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    Cool SUPERHEROINE SATURDAY - Electra Woman & Dyna Girl repost

    Tickle Trap
    (ticklish superheroine fiction)

    Newsmaker magazine writers Lori and Judy (a.k.a. Electra Woman & Dyna Girl) were writing an article on college sorority hazing when they met with PHI KAPPA GAMMA head Rebecca McAllister. Rebecca, age 21, was an incredibly beautiful redhead with very attractive green eyes and smooth, milky-white skinža dead ringer for Julianne Moore. The three ladies were sitting in the living room of the sorority house having cappuccino and some cute little watercress sandwiches.
    "So tell me, Rebecca. What kindsof things goon in these sorority initiations?" Lori, the gorgeous blonde asked.
    Rebecca donned a subtle look of mischief on her face. "Well Lori as you may already know, being a Phi Kappa Gamma sister is a very coveted and prestigious honor. I mean, we don't let just anyone in. So, any girl who pledges to be apart of our esteemed family must go through a series of some of the most rigorous and often degrading tasks we can think of.
    "My goodness! What would you do to these poor girls?" Judy, the cute brunette asked, frowning at Rebecca.
    "Well, first we wake up all the pledges at four in the morning and have them all scrub the floors, wash the walls and doors, and clean the bathrooms and the kitchen, all with toothbrushes. Then we make them wash all of the sorority members' laundry..."
    "Well, that's not too bad, I guess." Judy interjected.
    "...by hand."
    "What else?" Lori asked, with curious assertion in her eyes.
    "Then we make them jog around the five mile perimeter of the campus before they make breakfast for all of the sisters, wash all of our BMWs, shine all our shoes, iron all our clothes, and vacuum. And all that has to be completed by 7am."
    "Gee, you'd think they'd ask themselves if going through all that to be sisters is really worth it." Lori surmised.
    "Phi Kappa Gamma is one of the hardest sororities on campus to get into. I assure you, our pledges get it easier than other universities around the country."
    "And what happens if they fall behind in their duties? I mean do they get punished or something?" Judy inquired, frowning.
    Rebecca smirks at Judy's question. "Of 'course. That's what hazing is all about."
    "Like, what kind of punishments would you dish out?" Lori persisted.
    "Oh, there are all sorts of punishments the sisters and I have come up with over the course of time, to torment new pledges," Rebecca replied, with that rascally smile again. "Like, dunking their heads in the swimming pool several times, making them suck on lemons, shooting marbles at their butts with sling shots..."
    Lori and Judy glanced at each other, giggling at the notion.
    "...and then, of 'course, there's my favorite punishment to dish out. The most delicate yet most maddening torture in the whole world."
    "Good grief! What on earth could that be?" Judy asked, leaning forward with an anticipating stare.
    "...we make all the girls strip naked, lay on their backs in a spread-eagle position on the floor, then tie them down and tickle torture them mercilessly."
    At that point, a chill ran up the spines of the two news writers just imaging that happening to them. Evidentially, both Lori and Judy were VERY TICKLISH young ladies.
    Judy squealed. "That would drive me crazy. I'm totally ticklish."
    "Me, too." Lori added, grinning from ear to ear and wrapping her arms around herself.
    "Yes, we've been fortunate enough to have some of the most ticklish girls on campus to pledge for Phi Kappa Gamma. They scream, they twist and squirm to try and free themselves from their bondage, and they will beg and plead for the tickling to stop. You can make a girl promise to do anything just to get you to stop tickling her...and I mean anything." Rebecca concluded, with an eerie look in her eyes that disturbed Lori and Judy.
    Suddenly, an alarm sounded in Lori's purse. It was her Electra Com. She glanced at Judy with a look of urgency.
    "Your pager?" Rebecca inquired.
    "Yes," Lori lied. "I'm afraid we'll have to be leaving now, Rebecca, but thank you for the lovely food and thanks for the interview. I believe it will make for a great article in Newsmaker magazine."
    "Oh, definitely." Judy ratified.
    "The pleasure's all mine, ladies." Rebecca said.
    Rebecca then escorted the two journalists to the door and Lori and Judy were on their way.
    The summoned duo, Lori and Judy, went to their underground, secret headquarters. They met with Frank who was an older gentleman and colleague who assisted Electra Woman and Dyna Girl in solving crimes. He was at the control panel scanning the crimescope when they walked in.
    "What's up, Frank." Judy asked.
    "Good. I'm glad you're here," Frank said.
    Lori and Judy walked up to where he was and were surprised to see Rebecca McAllister's face on the large crimescope screen.
    "There's been a series of robberies of art galleries throughout the city that have been linked to this woman. She calls herself Dark Portrait."
    Lori pointed at the screen, frowning. "Her? Why that's Rebecca McAllister! She's the head of the sorority we were doing a story on."
    "Yeah, we did an interview with her today." Judy added.
    "Well apparently, she and a gang of young girls are suspected of stealing several original Picassos and Rembrandts and taking them to a secret hideout." Frank informed, pointing to the screen as it illustrated in detail all the information
    "At first I tried to use the Electra Tracker to follow her but somehow the signal kept getting intercepted. I had to upgrade the system and was finally able to track her from her last job to an old abandoned warehouse on the lower East End of the city." Frank said.
    "Good work, Frank. I think it's time for Electra Woman and Dyna Girl to investigate things further. Ready, Judy?" Lori asked.
    "Ready!" Judy eagerly answered.
    The two women headed for their transformation booths. Once inside, the doors closed and lightening bolts and flashes surrounded their forms until they disappeared in the flash. When the lightening dissipated, Lori and Judy were transformed into the crime-fighting duo Electra Woman and Dyna Girl. They were clad in their tight, sexy yellow and orange costumes and wearing their ever-useful Electra Coms on their wrists. They stood proudly in a heroic pose with their fists on their waist, ready to take on their latest villainess.
    Electra Woman & Dyna Girl sped down the highway in that flying saucer on wheels, they call, the Electra Car. When they arrived at the old abandoned warehouse, they got out and Electra Woman pressed a few settings on her Electra Com, causing an invisible force field to surround the Electra Car. Then the two superheroines went inside to have a look.
    At first, they didn't notice anything suspicious, but Electra Woman & Dyna Girl were cautious as they looked around the place poised in a combative stance, with their hands planted firmly on their weapons. The warehouse was empty, stale, and covered in filth. There were a few windows that were boarded up and some pieces of newspaper that became airborne when the wind blew in through a broken window.
    "Wait! Over here. I see something." Dyna Girl said, noticing what looked to be a wooden hatch on the floor near the back of the building.
    The two proceeded over to the back of the warehouse to find that indeed it was a wooden hatch set into the floor of the warehouse.
    "This could be the opening to Dark Portrait's secret hideout," Electra Woman said. "Set your Electra Com for scan mode. We can never be too safe."
    "Right." She agreed.
    Still nothing alarming.
    "We'll try and open it." Electra Woman said as the two superheroines pulled on the handle, using all their strength to open the door.
    Finally they were able to open the hatch. And once they did, a thick green gas rushed out from inside. Electra Woman and Dyna Girl were consumed in the gas and started coughing and choking.
    "It's a trap!" Dyna Girl shouted.
    "Must get away!" Electra Woman cried, wearily.
    The crime-fighting duo collapsed in the thick cloud of smoke and passed out.
    Electra Woman and Dyna Girl awoke, groaning and stiff, only to realize that they were upright and electronically strapped down in a spread eagle position to "X" frames.
    "I can't move." Electra Woman grunted.
    "We've been trapped!" Dyna Girl shouted.
    The room they were in had turquoise walls decorated in stolen artwork. There was a strange machine that had been positioned in front of the two superheroines that looked to be a telescope/computer. This was when they noticed the beautiful Rebecca McAllister, a.k.a. Dark Portrait, emerge from behind the large device, with a mischievous smile on her face.
    "Well...well...well. Look who we have here. The meddling duo Electra Woman & Dyna Girl who have fallen right into my trap."
    Electra Woman & Dyna Girl began to show a little fear in their eyes, noticing that Dark Portrait had taken their Electra Coms, leaving the superheroines utterly helpless.
    "We know who you are, Rebecca. Those girls who helped you steal those paintings were pledges to your sorority, weren't they?" Electra Woman insisted.
    "And you've developed technology that intercepted our signal when we tried to track you the first time." Dyna Girl added.
    "Hey! Not bad, Dyna chick. You're not a dumb as you look. You see, not only am I the head of Phi Kappa Gamma sorority, but I happened to be a computer genius. The girls who pledge to our sorority are from some of the most affluent families in the city. Families who own banks, oil wells, and of 'course art galleries. I tortured those girls into giving me the security codes and helping me steal priceless works of art for my collection. And believe me, I know a delicate yet maddening torture that will make them agree to do anything I want, just to stop the torture. And I mean anything." Dark Portrait said, with that familiar evil grin on her face.
    A chill ran up the spines of Electra Woman & Dyna Girl remembering the interview they did with Rebecca under their secret identities of Lori and Judy. They realized what really vulnerable positions they were in and anticipated the worse.
    "You won't get away with this, Dark Portrait!" Electra Woman scolded.
    "Oh, indeed I will get away. Far away. I'll be in the luxurious French Riviera with priceless paintings and I have the technological capacity to secure my isolation."
    "You're the lowest type of criminal, Dark Portrait. Taking advantage of innocent young girls." Dyna Girl reproached.
    "And I'm about to take advantage of two interfering superhero girls, right now." Dark Portrait informed as she turned on the eerie machine that was pointed at Electra Woman and Dyna Girl."
    The crime-fighting duo began to get really nervous now. They fidgeted helplessly in the bondage.
    The sexy villainess continued, "Allow me to introduce you to my latest invention. It's simply called the "Torture Ray." All I have to do is point a needle on the machine at any part on your helpless bodies, program the computer, and it will shine a beam that will inflict any kind of sensation I desire. And trust me, I intend to punish the both of you for getting in my way with a delicate yet maddening torture that will leave you begging for mercy."
    Electra Woman and Dyna Girl panicked!
    "OH MY GOD! YOU WOULDN'T TICKLE US, WOULD YOU?" Dyna Girl shouted, with utter terror in her eyes.
    "Hey, you're getting smarter, Dyna Chick. I've programmed the Torture Ray to scan your bodies and locate your most deathly ticklish spots." Dark Portrait said as she read the screen on the side of the machine. "Oh, how funny. It says here that Electra Woman is EXTREMELY TICKLISH on the bottoms of her feet. And poor Dyna Girl, you seem to be HORRIBLY TICKLISH under your arms."
    "PLEASE, REBECCA! DON'T DO THIS TO US! HAVE MERCY!" Electra Woman whimpered.
    Dark Portrait snickered, "I can't believe the mighty superheroine duo, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl have been reduced to a couple of weak and cowardly little girls, afraid of a little tickling."
    Then Dark Portrait began aiming needles at Electra Woman's and Dyna Girl's most ticklish spot as the super duo watched pathetically, anticipating their sealed fate. Two thin, bright purple beams were shone directly at the vulnerable, sensitive hallows of Dyna Girl's armpits.
    Dyna Girl began to feel two fingers methodically scratching up and down her armpits.
    Dyna Girl went wild!
    "EEEEEEEEK! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAGH! AAAAAAAAAGH! STOP! THAT TICKLES! THAT TICKLES!" Dyna Girl wailed. She tossed her head from side to side, bucking up and down against the "X" Frame, screaming in ticklish agony.
    Then the evil villainess hit another button on her computer, causing the Torture Ray to shine two bright, orange lights at her armpits. This time Dyna Girl felt many vibrating lips and wiggling tongues along her terribly ticklish underarms.
    Electra Woman giggled in sympathy as she watched her partner's torture. She too was very ticklish under her arms. But then suddenly, a wide, shocking blue light was shone directly at Electra Woman's boots.
    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NO! NO! NO! NOT MY FEET! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Electra Woman screamed. She felt two backscratchers skillfully making a ticklish trek all over the bottoms of the superheroine's sensitive feet.
    Dark Portrait pressed more buttons, causing the blue light shone at Electra Woman's boots to turn bright pink. Now Electra Woman felt several fingers scrabbling along her soles, probing between and under her toes, and many vibrating lips sporadically attacking her incredibly ticklish feet.
    Electra Woman went berserk!
    The tickle torture went on for over an hour and all Electra Woman and Dyna Girl could do was scream and laugh and scream laugh as a fireworks show of colorful lights were beamed at them, each producing different ticklish sensation. They struggled in vain to free themselves. Their pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears. The crime-fighting duo were in ticklish agony.
    After a while, Dark Portrait was getting bored with the two laughing hyenas and started playing with Electra Woman's and Dyna Girl's Electra Coms.
    "Obsolete technology. Useless." Rebecca denounced and threw the devices against the wall.
    On impact, the Electra Coms returned a beam of force that threw Dark Portrait against her dreaded Torture Ray, knocking her unconscious and disabling the machine. The tickling finally stopped and Electra Woman and Dyna Girl were a sweating, panting, and exhausted mess. They gasped to catch their breaths then fell to the ground when the electronic straps opened, releasing them from their "X" frames.
    The beautiful but wicked Rebecca McAllister, a.k.a. Dark Portrait, awoke only to find herself electronically bound in a spread-eagle position to her own "X" Frame.
    "W-w-what's happened. How did I get here?" The confused villainess asked as she focused her eyes to see Electra Woman and Dyna Girl standing gallantly in front of her.
    "Your technology is not as advanced as you thought it was, Dark Portrait. You and your invention were sabotaged by our new anti-destruction force beam we just added to our Electra Coms." Electra Woman declared.
    "Yeah, and now you're going to get a taste of your own medicine." Dyna Girl warned.
    "You should have thought of that before you tortured us unmercifully," said Electra Woman.
    "Let's see here. Hey, it says on this screen that you're extremely ticklish along your inner thighs, Rebecca." Dyna Girl mocked.
    "Sorry, Rebecca. We're gonna return all those valuable paintings to their rightful owners while you learn a lesson that crime doesn't pay." Electra Woman proclaimed. "Activate the Torture Ray, Dyna Girl."
    "Gladly." Dyna Girl replied, smiling.
    "NOOOOOOOOO! OH! OH! STOP! STOP!" Dark Portrait pleaded.
    But it was too late. Her fate was sealed and Dyna Girl programmed the Torture Ray for Dark Portrait's torment. Suddenly a bright, green light shone along the inner thighs of the ticklish villainess.
    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! HAHAHAHAHA! THAT TICKLES! THAT TICKLES! STOP! STOP! AAAAAAAAAAGH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Rebecca screamed as she felt hands slowly crawling a ticklish path up her inner thighs to her most intimate of areas. She tossed her head from side to side and pulled against her bondage, shaking vehemently from head to toe.
    "Since your such a computer genius, you should be able to figure out a way to get out of here. But for now, goodbye and justice served." Electra Woman shouted above the din of Dark Portrait's insane lunatic laughter.
    The crime-fighting duo recovered the paintings and headed for the Electra Car, leaving the villainess alone to endure her ticklish demise.
    "Good work, Dyna Girl. We save the artwork and survived yet another ordeal."
    "Oh, it was nothing. I had a good laugh."
    The duo giggled at the joke and then sped away.

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    Another Gem!

    Very Good!!

    Keep them coming.

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    This rockauthor story goes back to the dawn of the internet!
    Great nostgia value!!

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    A great story.Thanks for bringing it back
    Puff is my Earth
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    I always wanted to see something like this in the show. Thanks for the story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bestmed View Post
    I always wanted to see something like this in the show. Thanks for the story.
    Your welcome.

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