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    Nov 2003
    new york

    No Safeword---M/f, ADULT, erotic tickling

    Why would I bargain with something as stupid as a no safeword tickle? I was so desperate to avoid being tickled silly in front of my boss, it seemed like a small price to pay. Of course, I thought he’d forget about it before we had a chance to get together again. And then there was the fact that he didn’t agree to the bargain, and I did get tickled silly. I should have been off the hook, I think. He didn’t forget about it, he didn’t care that he didn’t keep his end of the bargain, and I wasn’t off the hook.

    Through the week, he teased me about my impending torture. “I wouldn’t be so sassy, if I were you. Remember, Friday is coming,” inserted into a perfectly innocent conversation. He took every opportunity over the week to build my dread into a frenzy. At dinner on Friday, he kept tickling me, palms, elbows, wrists, all the time telling me, “Enjoy it, Karen. This is heaven compared to what you’re in for later.” I didn’t enjoy it. My dread, even some fear, escalated. I knew Pete would never hurt me, I even suspected he would honor a safeword if I wimped out and used one. What could possibly happen to me? Yet the fear and dread were still real. The more he teased, the more sensitized I became. I was like a bundle of electricity by the time we got to our room. As we entered the room and I spotted the leather cuffs and ropes, wrist cuffs together at the head of the bed, ankle cuffs at either corner of the bottom, my dread and fear translated to a brief physical sense of nausea. I felt almost like I was in the room with a stranger, not the man I had trusted completely with my safety for months now.

    “You look very nice tonight, Karen, but you are terribly overdressed for what I am about to impart to you. The dress, bra and shoes have to go.” My fingers trembled as I took off my shoes, dress and bra. I stood before him in thigh high nylons and black lace panties. “Face up naughty girl. Time to pay up.” He buckled my wrists tightly into the leather cuffs and pulled my ankles down so my arms were tightly stretched over my head. Once my ankles were secured in the cuffs, I barely had room to squirm. His every move was painstakingly slow. He just stared at me for what seemed like an hour but was, in reality, more like a minute or two. “A little tense, Karen?” He straddled my waist and I caught my breath and bit my lip, steeling myself for the torture to come. “Isn’t there anything that will make you give up this silly idea?” I pleaded. “ You know I‘d do anything else you want me to.” There I was bargaining again. Isn’t that how I got myself in this mess? He poised his hands over me, the fingers wiggling threateningly. “Oh, God, here it comes,” I thought. I felt a tiny tear make its way to the corner of my eye. I closed my eyes tightly and waited for the merciless assault to begin. I could sense his fingers getting closer to me. I held my breath for the onslaught of maddening tickles. The first touch was a delightfully tickly caress to my jawbones. Oh, yes it tickled, but it tickled so good. I dared to breathe as he slowly worked his way to the back of my neck with that same, delicious, caressing tickle. He came back around to tickle my collarbones softly. The tiniest moan escaped my lips, and I felt the tension drain from my body. I relaxed, practically purred with contentment. The delightfully sensuous tickles were maddeningly arousing. He stretched forward and ran his index fingers down the outside edge of my palms, paused to tease my wrist bones with wiggly fingers, then continued to tickle with a light touch down the entire length of my arms. “I thought you said you would hate this Karen. Were you lying to me? You don’t sound like you hate it. Those cute giggles don’t sound like you hate it, let alone those soft moans.”

    He played my ribs like the keys of a piano, delicately counting them with his nimble fingers. “Oh, look, somebody’s nipples are standing up and begging for attention,” he mused as he swirled a feather over my nipples. My pelvis rocked under him. “Poor, poor Karen, thinking all week about how horrible this ordeal would be. Guess what? You were right!” He let out an evil laugh as he dug hard into my ribs and armpits, back and forth, so quickly; I couldn’t anticipate where he would strike next. “No, no, no!” I choked out between bursts of laughter. “Stop it you miserable freak! I hate you!” I gasped. I laughed so hard; he bounced up and down on top of me. “I hate you! When I get free, you’ll never touch me again. Damn you!” It’s very difficult to beg, bargain, plead and threaten while one howls with laughter. He let up for a few seconds as I gasped for breath. “This is only the beginning, my pet. I’m going to take you to hell before we’re done.” He quickly turned around so he was straddling my waist but facing my feet. He dug without mercy into my thighs, pockets and the backs of my knees. I called him every name in the book, and when that didn’t get me respite, I started to disparage his family tree. All to no avail. I was at his mercy and he was going to tickle me until his hands wore out.

    He climbed off me and I dared hope the end was near. Wrong again. He went to the end of the bed and sucked on my toes, one after the other. His skilled fingers swirled over my nylon covered heels, arches and balls. My senses were so overloaded, I felt like I could hear him scratch on the nylon. He attacked the wickedly sensitive bones of my ankles and I begged him to stop, please give me a break. His response was to reach up to the top of my thighs, one after the other and peel off my nylons. “Ah, yes, delightful feet, completely exposed to me. Crazy yet, Karen?” He raked the balls of my feet with his sharp teeth. More expletives crept out between helpless spasms of laughter from me. He tickled the top of my feet and toes, the sensitive area under my toes and my ankles. Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse, he started to rake the arches with those evil teeth. I was terrified, if I kept laughing so hard, I would have to pee. Would he let me up? Not likely.

    I was weak and shaking, all of my muscles aching from spasms of laughter. He loosened the ankle cuffs and I sighed with relief. “Suntan turn over time!” he quipped with a giggle. He grasped my right ankle and pulled it to the left to help me turn over without letting my wrists free. I no more than got face down and he was gripping my ankles and tickling my feet again. I pulled desperately at the sheets as I scrabbled to my knees trying to get away. He followed right on my heels, tickling my back and digging into my waist.

    Then I realized I was more aware of his body grinding against mine. When he dug into my hips, I couldn’t separate the tickle from the arousal. I ground back against him. Safeword? That was the farthest thing from my mind………….
    Last edited by shdwcoder; 05-24-2004 at 04:33 PM.

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    Mar 2003
    west cent florida

    Thumbs up Safeword

    Very nice shdw, I think you have a great talent for stories, they do hold my intrest from line to line, very good work, keep on writing!!!!


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    Apr 2003
    ...and the video is coming out when!?!?
    Great stuff shdwcoder,
    Now I REALLY wish I had gotten to have a scene with you at NYST...
    Oh well there is always next year
    Am I not Merciful!!!

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    Sep 2001
    NE Indiana
    Congrats on another fine story, Shdw! I'm so glad I keep pestering you to plunk these out, the results are extra fun each time. A lot of sensual deeds and thoughts in one 'lee. So, when's the next ticklish adventure?


    "It's too horrible for words. Except these ones, the words I'm saying right now. These are fine. But anything else, no go!" - Skipper, The Penguins of Madagascar.

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