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    Make Laughter Not War.

    Make Laughter Not War.
    Written by Ticklkishscribe,
    Inspired by Rachelkellyus.
    c. 2004.

    Second Lieutenant, Rachel Morton crept through the forest, searching for even the slightest movement of any member of the blue army. She was red army and her National Guard unit were carrying out manoeuvres. She whirled around as an owl swooped by her, having been disturbed during its afternoon nap. Crouching down by a small cluster of bushes and wearily eying the area ahead of her, she found her muscles were beginning to ache from running around this rocky terrain. Her breath was laboured from being in constant movement and she was beginning to sweat from being from the tenseness of the manoeuvres. She was being hunted and yet she was also the hunter.

    The snap of a twig was immediately followed by a pinpoint gust of air whizzing by her ear followed by a snap on the tree next to her. She dove and half rolled, then lay on her stomach and surveyed the scene around her. The bushes ahead moved, and the shadow of a figure presented itself before her. Raising her gun she took careful aim, tensed and went squeeze the trigger, but stopped, upon hearing the recall signal. Shouldering her weapon she turned to leave, but something hit her from behind and she fell to the ground.

    When Rachel awoke she was groggy and had a slight headache, but slowly she was able to view her surroundings. The first thing she noticed was the fact that she was wearing only her underwear and socks. Second came the fact that she couldn’t move and looking around she saw ropes binding her wrists and ankles. She viewed the room she was in and saw what appeared to be crates made into some sort of furniture in a room of very unfinished walls, windows and a door. This ramshackle room of a structure she had never seen before and therefore didn’t know where she was. But judging by the noises outside she was still somewhere in the forest.

    “Well I see we’re awake. Glad I didn’t hit you too hard, I do so abhor violence.”

    “Who the hell are you!” Rachel asked, her senses finally clearing.

    The girl looked just under six feet tall, had long blond hair, a slightly petite build and was dressed in a mix match of what appeared to be used clothing.

    “Who I am isn’t the point. Who you are is a trespasser in my forest and you’re not welcome here. Especially when you bring all those guns and stuff.” The girl fussed with a box and didn’t look at her.

    “Excuse me, but I’m with the National Guard and we’re here on manoeuvres here. And this isn’t your forest, it’s a military reserve.”

    “Sorry girl, but it’s my forest; I claimed it when I moved in 30 years ago.”

    Rachel began to struggle in her bonds. “In any case untie me! This is kidnapping!”

    The girl still fussed with the box and Rachel quickly surveyed her surroundings again. The furniture seemed to haphazardly fill the shack and beadwork hung in a doorway. A peace symbol was painted on one wall and under it was written Make laughter not war.

    “Are you listening to me?” Rachel asked. “I said untie me!” Rachel began to struggle in earnest hoping one of the bonds would come loose.

    “Hey girl, just chill huh. You’re not going anywhere. And in case you’re wondering about any of your soldier man buddies, they all left. The forest is ours.

    “Like I believe you!” Rachel began to yell for help.

    “And you can stop all that useless yelling as only you and I are in the forest now. Didn’t you hear the recall signal?”

    Rachel’s mind was clear now and she remembered that the recall signal had indeed been given. But someone from the base would miss her and they would begin searching for her.

    “Even still, they’ll know I’m missing and come looking for me.” Rachel replied, trying to show some defiance of her circumstances.

    “In all this thickly wooded area. It would take them days to find you, even if they could. They haven’t found me yet, and it’s been 30 years looking.”

    That last remark brought Rachel’s thoughts abruptly to a halt. They had been looking for her for 30 years and still hadn’t found her? She watched as the girl closed the box.

    “I want you and your soldier friends off my land, you scare the animals, pollute the land and generally-“

    “This is a military reservation!” Rachel interrupted. “Not your private property!”

    “And generally.” The girl ignored her. “Disrupt my peace and tranquility. And so I’ve decided to take direct action. And so you’re going to go back and tell your soldier friends to leave.”

    “Are you out of your mind!”

    “”Oh I knew that helmet would make you hard headed; so I’ll just have to persuade you.”

    “You untie me right now and maybe, just maybe they won’t prosecute you!”

    “Now why are you going to be difficult?


    “All you guys want to do is make war make war; you still haven’t realized that war doesn’t work. You don’t realize that peace, love and laughter is the answer.”

    “What are you, some leftover hippie or something?” Suddenly she saw and felt fingers brush the top of her breasts and she jerked. She felt the fingers on her armpits and quickly yelped as they softly caressed the smooth skin.

    “We are ticklish, cool.”

    The girl brushed her fingers in the pits again and Rachel yelped once more then giggled. As the fingers continued to tease and tickle the armpits, the giggles quickly disappeared and loud laughter erupted from her.

    “Now I’m going to ask you again about you and your soldier friends leaving me and my land alone!”

    “This is!” Rachel tried to say through the laughter. “Not your landAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!” She was now violently struggling and writhing, trying desperately to avoid the mercilessly and torturously teasing fingers.

    “So you need more convincing, do you?” The girl continued tickling, and her fingers now entered the upper rib area and a new round of laughter was brought forth. She vibrated her fingers in between the ribs, just under the breasts

    Rachel arched her back then fell back on the bed and writhed all over with continuous laughter. The girl delighted in Rachel’s reactions and continued the rib tickling, digging into the full ribcage now. Her fingers played the length and depth of the tender ribs, much like a harpist played their instrument. As tough a soldier Rachel was, she was slowly being reduced to a quivering mass of laughter and writhing.

    “Well… girl, are you and your army going to leave?”

    Rachel was too busy laughing and writhing to answer; to busy trying to get free from this mad woman in a sixties time warp.

    The girl stopped tickling and Rachel grabbed for every breath once more. Not knowing when the tickling would resume. She didn’t have time to wait as the girl resumed tickling on her tummy and then moved down between her legs. The spider tickling she was giving was driving Rachel crazy, and she desperately tried to close her legs and stop this sensual torture. The fingers fiendishly toyed with the inner thighs and were dangerously close to tickling her womanhood. Rachel continued to writhe as the fingers spidertickled down the thighs and now danced on the knees. Five fingers pinched and tickled the kneecap and five more stroked and tickled the underside. Rachel’s leg bounced up and down, trying to pull away from the torture. The calves of her legs were next to feel the torturous fingers and Rachel suddenly knew where the girl was going. She desperately tried with all of the strength she had left, to free them and protect her sensitive feet.

    “What’s it to be soldier, you and your green machine leaving?” The girl stopped tickling and came to the foot of the bed. Rachel desperately tried to pull her legs away, but the girl had tied them good.

    “You let me go this instant!” Rachel screamed.
    The girl ignored her pleas and positioned herself at the foot of the bed.

    “You know, the soldier uniform is so dull and unfriendly, even the underwear,” She remarked. “And I’ll get that off you a bit later. But first these drab green socks must really be constricting your feet. So lets take them off shall we,”

    Rachel’s feet writhed all over at the thought of this girl touching them. “You leave my feet alone!”

    Again the girl ignored her and two hands wrapped themselves around Rachel’s right foot. The hands on her foot made her jerk it and violently writhe it all over. But the girl held firm and began to tease the sock around the ankle. She began to slowly pull the sock down and over the heel of Rachel’s foot. This caused her to writhe it even more violently, but the girl just continued. As she pulled the sock off the heel she began to feel and massage the exposed heel and this made Rachel jerk and yelp a bit. This brought a giggle from the girl and she continued pulling at the sock and massaging the heel. As she pulled it up the sole, she began to massage the sole itself, rubbing her hand over the soft sole.

    “My, my… does this massage tickle you?”

    This started Rachel laughing and the girl giggled again

    “There that’s better. Make laughter not war I always say.” She continued taking the sock off and rubbing the sole. Rachel’s struggles were non-stop now and she laughed loudly. The girl smiled and continued now beginning to tickle the exposed sole. She lightly danced her fingers up and down, from the heel to the soft pad under the toes. And back again. This brought further laughter and more violently writhing from Rachel and this pleased the girl no end.

    “Now isn’t this better than waging war?” She began to peel the sock off the toes, one by one.

    Rachel watched in horror and struggled violently as her toes were exposed and clenched them to keep the sock from coming off. This manoeuvre was too late as the sock was plucked from her foot and tossed away.

    “There… Now doesn’t your foot feel much better being free from that soldier sock?” The girl now looked intently at Rachel’s toes and softly blew on them. Her soft breath made Rachel jerk her foot and violently writhe it once more.

    “Such a beautiful foot you have girl; lovely rounded heel and toes, high arch and I didn’t know freckles could even be on the feet. And such baby soft skin too, which tells me you’re not totally a soldier, that there’s still some human in you after all. Which makes me again ask the question. Are you and your soldier friends going to leave my forest?”

    Rachel started to say something but lost in laughter as the girl began to massage her toes, placing her fingertips on the soft pads and letting then them slid in between the toes. Once again she violently writhed her foot and again clenched her toes, but the girl just calmly bent them back and began massage under them.

    “Boy if the enemy ever got a hold of you, they could make you talk easily.”

    But Rachel couldn’t say a word even if her life depended on it the tickling had stolen her voice. Her legs bounced up and down, and she cackled loudly, her head shaking from side to side. Her toes spread out then pointed and her foot shook violently from side to side.

    Rachel had taken the army’s interrogation course and had come away having learned as much as she could to withstand interrogation. But this was beyond any torture they had talked about in the course. The girl’s fingers were everywhere on the sole, softly dancing and flitting about, causing Rachel to laugh and laugh and her legs to continue to bounce up and down. She was now arching her back, trying to break the bonds that held her, but that met with little success.

    “Now isn’t this better than making war? Aren’t you having fun?” The girl burrowed her fingers into the soft sole and rubbed them all over. “I know I am.”

    Rachel screamed again then loudly cackled and violently writhed all over. The tickling sensations relentlessly attacked every nerve ending in her sole and then went straight to her brain to explode in her consciousness. The girl followed her spasming foot effortlessly as it violently twisted and turned, stroking from heel to toes in a meandering path and then back again. This torturous path was driving Rachel crazy and her head and bum repeatedly slammed against the mattress and her legs continued to bounce up and down.

    “I wonder if any country uses tickling as a part of its torture methods?” The girl asked, now tickling under the spasming toes. Do you know if Iraq uses it? Cause if they do and you’re shipped over there you’d better not get captured.”

    The girl then stopped tickling only long enough to reach for a feather, which she held in front of Rachel.

    “This should do nicely.” She proceeded to stroke the tip over the toes and instantly they spasmed and splayed out all over. Rachel screamed then cackled and writhed all over. The girl teased the tips of the toes and dipped the feather in between them when they splayed out. Rachel arched her back then fell back on the bed and began slamming her bum and head into the mattress again.

    “Boy they better not use this on you.” She stroked the sole for another five minutes then stopped. She then calmly bent the toes back and using the quill end she stroked the joints of them.

    Rachel screamed once more and writhed all over, as the quill was murder on her joints. Feeling the quill also attack the soft pad below them, her laughter became insane and she bucked continuously.

    “Hey girl, this can all stop if you and your soldier buddies will stay out of my forest!”

    Rachel was still laughing to hard to even form words and the bed rocked with her struggles. Her mind was being blown one nerve ending at a time and yet, she had been almost instantly overwhelmed by the tickling.

    Then suddenly the tickling stopped and Rachel grabbed for air. “Look.” She started to say. “This is a military,”

    “Oh here we go again.” The girl interrupted. “Maybe the other foot will convince you.” With that she began to briskly short stroke the quill the full length of the sole from heel to toes.

    Rachel screamed again and rocketed off the bed, arching her back higher than ever. Thanks to the tickling of one foot, she was now twice as sensitive. This meant that the foot being worked on now was twice as ticklish. She screamed again as the girl short stroked the arch fast and her foot twisted and contorted. The girl’s grip was firm and as hard as she struggled the feather continued to torment.

    “All you have to do is leave me alone and get out of my forest. Do that and this will all stop.”

    Rachel knew that even if she wanted to leave the area permanently, the girl’s request was impossible. There was no point in telling her that, as the girl would just keep on tickling and tickling and tickling. Rachel was getting exhausted, her voice was becoming hoarse and she prayed for some sort of salvation. Where was her unit and were they out looking for her?

    Then the girl suddenly stopped once more and Rachel again grabbed as much air as she could get.

    “I take it you’re still not going to respect my privacy. Well I’ll have to, what is you military types say, bring out the heavy artillery.” With that she brought out a nylon brush and proceeded to lightly stroke the right arch with, stroking on an angle from the toes to the heel. Rachel screamed then cackled again and once more strained at her bonds. The feather had been torture, the quill had been torture, but this brush was way beyond that. Rubbing the arch back and forth, the girl didn’t miss a micrometer of ticklish sole on her tender arch. She then bent back the toes once more and brushed under them. Rachel went wild under her, placing all of the strength she had left into freeing herself. This girl was pure evil and Rachel was going out of her mind because of it.


    “You want me to stop! Then you and your soldier friends leave me and me forest alone!”

    Rachel couldn’t have answer her even if she wanted too, as the incessant and torturous tickling was stealing her voice.

    Once again the girl stopped and Rachel grabbed for air. She tugged at her bonds and tried every trick she had been taught, but she wasn’t going everywhere.

    The girl came up beside her, reached over to a bedside table and retrieved a black cloth. She held it over Rachel’s face and smirked.

    “I guess I’m just going to have to get really serious.” She leaned forward and stretched out the cloth.

    Rachel suddenly knew she was going to be blindfolded and violently shook her head to try and prevent that. The girl just followed her head and wrapped the cloth over Rachel’s eyes.

    Rachel’s head jerked as she tried to see even the slightest through the blindfold. The sudden darkness intensified her senses and she squirmed on the bed. She wanted to yell for help but her voice was still somewhat horse from laughing.

    The girl bent Rachel’s left big toe back and began to stroke and lightly rub it’s joint and this drove a new round of laughter from her and she arched her back then fell back on the bed. The girl’s fingernail continued to stroke and tease the sensitive joint and now added the soft pad of the toe itself. Rachel’s foot spasmed and violently writhed to get free but the girl held the toe firmly and continued tickling. She now tickled between the big toe and the second one and Rachel cackled intensely. Her head and bum slammed against the mattress and she tried to scream for help, but her laughter and struggling stole any strength she had for that. The girl now added the quill of a feather and really drove Rachel crazy. She began to bend back the other toes one toe of a time, quill the joints and between them and this made Rachel scream for mercy.

    “Mercy? You’ll get it when you promise that you and your soldier friends leave and my forest alone for good!”

    “W-w-we ca-a-an’t d-d-do t-t-thaaat, tt-th-this iiiis aaaa mm-military r-r-eservation!”

    “Why are you making this hard for yourself! Why are you being so stubborn! I have all the time in the world and judging by the frenzied intensity of your laughter and struggles, you have very little time left. So you had better make up your mind soldier, or I will take this to the limit and beyond.”

    The incessant and torturous tickling was taking its toll and Rachel was praying for even the slightest bit of relief and freedom. The girl’s fingers were now teasing, tormenting and tickling all of the toes on her left foot and as hard as she tried to free her foot, the girl held firm. Each stroke shot through her nervous system and into her brain; her brain, which was reeling with the full force of the intense tickling. Her voice was getting hoarse again and the girl stopped tickling.

    “Water for you.” She said. “You need to drink.”

    Rachel felt a glass of water being pressed against her lips and tried to resist drinking.

    “Hey, I’m not cruel you know, I do have feelings. Now drink some of this water and regain your strength.”

    Rachel reluctantly drank from the glass and the cool water felt good going down her throat. The girl put the glass back on the table and then began massaging Rachel’s throat. This sudden physical but beneficial touch caused Rachel to jerk, but she relaxed. A part of her was weary at feeling the girl’s hands on her throat, as she wasn’t sure how far she would to protect herself from being discovered. The soothing and massaging fingers felt good though as they stroked her tired and aching throat.

    She jerked again as the fingers left her throat, slid across her shoulders and entered her armpits again. Spider tickling they danced into the pits and sought out the deepest recesses of the smooth hollows and this caused Rachel to jerk, arch her back and cackle intensely once more. The tickling fingers were everywhere and they glided over the smooth sensitive skin. Then in a sudden change of pace they dug in and tickled firmly. Rachel rocketed off the bed and screamed once more and her head and bum pounded the mattress again. Her bucking was intense and her laughter even more intense. The fingers moved onto the ribs and probed between them, sliding from tips to back. Rachel’s chest heaved and her back arched once more, then fell back on the bed and violently writhed around.

    “You have only to agree to my terms and this will all stop!”


    “And right now you’re being a major pain, so if you don’t want me to go back to those feet and create general mayhem, you’ll agree to my terms!”

    The girl suddenly stopped tickling and looked up. Rachel’s laughing subsided and she heard the familiar sound of a helicopter.

    “So a chopper.” The girl announced. “But don’t get to comfortable about your release being soon. It’s five-o-clock and that’s the WSEA traffic chopper, heading for the expressway. Everybody’s heading home, so it looks as though it will be a while before anyone comes looking for you. So lets stop this war between the two of us and make some more laughter shall we.”
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