. Every fingernail stroking across her
    heels, arches and toes brought forth such furious
    laughter. She hated having her bosom quake the way it
    did, but such violent laughter and her inevitable,
    uncontrollable jerking made that happen. Michelle
    felt like her bladder would burst.

    HA HA HA HA!”

    Helga laughed. “Hey guys, do you want to know where
    Michelle is most ticklish?”

    “HELGA! STOP IT!”. Michelle and Helga’s mother,
    Nora, shouted out to stop the tickling. “You know how
    ticklish she is! You can’t do that to her!” Helga
    stopped tickling Michelle’s feet. Derrick suddenly
    found he had an enormous erection as he stared at
    Nora, or more specifically her chest. Nora wore a
    green Christmas sweater and black pants. As she
    shouted at Helga, Nora’s own noticeably large breasts
    pulled and yanked their way inside her own sweater.

    Michelle was crying just a little bit. For her, even
    at the age of 20, being pinned and tickled just
    reminded her of the majority of her childhood. She
    was so terribly ticklish – it was too easy a weakness
    to exploit.

    “Helga, don’t you dare say where…”. Nora felt sorry
    for Michelle. She certainly knew how difficult it
    could be. So ticklish, so easily rendered helpless,
    so sensitive in a certain area…Nora was similar to
    Michelle. For whatever reason, Helga didn’t inherit
    the characteristic of having ticklish breasts. But,
    Nora had inherited that from her mother, and now
    Michelle had the same problem.

    Helga stood up and smiled. “You just don’t want
    people to know about your…”

    “You mean that Nora’s ticklish! Cootchie cootchie
    cootchie!” Brandon, a 50-year-old man of some
    uncertain relation to the family, certainly knew Nora
    was ticklish. He walked up from behind and gave Nora
    a fast and vigorous rib-rub. Nora jerked very hard,
    virtually unable to laugh. Her breasts flung into the
    air, and Nora wiggled her way to the ground. Nora was
    about 46 years old and had been tickle-tortured
    throughout most of those years. She absolutely
    dreaded being tickled, and was always sorry that her
    youngest daughter inherited her unusual shape and
    awful weakness.

    Brandon fell down with Nora, maintaining his assault
    on her susceptible ribs and belly. Nora’s belly was
    one of her worst spots. She had a cackling laugh, and
    so long as Brandon prodded, rubbed and jabbed her
    torso, she wriggled wildly on the floor, laughing and
    screaming. Her plump breasts flew like basketballs in
    a hurricane. It was tremendously uncomfortable and
    embarrassing for the older, busty lady.

    Helga directed Ryan and Derrick. “Ryan, if you keep
    at Michelle’s feet, I’ll tell Derrick something he’d
    like to know”.

    EEEEEE!” Michelle’s feet twitched uncontrollably
    while Ryan massaged and stroked her soles.

    Helga leaned over to Derrick, just noticing the small
    wet spot on his pants. She whispered to him. “If you
    touch her boobs, she’ll die laughing. That’s where
    she’s most ticklish. If you brush one of her
    nipples…well, you’ll see”.

    Derrick thought his heart was going to leap through
    his chest. Michelle jerked and turned on the floor.
    Her mother’s manic laughter was unnerving. She fought
    as hard as she could to stop laughing in response to
    the foot-tickling, but couldn’t do it. Tears poured
    from her eyes. Then, she felt a finger prod her left


    Michelle’s bulging,jiggling breasts were extremely,
    extremely ticklish. Her mother was very much the same
    way. Michelle remembered how her mother told her,
    back when Michelle was young (at age 13 Michelle
    already wore an F-cup bra) how Michelle should never
    let anybody know about her weakness, how a beautiful,
    large-breasted woman who was deathly ticklish on her
    “assets” could be easily tormented and how when Nora
    was younger she herself had several awful tickling
    experiences. Helga wasn’t nearly as supportive.
    Sure, she had very ticklish sides and feet, but Helga
    got a great sense of power out of being able to not
    only tickle her younger, bustier sister to wit’s end
    but also her mother.

    Nora screamed and jiggled on the floor. Michelle
    laughed as if possessed by demons. The combination of
    having her feet and breasts simultaneously tickled was
    too much. Then, Derrick brushed a nipple. The
    tickling sensation shot through Michelle’s entire
    body. She couldn’t laugh. This was the moment she
    always dreaded, and the moment Nora hoped to spare.
    Michelle lost control of her bladder, and as the tears
    coated her sweaty face, she had an orgasm.

    Derrick and Ryan quit tickling Michelle, and Brandon
    quit tickling Nora. Nora ran to the bathroom, while
    Michelle rolled over, exhausted. Derrick was
    practically in a coma. She stared at Michelle’s
    breasts as they continued to vibrate. He reached out
    and poked one, causing Michelle to scream violently.

    “Now, Derrick,”, Helga asked. “Are you ticklish?”
    She grabbed his belly, making Derrick scream. “NO!
    Please don’t get me! OH!” Helga squeezed Derrick’s
    left knee.

    “Ooh, you’re a real ticklish boy!”

    “No, I’m not really, so don’t OH! OH HO HO HO HO HO
    HO HO!” Helga sat on top of Derrick as quickly as
    possible. She pinched his sides. Michelle summoned
    the energy to grab at his feet. When Nora emerged
    from the bathroom, she joined in the fun, tickling the
    squirming Derrick under his arms. In a flash, he had
    the three attractive women pinning him down and
    tickling him. He screamed like the world was coming
    to an end.

    Brandon had a question. “Why’s he suffering so much?
    Heck, I think most guys would like a bunch of
    big-breasted women fooling with him?”

    “I think he’s about to pee on himself!”, Helga
    shouted. The three women tickled his feet, his ribs,
    his underarms and belly. Derrick twisted and turned
    on the floor. His face explained exactly what he was
    feeling. Six hands prodded his sensitive spots. Six
    very large breasts brushed and pounded against him.
    He finally knew what Michelle and Nora both knew: the
    embarrassment of being tickled to orgasm.

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    man i love these stories..great job

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    May 2001
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    I love your stories Grolsch your truly one of my favourite writers. Unfortunatley you forgot to put a M/m warning on the subject title and the begining of the story came as a rather nasty shock, just not my thing.

    This is off topic, I don't know if you noticed but I nominated 'Flora tricked and tickled' for a Golden Feather as the best fictional tickle tale of 2003.

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    Oh dear Lord, you people see a paragraph about m/m tickling even in a playful situation and you would think that someone strapped you to a chair and watch midget pedophilia amputee beastiality snuff films. And what if he had put that there was m/m tickling you more then likly would have skipped the story over, potentially missing a great story, if your opinion sways you to think that. *puts away his soapbox* Btw EXCELLENT Story, as they always are keep up the good work.

    Sometimes I feel like I understand the fall of man better then anyone else.

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    I'm sorry what?

    I don't mean to turn this thread into a crap flingling contest by any means but who are you to come on here and start attacking me?

    So I don't like M/M tickling? Yes I would have skipped the entire story had I known it was in the story but you'll also note I mentioned Grolsch is one of my favourite writers. I even nominated his 'Flora tricked and tickled' for a Golden Feather award.

    In my post I clearly stated 'Just not my thing'. You'd hardly want to enter reading a story and suddenly find it was about donkey rape now would you? Or something that simply doesn't appeal to you.

    In future it would be appreciated if you'd not spout off about others preferences seeing as you, or anyone else for that matter, have absolutley no right to do so.


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    Great story!! Id like to read more like this!Pleaseelaborate on the f/m a little more!

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    Nov 2003
    Perhaps "warning" is a little strong, but then I don't mind m-m, especially playful. I think adding that to the pairings note would be sufficient.

    The dialogue is quite realistic, especially in the setup & playful tickling. I love the "HO HO HO," a perfect capture of a kind of laughter that's not HEEHEE or HAHA.

    Connecting big-breasted women to be tickled tortured due to a family thing is also precious, and the later mob mentality of a family and friends converging on a tickle victim... priceless.

    Is it as easy for a guy to be tickled to orgasm as a girl? I've never had the pleasure.

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    Ya, I read this one with amused interest too--I'm not massive but at 40D, still a pretty big girl and super sensitive all over. I'm new to the scene and dying to find out if I can be tickled to orgasm. Unlike the girl in the story, I wouldn't be ashamed about it at all! I'd worship any guy that could pull it off--name your price boys...God,I'm such a slut
    "Maybe she's just looking for someone to dance with..."~Michael Penn, "No Myth"


    "I don't mind
    if you're keeping someone else behind because you
    must realize
    my obsessive fascination is in your imagination..." Duran Duran "I Don't Want Your Love"

    "Wherever did you come from?"
    "I followed the music."
    ~August Rush


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    Originally posted by steph
    Ya, I read this one with amused interest too--I'm not massive but at 40D, still a pretty big girl and super sensitive all over. I'm new to the scene and dying to find out if I can be tickled to orgasm. Unlike the girl in the story, I wouldn't be ashamed about it at all! I'd worship any guy that could pull it off--name your price boys...God,I'm such a slut
    I don't suppose your planning a trip to New Zealand any time soon?

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    Aw, TM--you're such a cutie!!!
    Well if I did, would we get to act out that story together??

    (damn, where the HELL is my credit card!) Hey, does anyone out there know the 1-880 for TWA??
    "Maybe she's just looking for someone to dance with..."~Michael Penn, "No Myth"


    "I don't mind
    if you're keeping someone else behind because you
    must realize
    my obsessive fascination is in your imagination..." Duran Duran "I Don't Want Your Love"

    "Wherever did you come from?"
    "I followed the music."
    ~August Rush


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    Re: TM

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by steph
    Aw, TM--you're such a cutie!!!
    Well if I did, would we get to act out that story together??

    Not just that story...

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    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, do tell sir....
    "Maybe she's just looking for someone to dance with..."~Michael Penn, "No Myth"


    "I don't mind
    if you're keeping someone else behind because you
    must realize
    my obsessive fascination is in your imagination..." Duran Duran "I Don't Want Your Love"

    "Wherever did you come from?"
    "I followed the music."
    ~August Rush


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    Re: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Originally posted by steph
    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, do tell sir....
    I'd be glad to but we seem to have hijacked this thread. If you'd like to keep talking heres my e-mail


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    oh yeah baby

    I do kind of tend to dominate these things, don't I?? I hope the girls will all forgive me. I really am I sweetheart...XOXO
    "Maybe she's just looking for someone to dance with..."~Michael Penn, "No Myth"


    "I don't mind
    if you're keeping someone else behind because you
    must realize
    my obsessive fascination is in your imagination..." Duran Duran "I Don't Want Your Love"

    "Wherever did you come from?"
    "I followed the music."
    ~August Rush


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    Thanks for the feedback, and especially thanks to TickleMantis for the nomination for the "Flora, etc" story! It's nice to be thought of that way. Sorry for no "m/m warning", but I really didn't even think about it since it was meant in a very slight, joking way. But, to each his or her own, right!

    Anyway, I'm glad some people liked this one. The characters from different story lines (Michelle, Flora, Diane and Lauren) are still forthcoming, but life is such that my writing time is pretty scarce now!

    Still working,


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