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    Sep 2001

    Talking My First time - Foot Tickling (T)

    This is my first story regarding my true passion: foot tickling. Hope you like it!!!

    I am and always have been a female foot tickling fan for as long as I can remember. Back when I was a kid I used to play with my sisters and cousins feet, but when I reached teen I suddenly realized it was not an "innocent game" for me anymore, so I decided not to do it with close relatives to avoid "conflicts of interests".

    For me, tickling female feet is more like an erotic game, a pleasant torture, rather than a crying, annoying, unpleasant tickle attack. I've had many experiences with femenine feet, but most of them where merely brushes. However, my very first real tickling experience is my most beloved memory, which now I'm going to share with you all:

    When I was a 14, there was this new neighboor, a young lady (around 25) who moved in with his newly wed hubby (a very strict military man, by the way). I was too young to have malicious thoughts about her, and she was a very straight forward person, so I always addressed her with a lot of respect.

    Until that day. I was passing by her house and the front door of my neighboor's house was open. That's when I saw the most glorius thing: She was laying down in her stomach on a couch in the living room, with the most beautiful soles my eyes had ever seen just hanging at the end of the couch waiting there to be tickled.

    A feet tickling fetish just came to life a that precise moment. My heart started to beat reaaaaally fast, and I suddenly felt this irresistible urge to slowly touch and tickle those gorgeous feet. The feet were size 8 or 9, with very pink and flawless soles. All the toes in a continous order...they were just perfect.

    From that day on I started to pay attention and discovered she used to lay down in that exact position every day after lunch, to read a book, the newspaper or simply to rest. I couldn't stop thinking day after day in a way to tickle those feet, but it was too risky: You know, her husband (the militar), and besides, she became a dear friend of my mother, so I would just die of shame if she gave her bad references of me.

    But, temptation was too much, and one day I could not resist it anymore. I took the firm decision to just do it. We already had a certain confidence, since she was a friend of my mom. So, this is what I did:

    I saw her in the same position, and went to the back of my house, which had a small fence between the two houses. So I jumped the fence, sneaked so quietly by the back, there I saw the cleaning lady, who looked at me as in disbelief, but I was determined (besides, the cleaning lady knew me so I wasn't a "stranger"). I went inside the house, sneaking, went all the way to the living room, and there she was:

    Glorious, flawless, perfect soles, facing me, waiting to be tickled!!!

    My heart was pounding just too hard, but I had to do it!!!

    I couldn't believe it. I was standing there, and she was half sleep. Almost fainting from excitement I went closer, and then closer. I carefully bent my knees to observe them: It was not my imagination, those soles were beautiful!!!

    Very, very slowly, as if a cat, I posed my right hand in her right sole, very slowly; the moment I touched it, I felt like a volt of electricity running through my veins!!! It was too exciting.

    I inmediately retired my hand, in order to check her reactions. She moved her foot a little, but left it in the same position. I went back on track, but this time I left my hand in her sole, and this time, I slooowly moved my fingertips to tickle her, at which reacted scratching her sole with her left foot. It tickled her indeed.

    I was almost burning down with excitement, but when I was gonna repeat my "treatment" she suddenly started to wake up. At that moment she lifted her feet a little bit, and posted the soles in the armrest of the couch: It was a Now or Never situation right there . In a quick second I realized I wouldn't dare doing it again once she was fully awake, so I went for the kill:

    I posed both my hands on her gorgeous soles and I stroke the most delicious foot tickling that I have ever done to any woman. I was methodic, not frantical, with just my fingertips, and it felt like a million bucks!!!!

    It was just a couple of seconds. Of course, she awaked but didn't scream or anything. But I know I got her good because the moment her brain realized it was tickling she was enduring her feet reacted getting away from my fingers and used her hands to massage her soles, as if she still felt the tickling even after I had stoped.

    It ended right there, but I very galantly took the nearest chair and started talking to her like nothing had happened . I can't remember what I told her, but I recall she wasn't mad or anything. She was still like half numb from the sleeping, and maybe a little surprised to see me there, but that was it. She kept laying down in the same position as before but kept my conversation, until I excused myself and went back home, where I stayed a good while "thinking" about what just had happened.

    Well, that was my first english story. A small step is still a step, so comments are welcome!!

    Hope you like it...


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    Oct 2001
    lakes region, New Hampshire

    Thumbs up First time...

    Cool story man! Sometimes the simple ones are the best ones! Thanks for sharing.

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    Mar 2002
    Good Job!!!

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    Sep 2001

    Wink Thank you guys!!!

    You two are my first official "repliers".
    It's a little sad, 'cause I posted this same story in the "other" forum, but nobody responded.

    Please be honest: Is it too long or maybe too "clumsy"?

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