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    FF6: Locke and Celes (My First Fic)

    Hey, my name's Ace. I've been a member of the TMF for about 3 years now. Up to this point I have been a big fan of the stories written here. BOF and Dave being one of my alltime favorites. With hates off to Primetime and Haltickling, and the few writted by CosmoAC.

    There are too many authors for me to credit this work here, but I have finally decided to write my first fic based on my love of tickling. And my love of the Final Fantasy series. This one, FF3/6, being my all time favorite.

    My first attempts at an original story were inconsistent. Anyone who's ever tickled a bound girl knows that putting it in writing simply doesn't do the experience justice. I know for a fact there are a number of you that have never done it, and I'm telling you to go out and discover yourself, it will make tales like this one alot more enjoyable. As for my writing I felt I could never quite put a real experience into words, so I will depend on fantasy and fiction until I get there. Any requests or comments on my work can be mailed to me at galfordslash@yahoo.com

    To the purists, I must admit taking quite the liberties with the actual story line. While this scene does take place in the story of Final Fantasy 3/6, I had to alter it severely for, obvious reasons. I tried to stay faithful, but try to cope with my view on the politics and personalities of our characters, that due to the limitations of the console that it was on, the creators were unable to delve deeply into it. Although the gameworld is there for the picking, alot of this exists on my perspective of it, and my own imagination, which may differ from yours. And now that that is taken care of, here we go...

    Well here goes nothing, enjoy the show fellow Returners...


    Locke's Scenario "Locke And Celes"

    In the this World called Balance, there is a large continent, filled with deserts and tundra. Where nomads have spent generations slowly building their homes along the river beds within the desert grounds. These middle-eastern settlements were soon conquered by the noblemen to the southern continent Capital of Vector hundreds of years ago, but has enjoyed independance from their rule as of the last 3 centuries. This is the land now called Figaro.

    To the north of Figaro lies it's capital, lying in contrast to the dead dunes of the southern plains, lies a sprawling mecha of machinery and technological advancements. Where the advent of steam engines soon gave forth to fuel powered cells, and has created the first fortification in the World capable of submerging below the planets crust itself and move across the entire face of the continent. The capital city of Figaro has been known to dissapear during times of war, a ghost town to whoever wishes to conquer its mighty walls.

    However, to the south lies something of a calmer nature, but no less important than it's bigger brother. Southern Figaro is the largest Trade city in Balance. Communities from far and wide have come here to supply the many continents to which Figaro mantains trade relations with. The harbor bristles with all manner of culture, while the city itself is bustling with the sound of commerce and festivities. At night, the warm glow of Southern Figaro's city lights are so sound, that a lighttower is not needed for the ships that come to drop their anchors on it's welcoming shores.

    Times have changed in the last couple of months however. For many a day now, word of terrible prophecies coming to existance have filled the people of Figaro with dread. The power of Magic has ressurected. Word of the Capital submerging for the first time in a century has spread rumors of a possible coup against the throne, or even worse, a war with the mighty Empire of Vector.

    It was only a matter of days before the Empire's soldiers landed their mighty ships upon the capital city. Mechanized robotic units called Tek Armor stood 35 feet above the ground, held stable by it's mighty legs and wide stance. The cannons of Tek pioneered at Vector laid waste to any resistance within hours, as the Empire's infantry quickly cleared the homes of any rebels. Southern Figaro lied in wait for word of a rescue. But the rumors of Figaro having not returned back to the surface were growing stronger, and the morale of the Empire's men, could never be higher...


    "Locke, no, I cannot ask this of you. Bah, I've changed my mind. You're not going."

    "Why not? So you can take my place. Heh, face it your highness, I'm the best there is right now, and the girl needs you. We need you Edgar. Heavens, your people need you. I will be the one leaving to the south. Now don't bother me, I gotta get ready."

    Edgar Figaro, King to the very throne of the soil they stood on stared at this man. From his stance one could never tell the size of his courage through sight alone. Edgar lived a life full of liberties. A dashing youth, he grew up flirting with women of all classes. Escaping the confines of his room to wrestle with the young girls into the bales of hay within the royal stables. Although he shunned the life of a nobleman, he never truly suffered the plights of a commoner. Not like this man in front of him has suffered. Locke Cole, a treasure hunter who has for the last decade worked with an underground resistance group, called The Returners, has lived a life of unknowns. The empire having stripped him of not only friends and family, but the love of his life. He has dedicated the very last drop of his blood to see the mighty Empire fall. But such a dream could never even come to fruition even in his own imagination. Until a a few days ago...

    "I'm telling you, going down there is suicide!" Edgar exclaimed, watching Locke hoist a bag across his shoulder and chasing him outside of the cave they have been using as their hideout. "I will not allow you to throw away your life by going down there alone."

    Locke placed his bag upon the side of a young Chocobo. A large bird that carried men on it's agile feet in the World of Balance much like the horses of our world do. Mounting it, he looked down on the young King. The nobleman's blonde hair waving in the wind, his beautiful face betraying the peasant garbs he now wore to blend in with the workers at the cave. Nothing he could wear could deny him who he was. Locke shook his head and smiled at his friend, who looked up at him like an equal. "Take care of her Edgar." And off he went into the fields, the young Chocobo screeching it's cry into the mountain air. Edgar's eyes followed him for as long as they would allow.

    "I will Cole...but take care of your own damn self." Turning back toward the cave, he could hear the mass of clouds rumble with it's heavy burden of rain..."As you always have."


    When Locke arrived, he wasn't quite sure what to expect. The mighty Tek Armors were visible within miles of the southern city. Standing like sentinels upon the southern beach, watchng vigilantly for any sort of attack from the sea. The north of the city was quite approachable, for there were no other kingdoms to worry about within Figaro's sprawling mountains and desert plains. The city of Narshe to the northern mountains was harmless. And Doma, the eastern province was too busy contending in armored combat with the 47th Tek Brigade within their own kingdom. There was truly little to fear in this world which has lived soaked with peace and prosperity for many generations in the eyes of the Empire.

    But they've never met Locke Cole.

    Locke Cole infilitrated the city with the skills of an assasin. Dispatching sentries and walking the cities disguised as an Imperial officer. It amused him to see soldiers salute him without even questioning his identity. It surprised him greatly when he met up with a Division Commander within the cities square, a Tek Armor with it's legs dismanteled was installed in the very center, able to freely turn as a turret, but it's pilot was dismounted and was speaking casually with another of his kin. There was no way he was gonna go there. To walk by lower ranking soldiers was one thing, but to pretend to be an official of rank before another was asking too much of his luck. He had already aquired the information he needed for his highness, and now he had to find a way to escape.

    It didn't take him too long to find another way around. Discovering there was a tunnel underneath the city ground was slightly surprising to Cole, as not even the King himself knew of such tunnel work, and found it to be owned by the richest man in town, who's home was being occupied as a command base. There could possibly be a way to get out smoothly from the tunnel work, and within moments he found himself exactly where he needed to be.

    The tunnels were lit by candlelight, but his shadows sure drew out long disfiguring lines across the walls. If he stretched out his hearing, he swore he could hear something scurrying in the floor. Some kind of rumbling, a vibration of some sort...but his attention was soon brought back to the hallway, as the sound of feminine laughter eerily bounced off the stone walls. What was this?

    He felt compelled to find the source, nearing a series of doors, Locke creeped slowly to it's edge, to discover a small crack within it's wooden frame. His eyes peered into the gloom and he clenched his fists at the sight.

    A young woman, who looked almost as if she was barely in her twenties, stood barely clad and shackled against the wall. Her clothes resembled that of a military officer's, but she wore the robes of a General, white in color as ice. Her hair blonde, yet dirty from her stuggle. Her blouse ripped, barely exposing her skin. Her arms were high over her head shackled in chains, and her legs were bound in such a way she could never keep them closed due to the chains short reach. Two Imperial soldiers were standing to either side of her, and one of them appeared to be holding something...Locke squinted hard, but he couldn't quite see in the darkness...



    "Well...she ain't talkin' Don..." the guard on the left said, followed quickly by snickers from his friend.

    "You think a top general of the Worlds greatest Army would be smarted than this, eh Rogers?"

    Rogers, taking a step toward the prisoner, was met by little resistance. But the bound woman gave no indication of anger nor sentiment toward her situation. "We're going to break you, until you tell us where each and every friend of yours is hiding Chere."

    The girl looked up, her voice fast and to the point. "In my command, your throat would be slit for such lack of discipline. Your leaders should be executed."

    "Mmm, much like yourself in a few hours time? You deserve nothing that even resembles respect traitor." Don, the man to the right said. His hand quickly slammed hard against the womans arm and pinned it to the wall, followed by Rogers' own stiff gesture. Locke grit his teeth and wanted desperately to break the door in, but he had to weigh his chances against these men ringing an alarm and ruining everything he has worked for up to now. He had a thing against men who hurt defenseless women and would never stand for it, but before he could come to a decision, the most peculiar of things was unfolding before his very eyes.

    He still couldn't quite see what was happening, but he could see the young woman's eyes wince and her head fall limp against her breast. Her legs looked weak as the chains on her ankles lightly rattled with her incoherent movements. She looked as if she was struggling to keep her composure...but why? It was then that a draft kicked in, the candles in the room striking the walls with a different light, and he could see that the soldiers were slowly drawing the sharp tip of a quill on either side of the womans underarms. They held her arms against the wall, not even allowing her the smallest bit of leeway to escape the feathers slow meticolous motions.

    Her eyes teared up with her own constant struggle. Rogers feather dances across her sensitive skin, as Don's own quill sent surges like lightning to spread across her body. Both at either side desperately shaking her resolve. She couldn't help but suddenly smile...

    "No no no no...wait..." She said, suddenly bucking away from the wall, trying desperately to fend off the never ending feathering of her underarms. "I demand it! Stop!" She felt terrible begging like this. She felt even worse when she started giggling.

    "Oh ho! Is there something funny now? Look at her go!" Don said as he teased his captive.

    "I...hee...hehah...I swear I'll...god nooooo!! HaHahahAHahaha!" Celes bucked against the walls, shaking her head to side the side. Her legs went limp as she hung from her bonds, held in place by the chains rattling against the stone. She felt hopeless, her body defying her will as she giggled in streams and streams to their endless torture. But for some reason, whether they had enough, or just were simply bored with her, they stopped.

    Locke stood there mesmerized right to the very end. He had never seen a woman tickled to such an extent, and to such brutalised precision before. He had no idea that tickling could be used as a form of torture, but now that he thought about it, it made sense. He never really could meet anyone who didn't react strongly against it. The Empire in all it's darkness would have figured out a manner of torture such as this one.

    "This will teach you to be a traitor of the Empire!" Rogers voiced echoed in the candlelit room. The woman hung limply, her face almost defeated, yet her eyes had enough fire in them that even now, the guards were slightly uncomfortable being around her.

    "How could you work for those cowards? ...is it not true, that our General Kefka plans on poisoning the waterways of the east?" She muttered in her misery, before the guard suddenly gripped at her mouth painfully and stared into her wincing eyes.

    "That is none of your concern. Torment is all you will know after today. We have been authorized to exploit this body of yours until ever bit of spirit within you is gone, and then and only then will you receive mercy at the hand of death himself." Don took one finger and ran it down the girl’s arm. She pulled at her bonds, but to no avail. He continued his path until his finger rested over the soft skin of her armpit.

    She winced, but prepared for it. She's never been tickled like this before. Until a few days ago, she was one of the most feared Generals of the Vector Army. Unmatched in combat due to years of genetic engineering. She had the power of Tek flowing within her veins, and yet even this, this subtle act of torture was making her quiver. The others guards hands stroking her torso, fluttering over her ribs, pressing harder into the bone in a flurry of motion. She cracked a gleeful smile...giggling sputtering out of her lips before she cried out. "NoooOOoo...HaHahaHahaha!!!!"

    The tickling went on for quite a bit. Rogers working hard against the smooth skin of her underarms, while Don had quite the fun working down her torso to her hips. Enjoying this once mecha of the Empire's arms shake and giggle in delight. He loved how she tried to sway this way and that to avoid her thighs being touched, saw her face flush with anger while being forced to laugh as he found a particular spot on the inside of her thigh that she couldn't bear be scratched.

    "Get away from there!!! God...HahaHahahahaHA! Stop! Urgh! G-aaHaha!!!" He paid her no mind, and they continued their fun until she barely had enough air to burn. Her laughter becoming more like hiccups, sputtering from her in small bits and pieces...

    Finally, they had enough. She just laid there giggling, her eyes damp with the pressure of being forced to laugh beyond her will. She wasn't quite ready for the sudden punch to her stomach which sent her reeling. She coughed hard and her head flew back against the stone painfully in responce. Her pained voice echoed across the hallway as she groaned and hung by her wrists in defeat.

    Rogers rubbed his fist with his other hand and looked over at Don, who stood there with a smug grin on his unshaven face. "You keep and eye on her, and make sure she doesn't try anything shifty."

    "You got it Rog, I can go days without any sleep!" Don said as he stood to attention, and they both snickered as Rogers made his exit.


    Celes didn't quite know what to do. Was this her punishment for being loyal to her heart? She knew what the Empire was doing was wrong, but she could remember all the acts she herself had ordered to be done. The many cities put aflame by her own Army. The MagiTek Knights. Infused with the power to control the elements, it was obvious flame was the favored spell of choice.

    But within her was once a heart of ice. Why now, at such a critical time did she have to let her heart thaw? Let her guard down. Perhaps, this is what she deserved. To be humiliated within these damp halls. She was so close to resigning herself to the weeks of tickling and beatings to come, when the door opened in front of her, and her life would be changed forever...

    She managed to swell up some courage when he saw the green garbs of an officer come clear into the gloom. "Come to finish the job Lieutenant? Is three hours of torture just an appetizer for the day?"

    The officer looked toward the guard, and seeing that he was asleep Celes was sure that he'd give him a quick reprimand, but the Officer simply walked closer to her. What was going on here?

    The young soldier stared at her, unable to see his face in the gloom and cover of his helmet, she couldn't read the man's intent. But he could see him, slowly raise his hands to her body, and began buttoning up her blouse, covering up her body. She didn't understand this sudden act of mercy, but her body was so busy getting ready to be tickled that when his hands briefly touched her breasts she caught a case of the giggles. The fingers looked awkward, shaking as she laughed softly at the touch, the man seemed to be having some trouble at this, and was about to back away...

    ...when he had a sudden change of heart. The officers fingers began stroking the sides of the young prisoners breasts. Her giggling stiffled then, the young woman foring herself not to laugh at the touch, taking a deep breath, her breasts rose and simply welcomed themselves onto his playful tickles. The soft tips of his fingers stroking over her nipples through her blouse. She gasped and moaned so hard it scared even her. She had no idea they had grown so sensitive over the years. How embarassing she thought, as his hands fell down toward the sides of her stomach.

    She opened her eyes and tried to plead with her face. God, not there...but there it was...thumbs idly pressing along either side of her navel, she felt her tight stomach quiver at the sudden shakes that where shooting up her spine. Years of combat toning her slim body so perfectly that her muscles were completely ripe for this young Lietenant's deft fingers. There was not even an option not to laugh...

    "Oh my...g--aaahahaHahahaHhaha! Please, ah...! Hahahahaha!!" She shook and twisted and shook her arms causing the chains to rattle against the stone. She thought for sure that the guard that was fast asleep would wake up and come help him anytime soon to bring her to tears, not that he needed the help, but the guard stayed steadfastly asleep no matter how much noise she made. God, the irony...! The officer slowed his pace, bringing his fingers up slowly up her sides and back down again, carressing her skin, she could barely stop herself from giggling even though the tickling definately subsided into a loving touch. She felt tears slowly build up within her, but they would not form. Even the thought that she could not cry began to make her weaker. She had forgotten how to years ago...

    She could feel his fingers slide up toward her underarms then, and the closer they got the more she could tell the difference between her guards and this man. His nails were deftly drawing goosebumps on her, a sensuality she's never felt in other men. She knew this would tickle worse than ever, even before they arrived on her smooth hollows and remained motionless.

    She considered telling him not to do it, she really did. It echoed in her mind, a childlike voice telling her to plead for her sanity, but she felt herself growing stronger. Yes, perhaps she couldn't resist this, but she would take it as much as she could possibly stand without fear.

    She raised her arms even higher, gripping onto the chains themselves and willing herself to hold on for all she was worth. "Do your worst Lieutenant..." she heard herself say, and was surprised of how frail it sounded.

    Perhaps she made a mistake?

    That's when the man gave it all he had, Celes' eyes grew wide, and for a moment the shock of it almost caused her to passout, but no such mercy was on her, the sensations were sharp to the degree of bordering on pleasure and pain, and all she could do was scream with laughter. Her grip was slipping on the chains as she shrieked into the hall. Wrapping her wrists around the chain, desperately trying not to let go and show a sign of defeat, she tugged at them, pulling herself up, thrashing her legs as she hung in midair being tickled senseless, doing anything to block out the sensations, but it was as if she was plugged into a battery. Her nerves were on fire, and she found herself laughing so hard tears were flowing out of her eyes. She cried out with laughter so hard she felt as if she would lose her voice forever, and if you were on the surface that day, you could swear you could almost feel it echo within the cavity in your own chest.

    Her hands slipped from their grasp, falling an inch or two as the shackles on her sore wrists caught hold of her, she dangled as her knees were incapable of picking her up. The officer turning quickly, and made a hasty attempt at walking away as Celes panted, tears falling from her eyes freely as she cried like she has never cried before...

    She looked up as the officer opened the door, the silence was defeaning now, but she found her voice to be a shallow mix of compassion and wonder. Yes, it had been so long...

    "Lieutenant..." she called out, as the man stopped with a studder, and slowly turned around, peering through the candlelit gloom. "Thank you..." her words were accompanied with a final tear. Which in her own mind she swore would forever be the last one she ever shed. Then the door closed with a single finality...only to be opened a few minutes later...

    The girl looked at him with a curious expression. She hung there, limp, hair in dissarray, unable to even hold herself up in her bonds.

    "Who are you?" she said, pulling herself up to her feet. Locke crept in slowly, looking over at the guard, he could barely believe he was still asleep after that entire ordeal.

    "The name is Locke, Locke Cole. I'm a member of the Returners..."

    "The Returners!!" she exclaimed loudly.

    "Sssh! God, not so loud. I'm going to save you."

    Celes looked at him incredously..."I'm a General of the Empire, why would you want to save me?"

    Locke just smiled at her as he uncuffed her shackles, her wrists were slightly bruised but she would survive. "Ex-general, I noticed. Besides, you remind me of someone."

    "Someone?" she echoed, but he did not respond. She was on her own two feet again, but that was short lived as she fell to her knees within seconds of being free. "There's no use in taking me, I can barely walk as it is."

    Locke was going to argue even further with the woman, but he heard the sound of dogs around the corner, and the shuffling of boots across the stone floor. "Jees, No time! Let's go, stop your whining!"

    "That guard has something of value before we go!" She said, pointing at the key around his neck. "With that key we can get out of here through the rear exit!"

    "Right...well then." he said, as his hands flew forward and like a ghost, snatched the key away without even a sound. "Heh, per-...gah!" Locke cried out, as well as Celes, for the guard suddenly stood to his feet with a cry!

    "And! And some...biscuits...too..." , were the guard's final words for these two adventurers before collapsing back into sleep, snoring away.

    Celes was as shocked as her savior, but she couldn't believe he actually jumped back and was holding her arms to push her out of harm's way. His fingers were warmer than she was used to being on her skin, once upon a time, she would have run a man through for touching her for any reason. But she found herself looking at the world with completely different eyes. She gently pried his hands off her. She smiled softly, "It's ok..."

    "Gah! Sorry..I..."

    "They're over here! Get them!" , a man cried out in the hallway. Locke and Celes gasped at each other and made a hasty exit out of the door, the patter of Vector pups and foot soldiers chasing closely behind them...but they would flee, and fight when needed, little did they know that their journey had just begun. Fate would guide their footsteps close to danger, and closer to peace in their own hearts. They live in a troubled world, with troubled souls. But Celes knew, when she felt his hands on her, the feel of his fingers on her skin, that this man would change her destiny forever. She couldn't be sure if it was true, but she felt it deep within her slowly thawing heart...that as long as Locke Cole was near, she would be set free body, and soul...


    "Gah my robe!" Celes screamed as an attack dog snagged her robe within it's teeth. A guard behind them smug as could be shouted at them. "This will teach you thieves a thing or two!"

    Locke turned around quickly and jumped at the man, sword in hand, screaming at the top of his lungs. How could they, how dare they! "I'm not a Thief!"

    The hallway filled with soldiers deftly trying to hunt down the runaways, but suddenly they all saw this man, charging at them with his soul full of rage, and the mighty Celes Chere behind him, smiling evilly at them with a red aura sorrounding her body and quivered in fear. Magic channeled once again through her veins

    "I'm a Treasure Hunter!!!" The hallway was full of clashes of swords and the rush of wind and snow. The cry of combat as the two adventurers dispatched the soldiers as they fled. The elements of magic clashing with the adrenaline of a man with more courage than this Army would ever live to know.

    ---The End / Locke's Scenario...

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    good work! unique style!
    Darth Vegeta, the Darkest Knight...

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    Thanks so much for the support. Being my first fic and all I was worried it'd just fall into obscurity.

    I'd like to write more, but I'd like some more comments on what people want...what do you mean by unique style? Is it a good or a bad thing? ;-;

    Bah I don't know...lol.

    I plan on making another FF6 story, based on Gau and Relm. Which shouldn't be breaking any rules, since they're both minors themselves. ;p And one with Terra, but how...

    Till then...^.^


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    you describe it all specially.
    Less direct...
    And more erotic less vile.

    And that female general getting tickledtortured in the stocks would be nice

    Just don't forget to make Shadow look cool if he ever appears!
    Same for the Samurai.
    Darth Vegeta, the Darkest Knight...

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