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  1. #1

    Nicole Richie is ticklish!

    Hey Guys,

    On the show Maxim's Hot 100 Nicole Richie-(I think she is no.27) admits to being ticklish. The question pops up on the screen Um...can we tickle you? She answers "Do not tickle me because I hate it, I don't like being tickled at all and I got hypnotized 3 times to not be ticklish even though I am laughing I don't think it's funny and I am not having a good time and I hate it".

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    Jun 2001
    Yeah,saw the show too.I guess that makes her a nonconsensual ticklee,would be interesting.

    Looking for that well hidden Illinois Ticklee

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    Aug 2003
    Thank you for the news!

  4. #4
    awesome! would love to see a clip of this

  5. #5
    I think it's interesting that she has gone to such great lengths as to get hypnotised not once,not twice, but three times to try to conquer it!

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    Apr 2001
    Dallas/Ft. Worth Area
    Great news, but I'd never would want to touch that fucking bitch no telling what I'd catch. Her and Paris. They should wear a sign that reads, "Billions served." or "Open 24/7".

    "If you got to go, go with a smile."

    Twitter @Tickler10

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    Jun 2001
    I like that man. its funny. I would tickle the fuck out of her paris. Now where is nicole ticklish.
    You never now were I coming from but you will know when it tickles you.

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    May 2004
    pacific northwest
    Nicole Richie?

    talk about scary and ugly!!!!!
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    Hey daddy, I was feenin' for you
    (Oh yea... c'mon, tell'em)
    Hey, let's get away and get a room on the other side of town
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    Hey, let's get a room, shawty we can freak somethin' if you down
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    Apr 2002
    Knoxville, TN

    Nicole Richie hates being tickled?

    I find it funny that she got hypnotized to not be ticklish. Does anyone really think that'll work? When you're (1) extremely ticklish and (2) hate to be tickled, the odds of changing those two things are extemely small. On the other hand, instead of trying to change the physical sensation of being ticklish, it might be easier to change the reaction to it. By that, I mean instead of hating it, it would seem easier (and therefore make more sense) to be hypnotized to enjoy being tickled. After all, when you're extremely ticklish, people are going to tickle you, whether you like it or don't like it, and they're not likely to stop, even if you can block it for a while. Therefore, why not just learn to like it? I worked with a girl who was extremely ticklish, got tickled a lot by workmates, and didn't particularly like it, although she was a good sport. I made the observation (in a pseudo-intellectual way, of course), and she hesitatingly admitted it was true, that she'd probably be the happiest girl in the world if she could learn to enjoy being tickled because it happened so often. So, Nicole, there's what you have to do!

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    Nov 2004
    Blog Entries
    I would love to tickle her thats for sure
    How I would LOVE to tickle her gorgeous feet

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